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Binghuo Well, yes, Master, you don t need to emphasize this again and again, right Tian Yunxiao replied by tapping the keyboard at this time.Master Tian next door Since the core goal of the protagonist is to lose money, then the main character delta 8 cbd gummie s business philosophy is 25mg cbd not for profit It is an industry that often cheats and deceives consumers, and some industries with very chaotic industry management standards Uncle Tian next door It s like the takeaway industry, the fitness industry, the express delivery industry, and even the real estate cbd gummies to quit smoking scam agency industry Next door Uncle super strength cbd gummies Tian Because of the protagonist s unique business philosophy, the protagonist will only enter which industry and become the public enemy of which industry Next door Uncle Tian However, although the size of these industries is It s not small, but most of them are capital games, and although the protagonist has entered many industries, he has never done much publicity.

Netizens who are watching the live broadcast are very does CBD gummies help with pain Gron CBD Gummies recognition of the current Berry family s mobile phones.After all, the configuration of the Raspberry MX10 is basically in line with the configuration of a high end flagship mobile phone.This is a bucket flagship without any shortcomings in the true sense.The Berry MX10 has such strength, and compared to the MX10, our Berry MX10pro has upgraded our telephoto lens from IMX380 to IMX582 cbd hemp oil glass jar 4 oz sensor This makes our big cup version support 5x optical equivalent.Zoom, and support 100x hybrid zoom at the same time hemp gummies walmart 48MP 48MP 48MP 5MP super four camera combination 5x optical zoom 100x hybrid zoom Such parameters have completely frightened the users of the live broadcast room.After all, the current mobile phone manufacturers have never produced such a ruthless image module.

This is also the reason why Huang Da chose to postpone the release time.The Gron CBD Gummies FlyOS system will start the internal test tonight, and the public test will officially start in late March.I believe that FlyOS will bring you a new experience As soon boosted cbd as the voice fell, the press conference officially came to an end.Although the protagonist of this conference is the Berry 20 series, the most real core product is FlyOS.FlyOS, this is a brand new system and one of the important directions for the future development of the Berry family.The processor chip is arguably the most important part of all the hardware in a mobile phone.The mobile phone system is the top priority of mobile phone software and ecology.Because of the IOS best hemp gummies for joint pain and A series processor chips, the fruit has Gron CBD Gummies finally captured many loyal users with the new ecology.

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If the logo on the front of the smart car is replaced with the logos of the other two smart car manufacturers, there is no sense of incongruity.Of course, the current field of smart cars is basically similar to the field of mobile phones.Most smart car manufacturers will consider going to the wellhead hardware from the upstream supply chain when producing smart cars.Components like mobile phones include a series of accessories such as screens, processor chips, and camera sensors.The hardware part of a smart car includes a series of accessories such as batteries, engine chassis and so on.When the current rice company manufactures and produces smart cars, the components of the cars purchased are basically the components obtained from the supply chains of two domestic brands.Naturally, there will be many similarities in the production of smart cars.

Although this screen is a 19 year old Sanxin E2 screen, and it is still a water drop screen design, it is a breakthrough to bring the OLED screen to 100 yuan.The second upgrade point is the upgrade of the chip.This time the chip has been directly upgraded to an entry level processor chip developed by Rice Company, the Surging S10.When Rebs announced that the derivative 10th anniversary version of the digital series used self developed chips, the entire network and the conference site were completely bombed.It has been almost seven years since the original release of the nature cbd capsules Surging S1 chip.Seven years later, Rice Company has brought a brand new self developed chip.The chip adopts the 7 nanometer process of Zhongxing International.CPU A 2.4Ghz A76 large core, three 2.2Ghz A76 medium cores, and four 1.

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The breakthrough in cbd gummies kansas city this architectural technology is naturally the Berry family s own technology, and with a processor chip with such an architecture, the performance will have a better performance.The Xuanyuan 1000 CPU processor chip adopts the structure of 8 cores and 16 threads.The mainstream MZ1 core performance used is 120 of the core performance of friends, and the power consumption is reduced by 20 The Xuanyuan desktop processor chip is definitely the top level in the industry in terms of overall expressiveness, especially the technologies in it are superb technologies that no one has heard of.Of course, more netizens want to know about the overall performance of this processor chip.Our processor chip has a total of 8 cores, the base frequency is 3.6Ghz, the maximum frequency of a single core is 5.

Especially the thickness of the 6.4mm fuselage also makes users feel that the Berry The control power of the family over the measurements of this mobile phone.Such a peripheral control is very good, and the hardware parameters have reached the top engineering machine, so it was eliminated by the Berry family.I feel that this engineering machine is very good.An engineering machine, why is it eliminated like this Countless people focused their attention on Huang Da, and now they don t understand why the Berries are abandoning such a design.Because it is not perfect Not enough breakthrough Huang Da s words made many netizens feel that Berry Technology is in Versailles.The appearance of this mobile phone, the measurement control of this mobile phone, the hardware stacking of this mobile phone, and the new system ecology of flyos are not straightforward.

This group of users has also truly experienced the gaming experience under the current new picture quality mode.I feel that the modeling of the whole game and the rendering animation of cbd gummies for tinnitus scam the operation are very comfortable This mode feels very good to play the game I just played it, and I feel that the operation experience has been further improved this time.This kind of increase feels that the improvement brought by the game is awesome I just played a game, and I feel that the picture is better, and the game seems to be smoother Obviously, most of the netizens who updated the game are entering the game.After the game, they also expressed their views on the current game.The upgrade of the game this time can be said to be very huge, and even many netizens feel that the game experience this time is like a sky and an underground compared to the past.

On average, the profit of a chip has reached 200 Huaxia coins, and according to the shares, Huang Da can obtain a profit of about 90 Huaxia coins.Including the patent licensing fee of 5 US dollars per chip, Huang Da can basically get at least 120 Huaxia coins from the Xuanwu 625 chip.And with the higher the chip level, the more profit Huang Da can get.Now the share of the Berry family in the entire market is not as much as imagined, and it is impossible to eat a big fat man in one go.It can only rely on this method to slowly map it.Other manufacturers may not lose money, but Huang Da definitely earned it.Chapter 223 My Raspberry Technology Challenges the entire industry The results achieved by the Raspberry Blue S10 series are indeed surprising to most netizens.However, with the popularity of the Raspberry Blue S10 series, another piece of news instantly became popular on the Internet.

At this time, the other party will often make a meaningful Ah In the final election, those of us network writers who were elected as all GL members were the few with the lowest votes among all the members.The thc and melatonin gummies silkworm tomato kara s orchards cbd gummies is the last one, the red blood is the second last, and I am the third last.The reason is very simple, because our pseudonym is too eye catching, and it looks like a network writer.The number of votes for Nose is okay, because his pseudonym does not look so strange.One thing is during the recess, I was smoking in the smoking place outside, and I heard some other traditional writers talk about our pseudonym.There is some kind of dance, weird and inexplicable.And I was standing by and smoking silently.They probably didn t know that I was one of those weird people.The only one with a higher vote is Jiang Shengnan, because her pseudonym is not so similar to Internet Writer.

But now cbd gummies good for back pain that he heard that the Berry Blue series was relaunched, the fire in his heart was burning again.Taking charge of Berry Blue again is what he is most looking forward to.Huang Da looked at Li Nan who came to his office, listened to the other party s bewildering demands, and directly politely refused the other party s request to re slap Berry Blue.Berry blue is a very important series of the company at present, but the reputation of this series is not very good in the market.And the latest product is Gron CBD Gummies also the first product launched after I took charge of the company.Products are very important to me So when I get back the reputation of Berry Blue, I will hand over the future work of Berry Blue to you What Huang Da said made the cut, Li Nan, who was looking forward to taking charge of the mobile phone business again, felt a chill in his heart.

Of course, this is done to enable the 6G network of the Tektronix processor chip to truly exert its 6G strength.You must know that the transmission and download speed of the 6G network is much faster than the 5G network.Now the mainstream UFS4.0 and Lpddr6 protocol chips are about to be released, and the data and transmission speed are completely unable to play the speed of the 6G network.Huateng Semiconductor has a strong enough advantage in this regard.The public flash memory and memory chips I released can fully meet the network transmission of 6G chips.The new MzFS2.5 protocol chip, its read and write speed can reach 7.6G sec, and the average write speed can basically be maintained at 4.8G sec The current mainstream UFS3.1 flash memory chip on the market.The upper limit of the sequential write speed has been greatly changed to 900M S, and the daily read and write speed is basically maintained at 600M S.

It s a pity, you still have to concentrate on playing this cbd gummies joe rogan game, or you will fall off Chu He controlled his expression a little, and said to the water friends with a hint of justification.And the water friends who are watching the live broadcast also began to feel that maybe this game seems to be different from the game they saw.Can the game launched by Huang Da be a simple and ordinary game Three minutes later, the smile on Chu He s face gradually solidified, as if he was constantly hovering on the edge of an outbreak.Even now, he has become taciturn, and has already stopped communicating with water friends.In three minutes, Chu He fell twice in a row, and finally bounced out of the edible CBD gummy bears Gron CBD Gummies wellhead again, only to fall off again without noticing.After the next failure, Chu He couldn t stand it any longer td, Huang Da, you and the dog thief, let s get rid of these mind blowing games P, your uncle After hearing Chu He s abuse, the water friends Gron CBD Gummies in the live broadcast room also felt very uncomfortable.

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We still have to strengthen our cooperation with Huateng Semiconductor.In the design of future graphics processor chips, we must retain our own self developed results and at the same time be compatible with the other party s graphics architecture If you want to redesign the graphics processing and architecture now, it is already too late to re produce the corresponding revised processing and chips, and change Best CBD Gummies For Sleep Gron CBD Gummies For Sleep & Anxiety the self developed graphics processor chip in the originally designed chip to the graphics processor of human immunity cbd gummies Huateng architecture.Chip In this way, even if the processor chip improves the performance of the gpu, it will also have more powerful and more in miracle cbd gummy bears line with the current functions Due to the current change, the HiSilicon team temporarily changed the next strategy, and will Gron CBD Gummies The original processor chips are modified to a certain extent before cbd hemp oil store mass production.

Even the domestic market and the European market are limited supply.This situation eventually led to a situation where it was difficult to find a machine in many areas of the overseas market.There are even queues to buy mobile phones and increase the price of mobile phones in some areas.This has not happened in the overseas mobile phone market does cbd help with inflammation in the body for a long time.The hemp based cbd last time this happened was when the 4th generation of Guozi mobile phone was released.Why do we only have 20 mobile phones here, it s so hard to buy this phone Brother, we have scalpers here, and the price of this phone has increased by about 100 I m lucky, When I went out for a run in the morning, I saw that the mobile phone store had just opened and went directly to buy it.Now I have used it for a whole morning, and I sleep gummies cbd feel really comfortable, especially when taking pictures, which can be directly comparable to a DSLR.

Berry family K10 series conference This is the latest product released by the Berry family overseas.The future K series will also become one of the major series of the Berry family overseas.The target is the overseas Hongmi note series and the real me digital series.The target wellness cbd gummies 300mg consumer group is naturally the vast South Asian user group.Of course, the K10 series as a whole is a revision of the current domestic Raspberry Blue Note8 series, and its overall hardware configuration can be said to be very similar to the Note8.It can even be said that the K10 series and Note8 series are actually related to the S8 and S8T series as a whole.The berry family held a conference overseas, which also attracted the attention of most digital technology enthusiasts.Most of the netizens are very familiar with the current situation of the Berries.

Under the watchful eyes of many netizens, Rebs finally announced the price of keoni CBD gummies Gron CBD Gummies the phone.8 128g, 4999 yuan After the release of the ix4 of 4999 yuan, rachael ray CBD gummies for diabetes Gron CBD Gummies netizens comments on this phone also appeared polarized.Some netizens who support the rice company feel that the price of 4,999 yuan is very suitable, and Gron CBD Gummies even claim that they will grab the clinical cbd gummies review first release.Of course, some performance parameter parties also shook their heads quickly after looking at the parameters of the mobile cbd gummies at walmart phone.After all, judging from the current parameters, the price of this phone is still too high.You must know that the third party price of the rice phone 11ultra, which is much stronger than the ix4, is only 4,699 yuan.In the eyes of some netizens, this phone will sooner or later become a member of the dream team.In addition, it is now August, and November is not far away.

At least you have to finish writing the two games that President Pei made at the beginning Send it to me again.At this Gron CBD Gummies time, Pu Jie, a young man from northern Hebei, saw Tian Yunxiao s words, and said, Alas, Master is Master, so calm, unlike me, who makes a fuss when there is a little disturbance.Replied by typing on the keyboard.Binghuo Okay, Master, the disciple will go to continue vet cbd hemp to check the information and then code.Tian Yunxiao did not reply after jolly CBD gummies reviews Gron CBD Gummies seeing Binghuo s reply. Three days later, Tian Yunxiao had just launched Penguin again.Before two minutes, he heard the beeping of dididi on the computer again.He looked at cbd gummy bears for sleep the lower right corner of the computer, and it was actually fire again.Tian hemp fusion CBD gummies Gron CBD Gummies Yunxiao clicked on Binghuo s avatar.Binghuo Master, the second game Ghost General made by President Pei, I really can t think of how to make President Pei write it with the purpose of losing money.

Then I have been tricked by you for so long, or else I don t know about the system upgrade Huang Da looked at Tong Hao with dissatisfaction in his eyes.To be honest, Huang Da really didn t think that one day he would become a technology roamer to wander on other planes and deal with the so called pursuers at the same time.Let s go The noise you made on the earth is too big.If you don t go, I m afraid it s really over.I heard that there is a guy named Gron CBD Gummies Zhou on the 76th plane.I heard that it s not bad.Let s natures cbd gummies try to bring him into the team.Tong Hao smiled and walked towards the Ark of Time and Space in his overalls.Berry Technology, thank you for your continuous support.I Gron CBD Gummies believe that the future development of technology will make users how do cbd gummies feel lives better As Huang Da s voice just fell, Huang Da suddenly disappeared from the stage like the wind.

She sat on the bed and scolded Tian Yunxiao for more than ten minutes, and then reluctantly walked to the front of the computer.She began to write words on the orange melon At this time, Tian Yunxiao actually reopened a room next door, and set Baojie as a special concern.As long as Baojie goes online , he could hear the reminder right away.Tian Yunxiao originally wanted to code by himself, but after checking the computer configuration of the second room he opened.Fuck, i7 processor, 1080ti graphics card, This configuration is too wasteful for coding, right Just play a game first, and then go to code when you re done.Tian Yunxiao then clicked on the wega on the computer and logged in to League of Legends.After Tian Yunxiao finished a game, he looked at his rare are cbd gummies legal 11 10 8 top laner VN, and said Fuck, this computer with high configuration is really cool to play games It s always stable.

However, Huang Da did not care that the two mobile phones are not the same price.And Huang Da clearly understood that the 100 megapixel camera boasted by his cbd gummy for pain friend this time is not as powerful as he imagined.On the contrary, there are certain signs of overturning.Qianyuanji said that taking pictures itself is a very incomprehensible thing.After all, in Huang Da s mind, the first thing that needs to be paid attention to is cbd gummies for anger management the performance of the mobile phone, and the long term use is the first choice for users who choose the thousand yuan phone.And blindly using the so called 100 million pixels as a selling point can only backfire in the end.After all, the use of Gron CBD Gummies 100 million pixels in the price of a thousand yuan machine will botanical farms cbd gummies reviews reddit naturally castrate a certain configuration.At the same time, the camera level of 1000 yuan and 100 million pixels will not be as good as imagined, and most of the users who choose the 1000 yuan camera are not fans of digital images.

Whether the future of the rice company will still be the same as the rice of the past, no one can say for sure.The rice company is no longer the rice company it used to be.Maybe in the future, feelings may also become a major selling point for rice zebra cbd gummies companies to can you take cbd gummies while on antibiotics sell products.At the same time, Lianhuake, which is far away on Baodao, is holding this urgent meeting at this time The new 5n chip design is urgent You must know that this year s mobile phone chip design manufacturers have brought 5nm process chips.Guozi s a14, Huawei s Kirin 9000, Jiatong s Fire Dragon 888, and even Sanxin s Orion have also launched 2100 processor chips.Only among the many mobile phone chip design manufacturers, only Xuanwu and Dimensity have not launched 5nm process chips.Of course, due to special reasons, Xuanwu cannot realize the production and foundry of 5 nanometer chips.

The gameplay of the era is purely charged by point cards, there is no krypton gold props mall, a real conscience game At this time, the dolphin demon king saw the barrage easy CBD gummy recipe Gron CBD Gummies in his live broadcast room, and said to the audience You guys, Lian Zhuxian Haven t 10000mg hemp gummies played it before Are you embarrassed to say that you are a gamer The angry audience in pure hemp farms cbd nugs the live broadcast room sent barrages one after another Dolphin, wait for the man, we will download the game and register an cbd gummies for relaxation account now, to block you and kill. I can t beat you in League of Legends, can t I beat you in a game That s right, wait for the dolphin, see if the man kills you and it s over The Dolphin Demon King saw These barrages in the live broadcast room made Huarong pale in fright, and quickly said Do you have the ability to hit me Let s see if my sister kills you or not and you re done So the live broadcast room of the Dolphin Demon King started at this time.

And the number of retweets has exceeded 10,000.At this time, the computer started beeping again.He hurriedly opened it and found that this time it was actually someone in his book group who was at him.Chapter 120 The task of improving the status of online writers is a long way to go please subscribe He clicked to take a look.Dabai is in my arms Uncle Tian next door, did Lao Tian say you on this Bhu http a string of links Ji Xingchen Uncle Tian next door, and is this also on this scarf How are you http martha cbd gummies review can dogs have cbd gummy a string of links Tian Yunxiao saw that the two girls in his group were at him.He quickly clicked on the link that the two girls sent him.He went in and found, Hey, good guy, it s actually the B of the veteran platinum writer dance.Dance I saw a video on Xiaopo Station today, which made me feel very angry.

I have been refreshing the Qidian Reading APP all the time.Finally, at around 8 o clock in the evening, I found that Zhu Xian was updated.Quickly click in to see.When she saw Lin Jingyu burst into tears and was in constant pain, he was still struggling despite the obstruction of Tian Buyi and others, and hissed I m going to kill you, Best CBD Gummies For Sleep Gron CBD Gummies For Sleep & Anxiety kill you .He couldn t help but shed tears and said, Woooooo, Jingyu is so pitiful Menghui Dige is a singer Professional dubbing voice actress, good at Yujie s voice, Loli s voice, Zhengtai s voice and other voice lines.His real name is Chang Mengge, and he doesn t usually do much.However, a friend recently gave Amway the book Zhu Xian.Chasing the book is fascinated and intoxicated, and every day is looking forward to Tian Yunxiao s quick update.After Tian Yunxiao released the latest chapter today, he also immediately clicked to read it.

That smilz cbd gummies ingredients s what the storage protocol does, and joint restore gummies with cbd the higher the storage protocol, the faster you can open apps and read storage.Compared with the previous generation Lpddr4X, the Lpddr5 protocol increases the random data transmission from 4000bps to 5500bps, and even the speed of the full blood version can reach 6400bps.The transmission speed has been improved, so that the mobile phone can open the application and read the data again, and the experience will be greatly improved.UFS3.1 and Lpddr5 can be said to be the biggest improvement in storage for mobile phones in the 5G era.At the same time, it is also the basis for ensuring the smooth operation cbd 25 mg gummies of the mobile phone.The flagship chip plus the latest two transmission protocols can guarantee a one Gron CBD Gummies 10mg CBD gummies effect to two year increase in the life of the phone.This also makes the top flagship phones of Android phones finally have some flagship appearances.

The increase of this kind of domestic original devices is a very good thing for the whole brand, and it has gradually raised the status of domestic mobile phones and domestic brands.It can be said that the current Huaguo market has begun, gradually transforming from a truly global factory to a large market where R D and production coexist.The era of exclusively relying on labor intensive industries for development has gradually begun to change.Science and technology and products have now become one of the main directions for the development of the entire industry.More and more Chinese people and domestic brands have begun to pay attention to the development and investment of research and development.This is the current domestic component manufacturers, and they have gradually emerged in the entire international market, and are gradually accepted by domestic brands.

Tian Yunxiao heard Pei Pai s words, Immediately said Hahahaha, that s Gron CBD Gummies not it Don t you look at who directed it The first dozens of chapters were written by my apprentice.The motivation for the adaptation of this game is clear When Pei Pai heard Tian Yunxiao s name at this time, he said with a little dissatisfaction Why do you still call my father President Pei Tian Yunxiao heard Pei Pai s complaint , immediately changed his mind and said Baby, I was Best CBD Gummies For Sleep Gron CBD Gummies For Sleep & Anxiety wrong, Uncle Pei Uncle Pei, okay, when I instructed my apprentice Binghuo to write this story, I just racked my brains to develop Uncle Pei s career in the early stage.Those games started the engine.I tried every means to write them reasonably, and they had to be fun and interesting, but a lot of brain cells died.So isn t the beginning very explosive Baby Pei Pao heard Tian Yunxiao s self selling and boasting , took a sip, and said Bah, how can you praise yourself like this Tian Yunxiao laughed and said, Isn t this true After laughing for a while, the two continued Gron CBD Gummies to watch.

cbd gummies for gastritis Zhu Xiaoce said casually at this time Oh I don t know what Mr.Tian has in mind Seeing Zhu Xiaoce s appearance, Tian Yunxiao didn t take it seriously, and said, ceres cbd gummies Director Zhu, your plot design is still a little weak, and the conflict is too deliberate.What is the conflict It is nothing more than a family conflict within the old Liu family.What is the conflict with the outside Fighting with gangsters, PK with the staff in the system, the end must be education.These conflicts are unimaginative, and the ending can be guessed at a glance.Nor does it touch upon larger conflicts such as individual versus collective, collective versus collective What about the solution The solution is nothing more than crying, making a fuss, and begging Doesn t this kind of plot feel a little too naive At this time, Zhu Xiaoce said indifferently, How do you want to solve this problem, Mr.

It should be known that the theoretical download speed of 5G network should be able to reach 1G, but the network speed of users in daily use is basically within 100M.The 1G rate is actually the network speed of the base station, and after the user connects, it will be shunted to various communication devices, and the corresponding flash memory and storage will also control and limit the network speed.In the next development of the 6G network, the placement speed can reach 1T.According to the regulations of the daily user base station romance, when the daily user uses the network, the network speed can reach a speed of close to 800M to 1G per second.The transmission of such data requires the reception and processing of corresponding flash memory and memory chips, which is also very demanding for current flash memory and memory chips.

Under the expectations of many netizens, the Huawei Mate50X series was officially announced.This product is not a so called iterative product in terms of positioning, but an extended version of the previous 100mg cbd gummies effect generation of Warwick mate series.Of course, this is naturally to ensure that the positioning of the product and the sequence of product iterations are reasonable.After all, the current Huawei P series has been broken for two generations, and the iterative products such as P50 and P60 have not met many netizens.There are also rumors on the real Internet that in order to ensure the mobile phone business of its own brand, Huawei intends to temporarily abandon its own P series.Of course, such gossip was also denied by Yu Dazui of the current consumer business department on Weibo.Yu Dazui said that the temporary discontinuation of the P series is mainly due to the lack of chips in stock, resulting in the temporary suspension of the release of the P series.

Tian Yunxiao next to him picked up his own piece of meat and threw it on the plate.When he saw the meat, he immediately shattered into pieces.He said to Pei Pai This piece of meat is also about falling one by one.It s broken, you see Little Pei Ji Dejun said quickly, Mr.Tian is right, now let s eat quickly The three of them finished eating quickly.After they finished, Tian Yunxiao and Pei Pai separated from Ji Dejun.People returned pure canna cbd gummies to the hotel Important note If the book lovers can t open the old domain name of txt 8 0.C o Best CBD Gummies For Sleep Gron CBD Gummies For Sleep & Anxiety M, they can visit this site by visiting the alternate domain name of txt 8 0 8 0.C o M.Until this At that time, Tian Yunxiao remembered that it seemed that he hadn t updated his serialized novel The End of the World for many days.After returning to the hotel, he turned on the computer, and then logged into the backstage of Qidian Writer to see that he was just fine.