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At this time, Tian Yunxiao suddenly thought that he was delayed by the disgusting things that happened this morning, and he had not consulted how to use CBD gummies for pain Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies a lawyer on how to protect his rights.He said to Pei Pai Xiao Pei, because of these rubbish things in the morning, haven t you gone to a lawyer to ask how to sue the plagiarist and the website After listening to Pei Pao, he said with a pochi smile Just leave this matter to me Have you forgotten what my family is doing Why don t you just ask our Tenda s legal department directly CBD gummies for inflammation and pain Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies After hearing what Pei Pai said, Tian Yunxiao said happily Yes, Xiao Pei, please help me to ask, after all, although Tengda s legal department is not as famous as Nanshan Pizza Hut, but, but After all, it is also the legal department of a large group company.For this kind of thing, it must be more reliable than the lawyer I went to find myself After hearing Tian Yunxiao s words, Pei Pao said proudly, Now you know the importance of this girl Just wait, this girl will ask you now Then he took out his mobile phone and made a call, only to see Pei Pai nodding to the phone all the time Hmm um can you still do this Really Yes, one is called Zhu Xian , and it s already finished on Kai Dian, and the other is which is better cbd or hemp oil called Trapped Immortal , which is still being serialized on Jiang He Thank you, Lawyer Fang It took more than ten minutes to hang up the call.

eagle hemp CBD gummies review Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies Obviously, countless smart car manufacturers feel that the current Berry family smart car is crazy.Of course, in the face of the current state of affairs, manufacturers are a little helpless.After all, the strength of competitors is indeed very tyrannical, and the core technology they have is also unmatched cbd gummies with pure hemp cbd extract by other manufacturers.Even now many smart car manufacturers need to rely on the corresponding core hardware of the Berry family to survive.The development of Berries technology has finally made the entire domestic users understand that the current technology level of Huaguo has reached the top level in the entire technology field.The time has gradually reached the end of April, and various mobile phone manufacturers have begun to prepare their own top high end flagships, trying to gain enough market share in the corresponding May.

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The performance of the mid range processor Dimensity 800 is about 5 higher than that of the current 765G.Of course, as Lianhuake s true flagship processor chip, the Dimensity 1000 surprised many netizens in terms of performance.The performance of the Dimensity 1000 processor chip has directly surpassed the current Gaotong Fire Dragon 855 , and the performance is relatively higher than that of the Gaotong Fire Dragon 855 by nearly 5.And in this technology summit, the price of these processor chips announced by Lianhuake is about 30 to 40 cheaper than the current price of the well being CBD gummies Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies same level of paste fire dragon processor chips.This has also made a group of manufacturers focusing on mobile phone chips begin to consider trying to buy chips from Lianhuake to prepare for the mobile phone market next year.

Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies The Berry game console V1 looks very gorgeous as a whole.This time the game console does not have any cameras on the front and back.It does not look like the rumored game phone, but a real game console built for games.At the same time, with the playback of the video, netizens found that there are magnetic suction holes on three sides of the four sides of the game console.The three sides correspond to the left and right sides and the bottom of the game console, respectively.What surprised netizens even more is that the upper and left and right sides of this game console have symmetrical speaker openings, so it seems that the overall audio and video effect of this game console V1 is very good.In addition to these digging holes, users also found that this time the game console has two A port and C port sockets, as well as an extremely advanced 3.

It is expected to be officially launched at the end of December this year At the same time, we will also start smartwatches after the conference The pre sale of this smart watch, the netizens who participate in the 100 yuan pre sale will get a discount of 100 to 300 yuan Although many netizens are very interested in this smart watch, the final sales time of power CBD gummies reviews Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies this smart watch is to be Wait until the FlyOS system officially launches the public beta.This means that this product will not go on sale until a month and a half after the conference.However, this product has not yet been released, and pre sale has already started.In addition, the pre sale of the first generation of Berry smartwatches also has a discount of nearly 200 yuan, which has also attracted the attention of many netizens.In Huang Da s opinion, the first generation of the Berry smartwatch is equipped with a Berry mobile phone equipped with the FlyOS system to be able to exert its full strength.

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Uncle Tian next door Loach Ju also told me that it will be on the shelves on the 1st of next month.Immediately, the group members in the group began to refresh the screen again.Goose who can tell stories Qi Dian will add another masterpiece with over 10,000 orders envy Rumor Qi Dian will add another masterpiece with over 10,000 orders envy omitted here Twenty nine rereads And Tian Yunxiao sent a to interrupt the result.A Bao, who is testing the waters Qi Dian is going to add a new book with over 10,000 orders envy Tian Yunxiao saw that there was no Divine Phoenix among the copied people, and Sister Bao also came out to repeat the reading, so he felt relieved.Good opportunity.Uncle Tian next door A Bao who is testing the water, does Sister Bao open a room A Bao who is testing the water Okay Tian Yunxiao immediately opened a room with jolly CBD gummies review Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies 6,000 words, and gummy bear logo effects then sent the room number to on the public screen.

It was Pei Pao who was laughing behind him.He ignored her and said to Zhao Ruilong, Lawyer Zhao, bring me the letter of understanding, and I ll sign it At this time, Zhao Ruilong heard Tian Yunxiao s address to him and said quickly.Mr.Tian, don t be so polite, just call me Xiao Zhao I ll get you a letter of understanding After Tian Yunxiao signed the letter of understanding, he left the cafe.At this time, Tang Tang Mother Li Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies Shufang said to Zhao Ruilong Little Zhao Does this mean that my daughter is okay Said With the letter of understanding, although there is a good chance of being sentenced to probation, which means that you don t have to go to jail But your daughter will still keep a record of the case, and you have to go to the police station to report regularly, and you can t go out of town.

Duoduo is also called Xixi Old Tian, if you want us to spread the word more, just say it directly, you don t need to touch the fish to remind us, right What s the difference between your behavior and touching porcelain Dong Yunkong That s right, Laotian, I m very sympathetic to kat s naturals cbd oil the fact that you were plagiarized, but it s not advisable for you to threaten readers with less money, Laotian, I advise you to be a rat tail Seeing the reactions of the readers, Tian Yunxiao smiled slightly, and then replied uniformly.Uncle Tian next door Oh, I m sorry brothers, if I want to defend my rights, I have to find evidence myself, and then sue, otherwise, then This plagiarized book was immediately adapted into a film and television drama.The next door Uncle Tian I can t let those plagiarizing dogs go unpunished, I must defend my rights.

Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies Moreover, Tian Yunxiao s operation is not at the level he is in now, killing people is like chopping melons and vegetables.Very enjoyable, it is comparable to watching League of Legends Shuangwen.So Tian Yunxiao decided in cbd 10 mg gummies his heart that his gamble was won.After hearing Tian Yunxiao s words, Pei Pai said angrily You look down on people less I can definitely do it You just wait for the obedient Riwan to go After Tian Yunxiao heard Pei Pai s words, He chuckled and said, Then why don t you continue to practice Let me remind you, four hours is eight hours You may not be able to do it, you can only practice for 20 minutes at most. Bah Bah Bah I ve been practicing for at least half an hour, you are talking nonsense Pei Pao immediately retorted when Tian Yunxiao said this to her.Tian Yunxiao then said Okay, even if you have practiced for half an hour, there are still seven and a half hours left Hurry up and continue practicing What are you still doing here Hmph, keep practicing and keep practicing I have to impress you Pei said sadly.

In Zhushi, Huang Zhang, the founder of Berries Technology, looked at the documents passed down by his son with a surprised look in his eyes.Berry Communication Technology Company Are you planning to break up the company Are you going to separate the mobile phone business and set up a company Huang Zhang raised his head and looked at his son, asking with disbelief in his eyes.To be honest, Huang Zhang did not expect that Huang jolly cbd gummies for diabetes Da cbd gummies stores would choose to break down the company.The company s domestic market has also begun to gradually become saturated, and now it can cbd gummies lower blood pressure is difficult to imagine the real impact on overseas markets, especially the European and American markets It is very difficult to truly gain a firm foothold in the overseas market The overseas market is a very big cake, and the Berries need partners At the same time, I also want the company to transform Huang Da looked at his father and took it slow.

For example, a certain manufacturer in the future uses a 100 megapixel sensor with a mid to low end processor chip.As a result, in order to take high pixel photos, it is only necessary to wait for the synthesis of the mobile phone chip ISP for about seven or eight seconds.And this 100 megapixel sensor is matched with a high end flagship processor chip, and the waiting time when what is the difference between CBD and hemp Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies taking a number of photos is directly shortened from seven cbd gummies show up on drug test or eight seconds to about two seconds.The screen turns to the current press conference.This also fully shows that the three main camera level camera modules of IMX586 IMX380 IMX380 brought by the Raspberry Blue S7pro are enough to press and rub products of the same price on the ground.Three main camera level cameras sound very awesome This time we use the ix586 sensor for the main camera.

What s wrong I just didn t expect that Qilu Province, where Tian Shen is located, is even more outrageous than our Xianyang Province.A city level writer s association can look down gummy cbd side effects on the author who ordered Qidian to be a great writer.Protect my dog Pai Krypton God, I suspect you haven t watched this video of Tian Shen, don t they know Tian Shen s work Shi Pai Krypton That s even more outrageous.It really deserves them to be abandoned by the times.I have never even heard of such a book out of the circle.In my opinion, the book cbd gummies reviews reddit Zhu Xian can definitely be called The martial new age hemp gummies 3000 mg reviews arts bible in the CBD gummies joy Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies post Jin Yong era Protecting my dog Zhu Xian is obviously a fairy Tian Yunxiao saw that the topic had finally shifted from his incident to his works, which was a relief.He sighed and closed the group chat.

what is the difference between hemp and cbd oil It has an excellent mobile phone appearance and an overall design that is very in line with the craftsmanship, but it is a pity to see Lianhuake.Pro7 is equipped with Lianhuake s P25 processor chip, while Pro7ps is equipped with Lianhuake s X30 processor chip.Among the mobile phone processor chips, the famous ten core processor with one core and nine cores is Lianhuake s X20.The X30 is an iterative version of the Lianhuake X20, which still uses the ten core architecture, which is equivalent to the CPU overclocking version of the X20.The Pro7 series is the target of a lot of other models that use the first generation of Gaotonghuolongshen U835 and 660, gummy bear CBD recipe Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies which makes the Pro7 series have no room to fight back.In addition, the price generally reached the price of 3,000 yuan, which really made a CBD Gummies Joy Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies lot of consumers complain.

Otherwise, CBD gummies shark tank Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies he wouldn t come to you with such outrageous conditions at all.The great god of enlightenment in the cbd whole hemp extract future, who is this insulting Well paid When they look for authors, they don t look at the level of writing, they just try to find someone to write.They use a wide spread net tactic, and if they can deceive one is one, if they really go.At that time, the buyout fee will be 15 30 yuan per thousand words.If the result of writing is not good, the website will force you to cut the book.And in case of a popular website, it will make blood money If the level is too poor, it will be difficult to even sign a contract.These so called editors and editors will change hands and sell the contract to the studio.Thousand word three blocks only require the sentences to be fluent, brother or not Do not write 1000 words and 5 yuan, the requirement is slightly higher to be familiar with the previous text Even if I write tens of thousands of words delta 8 gummies vs cbd a day, I can eat it all.

At the same time, such a change in the new underlying core will also facilitate future Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies data transfer in the new system, independent lab testing hemp cbd oil and a certain amount of data accumulation can be done for the tablet adaptation of the new system.However, the Fly NEW20 has basically begun to be adapted to the Berry mobile phone, then the Fly NEW10 system, Huang Da intends to open source and open it to other niche manufacturers.You must know that when Fly was killing the Quartet in the custom UI market cbd gummies for insomnia five years ago, it once posted a Weibo.It will provide system adaptation to Hammer, LG, Sony, Gionee and other mobile phone manufacturers.And this year, Huang Da thinks it s time to fulfill the brilliance that the Berry technology once boasted I ve been feeling a little bored these past few months.We and a few partners in our software team have specially customized Fly NEW localized packages for several models.

This linear motor is almost the same size as the current Guozi linear motor.At the same time, after special adjustment, it has a very good vibration experience The overall parameter configuration of the Berry MX30 series has basically been completely CBD gummies for anxiety reviews Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies piled up to the extreme.From the perspective of user experience, it is definitely kenai farms CBD gummies reviews Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies the existence of the top do thc gummies have cbd ceiling level in the current mobile phone industry.Whether it is the external design of the product and the black color used in the product Technology is enough to kill the products of other mobile phone manufacturers in seconds.Berry family, this time, we plan to change the development of the entire mobile how much do cbd gummies for pain cost phone industry by ourselves Berry family MX30 series is indeed the beginning of a new direction in the current mobile phone industry.

This also means that Huateng s next generation Xuanwu chips will soon begin mass production.At the same time, it is also a very good thing for the Berry family to have the strength to manufacture chips independently.Whether it is mobile phones or the latest new energy vehicles and other industries, chips are hemp gummies drug test an indispensable and important core component.Including future smart computers, VR glasses and many other aspects need the blessing of chip technology.It can be said are cbd and hemp oil the same that with the strength of independent research and development of chips and production well being CBD gummies Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies of chips, Berry will have a better future.Even many industries can try to be involved, and at the same time, they can truly seize the opportunity and truly become the most powerful technology company in the entire world.As for the Berry Pro20 series, although it is said to be the most important flagship mobile phone of the Berry family this year, the most important year for the real Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies development of the Berry family is next year.

The announced product parameters and technologies can be said to have shocked the chin of netizens again and again.Even netizens have forgotten that the current berry family is just a so called small factory.This technical strength and this level of performance are not much different from the current top manufacturers.In the field of charging, the introduction of the Berry charge pump technology has brought a new direction for the development of fast charging for major manufacturers In order to explore a faster charging speed, the Berry family has brought a new three voltage type.charge pump 2.0 technology After introducing the core performance of the current mobile phone, the next introduction is naturally the battery life and charging technology of the mobile phone.It can be said that the research and development of fast charging and flash charging technology for mobile phones is full of ups and downs.

The hemp harvest cbd hemp oil extract high end Xuanyuan 2020 and 3020 desktop processor chips are produced by Huateng.After all, the number of chips that Huateng s production line needs to produce is still relatively large.Compared with low end chips, cbd gummies for arthritis as seen on shark tank they are handed over my cbd edibles to Zhongxing International for production.At the same time, Zhongxing International is also actively negotiating with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, striving to obtain advanced optical technology with more perfect technology to improve the production process.It is expected that next year, Zhongxing International will be able to successfully purchase the corresponding secondary lithography machine for 6 nanometer and 7 nanometer process technology production, which can reduce the pressure on Huateng Semiconductor production at that time.Of course, Huateng Semiconductor is also actively preparing to purchase more production lines to expand production.

This makes most netizens also start to complain.Except for the chip and image, the current P40 basically cannot reach the level of the flagship.And the starting price of 4298 yuan has also made more netizens who have high requirements for cost performance to make crazy complaints about this model.However, compared to the ordinary version, the other two versions are more in line with the high end flagship in the true sense due to the foiling of the ordinary version.However, the biggest advantage of the entire Warwick P40 series is the RYYB main camera it uses.This is a 50 megapixel sensor with a 1 128 inch ultra large bottom.It is indeed far beyond similar competitors in terms of overall image.It is precisely because of this powerful main natural CBD Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies camera that this series of mobile phones can be called the so called image flagship.

At this time, Tian Yunxiao budpop CBD gummies Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies had enough words for today s 4,000 words.After another check, it was released.Then he opened the game again.Fuck.This coquettish A Bao again This stone man again Your sister, the stone man who was banned for a day, didn t get banned once in the evening, and then met again, who is this Nima to reason with Sure enough, fifteen minutes later, Tian Yunxiao looked at the four teammates who all nodded to surrender, and pressed the surrender button in desperation.Then quit the game.Open your own book group.As soon as I opened it, I saw that the group was discussing the latest chapter he posted.Dabai is in my arms It s all your fault, I clearly said that Laotian is very long, and you are deliberately talking nonsense there The lost reindeer Miss, this is not a random talk, obviously Yesterday you didn t admit it yourself, we re just going to say what you mean.

After all, the initiative of the current negotiation is in Huang Da s hands, but the top management of Tianma Microelectronics wants to see what Huang Da thinks.However, the conditions given by Huang Da made many high level executives of Tianma Microelectronics Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies show a look of astonishment on their pet hemp oil vs cbd faces.Obviously they did not expect that the conditions proposed by Huang Da were so harsh.The exclusive license of 1.5 billion a year needs to be paid in one lump sum in the first year Second, when Tianma Microelectronics and Berry Group cooperate, Tianma Microelectronics needs to give Berry Group a 15 discount on the price of components.Third, after Tianma Microelectronics produced the iLCD screen, the Berry family enjoyed the exclusive right to hardware for one year.The top management of Tianma Microelectronics looked at Huang Da s request and was completely stunned.

The isp module is the core mr hemp flower gummies hardware parameter of fun drops CBD gummies review Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies the mobile phone processor in image scheduling.This time, based on the original foundation of the Xuanwu processor chip, leva cbd gummies 40 mg the isp module dr. gupta CBD gummies Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies of this processor Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies chip has been greatly improved.The range of image improvement brought by this new isp module is very huge.Even with the blessing of this isp module, like a thousand yuan image sensor, it also has the corresponding algorithm a very good level.Of course, this powerful isp processor chip can cooperate with the current Berry family to take pictures interactively, realize more sensors, and take pictures with the corresponding isp.In addition to isp, the algorithm of nsp is five times higher than that of the previous generation, and 24 times that of the current mainstream flagship nsp algorithm.

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As a result, there is no savings in the family, and I accidentally heard that writing online novels can make money.So I wanted to write novels as a part time job in my hemp edible gummy bears spare time, but I saw my own level high, and I just started writing on Qidian Chinese website.However, due to the leading position of Qidian in the industry, wellbies hemp gummies the threshold for signing a contract is very cbd gummies without thc high.I wrote more than 300,000 words on Qidian, but the contract was not successful.Later, I heard a friend s suggestion that I should go to a small station with a lower threshold for signing a contract to write, so I found Jangho I found the editor s mailbox to submit the avid hemp gummies 1000mg manuscript.At that time, it happened to be submitted to Mu Zimei, the editor in charge who just joined the post.However, my writing was very immature at that time, and the story was Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies not strong, so I did not submit the manuscript.

Secondly, compared with general science fiction, The Wandering Earth pays more attention to the exploration of emotions, especially the in depth description of the nuanced psychology of human beings in the process of cosmic catastrophe.In the face of narrating such a catastrophe as helium flash, he did not forget to question the human spiritual world.So that science fiction has never been out of the track of literature, it still infects readers in a literary way And wandering eagle hemp CBD gummies amazon Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies itself is due to the relationship between man and the universe.This relationship is not eternal and will last forever.On the contrary, it is always undergoing changes, large or small, and human beings must constantly change themselves to adapt to various unexpected events.Variety And Tian Yunxiao also created the history of the Galaxy Award, that cbd gummies sarasota is, the Galaxy CBD Gummies Joy Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies Award was never awarded to the works created in that year, but considering that Tian Yunxiao s two works are really too good.

On the contrary, the relatively castrated 3D animation version of the FlymeOS 4.0A version does require a lot less storage than the full version in terms of installation packages.The size of the full version reaches 14GB, while the storage size of the castrated version is only a meager 7GB.Directly reduces the storage by half compared to the full version.However, the models currently equipped with the Xuanwu 835 processor chip and above, the storage of the starting version has reached 256G of storage.Basically, if you squeeze the storage, there is still a certain amount of storage.And after the internal beta version is entered, the original data needs to be deleted, so that users can better use the new system.Under the expectation of many netizens, many netizens can t wait to download and update the current FlymeOS4.

Ye Ying Lian Ji Ye Ying Lian Ji Master Tian.How can you have the guts to say this Ying Ying Lian Ji Twenty rooms, at most, is my 20 days.How dare you say that It s very scientific There s no way, brother Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies chicken, we don t make as much money as Laotian updating four thousand words every day.Tian Yunxiao didn t know what to say at this time, so he ignored the to the room he just opened.Then he said very soberly Fortunately, I didn t continue to chat with them, my dear, there are so many squirrels sneaking in in the room.Only the code word room he just opened was displayed on it.Welcome Divine Phoenix into the spelling room.Welcome the lovely best cbd hemp oil one or two handsome Bobu into the spelling room.Welcome to the spelling room.Welcome to the spelling room.They all ran to his room, startling him.

Now there are almost 2 3 of foreign companies.The selection of the corresponding filter material for Huateng Semiconductor is obviously to limit Huateng Semiconductor.The development of Huateng Semiconductor can be said to be very smooth, and even a little too smooth.Please seize many base electricity, The market share of semiconductor manufacturers such as Sanxin and Broadcom.Even the current mobile phone processor chips, desktop processor chips and some cbd for sleep and anxiety gummies component markets have been swallowed up by Huateng Semiconductor.Take mobile phone processor chips.In other words, the emergence of Huateng Semiconductor has directly reduced its market share by 25 , which has always held a certain position in the global market, and by 60 in the most important Huaguo market.During this year s development, the global market share shrunk by 15 , The domestic market share has shrunk by 45.

best sugar free cbd gummies In particular, the rice company can obtain a lot of cash flow funds after listing, which how much is purekana cbd gummies also increases the rice company s investment in the entire technology industry.Although the is natures boost cbd gummies legit rice company looks relatively weak, its real expressiveness and strength are still relatively large.However, it is still very difficult for the current berry company to independently develop new energy vehicles like the rice company, and to manufacture new energy vehicles.After all, on the one hand, there is no technology and talent, and on the other hand, there is not enough funds to support the research and development and production of new energy vehicles.Under this circumstance, the best way for berry companies to natural boost cbd gummies truly develop in the entire industry is to find other companies for in depth cooperation.Therefore, it will occupy a place in the development of the next smart car field.

You can t cbd infused gummy bears use that traditional routine that will harm the protagonist all over the world, right Binghuo After all Master, the protagonist you taught me is a European emperor.At present, all people can earn money by following the protagonist, and they can make a lot of money.Wouldn t it be very abrupt when a villain suddenly appeared.Tian Yunxiao saw Binghuo unexpectedly.I need to ask even this, martha stewart cbd gummies discount code I am really speechless, I thought to myself If the system had not released a task and had to ask me to instruct cbd gummy amazon him to write a book, I would never do this work, it would be too difficult to write a book.The job of accepting apprentices in the online text industry is really not done by humans Old Tian wrote this paragraph to tell everyone that all the so called teachers in the hands of a certain voice and in many forums who collect money to teach online text writing.

And the Berry tribe is not much better.Originally, the Berry tribe could rely on the Xuanwu platform to have a place, but from now on, the processor chip of Xuanwu will also become an out Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies are CBD gummies safe to take of print chip.The reason why the Berry family currently has a certain position in the market is very important to the Xuanwu chip.If the Berry family loses the Xuanwu chip, it will be difficult for the mobile phone industry to continue to develop in the future.It s just that such a thing happened, and the two companies, Huawei and Berry, did not choose to make any comments directly and publicly.On the contrary, like a normal person, there is no response to this matter, as if this matter did not happen at all.However, many netizens understand that the current two manufacturers must be actively looking for solutions and looking for opportunities who owns botanical farms CBD gummies Dale Earnhardt Jr CBD Gummies to change the predicament they are facing today.

Just when many users started to get excited about the Fire Dragon 7Gen2, the Berries announced a new news.Berry MX30 won the 2022 IF Design Award Red Dot Award for Best Design Award The news that Berry has won such an excellent design award is now breaking out on the Internet.It was not the official Berry tribe that announced the news, but the Huaguo Daily Weibo account.The Berry MX30 is indeed the most amazing product in the entire product design in recent years, and it deserves it This year, the Berry 30 series is indeed no better than last year s top product in terms of overall product design.MX30, the Berry 30 series tends to be more commercialized and popular in terms of products The Berry MX30 is indeed very good, the only drawback is that the phone is a little hot when playing games, but considering the weight and thickness of the product, I I think it s understandable Apparently, netizens were not too surprised by the news of the Berry mobile phone, after all, Huang Da completely amazed so many consumers at the moment when a product like Huang Da was brought out at the press conference.

too much.With this wave of operation of rice, the current rice phone 11 has greatly reduced the game performance, and even the performance of the mobile phone has dropped from 820,000 points to 780,000 points.In order to ensure the level of daily use of mobile phones, the rice company has made some restrictions in terms of extreme performance, so that the current rice mobile phone 11 is not even better than the previous generation of mobile phones with high performance.In a certain security, there are also several bigwigs who have overclocked the previous generation of paste fire dragon 865, so that this processor chip can give full play to its strength.After overclocking, the performance of the 865 can be said to be close to the current 888, but the power consumption of the 888 is about 20 lower in terms of power consumption.