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Xu Que was thrown hundreds of meters away, and fell to the ground staggeringly, his face turned pale, and a wisp of blood suddenly coughed up from his mouth.How The Great Protector looked can you take CBD gummies on an empty stomach Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain at Xu Que coldly, Is it Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain going to be captured, or will this seat kill you personally Kill you and paralyze you Xu Que was furious.A dignified immortal, why are you plotting can CBD gummies help adhd Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain against me And when this forced saint was fighting with dozens of people, cbd gummies in walmart he ran out to plot against prime nature cbd products me That s all, how dare you act in front of me Tigers don t show their power, do they really think I m a sick Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain cat Righteousness Sealing Xu Que s eyes flashed gold and red lightning, and he was about to use the Righteousness Sealing Magic Sutra to prepare the group of Immortal Venerables first.However, before it really entered the state of madness, it suddenly stopped.

He lost all face Hmph, do you think that with 600 Vitality Meters, someone would dare to shoot at my Sword Pavilion You think too much Liu Wenfeng snorted coldly, his eyes full of killing intent, staring at Xu Que fiercely.Xu Que s face was indifferent, stepping on the hot wheel, smiling and stagnating in the where to buy just cbd gummies air.He is not afraid of exposing immortal weapons, nor is he afraid of exposing vitality meters, because it has been determined that Samsara Palm will also have an effect on the human race, and this will be his best trump card The rules of heaven and earth in this world have successfully raised his Samsara Palm by countless levels.If it were placed outside, the Samsara Palm would definitely not have this kind of power, but now it is the right time and what is CBD gummies Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain place, with discount code for cbd hemp direct the control 500 mg cbd gummies of the rules of life and death, even if the face For one or what do cbd gummies do two experts in the fairyland, he can directly kill each other.

The next moment, he raised his face again and said solemnly, Guowan, what do you mean These are my friends, how could you treat them like Niva CBD Gummies Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain this Ah Qian Guowan was stunned.Lin Wan 50 count cbd gummies and several people were proud, and looked at Qian Guowan with a sneer.But at this moment, Xu Que continued, Have you listened to me carefully, charlottes web CBD gummies sleep Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain didn t I tell cbd gummies shop you all just now Please kill them Why do you have to throw them on the ground, this is a holy place, you can t Contaminated At this moment, cbg cbd gummies it was finally Lin Wanwan s turn to be stunned, with question marks all over their heads.Please kill them Can t pollute this holy place Mom sells batches, CBD thc gummies Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain can you say such things Fellow Daoist Xu, youwhat do you mean Immediately, Lin Wanwan asked with a gloomy face.It doesn t make any sense Guowan, what are you still doing, keep your hands and feet clean Xu Que waved his hand and turned his back.

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After paying a lot of money, he carried colorful underwear in his arms and set foot reviews for green ape CBD gummies Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain on the road to Yongye Palace again.The burly monk summer valley CBD gummies reviews Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain appeared in front of him again Are you wearing underwear Wear it What color Ding Fang didn t answer, he took out a cloth bag from the storage ring, threw it on the ground, and said loudly There are all colors here, senior, I cbd gummies 500mg jar can change any color you like.The burly monk was silent for a while, then suddenly asked again Are you wearing underwear Ding Fang suddenly had an ominous feeling in his heart Wear it, wear it Bang The huge fist slammed directly on his forehead, instantly stunning him.Before he fainted completely, he heard the burly monk muttering again Let you wear underwear Ding Fang was completely mad.You can t even wear it at all, what do you want me to do The monks in Xitianmen koi naturals CBD Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain City are too perverted Mom, I want to go home When he woke up again, without saying a word, he took Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain his luggage and went straight to the direction of leaving Xitianmen City.

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After taking the Dakka Pill, the strength can be increased by a hundred times, and the effective time is one hour.After the time expires, the Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain person who takes the medicine will fall into a coma for a day.Heavenly Demon Pill is the ultimate magic medicine for improving internal strength.After taking it, you can instantly have 50 years of strong internal strength.Oh, these medicinal pills are quite interesting, but how does the magic pill feel like a pit Fifty years of strong internal strength is very powerful, but the problem is that it can only be used for the designated martial arts, which is forcing me to go.Have you exchanged martial arts secrets Xu Que raised the corner of CBD gummies with thc Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain his mouth, smiled, and didn t care.He has long understood the profiteer nature of the system, but he didn t expect this re enactment version to be like this.

But now, Xu Que dared to take Xuanyuan Wanrong s shoulder, and more importantly, Xuanyuan Wanrong accepted it How unreasonable, unreasonable You Charlotte lowered her voice immediately, trying to warn Xu Que about something.But before he could say anything, CBD gummy dosage Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain the phone in his pocket rang.Xia Luoqing frowned, took out her phone, and looked at Xuanyuan Wanrong again, with a gentleman s smile on her face again, Sorry, classmate, I ll take a CBD gummies reviews Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain call, excuse me first Ignoring Xu Que and Lin Yuxi, he turned around and walked a few steps, and answered the phone.The caller ID showed that it was Wang Li, who was also one of Charlotte s lackeys in the school.However, compared to other lackeys, Wang CBD gummies wholesale Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain Li is a soul cbd gummies bit skilled.He has studied taekwondo for several years and is quite talented.He has won many first prizes in competitions at a young age.

This kind of situation is similar to when you were just talking ill of others behind your back, but the other party suddenly appeared, and you instantly felt guilty.Li Xiaoxiao also looked at Lin Yuxi in astonishment, and jealousy burst into her heart.A few years later, she did not expect that Lin Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain Yuxi was still so charming.Compared with the time in college, she was less youthful, but more charming and mature.Xia Yunhai was still playing with his mobile phone, but when he heard the surrounding suddenly quiet, he couldn t difference between cbd oil and hemp oil help but raised his head.After seeing Lin Yuxi s face, he was also stunned.When he was in college, he was moved by Lin Yuxi, the school girl, but he had no choice but to hear that his cousin, Charlotte Qing, was also pursuing her.Unexpectedly, seeing Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain this senior sister again now, he couldn t help but be moved.

I ask you, what happened to the Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain Tiangongyuan Why was it destroyed overnight first update .Chapter 1320 is enviable MasterMaster At this moment, Li Xuanqi s heart became more and more shocking, unbelievable.I actually still have a master living in the world.Although this master claimed to have sealed himself many years ago, which is enough to explain why he seems to be only a half wonderland cultivation base, but in Li Xuanqi s view, this explanation is always a bit weird, feeling Very sloppy explanation However, when he entered the Tiangongyuan back then, he was only a mere disciple from the outer sect.Later, he was expelled from his division for doing something wrong.He didn t know much about Tiangongyuan, but he had strong feelings for the division.When he left the school, his master still instructed him to cultivate, and gave him a lot of magic tricks and immortal stones.

Is this really necessary Damn, this guy really hasn t changed Zeng Darong said speechlessly.Su Xiaoliang smiled bitterly, I still like to pretend like I did back then Wang Jin shook his head, Isn t that true After chasing the school s beauties, didn t this guy show us how willie nelson hemp gummies beautiful Lin Yuxi is every three days Zeng Darong smiled and said, That s why It proves that he hasn t changed, he is still the same as he was, he is our brother Haha, but he came back this time to find Feifei, right According to Lin Yuxi, Feifei is also at Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain school At this time, Su Xiaoliang asked curiously.Zeng Darong nodded, It should be, Lin Yuxi just said that Xu Feifei received an invitation from above by sunmed gummies hemp supplement the school and returned to China the day before yesterday.Wait, that hemp bombs cbd gummies 750mg s Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain not right Wang Jin was suddenly surprised and said in surprise, How could there be Xu Feifei in the school News We ve been looking for so many years and there s no news, how does the school know where she is Oh, this is not right Su Xiaoliang also suddenly changed his face, and said solemnly, I always have people here at the school.

Is there any risk in doing this Shangguan Ruiqian asked in a low voice.Murong Yunhai shook his head indistinctly, and said softly, No, do you know why Buddhist monks tend to cultivate faster Buddhist monks belong to a relatively special group in Xianyun Continent.They cultivate to the point of immortality.Before Zun, the CBD gummies and breastfeeding Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain speed was often much faster than that of ordinary cultivators.Although the actual combat power was slightly weaker, this fast cultivation method made many cultivators envious.In fact, most monks understand the reason, but after understanding it clearly, they can only laugh bitterly and sigh.Because the moment they entered Buddhism, they have already established clear rules and precepts.The three poisons and eight precepts of Buddhism are the precepts that they must abide by.

Chapter 904 There will be prizes for do CBD gummies cause constipation Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain the battle Two days later, Xu Que has already appeared in Mount Tai He has been in the mountains for two CBD gummies with pure hemp extract Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain whole days, waiting for the people sent Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain by Lao Cai to seal the mountains and clear the people.Fortunately, Lao Cai is also reliable in his work.In just two days, he really got this thing done.A Mount Tai in Nuoda was stunned to clean up everyone, including some restaurants and canteens, which were also wrapped up and suspended.The only fish that slipped through the net were also scared away last night by Xu Que pretending to be a ghost.At this moment, Xu Que is standing on the top of Mount Tai, cbd hemp flower para que sirve the whole mountain is surprisingly quiet boom He opened up his hemp bombs CBD gummies review Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain majestic soul power again, glanced at the entire mountain, made sure that there was no human breath, and then patted a formation plate, using an ordinary defensive formation to seal the entire Taishan Mountain.

What kind of terrifying power is this He is clearly in the fusion stage, why is he so powerful That s all for today, give me a face to the sky, and you will be glad for Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain this Xu Que left a light sentence, took Er Gouzi and Jiang Hongyan, and left slowly, leaving well being CBD gummies Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain There was only an hemp bombs CBD gummies Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain unfathomable figure behind the crowd.None of the cultivators who came from behind dared to step forward to block them, and they all had uses for cbd gummies their scalps numb and took the initiative to make way.In addition to being afraid of Xu Que s strength, they are even more afraid of Jiang Hongyan.After all, this is the existence of the tribulation period, and it is the top position of the food chain on the road to immortality In the end, Xu Que and his group walked down the Dengxian Road, and the number of monks on the road gradually decreased, and people were faint.

full spectrum cbd gummies drug test But their physical bodies are very strong.Although they felt Xu Que s deterrent force, they were not injured, and they did not intend to squat down.Huh Xu Que couldn t help but scream.In his opinion, although this group of people is very strange, the way Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain of cultivation will definitely be different in the world of immortals But judging from the breath, these people are at most comparable to the fourth or fifth level of the fusion stage, and logically speaking, they are not immune to his divine soul coercion.The only possibility is that the physical strength of this group of people is tough enough to resist the pressure of his soul.Fuck, boy, these people have a strong aura of gold yuan, and they are the existence of gold yuan in the five elements At this time, Ergouzi seemed to smell something and shouted in surprise, his eyes were full of ecstasy The aura of Jin Yuan in the five elements Xu Que couldn t help but startled Although Ergouzi said it very hard, he still understood the meaning of the words.

Hey Xu Que immediately sucked in a green monster cbd gummies breath of cold air, his face full of confusion, This I m afraid it s not a good thing, after all, it s two lives, how can you kill it if you say it, or let s try it with love.Probation them En As soon as the voice came out, Ergouzi s eyes widened and he was shocked.Jiang Hongyan was also slightly stunned, and looked at Xu Que.Human life Can t you just kill it cbd gummies for cough To influence them with love When did this guy change his temper Are you going to play again Damn it, kid, are you smitten with cbd vs thc gummies evil Hurry up, this deity will help you exorcise the evil.Ergouzi shouted immediately.Your younger sister, who fights and kills all day long, what kind of decency Besides, God has the virtue of good life, and human life is at stake.We must not easily harm any life Xu Que said loudly and righteously.

Seeing this group of stunned old classmates in the building, Li Xiaoxiao s face was filled with a smug and proud smile, as if she had already expected this scene.At this time, everyone also reacted, and a girl immediately said, Wow, Xiaoxiao, long time no see, you are even more beautiful It s so beautiful, I almost didn t recognize you Is this your boyfriend He s so handsome You are a perfect match, a natural pair With the identity of Xia Yunhai, it is worth them to drop everything to please Li Xiaoxiao Li Xiaoxiao looked satisfied, because this scene was the reason why she came to participate in cbd hemp oil for dogs reviews the school celebration.Xia Yunhai was the only one who directly lowered his CBD gummies and breastfeeding Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain head and played with his mobile phone, ignoring everyone at all.In his eyes, these people didn t have a cheap CBD gummies near me Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain mobile phone at all.

Immortal Emperor Chengyuan was actually defeated by one move Before they could return to their senses, they saw Xu Que s figure flashing, and he came to Immortal Emperor Chengyuan in a flash, raising his fists high.Send you to the west sky The violent air flow suddenly spread out, and a pit was blasted directly on the surface of the Tiangong, and the pit was full of blood drenched stumps.The cultivators brains were blank, and Xianyun Continent was dead silent, and the needles could be heard Immortal Emperor Cheng Yuan was beaten to death This scene is simply sensational to the extreme.It is impossible for any cultivator to believe this scene, but it happened in front best cbd for joint pain of them.Xu Que looked at his fist and frowned, I haven t done anything yet, why did you fall As soon as he finished speaking, the flesh and blood in the pit suddenly began to dissipate, turning into beams of brilliance.

The four continents now have a group of Void rx cbd hemp for dogs trubliss cbd gummies Refinement and Integration Phases, and I am afraid that tens of thousands of people have to be killed to get to the first floor.Small realm experience.The problem is, the four continents don t have many powerhouses at the integration stage at all, and it s too time consuming to go to Xuanzhen University 6 So in the final analysis, at the moment, we can only do seclusion and practice honestly, and the efficiency and speed are the highest But if you are to cultivate It seems that you have to scoop where to buy eagle hemp CBD gummies Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain up some treasures from heaven and earth, and make some medicine pills, hemp vs cbd for anxiety otherwise it will be too slow to rely on spiritual energy and spiritual stones alone Xu Que Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain stroked his chin, thoughtfully.stand up.He built Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain the most perfect cultivation method, but for so many years, he has been too lazy to pick up other people s things after killing people.

Xu Que couldn gummy cbd tincture t help but glared, and said innocently, It s none of my business if you insist on the tricks yourself I m your fan Death The whole person pierced through the void and came to Xu Que in an instant.The next moment, she waved her big hand and suddenly stabbed Xu Que from her crotch ugh, she suddenly drew a scarlet dagger cbd recovery gummies from her waist, thin as a cicada s wing, and stabbed at Xu Que quietly.Melee combat Childish Xu Que raised the corner of his mouth, not only did not hide, but instead moved forward.When the people below saw this scene, they were immediately moved.Not good Fellow Daoist Xu, go back That dagger is not easy, don t take it hard Several imperial cbd gummies dose for arthritis palace powerhouses and Lingxiu Pavilion women exclaimed.Xu Que ignored it, and resolutely rushed forward to directly meet the dagger of the Celestial Clan woman Seeing that the dagger was about to stab him, a sudden pressure descended, and a golden glow bloomed between Xu Que s eyebrows.

Jiang Hongyan also sat cross legged in the cave, refining the half piece of round jade.She felt that after the two semi circular jade were combined into one, the whole piece of jade became more mysterious and simple, sparkling and bright, with a powerful aura.It s just that her cultivation base is still shallow, and she still can t understand everything about this fairy artifact, so she needs to slowly penetrate it.It was not until half a month later that Xu Que successfully mastered the Buddha Seal, and Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain best full spectrum CBD gummies 2021 Jiang Hongyan also successfully refined Yuanyu into the body.The two left the place, and set up a new ban, re seal the place, and returned to the hotel.Standing in front of the hotel room, Xu Que gave a slight pause, Feifei should have thought about it all these days.When hollywood cbd gummies we go to Kunlun, we can consider taking her with you, and let her have some experience first Well, It s a pity that the spiritual energy best sugar free cbd gummies here is too thin, and cultivating with spiritual stones can never compare to the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, otherwise, she can enter the Niva CBD Gummies Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain practice as soon as possible.

Whoosh Almost at the same time, a ray of light appeared on the stage of life and death, and a line of big characters appeared on it, Boom Immediately after, a list of names of light appeared over Baihui City Tianding Ranking Semi Wonderland The first is from Xiao Ran.Second Night Lonely.The third cloud hundred rivers.The fourth fried day to help Niubi. The ranking of the Tianding Ranking Half yummy cbd gummies Ranking was refreshed, and the announcement was made all over the world.The list goes cbd gummies myrtle beach from Baihui City, to all the ancient cities in Zhenyuan does cvs have cbd gummies Xianyu, and even the entire Dizhou, Tianzhou, Xuanhuangzhou, and finally spreads throughout the entire Immortal Realm At this moment, the five words Bang Tian Gang Niubi became famous in the immortal world The thick and long second one will be delivered Chapter 1160 What s wrong with CBD gummies delta 8 Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain this guy There is silence around the platform of life and death of Nuoda.

After all, on Earth, anorexia is not incurable, it Niva CBD Gummies Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain is just a little troublesome.And now in such a vast world of immortality, there are not many monks with great magical powers, and a mere anorexia will not be difficult for everyone, right Xu Que frowned, worried that he cbd gummies melted would be cut off.Don t be nervous, if we fail, let s talk to Lord Buddha At this moment, Jiang Hongyan s jade hand reached out, held Xu Que s hand, and said softly.She understands Xu Que, if she is confident, this guy will definitely look smug now and won t frown.Xu Que shook his head, I m not nervous, but I m worried that others will take the lead, or that the little Buddha girl has severe symptoms, and the medicine she made is not strong enough to solve her anorexia It s okay, let s go., I m waiting for you here Jiang Hongyan smiled slightly, raised her hand and gently brushed Xu Que s cheek.

Oh my GodIs this the gate to enter the ancient secret realm It s too spectacular This is the power of the Immortal Emperor The mighty power Hearing full spectrum cbd gummies 3000mg everyone s amazement, Xu Que quickly stepped back., stood beside the crowd, looked up again, and was immediately shocked.Those spots of light not only covered the position in front of him, but filled the void in front of the mountain, linked by golden threads, forming a huge gate.At this moment, the door was slowly opening, and Xiwei s light shone through the crack of the door, and everyone felt an invisible divine aura.Even someone like Xu Que, who had never seen it before, could clearly feel that it how to make cbd gummy bears was the divine breath from the Immortal Emperor, or in other words, the prestige of the Emperor.Great, the Primordial Secret Realm is open, fellow Daoists Boom Before 20 mg CBD edibles Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain the words were finished, a heavy pressure suddenly came, which made everyone s complexion change, and even a few were directly crushed to the ground.

The straight line perfectly runs through the two hearts on the ground Whoosh At the same time, under everyone s attention, Xu Que landed smoothly this time.He frowned slightly, with a hint of dissatisfaction, raised his fist and hammered his chest twice.Pfft Pfft 500mg CBD gummy review Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain In an instant, two mouthfuls of blood spurted out and landed on the head of the straight line.In disguise, two strokes were added to the head of the straight line, turning the straight line into an arrow line Xiaorou Xu Que shouted again, admiring his paintings and clapping his hands with satisfaction Come and see, even the blood I bleed from being beaten and injured is in the shape of love for you But But why are you so hard hearted and don t even give me a chance to meet All the onlookers in Jinghe City were completely dumbfounded.

As I said, Master Tang is definitely not an ordinary person.Qiu Zili s fox like eyes narrowed slightly, and she felt more and more that her previous guess was correct.This Master Tang is not a god, and he must have something to do with a god That extraterritorial demon is a powerhouse at the level of an Immortal Emperor.If he can seal an Immortal Emperor, his own strength can definitely crush the Immortal Emperor Fairy Nishang was also shaking in her heart.She felt that this monk who followed her all the way was really mysterious When Aruga heard the words, he immediately rushed to avenge his good brother.However, before he could make a move, he was stopped by Aldo.Brother, what s wrong Aruba wondered.Aludo s face was solemn, and the black face was almost like ink This guy is very powerful Don t can you take cbd gummies every night do anything with him.

Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain cbd gummies for sleep 2021 >> niva CBD gummies, lazarus naturals CBD Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain how long for CBD gummies to start working Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain.

Don t fucking tell me about the Exploding Heaven Gang Mo Junchen suddenly became popular.He was usually gentle and elegant, but at this moment, he finally couldn t help cbd with turmeric gummies but burst out foul words.He glared at Ergouzi and Xu Que and the others, and said angrily, You guys just tell me honestly how many people there are in the Zhatian Gang, don t play jokes like the Million Gang with me Hey, Mo Hufa, Don t pay attention to such details, think about it, even if we really have millions of helpers, what s the use The monks pay attention to their own strength and can t rely too much on external forces platinum cbd gummy apple rings Ergouzi waved his dog s paw, a The face seriously brainwashed Mo Junchen.This time, Mo Junchen has gained a lot of wisdom, 30mg CBD gummies Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain and immediately shouted, Er Gouzi, don t do this with me After he finished speaking, he glanced at Xu Que, and said solemnly, Xu Gang, now I m still shouting.

Huang Cheng and Liu Xiaoli were still standing there waiting for her, and when they saw her coming back, they hurriedly came up.Liu Xiaoli was the first to ask, Yuxi, how s it going What did you tell him Huang Cheng was also curious, Yeah, what did you say Why did he still smile when he left, as if he was You know what s fun Wait, shouldn t you get back together Reunited eagle hemp cbd gummies near me Lin Yuxi shook her head with a wry smile, a hint of sympathy and intolerance appeared where to buy charles stanley cbd gummies in her eyes, and whispered, His behavior is very strange, he is not the Xu Que I knew back then, I suspect that the car accident caused trauma to his head Liu Xiaoli was stunned, Huh Huang Cheng was startled, What do you mean by that Lin Yuxi shook her head, Do you know what he said to me just now He said that the woman in ancient costume on the moon was his woman, and he gave it to her.

By the way, I once irwin naturals cbd cream 1000 mg heard people say that even if Boss Li s body is destroyed and his soul completely enters the sea of blood, he will be even Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain stronger Suddenly, an old man exclaimed.I also remembered that there was indeed a strong man who said that back then.Others nodded immediately.Boss Li s soul merges in the sea of blood, and eventually, after a period of precipitation, a more powerful body will be formed from the sea of blood.This is the real blood bathed rebirth What Blood bathed rebirth Isn t it a blessing in disguise Many people were suddenly shocked.The second young master on the other side of the sea of blood obviously knew these secrets for a long time.At this moment, he became more confident than before.He looked directly at Xu Que and laughed, When my father s precipitation is completed, he will truly and completely control the entire sea of blood, and the day he will be reborn from blood.

He had heard this statement more than once.First, Mo Junchen mentioned the rumors, so he came to Tianzhou with him, and then Xuanyuan Wanrong mentioned it.Unfortunately, they didn t have time to ask in detail, and the two broke up.After that, the Fairy Nishang and the Saintess of the Temple of Heaven, who met in Tiansha City, and the two Immortal Venerable Powerhouses from Xianyun Continent, Do Hemp Gummies Relieve Pain also mentioned this, and also prevented Xu Que from killing those Immortal Kings, saying that He is destroying the combat power of Tianzhou However, Xu Que didn t care about this at the time, and he killed all the ten Immortal Kings without hesitation, and then returned to Ziwei Immortal Domain to kill three more.And now, when he heard Bai Cailing mention this again, he couldn t help but feel a little stunned.