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Damn it, the old man Danmo was really invited by the Buddha He is the only master of alchemy in Xuanzhen University It s incredible, this little Buddha girl s strange disease must be saved It seems that The Buddha must have paid a lot of money, the old man Su Wen Dan Mo has a bad temper, and he will not give him any face, but he is not a kind person who can be invited at will Xu Que also raised his head to look at the voice of the discussion.go.I saw a middle aged man with a pot belly, holding a little girl with a yellow face and thin skin, onto the high platform.At the same time, a black faced old man walked behind them, ignoring everyone s attention and discussion, full of thoughtful expressions, and was led to the forefront of the alchemy furnace Obviously, the middle aged man with a big belly and a smile like a Maitreya Buddha is the Buddha Master Zeng, and the black faced old man is the only master of alchemy the old man of alchemy But what attracted Xu Que s special attention was the little girl next to the middle aged man, who should be the little Buddhist girl with anorexia.

We matched the two of them to marry.In order to let the descendants have stronger bloodlines, strengthen our holy sect, and benefit the world of immortals, is this also wrong The middle aged man, Elder Ming, said with a righteous and awe inspiring look.In his eyes, it seems that the Dao Embryo Divine Physique and the Heavenly Movement Physique are together, it is only natural and there is nothing wrong.Heh, strengthen the holy sect and benefit the world of cultivating the immortals Elder Ming, are you making these excuses to treat all of us here as fools Your Ming family cultivated a divine body of Heavenly Fate, but this old man warns you that it is best to stop that thought.Xu Que s father will only ask you to settle the matter, but with his character, it is very likely that he will anger us.

Ah Chu Ao kept retreating, and was startled by the sword light.He shouted with all his strength, he just increased his speed, and moved a large distance back in a frenzy.He escaped from death and avoided a few swords.Mang s attack hiss Everyone present took a deep breath, but no one could see where Xu Que was and how he made his move But the few sword lights just now made the faces of all the fairyland powerhouses on the scene congeal, and their hearts were extremely fearful.It is conceivable that if they were facing these sword lights, they would have already fallen to the ground Fortunately, Chu Ao was at the pinnacle of the fairyland, and his own strength was strong enough.Qian Jun broke through the limit and escaped the disaster, but his face was still scratched by the last sword light, and blood suddenly came out.

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The two sides of the mountain wall are covered with some withered vines, and in the shadow of the vines, a stone platform about three feet is supported outside.Where is it Xu Que asked curiously.The female cultivator said softly, Returning to Master Tang, this is the holy water spring that the eldest sister said.Xu Que looked around and said, Where is the holy water The female cultivator said with a slightly bitter expression, It s true.To be honest, in fact, the holy water has dried up a few months ago Since the holy water dried up, this phenomenon has appeared everywhere in the Holy Moon Temple Chapter 1801 This thing Still alive Have you not traced the source Xu Que pointed to the cloud above his head.The female disciple smiled bitterly and said, The top is an unknown place, and we have no way to explore it.

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Yo, it s getting real Xu Que jokingly smiled, and withdrew his figure, the blurred figure flashed, and instantly appeared not far away.The next moment, his mind moved The full head of black hair began to gradually turn into a silver color There are also two golden red lightning arcs flashing in the eyes This This momentum Everyone was stunned, as if they had an illusion Why do you feel that the momentum of this Daluo Jinxian is more turbulent than the ocean tide However, the most shocking is the tide He never thought that the strength of a big Luo Jinxian could reach such a level But he CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety cbd gummies bottle BUG CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety 2 3 PS do cbd gummies gabes cbd gummies full spectrum cbd gummies 500mg cbd gummies austin texas CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety the top 5 cbd companies are cbd gummies better than oil can i take cbd gummies on the airplane what happens if a dog eats cbd gummies does keoni cbd gummies really work CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety (CDC 2022) cbd gummies for copd shark tank CBD vs hemp oil CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety free cbd gummy samples thc free gummies CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety (CDC 2022) CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety best cbd gummies to quit smoking BUG are cbd gummies safe for elderly Q 40mg cbd gummies hemp bomb cbd oil 40mg cbd gummies 111111 222222 how much are cbd gummies medterra cbd thc gummies broad spectrum cbd gummies koi CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety hemp seed vs CBD CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety gorilla cbd gummies eagle hemp CBD gummies official website CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety eagle hemp CBD gummies side effects CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety cbd gummies for arthritis pain VIP 543896188 Q 8K 2K VIP 543896188 Q 8K 2K best CBD gummies CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety budpop CBD gummies CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety (CDC 2022) charlottes web hemp gummies CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety (CDC 2022) royal blend cbd gummies hemp wellness delta 8 gummies CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety PTSD CBD gummies missouri CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety starpowa premium cbd 5mg gummies CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety gnc cbd gummies near me CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety cbd balm hemps pharma cbd gummies for constipation CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety The well known playboys in the imperial city went to the restaurant happily.

Zhang Wupin s formula blueprint, I promise to make a 5th grade magic weapon Xu Que finished speaking with a proud smile on his face.However, Feng Lanwu and Xiao Ru were unexpectedly calm, and there were not too many surprises for Xu Que s words.Eh Don t you believe it, did you see these five tokens, I made them, the real third grade magic weapon Xu Que thought that the two of them didn t believe him, and immediately raised the five element holy decree in his hand and said Fellow Daoist At this time, Feng Lanwu finally spoke, with a relaxed and happy smile on his face, Anyway, thank you for your hard work during this period of time, I and the Fengshang Association will definitely remember this piece of mind, butWe have found a real 4th Rank Item Refining Master, and he is willing to help us.

Xu Que immediately twitched the corners of his mouth, squinted at Er Gouzi, and said with a sneer, Er Gouzi, you re really cool, I haven t seen you for a while, have you sneaked into someone s kitchen Ow , this deity is passing by Forget it, this deity continues to inquire about the situation Ergouzi suddenly felt guilty, and turned his head and ran away.Xu Que didn t bother to chase after it, but he put his hands away for the time being and didn t make a rash move on Luzhouhe.Anyway, to clean up this person, he has a way, there is no need to provoke a fairyland because of a small shrimp.At least, that was the case before getting the Wannian Flower Dew As for after Hehe, Immortal Realm is here, and I am not a coward Thinking of this, Xu Que s mouth curled into a smile, and he coldly swept towards Liuzhou River With the end of the song by Liuzhou River, there were many less eager people in the arena, and they didn t dare to come out and show their ugliness.

They were all bloody bloody If Xu Que didn t turn on the system s automatic recovery function in time, Zhang Suyue might have escaped without his hands or feet when he saw him.As for Ergouzi and Duan Jiude, it is purely Xu Que s excuse for shirking each other s failures in order to save face.After all, before Xu Que took action, the three of them didn t know each other s existence at all.Damn, kid, don t make excuses, if you hadn t come in with Duan Jiude to mess around, the deity would have succeeded Ergouzi angrily scolded and ran all the way, but he was actually shirking his responsibility.Duan Jiude also had an angry look on his face, I ve been inside for more than a year, old man, isn t it obvious who is making trouble It s really nonsense The old bastard knows shit Damn, do you dare to point your face Is it interesting to talk nonsense with your eyes open Presumptuous, Duan Jiude, you dare to disrespect this ancestor This god is your ancestor My mother, old man, I have long been Retired from the mighty sect Fuck, one day is a teacher, life is a father, this god is your father Grass This person and dog fought each other again, if there were several semi fairyland powerhouses behind them Chased and killed, these two goods are estimated to be fighting on the spot.

Hearing Dong Laosan s words at this moment, I was a little surprised.Even a strong man she had never had the chance to meet, actually met a stranger like Xu Que.Hehe, it s not that easy for that kid to see that one, but he must be a near death after entering the tower.The woman shook her head slightly and smiled.Elder Yu, why is this Could it be that this tower something else Dong Lin er reacted quickly this time, and immediately guessed something.It s not just another world.To be precise, the power of this tower is a little stronger than this tower.Even if it is this seat, there is no way to go to the end.What Dong Lin er was suddenly shocked.She knew the existence of the tower, but she didn t know that the tower was so powerful that even Elder Yu was afraid of it.Hehe, so do you think that this kid can really see that one easily If he can walk out unharmed, this seat will marry him with you Bang Long Suddenly, an earth shattering loud noise came from the tower, interrupting the woman s words.

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At first glance, everyone was stunned.The inside of this treasure is actually a high tower structure, similar to that kind of ancient museum, a dozen stories high, with a spiral wooden ladder in the middle, and countless medicinal herbs and magic formulas are placed on the four walls.There are a bunch of magic tools and fairy weapons, etc.Haha, it s all from this deity Ergouzi laughed and rushed in immediately.However, Xu Que s expression changed, and he hurriedly pressed Ergouzi to the ground, his eyes swept directly into the treasure.There was an old man sitting under that wooden ladder The old man s eyes were slightly closed, as if he was resting, and he restrained his breath, but there was a vague feeling of unease.Obviously, this is another terrifying powerful being Huh At this time, the old man seemed to pretend to have just woken up, opened his eyes, glanced at Xu Que, and said in surprise, Why are so many people coming in Could it be that the academy has conducted some competitions recently Forget it, bring the dean s manual Shouyu What is the manual, old man, you can see clearly, the one next to this deity is the newly appointed vice principal Ergouzi glared, pointing at Xu Que shouted to the old man.

Now I understand that this is how his hometown is.Although there are no monks, the mortals still live well and have a high level.At least in the mortals, they are far ahead of the mortals in the world of immortals If these technologies can be brought back, the lives of mortals will get better and better Jiang Hongyan said softly, thoughtfully.Even here, she still subconsciously cares about the people of the Immortal Cultivation Realm.After all, in Shuiyuan Kingdom or Xuanzhen University, she was once a generation of empresses Xu Que smiled, I m afraid it will take a lot of time.Knowledge is the primary productive force.After I go back, I can spread the knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry to the people of Wuxingshan first Yeah Jiang Hongyan nodded and smiled.Ding At this time, the elevator just arrived at the upper floors of the hotel.

Where Where is the baby At this moment, Duan Jiude s voice came again.This time, the voice got closer, and it was obvious that the old guy ran back.As soon as the smoke passed, Duan Jiude s head appeared at the entrance of the cave.He probed his head and looked at everything in the cave.Boy, don t be so mean to me, where is the baby Nuo, isn t that right Xu Que smiled.Reach out to the thick soil in mid air.What do you mean Duan Jiude was stunned for a moment, a little puzzled, and occasionally glanced at the big Jiao s eyes in the thick soil.He looked at the big dragon s eyes now, and felt terrified.If he hadn t heard Xu Que say that he had a treasure, he wouldn t have been able to run back.You re stupid, have you seen this big dragon, it s full of treasures, see if there is any way to make it dizzy, maybe you can eat a meal of dragon meat tonight Xu Que said with a smile.

He wanted to go directly to the secret realm of Nanzhou to find Su Linger and others.I haven t seen it for so long, and I will always miss it It s here, the deity has already seen the mountains in Nanzhou Ergouzi pointed at the big 6 who appeared in front, and shouted excitedly.Well, prepare to break through the void and go out Xu nodded his head.They are still in the Void Tunnel.As long as they use the power of the Void Breaking Talisman to break through the tunnel wall, they can reach the sky above Nanzhou and descend smoothly.However, as they got closer to Nanzhou, a strange aura slowly permeated.Staring at Nanzhou from the Void Tunnel, I always felt that something was wrong.Strange, there shouldn t be any changes, right Xu Que couldn t help frowning, feeling a little uneasy in his heart.

If the sea of blood disappears, his soul will also disappear.But he never worried about this.He firmly believed that the sea of blood was stronger than himself.How could anyone in the world make the sea of blood disappear.More importantly, he can also control the power of the sea of blood.As long as it is within the scope of Ghost King City, it is a matter of a thought to let the sea of blood drown and corrupt anyone.However, now, Xu Que actually jumped into the sea of blood, which was equivalent to jumping into his soul.The result was unharmed, and he was still swimming in it.How could he not be shocked Father, this what s the situation The second young master of the Ghost Palace looked horrified and shouted while looking at Mr.Li from a distance.Boss Li s expression froze, but he didn t respond.

It is unimaginable that if they encounter such a situation, I am afraid it is difficult to survive a hundred lives.However, Xu Que ignored all of this.No matter how terrifying the catastrophe was, he stood there indifferently, holding his chin, thoughtfully.What else can enter this place He whispered, very serious.The corners of everyone s mouth twitched in an instant, Big Brother, you can t save your life now, and you still have spare time to think about harming others Master Tang, the thunder calamity behind you Finally, Bai Cailing couldn t stand it any longer, so she reminded her.Xu Que was stunned when he heard the words, and recovered.Yeah, Lei Jie Suddenly, his eyes lit up, he clapped his hands in surprise and excitement, looked up at Bai Cailing and said, Wow, girl cabbage, you are so awesome, you can think of this Que turned around immediately and raised his big hand boom A majestic Dao Yun suddenly appeared in the palm of the hand, the runes flowed, and the five fingers grabbed it directly towards the majestic golden thunder.

In chaos, another person was killed.If these seven people guarded Xu Que carefully from the beginning, Xu Que might be besieged.Facing the attack of seven and a half fairyland powerhouses, no matter how fast he can run, the range he can run is very limited.Not so cbd for sleep gummies easy anymore After all, in the final analysis, Xu Que is only in the tribulation period, and the gap in realm is there, and it is difficult to make up for it with an immortal weapon casually Therefore, she is very worried that if she encounters a fairyland, even if Xu Que has the strength of a battle, the danger is huge The attack power of the human fairyland is probably far from what these semi fairyland can compare I know, this is just the beginning, it s mainly a warm up, and by the way, let s learn about their strengths and my own.

How dare you to be tempted by my woman.If I don t take care of you today, I will write the words Xu Que in reverse Daoist friend Chen Mo, Taoist friend Tang Sanzang is right.Your sect s cultivation method is indeed different.Murong Yunhai walked over with a gloomy face and said solemnly.He actually had some suspicions that Tang Sanzang was maliciously taking revenge, but Chen Mo was indeed a bit suspicious.Now that he asked Tang Sanzang to help him take care of this guy, it wasn t a big deal Since fellow Daoist is so reluctant, then the poor monk will not force it.Xu Que shook his head in a pretentious manner, his face full of grief, It seems that we will all die here today, I hope everyone will be under Huangquan, Don t blame the poor monk for not being able to save you guys, you really have more than your heart but not enough power Hearing Xu Que s words, everyone panicked.

After all, a person who has been dead for several years will not cause too many emotional ups and downs when he is brought up again now.Lin Yuxi s expression was very calm, and she withdrew her hand very naturally, without the slightest gaffe or expression fluctuations, as if she was quite used to how to deal with this kind of neglected CBD Vs Hemp Oil For Anxiety treatment.However, Liu Xiaoli was not happy anymore.After all, Lin Yuxi was always a member of her group, and Huang Cheng s treatment of her like this clearly didn t give face to the Liu group Immediately, her face sank, and she said coldly, Huang Cheng, what do you mean Today is a party, what are you doing with a dead person Dead person Huang Cheng was stunned on the spot What does dead mean Damn, why is this woman getting more and more poisonous, and she actually cursed Xu Que as a dead person Haha, Liu Xiaoli, didn t Xu Que rejected you in high school It s been so many years, is it necessary to care about this trivial matter Huang Cheng sneered immediately.

Just now he asked me if this is the land of the immortal world Xiao Ru hurriedly got close to the tall and slender woman and said cautiously.When the tall slender woman heard this, she couldn t help but panic a little when she saw Xu Que s appearance.She guaranteed that her move was just a random shot, and she really didn t mean to hurt anyone, but who would have known that this young man in the half wonderland was so weak that he was immediately knocked out, and considering the current situation, in case it was really Being fooled by yourself, how can you do it It s impossible to really take him back and take care of him for a lifetime, right This this fellow Daoist, you are you all right Finally, the tall slender woman asked Xu Que tentatively, and she stretched out her palm and waved lightly in front of him.

The monks all around were holding a piece of paper, shouting constantly, cheering on the object of their bets, and the atmosphere was full.Hey, it s interesting, let s play on the first floor first Xu Que immediately raised his mouth, glanced around, and walked to the registration point.Soon, Xu Que successfully signed up and competed.Without a doubt, he won, and won very easily For Xu Que, this kind of competition is not challenging at all, and there are no surprises.His current strength, let alone invincible at the same level, is enough to form a crush even in the early or middle stage of Human Wonderland.Of course, if it is the top ten on the list, a genius like Qin Susu in Wonderland, it may be a bit tricky However, at the end of the war, Xu Que appeared in front of Xu Que s eyes, and a half rank list of the Tianding Ranking also appeared in the air.

Between heaven and earth, the rules of life and death that have been pervading all the time, gradually condensed between Xu Que s palms, and slowly differentiated into vitality and death, each holding a palm.Death Xu Que shouted in a deep voice, and the palm that condensed death energy suddenly slapped forward.boom In an instant, a majestic dead aura blasted out from Xu Que s palm, rolled into a black beam, filled with silence and chill, dead aura, and slammed into the head of the queen ant Roar A roar burst out from the ant queen s huge mouth in an instant, and in the eyes as huge as lanterns, full of surprise and fear passed through It is afraid that its own vitality is actually destroyed by the death energy because of this human ant in front of it This part, at least it has to be hundreds of years of vitality Yoha, it s kind of interesting, I actually got ten years of life Xu Que suddenly raised the corner of his mouth, and he was overjoyed.

As long as I can swallow these monks, I can definitely escape from here.Thinking of this, the old man s face became more and more hideous When the deity is out of trouble, Xianyunzhou must be corpses everywhere What are you talking about A voice suddenly sounded beside him.The old man s heart jumped, he looked to the side subconsciously, and found that Xu Que was looking at him with a smile.How did you escape The old man looked back and forth in disbelief, and found that his demonic energy was gone.Xu Que followed his gaze, smiled and said, You mean that demonic energy I ate it.Eat, eat The old man thought to himself that you are so bragging and not writing drafts That is the devilish energy that the old man has cultivated for many years.Even if the Immortal Emperor absorbs it, it will not be much better.

She found herself in a strange world, her spiritual energy was thin, and there were no immortal practitioners.She was very confused all the way.When chasing the young man who was suspected of Xu Que, she had already attracted the strange eyes of countless passers by.Wow, it s incredible There s a beauty in ancient costumes This temperament is too good.I feel that no actress in China can surpass her in ancient costumes.This girl will definitely be popular Is it true Which crew came to film Hey, but there s nowhere near here to film costume dramas Could it be a time travel drama Haha, I guess it s a campus time travel drama, after all, Jinnan University is nearby.Everyone s discussion also spread to Xuanyuan Wanrong s ears.But it was difficult for her to understand how much, the time travel drama, the campus university, were all words that she had never heard before.

With only one human body, it can be derived into thousands of sky devouring mosquitoes Xu Que couldn t help but be stunned, but cbd gummies bear when he heard Jiang Hongyan s last sentence, he breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, Little girl, since you also said that this species was wiped out more than 5,000 years ago, it doesn t mean that this species is actually Is there a way to deal with it No, there was a kangaroo cbd gummies 5000 mg way back then, but I m afraid there is no way now Jiang Hongyan shook her head solemnly, I learned from ancient books that more than 5,000 years ago, there were only more than 1,000 gnats.The Heavenly Demon Mosquito almost wiped out the entire Xuanzhen Continent.At that time, life was devastated, and countless people died.The number of the Heaven devouring Mosquito spread to hundreds of millions in just one day.