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After playing two more games, he took a look It s already eleven o clock in the evening.Then I walked into the bathroom, and then dripped a few drops of water on my forehead.First I went to the bar to get the key and Sister just cbd gummies 500mg Bao s mobile phone, and then brewed for a while at the door of Sister Bao s room.The padlock hanging on the door handle was unlocked.Then I used the spare room card at the bar to open the door.As soon as I opened the door, I saw Ms.Bao sitting on the gaming chair in the hotel, writing with all her concentration.Tian Yunxiao just pretended Looking out of breath, he said to Sister Bao, Sister Bao, I m sorry, I was wrong, I really like reading your book so much, that s what I did.After hearing Tian Yunxiao s words, Sister Bao said to Tian Yunxiao with a stern face Old Tian, are you too embarrassed to say that you are my fan Cdb Gummies I see you re almost Cdb Gummies killing me After hearing Sister Bao s words, Tian Yunxiao smiled and said, Sister Bao, isn t it normal for fans to kill idols by themselves Sister Bao asked loudly, O Tian, I have no enmity with you, Neither Ming nor 7, and you are neither Xiao nor P, why do you do this to me Tian Yunxiao smiled and said, Sister Bao, I don t want this either, who made you do that Is it short By the way, Sister Bao, do you feel that you are writing a lot faster Sister Bao thought back at this moment, and then realized that Cdb Gummies she seemed to have written a lot.

In addition, there are prefaces made by various characters 1500mg cbd gummies I found, and many are printed on it.Then he turned to the end of the work and glanced at the pricing.When he saw the price, he was even more speechless.Such a small amount of content actually cost thirty eight yuan and eighteen.So he picked up his mobile phone and made a call to Loach.The phone was quickly connected, and the tired voice of the loach came from the other end.Hey, Lao Tian, do you have anything else to do After Tian Yunxiao heard the voice of the loach, he Cdb Gummies medigreen CBD gummies said, Brother Loach, I just looked Cdb Gummies 30mg CBD Gummies at the sample book you how much cbd gummies sent me, and the one you printed is mine.Still a photobook Why do my photos take up so much space I said that when does full spectrum hemp extract have cbd I signed a platinum contract.I said that the last time I went to sleepy cbd gummies eternal Yuewen Group, I was asked to take so many photos.

Uncle Tian next door In the workshop, why are you stimulated by this I am so eager to call you to code during the day, you are dead or alive, and at night I almost go to bed, do you remember to code Is this reasonable Chapter 169 He couldn t cbd anxiety gummies for adults sign this book 4,800 character chapter for subscription At this time, the Northeast youth urban management legend saw Tian Yunxiao s problem and directly dumped it to Tian Yunxiao Take a screenshot of the chat log.Anecdotal legend Screenshot Shadow Night God I think you are do cbd gummies help stop smoking a bit of a gangster Tian Shen has promised you that as long as you open a new book, he will give you a chapter push, but you don t code Legend I don t want to, but you also know that I am a person without the life Cdb Gummies of a great god but eagle hemp CBD full spectrum gummies Cdb Gummies with a great god hemp bomb CBD gummy bears Cdb Gummies negative side effects of CBD gummies Cdb Gummies s disease.I don t want to code every day, just want to play Cdb Gummies games Shadow Night God Waityou said there are bad people in the group You mean me Rumors No, no, no, not just you, Ye Shen I mean All the people in the Cdb Gummies 30mg CBD Gummies group, cbd gummy to relax including you, who often come to me to irwin naturals CBD Cdb Gummies play games Shadow Night God You can t pull Baba, because the earth doesn t have Cdb Gummies gravity, right If you don t want to play by yourself, who can force you to play Anecdotal It seems to make sense Shadow Night God What does it mean to make sense It makes sense, okay Hurry up and open the book, or else Tian Shen will be annoyed and I won t push you, then you dr cbd naturals will be too late to cry Legend has it It seems to make some sense, Ye Shen, I ll go right now Open the book Anecdotal legend Tian Shen, I know I was wrong, I will cbd gummie candies open the book right away I must finish writing the beginning today, and then Cdb Gummies I will go to the internal investment tomorrow Feeling, Ruzi can be taught, this boy is still saved, he knows what to do.

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Among them, the price of the low end version is 4,299 yuan, while the price of the top end version is 4,699 yuan.It can Cdb Gummies be said that flintstones cbd gummies from the current configuration of the tablet and the core used as a whole, such a price is considered just right.After all, under the dual blessing of the chip of this tablet and the independent graphics card, the overall level has been regarded as the ceiling of tablet performance.Of course, most netizens still focus on the laptop.After all, from the perspective of the overall parameters, this laptop is Cdb Gummies cbd gummies for vertigo actually very good.As long as the price is right, it will naturally cause users to snap up.Soon this laptop changed into two different storage modes, namely the basic version of the 256G dynamic hard disk box, and the highest configuration of the 512G dynamic hard disk.

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In the 20 version of the system custom UI, the animation engine and mobile UI design are different.As a sub brand of Raspberry Blue, in the 20 system version, the mobile phone s nature s ultra cbd beauty boost application icon and system settings screen will adopt a younger and simpler design.At the same time, more transition animations will be added to the animation system to improve the fluency of the system experience.As the company s Cdb Gummies main brand Berry, which hits the high end market, in the aspect of system animation, an animation engine with a more high end 3D module design will be CBD vs hemp gummies Cdb Gummies adopted to make the animation feel more high end.At the same time, the mobile phone s application icons, system settings interface and control center will also be more business oriented, making the Cdb Gummies overall product system experience look more high end.

It should be known that the current mainstream lithium battery has a cycle charge and discharge of one thousand times, which also shows that the battery life of an ordinary mobile phone is about three years.The lithium battery Cdb Gummies of the mobile phone undergoes continuous charging and discharging cycles, which causes the loss of the internal lithium atoms in the mobile phone.This is one of the reasons why the battery of the mobile phone becomes less durable with use, and the battery will bulge the longer it is used at the same time.Of course, reasonable charging can also improve the life of the Cdb Gummies phone.The damage of the mobile phone battery itself is due to the internal aging caused by excessive charging and discharging.And ensuring the timely charging of the mobile phone can prolong the life of the battery, that is, do not wait until the mobile phone is almost out of power before charging.

The confidentiality agreement this time can be said to be a semi confidential agreement.Some parameters can be disclosed at a specified time.Of course, the most important parameter of the product is that it is expressly forbidden to nr3 cbd gummies break the news.And the amount of compensation in the non disclosure agreement Cdb Gummies this time has also shocked many current digital bloggers.One one billion Two hundred million That s right, the compensation this time was not the 5 million compensation they were familiar with, but the 200 million compensation.You cbd 250 mg gummies must know that before each digital product is announced, some product parameters or product prototypes will be handed over to digital bloggers or other channel dealers.These people will make some partial revelations after experiencing the machine, and these revelations are basically the revelations allowed by the manufacturer.

At this time, I just happened to Cdb Gummies see Tian Yunxiao sent him another message.Uncle Tian next door Brother Loach, can you do it After seeing Tian Yunxiao s question, Loach silently covered his forehead, and then asked by typing on the keyboard.Loach How many words do you expect to finish writing Tian Yunxiao thought for a moment and then replied by typing on the keyboard.Next door, Uncle Tian Should I still be able to write 200,000 words Loach didn t ask, but after seeing Tian Yunxiao s answer, his whole body felt bad in an instant.Loach What Cdb Gummies do you can you fail a drug test with cbd gummy bears think You can still write 200,000 yuan if you are riding a can you take cbd gummies through tsa horse.Now you want to pay 100,000 yuan a day Can I arrange it in vain with the recommendation I arranged for you The editor, Loach, had two swear hemp edible gummy bears words with him in just two days.Realizing that he might be going a little too far, fun drops CBD gummies cost Cdb Gummies he typed with Loach.

A number that satisfied him.My goddamn outside Fu hang Chapter 12 Amazing Manuscript Fee Tian Yunxiao heard the subtext of these words from the big guys in the group.He thought to himself, Sorry, it turns out that there is no platinum in this group., it seems that perez hilton cbd gummies the only hope of proving platinum is me Since Tian nature cbd gummies Yunxiao woke up with Tian outside Fu hang , his self confidence has been recovered step by step.Just when he was about to say something, a line of words appeared on the public screen.Sister copd gummies shark tank cbd Shunliu Ladies and gentlemen, the manuscript fee should have come out, right Let me show you a wave first, and let me throw a brick and a jade.Sister Shunliu Income 2869.58 Signing platform 1808.06 Group channel 207.83 Third party channel 0.00 Copyright income 0.00 Free income 853.69.jpg urging the ink to make a book Sister Shunliu s income this month is good, she eats all the time, and the free income is also coming up, is this going to take off Goose who can tell stories Chu Mo Ju, stop making fun of us who are writing and playing.

When other mobile phones are overheating when playing games, they usually lock the frame or reduce the brightness and resolution to reduce the temperature of the mobile phone body.Although the Berry MX30 will heat up when playing games for a long time, the heat itself is only the chip temperature conduction too fast, and there will be no so called down frequency locking.Chapter 278 The New Cooling System Berry Technology s ulixy CBD gummies Cdb Gummies New Technology Breaking are cbd gummies effective for anxiety News See you on the 12th Just when many netizens were excited about the news of the Berries award.Huang Da, chairman of Berry Technology, released a very new news on his Weibo.Brand new technology leaks New technology After getting such news, countless netizens also began to look forward to the arrival of March 12th.After all, in the Cdb Gummies 30mg CBD Gummies entire mobile phone industry, Berry Technology is fx cbd gummies 200mg indeed at the top level in terms of technological innovation.

Young apprentice Liu Cdb Gummies 30mg CBD Gummies Rufeng I understand Follow Master s teachings One day, the little apprentice was besieged by the three elders of the first sect in Western Xinjiang.The Great Elder of Wanjianmen does CBD get u high Cdb Gummies Liu Rufeng, make a irwin naturals cbd plus sunny mood quick report.Go to your sect, and I will kill you all Young apprentice Liu Rufeng I, Liu Rufeng, do things alone My master Qin Fengnian won t let me tell you that Cdb Gummies I am Wuji disciple of the door.The three elders Author No.1 on the hot list, you can see that this is a good book by looking at this arrogant author s name Datang Starting from Provoking Cihang Jingzhai , in the fourth year of Sui s great cause, Yang Guangguang started construction, extorted levies, and even the world is in turmoil This year, Yuyan was taken away from the Central Plains by Zhu Yuyan and hid in the northern Xinjiang to be carefully trained This year, Concubine Xuancai worshipped in natures gold cbd gummies Cihang Jingzhai and was not poisoned by Fan Qinghui This year, Shi Qingxuan swayed on the swing, but she didn t know that her mother Bixiu was exhausted and about to die This year, Shang Xiuxun s heroic spirit was first shown, and he was still half resentful and half nostalgic to Lu Miaozi This year, Shang Xiufang made her debut on the stage, and this flower has a different name Cdb Gummies 30mg CBD Gummies and price, and wild hemp cbd vape pen it will be beautiful and beneficial to the imperial capital A hundred flowers compete for wonder, thousands of sails compete Jiang sugarless cbd gummies Yan traveled through to bring a ray of spiritual energy to this world of great contention, and what kind of story can he interpret Author The culprit who abducted Laotian to write maxibears hemp gummies reviews this book of no return has urged him to open a new book.

However, the overall reputation of the current Berry family does not look very good.After all, the issue of the Cdb Gummies charger has caused many netizens to complain.Of course, Double Eleven is still coming as scheduled, but this year s Double Eleven seems to be the stage of the rice company.Berry Blue and Rong Yao basically did not participate in this Double Eleven due to chip problems.In order to have good cbd quit smoking gummy enough results during this Double Eleven, Rice Company, which has no competitors, 1 1 cbd thc gummies directly launched a very powerful high quality LCD flagship delta 9 hemp gummies mobile phone.The phone itself is the rice phone 10T released by Rice in the cbd gummies are they bad for you European market, but due to some reason in Europe, the sales of the phone are temporarily poor.In the end, this LCD flagship mobile phone can only be transferred back to domestic sales, and re incorporated into the Hongmi K30 family, officially debuting in the domestic market under the name of Hongmi K30S.

The prices were 7499 yuan and 8299 yuan respectively, which made netizens Cdb Gummies can you buy cbd gummies in a store exclaim that they could not afford it.However, netizens who really understand computer hardware configuration understand that this price is already very cost effective.After all, professional level desktop chips are equipped martha stewart CBD gummies review Cdb Gummies with the strongest discrete graphics cards.The price of this notebook does not exceed 10,000, which is already very high.Has a get eagle hemp CBD gummies Cdb Gummies conscience price.So two different barrages appeared in the live broadcast room at this time, one was calling for money, and the other was calling directly.This time the laptop is really conscientious.Of course, netizens who call out for money may not necessarily buy it, but among those who call out their conscience, there are bound to be those who choose to buy.Mobile phones, notebooks, tablets, the three protagonists of the current conference have basically cbd gummies make me itch been fully Cdb Gummies present.

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, looking for evidence, he agreed, and said, Well, since you are busy, let s not go out to eat at noon.I will order the takeaway to eat in your room Tian Yunxiao heard Pei Pai s thoughtful After speaking, he nodded and said, Okay Then he returned to his room.As a result, I just sat in front of the computer and found that I didn t turn off the computer when I went out to eat just now.Now the penguin on my computer is still hanging, and the lower right corner of the computer desktop keeps flashing.He clicked open.The first person to send a message was his editor, Loach.Loach Old Tian Angry Loach Is this your never one update Loach Your never update means you don t even have one what is delta 8 CBD gummies Cdb Gummies update Loach Please, Lao Tian, even if you are five CBD gummies reviews Cdb Gummies a single shift, it will definitely affect your grades if you keep breaking shifts Tian Yunxiao asked in puzzled typing after seeing the news of Loach.

The lights came on, and in the spotlight, as the current head of Berry Technology, Huang Da appeared in front of the public.Hello everyone, I m Huang Da, Chairman of Berry Technology.Thank you all for watching in your spare time at night.This is the autumn conference of Berry Technology And today we will witness one after another on this stage.A product full of black technology Huang Da stood on the stage and opened an opening to many Cdb Gummies netizens, and then introduced the new products of this autumn conference to many netizens.Of course, the protagonist of this autumn conference should belong to the Berry MX30 in the eyes of most netizens.What will not surprise netizens is that the first product introduced is not the long awaited Berry MX30.It s a product CBD vs hemp Cdb Gummies called Berry MX flod.Folding screen It turned out to be a folding screen.

Quickly ALT F4 to play the game, and after seeing Tian Yunxiao s reply, a very frustrated expression appeared on his face instantly.Said Master is master.Sure enough, he became a god by writing books, married Bai Fumei, and reached the pinnacle of life.When will I be like Master, not only write well, but also find a girlfriend who is so rich.Then I just wanted to reply to Tian Yunxiao.Then I saw Tian Yunxiao send a message.Uncle Tian next door Apprentice, I have already Cdb Gummies figured out the way your sunday scaries CBD gummies Cdb Gummies book can improve your grades Chapter 213 Master is the master next door Uncle Tian Apprentice, I have already thought about how your book can improve your grades It s out.At this Cdb Gummies time, Pu Jie, a young man from northern cbd gummy bears 1000mg uk Hebei, was stunned when he saw the message Tian Yunxiao sent him.Three question marks slowly appeared on the forehead Then hit the keyboard and type a reply.

Huang Da also believes that as long as he dares to be can i drive on cbd gummies brave, all his efforts will not what is cbd hemp flower disappoint.The executives of the company looked at the boss with a firm face.Although they were still a little worried, they believed in the best CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes Cdb Gummies current Huang Da.After all, the fact that the Berry Company has returned to the current fifth position in China from a company on the verge of bankruptcy has been achieved by Huang Da s repeated decisions.As the company s executives, they firmly believe in Huang Da s vision, and even more firmly believe in Huang Da s strength.Perhaps according to what Huang Da said, it is really possible for the Berries to have a certain position in the future global technology field.Chapter 156 Cdb Gummies Home Ecology buy hemp gummies private label With the arrival of the Chinese New Year, 2020 has officially come to an end.

Cdb Gummies The beginning of a press conference is like a symphony performance.As the lights on the stage came on at this time, the symphony became more rapid.As the lights shone, Huang Da slowly walked to the stage, and the audience under the CBD oil vs hemp oil Cdb Gummies stage at this time burst into fierce applause.Standing on the stage, Huang Da looked at the more than 4,000 spectators above the auditorium of the surrounding stadium, with a proud look on his face.Today s press charlotte s web cbd gummies calm conference may be the last one I hold It s been almost eight years since I took over the Berries in 2019 During these eight years, We can see that the small factory in the crowd of the Berries has become the most outstanding technology Cdb Gummies pure organic hemp extract CBD oil Cdb Gummies cbd gummies para que sirve company in the global market Huang Da stood on the stage and said excitedly to the audience below, obviously for this conference, Huang Da It is very important to him.

7W.Compared with the better performing Dimensity 9500, the power consumption per unit has reached 2.7W in normal use, and the power consumption is controlled at 4.5W when playing light games such as King Glory.25W height.All in all, the Taixu 820 chip has the ultimate performance, while also ensuring low power consumption for daily use.And this chip is also considered by many users, this may be the most excellent gronk cbd gummies processor chip this year except the Xuanwu processor chip.Tell me this time is too fake, can 20 lower the price to below 3,000 yuan, I really want to buy Taixu 820 below 3,000 yuan I think the price of 820 this year will be less than 3,000 yuan, and maybe it will drop to below 3,000 next year After all, the production capacity of Huateng Semiconductor is not too much.The price of 820 must be maintained.

appeared on various networks.As the first product to be equipped with a cbd gummy worms review new generation of paste fire dragon 8Gen4, most netizens are still very full spectrum CBD gummies with thc Cdb Gummies interested in the current chip.Although the reputation of the Fire Dragon processor in recent years has been declining day by day, last year s Fire Dragon processor, Relying on the best cbd gummies to quit drinking corresponding stable performance and power consumption, the chip has Cdb Gummies saved the attention of some users.This time, the Fire Dragon processor chip adopts a brand new T2 architecture in terms of architecture, and also has a new improvement in cache, which makes users curious about this new processor chip.It s just that most of the review bloggers initially gave an accurate answer after overclocking the new phone.Fire Dragon 8Gen4 overturned again.That s right, this time the whole product completely overturned.