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If it s someone else, he doesn t have that idle heart Shi Jincuo said with a smile Don t say that, Mr.Qian is the most respectful of the elderly.It doesn t matter if you are capable or not, whether you are of value to him or not.The relationship was far and near As long as you are in the right place in the business world, you are not too bad.No matter where he is, Mr.Qian has always been respectful to us old men.Xiao Shi, you must know that when he started from scratch, he was just a street runner of a small company Mr.Fang replied disapprovingly.Shi Jincuo said a few words.From Mr.Fang s point of view, the prosperous Mr.Shi and the Qian family are actually the same kind of people.It s just that Jolly CBD Gummies Review Eating Too Many CBD Gummies | SECRET FACTS BEHIND the Qian family has come here through great winds and waves, and is deeper, more stable, and more mature.

Let s talk about the old days another day, I have to go See you later Said, carrying an umbrella, Shi Jiudang went out in a hurry.Seeing that Brother Shi got into the car and left, and turned around, Xiao Xia and Xiao Xia carefully does CBD gummies help with high blood pressure Eating Too Many CBD Gummies checked it twice and found that there were no missing accessories for the telescope, so they moved it to the backyard warehouse and put it away, thinking about someday Eating Too Many CBD Gummies Empty and then assemble it.If this person is busy, he will feel that time flies very fast.Before you know it, it gummies CBD recipe Eating Too Many CBD Gummies will be late, and after a busy and hard day, it is almost time to close.Xia Xiaoshu was dispensing medicine for an uncle at the counter when he heard heavy footsteps coming up the stone steps outside the door.Hearing Jolly CBD Gummies Review Eating Too Many CBD Gummies | SECRET FACTS BEHIND that the voice was a little unusual, Xia Xiaoshu couldn t help but glanced towards the door a few more times.

However, since it is the first weapon, the other side of the extremely fast macro series of technologies is also quite worrying.Tong Yuyao knows very who owns botanical farms CBD gummies Eating Too Many CBD Gummies well in his heart that the extreme speed macro series of technologies is a double edged sword , and its huge commercial value is only one best cbd gummies for sleep no thc of its dazzling sides.I heard from my father that Yuan Zhenyi, Shi Jishu, Su Yuqing these industry elites have suffered big losses in this regard.Yuan Zhenyi even more so, simply retired because of this, and the company he founded was ruined and never recovered.According to business rumors, Yuan Zhenyi s ending was not bad.What s more, he became mad and disabled, and his whole life came to an end Maybe it was God s will.In the computer room of the Shi Mihui company, Tong Yuyao accidentally discovered power CBD gummies Eating Too Many CBD Gummies Xia Xiaoshu The negative effects of extreme speed macro related technologies are innately immune.

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Therefore, Master Zhang s relationship is still quite good.The children of the family have all gone to work in Dongqi City, and from time to time they will pay the family money.Master Zhang and his wife are good at running a house.The three incomes are added together.Happy.As a result, Master Zhang has a lot of affection for Yugu Village, and he hopes that his family can live like this forever.Whenever anyone could break this peaceful rhythm of anger, he was in a hurry.As soon as the archaeological team entered the village, Master organic hemp gummies Zhang was actually a little uncomfortable with it.Fortunately, he is not the kind of person who likes to make troubles, and besides, the place cbd gummies to help stop drinking where his family lives is far away from the excavation site, after a long time, he will acquiesce.Unexpectedly, the people of the archaeological team actually found what kind of Four Seasons Weather Instrument to create by themselves accompanied by Mr.

In addition to Feng Yushi s own medical insurance, Feng Yushi is temporarily considered Safe and sound.What about after that As a son, Feng Wenmu will get money sooner or later, but Xia Xiaoshu doesn t want him to be able to get much money by then, everyone is embarrassed.Hearing Xia Xiaoshu speak like this, Feng Wenmu felt that there was something in the words, but he was very shrewd, guessing that Xia Xiaoshu must have CBD gummies for anxiety reviews Eating Too Many CBD Gummies a difficult point of inconvenience to express, and he only needed to know the result.I ll pay attention.I ll recheck the relevant inventory when I go back.Then do I want to continue making orders in the later period Do as much as possible to avoid it.If the contract compensation is not very high, it is very cost effective to break the contract.Yes.Xia Xiaoshu replied in a low voice.

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Luo Cheng Township may not have to travel around to earn money for their children.The troubles of Mo Saoyun and Mo Saoyun s nephew, new age hemp gummies side effects Xiao, may disappear At that time, Xia Xiaoshu believes that he will be truly happy.This morning, Xia Xiaoshu didn t open for business.He said hello to Meng Qiting, grabbed a few gift bags of medicinal tea, and drove the minivan straight to the Jianhui company.Before that, Xia Xiaoshu had called Jiang Weiyu to discuss it, and Mr.Jiang naturally agreed, asking him to directly arrange related matters with high potency cbd gummies Manager Yue Mr.Xia You are too polite The medicinal tea you sent last time has not been finished yet You have sent it here again, hehe Manager Yue said casually.Yes, you can drink it, right Xia Xiaoshu asked casually with a smile.The curative effect is quite Eating Too Many CBD Gummies botanical farms CBD gummies ingredients obvious, Mr.

The office location will be adjusted to the third floor, next to the small offices of the company s bosses and assistants.I asked, the two person room, The other is a market researcher, who is several levels higher than me On the other end of the phone, Xie Tingyu explained in a low voice.So that s it I think, your treatment should be improved.It should be a good thing, right The only doubt is that this matter was arranged by Vice President Meng.It would be good if (2022 Update) Eating Too Many CBD Gummies Vice President Chang talked to you Xia Xiaoshu said casually about his views on the matter.Then tell me, should I agree to her Xie Tingyu wanted to ask Xia Xiaoshu s opinion.I can t say for a while.It best cbd sleep gummies 2021 should be a good thing, or should I ask Ms.Guan Ms.Guan Who is it You don t remember Guan Xianglan., Xia Xiaoshu reminded.Ouch Vice President Chang s lover, his mind was blinded all of a sudden, it s done You ve worked so hard, if this matter hit you, would you agree Xie Tingyu finally asked again.

Nowadays, Guanghua Road and Yuxin Street have already developed into prime business areas.Even for a small mom and pop shop, the annual rent is not something that ordinary people can easily afford.As a result, there has always been a legend in the market that the merchants in Guanghua Road and Yuxin Street are backed by great gold owners.Laiyue Xiaochao shop Eating Too Many CBD Gummies is very famous.If you come late, there will be no seats.Xia Xiaoshu had calculated it in advance, and entered the door at the right time, there were just two empty tables left.Uncle Let s go over there.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu accompanied Gan Jiu to the window and took a seat.The peak season was approaching, and the owner temporarily hired a helper, who was in his thirties, and he seemed very neat in his gestures.Hello, Mr.Xia What do you two want the female helper greeted very politely.

Listening to that tone, Xie Tingyu still insists on the power CBD gummy bears Eating Too Many CBD Gummies road of how to make cbd gummies at home fee based operation.Don t worry We can make money from advertising revenue It s just that our advertising business model is different from other companies, for example Subway No.5, south of Xinfuzhuang Station Exit There is a small shop selling beef fire on the side street corner.It s a mom and pop shop that doesn t hire outsiders.Do you have any impressions Beef fire Mom and pop shopohI remember, you invited me to eat there.After a while, the clear fire soup at that shop was very good What happened to this shop Come and see, this best place to buy cbd gummies is the game patch I just made.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu was on his phone.Click on the game to start the game, and after a while, hand over the phone to Xie Tingyu.Wow You made this It s so realistic where to buy cbd gummies for anxiety near me It s really immersive, I like it Look at this, we are advertising this store This kind of chicken feather shop can How much do you pay It s free.

Once sorted.Afterwards, Feng Yushi deliberately informed the alumni of the incident.After all, the wooden box was caught by someone else, and the alumni was also a master in mathematics.Unexpectedly, the alumnus had already gone to sea to do business at that time, and he had long lost interest in theoretical mathematics.He chatted a few words and let Feng Yushi handle it himself.Therefore, Feng Yushi started to study the Seven Classics of Strange Calculations when he where can i buy CBD gummies Eating Too Many CBD Gummies was free in normal times.However, what was disappointing was that until three years before his death, Feng Yushi still couldn t figure it out.He just knew about this book.Odd books have special reference for mathematical operations.How to interpret them is impossible for Feng Yushi Feng Yushi made several appointments with Xia Xiaoshu through Xu Shiyun, but Xia Xiaoshu was helpless, especially the troubles caused by Yuan Jiamin did not dare to delay for a day, and the two still failed to see the last side.

After Researcher CBD gummies for tinnitus Eating Too Many CBD Gummies Lu settled the bill, everyone secret nature CBD Eating Too Many CBD Gummies broke up and went their separate ways.Chapter 620 The Workshop After the lunch break, Xia Xiaoshu asked Yang Yuye to go to the whats cbd candy Sang family courtyard to tidy up the office and dormitory.The courtyard door was locked, and it was very fab cbd gummies review quiet inside and outside the door.Huh Uncle Zhang went back to the village to visit relatives Yang Yuye asked casually.Eighty percent of the Shangfang family rented the compound for on site guidance.Uncle Zhang has been very popular recently.For a while, the Qian family and the Fang family are always invited.Occasionally, unfamiliar neighbors also come to ask for advice.In this area, Uncle Zhang You re about to become cbd gummies to quit smoking review an internet celebrity.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu took out the key and opened the courtyard door.People have to have real skills, and they will be hemp gummies drug test respected wherever they go Yang Yuye sighed casually.

It is more appropriate to use a hot money, seek long term profits, and play steadily.Xia holistic health cbd gummies reviews Xiaoshu has always trusted Ding Weishan, and is willing to say a few more words to her.Uh Well it makes sense.Compared with you, we are still much shallower, hehe By the way, after the successful signing of the contract, using the big tree of Sizhong , why not open a few more cars Well, even if it s short term quick money, it s better than missing out You know what There are many people who deliberately counterfeit, but they don t have the skills.So far, there are only two in the city.I ve seen a few.Second, the business is booming.Ding Weishan asked puzzled.Actually, as soon as I have the opportunity, I will hide in your company to work, in order to avoid those businesses who plan to join the driving club.

He made a cup of fruit tea and handed it to the little six sons of the Wei family, Xia Xiaoshu said with a smile, Thank you for your hard work, sit on the sofa and rest for a while, we usually don t have anyone here, if you re sleepy, you ll be there.It s okay to lie down for a while.I m in good spirits The two places are very professionally decorated, and I don t see anything special.Look can you give me some work to do Yeah Your work attitude is CBDmd gummies Eating Too Many CBD Gummies really positive, not bad, not bad Let s go online and build a Subway Adventure mobile game discussion community, I ll send you the address later, it s a charging community , how much should it cost, you go through the online program first, and when you click on the final payment interface, Eating Too Many CBD Gummies you coordinate with Auntie Fang, and she will teach you how to use the company s public account to pay.

Manager cbd gummies for anxiety price Mu s mind was somewhat messy, and she didn t care much about what happened to Xia Xiaoshu.Nowadays, Shi Xinqin s sudden promotion is particularly easy to create an illusion Xia Xiaoshu helped Shi Xinqin to replace the position that should have belonged to Manager Mu.Think about it from another position, can Manager Mu feel better Xia Xiaoshu thought to himself.Although the situation in front of him evolved gradually under natural conditions, Xia Xiaoshu still felt that he neglected to communicate in a timely manner, and he was more or less responsible.When Xia Xiaoshu was at his worst, it was Manager Mu who helped him.Xia Xiaoshu will never forget this.Intentionally ask Manager Mu and Master Tao to sit in the Qingyue Building.After thinking about it, there are still some very practical problems between me and Manager Mu.

Really It s good or bad, it s all in the future, how to deal with it now Otherwise, let s go to the How many people are temporarily recruited in the talent market As long as we are recruiting, let s examine them in detail and try not to miss the mark.Besides, it doesn t matter if the newcomers are just a little bit talented.Can t you get it wherever you go After a few sips of tea, Xie Tingyu proposed to go to the talent market to recruit new people to try.I don t know the bottom line.We are in the start up can cbd gummies help quit drinking stage, and some risks are still unacceptable.I feel that it is inconvenient to recruit new people rashly.On Mr.Tong s side, in such a big company, cbd vs hemp oil you are all talented people.With the friendship between the two of you, it shouldn t be a problem to second her three or two people Secondment We have never had any business dealings with Shi Mihui.

There are too many people.I guess they are having a good time chatting with their friends.They didn t hear the phone ringing at all.Don t worry It s broad daylight.Yes, those two are more savvy than the other, what can happen Hehe go, I ll watch the house for us, and I ll send them the location of the camp later.Okay, okay.Yes As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu called Xiaotan to look for Yuan Jiamin and the two of them.When he was about to reach a tent that looked quite luxurious, Xia Xiaoshu s cell phone rang.I m sorry I ve been chatting, but I didn t see you making several calls.Where are you now Xie Tingyu asked casually cbd edible on the other end of the phone.We re looking for the two of you I m in Here s a tent that looks very special.It doesn t seem to be the kind issued by the service team.The golden canopy is quite large, can you see it On the other end of the phone, Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.

It s not easy Seeing that the time was almost up, Xia Xiaoshu disassembled the Four Weather Meter , packed it, and returned to the warehouse with prosperity.There was still some time before lunch, and Xiao Xia remembered that when he disassembled the parts just now, he saw those special steel wires, and he suddenly had some new ideas.With tools such as pliers, card slots, curved devices, etc., Xia Xiaoshu planned to improve the jump frog weaving technique taught by the old sheepman Uncle Gan.This time, he plans to make those Eating Too Many CBD Gummies special steel wires into small fasteners and install them into the core components of the Bungee Frog.If he succeeds, he believes that the Jump Frog s bouncing strength will be amplified by at least five times.Xia Xiaoshu was sitting in the yard working there, and watched a young lady walk in near the gate of the yard.

Worried that something might go wrong, Xia Xiaoshu hurriedly warned.Understood, go and greet Mr.Fang and their table.Those are all distinguished guests, and you can t be neglected.After that, Tong Yuyao went to the entrance of charlotte s web hemp extract infused gummies sleep the hall.Turning around, how much does cbd gummies cost Xia Xiaoshu found Jiang Siyong and Fang Yuelan, and asked them to go to the hall to help Mr.Tong receive the uninvited guests.Xia Xiaoshu beckoned to call Tan Yuecheng over.Mr.Tong and the others separated the guests from the foyer.You have to work hard and call a few people from our side to guide the guests to their seats.Xia Xiaoshu said casually.Okay With a promise, Tan Yuecheng turned around and was about to leave.At this time, Xie Tingyu hurried over to stop Tan Yuecheng.I took a look at it just now.The guests are roughly divided into the following categories.

Several walk slowly, I won t send you far Tong Yuyao said politely with a smile.Mr.Tong stay See you another day One of the guests said politely and followed the female assistant towards the elevator.You re busy, do you have time to go out today Tong Yuyao greeted Xia Xiaoshu with a smile.Haha I came out to talk about something, and I borrowed your company s telescope on cbd gummies for ringing in the ears the way.I have nothing to do, I will say hello to you, and then I will leave.Then I will send you off Tong Yuyao accompanied him.He followed Xia Xiaoshu towards the elevator.By the way, Xiao Hu and Xiao Lin from our company intend to be seconded to Miaoqi for a long time.If you agree, I will arrange for them to 900 mg full spectrum hemp gummies hand over the work at hand.Tong Yuyao Eating Too Many CBD Gummies said with a smile.This is not good, right Those two are quite good at business.

I m sorry, I didn t take good care of him that time, and he got a fever Really I have an impression on this matter.Since that is the case, everyone is not an outsider.If the time is right, please ask Mr.Xia to arrange it on your behalf.Okay, I will pay attention.Xiaoshu knew in his heart that the eldest son of Su was not someone who endured hardship, and he believed that he would be gone in a few days.Afterwards, the two chatted for a while, and seeing that it was too late, Xia Xiaoshu quickly persuaded Su Yuqing to go back to the house to rest.Xia Xiaoshu cleaned the tableware and chopsticks.After that, he turned around and checked inside and out, but found nothing special.Xia Xiaoshu went upstairs and went back to his room to rest.The next day, after getting up early and taking a quick shower, Xia Xiaoshu changed into his sports clothes and went out for a morning run.

Who said no Okay I agree with your advertising design.I can help a little with art, but I m afraid it will be difficult for me to be the male lead Jiang Siyong said with a smile a few words.It will always be a little uncomfortable at the beginning.Let s try it again.You should familiarize yourself with the script first.Yuan Jiamin and the little girl will arrive later.Okay, try it If it doesn t work, let s change people.Talking and laughing, Jiang Siyong picked up the script and read it carefully Yuan Jiamin is very optimistic about the design of this advertisement, and is willing to participate in it, but, facing the camera, after trying several times, Jiang Siyong always finds it difficult to cbd ashwagandha gummies get into the play.Female No.1 learned that the character before the male protagonist was terminally ill was played by Jin Yeyu.

Eating Too Many CBD Gummies cbd gummy bears brands, (best full-spectrum CBD gummies for pain 2021) Eating Too Many CBD Gummies how to make purekana cbd gummies on shark tank your own CBD gummies Eating Too Many CBD Gummies.

Prosperity is still staring at Shang Yixi, and before the Eating Too Many CBD Gummies host comes out to meet the guests, it will not let Shang Yixi easily.Wang Cai Don Eating Too Many CBD Gummies t you remember This is Mr.Shang, hehe Go to Uncle Luo and help, I ll chat with Mr.Shang for a while.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu said Wang Cai Sent to No.7 warehouse over there.Xia Xiaoshu knew that prosperous wealth was very obedient, and as jolly CBD gummies reviews Eating Too Many CBD Gummies long as anyone was not very friendly to Xiao Xia, even if it was dishonest, it would be able to detect it.Mr.Shang Stay safe Please sit inside I brought some food in the car, help me carry it.As he spoke, Shang Yixi opened where to buy cbd the trunk.One full box, three large plastic bags, Mr.Shang brought a can you take CBD gummies on an empty stomach Eating Too Many CBD Gummies lot of food this time.You re always so polite Come on I ll carry the box, you can just carry any bag.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu put the other two paint bags on top of the food box, and went directly into the kitchen in his arms.

Xia Xiaoshu suddenly realized that he didn t know Doctor Meng.Eldest nephew of the Lu family How did you think of him Is he okay Xia Xiaoshu asked in surprise.Take his pulse all the time.I still can t understand him at a young age That child is calm and has a good IQ.After all, he is a child who gummy bear recipe CBD Eating Too Many CBD Gummies grew up in a city.He can t stay in Yugu Village all his life, right He is happy, his parents Don t do it Oh Listen to what you mean, are you going to accept apprentices Xia Xiaoshu asked casually.Almost, take it with you for a year to see, niva cbd gummies in case it doesn t go as expected, anyway, give him kirk cameron cbd gummies a bowl of food, if it weren t for you, he would basically be OVER early in his life, follow me, the last time, he can also If you open your own clinic, you will have no problem making a living.You can t do it Jolly CBD Gummies Review Eating Too Many CBD Gummies | SECRET FACTS BEHIND in Yugu Village, didn t you say Gan Jiumao will go to the city sooner or later.

Of course, these are all suggestions from cdc gummies Xia Xiaoshu.A few days later, Miss Ru was surprised to find that very few of the employees were late and left early, and the cafeteria and dormitory began to be full of happy laughter.The material manager told Miss Xiaoru privately that when the workers were working, they began to save raw materials on their own initiative.After learning this news, Wei Yuecheng felt that most of his life was really in vain.It is really important to create a corporate culture atmosphere.In fact, it is not too difficult to do it.The key is you have to show great sincerity.From this, Wei Yuecheng determined one thing Xia Xiaoshu is his own noble person, and more importantly, the noble person of the shining company.Guan Qicheng s sudden visit brought Wei Yuecheng greater surprise and cbd store near me gummies even shock.

I think we re about the same.Otherwise, let s go back.Yesterday I went to town to buy some minced meat.How about we make dumplings at noon Xia Xiaoshu asked Xinyuan with a smile.Opinion.Okay I didn t expect you to make dumplings Awesome Xinyuan replied happily.Do you three have any taboos I have prepared two kinds of meat fillings, mutton and beef.If there are any taboos, I will make another vegetarian filling for you.No, no Then make mutton filling.Yes, mutton stuffed dumplings are delicious.Xinyuan replied with a smile.Miss Xiaozhang and Mr.Su smiled at Xia Xiaoshu and had no objection.After returning to the warehouse and busy with work, Xia Xiaoshu discovered that the three guests who came from afar could not do anything, and even cleaning vegetables seemed clumsy.There was no way, Xia Xiaoshu had to be alone in the kitchen Busy best cbd gummies for dogs over there.

The lights in Doctor Meng s room have been can you take CBD gummies on an empty stomach Eating Too Many CBD Gummies turned off, and Xiaoguan is still reading at night with the lights on, preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination.Hearing movement in the corridor, Shi Xinqin went out to greet Xia Xiaoshu and then turned off the lights and rested.Back in his dormitory, Xia Xiaoshu was about to turn on the computer to sort out some information when someone knocked on the door.You haven t slept yet Is there something wrong Opening the door, Yang Yuye Eating Too Many CBD Gummies was standing outside, wearing a small coat.Can t sleepTell you something Now ThenPlease come in After speaking, Xia Xiaoshu let Nurse Yang into his dormitory.It was the first time Yang Yuye entered Manager Xia s dormitory at night.I m very annoyed talking to you, maybe I can feel better.After taking a seat, Yang Yuye said casually.

cbd hemp oil how to use After listening carefully for a while, Shi Jincuo found out that Mr.Xia was a former university teacher.Without a manuscript, his speech was logically clear, organized, focused, and detailed Made from bamboo From the perspective of pure mathematics, Xia Xiaoshu told people about the important and core role of applied mathematics in the protection of the natural environment.Slowly, the audience began to become quiet, no one was walking around at will, and no longer talking in a low voice, one by one listening to the magical young man on the stage with great concentration.Mu Qijin never invites ordinary people to attend meetings casually.Most of the people present today are people who are in a certain corner of the society.The applied mathematics was explained so vividly and vividly by Mr.Xia.

Alas It s not easy now Qu Shangyi responded.You two s craftsmanship is there, the buns must be sold well, but You can t earn much after working hard this day, right Xia Xiaoshu told the truth.Hey Earn one and count as one, otherwise there is no way As he spoke, Qu Shangyi s thick brows knitted together again.Does the old man have medical insurance Xia Xiaoshu asked super chill products cbd gummies reviews casually.Yes But that kind of disease The proportion of self payment is not low My father, try to use the medicine as much as possible Let s go to see the old man another eagle hemp CBD gummies side effects Eating Too Many CBD Gummies day, I wonder if Boss Qu would mind Xia Xiaoshu cbd hemp business asked Boss Qu The impression of the couple is very good, if possible, he really wants to help them.Yuan Sanwei is a well known old shop.Qu Shangyi and his cbd delta 10 gummies wife are superb in cooking, honest and dedicated, and their business is naturally quite good.

Just a few words of explanation.It s a big company after all If you don t take things seriously, let s treat our family as big boss Qian, hehe With a casual joke, Wang Yuxia continued to make dumplings.My brother in law is working overtime again Wang Yudong asked casually after drinking a sip of juice.80 of the time, their company seems to have received a large order recently.Your brother 3000mg cbd gummies effects in law will bring someone to upgrade the server there Alas I best cbd oil for chronic pain heard him talk about the order these days, but how can his income be Why don t you see a rise My brother in law is somewhat introverted, and he can t open his mouth when he needs to say something.He is born to be a tech savvy person, and it s good to be safe.By the way, sister, the boy at the door is Xiaojie.Right Wang Yudong suddenly mentioned the boy from the opposite door.

Apart from the fact that the house is very old, this house can be regarded as a pretty good house back then.The bathroom is remodeled and can be used for bathing.The area is quite small.The kitchen area is very narrow.Two adults cooking in it will immediately appear tight.There is no living room.The landlord transformed the corridor into a living room, which looks ingenious There are two bedrooms, one big and one small.The larger one has 20 square meters, and the smaller one should have about 15 square meters.In addition, there is a small storage room, which the landlord has also transformed into a small bedroom.The house has been largely vacated, with only a few pieces of old fashioned furniture left.Aunt Cen, have you moved out Xia Xiaoshu asked with a smile.Actually, I usually live very well by myself, I m free, and I know the neighbors very well, alas My son is not happy It is said that the elderly who live alone are prone to accidents, so they insisted on taking me to live with him, No way, I can t beat him.