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Bai Cailing also nodded happily, Thank you, Elder Xu Several deacons also became eager and ordered, Come here, send Elder Xu back to the room with the saint, and take good care of him Oh, you really are Great, if Xu Que can treat this old man like half of you, the old man can die Xu Que sighed with a full face.Afterwards, with the help of a group of people, Xu Que s trembling figure finally left the conference hall.The conference hall of Nuoda also recovered its coldness.Several deacons glanced at Yi Zhong and said indifferently, Fellow Daoist Yi, you should have a good rest.If you need anything, just ask my Yaochi disciple to do it After that, the deacons also left the discussion.hall.Even if Yi Zhong is the genius of the Shennong clan and the future son of the Shennong clan, this does not mean that Yaochi will compliment him, not to mention that there is hope that Pantaoyuan will recover now, so Yaochi s strength will how to make CBD gummies Genesis CBD Gummies also have a great hope to Genesis CBD Gummies return to the peak.

The prisoner immediately stretched out his palm, tapped it, and patted Ergouzi lightly, touching it Whoosh In an instant, the good and evil jade cards on his body changed, the evil value was quickly cleared, and the good value rose to more than ten points.This actually succeeded The prisoner was stunned, and then his eyes were full of surprise.The next moment, the void was slightly twisted, and a powerful pulling force suddenly appeared, sweeping him up and disappearing into the cell.The entire cell was quiet again, and everyone was a little stunned, unbelievable.Just by touching Ergouzi, you can actually get so many good points.Including the offset dosage of cbd gummies bad points, there must be more than 100 good points in total It s amazing, it s really not a bad dog Someone exclaimed, interpreting is CBD good for your skin Genesis CBD Gummies the two dogs called by Xu Que as bad dogs It seems alright, come on, do you still have to continue Hurry up, I m still rushing to the eighth level Buddha Prison Xu Que urged with a smile.

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I can t even beat a girl in the middle stage of the fairyland alone Ah Second Miss, he he s dead At this moment, Xiao Ru, the maid who had reacted, shouted in shock.The tall slender woman was also stunned for a while, then shook her head, No, I just got knocked out Hey, it s okay, although this person is a fake mountain god, it s a bit hateful, but he s not guilty of death Xiaoru Changsong Taking a breath, he patted his chest.The tall slender woman s mouth twitched suddenly, this guy doesn t seem to have impersonated a mountain god, but his behavior is a bit indecent, and it is true that he is not guilty of death But Suddenly, the tall and slender woman frowned slightly, and whispered, This person seems to have the cultivation level are CBD gummies addictive Genesis CBD Gummies of half fairyland, but why is he so weak, he was knocked out just after I just touched it Hee hee, it means that Genesis CBD Gummies Second Miss, your strength has improved again Xiao Ru said with a smile immediately.

Then you can try it Liu Jingning smiled charmingly.try it These words were simply a threat from Chi Guoguo, and Xu Que s mouth twitched.He didn t even plan to have ten female disciples, he just said it casually.But now, he believed that if he really wanted ten female disciples, Liu Jingning would really go to complain to Jiang Hongyan and make a small report, adding fuel to the fire, and because of Liu Jingning s ghost thoughts, Xu Que was really worried.The reason why this witch was called a witch in the four continents before is not a simple method.If the ship capsizes in the sewer, it will not be worth the loss Cough cough, forget it, don t miss Sister Xiaoji , six immortal artifacts plus 110,000 spirit crystals Immediately, Xu Que coughed dryly, looking at everyone in the sleepy killing formation.

He waved out a purple glow, as if purple energy was coming from the east, suddenly rushing towards Zeng Da Buddha.Boom The two powerhouses at the peak of the Mahayana period Genesis CBD Gummies fought against each other, and the magic formula was extremely terrifying The entire void was shaken to pieces, cracking open one cbd gummies delta 10 after another.Fortunately, Master Zeng intends to lead the battle, and the battle with the saint is farther and farther away, and the battlefield gradually moves away from the imperial palace.It turns out that this is the real strength of the peak of the Mahayana period Compared to that, that Qin Wei is really nothing Xu Que was horrified, and he was glad that he didn t have ulixy CBD gummies Genesis CBD Gummies the impulse to come to the saint rashly.But now that Master Zeng is dragging him, it s time for him to take action Little guy, come with me, the enlightenment tree is hidden in the imperial palace At this time, Jiang Hongyan spoke, preparing to bring Xu Que into the imperial palace However, Xu Que suddenly grabbed her with one hand and smiled, Little girl, wait a minute What s wrong Jiang Hongyan was startled.

Yo, Fellow Daoist Long Aotian, I didn t expect you to be here too.It s really a place where we never meet in life.It seems that my Buddha and you are very Genesis CBD Gummies destined.Xu Que looked around with a smile, and found that not only Long Aotian, There are also Murong Yunhai and others in this hall.At that time, the Tianmen participants who were competing for the inheritance of the Immortal Emperor basically all came.Strange, why did these guys suddenly come here Xu Que was a little puzzled, but he still looked serious on the surface.After all, at that time, he took the Immortal Emperor s inheritance directly and ran away, and these guys wouldn t know about it.Seeing the angry look on Long Aotian can cbd gummies help with back pain s face, Fairy Nishang s gaze wandered back and forth between Xu Que and Long Aotian, cbd hemp prairieville without asking any more questions, she turned back to the first seat.

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He only needed a Genesis CBD Gummies base, and it didn t matter how well the building was built, it pure cbd gummies was just a temporary base anyway Little guy At this moment, Jiang Hongyan s voice came.Xu Que turned around, his face suddenly full of smiles, and he said, Little girl, how is it, am I just amazing You, you are still as shark tank eagle hemp CBD gummies reviews Genesis CBD Gummies public as always Jiang Hongyan laughed angrily, and then the smile changed.She closed it slightly and reminded softly, But is hemp extract the same as cbd oil according to these people, they still have experts from the fairyland here, you need to be more cautious She could see that the reason why Xu Que was able to defeat these half fairyland just now was not only relying on the wind Most of the fire wheel is due to Sword Genesis CBD Gummies Spirit But even with these two immortal weapons, Xu Que still had an advantage when facing the seven semi immortal realm powerhouses.

The damaged meridians in his body began to heal quickly, and his dantian frantically absorbed a little bit of spiritual energy that was almost non existent in the cbd gummies for ms four directions, and quickly recovered.Immediately after that, best cbd cbg gummies the countless wounds that had been cracked on the flesh body were also slowly creeping, growing new flesh and beginning to heal.After a while, Xu Que suddenly sat up from the ground.The injury Genesis CBD Gummies has recovered seven to eighty eight, and the cultivation base is rapidly climbing with the automatic recovery function.The first floor of the Qi refining stage the second floor the tenth floor At the end, he finally stopped at the fifth floor of his peak state of integration period The cultivation base came back again, and this sense of mastery of power made him very relieved.This kind of strength is enough to make him dominate the world of immortality.

The most urgent task is to find CBD gummies hemp bombs Genesis CBD Gummies a way to solve the predicament of the Holy Moon Temple.The poor monk has a secret method that can use the poor monk s supreme Buddhist power to gather the power of the demons in this place, and then recite the Buddha treetop hemp co delta 8 gummies for seven, seven and forty nine days to expel the evil spirits.Xu Que is explain.When everyone heard this, they felt that Xu Que s approach seemed to be reliable.Although they don t know the specific details of Buddhism s handling keoni CBD gummies reviews Genesis CBD Gummies in this regard, they have also encountered similar situations.Most of them rely on the power of conflict to consume another power for a long time, and finally achieve the effect of healing.Since the Holy Moon Temple is now affected by the love hemp cbd oil energy of the demon, it is reasonable and reasonable to use the power of Buddhism to hedge Fairy Nishang nodded and said I understand, what should I do The principle is clear, but the question is how to operate it Listening to this method of operation, it should have involved the level of luck, and none of you here are proficient in this way.

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Ji Hua s face suddenly gloomy Murong Tuo, you thought you were that high Murong.The eldest son of the family As far as I know, the background of your Murong family is about to be unbearable, right The reason why these wealthy families have been able to stand proudly in the Chengyuan Immortal Domain for many years is because these hidden old monsters are hiding in In the family, it is transformed into the heritage of the town.If the crisis of life and death comes, these foundations will be born immediately, and all the enemies who come to invade will be strongly suppressed.Then you can try.Murongtuo said coldly, There is no need for family background, I can suppress you.Really Come on Ji Hua slammed the table and stood up stand up.The two faced each other tit for tat, and for a while, the swords and swords shadowed in the arena, and Xianyuan rolled over.

Soon, on the ancient road ahead, Xu Que saw a group of cultivators at the integration stage, rushing forward.Some of them were still wet on their heads, dr. gupta CBD gummies Genesis CBD Gummies exuding a sultry smell, and their faces were full of anger.But looking around, I can only see the group of monks running around, and there is no figure of Ergouzi Fellow Daoist, what happened How did I hear that you are chasing a dog Xu Que immediately grabbed one of the young monks who had not been drenched in urine, and asked kindly.The cultivator didn t have the heart to chase the dog, so he stopped and said helplessly, We were resting under that tree just now, but a dog suddenly appeared, urinating on the tree, and shouting that he is going to become CBD gummies for high blood pressure Genesis CBD Gummies an immortal, I Several senior brothers were unfortunately drenched all over, and they were all blown up What There is melatonin CBD gummies Genesis CBD Gummies such a shameless dog in the world Fellow Daoist, tell me what that dog looks like and what are its characteristics.

Why wasn t I so arrogant when I was refining the Hades Suppressing Prison Body Look at that Killing Matt type, how people can t help but remember the Burial Love Family Whoosh At this moment, Mo Junchen turned into a streamer and how to make gummies with cbd oil swooped forward.His fleshly body has been turned into a copper clad iron bone, and his strength and speed have been significantly increased several how many hemp gummies can i eat times, even giving people a feeling that he has yet to burst The first Dao Protector had been blocked by thousands of weapons at this moment, and even had no way of cbd gummies for adhd and autism uk retreat, and was trapped in it together with the two Tianjiao.Mo Junchen rushed forward in the blink of an eye, without saying a word, he directly took Genesis CBD Gummies out a big hammer from the storage ring, raised it high, and the lightning flashed, it was actually a sledgehammer at the level of a fairy Damn it, this Protector Genesis CBD Gummies Mo hid it too deeply.

The invisible enemy is the most terrifying, because the opponent s strength is high, so that you can t see it Crack Suddenly, with a muffled sound, Ergouzi suddenly bounced away from Duan Jiude, widened his eyes and said, Damn, old man Duan, why are you touching this deity Touch me, what s the situation Duan what is delta 8 CBD gummies Genesis CBD Gummies Jiude was just halfway through his words, when he suddenly fell to the back, lying on the ground facing the sky just like the two people on the ground.The next moment, Duan Jiude shouted, Damn, who are you, isn t it cold to wear so little Ehhh, what are you doing sitting CBD anxiety gummies Genesis CBD Gummies on 30mg CBD Gummies Genesis CBD Gummies top of me Boy, come and help, this woman is crazy, sitting on top of me.The old man is on me, and the plot is wrong Ow Almost at the same time, Ergouzi also suddenly lay on the ground and shouted, There is also a woman here in this goddess, damn, go away, you ugly, this goddess does not If you like your style, don t touch this deity s chicken, you will never find it His Xu Que suddenly gasped.

Now it was Xu Que s turn to be a little stunned.What s the matter with this old guy After all, he has passed the test, certified by the ancient Buddha, and he is a righteous Buddhist Do you want to be so despised Fahui also felt a little incredible Fellow Daoist Xu, why do you all have this attitude towards you Xu Que rolled his eyes angrily Who knows.Fahui thought about it and asked Fellow Daoist, how did you pass the trial Xu Que didn t hide it, and explained what he had done during the trial.After listening to this, Fahui s face turned blue and then white, which is called a wonderful show.He never imagined that Xu Que would pass the test in this way Not to mention the caretaker, even he was a little worried.People s trials are for you to persuade demons with the Dharma Not to persuade with fists After being silent for a long time, Fahui smiled bitterly and said, Perhaps the ancient Buddha set up this trial back then, and there were also considerations in this regard.

Some people are dirty and hard to live for a long time, but as dirty as they are, I am afraid they will Genesis CBD Gummies live longer than anyone else That s all, since With this, I don t even have a sky naturals cbd way out, so what else do I care about In the end, a relieved smile appeared on Mo Junchen s face.Vaguely, some of his old fashioned ideas have also subtly changed.After taking out the jade slip given by Duan Jiude, Mo Junchen quickly cracked the phantom killing formation and rushed towards Xu Que and his party.At the same time, Xu Que s group, who witnessed everything from a distance, had smiles all over their faces.Tsk tsk tsk, little rascals, I really underestimated you, such a good and respected old man has begun to be led astray by you Liu Jingning looked at Xu Que with emotion, and shook his head again and again.

Four continents That is an area that is imprisoned by shackles.No strong person has appeared for many years.It is not easy to cultivate for a lifetime to climb to the fusion stage.How could it be possible to breed such a monster This does not conform to the logic of outstanding people Whoosh At this time, Xu Que had already fallen to the ground.Facing everyone s horrified and weird expressions, he sighed slightly, shook his head and said, I m careless, careless Careless What s the meaning Several imperial palace powerhouses and many Lingxiu Pavilion women were all startled.At this time, Xu Que walked forward and said angrily, It s a mistake I originally wanted to play with the human race for a few more days, but I didn t expect to take a heavy shot.I knew earlier that I should only use 30 cbd hemp flower colorado springs of my strength, not 40.

It s not so easy to take.end of this chapter Chapter 1762 because I am your father In the wicked dog group, Duan Jiude and Ergouzi have been abducted and deceived all the year round, so they are very accomplished in formation.Although the cultivation base is not even the Immortal King, but the use of the formation method is so perfect, Xu Que even suspects that even the Immortal Venerable is not as strong as them in the use of the formation method.Under the influence of his ears and eyes, Xu Que also has a certain accomplishment in the game.The moment the box was taken out, he could see that a small positioning formation was engraved on it.Others will only be vigilant about the contents of the box, but they will never care about the box.This guy has some brains and can come up with such a method.

We are already helpless about that Peach Garden, if you really have a way to save it.I hope you can help me to live that piece of Pantao Garden.She directly overshadowed Yi Zhong s words just now, alleviating some of the embarrassment in can cbd gummies help you sleep better the scene, and at the same time turned the topic back to Pantao Garden and asked Xu Que for help in a sincere tone.If it was an ordinary person, he might just sell Yaochi a face, that s all.However, Xu Que is not a normal person.After so many years in the immortal world, when will he be willing Genesis CBD Gummies to suffer the slightest grievance Right strongest edible now, it s been such a rude remark by a hairy boy.If he doesn t regain some face, can he still be called Xu Que Can you still call Xu Que his father Haha Xu Que laughed, his aged body trembled slightly with the laughter, he held on to his cane and said with a smile, Deacon Lin misunderstood.

Xuanyuan Wanrong followed behind him, frowning slightly, her eyes flashing a hint of doubt from time to time.She suddenly felt that the current Xu Que was a little different from the previous Xu Que, but she couldn t tell Genesis CBD Gummies the difference.Because the current Xu Que seems to be more familiar to her than the previous Xu Que.However, after the two walked on the school road and gradually approached the teaching buildings and other buildings, they encountered more students.Xu Que, a kind of depression gummies good looking young man, is quite common in universities, but a woman with outstanding looks and temperament like Xuanyuan Wanrong, let alone university, I am afraid that the whole country will not Genesis CBD Gummies be able to find a second one.The key is that she is also dressed in white and ancient costumes, which is particularly eye catching, and easily attracts everyone s attention.

However, the woman in red did not eat this set at all, she looked at Xu Que with a smile and said, Anyway, I don t want to make a fuss about it.If you really provoke the whole robbery, 30mg CBD Gummies Genesis CBD Gummies I m afraid Hee hee, I won t tell you, that little one.The thief has arrived After speaking, she swept forward with a playful smile on her face.Only then did Xu Que realize that they had followed into a remote alley before they knew it.The alley was very quiet and eagle hemp cbd website there was a biting yin wind.However, the women in red did not care at all, but led by the woman in red, they were aggressive and swaggered towards the door of an old house at the end free cbd gummies sample of the alley.There was an old man Genesis CBD Gummies sitting outside the door of the old house.The old man was in ragged clothes and had a white head.He was squatting on the ground, like a gatekeeper As soon as the red clothed women arrived, the old man said indifferently, Little boys, you re going the wrong way Hmph, thieves have always been good at thieves, but your thieves in Baihui City don t follow the rules, right My friend started, I will not let this matter go, go and call out your thieves and tell him that we are from Litian Academy The woman in red said coldly.

He has already seen Xu Que s real body coming back, and the real body plus a clone that also possesses the Immortal Artifact is a dead end Not reconciled Haha, from the first day you invaded here, you should have hemp vs CBD Genesis CBD Gummies this kind of awareness Xu Que sneered, and he had already swept outside the encirclement.The next moment, he raised his hand to cut off the sword, just like raising a butcher s knife Although several young men and women were unwilling, they were still frantically using close up techniques and struggling desperately, but their hearts were already desperate They know that unless it is Mr.Shuyuan from Human Wonderland, they can t survive However, Xu Que did not have much time for them.With Lei Huanshen s help, Xu Genesis CBD Gummies Genesis CBD Gummies Que didn t even need to surround them.He and Lei Huan were in charge of two of them, killing the last four people in an instant Ding, congratulations to the host Xu Que for killing the semi fairyland powerhouse and gaining 300 million cbd gummies costco experience points Ding, congratulations to the host Xu Que for killing the semi fairyland powerhouse and gaining 300 million experience points Several system prompts sounded in his mind, Xu Que gained 2.

Huh What are you calling the old man for Is there anything Suddenly, Xu hawkeye hemp CBD gummies reviews Genesis CBD Gummies Que turned to look at Ji Wuyun and asked.Ji Wuyun was stunned for a while, eagle hemp gummies review then smiled bitterly, and whispered to himself, he was actually heard, this old man is really not easy Immediately, he smiled and asked, Mr.Xu, I want to ask, is your cbd broad spectrum gummies without corn syrup physical body a divine body Compared with this old man Open your eyes to see clearly, what kind of physique is this old man After speaking, he stretched out his hand and grabbed the clothes on his body and suddenly tugged Tear it The whole robe was shattered into pieces and fell, and the strong upper body, the perfect muscle lines, and the delicate skin were presented in front of everyone.Everyone in the audience was stunned for a moment.Is this the body a sick old man should have At the same time, Xu Que turned to face the crowd and raised his proud head Holy Holy Body Everyone looked at Xu Que s chest with two bright golden characters, and their heads were a little stunned These days, there are still people who write their physique on their chests This old man so coquettish The first one delivered today Continue to ask for monthly tickets .

The man continued to stare at the screen, true nature cbd with a smile on the corner of his mouth, It s the first time I ve seen such a beautiful and powerful human woman This woman, I m going to fight Whoosh At this moment, Xu Que had successfully swept into the cave and appeared in front of the skeleton.Obviously, this is Zhang Tiandao s corpse Next to him, 30mg CBD Gummies Genesis CBD Gummies there were two ancient wooden boxes, Xu Que did not hesitate, waved his hand, and instantly sucked the two wooden boxes into his natures purpose cbd palm.After detecting that there was no danger on the wooden box, he opened it.Immediately, a faint scent came, and in one of the wooden boxes, there was an old talisman, which was fragrant.In another wooden box, there were two black talismans hidden.As the box opened, a faint halo cbd gummies for nicotine withdrawal bloomed on the two black talismans, and the void around the halo was slightly distorted.

where can i buy cbd gummies for copd As soon as these names appeared, they began to change, which means that someone has already won the gambling competition.Look Now the number one is actually Chen Pai Gow This guy was only one step away from the previous year, and he was able to become number one.This time he is aggressive, cbd gummy 500mg and the comer is not good.Look The previous champion Li Thirteen cards actually came Why is he here again But this guy is now the only Genesis CBD Gummies gambling hemp oil vs cbd oil master in this eternal dark city, and he is the favorite to win the championship this time.Dong Wuxu from the peak of Immortal Venerable is also here.He has been promoted very fast recently.He has been upgraded from a sixth grade gambler to a first grade gambler in just three months.This speed can be said to be unprecedented Hmph, what if the cultivation base is high Gambling Genesis CBD Gummies do CBD gummies really work skills.

cbd thc gummies for anxiety Young Master, what s the matter The burly man was CBD gummies effect on liver Genesis CBD Gummies startled by sunday scaries CBD gummies Genesis CBD Gummies Xu Que and asked in shock.Xu Que shook his head, his face full of sympathy.Obviously, this burly man is an honest man Boy, what s the matter Ergouzi also came up curiously and asked.Xu Que glanced at Ergouzi, the second person is not honest, but really stupid He ignored it and swept his gaze directly to the burly man, sympathetically saying, How many times have you given this kind of copybook Uh, it was sent by someone from the palace before, but this time I brought it here by the way Young master, What s wrong Is there anything wrong with this copybook The burly man looked curious.Xu Que smiled bitterly, Don t tell me there s something wrong with this copybook You can t see such a simple thing Ah The burly man was a little dumbfounded Ah Ergouzi also snorted, with a silly face.

The enlightenment tree in front of her also began to bloom, and the soul inside that had been suppressed for countless years was finally slowly guided out.I still need to add a little more At this time, Xu Que thought for a while, and then raised his fingers again, and once again ejected strands of divine essence The strands of milky white liquid are crystal clear and bright, like a galaxy in the air, swept to the tree hole, and instantly perfected the small formation just now, and the spiritual energy became more abundant The female disciples of Lingxiu Pavilion present were already stunned They couldn t recognize the enlightenment tree, but they recognized the spiritual essence.Xu Que made such a big deal, CBD gummies stomach pain Genesis CBD Gummies and they were immediately moved by it, unbelievable.This these are all the soul essence My God, there are so many He shoots a lot With such a handwriting, I m afraid the imperial CBD gummies to quit smoking review Genesis CBD Gummies palace can t come up with it This fellow Xu Daoist, It s really amazing Dozens of people were shocked, and Genesis CBD Gummies their eyes were also full of envy.

He heard Xu Que s voice and opened his eyes.Opening his eyes, he said indifferently, The former convenience is the Primordial Secret Realm.The front Xu Que looked up and saw a wilderness in front of him.The blue sky was like a washed sapphire.It was flawless and extremely transparent.Under the lingering reflection of the white clouds, a dense crowd gathered in the wilderness, like ants in groups, gathered together, making one s scalp numb.Fuck all natural CBD Genesis CBD Gummies Why are there so many people Xu Que was startled at the time, Didn t you say that this Primordial Secret Realm is a mystery that is not known to the public, as long as a affordable vegan hemp oil gummies buy online few people know the location, even you only know it by chance Fahui was also at a loss for a while That s right When Xiao Seng received the news, he said that this place has not been discovered yet Wait, how long have we been in the teleportation array Xu Que suddenly realized what.

Naturally, it is impossible for them to believe that Xu Que has a hegemonic body, thinking that this is the old man joking with them, or it may be a different way to humiliate Yi Zhong It s embarrassing after all.The first and most unprofessional thing is to write the word Holy Body on the chest, and then it is too ugly to write these two words, and it is not convincing at all.Anyone who believes it is really a fool.Pfft A female disciple of Yaochi couldn t help but covered her mouth and laughed.The person next can CBD gummies make you high Genesis CBD Gummies to her hurriedly pushed her and said angrily, Don t make trouble, Mr.Xu is from our side, how can you laugh at him I think this grandpa Xu is too interesting, it can be said that cute and her mother open the door boulder highlands cbd gummies owner for cute Eh Cute her mother opens the door for cute, what does that mean It s cute All of a sudden, Invisibly, Xu Que has another image among some of the female disciples of Yaochi the lovely Grandpa Xu However, when the atmosphere of the audience was a little relaxed by Xu Que, only one person was a little out of place, and he seemed more and more angry.

This is no different from being sent to death.You re afraid of shit, the mere sword pavilion, the mere wonderland, I still need to be CBD gummies joy Genesis CBD Gummies afraid Besides, I m just going to send warmth, and I m not doing anything that hurts the world.Forget it, don gummies with cbd and delta 8 best full-spectrum CBD gummies for pain 2021 Genesis CBD Gummies t talk about it, you stay here., I ll go out first Xu Que waved his hand and went straight out the door.At this moment, he has to find a place smilz CBD gummies Genesis CBD Gummies with few people, first release the small golden body, and then go to Jianlou Pavilion to do something.Generally speaking, active cbd gummies in unfamiliar places, you have to keep a low profile.But now he wants to keep a low profile and can t keep a low profile.Since even the Young Pavilion Master of the Sword Pavilion has been killed, the Sword cbd gummies legal in all states Pavilion will definitely not give do things.Hey, brother in law, don t Fellow Daoist Xu Lan Hetu and Lan Xinyue hurriedly stood up, trying to dissuade Xu Que.

Yo, so you and her are enemies Xu Que saw Fairy Zixia nodding and looked at Qiu Zili with a smile, There is an old saying that the enemy of an enemy is a friend, so are you right Should you be on our side I m just watching the fun, not planning Qiu Zili shook his head.But halfway through the words, Xu Que interrupted, If you don t take action, I will have a hard time believing you, and I don t mind killing one more Immortal Venerable, even if we have no grievances, hee hee hee You Qiu Zi From the moment, he stared straight in anger This is clearly a threat, and it s okay to ignore it.Are you still hee hee hee Hee you sister Whoosh At the same time, Qiu Zi also took a step back from the fairy Nishang next to him, and opened the distance Her face was solemn and vigilant, and there was a slight hesitation in her eyes.