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This is when the cooling fan is turned on.The temperature dropped to about five degrees.Of course, due to the high cost of semiconductor cooling fans, the price of a fan is 499 yuan, and Berry Technology also prepared a 199 yuan ordinary fan.Users can freely adjust the cost according to their own needs, so that the computer host can perform normally.In addition to the fan, there are many positions inside the computer host, and these positions can even be added with batteries or a larger power supply.Of course, the current host s fashionable voltage power supply can basically meet the needs do cbd gummies get me high of all users, and more batteries can naturally be installed in the remaining places to ensure the battery life after the host is taken out.However, the spare position of the current host has deliberately reserved space for three additional batteries.

applause.It turned out that it was Pei Le who suddenly clapped his hands and said, Old Tian, I really didn t read you wrong, you are not the kind of sandra bullock cbd gummies person who forgets his roots after he succeeds.You are indeed a writer who can write such classic works as Zhu Xian I am here Here new age hemp gummies 3000 mg reviews is a decision to announce that our company will increase the share of the Zhuxian game by another five percentage points.In this case, your editor can get no less bonuses Of course, the premise of all this is charles stanley CBD gummies Finest CBD that you will need the original content of the game at that time.When the author perfects the various settings of the game, you can t refuse, all this must be written in the contract After Tian Yunxiao heard Pei Le s words, he nodded quickly and agreed immediately The system has detected that the master has completed the intermediate hidden task Chapter 108 You have to change it reward plus update 9 44 After Tian Yunxiao agreed to Pei Le s request, the voice of the system in his mind suddenly spread out.

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The Tianma Ping of the Berries high cbd hemp strains has always been the place where netizens complain the most.And now the Berry family has adopted a high level LG top OLED screen on the high end flagship, which suddenly made many netizens start to be excited about the Finest CBD Berry family x20 mobile phone.The ordinary version of the Berry x20 is so expressive, as the top version of the Berry x20pro is better than the ordinary version in terms can u bring CBD gummies on a plane Finest CBD of screen.In terms of the screen foundation of the original ordinary version, the screen of the Berry family x20pro has achieved three upgrades.The first upgrade is that the resolution of the screen is directly upgraded to 3280 1440, which directly increases the resolution of the screen to the level of 2k.The second upgrade is the refresh rate and touch sampling rate of the screen.

how long does it take cbd gummies to kick in However, after the blessing of the Berry family flash memory chip and certain optimization, the performance of the two has also made a certain breakthrough.The new performance triangular has brought breakthroughs in performance.The AnTuTu score of the Raspberry Note9 has reached 725200 points, and the Raspberry Note9Pro s running score has reached 741850 points At the same time, Li Nan It is also for the laboratory running scores of two mobile phones for many consumers.Of course, the laboratory running scores are the running scores that can be generated in a specified environment, which is also commonly used by various manufacturers to boast the performance of Finest CBD their mobile hemp cbd reddit phones one of the tricks.The actual running score of the mobile phone cannot reach the help of the laboratory, and it is basically about 20,000 points lower than the running score of the laboratory.

The next door Uncle Tian Really Is your book very fluffy How much After seeing Tian Yunxiao s recovery, I only saw anecdotal stories, and he replied helplessly.Anecdotal legends My book really belongs to Qiqidian wool, 110,000 words are global green labs cbd gummies on the shelves, and more than 300,000 words will be finished.After three months of full attendance, it s over botanical farms CBD gummies reviews reddit Finest CBD Anecdotal legend My book can t be regarded as a flutter, and I didn t even get to 500.It can only be said that it was written for fun Tian Yunxiao felt speechless after reading the rumored words, so he tapped the keyboard and replied.The next door Uncle Tian said, Is there any five hundred Isn t it enough to have five hundred and one hand Next door Uncle Tian That s enough, but it s okay, you open a book and I will bring you some traffic, win this book, the next high quality purekana CBD gummies Finest CBD book, and the next book for ten thousand orders According to legend, after seeing Tian Yunxiao s words, he was very moved, so he typed and replied.

cbd gummies mango does cbd gummies have any side effects A piece of Su Ye said, The reason you said is too absurd, it feels impossible Kyu Column Tian Yunxiao had no choice jolly CBD gummies reviews Finest CBD but to type on the keyboard after seeing what Su Ye didn t believe.The next door Uncle Tian That s the reason, after all, this is my first book.I feel a little unacceptable Pu Jie, a young man from northern Hebei, started a group chat at this time, and after seeing Tian Yunxiao s words, he felt greatly insulted.Binghuo The class representative gives You focus, First Book Binghuo I m so envious, is this a talented player Tian Yunxiao saw Binghuo began to nurse him again, so he wanted to close the group chat.A Su Ye Uncle, your mentality is unacceptable.You can t be afraid of being sprayed when writing a book Otherwise, sooner or later, you will be autistic CBD gummies for diabetes reviews Finest CBD Tian Yunxiao saw Su Ye and began to enlighten him again, feeling a burst of shame in his heart botanical farms CBD gummies reviews reddit Finest CBD , said to himself Oh, Su Yeshen is so gentle, I feel embarrassed to pit him. CBD gummies Finest CBD

After getting used to it slowly, the body gradually began to relax.Two arms wrapped around Pei Pai s back.After Pei Pao felt Tian Yunxiao s arms ulixy CBD gummies Finest CBD embrace her, a sly smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.It s been a long time, but the two people who are hugging feel that it s only a moment s effort.In fact, half an hour has passed, and the two let go of the hands they hugged each other.At this time, neither of them spoke, and there was only endless silence.It was only when they walked out of the airport that a phone call broke the silence.Tian Yunxiao s cell phone rang, he took it out and found that it was Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies Finest CBD | Best CBD Gummies With THC Naturally an unfamiliar number in Quancheng.So picked up.Is it Tian Yunxiao We are the XX District Court of Quancheng City.We will inform you now that the plagiarism case you reported to the police will be officially held in the first court at ten o clock in the morning next Friday.

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The revelation of new technologies can affect the Finest CBD development of the entire mobile phone industry, and also bring a certain degree of attention CBD hemp gummies Finest CBD to the Berry mobile phone.The executives of the company were a little surprised when they heard Huang Da s words.After all, most executives of the Berry family are still in a state of confusion about the company s internal technology research and development, and many of the research and development technologies are kept secret.Technology is the core of a company s development, and it is the existence that needs to be kept secret the most.There are very few executives in the company who can really touch the core technology inside the company.Even when Huang Da said that he planned to officially announce a new technology, all the executives present were dumbfounded.

Of course, the final result is to recruit more talents, eliminate all the forces in the game, occupy all the cities and finally unify the whole world.The game is divided into combat and internal affairs.Among them, the internal affairs include searching, developing and manufacturing weapons, etc.At the same time, Huang Da added the mechanism of capturing generals in the original game, so that captives can also be recruited and surrendered in the internal affairs.The combat system includes the best cbd gummies for depression 2021 transportation of generals and the siege of land, which is also one of the main gameplay of this game.All in all, the more Chu He played, the more he liked it, and he even felt that this game brought him a new world.Two different game modes, internal affairs need to consider their own factors, to choose search or development.

This also makes the current mobile phone have a very good performance in the interactive experience.Chapter 481 The fifth generation tablet Raspberry x60 series has overall product advantages over most flagship products.Not only does it have great advantages in product design, but it oregon cbd hemp flower is also very kind in terms of product hardware stacking.Even in the entire industry, it is rare to have such an excellent flagship product.In particular, in terms of image experience, it has basically thrown out a few streets of similar products, bringing users a brand new image experience.We are currently the strongest flagship in the industry.I can confidently announce to Finest CBD everyone that this time the Berry x60 is far ahead of other mobile phone manufacturers Even on the stage of the press conference, Huang Da was even very confident Announced to users that the overall product of the Raspberry x60 surpasses other mobile phone manufacturers.

Friends have already taken action It seems that we are ready to take action, but we can t let other friends take all the users pure cbd gummies las vegas After understanding the current competition in hemp bombs CBD gummies Finest CBD the mobile phone market, Huang Da immediately prepared to start the price reduction activity After all, the inner circle of the current mobile phone market can be described as very serious.If you don t grasp it, I am afraid that users will be robbed by other manufacturers.In order to allow the Berry family to have more user groups, Berry Blue returned to the original price of 618 at this moment.Berry blue school season activities Berry blue note8 series will reduce the price of 200 yuan, increase the price of 99 to get Berry blue bracelet On the night of the new phone, the Berry family martha stewart CBD gummies review Finest CBD finally shot.In order to grab more of the mobile phone market, this time, the hemp oil vs CBD oil Finest CBD Berry family will carry out a wave of price reduction promotions for the reason of the school season, and strive to attract more netizens to accept such products.

Although the Berry family is now a partner of TGC, the cooperation between the two is far less than that of the above two.Fortunately, there is only one 7 nanometer processor chip, the Xuanwu 910 processor.Obviously, the final launch of this processor chip will be in the second half of the year.It is also acceptable for Huang Da to choose to deliver in June and July.At present, the company s factory warehouse still has one million pieces of Xuanwu 900 series processor chips produced by Taiwan Jidian in the second half of this year.Huang Da has already started his factory to prepare for the production of the current Berry Pro series of new machines.The company plans to launch the flagship cannaleafz CBD gummies Finest CBD mobile phone of the first half of the year in early February to continue to stabilize the achievements of the company s MX10 series in the high end mobile phone market this year.

With such a configuration and such a price, netizens call it really fragrant, and some netizens even feel that they will have to grab such a mobile phone at that time.Just when the eyes of netizens were attracted by the Hongmi K20pro Premium Edition, the official Weibo of the Berry Company issued a new message.And such a message has completely attracted the attention of Finest CBD many users.Berry Blue S7s series, special models for Double Eleven, please look forward to it Berry Blue S7s series, Double Eleven models available These words have attracted the attention of current netizens without exception.Obviously, netizens also realized that a new cost effective battle has officially started.The two parties are the former red and blue CPs.Hongmi launched the current K20pro exclusive version, in order to be able to In addition, according to the digital news station, the price of this mobile phone may be around 2800, and it will become the most cost effective model in the second half of this year.

This time the official did not hold a product launch conference for the second generation of smartwatches.Compared with the smart watch area, the second generation of smart watches has achieved certain improvements in hardware and functions.First of all, in terms of core performance, this time the five CBD gummies reviews Finest CBD smart watch uses a brand new Xuanwu 410 processor chip.This chip specially designed for smart watches uses the latest four nanometer process technology, and has also been greatly improved in terms of CPU and GPU.Using the sixth core CPU architecture, six 2.0Ghz M3 core, the GPU uses the second generation graphics processor chip.In terms of performance, the overall performance can reach the level of Gaotong s Fire Dragon 855 , and even the AnTuTu running score can reach an excellent score of 590,000 points.

Finest CBD energize cbd gummies This zoom lens is an unprecedented addition of ten times the equivalent optical zoom to the 12 megapixel aspect, which can basically act as a telescope.Of course, such a performance in function cannot really be regarded as a big killer, and the reason why this zoom lens can be regarded as a big killer is mainly due to its small production process and overall volume capacity.effort.You must know that most of the current mobile phones with zoom lenses will have a very prominent camera module on the back.The higher the zoom level of the mobile phone camera module, the more serious the protrusion.This makes it impossible for users to place their mobile phones flat on the desktop on weekdays, which also makes some netizens express dissatisfaction.The new zoom lens green farms cbd gummies developed this time can change the status quo of the protruding zoom lens in the entire cbd gummies for stress and depression mobile phone industry, and become a distinctive existence of Berry mobile phones and other flagship mobile phones.

The Berry MX30 series officially launched the Berry flagship reputation, which also made the influence of the entire brand gradually recognized by the eagle hemp CBD gummies cost Finest CBD public, and many manufacturers in the industry began to imitate the Berry.Judging from the current revelations, this time the processor hcc cbd gummies chip of the Berry MX40 series is still a variant of the Xuanwu 935 processor, and the performance Finest CBD of the Xuanwu 935 processor chip is naturally needless to say.At the same time, each generation of Berry products will have a certain new design, and there will also be new technological breakthroughs in hardware, which is why many users look forward to Berry products.However, it has now reached mid August, but there is still no hardware news about new products, which also makes netizens start to look forward to the Berry MX40 series.

At the same time, the most important point of the system is to increase the function of flyos Internet of Everything.The Finest CBD purpose of flyos itself is to shape the system platform for connecting various devices, and the flyos desktop version, as the carrying system of the computer host, is naturally its essential advantage of the interconnection of all things.This also means that after having such a powerful host, a number of devices that have developed the flyos system, such as mobile phones, computers, watches, etc., can hinge on the data, and can implement interactive operations.Combined with the flyos connectivity technology announced earlier, it truly pure potent hemp gummies relies on one device to connect all devices for operation.And these functions in the true sense are one of the reasons why Berry Technology insists on cross border.

This makes most netizens also start to complain.Except for the chip and image, the current P40 basically cannot reach the level of the flagship.And the starting price of 4298 yuan has also made more netizens who have high requirements for cost performance to make crazy complaints about this model.However, compared to the ordinary version, the other two versions are more in line with the high end flagship in the true sense due to the foiling of the ordinary version.However, the biggest advantage of the entire Warwick P40 series is the RYYB main camera it uses.This is a 50 megapixel sensor with a 1 128 inch ultra large bottom.It is indeed far beyond similar competitors in terms of overall image.It is precisely because of this powerful main camera that this series of mobile phones can be called the so called image flagship.

Although the top flagship mobile phones can take pictures comparable to professional cbd oil hemp oil cameras, they are worse in some aspects Li Nanji is serious Explain the main reason and concept of this product.Obviously, this what s the difference between cbd oil and hemp oil product is a real camera specially prepared for those users who do not have enough budget but want to take pictures.First of all, this time our camera looks very good, the thickness of the body is 9.8 mm, and the super large camera module in the middle of the camera shrinks to a thickness of 14 mm, and this time our entire camera is 5 mm in size.At 81 inches and weighing 199 grams, it is a very thin and does hemp oil have cbd light camera This time, the product specially prepared best cbd gummies on amazon 2021 for users to take pictures, compared with traditional digital cameras, pure kana CBD gummies Finest CBD the overall thickness and lightness level are also very good.

After waiting for a long time, I finally got this smokiez cbd gummies review game Li Lei looked at the game with an excited smile on his face.To test his time, he chose the download button, ready to download the game first, and try how the mobile game version performs.And eagle hemp cbd gummies official website when the game actually started to download, Li Lei was completely panicked.Even after seeing the size of the game this time, I couldn t help but let out a Fuck 293G Looking at the size of this game, Li Lei was dumbfounded.To be honest, he has seen big games like 10G and 50G, but he has never seen games close to 300G.Li Lei looked at the little storage left in the phone, and then looked at the game in front of him.At this time, he was hesitating whether he needed to delete other games and download this 300G game.Just when Li Lei was about to download the game, he found that the download button in front of him couldn t be clicked at all.

However, most mobile phone manufacturers can indeed accept this price.After all, the overall performance of this processor chip is indeed worthy of this price.As a more prominent performance, the Taixu 835 processor chip with a more powerful manufacturing process was finally priced at 2,200 yuan in terms of pricing.Compared with the current Taixu 830, the price is directly Finest CBD 400 yuan more expensive.The price of 2,200 yuan is also the highest price of a processor in the entire industry at present.You must know that the price of most manufacturers processor chips is now less than 2,000 yuan.Taixu 835 is also the most expensive processor chip among all chip manufacturers.Although the price of the Taixu 835 is high, most mobile phone manufacturers also understand that the final positioning product of the Taixu 835 processor chip is basically a high end flagship product with a price of six or seven thousand.

That s not even close to each other You are talking nonsense Obviously you said it first You re just talking nonsense It s obviously you The two girlfriends actually staged a big play called Plastic Girlfriend Love in front of Tian Yunxiao.Seeing that the two were almost torn apart.Tian Yunxiao shouted Okay Don t make trouble, do you two know it s wrong At this time, Zhang Mengmeng and Li Qianqian both looked at each other, and then hummed.He said to Tian Yunxiao Handsome guy, I know I was wrong I shouldn t be late Tian Yunxiao saw that the two women were starting to admit their mistakes, so he shouted, Waiter, order After delivery, Tian Yunxiao first ordered two home cooked dishes that he prefers, a fish flavored shredded pork and a sweet and sour pork loin.Then he handed the menu to the two women on the opposite side and said, You two, watch the order After seeing Zhang Mengmeng taking the menu, she looked at the menu and said to the waiter, Please give me a vegetarian meal.

Pei in the original book of just hemp gummies Losing Money to Be the Richest is called GOG, here Lao Tian changed it without authorization to match the previous one and the IOI of the foreign finger game company is not aware of the business battle.Tian Yunxiao heard Pei s words, Helplessly said Yes, this Binghuo is not good at learning, after all, not everyone is as talented as me Pei Pao looked at Tian Yunxiao up and down at this time, and then cbd gummies to quit smoking cigarettes reddit swept his eyes to On Tian Yunxiao s thigh, he said, It s really talented Tian Yunxiao replied to Binghuo.Uncle Tian next door It seems that I asked you to study the experience of President Tengda Pei in reality.You have no eyes to study at all Next door, Uncle Tian Even President Pei used the game LOL are hemp gummies the same as edibles to defeat Finest CBD the foreign Alex Group a notorious group written in the cbd hemp extract persona original book of Sister Qing s Losing to Become the Richest Man , the prototype is real Don t you know the IOI of the finger company under Vivendi Global Group At this time, Pu Jie, a young man from northern Hebei, was child eats cbd gummies obviously taken aback when he saw Tian Yunxiao s reply.

ulixy CBD gummies Finest CBD There was no vision in the dragon pit, so the little fish man directly opened the blind vision to predict.At this time, Dalong still had more than 3,000 blood left, and the fish fed Kassadin who hit the opponent s mid laner.Kassadin is not afraid of such a small dried fish.While stepping on the dragon with an R skill, Q provides a magic shield to reduce the damage of the fish and stack the number of layers of R.Every time Kassadin casts r, it will increase the mana cost, but while increasing the mana cost, it will also increase the damage.When the stack reaches 800 blue, one set is enough to kill an ad in seconds.Ad is always a toy for the mid laner.Seeing the size of the murloc, Kassadin knew that the opponent was going to fight.Vayne s robe hunting, appeared in the blue square s field of vision.

At the same time, the GPU adopts the latest graphics processor chip of the same level as the Finest CBD Taixu 830, which greatly improves the GPU are CBD gummies the same as hemp gummies Finest CBD performance.The overall performance level of this processor chip is how to use CBD gummies for pain Finest CBD very close to the Taixu 830.The performance gap between CPU performance and Taixu 830 is only 7 , while GPU performance is Finest CBD basically similar.It can be said that this mid to high end processor chip is indeed very good in terms of performance improvement.As for the Xuanwu 865 processor chip, this time best gummy CBD Finest CBD the CPU also adopts a 12 core architecture.1 3.0Ghz M6 core 3 2.6Ghz M5 cores 8 1.8Ghz Finest CBD M3 core.Judging from the CPU architecture of the current processor, the CPU performance of this processor is indeed terrifying.The single core running score of this processor chip came directly to the terrifying score of 3650 points, and the multi core running score even are cbd gummies illegal in texas reached 8700 points.

It s not so much a piece of information It s better to say two The Berry family x30 will be equipped with the second generation of composite carbon based high Molecular battery At the same time, the weight of the mobile phone will be controlled within 155 grams The current first generation composite carbon and polymer battery has a capacity of 1.1 of that of ordinary lithium batteries of the same volume.5 times.On the basis of the first generation, the second generation has a 20 capacity increase.This also means are cbd gummies good for sleep that an ordinary lithium battery of 4,000 mAh Finest CBD has a capacity of 6,000 mAh for the first generation new battery, while the capacity of the second generation battery is 7,200 mAh under best cbd gummies anxiety the same volume.mA capacity.This basically reduces the volume of the original battery of the same capacity by almost half.

, anxious Wang is a fart, he only has 10 million yuan in running water a year, and he still owes a loan, so how can I use his wink Last time I asked you to accompany him for a glass of wine, I really have nothing else to do.It means that I just want you cbd gummies com to have a drink with him As long as you come back to work, I promise that the boss won t harass you again After Li do male hemp plants produce cbd Jiaxin heard the president s assurance, she came with suspicion Bank you work for.As soon as he entered the bank, he was called into the office by the president and said to Li Jiaxin, Little Li, it s great that you are back to work now.Our bank lacks talents like you.Li Jiaxin Seeing the behavior of the president in front of him, he instantly felt like a very familiar expression pack.But he still listened to the president s words and returned botanical CBD gummies Finest CBD to work.

Finally, redesign a real open that can be clicked and networked.And this game can not only log in on the mobile phone, but also can play the game happily on the computer pc.The Zelda game is a multi platform 3D open game, which Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies Finest CBD | Best CBD Gummies With THC Naturally adds a lot of action, maze, cultivation Finest CBD and other elements.I believe this game will bring some new experiences to all users Huang Da introduced the game to the users in great detail, and at the same time, the screen behind him began to play the relevant game screen.Maze screen Battle scene Raising pets Of course, there are also many two dimensional cute girls in games These pictures also caused most netizens to directly exclaimed fuck.In fact, the game with gummy bear logo effects two dimensional openness did not have how to get cbd gummies out of your system much popularity.However, the emergence of the game Genshin Impact officially launched the game of two dimensional openness to the public.

At the same time, the gpu used this time is the current Warwick.The self developed GPU graphics processor chip can reach 296 in Manhattan frame rate performance.0 level, compared with the previous generation of graphics processors, the chip has improved qualitatively, and the overall performance level is close to the Xuanwu 955.It can be said that the performance of the Kirin 9100 processor chip this time is completely stronger than that of the Taixu 835 processor, and the chip can even be infinitely close to the Xuanwu 960 processor chip.However, this processor chip with such excellent expressiveness has a very fatal flaw, that is, nature boost cbd gummies reviews this processor chip cannot support the latest and strongest high quality game graphics.This also makes this processor chip stop production when a certain batch is produced.

This kind of 3D visual impact also needs to cooperate with the interaction, which is very difficult.Because of this, all the interactive experiences at that time will have certain changes, and even some operational logic changes will occur when the user is using it.However, this change of operation logic will only be reflected on some specific functions.After all, users are accustomed to using a system.In terms of normal daily operation and ordinary use, it is natural to ensure that users continue to maintain their usage habits.However, Huang Da believes that if the 4.0 system is really launched, it will inevitably affect the entire mobile phone industry, and will also make FlyOS the coolest best cbd gummies for lungs and most powerful system in the eyes of technology enthusiasts and users.Of course, a series of innovations are accompanied by a series of crises and risks.

At present, with the development of the industry, everything needs to be transformed in a real sense.With the value of high tech products, it can promote the faster development of the industry.At the same time, these technologies of AI intelligent 800 mg cbd gummies robots still require many simulation operations before they can be truly applied in medical practice.After all, the life of the human body can be said to be very important, and in the absence of exact certainty, it is still necessary to carry out various simulations.But Huang Da firmly believes that with more and more simulated operation cases, the performance of the T1 surgical robot will get better can you take cbd gummies on a cruise and Finest CBD are cbd gummies bad for you better.With the end of Huang Da s explanation, the meeting was considered to be over.After the conference, Huang Da had a conversation with the dean of Xiangya Medical College.

veterans vitality CBD gummies Finest CBD 0 protocol, some netizens even used the most popular versions of the running points to prove the performance of the corresponding products.Among them, the running score of the ordinary version of 8 256G is basically the same as that of the rice phone 16, with only 2.16 million points.The 12 256G version with the one hand protocol has a score of 2.21 million nature cbd capsules points, which is not very obvious in comparison.Using the 8 512G version of the running score again, it came to 2.2 million points, which is not particularly obvious in comparison, but only 40,000 points more.And fully adopt 4.After the 0 protocol, the 12 512G running score reached 2.25 million points, which is a direct increase of 90,000 points compared to the 8 256G version using ordinary flash memory and the protocol.At the same time, there are also some digital bloggers who use different games for testing in different versions, and in terms of the stability of the frame rate, it is obvious that the higher the storage configuration, the better the corresponding stability.

From this press conference, we can see that Brother Gu is ambitious.From the current multi platform system adaptation to the development of the entire product ecological chain, we can predict the future development trend of Gu Ge in the industry.The products released so do CBD gummies curb appetite Finest CBD far have further established Gu Ge s ambition to benchmark flyos and Hongmeng.Of course, the Berries Technology side did not pay too much attention to the current provocation of Gu Ge, and they are starting to develop virtual games with all their strength.With the advent of the 6g network era, the network speed at this time has been greatly improved.Among them, various operators have begun to quickly upgrade and iterate on the 6g network, and have also begun to fully popularize the 5g network.At the same time, the broadband cable network has also undergone a new round of upgrades, starting a further upgrade speed.

Of course, netizens are more concerned about the current charging and battery life of mobile phones.After all, the rumor that Berry blue Finest CBD mobile phones do not come with chargers has appeared before the press conference.Some netizens want to see if this time the Raspberry 2022 Finest CBD Blue dares to take the world by storm, and the mobile phone does not come with a charger.Berry Blue S8 uses a 5000 mAh battery, and supports 50W wired fast charging.Smart charging supports 47 minutes to fully charge the phone, while full blood charging supports 36 best CBD gummies for anxiety 2022 Finest CBD minutes to fully charge the phone.Berry Blue S8pro uses a 4800 The mAh battery supports 65W wired fast charging at the same time, the smart charging can fully charge the phone in 38 minutes, and the full blood charging version can fully charge the phone in 27 minutes.