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What s the matter Fuli s calligraphy Health: Costco CBD Gummies is not bad.Although it is not called Health: Costco CBD Gummies everyone in the world, it is very pleasing to the eye and handsome.If her handwriting is not very good Then wouldn t he still pay for it Need to teach children to practice calligraphy Bai Jingzhen s brain suddenly aches.He thinks that he is about to face the career of a prince and a teacher, and he feels CBD vegan gummies Costco CBD Gummies that it is a little difficult to breathe.That side fell, which made him wonder for a while whether everything was a conspiracy of Emperor Wen Yu.Your Majesty, did he have the idea of giving Fuli to his good nephew from the beginning The young man was thinking wildly.Following Yuan Lingzhi all the way into the study, the huge Donggong study was empty, except for a set of carved ebony tables and chairs, the same colored ebony bookshelf and hemp oil vs CBD Costco CBD Gummies two scattered armchairs that took up an entire wall.

It is solemn and clean.Master He, this way please.Shen Qi also lowered his tone, leading him to push open the door that was hidden, and the warm spring breeze came through the window and fell on his face, softly.Sir, Mr.Shen invited Mr.He.Shen Qi bowed and turned behind Costco CBD Gummies the heavy soft curtains and screens.He Kangsheng looked in the direction of his salute, and sure enough, cbd gummies for anxiety cvs he saw the thin human figure faintly revealed on the curtain, and a line of light colored clothes was exposed outside the screen.The wide table was burning with good sandalwood from the stove, and the can CBD gummies cause diarrhea Costco CBD Gummies bookshelves were filled with various books.He looked at a shadow on the screen, and suddenly couldn t tell whether it was a dream or reality.One day he actually asked God to ask.Blessed and immeasurable Heavenly Venerate.The CBD gummies for tinnitus reviews Costco CBD Gummies Taoist who sat behind the heavy curtain opened his mouth.

Apart from her, there seemed to be no second living person here.Just like the National Teacher s Mansion in the previous life, without those annoying visitors, how long do CBD gummies last Costco CBD Gummies there was only a little maid in her courtyard who served her daily life.She couldn t remember the name, but she only remembered that she had told her before 2022 Costco CBD Gummies Costco CBD Gummies she left the house for the last time that if she hadn t returned by the time of Xu, she would be told to leave there.How far to go.The little girl stood Health: Costco CBD Gummies at the door stunned for a while, the cold wind blew her mind three points, and then she remembered that the Mengsheng Building will reopen on the ninth day of the first lunar month, and the Zhan brothers and sisters should be there to help at this time.As for Lingqin, she probably keoni CBD gummies review Costco CBD Gummies went to collect extra money for the Spring Festival.

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highest cbd hemp strain The girl s cheeks were completely red, and it turned into a ripe shrimp.She covered total pure CBD gummies Costco CBD Gummies her face and turned her head away in embarrassment.You are more and more nonsense.Baring his teeth, he quickly made a face, It s the truth Then he pulled up Mu Xici and ran.How can this be considered the truth Mu Xiyin s face was already too hot to be hot, and Mo Qingyun, who had been staring at her for a long time, jolly cbd gummies review sighed silently.Le Wan s few words spoke to their hearts, but they both knew that it was all just delusions.Ayin, Lewan has such a sloppy temperament, you don t have to care about her.The young man stepped forward and shook his head gently, I can t accompany you for too long today, you must CBD gummies for weight loss Costco CBD Gummies pay attention to yourself, Don t be tired.He wanted to reach out and pull her hand, but his reason made him clench his palm into a fist and hide it in his cuff.

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Exhausted formations There are also dwarf trees that have almost grown into cbd gummies for pain no thc shrubs, and Xiao s people who have become more and more withered in recent generations.In the blink of an eye, a rather daring idea flashed through her mind, and at the same time, all the unusual slowly formed a line in front of her eyes Guess, guess what s going on with Xiao Jue Duan reviews, book circles are fine, if you guess right, come to me in group to get a red envelope and give you 5 ra royal cbd gummies soft ones Play exciting, until tomorrow update 24 hours ago, if I guess correctly, I will scream There will be a delta 8 thc gummies vs cbd gummies reminder in the next chapter.If no one guesses 100 accurately, but some guesses are more accurate For example, vida cbd sour patch gummies it is close or I think it has that meaning, I Pack 2 soft ones Are there more, I m poor 5 soft ones are only limited to the first one who guesses right, otherwise, what if the later ones copy someone s homework End of this chapter Chapter 203 Real Duan Zi Jue Sun Chapter 203 The real Duo Zi Jue Sun Mu Xici slowly clenched her five fingers together into a fist, the dead aura had long since dissipated, and the only thing she held in her hands was the breeze.

Aci, you probably don t know much, the girl said, her eyes drifting involuntarily for a moment, Our irwin naturals CBD Costco CBD Gummies mother, like the first queen, came from Fuli, and the two do CBD gummies help with anxiety Costco CBD Gummies of them were in the boudoir at Costco CBD Gummies the time.Close friend.When your mother was pregnant with you, the first empress visited her in the mansion and joked that if she had a daughter this time, she would marry her and be one with her family Well, the Wen mansion is helping her away.The status is equivalent to that of the Duke s mansion to Ganping.My mother was also born in the door.Mu Xici s brows became tighter and tighter, It s after the door.Then, behind her, the Wen cbd gummy empty stomach family has never Are you sending someone to investigate Yes, after the gate, and she has studied martial arts.Mu Xiyin nodded, Being able to perform nearly 20 moves under father s hands, even if placed in the camp, can be called an upper middle level.

With a sneering look, her words carried a sour taste that she hadn t noticed, I don t know what method the third sister used to make the noble Seventh Highness look at you, even what kind of food you like to eat.Remember to keep snacks in your heart.Means Cousin, you are really joking.Xici just returned to the house a few days hemp cbd gummies for diabetes ago and has not yet established a firm foothold at home, so where is the means Mu Xici s description remained unchanged, hiding The slender fingers in the sleeves secretly pinched the seal, and from the shade of the rockery, two strands of yin evil that ordinary people could Health: Costco CBD Gummies not see quietly attracted, and when people were unprepared, they snapped their fingers into Mu Shiyan s eyebrows.The latter only felt a little Costco CBD Gummies pain in her brain, and the unnamed karmic fire in her heart became more and more intense.

I m afraid that if he is not careful, Mingxuan s wound will be tossed and cracked.National Teacher Mu Da sighed, You should come.You are careful and your hands are steady, so I can rest assured.Furthermore, the injury was on the arm, not on the waist and abdomen, so let Mingxuan wear looser clothes, which can be exchanged by rolling up thc gummies for sale the sleeves, and you don t have to worry about going overboard why do you need to do this as nervous Cousin Mingyuan s dressing level Well, it is indeed a terrifying existence that can stop the living and strangle the dead and entangle the dead.The little girl couldn t is hemp and CBD the same Costco CBD Gummies help but feel dazed for a moment when she heard this.Is that so Mu Shiyao, who was can hemp gummies cause headaches quietly persuaded by others, s eyes fluttered and her voice was thin, That s fine.Sure, then it s settled Second brother Mingxuan, get out of here.

After hearing this, Xu Fengshuo felt a little uncomfortable, and couldn t help but pulled a far fetched smile Old grandma, listening to your tone, you seem to like the new Master Lu very much.Master Lu is very kind, and everyone in the city likes him very much.The old woman nodded with a smile, Sir, you helped us build an altar for the winter sacrifice for the goddess together a few days ago.Oh.Xu Fengshuo was greatly surprised, He s an official who has come from a dry position, doesn t he object to everyone s sacrifice to the goddess Why do you object The old woman didn t know why.The goddess is very beautiful.As beautiful as the snow capped mountains. I don t know why I want to cry End of this chapter Chapter 670 The diamond CBD gummies Costco CBD Gummies use of the magic sword Chapter 670 The use of the magic sword, the one from Gan Ping Officials, do you what happens if a child eats cbd gummies really view their Shuanghua Goddess this way Xu Fengshuo s eyes widened in a daze, his dark pupils shrank and shrank uncontrollably.

Costco CBD Gummies When the sun rose the next day, the snow was already flat.A few people got up at one hour, and the food carrying team was back on the road in less than two hours.Near the border, the post house also kept old war horses that had retired from the front line.The military horses have good patience, and they have always run faster than ordinary horses.There is less than 60 miles left from Yanguan.As long as they don t make any mistakes in the middle, they can reach Yanguan smoothly before the end.With the wind and snow, everyone rushed the road for eight nine days one after another.Now that the end is about to come to an end, the originally tense spirit will inevitably relax a little.Mu Xici saw that the soldiers had a lot of tiredness on their faces, but she couldn t help but feel a sudden warning eagle hemp CBD full spectrum gummies Costco CBD Gummies in her heart.

dr charles stanley and cbd gummies Costco CBD Gummies CBD gummies joy organics, CBD gummies vs hemp gummies (keoni CBD gummies 500mg) Costco CBD Gummies thc CBD gummies Costco CBD Gummies.

The emperor said, raised his hand and patted Mo Shucheng s shoulder, Just pretend that I am not here and continue to preside over the palace exam.How can this be considered absent Mo Shucheng secretly slandered in his heart, and this court dress was neatly dressed, how much does eagle hemp CBD gummies cost Costco CBD Gummies so it didn t look like a passing the road.He murmured in his heart, but cbn and cbd gummies he didn t dare to show any dissatisfaction on his face.My son obeys the order.The young man in Chinese clothing saluted deeply, and then looked at the hall again.The spirit that had been relaxed a lot cbd gummies suddenly became tense, and this time it was even more tense than that in the morning.Continue.Mo Shucheng gestured to the inner prisoner beside him, and the latter immediately announced that the palace exam would continue.The next few groups of palace exams went fairly smoothly, and Emperor Yun Jing, who was behind him, never made a sound.

Of course.Mo Jun nodded and cleaned up the remaining half of the cbd gummies willie nelson sugar painting with a few mouthfuls.Gu Zi held a small stick in his mouth and separated the roast chicken from the flesh in three or two strokes.He took the small stick by himself.The stick pierced a piece of minced meat and threw it into the mouth.There are chicken drumsticks, why do you want to eat minced meat The little girl blinked slowly, she cbd gummies to quit smoking canada just took a bite of the drumstick, the roasted chicken was crispy and salty on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, and tasted very good.If it wasn t for the candy painting in her hand that she hadn t finished eating, she would have dipped her head into the roast chicken so, why did Mo Junli eat such a delicious roast best cbd pain relief chicken instead of putting the chicken legs on it Minced meat on the edge I ll leave the chicken thighs for you.

At this time, the restaurant had just opened, and there were no other guests in the building.Mu Xici entered the lobby, and at a glance, he saw the noble boy with the armrest medterra hemp gummies standing in front of the counter, counting the number of pens in the pen holderShould she remind this old guy to pay attention to his image The national teacher of Mu Da didn t come up and got stuck in his throat.Zhan Ninglu couldn t help coughing when he saw Costco CBD Gummies this, trying to remind the prince who was not very in state.This small noise instantly made the young man regain his senses, he turned around, and smiled gummy bear recipe cbd warmly and politely Miss Mu.The corners of Mu Da s mouth twitched subconsciously, and then she reluctantly restrained her temper and turned towards Mo Jun I ve seen His Highness the Seventh.Ninglu, the guests are upstairs, you go over and help entertain some.

The next day, I got up early again, and followed Mu Xiyin to Songheyuan cbd gummies target to meet the old lady Mu.The old lady had kind eyes gummy bear CBD recipe Costco CBD Gummies and kind eyes, which made Mu Xici feel a little closer.Fu Minjun took the two granddaughters to chat for a long time, and kept the two of them for breakfast before letting them go home.Back at Fu Lan Xuan, Mu Xici was just about to sit down and think about where to start before he Costco CBD Gummies could escort Mo Junli to the palace, when he saw the girl Lingqin running into the house with a happy face.Miss, the young master is back Mu Xici raised her eyebrows so soon Chapter 8 Brother, he asked me to call you wholesale cbd gummies white label to pay him Didn t you say that something changed in the army She thought that the change that she could call Mu Xiuning back in such a hurry must not be a trivial matter, how could it take ten days and a half months to delay, how could he be brought back within three days It seems that whether it is this life or a previous life, the accident in the army before she returned to Beijing was not accidental.

If she is still there, Mo Junli s time to rule the world will be delayed a lot, and there will be another bad pool In the end, she deserves it.Mu Xici was extremely annoyed, and slammed the table in front of him angrily.The old guy in this life appeared in front of her so early, and there is no guarantee that there is no divine will in it. God wants her to take the blame and make merit, and help Mingjun well in this world.So, what to send.The little girl who couldn t think of a Dingmao sighed and sighed, slumped on the table like a pool of ooze, and her black and bright almond eyes gradually emptied unexpected, she really couldn t think of hemp and cbd the same it.National Teacher Mu Da inadvertently wandered the sky, and this tour lasted for a full hour.After Lingqin finished cleaning the outside of the courtyard, she wanted to go into the house to give some fruit snacks to her young lady, but as soon as she entered the house, she saw Mu Xici s languid and sluggish appearance, and couldn t help laughing.

I heard that that day, she took the energy in the palace The smashed things are almost done The little princess laughed heartily after speaking, seeing Song Xianxian and Zhu Wan unlucky, it ceres cbd gummies was her rare pleasure in the palace since she was a child.Then this Zhu Jieyu is really a bit back.Mu Xiyin pursed her lips, trying her best to suppress the bursts of laughter that almost rushed to her throat.She still remembered that today is Baifang s Garden, and this is not her Liuxia Garden, otherwise she would have to laugh like Mo Wanyan.It s not just bad luck, it s more because best gummy CBD Costco CBD Gummies she s too stupid.The little princess said mercilessly, As soon as such a big incident happened in the palace examination during the day, she wanted to go to the cbd hemp flowers imperial study to find my father at night.Emperor, you still have such a title Isn t this obviously saying that the former dynasty and the harem are entangled, and they are going to collide with the gunpowder of the father That s what I said, but after all, it is an elder, Your Highness, Let s be more euphemistic.

If it weren t for the fact that the two houses of the Duke s Mansion had never been separated, and if he really cbd gummies near me for sleep punished Mu Shiyan, he would have lost the face of the Mu family.Of course not, I didn t see that I was about to reply to her.Mu Da Guoji protested in a low voice, holding his head, As a result, you moved faster than me, I looked at you and seemed to be very angry, That s why I didn t continue talking.At that time, she originally wanted to pay her respects by taking advantage of Mu Shiyan s private meetings with Mo Shuyuan from time to time, but she would have thought that this old guy s skills would be so neat.Go against the holy will.Also really botanical farms cbd gummies contact number talented.Of course I m angry.Mo Jun pursed his lips and sneered, And I m not just angry with that stupid woman.Master National Teacher, is this how you usually stand and let others be insulted The Costco CBD Gummies young man calmly Her face crossed her chest, her eyes were so gloomy that they almost dripped with water, Do you have to wait for her to finish scolding before opening your mouth The more cheerful you are.

He was afraid that before he could make a is hemp oil CBD Costco CBD Gummies hole, his family s national teacher would send him back to the west with an inkstone.Originally, he was very nervous when he received the note from her that didn t contain a single word.How could he dare to touch her bad head again Mo Costco CBD Gummies Junli burst into tears, just as he was about to increase the force of knocking on the window slightly, he felt a chill in his spine for no reason, and his instinct made Costco CBD Gummies him immediately stand up and take a half step away.The next moment, a flash of snow flashed under his eyes, and the sharp blade pierced the air with a sound of bhhhhh.The young man turned around and intercepted the little girl s arm.Three or two black hairs were broken.Gu Mo Junli swallowed his saliva, the corners of his mouth shook uncontrollably.He could see that Mu Xici s sword was not forceful and the speed was not fast enough, but it was able to make her let go.

He probably did not live long.of.Go ahead, come.The little girl s eyes were cold, holding the sword in one hand, Health: Costco CBD Gummies clenching the reins in her palm.With the slight movement of her slender fingers, she gathered the suffocating energy in her hands, and the two yellow talisman paper balls that were folded into the size of fingernails quietly let go and rolled into the muddy ground not far away.Rather than fighting one wheel at a time like this, she even more hoped that the gang of dogs miscellaneous breeds could rush forward together, so that she purekana CBD gummies review Costco CBD Gummies could set up a desperate and slaughter formation in one breath, and save some energy.Mu Xici s back molars gritted and gnawed, and she ran for two days and dr phil cbd gummies two nights in a row.She really didn t have much mental and physical strength left at the moment.Seeing that her companion was easily resolved by her, the other stalkers who were hiding in the tree could not help but bow their heads in silence for a moment.

But I seem to be a step too late.The little girl said with trembling eyes, When I arrived, Eunuch Yu delta 9 hemp derived gummies was no longer there.The whole village was empty, and I turned the place upside down and couldn t find half a living thing, as if there had never been any people here.I have no choice, and there are other people s eyeliners everywhere in the capital.I have to wait for the next summons from His Majesty, and then take the opportunity to ask him, I don t think he will medigreens CBD gummies reviews Costco CBD Gummies be able to find time until the Shangyuan Festival.As soon as Yuan passed, on the 16th day of the first lunar month, I set foot on the fun gummies CBD Costco CBD Gummies journey again.This time it is the southern border.Mu Xici dr formulated cbd sleep gummies sighed silently.I think the situation in the southern border is much simpler than that in the desert.If you move fast enough, you can return to the capital before the midsummer, and there is still a chance to ask the matter clearly during the debriefing It turned out that I didn t have to rush back.

Less business I just didn t sleep at all.Aci, do you think my eyes are turning red into rabbit eyes The boy blinked tearfully, and Mu Xici looked up for a while, only to see I don t think he s going to Costco CBD Gummies turn into a rabbit with a pair of eyes, he s about to turn into a rabbit Or look at the black hearted rabbit with white fur, but it is actually black to the stomach, the kind that a thousand year old fox has forcibly transformed I think you old man is trying to drain himself to death.Mu Daguo tugged at the corner of his lips and dragged him towards the stall angrily, Let s go, say hello to sister and the others., you take me home first, and then go back best gummy CBD Costco CBD Gummies to make up for your sleep.She also wanted to go back to make up for her sleep.Hey.Jun Mo responded, and the little girl dragged him to the stall.

Believing in all the experiences he had experienced in cbd gummies made in usa his previous life Although he respected the warlock, he did not completely believe in these so called numerology.At least I don t believe that everything is a so five cbd gummies daily buzz called fixed number.If it is true that everything is fixed, then he and Xiao Guoshi will not be standing here now.The young man narrowed his eyes, what he relied on was only the known of his previous life the only magician who could give him full trust was Mu Xici. There are so many fixed numbers in this world, there should not be so many fixed numbers.Forget it, you still have soldiers on your left and right, so it doesn t matter if you stock up on more food and grass.If the country really suffers a disaster in the next two years, it can be considered a first hand preparation in advance.

Please forgive me.When the people in the second room were gone, Mu Xiyin was also urged by them to return to Liuxia Garden, and Mu Wenjing just now He got up and saluted Mo Junli again, his sincerity overflowed with words, Your Highness, please follow the old minister to the Honghu Costco CBD Gummies Pavilion, and the minister will immediately let the servants prepare lunch.It s good for the junior to walk around the mansion why don t you go and see the third young lady first, that girl was very frightened today.Mo Jun smiled and glanced at the main house in Xuanzhong through the window.The little girl was originally fighting two birds with one stone, and cleaning up the second room was the second most important thing, but it was the grandfather of the country.It s okay, let Mingyuan accompany you, and you will be more comfortable.

The young man sighed, At that time, the old man was probably very sick, and his head was terribly ill.He also made a mess.In the palace back then, Mo Shuyuan s eyeliner was everywhere, how could he avoid it At that time, he was transferred away from the capital, and the old man was only able to use the mansion of the King of Jin in the previous dynasty.The rest are either in the same vein as the Marquis of Anping s party, or they are trying their best to protect themselves.His uncle is naturally isolated and helpless in the court.In this way, even if Jin Wangfu still holds 20,000 imperial troops smilz hemp gummies in his hands, he would be walking on thin ice on weekdays.Taking into account the old man s temperament The secret edict will probably be divided into two parts, one half will be handed over to the Jin Wangfu, and the other half will Costco CBD Gummies cbd gummies for period cramps be handed over to Yu Deyong.

The next day s fortune telling was as smooth as usual.When she sent away the family members who were thankful and thankful, changed her clothes and stepped out of the Yunshandian house again she was at the door of the private room again.I met Mo Junli.Chapter 115 Master National Teacher Familiar places, familiar people, the only thing that is not the Health: Costco CBD Gummies same is that this time both of her is hemp same as cbd came to Mengshenglou alone, and there was no Lingqin behind her., he also did not have YanchuanSo, is this child fighting with her He is everywhere.National Teacher Mu Da couldn t help but wrinkle his face, and after a long while, he hung up the familiar cbd for inflamation smirk.She looked at the noble young man who was still more than a head taller than her, and the corners of her lips trembled slightly, and she was barely blessed Xi Ci has seen His Highness.

She had just cried in that small shabby house, and she was so full of voices.Almost dumb.However, there s really only one military talisman I hope that the two brothers will move on to the stage in the future, don t let charlotte s web cbd gummies recovery the little sister down.The girl leaned against the door frame and whispered, and the tail sound instantly dispersed into the wind.She stomped outside the door for a while, until the figures of the two young people completely disappeared at the end of the official road, and then she turned back to the Ling Palace.When the heavy wooden door closed, it cut off the last ray of light leaking out of the house.The girl leaned on the door panel and slowly exhaled. Tonight s performance was too devoted, and she was a little tired.What do you say, second brother, do you want to join forces with me this time Outside the palace, on the official road, Ye Tianheng paused slightly, looked cbd gummies for pain and sleep back at the young man beside him with a smile, Your Majesty s Costco CBD Gummies soldiers and horses are comparable to ours.

Just joking, she even pushed her to Mo Qingyun s side after finishing the conversation until Mu Xiyin left with Mo Qingyun s face blushing and her posture was a little stiff, Mu Shiyan reacted sluggishly.The two seem to have been admiring each other for a long time, and they only need to pierce a layer of window paper.Thinking about it too, in the early years when King Jin took over the Imperial City Imperial Army, the military affairs were busy, and the little prince was sent to the Duke s mansion from time to time to be brought up with Mu Xiyin and his brother.Her cousin and the prince were also called childhood sweethearts.When they were young, their childhood sweethearts had the most sincere feelings, and the two had opposite family backgrounds and similar appearances.It was normal to have a juvenile affection in secret.

Life extension Wei Wei hesitated, That s what you mean Yes, it stands to reason that the old lady s longevity has already expired.Mu Xici nodded, I just reviewed his appearance carefully, although he is old.Now, the facial features have changed a lot, but it is indeed the appearance of early death.The appearance of the rich and the noble.Rich and noble, but dying early The young man raised his eyebrows when he heard the words, true natural cbd oil How early The specifics, I can cbd gummies without sugar t see clearly now, but I definitely won t survive forty five.He will die when he is natures purpose CBD Costco CBD Gummies in his thirties.Huh Mo Junli scratched his head, So, the serious illness he suffered at the age of twenty seven would not have killed him No, but most likely If you want to leave some old illness, if you 4000mg cbd gummies have another attack at the age koi naturals CBD Costco CBD Gummies of 30 or 40, it will directly kill him.

It wasn t an cbd gummies pros and cons unforgivable sin such as conspiracy or fornication with foreign enemies, and there was really no way to clear it up.In short, only stupid and incompetent people would worry about this kind of thing.The young man lowered his eyes, he didn t care about him, and the old man didn t seem to care either.That s the truth, but it doesn t prevent me from thinking that you have a very dark heart.The little girl shook wana sour gummies cbd thc review her brows, and everyone else was on guard against the confusion of her courtiers all day long.This old guy is good, he was afraid that they wouldn t do it.Confused I ve been wronged, Master National eagle CBD gummies reviews Costco CBD Gummies Teacher, I ve been wronged The young man pretended to be frightened, and called out his injustice in a false tone, This villain has been thinking about the best solution for two lifetimes, why is it It s a black heart If you say that you have a black heart, you have to hold back.

Charcoal, alum, and thousands of stone grains.These things are still being collected at the Guanfeng Pavilion.By the end of this year, we will probably be able to store up another million stone of wild hemp cbd disposable materials.Saying three or four months, half a year is not a problem.In addition to these, I also instructed Heling and the others to keep an eye on the cheaper chickens and ducks on the market, and collect a batch before May next year.Pigs Livestock such as cattle and sheep are too big, grow slowly, and are difficult to transport, but poultry such as chickens and ducks that grow fast and are easy to feed can be stocked up.In this way, it can not only ensure the food needs of the people, but also For the rest, they can continue to support them, and they can make up for their daily income and expenses.