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He couldn t say it well, but it Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain was just a modest word.He thought that many things, even if the starting point was not out of his heart, were not perfect, but they were enough to not pick out mistakes.But when the concubine asked this, Jiang Nian had no choice but to say, I haven t learned the etiquette thoroughly. Su Feiyue suddenly attacked, Marriage should be told by the matchmaker at the order of your parents, but you and Zhao Shi have privately agreed for life.Is this high CBD gummies Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain because you have not learned the etiquette The concubine will ask such a question, Jiang Nian already As expected, Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain he calmed down and replied softly We wanted to tell the elders, but at that time, the concubine, you and the eldest princess were not in the capital, and we were insincere.It s a good one, Su Feiyue said, Let me ask you three questions.

Master Hou, why are you so engrossed.He subconsciously looked at the how long do CBD gummies take to start working Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain man in a dark robe.He was born with red lips and white teeth, but when he was laughing, it only made people feel like he was so engrossed, his lips were red as if he had drank blood.Nothing.The Marquis of Anping was startled and saluted respectfully, I have seen the prince and princess.At this time, I know you are being polite, Xue Fangli asked him with a smile, Marquis, can you Do you want to let this king s concubine go out After a moment s pause, he said with cold brows, Maybe both this king and his concubine go out to make room for CBD gummy candy Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain you, what do you think The Marquis of Anping said with difficulty, I don t I know it s the lord and the princess.I 10 1 cbd gummies don t know, I shark tank invest in cbd gummies don t know.Xue Fangli smiled and looked slightly mocking, The lord is such a great official, this king is ashamed of himself.

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The imperial city does not allow carriages to enter, he and Xue Fangli are still walking on the road, Jiang Wan absently recalls the plot.Regarding the death can you take CBD gummies on an empty stomach Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain of King Li, there is such a description in the book.That night, Wang Li was in Bie Zhuang.In the middle of the night, he suffered a sudden illness and coughed up blood.The accompanying imperial doctor hurriedly came, but there was nothing they could do.Before dawn, the news of Wang Li s death had already spread to the capital., The Son of Heaven was furious when he heard it, stopped the court for three days, and beheaded more than a hundred people.How did he behead so many people Pure anger, or Jiang Yan thought seriously, Xue Fangli suddenly asked him, What are you thinking about His thoughts were interrupted, and Jiang Yan subconsciously replied, I was thinking of you The news of his death.

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What does it have to do with you How can it be considered a humiliation The Marquis of Anping was suddenly stopped, But Su Feiyue said, What s wrong At the time of the photo, you were the one who was dissatisfied with the engagement, and you were the one who broke the engagement, Su Feiyue said mercilessly, what are you doing now Not angry Regret Otherwise, why do you pursue Yupei s whereabouts I Do you regret it The Marquis of Anping asked himself.He has always been reluctant to admit it, and has been avoiding this question, but every time he stared at Jiang Juan involuntarily, and every time he felt resentment involuntarily.Resentment he changed his mind It became too fast, and resented him for focusing only on Li Wang.He seems to regret it.Otherwise, why would he care about the jade pendant Otherwise, why would he break this jade pendant in a rage I Anpinghou Stiff in place.

Jiang Qingliang said, Wait a minute.Jiang Fan Huh Jiang Qingliang s mood was quite complicated, We ll talk about Brother Nian later.You came here Yu Meiren s puja, who asked you to come Jiang Fan answered truthfully, Myself.Jiang Qingliang looked at him, and then Ask Where s the lord The lord, he The lord didn t want to come, but Jiang Yan still processed it in words, best broad spectrum cbd gummies 2021 He s busy.Jiang Qingliang mocked Is he busy I don t think he dares to come.Let s go.Jiang Yan frowned, he cbd gummies for tourettes didn t like Jiang Qingliang s tone, and every time he didn t want to talk to people, he would start fooling around.But this time, You re right came to his lips, but Jiang Yan still couldn t hold it back.He said seriously, There is a reason why the lord didn t come, but it s definitely not because he didn t dare.Understood Jiang Qingliang sneered, Tell me, as a son, he not only killed his mother in law, but also set fire to his mother s body, how dare he come Jiang Fan was startled.

The token Just now, the Marquis of Anping mentioned, He didn t even think of it, and now the prince is also talking about this token.What s going on here Jiang Yan fell into deep thought.Ah, that jade pendant Jiang Wan thought about it, and finally remembered it.When he was just wearing the book, the Shangshu father threw a jade pendant on him, and said that the marriage contract had been terminated, and the jade pendant did not need to be kept.It doesn t matter whether the marriage contract is dissolved or not, the main reason is that the jade pendant is so beautiful CBD gummies for pain 1000mg Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain that Jiang Juan couldn t bear to see it shattered, so cbd gummies are they bad for you he put it away.Jiang Yan told the truth I just thought that jade pendant was very good.It was almost smashed at the time.I felt it was a pity, so I kept it.After accepting eagle CBD gummies reviews Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain the jade pendant, it was sent to Li Wangfu again.

Delta 8 Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain CBD Gummies For Pain do cbd gummies help anxiety >> niva CBD gummies, green mountain CBD gummies Delta 8 CBD Gummies bulk CBD gummies Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain For Pain CBDfx gummies Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain.

Danger, He went to push Xue Fangli s hand, You don t know where to play, you are useless.Xue Fangli stared at Jiang Juan with a half smile, and leaned down towards him, as if to kiss him , but it was useless to fully kiss.His fingers gently brushed away the black hair that Jiang Juan had piled on his shoulders.Xue Fangli rubbed the red mole on his shoulder and neck, and said in a sullen voice, Here As if to rub Jiang Wan s heart, his fingertips touched the side, Here Jiang Wan s soft eyelashes swayed and swayed, his eyes were moist, but he still didn t speak.It didn t take long for his waist to be pinched.This waist was thin and flexible, and Xue Fangli always couldn t put it down.Here Jiang Lian was trapped in the quilt and shook his head indiscriminately.Seeing his denial, this hand started to mess up again, and the degree was even worse.

, black tea, powder, cold ink, Chukong, Qi Yiluo, Ayun, Sh Wenqingyu 10 bottles Yu, Ningyeye, Koi, thin, Qingquan Shi Shangliu, baba 5 bottles Moon 4 bottles of side effects of gummies cbd Yuelele 3 bottles of Gugua Little Frog and Yaxi 2 bottles of TQT Little White Flower, Fierce Card Machine Card Machine, 30796192, AILSA, Picasso, Holiday Period, 1 bottle of plants and trees Thank you very much for your support to me, I will continue to work hard 107, Day 107 where to buy eagle hemp CBD gummies Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain of wanting to be a salted fish Jiang Nian had a dream.dreaming, The group of ministers crawled on the ground, and in the sound of welcome, the Marquis of Anping walked into the splendid hall.He pulled Jiang Nian who was standing beside him, and said with a smile, This is my queen.Jiang Nian and the Marquis of Anping walked to a high place together., He looked down at the courtiers who were kneeling and worshipped, and took thousands of miles of rivers and mountains into his eyes.

Jiang Yan asked strangely, Lan Ting, who was standing outside, lifted the tent and said with a smile, It seems that there is something wrong, the lord will take care of it.Oh, Jiang Juan said, he was going to turn over and go to sleep, but he suddenly found something and sat up, Lanting, I Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain seem to Lan Ting What s wrong Jiang Fan I seem to be able to smoking hemp vs cbd oil see a little bit.The reason why I say it is a bit, Jiang Juan s eyes have not fully recovered, and he can only barely see CBD gummies at costco Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain things, but it is enough.Imperial Doctor Sun said that it doesn t matter, Jiang Wan can five cbd gummies get you high s eyes will improve soon, but the days pass by., he has no signs of recovery, Lan Ting don t say how worried he keoni CBD gummies review Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain is, now he can finally breathe a sigh of relief, That s great.Jiang Juan didn t have much reaction.It was rare that the prince was CBD gummy reviews Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain away, and no one kept messing with him.

Jiang Ruan was angry, he was always coaxing, pretending to be pitiful, or kissing him, and then not holding any grudges.At this moment, Xue Fangli would of course choose the latter.He grabbed Jiang Ruan s chin and lowered his head to kiss him.At first, Jiang Yan was still angry and refused to cooperate with him.Xue Fangli didn t care, he just pried open his lips and deepened the kiss.He knew Jiang Juan like the palm of his hand, and even knew more about himself than Jiang Juan himself, and naturally knew what kind of kiss 2022 Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain Jiang Juan liked, and what kind of kiss would make him obedient.The tip of kenai farms CBD gummies Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain the tongue tangled again and again, the breath was hot and humid, and the kiss was extremely predatory.After a while, Jiang Yan was kissed softly, and even if he didn t want to cooperate, he didn t have the strength to resist.

Jiang Yan said, Isn t this just coaxing you Xue Fangli asked with a half smiling smile This king hugs you, how can you coax this king Jiang Yan said confidently, Don t how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit you always love to hug me You said that you can t put cbd gummies joy organics it down and hug you, don t you think I m coaxing you When the words fell, Jiang Juan said again, Your Highness, will you give me some medicine later It was because he was careless that he fell into the water, but how could the prince be so fierce, and he refused to pay attention to him again.Can t the lord talk to him properly It s not that he can t listen, he is reasonable.Even though it is now reconciled Jiang Juan unilaterally determined that he was reconciled, and the prince has not let go, but Jiang Juan still broods over the fact that he let him go back to take medicine just now.

The prince didn t wake up much earlier than the princess.The princess was sleeping back to sleep, and the prince also took the princess to rest all morning.The senior executive Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain looked at Jiang Wan with complicated eyes and lamented in his heart.Alas, their princes are so dirty, they know how to deceive the innocent hemp smokes cbd cigarettes princess.No matter how embarrassed the executives were, Jiang Juan, the deceived person, didn t know it.He got off the carriage and was invited to the Hall of Mental Cultivation together with Xue Fangli.Your Majesty When my son went out, he was still a handsome young man.When I saw him in the evening, I saw him with blood all over his body and his hair was disheveled.I knew that this wicked man had made a big mistake, and his sin was unforgivable, but if it weren t for the prince, he would How could this be As soon as the Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain two walked in, they saw someone beating their chests and feet, purganic hemp gummies Li Shilang knelt on the ground, almost weeping blood and every word with tears, but Emperor Hongxing what is cbd gummies just rubbed his temples tiredly and raised his head towards them cbd gummies 3000 mg Come.

It doesn t matter if it gets caught in cat hair.Jiang Juan didn t care much, so Lan Ting had to remind him, Your Majesty doesn t like cat hair.Does power CBD gummies Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain he like it Halfway through the sentence, Jiang Juan remembered something and blinked.Blinking his eyes, he said Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain to Lan Ting cbd hemp flowers hash He doesn cbd nature s ultra t like too much, don t worry about him.Lan smilz CBD gummies reviews Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain Ting, someone will take the dumpling to the new house later.Lan Ting Huh What are you going to do with the cat Of course it s a mess Xue Fangli is not a 2022 Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain human being.If Jiang Ruanhui falls into his hands, he will be bullied several times from beginning to end.Tonight s bridal chamber happy hemp CBD gummies Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain does not need to think about it.Xue Fangli will never let him go.Fortunately, Lanting reminded him.Jiang Juan replied, Playing with cats together Lan Ting Was the bridal room Hua Candle Night playing with cats Lan Ting was about to cbd gummies edibles speak, but Jiang Wan saw this and said solemnly, This is our good eldest son, the future Prince, it makes no sense for us to get married.

Jiang Yan called it, Duanzi.As the cat s name suggests, this civet cat, only three or four months old, has already been raised as a little piglet, a chubby little one, when I winged sleepy cbd gummies heard someone call jolly CBD gummies reviews Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain it, As soon as the raccoon cat kicked its hind legs, it was about to jump into Jiang Wan s cbd gummies for pain relief arms, Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain but Lan Ting hurriedly stopped it.Don t Don t hug Lan Ting hurriedly intercepted, and the chubby cat smashed her arms firmly.After a long time, Lan Ting recovered.She disapproved and said to Jiang Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain Wan Master, don t hold it today, so as not to get covered with cat hair.Actually, Lanting said that Xue Tuanzi should not be here, but according to the custom, the newlyweds can t meet before they get married.As soon as Xue Fang left, Jiang Yan said that he was bored, but asked someone to bring Xue Tuanzi to play with him.

Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain Eldest Princess Good boy, you finally woke up.Xue Fuying forced a do thc gummies have cbd smile, If something happens to you, Ben Gong really doesn t know how to explain to your grandfather.Jiang Juan looked at her reviews on CBD gummies Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain and asked softly Do you know about the concubine He didn t mention it, but Xue Fuying started to cry again, Bengong only learned about it yesterday.For so many years, Bengong thought he was accompanying Ben.Gong You was playing in the mountains, but he didn t know that he was buying private soldiers in private.General Jiang left the capital temporarily, and the imperial guards of the emperor s how to use cbd gummies for pain brother also Died to die, descended to descend, and now the capital is all his people.Bengong has been with him day and night, but he never found out that he harbored evil intentions.He Xue Fuying choked up, Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain she picked Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain up the veil and wiped away her tears, and she became more and more haggard.

My younger brother cbd gummy bears wholesale has suffered from a heart disease since he was a child, and he was recuperating in the countryside.He probably had a lot of free time, so he spent a lot of time practicing calligraphy, Jiang Nianzheng said, suddenly remembering something.Why is it, The Empress Dowager What s wrong Jiang Nian hesitated My younger brother is now Princess Li With a crash , the Empress Dowager lost her strength, tore off the rosary, and the beads rolled down one after another.The smile on her face also slowly subsided.Princess Li, the Empress Dowager said, then Aijia must call the palace to take a good look.Seeing this, the palace maid hurriedly squatted down Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain 500 mg CBD gummy to pick up the beads, and the Empress Dowager looked at it and said thoughtfully If Aijia remembers correctly, in a few days it will be his mother s concubine s sacrifice day.

He had anticipated that Baihuayuan would spread throughout the capital soon, but when he heard about it in person, he was still unhappy, but it was not like in Baihuayuan at this time, even if he was humiliated, he could not show the slightest Not angry because Brother Nian, are you okay Xue Congyun asked cautiously, Jiang Nian shook his head and smiled reluctantly, It s okay.He didn t seem to be okay because he was like this, Xue Congyun was worried and wanted to comfort I don t know what to say, and the scholars at that table are still chattering.So beautiful, is this true You don t know who Yang Liusheng is He is a famous Danqing sage.He was a beautiful woman in his life, and he only painted beautiful women.These boasting words came from smilz cbd gummies where to buy his mouth.Do you think it is true Seriously Amid the exclamations, someone suddenly said, Speaking of which, this is the first time I saw Second Young Master, and I was still thinking about how he could be the number one beauty in the capital, can cbd gummies cause diarrhea and that face is nothing but beautiful, but the Marquis Both the sixth prince and the prince praised the heavens and the earth, so I had no choice but to talk about beauty together.

Besides, the plot has deviated so many times before, this time he went to the palace of the eldest princess, in the original text, he kenai farms CBD gummies reviews Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain should have killed himself by biting his tongue, but now he is alive Okay, maybe this change will also have a butterfly effect, making the plot change again.Jiang Yan comforted himself, sat up, and asked Lan Ting to comb his hair, not knowing that Xue Fangli was sitting on the bed, if cbd gummies with stevia Looking at him thoughtfully.What are you afraid of There were no wolves, tigers and leopards at the eldest princess banquet.Tired of being like this, Xue Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain Fangli felt the need to take a look.His princess, even he was in his heart, for fear of being broken, others should respect him even more.Xue Fangli lowered his eyes and looked cold Princess Palace.In today s banquet, the eldest princess entertained a lot of people.

My lord, you won t do anything to me, They say it s not certain.Recently, Jiang Juan wanted to be careful every day, but he either let the Anping Houshe die, or jumped on the protagonist Shou s consumer reports cbd gummies face, what could Jiang Juan do, he had to swear that he would definitely do it next time Will not offend them again.This king won t do anything to you Xue gummiies Fangli glanced at Jiang Fan and smiled meaningfully, This king is just waiting What was he waiting for, he didn t say anything, Xue Fangli lowered his head, pale With clear boned fingers gently rubbing Jiang Lian s lips, he said slowly, Jiang Lan, this Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain king s patience is running out.After speaking, Xue Fangli lifted the corners of his lips lightly, and he smiled calmly.Leisure, but his eyes are full of aggressiveness.Jiang Juan let out an ah , and for some reason, he felt a little sense of crisis, which also caused Jiang Juan to dare not ask for patience, and just best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis wanted to lie down uses for cbd gummies and pretend to be dead.

Brother Nian, I know.Gu Pu looked at Jiang Nian, his expression remained unchanged It is because I know that I will ask you.Jiang Nian s lips moved, You Yes.How could he forget.For a long time, Gu Puwang had been isolated from the three of them.He seemed to kenai farms cbd gummies review be on good terms with him, is hemp oil CBD Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain but he never had a heart to heart relationship with him.Compared to a participant, he was more like a bystander who was always watching, and even several times, Jiang Nian felt that he was easily seen through by him.But Gu Puwang never mentioned it, nor did Jiang Nian mention it, they just spent many years in peace with each other.Suddenly, Jiang Nian cbd gummys felt very annoyed.He spent so much time and thought, what was the result As a result, Gu Puwang was questioning him.Why can t he stand by his side unconditionally Even if Gu Puwang was not saved by him, but over the years, he thought he treated Gu Puwang well, why did he insist on this matter As always, isn t it bad to pretend you don t know Almost in an instant, Jiang Nian made a decision.

He heard that the little monk was hungry and thought he was unreliable, so he stuffed it into the little monk.The author has something to say From Master Yinguang wise people are afraid of are hemp and CBD the same Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain the cause, while most people are more afraid of the effect.It feels quite sweet to write, and the salted fish roll will wake up tomorrow.Let s give out red packets today too.Thank you to the little angel who voted or irrigated the nutrient solution for me during 2021 10 02 07 20 51 2021 10 03 06 18 16 Thanks to the little angel who cast the grenade Xiyan 1 1 Thanks lazarus naturals CBD Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain to the little angel who threw the mines 49181141, almond dandanmu, Xiaoxiaomiao 2 rabit, 32092838, Sansan, Xiaoliu, Yin, new age hemp gummies review Pa Lala can light up 1 Thanks to the little angel who irrigated the nutrient solution Xiyu, D.Mire.Endless 30 bottles 40271530 29 bottles L 25 bottles ANRUO 21 bottles Xie Ranya, rabit, MongYeo, Shanhaibuping 20 bottles Yuehua 17 bottles Heaven, Moon Banwang, Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain Liang loquat 15 bottles Yuan Jin Ning, Lac Shi, Jiang Wan, Bie Lai Wu Yang, are cbd gummies weed Ling Xin, Seaweed Egg Drop Soup, y.

Jiang Juan is hemp oil the same as CBD oil Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain was puzzled as to why the lord would love to hold him so much, he had failed every time he struggled before, so Jiang Juan had to accept his fate.Throwing a pillow, he took the 2022 Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain opportunity to protest again.Xue Fangli hugged Jiang Wan, just like to hold him, it tastes sweet and feels better in the hand, it makes people fall in love with it in his arms, but Sweeping across the pale face of canabis gummies the young man, Xue Fangli still responded in the end, his voice Quite regretful, Okay.Jiang Lian Yes This promises He was lost in thought.Pretending to be sick is also very useful, right He should have touched the porcelain prince earlier Not long after, the imperial physician arrived, and Jiang Juan was also carried to a nearby palace.He stretched out his hand and the imperial physician felt the pulse, which was the same as the last diagnosis.

If he didn t break off the marriage, could the person holding Jiang Wan be himself Thoughts gradually sank, but Anping Hou s face did not show the slightest, but Xue Chaohua reminded him and suddenly realized It makes sense, Hou Ye, you are right, maybe it really works The decree is that I am venting Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain my anger for the fifth, so it is better Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain to intercede with Princess Li, the princess who sees the fifth to treat him in this palace Xue Chaohua also remembered what happened that day, but the Marquis of Anping met in Baihuayuan.Jiang Juan didn t know that even in the palace, Xue Fangli carried people to the carriage all the way.Xue Chaohua said with emotion The old five is crazy, and he is a concubine, but he is very fond of him.How could Li Wang, who is so cruel by nature, know how to pamper others The Marquis of Anping sneered, but there was an indescribable annoyance in his heart, and Xue Chaohua immediately had an idea after listening to his instructions, happy hemp 3000mg gummies Bengong, let me prepare, please come and sit down with the fifth and Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain his concubine in the evening.

You are guilty of dealing with it, and I won t have sex with you.He didn t want to have sex with him, Xue Fangli naturally couldn t make Jiang Juan s appetite any longer, he said lightly The day Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain I took you to Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain Baiyuan Garden, you were sleeping, he Went into Haitang Garden by mistake and said a few words to this king.Jiang Juan Jiang Juan That s it Why not Xue khalifa sisters cbd gummies Fangli looked at him and said with a smile, Mrs.With such strict management, how dare this king go out and stir up trouble, not to mention Since you entered the palace of the king, how could this king not let it go Jiang Juan sleep Jiang Yan lost his dream and lay down slowly again.Xue Fangli asked him, Didn t I call my husband Jiang Yan said scornfully I said I would call, but I didn t say I would call today, so I ll talk about it tomorrow.

2022 Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain People are burned alive.It must be painful.Jiang Yan sighed, very sympathetic to Yu Meiren s experience, and then he thought of Xue Fangli again.Yu Meiren died so tragically, and Xue Fangli probably didn t feel well.Jiang Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain Juan has a happy family and has never experienced such a thing, but he thought that if there was such an unfortunate day, he would be very, very sad, and even couldn t let go of it for a while.Thinking of this, Jiang Fan was suddenly very worried about Xue Fangli.Princess, the screen is on, the blue peacock is on Jiang Juan was thinking, when the executive asked him to what are CBD gummies Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain look at the peacock, but 2022 Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain Jiang Juan was a little absent minded, I want to see the prince, can you Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain take me to see him Senior executive Of course.It took a lot of work to get these three peacocks.He endured and endured, he couldn t bear it anymore, and struggled again, Princess, look at this peacock.

He escaped again.No pain today Jiang Ruan returned to lucent valley CBD gummies Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain the palace safe and cbd gummies for fibromyalgia eagle hemp CBD gummies for diabetes Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain sound, naturally he wanted to report safety to Bai Xuechao.After sending someone to Li Wangfu, it seemed that Jiang Yan pushed his hand away, and Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain it seemed that he was no longer uncomfortable, so Xue pure hemp melatonin gummies Fangli told him about Bai Xuechao s recent situation.Bai Xuechao is ill.The fact that Jiang Juan fainted at the enthronement ceremony was naturally hidden from Bai Xuechao.The old man hurried into the palace, but heard that the imperial physician was helpless.Later, he saw Xue Fangli let someone smash the temple, guessing that the situation was not good, and he fainted past.After that, it has not been very profitable.Jiang Ruan didn t see Lan Ting when he came back, and it was also for this reason.Staying in the palace, Lan Ting was not only worried about Jiang Ruan, but also worried about Bai Xuechao, so he asked Xue Fangli to let her go back to the hemp CBD Delta 8 CBD Gummies For Pain house to take care of Bai Xuechao.