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But if you can instantly wipe out a Daluo True Immortal in such a short period of time, the strength will definitely surpass that of Daluo Jinxian, at least the existence of the Immortal King and the Immortal King No wonder No wonder he dared to declare war on the three families, and threatened to fight alone, this is where his confidence lies The more everyone thought about it, the more scared they became.As the saying goes, when a new official takes office, there are three fires.Xu Que killed Bao Jian and the three people first and provoked the three families.It was the first fire.Now the second fire has killed the big deacon and several small deacons of Tiangong Academy.So who will be the third fire Many people have an answer in their hearts.According to this level, the third fire will probably burn to the Holy Sect Everyone knew very well that Jiang Hongyan had mentioned cbd hemp oil glass jar 2 oz that her Taoist companion was named Xu Que, but Shengzong and Tiangong Academy still wanted to match her with the Taoist body.

Obviously, they had already left.This is not good news for everyone.Originally, they planned to let Ergouzi take them over after they came in.Who would have thought that Ergouzi and Duan Jiude would both leave, but now they are in the same situation as the Tianjiao in the melee.Even if they can withstand the suffocation and won t fall into a madness to find other people to fight, but this does not prevent the rest of the people who have been invaded by the savage rush from rushing to trouble them.Huh No, why is the hostility in this place so powerful, it feels like it can t be resisted Suddenly, a female disciple shouted in shock.With the reminders from the previous monks, they were already prepared when they came in, and even some disciples sacrificed magic weapons to protect their bodies, but when they got to the altar, they still felt restless in their bodies, and there was still some hostility.

Damn, look at what you said, I m much more shy than Zhang Ye Xu Que said brazenly.Lao Cai and Lin Yuxi laughed and said nothing.Not long after, Zeng Darong, Su Xiaoliang and Wang Jin all arrived.The six people sat down, and the scene suddenly became more lively.Eat, chat, cbd raspberry gummies drink.As more and more drinks were consumed, the topics of conversation between CBD vegan gummies Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking several people became more and more important.In the end, Zeng Darong turned the topic to Xu Que and Lin Yuxi again, half drunk and half sobered, I said you two, you were envious of us in college back then, don t talk about it, this cup must be done.That s right Haha, classmate Lin, I still remember Xu Que s appearance when he made a confession in your dormitory.It s too funny Su Xiaoliang also wild hemp cbd disposable smirked drunkenly.Wang Jin immediately became excited, Yes, yes, haha, others confessed that they were placing heart shaped candles and holding flowers.

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At this time, the old man at the peak of the Mahayana period showed impatience and waved his hand, Tiancheng, take the two of them and the dog down and wait for disposal.The rest will follow me and go after Xu Que of the Zhuangtian Gang., walk all over the road to the immortal, dig three feet in the ground, and find him Yes In an instant, hundreds of heavenly people spread their wings as white as snow, and suddenly rose into the sky, like countless white swans in the sky, Very vast.They covered the sky and followed the three powerhouses at the peak of the Mahayana period to start a carpet search.Xu Que was overjoyed at the time, and he didn t expect the transformation card to bring such miraculous effects.To be able to pass the test so easily, the 1oo point of favorability definitely played a crucial factor.

It is unimaginable that there is such a place on earth.If someone opens the door from the other side in the future, countless creatures from all worlds may escape.There is a long way to go Xu Que shook his head and sighed, full of longing for the future.Yeah Yeah Ergouzi also pretended to sigh, and sang affectionately, Slowly, slowly without feeling Slowly, slowly I am ignored How can you bear to see me haggard Slap Xu Que slapped him on the spot.What the hell are you crying about You think you are Jacky Cheung With your voice, how dare you reviews on CBD gummies Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking leaf remedys gummies sing love songs Ow This is a new song learned by this deity, why can t you sing it Ergouzi looked dissatisfied.Xu Que rolled his eyes, Sing a fart, hurry up and get ready, we can leave After speaking, he also called out the system and prepared to use the void breaking talisman to leave.

If you are marked with a curse, I am also recruited.Xu Que said with a dark face.When Er Gouzi and Duan Jiude heard this, their faces were full of horror, and they hurriedly checked themselves.After a while.Grip the grass Nima, who did it It s so immoral to use such a despicable and filthy method.Ergouzi and Duan Jiude immediately scolded, and they found that this thing could not be eliminated.However, Ergouzi still has a good memory.He seemed to think of something, looked at Xu cbd gummy worms review Que and said, Brother Que, this is bad news, right What is the good news The good news is that my curse mark has been removed, but I can t get yours.Xu Que shrugged his shoulders and looked at Ergouzi and Duan Jiude with sympathy on his face.Two teachers, this matter is not urgent.Although my mark has been removed, I definitely cannot bear this tone.

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Several people immediately walked into the cave.Xuanyuan Qishang and Guan Chuchu s souls fell into peace, and they just stood beside Xu Que, staring at him with empty eyes, like a pair of parents watching their child about to walk.I m going, kid, they really take it as 5 Mg Thc Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking their daughter Duan Jiude noticed the emotions emanating from the two souls, and said in great surprise.Yeah boy, this deity thinks you should change into women s clothes, play Xuanyuan Wanrong and satisfy them Ergouzi nodded and added.Xu Que immediately Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking stared, and raised his hand to pat Ergouzi s head.Ergouzi was startled, took a step back quickly, and shouted, Stop Hold the grass, boy, this deity is serious this time, seeing them both are so pitiful, I can t bear it Just you Can you still have a heart And you still can t bear it Xu Que said contemptuously, when did these two people talk about their conscience Alas Ergouzi Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking sighed, This time is different from before Boy, do you know how painful it is for a soul to be trapped by obsessions When a soul should dissipate but it refuses to dissipate.

Several monks immediately released him and guided him to an alchemy furnace.Five hundred and eighty seven This was the number on Xu Quemu s card, and it was also the serial number of the alchemy furnace in front of him, which corresponded to each other.It is conceivable that when Xu Que signed up, there were already more than 580 people in front of him, so that his current position was very backward, in a very inconspicuous corner.In front of the rest of the alchemy furnaces, almost all the alchemists were already in place.The most notable ones were the independent alchemy furnaces in the forefront, which were still empty at this time.Usually at this time, Xu Que would ask to change positions As a generation of saints, they should stand under the focal point of everyone s attention, how can they stay in the corner But now, he feels that it doesn t matter Because there is always a gentle gaze watching him in the crowd, it is enough.

He glanced around suspiciously, and found that the few breaths that had been following him recently had all disappeared.It s interesting This cultivator from the Immortal Cloud cbd gummies for arthritis Immortal Domain wanted to kill me, but he didn t have the guts to do it here.Could it be that he gave up now Xu Que said to himself, shaking his head again, and stopped thinking about it.thing.Now that he has balanced the magic energy, the system has returned to normal, the cultivation base has been upgraded to the middle stage of Immortal Venerable, and he has obtained a new kind of power.Not to mention a mere Immortal Venerable cultivator, even a half emperor level powerhouse, if you want to make handwriting, you have to weigh yourself up to see if you have enough weight At the same time, Xu Que also named his brand new power Chakra He has already thought about it.

Looking at the barren plate in front of her, Fairy Nishang seemed to see Xu Que s voice, face and smile, that admirable and noble character.Did people die here like this Sadness and sorrow filled her heart.Don t worry, Tang Sanzang, I will what does cbd gummies do to your brain definitely avenge you It is five hundred miles northwest of this place.A stream of black gas gushed out from the void, then condensed together, and slowly turned into a human shape.The humanoid body was not fully formed, and he tried to flee into the distance.At this moment, a joking voice sounded.Amitabha, where is the donor Xu going to go Chapter 1825 The demons outside the territory don t talk about martial arts The movement of the human figure was stagnant, and he slowly turned around.A pair of black eyes came out of the black air and stared at Xu Que.

The young man nodded solemnly, Yes, we were clumsy before.You are so accomplished, you can definitely be called the word Master Yes, Master Wang is mighty Master Wang is awesome Following the second, his face was full of respect.From the very beginning, this has been a place to speak with strength.Although Xu Que had caused many people s disgust before, when his song came out, most of them were completely convinced, and they shouted Master Wang willingly Only Liuzhouhe and a small number of people are still unwilling.Whether it is self esteem or jealousy, they are all black faced and silent.Behind the veil, Miss Dong s family has calmed down and said softly, Young Master Wang, the little girl has been neglected before.I hemp gummy bears 1000mg didn t expect you to be so accomplished in rhythm at such a young age.

can you buy cbd gummies online legally Xu Que understood what she meant, but with a smile on his face, he replied with a voice transmission, Little girl, Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking I know you don t care about these things, but I do.Look at me being so handsome, and there are a lot of troubles.Sooner or later, I will I was beaten Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking cbd hybrid gummies to death, if you don t become stronger, no one can protect me After speaking, Xu Que turned around, looked at a few tombstones, and smiled gummies with thc Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking lightly, Tell me, what conditions are required, Are you willing to open the ban It s very simple, swear by your inner demons, you can t kill us after you get something, and you have to seal this temple and leave.One of the tombstones said.Xu Que was startled after hearing this, It s that simple Yes, it s that simple Several tombstones responded at the same time.Xu Que immediately grinned, I don t believe it, I don t read much, so don t lie to me And let s talk about it, you want me to swear by my inner demon It s impossible Hmph, then don t talk about it Hurry up Several tombstones shouted angrily.

Xu Que pretended to be so lightly, with Jiang Hongyan s indifference on his face, as if it was nothing like that.But in fact it really didn t matter.He used the rudiment of Force King Fist combined with the sword of killing God to kill Tian Zhan, and brought back Tian Zhan s wings.He didn t even run to find those hundreds of people.Celestial people.Doing this now is just bragging Come, come, the important moment is coming soon, we have to make preparations first At this time, Xu Que s face was solemn, and he clapped his hands.Everyone was immediately shocked and relieved.It s finally time to prepare Fortunately, it s not too late, there s still time to set up a formation or something Fellow Daoist Xu, I don t know what to say, I will definitely cooperate with you Several strong men in the imperial palace responded immediately.

Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking Only Lin Wanwan and Yao Gongming continued to rush slowly from behind.Xu Que didn t cbd gummies buy online bother to pay attention to the two old foxes, and rushed into one of the attic with the broken sword in his hand, shouting, Fu Shanchuan, your death is coming Fu Shanchuan was already alarmed, and after hearing Xu Que s voice, he was even more As soon as his face changed, he immediately turned around and rushed out of the attic.Whoosh However, he saw a phantom in front of him swaying, followed by a big foot suddenly appearing in front of him, kicking the plate directly in his face.With a muffled bang , Fu Shanchuan didn t even have time to react.He was kicked back into the attic in an instant, his body smashed through the wall and fell to the ground.The next moment, a cold light flashed across the dark night and fell to his throat instantly.

Damn, you want to die today, right A student from the Taekwondo club immediately burst out, pointing at Xu Que and shouting angrily.Yes, I want to see you get slapped by me Xu Que smiled dismissively, he looked as cheap as he wanted, and as much as he needed to be beaten.At the same time, he did not forget to glance at the system interface.The two cheats were almost completed, and the progress bar reached 9o.It s still a little bit, and you can enter a state where you can t do much bb Xuanyuan Wanrong stood aside with a calm expression on her face, after all, this is similar to the Xu Que in her impression, both are the same cheap Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking It s just that this guy used to have cheap capital in the world of immortality, and he had that kind of strength.After he was cheap, he had to beat others, but he could still run away.

Although he was not sure that the person Fu Shanchuan was talking about must be Xuanyuan Wanrong, naturally hemps delta 8 gummies review but according to various indications, at least ten percent was her.But with Xuanyuan Wanrong s temperament, would you care about Fu Shanchuan It s impossible on the cliff, let alone running back thousands of miles to save them.Of course, the most important thing is that Xuanyuan Wanrong is now unable to protect herself.She is trapped under the Immortal Burial Valley, and she still saves a fart Hahaha Thinking of this, Xu Que couldn t help laughing out of schadenfreude.Fu Shanchuan was stunned for a moment, Fellow Daoist Xu, what are you laughing at It s nothing, I just think it s a good thing that you have ideals Xu Que said with a smile, while raising the broken sword in his hand, he gestured towards Fu Shanchuan.

Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking what effe, kenai farms CBD gummies (does CBD gummies thin your blood) Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking wellbeing cbd gummies Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking.

In his opinion, when Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking Xu Que went, he was afraid that people would laugh at him for being dumped in the past.It s nothing, just keep drinking Lao Cai, don t forget what charlotte s web sleep cbd gummies I told you, and call me as soon as it s done Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking Xu Que smiled and reminded Lao Cai about taking down Mount Tai.Don t worry, I have already explained it before I came, and it will be done in two days Don t rush to leave After a while, come over and find me, and I will go with you Lao Cai said.No, I still have something to do, I ll find you in two days Xu Que waved cbd gummies 1000 mg his hand and turned to leave Squeak He opened the door of the box and stepped out.But just as he stepped out of the door, Xu Que couldn t help but pause.In the aisle, Huang Cheng, Liu Xiaoli, and Lin Yuxi were close at hand.For a time, the surrounding air seemed Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking to freeze, time seemed to stand still, only a few pairs of eyes were left, full of horror and shock Huh Xu Que was a little stunned, and looked at Lin Yuxi, the memories from the past seemed to reappear.

The hegemony body and the god body are also known as the most powerful physiques in the age of the gods.They are even considered as the only two physiques that have reached the peak in the entire cultivation years.The inheritance has never seen those two physiques.The hegemony is lost The blood inheritance of the god body is no longer pure, and it has evolved into a pseudo god body such as the Taoist god body, but it is still powerful And now, this old man dares to call himself the Holy Body, isn t this a big joke How could a physique that even the Pluto and the Divine Physician think can exist but cannot be achieved in such an era This this Xu Que s father is really interesting Ji Wuming looked at Bai Cailing with an embarrassed but polite smile.Bai Cailing also smiled helplessly, speechless.

This kind of person, after talking about it, kenai farms CBD gummies Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking don t recognize it Is it true or false Of course it is true, otherwise why do you think this matter is so popular I am not the only witness I ll go, then this It s a big thing, and Tiangong Academy will definitely not let it go Nonsense, Xu Que s father is finished now I think he deserves it, who let him talk nonsense, if he is really powerful, others can t do anything about him., why do you have to brag about it if you don t have the strength Many people were talking and talking about it everywhere, and most shark tank eagle hemp CBD gummies reviews Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking of them were also paying attention to the movements of Tiangong Academy, wondering how they would settle accounts with Xu Que s father.After all, this matter had a great impact, everyone started shouting provocatively, and the dean of Tiangong Academy also came out to speak out.

allergy to cbd gummy What a powerful sword technique No wonder you can become Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking the leader of the jailer This sword is extraordinary, that kid is in danger Many prisoners whispered secretly, feeling extremely fearful in their hearts.Huh Suddenly, the head of the prison guard let out a startled cry, followed by a sudden change in his face, his back was cold, and his body rushed forward.The next 500 mg CBD gummies Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking moment, a circle of ripples suddenly appeared in the void behind him, followed by Xu Que s figure, holding a black stick in his hand, propped up a stick shadow, and slammed it forward Hmph, this kind of attack, you still want to hurt me The jailer leader snorted coldly, feeling that the power of Xu Que s attack did not thc gummies pose a threat, so he chose to shake it hard.Bang With a muffled sound, the shadow of the stick fell heavily on his back, and the head of the jailer was blasted out, but his body was not damaged.

It also has to be Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking precise, otherwise it will not be possible to ensure that the quality and hardness of the refining can reach the best.Squeak Immediately, Xu Que cbd kush hemp pushed open the wooden door and stuck his head out.Feng Lanwu and Xiao Ru were also outside at the moment, and when they heard the movement, they immediately turned around and looked over, feeling excited at the same time.After three days, three days and three nights of waiting, this guy finally came out.Did he really succeed The faces of the two immediately filled with anticipation, and they looked at Xu Que eagerly.Xu Que squinted his eyes and said with a smile, Miss Feng, don t worry this time, I m 80 sure that I can make a magic weapon, but now it s just one thing What Feng Lanwu and Xiao Ruyi Listen, I am instantly overjoyed.

At this time, Xu Que turned into a stern young man, dressed in black clothes, with a black drape behind his shoulders, walking with wind, and at a glance, he knew that he was a handsome and cold man.His appearance attracted countless eyes in Baihui City, and many girls were secretly looking at him.After all, the people who can catch the attention of most girls at once are usually handsome warm men, or handsome and cold princes.Simply put, as long as you have a handsome face However, Xu Que interprets Gao Leng to perfection.He walks with wind, does not look sideways, never put any woman in his eyes, and heads directly towards the refining tower.When the night falls, Xu Que s temperament in this dress is even colder.He bypassed the crowd and went straight to the registration point, ignoring the long queue behind him, jumping in front of the queue, how much does eagle hemp CBD gummies cost Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking staring coldly at the person in charge of registration, and said solemnly, I, Zhendiao, sign up The person in charge of registration It was a young guy from the City Lord s Mansion.

No, it s not the same name, it s more terrifying than the Sky Devouring Mosquito Duan Jiude said with a very solemn expression, This holy 5 Mg Thc Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking golden armored bee appeared in the same era as the Sky Devouring Mosquito, and it was later silenced.It is rumored that this species has The flesh is extremely powerful.If we encounter the Sky Devouring Mosquitoes, we may have a chance to fight back can you take cbd gummies with high blood pressure medication and kill a few of them, but if we encounter the Holy Gold Armored Bee, I am afraid that none of them will be killed Moreover, they also swarm out when they travel, and they are not afraid of the fragrance.They are extremely sensitive, they can extract pollen from hundreds of flowers and turn them into fairy honey.Ergouzi can only be considered lucky when they encounter an order, otherwise the scum will be gone now Damn it No wonder, this deity had just finished pooping, so he picked a flower to wipe his buttocks, and as a result, the Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking holy golden bee came, and the poisonous needle stabbed into the chrysanthemum of this deity, harming this deity.

This approach is equivalent to one big fish swallowing another big fish, either it will die, or the other party will die.However, on Xu Que s side, he was not afraid of dying at all, because the power of this pupil technique was far beyond imagination, and it was as easy as the palm of your hand to wear off a worn out illusion.Boom In the end, cost of eagle hemp cbd gummies does walmart sell cbd hemp oil the entire formation collapsed, and all the stone walls melted away like ice and snow.Everything has been restored to its original appearance, and the abrupt peaks are still peaks, revealing the remains of many ancient buildings, spanning dozens of miles.It is conceivable that the Kunlun Xianzong was not small.Shangxian is awesome The eight headed serpent immediately let out a long howl, extremely excited and full of tears.It has to be excited After being suppressed for so many years, I finally asked for the seal and returned to freedom.

So now, Xu Que just wants to use this point to completely make this holy and flawless area full of pollution, so that the Palace Master can t get out for a lifetime Do you want to draw something here At this time, the figure in the white light sneered, full of jokes, and said coldly, With your ant like strength, it is impossible to do it The mere integration period is really ridiculous When the Yuezong disciple heard the words, he was stunned for a moment, and then he reacted, heaving a sigh of relief, his face filled with joy.The palace lord said so, obviously not worried that this guy will cause trouble.Those who are not strong enough will not be able to leave any traces here He s right, Fellow Daoist Tang, even I can t change this restriction.Let s leave this place as soon as possible Bai Cailing nodded lightly, looking at Xu Que and persuading.

Not far away, Liu Hualong also fell to the ground, his two arms were blown away without a sun state hemp gummies review trace, and a huge wound was torn open on his back, revealing one after cbd sleep gummies without melatonin another of bones, which was shocking.Fellow Daoist Xu Lan Xinyue didn t care to take the opportunity to kill Liu Hualong and others, and immediately looked for Xu Que s breath and came to the ruins.Xu Que was lying there, his condition was not much better than Liu Hualong and the others.Every piece of good flesh in his body, even a lot of ribs were blown off and exposed through the flesh, making him a pile of rotten flesh.Seeing Lan Xinyue rushing towards him, Xu Que didn t even have the strength to speak, so he could only continue to activate the system s automatic recovery function to quickly 5 mg thc recover from the injury.In fact, the moment he threw the fire lotus out, he was already about to use the Shenxing Escape Talisman to escape from the spot.

Master Zeng couldn t help being moved.He had seen the effect of spicy sticks with his own eyes.It was really powerful.He even planned to buy 500,000 top quality spirit stones and buy one for himself at a friendly price But now Xu Que told him that there was another medicated diet that could instantly improve a realm, which made him not suspicious, but shocked.If there is such a fetish, then it is a sure thing for him to step into the fairyland.As long as he survives the final catastrophe, he can achieve the legendary fairyland Little friend, is there really such a thing Zeng Dafo asked with his eyelids beating.It can be heard that at cbd pure hemp oil 1000 this time, the tone of Lord Buddha is no longer as calm as before.Of course I won t lie to you about this kind of thing Besides, even if I really don t have such a thing, don t you have to keep your promise, Lord Buddha, and wish me a helping hand Xu green cbd gummies uk Que said with a faint smile, strategizing and planning a strategy.

Lan Xinyue used to be a disciple in Lihuo Academy, but her aptitude was only average.After she finally stepped into the fairyland, she stayed in the academy to teach directly.On the one hand, harmony cbd gummies she could be blessed by the academy, and she could take care of her Her little brother who is only half fairyland What surprised Xu Que was that Lan Xinyue taught calligraphy and painting in the academy.You re actually a painter Xu Que was surprised.Three thousand avenues, you can ask the immortals.Qin, chess, calligraphy and painting are not trivial in the immortal world.The difficulty is not as simple as the formation method and the alchemy method I draw a picture, which can contain Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking the Tao, so that other people can realize the Tao, so as to break through.Bottleneck.Lan Xinyue said.Is this useful to you Xu Que said with a smile.

But this group of people was only severely injured, but not dead It s unscientific It delta 8 thc gummies healthsmart cbd s not as easy to use the Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking Force King Fist as it is to destroy the Eight Wastes Xu Que s brows furrowed.Just now, he used the Eight Desolation Destruction Yan to kill a few people with black fire.This was indeed within the scope of his strength, cbd gummies and sleep so he did not regard this group of people as a threat.Now that I m using the Force King Fist, I just don t want to waste time, I have to solve it all at once.Who ever thought that when Wang Quan was forced to roll over, he could not kill anyone, which was beyond Xu Que s expectations.Could it be is it related to Dao Yun Xu Que thought about it.He knew very well that forcing Wangquan was out of Dao Yun s power, using Dao Yun to crush his opponent.The Eight Wilderness Destruction Yan these strange fires are a real violent bombardment.

Everyone in the audience was startled, Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking even Qin Susu, a mentally prepared person, was stunned at this moment.what s the situation Is this guy really an idiot He actually ran to find Dingtian Academy and the strong man of the Zhan family desperately The key is to work hard and forget about it, this guy has chosen Chu Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking Ao, who is the strongest in the realm I wish everyone a happy new year, a prosperous year of the dog, Wang Wangwang .Chapter 1196 I m in charge of my site Get out of my anger Haha, courting death Chu Ao saw Xu Eagle Hemp Gummies For Smoking Que rushing towards him, his face was full of ridicule and disdain.Although he knew that the strength of everyone in the Zhuangtian Gang was not simple, he was dignified in the late stage of Wonderland s cultivation base, and according to Xu Que s current momentum, he didn t feel anything to be afraid of.

Standing in the main hall, he had an uninterrupted view, and in an instant, he saw that there was a man made hole in front of him near the exit.Although there are countless holes in this place, not just one, this hole is very different.A piece of animal skin is used to cover the hole, and the material of the animal skin is exactly the same as Wei Zixun s map Looks like I ve found him Xu Que immediately raised his mouth, speeding up the imperial palace s flight, and rushing towards the exit.After a while, the surrounding rock walls gradually narrowed, Xu Que also put away full spectrum cbd with thc gummies the imperial palace and stepped out with Jiang Hongyan and Ergouzi.The people who came from behind looked surprised.They were absolutely sure that Xu Que was in control of this imperial palace Fellow Daoist, why is the imperial palace how can it be in your hands A strong man in the imperial palace couldn t help but ask.

Amitabha, the poor monk just wants to know what s so special about this place.Xu Que said with a smile.He had discovered before that, when he communicated with the divine stone, he didn t need to speak at all, he could communicate directly with the divine soul.In this way, even if you communicate with the gods in front of Fairy Nishang now, they will not be discovered.This is the test place of the Vulcan.The Daowen stone you want to collect is not a stone.The god stone was put into the feces by Xu Que because he was afraid that he would be slow to speak, and the gods appeared crazily, The Daowen stone is here.It s a natural thing, and the speed of time and space here is chaotic, the closer the time and space to the Daowen stone, the slower the time and space.Xu Que heard the words, and suddenly fell into contemplation.