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Anyway, even if Huo Beiliang has special abilities , she didn t find it strange.My brother is excellent, do you understand No brother is as good as her brother.Your brother is excellent, why didn t your brother find you a sister in law Fu Jiu teased her on purpose, but she was still a little curious about what kind of daughter in law would Huo Beiliang find in the future.Although it is said that his temperament is indeed very cold, but his appearance is there, coupled with his background and ability, he can still attract many girls.Huo Zhenzhen Her brother s temper seems like there are no Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD girls around, but how could she admit this in front of Fu Jiu My brother is not in a hurry to look for it.Fu Jiu nodded as she cleaned up the things on the table, Okay, your brother is not in a hurry, but I am in a hurry.

2.purekana CBD gummies for tinnitus reviews Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD

stand up.Chi Yujin saw his little movement and shook his head, the rabbit is a careful rabbit.Chi Jing is an orphan brought back by my grandfather.Originally, he did not follow the Chi family s surname.Because of some reasons when we were young, the two of us had a big conflict, and it had risen to the point of threatening each other s lives.I have been sent abroad, and I have cbd gummiea been abroad for all these years.Chi Yujin paused, her emotions were more unstable when she was young, and she was stimulated by Chi Jing, which led to everything that happened later.In fact, Chi Jing has always wanted to replace it.She shook her head and shook off Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD the weird thoughts in her 5 thc mind He came back because I m the only one left in the Chi family.In terms of seniority, he can CBD give you chest pain Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD is my uncle, and I should call him when we meet.

Today is not only the day she wants to get the notice, but also the day Fu Jiu wants to get the same book, but yesterday The three of them had already discussed it.The notice from Fu Jiu was brought back by Huo Beiliang.Fu Jiu and Huo Zhenzhen went to the school together.As soon as they arrived at the school gate, they met Gao Xiaoyan and Guo Lili who had been waiting there.Really, why did you bring Fu Jiu Gao Xiaoyan saw Fu Jiu cheef cbd gummies and Huo Zhenzhen walking together, holding hands, looking like two sisters, she was very uncomfortable, her tone There is Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD also a bit of disgust in it.Today, Fu Jiu and Huo Zhenzhen were wearing new clothes bought by Gu Yunshen.They also wore the Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD same hat and the same small leather shoes.In their school, they couldn t find a few Fu Jiu so good looking, which made her feel very uncomfortable.

For wholesale hemp gummies example, flour mills need cleaning equipment, grain cleaning machines, wheat washing machines, stone removal machines, milling equipment, hoists, air conditioners, packaging equipment, conveyors, powder cleaning machines, bran brushing machines, augers, dust removal machines Equipment and a series of supporting machinery.Another example is a simple cannery.It also requires raw material processing equipment such as charlotte s web cbd recovery gummies cleaning, peeling, pre cooking, rinsing, sorting equipment such as core removal, dicing, trimming and other tools, canning equipment, sealing machines, aseptic packaging equipment, sterilization new age cbd gummies equipment, and supporting equipment.cooling facilities, etc.There are also other options, such as wineries, breweries, noodle factories, food factories, plastic factories, feed processing, juice drinks, hollow bricks, and prefabricated factories.

By the way, I still don quit smoking CBD gummies reviews Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD t know who the last guest is Brother Lu eagle hemp CBD gummies official website Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD didn t tell me, Brother Sheng, Brother Cheng, you know Jian Youxin shook her cute princess dress with an innocent look.Sheng Ling didn t like Jian Youxin at all, so he turned his head to ignore Jian Youxin, Cheng Siyao pulled Sheng Ling s hemp bombs CBD gummies reviews Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD clothes, then smiled and said to Jian Youxin, Brother Lu didn t tell you, why Maybe tell us Yes, but brother Xiaolu didn t come, hey, I thought I came only when brother Xiaolu came.Jian Youxin pulled her Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD skirt unhappily, although brother Xiaolu didn t come now, but Lu Brother promised bio spectrum cbd gummies 250mg her Sheng Ling rolled his eyes, all of which were recorded by the camera.The program Kiss You When the Stars Blink adopts a real time live broadcast and post editing mode.The variety show that was released was ranked first in the hot search list as soon as it was broadcast. CBD gummies work Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD

Well, after all, it s not the same thing.ib will definitely take the autonomy to death, because people are big.But Aikang is half dead, so it s a dead horse as a living horse doctor.In fact, there is nothing good.negotiable.Aikang needs our software and hardware technical support, and we need to borrow Aikang s shell to disrupt the PC market in Europe and the United States.We only get what we need, and there is no conflict of interest.It must be the kind that hits it off.So, let s get ib first, this is the key, if people want to Best CBD Gummies For Anxiety And Stress Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD maintain their dignity and elegance, then give it to them, we just stay under the big tree and enjoy the shade, low key is king.Zhao Jing also followed suit.It is true that the goals and pursuits are different.Naturally, there is a basis for cooperation This is possible Chapter 185 Polymer Materials Field In the end, Toshiba continued to retreat and completed the cooperation with the technology research and development center.

are cbd gummies or oil better As soon as these news came out, it caused discussions among many players in the world.It was quite outrageous for the mysterious Chiyu God to retreat.However, selling accounts and weapons and swearing not to play is the freedom of Chiyu.Although everyone regrets that Jian Yu has left a great god, it is not as explosive as the current information.Combined with Shuangjing s flawless words, Chishen left a side effects of taking hemp gummies lot of melons, and Shuangjing apologized and his attitude was very humble.As a great god, Chishen was power CBD gummy bears Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD a little too small.I m so pissed off, Chi Yu is now one sided with the players, you Oh, it s their freedom to guess what they want, but Chi Yu raised his eyebrows, and a teleportation talisman was sent to Shuangjing Wuxia , Shuangjing Wuxia was in Sun City at this time, surrounded by a group of people from Wanjiange.

There was a notebook and a pen on the table, a driver s license, a key, and best cbd gummies sleep a black mobile phone that were just pulled out from the body.When the black mobile phone is opened, it looks like a product that has just been Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD released from the mobile phone factory.There is not a single message recorded, and even the software APP on the desktop is the software that comes with the mobile phone.Maintaining the most primitive state, without any trace of use, the only function is to replace the clock and let him know the current time.Two forty seven.There is also a wallet with 1,831 yen worth of money, and a gun in his pocket that he has not dared to take out Suspected to be a German made Wahl, a special PPK s hand, a gun.Why can he accurately know that it is a wallet cbd gummies for prostate containing 1,831 yen, because in this supernatural world, only the last familiar money can give him the last warmth.

A freshman who has only been in school for more than a month, but he is very famous.Almost no one has heard his name, which has overshadowed Cheng Feng s reputation.He was bored.Stop Seeing that the scene was about to become uncontrollable, Fu Jiu hurriedly stopped her, I m going to see Instructor Huo s sister.Liang Hao didn t believe it, Don t use the instructor as an excuse.How could Instructor Huo ask him to send his sister Who doesn t know that Instructor Huo never let the school handle his personal affairs.This is obviously just taking advantage of Huo Beiliang s absence and deliberately using the instructor as an excuse.Hearing Fu Jiu s words, Marshal Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD Zhu became more confident, Is it possible to find out when the instructor comes back and ask.He believed what Fu Jiu said, and Fu Jiu would never lie.

As long as they think of this, Li Dongqi feels uncomfortable.Since they arrived at elite power CBD gummies Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD the school, they have always been figures of the school, praised and sought after by everyone, but after Wen Yue came, Covered their limelight.Now it s even more excessive, directly turning them into clowns.Xie Feng did not expect that he would leave for an afternoon, and things would change like this.So, he is really Wenyue, isn t he a fake Otherwise Liang Hao s eyes bulged out, That relative of yours is too unreliable.So sure, now that the three of us are made like a clown Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD jumping on the beam, he will pat his butt and leave.Liu Zhitong was no longer here, so Liang Hao naturally moved his anger to Xie Feng.Xi Tong is not the kind of person who likes to exaggerate his words.How can this happen Xie Feng also knew Liu Zhitong s temper, so he believed his words.

The original version of The Lord of the Rings used a rendering farm, otherwise if it really uses a high performance computer for rendering, it may not be released a year later.With such computing power, what is the situation in terms of rendering speed Take a simple example.The rendering time required for 2k resolution is estimated to be able to complete several frames in an hour, while 3D animation movies generally have about 25 frames per second.You can imagine how long it takes to render just one.Therefore, it is not without reason to say that doing this is burning money.Of course, Chen cbd gummies and driving Zhe doesn t care about this, he s not lacking anyway, and how much he throws in, he can still roll back twice as much, so there s really nothing to worry about.Therefore, he can build the rendering farm himself.

The Metropolitan Police Department, I heard other familiar police officers say.In the single person ward, Harunsumi Kuji watched as Kenji Akihara lifted up his plaster cast right leg.At that moment, Matsuda Jinhei cbd club hemp seemed to see the inexhaustible darkness in the dark haired youth s turquoise eyes.When he looked again, the darkness had long since disappeared, and Senior Chuncheng s eyes were filled with gentle concern as always, like the gentle spring water can cbd gummies help tinnitus of a river.Right hand.The bandage that was wrapped on the right hand has been removed, and the ugly burn scars remain on his slender hand with well defined knuckles.There is a hint of beauty in the hideousness.Chunsumi senpai, when did you remove the bandage on your hand Matsuda Jinpei looked at the ugly scar and asked.Kuji Harunumi waved his scarred right hand and said with a smile.

can cbd gummies help acid reflux Zheng Hongtao turned the cigarette in his hand.His thoughts were also a little erratic, This is the general trend and the needs of the new situation, so it is our job to take the initiative to adapt to changes It s just that a mess always has to find the thread in the mess.Well, right now, the people and the factory are clearly there, but you can clear it up carefully Hey, insolvency There cbd hemp oil florida was some confusion in his eyes.It seemed that Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD he was slowly losing focus, In the past more A prosperous factory, it s only been less than three years, how can it be so down and CBD isolate gummies Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD out Chen Guodong sighed quickly, Hey, technology, equipment, management, products, channelsWhich one can hold up So, the result is actually already doomed, cbd gummies vs tincture but some people are not reconciled.The muscles on Zheng Hongtao s face twitched slightly.

Logically speaking, for relatives like Huo Zhenzhen s uncle and aunt, the children in the family are older, and for things like New Year s greetings, it s okay to play the ghosts, but to her surprise, Huo Zhenzhen s aunt and aunt are all here.Not to mention, he even brought the daughters of his parents and in laws sisters to pay New Year s greetings.This kind of relationship that Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD can t be hit by eight poles, all come to pay New Year s greetings, which makes Fu Jiu speechless.But Huo Zhenzhen was not surprised at all, while pouring tea, she whispered to Fu Jiu, eagle hemp CBD gummies review Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD Usually my family is busy, my father and my Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD brother are almost not at home on small festivals, and I know about my father and my brother.They didn t come because of their temper, so they didn t come.They were all in time for the New Year.

Because at the moment On the Yahoo web page, although it is no longer the simple directory website, and the header design already exists, there are 8 more ugly function buttons.But you must know that the Yahoo website at the moment is not an interactive website.The information on the platform and all websites is one way.Therefore, many people are directly confused buy online cbd hemp flower about the sudden appearance of such cbd gummy machine a message, and the technicians can t find the slightest trace of the source at all.However, this news It s like a prophecy and a Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD prank, but if you say he has some other Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD purpose, it doesn t look like that.So, the news is fed back first, and what to do with it can only be discussed later.Until At noon, the above finally made a decision delete it.Since it was not put up by Yahoo, it cannot take this responsibility.

But in the past, he had never seen her much, but the fat man with him had seen her more often.This time, the fat man did not come, but Marshal Zhu kept staring at her.Why does he keep staring at CBD gummies review Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD himself Is cbd sour gummy bears there something dirty on your face There was no mirror in the food stall, and Shuang er couldn t look at it.Finally, he walked to the bucket and stared at the reflection of the bucket.Surprisingly no dirt Then why did Marshal Zhu keep staring at her Thinking of Marshal Zhu s straight eyes, her face turned red again.Why are you staring at the bucket with your soul lingering Xi er came over impatiently and scratched at Shuang er.Shuang er returned to her senses and shook her head quickly, pure kana CBD gummies Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD No Xi er couldn t believe it, You didn t respond without me calling you for a long time My sister has grown older and is no longer obedient, and sometimes disagrees with her.

Lu, what advice do you have for your visit Lu Qi an took 25mg cbd a breath and exhaled a faint smoke, Chi Yujin looked at it.He glanced at his watch Mr.Lu, if flying monkey cbd gummies you have nothing to do, I ll go first, I m still in a hurry.I heard that you have been very close to a boy recently. Chi Yujin Turning his head to look at Lu Qi an, what is a boy Isn t Lu Zhibai his brother Looking at Lu Qi an s scheming appearance, she must be trying to confuse herself.Doesn t that mean that Lu Qi an thinks she doesn t know Lu Zhibai.This, this, this seems a bit outrageous But Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD this can be said, Chi Yujin suddenly realized, no wonder Lu Zhibai can jump around him without any doubts, they all think they don t know Lu Zhibai s identity Speaking of which, Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD it was also a coincidence that she knew Lu Zhibai s identity.She only met eagles cbd gummies Lu Zhibai once when he was very young, but she remembered that time in her heart.

Your favorite dishes, knowing that you brought your classmates here, you even bought some more and left after dinner.Zhuo Fei Ren Mubai has never scolded Zhuo Fei, and he is neither enthusiastic nor unfriendly to him.He was cold.Every time Zhuo Fei came to his house, he would go to the study by himself, until he came out for dinner, leaving the space for him and Zhou Xiaoqing.That s it, he was still respectful and afraid of Ren Mubai Hearing Ren Mubai s words at this moment, he didn t know how to say refusal, so he subconsciously glanced at Fu Jiu and the others.Noticing the look in his eyes, Ren Mubai said again, Everyone has eaten before leaving.Without giving a few people a chance to refuse, he turned to the living room and said, Come in and sit down., don t stand outside.Several people Although it was only a few words, everyone could see that this Ren Mubai was not easy, and Zhuo Fei was afraid of him.

He has money, but he can t jolly CBD gummies review Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD invite anyone to dinner If you want to threaten him, there Best CBD Gummies For Anxiety And Stress Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD is no door.If it wasn t for the fist that couldn t handle Wen Yue, he would have let Wen Yue know the consequences of threatening him.They don t go here, it s just the two of us so boring Originally, Wang Fufu felt that it was not good not to take Gu Chi, but now even Wen Yue is not going, and he doesn t want to go.Marshal Zhu was furious, blue ribbon hemp cbd tincture oil Are you sincerely looking for trouble That best CBD gummies for tinnitus Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD guy Gu Chi can t even bite a single fart, why is he so popular We are a dormitory, a group, and we can t isolate anyone.Gu Chi is not wyld cbd gummies review very talkative, but every time he completes a task first, he waits for us to eat together, so we can t eat here either.A meal with no conscience.Wang Baofu felt that what Fu Jiu said was very reasonable, and immediately nodded in agreement, Marshal, Wen Yue is right, we are all in the same dormitory, and we need to hug together to keep warm.

together.There was a hint of understanding in Zhu She s eyes.That stinky boy is my son.Sure enough.Fu Jiu was not surprised and gave a not too standard military salute.Goodbye Mr.Zhu.When he opened the door, he saw a tall and resolute man standing outside the door.The man was originally standing with his back to the door, but when he heard the door open, he turned around.The moment Bang Long saw the man s appearance, Fu Jiu suddenly had the illusion that the sky was falling.Huo Beiliang knew for a long time that she cbd gummies with pure hemp cbd extract might meet Huo Beiliang here, but she didn t expect it to happen so quickly.Will Huo Beiliang recognize her Fu Jiu didn t know what to do, she only felt that all the muscles in her body were tense.She tried her best to pretend that nothing had happened and walked out.The moment she passed her shoulders, she clearly felt that Huo Beiliang s eyes were firmly fixed on her.

If it can remove one, it Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD is better than two.If it is not afraid of monopoly, it has already swallowed the other party directly, and will it remain until now The core of National Semiconductor What is the business Power management, image technology, and display drivers are just for medical equipment, electronic systems, industrial Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD systems, and test and measurement equipment.Therefore, even if it acquires cyrix, it will at most only complement a link in its own industry chain, and will not compete directly with Intel.In other words, the biggest possibility of cyrix is to be assimilated, and then lose the mainstream market of microprocessors.Is there anything better than this But if an Asian company acquired Cyrix, it would be different.After all, Cyrix is a low end microprocessor, and the biggest Best CBD Gummies For Anxiety And Stress Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD advantage is that it is cheap.

After where to buy cbd gummies being silent for about three seconds, he asked, They decided to hide it from you Fu Jiu knew that Huo Beiliang was smart, but she didn t expect that he could even guess all this after she said so much.arrive.So she nodded, Well, they promised to help without telling the truth.I told them about Gu Chi s suspicions about me, so I asked Gu Chi and the three to go to Wen s house for Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD dinner tomorrow.Huo Beiliang told green ape CBD gummies review Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD Wen Jianzhong and his wife It is not surprising at all to does cbd from hemp have thc decide that as long as Wen Jianzhong and his wife have some brains, they will not choose to expose her identity, because that CBD gummie Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD will not benefit the 2022 Top 5 Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD Wen family and Wen Yue at all.He said, Tomorrow I will take you to see Uncle Anger.Ah Fu Jiu was stunned.Huo Zhenzhen had been can cbd gummies help with pain listening to the conversation between the two, and at this moment, Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD she couldn t help asking Fu Jiu the question in her heart, Then how did Fu Jiu go to Wen s house Go in the afternoon.

hemp bombs cbd patches cbd hemp extract Chapter 50 Back to Huo s House Everything was as Fu Jiu expected, the next few days, the training was no easier than the first day.It was Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD so painful that it prime nature CBD Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD fell apart, and I no longer had the energy to fight with Marshal Zhu.And Huo Beiliang is like a character Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD in mythology.Except for the first day, he never appeared again.Their instructor was also replaced by Gu Yunshen.She suspected that Huo Beiliang would wear small shoes for her before, but she how long do the cbd gummies last also found out that she thought too much, a person like Huo cbd hemp price per pound Beiliang would take revenge on the spot.As for kenai farms CBD gummies Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD Gu Yunshen, it was the same as not knowing her, so during training, she was no different from others, and she didn t even give her a look.In the blink of an eye, the first weekend how to make CBD gummies Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD came.The four of them slept until half noon, and even Gu Chi, who always got up the fastest, slept until ten o clock like them.

I don t know if it s not ruthless, but it wellution premium hemp gummies reviews s really cheap enough, why, is this going to be a slap in the face Li Minhao leaned on the sofa, no one was leaning on the sofa, more Ge You than Ge You.But he started to reason, How can you be a picky one We re not the kind of irresponsible people, aren t we It s just about to reach the limit, come to your side to pray.Chen Zhe pouted, I veterans vitality CBD gummies Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD have Not a priest, nor a living Buddha, do you think I am here to be a place where there is a door Li Minhao followed his example and smiled, There is a door, why can t there be a door Master Zhe has always paid a thousand pounds.You are good at clearing the clouds and seeing the sun, I think I can still take a look at your magic and learn a little bit of insight.For example, the Great Movement of Heaven and Earth, the Great Way of Transforming Gong, and the Eighteen Falls of Zhanyi, these can be dealt with casually.

Accurate market positioning has stirred up the performance in the world, proving that what is called scientific research is the truth of productivity.The Best CBD Gummies For Anxiety And Stress Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD profits here are more attractive and fragrant than the real estate, finance, and toys that the people of Hong Kong do.Moreover, the game is also more high end This is very in line with my temperament.Therefore, Lee Minho is quite confident and confident.He feels that he is on the right path by coming to the mainland this time for development.And Chen Zhe is the guiding light on the road of his life.As long as Chen Zhe s thigh is strong CBD gummies for pain 1000mg Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD enough, he really doesn t mind being a pendant.Being attached to the strong has existed since ancient times, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.Anyone who jumps out and makes irresponsible remarks is not ironic for the sake of contempt, but the biggest possibility is jealousy caused by envy.

So, anyway, we can t stop this kind of thing from happening, so we can only choose to retreat step by step, but CBD vegan gummies Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD when to retreat, and how to retreat, we need to plan ahead.Yang Ruo slightly wrinkled She raised her eyebrows, the reason is very simple, but just cbd hemp infused gummies 1000mg she always felt that it would not be so easy.After all, some things are said and done differently.What s more, ar is far away in England after all, so it is beyond the reach of the whip, and it is not impossible to be calculated by someone with a heart.Don t forget, what is the relationship between Britain and the United States.In this case, if they are attacked from both inside and outside, Chen Zhe really may not have enough chips to deal with Chen Zhe seems to have guessed her mind.Instead, he turned around and started to comfort her, Don t think about it, some things don t need to be considered, it s more appropriate to do it directly, and you don t want to think that your brother has no other means.

But think about it too.Some time ago, several stalls were spread all at once, and it was Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD cbd gummy overdose really difficult for him.So, it s totally okay to be capricious every now and then.It cbd gummies virginia s like a physical and mental self regulation and relaxation.I ignored him at the moment, cleaned up a little, and sat directly on the sofa on the other side.Then he supported his little head with one hand.He tilted his head and looked at Chen Zhe, Has Brother Li talked to you about hemp delta 8 gummies the Xinghai Internet Cafe Chen Zhe blinked, No, didn t he go back to Xiangjiang a few days ago, what did he say to support Brother Zhao I don t know when he left, how could he talk to me about these things Yang Ruo giggled, You can t blame others for this, who made you never care about these trivial matters.Chen Zhe raised his hand and patted his chest lightly, Is there a specialization in surgery, this is self knowledge.

Yang Ruochong gave him a thumbs up, You idiot, but what I said before is quite reasonable.Maybe this advertisement will be released and it will stimulate Shenzhou Computer.In addition to QQ, the booster of open source forums, maybe it can really form a certain effect.Is this a kind of alternative marketing Chen sunday scaries CBD gummies Does Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Contain CBD Zhe muttered in his heart, cbd gummies vs edibles the big killer is the game.So, in fact, the chain of Internet cafes of Xinghai Network is the real booster.Anyang Polytechnic, it can only be regarded as trivial.But the mouth is very honest., It should be considered, but no matter what, it is promotion anyway.For the current Shenzhou Computer, any promotion is a kind of progress, and this is a good thing.Yang Ruo nodded.After all, Shenzhou Computer does not have its own foundation, and it is equipped with its own operating system, which is congenitally short in the current domestic cognition.