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In this way, the air in the warehouse is not too bad.Greeting Wang Cai and returning to the office, Xiao Xia inspected the fire, it was wyld cbd raspberry gummies just right, neither briquettes nor too rachael ray cbd gummies for diabetes much soot.Xiao Xia went back to the house to take a rest, while Wang Cai was lying beside the door to guard the master s safety.The next day, Xiao Xia got up early and boiled a lot of water for the archaeological team.Looking up at the sky, the weather has not yet turned clear, but can you take cbd gummies while breastfeeding the rain and snow have stopped, and some places on the ground have become half wet and half dry.It seems that the archaeological team is definitely going to work.The company is poor, Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage and Xiao Xia is even poorer, so she can only help them with small things.I m so sorry to ask you to get up so early to boil water for us.Captain He quickly said politely.

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plus cbd oil hemp softgels Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage As for hemp bombs cbd pain freeze 1000mg me, I have a good impression of the Best Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage Full Spectrum owner and the house, but That house is a bit expensive, and I think it s not a good deal, so I ll discuss it with people later, and see other houses tomorrow, and I ll give you an idea.Hearing this, Zhang Shikui felt at ease.Thank you, thank you I knew that at a critical time, I had to listen to you.Then I ll go back to the store See you tomorrow After saying that, he waved at Zhang Shikui, and Xia Xiaoshu walked towards Sang s family Small courtyard went After finishing the chores at hand, Xia Xiaoshu called Xie Tingyu in his office, told Aunt Cen s brief situation, and also informed Aunt Cen s specific address.Isn t it You actually have the heart to be a matchmaker Xie Tingyu asked in surprise on the other end of the phone.Liu Luping is very important to our company, and it s not a trivial matter to help him build a family Oh Well, I ll ask my mother to help us find out.

When the weather is Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage fine, we can go to the warehouse with me for a while.I m working on it.As for the experiment, take your time, this kind of thing is very expensive, and I have to make good money You are still five cbd review reddit young, don t think about retirement all day long, take your time, when the weather is good, make an appointment A few people of the same age go out and have a good time.Let s talk about it There are too many chores recently, so I can t take care of it Back to the city again.No, the weather is getting warmer, and the road is easy to walk.I m planning to find a friend to discuss something.Then I ll send you off Mo Saoyun accompanied Xia Xiaoshu back to the herbal medicine warehouse.Drive the car out.Sanxizi s fourth uncle and Mo Saoyun kept watching Xia Xiaoshu s car drifting away, and then they said a few polite words and went back to their residences.

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Lao He said that after getting his doctoral degree, he might as well try to apply for a smaller house from the school.However, the girl natures aid cbd eye serum Shang Yujin was talking about recently seemed to have some disdain green lobster cbd gummies price for the school s house.In addition, she kept pushing Shang Yujin to buy a commercial house in the downtown area of Dongqi.However, how can Shang Yujin have so much money The parents have almost no savings, and the down payment is definitely not expected.For the house, they have to rely on Shang Yujin to slowly accumulate by himself.According to the information provided by Shi Jincuo, Shang Yujin found that the price of the Four Orient Weather Meter was as high as hundreds of thousands.Even if the cost in all aspects was not low, deducting half of it would still make a profit of tens of thousands No wonder Xiao Xia insisted on resigning is hemp oil and cbd oil the same at the beginning.

Meng Qiting turned sideways and glanced at Xia Xiaoshu.Seeing that there was no meaning to settle it in time, he felt a little uneasy, and Doctor Meng got up.He spoke softly and politely Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage to the patient at the back, then turned around and walked quickly to the shelf to see what was going on.Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw that Doctor Meng was coming to persuade him to make peace.Considering that Doctor Meng had not fully recovered, Xia Xiaoshu hurried over to stop him.That person is probably drinking too much, so don t go over there.If there is a dispute later, don t smack you again.Lowering her voice, Xiao Xia hurriedly ordered a few words.He It doesn t look like he s drinking too much.It s probably because he deliberately spilled some alcohol on his body.Be careful Knowing that Mr.Xia was well intentioned, Doctor Meng stopped.

Seeing Xia Xiaoshu doing this, they both have the same idea It seems that this Kongming lantern is very famous There may be some collected data in those two data modules.What important information Chapter 848 Unexpected impact Xia Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage Xiaoshu s Remote Kong Ming Lantern is too peculiar, attracting many nearby villagers into the courtyard to 5 thc watch, everyone talking and laughing, it seems very strange It cbd gummies and covid was lively.Gan Jiumao called Xia Xiaoshu aside and said with a smile You hurry up and go, those villagers have been busy for a cbd gummies for sex long time, we have to invite them to dinner, Teacher Xu, they are all female guests, more or less It s not very convenient, I think it s better to go to the small restaurant in the village and invite them to eat hot pot.We have good wine here, and I ll bring a few bottles over later.

Let me ask you about someone.Xia Xiaoshu briefly introduced the physical features of Master Qiao, who was collecting waste.If you guessed correctly, that person should be Qiao Hulu, do you have anything to do with him Today, I bought an old manuscript from him for 25 yuan.The manuscript is very special.Can you ask me about the manuscript Where did you get it from No problem Is this urgent It s very urgent, that kind of manuscript is regarded as life by its owner, and it suddenly fell into the hands of the waste collector.It is estimated that The original author s personal life should be quite bad.If the facts are similar to my guess, we can help as much as we can find the original author of the manuscript.You don t know, it is not easy for someone who can write such a manuscript Understood I ll go out and inquire tomorrow morning.

Xia Xiaoshu gently picked up a burning wire probe and looked at it carefully for a long time.Mr.Xia, are these my dad s work notes Are these strange characters and formulas related to smelting technology Qu Shangyi asked in surprise.Yes, has Ling Zun been engaged in smelting work for many years Xia Xiaoshu asked with a smile.How should I put it, my father, he has been working outside for many years, and only CBD gummies effects Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage comes back during the New Year s holiday.In my impression, he should be engaged in a blacksmith line.President Xia also knows that these two years, the blacksmith line has long been Unemployed, there are still a few hobbyists in the town and village.The serious blacksmith has long eagle hemp CBD full spectrum gummies Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage since been eliminated by the times.He actually knows how to smelt.I really don t know that.Maybe my mother and my elder brother know something Two, if it wasn t for white label cbd gummies the fact Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage that I met a friend in the smelting business a few years ago, I wouldn t even know what this was written down, but looking at the notes, it should have been written by my father.

Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage Exactly what he expected.Manager Zheng Who is that Xia Xiaoshu asked with a smile.It s your ex He s in his thirties, and he can speak well.Maybe he s done it Really I was appointed kenia cbd gummies to continue to manage this branch.Maybe, that s just Manager Zheng s guess.In a sentence, Xia Xiaoshu looked up at the roof, he wanted to see if some parts of the store should be simply cleaned up.I think so.Manager Yan mentioned this when he went to my place yesterday Listening to what he meant, he seemed to be discussing with the people in your company.He has long been interested in your facade.It s strange., this greeting has also been finished, and hemp seed oil vs cbd boss Yu did not say that he should go back to the hotel to start his own business, but he just stood there chattering about the lease of the facade.Look at the meaning, the business in his shop is not much better The whole person s mind is Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage not used in a serious place Xia Xiaoshu s impression of the boss began to what do cbd gummies do for anxiety become a little bad.

Mr.Xia Hello, we met last time.Yes, hello Is it convenient for Director Yuan to meet guests at this time I passed by temporarily, I hope not to disturb you.Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.No, Director gummies for pain cbd Yuan is having a meeting with Director Lin right now, please As she spoke, the female assistant accompanied Xia Xiaoshu to take best CBD gummies for tinnitus Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage the elevator to Yuan Jiamin s office.The female assistant poured a cup of tea for Xia Xiao and said to him with a smile, Mr.Xia You sit here for Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage a CBD vs hemp oil Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage while, Director Yuan should finish the meeting later.Yes There are magazines over there, so wait a moment, I still have some work at hand, excuse Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage me You re welcome As long as you don t open the shutters, you can see the best cbd scene outside the office at a glance.Just came out of Chang Kuangyu s buy cbd for pain shabby office, and in such a fashionable and beautiful office environment, Xia Xiaoshu was really not used to it.

Shikuhu was unlucky.The three uncles and nephews tossed for a long time, but they only caught a dozen small scale fish.Watching Mr.Xia wave at their uncles and nephews, cbd relax gummies the old man are green lobster cbd gummies legit saw that it would be meaningless to cast a net again.After the two nephews packed up and caught up with Xia Xiaoshu, everyone returned to the village together.Is it are CBD gummies the same as hemp gummies Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage all right Where s San Xizi Mo Saoyun was greeting Wang Cai in the yard to eat fruit.Seeing that Xia Xiaoshu came back alone, she quickly asked.It s alright, I don t know any of those tourists, and Uncle Shi made a misunderstanding.I met a distant relative there, and Sanxizi is doing family bulk cbd gummies for sale affairs with them right now I thought it was no big deal., I have cleaned up in the kangaroo cbd gummies 2000mg kitchen.It is not good for the body to eat the leftovers and leftovers.I threw away some of the food, and I picked the good ones and fed them to Prosperity , hey I found it, you still I m really used to prosperity It s mouth is so sloppy now, it doesn t even smell some food, it really makes you more and more precious Mo Saoyun said a few words with a gumies smile.

So, the Qian family entrusted the company to Xu Shiyun, while he did some theoretical research at home.From time to time, he invited Yang Ruqian, Guan Qicheng can five cbd gummies get you high and others to sit at home and discuss some difficult business issues together.Bing Ju company s major events are basically decided by Xu Shiyun.Xu Shiyun identified cbd elderberry gummies one thing in order to develop better, Bingju company must form a good business relationship with Miaowei company.For this reason, Xu Shiyun has been paying close attention to Xia Xiaoshu s personal movements.This time, when he heard that he went to Beiqi City to rent a smelting workshop for a new type of raw material, Xu Shiyun immediately realized that this new type of special material must be special.It is important, and its impact may be beyond everyone s imagination.Taking a step back, with Xia Xiaoshu s talent and time, if there is a major breakthrough in new raw material technology, Di Cuo the company s importance in the business world of Lishi will be greatly reduced.

Feeling a little upset, will cbd gummies ruin a drug test Xia Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage Xiaoshu naturally didn t want to mess with those technical transformation projects any more.Before flipping through a few pages, Xia Xiaoshu saw at a glance two emails from Yuan Jiamin, both of which had attachments attached.Oops, I m so busy all day, I forgot what Jia cbd gummies water soluble Min asked me to do, I hope I don t miss it.Thinking of this, Xia Xiaoshu hurriedly opened the email and read it carefully Best Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage Full Spectrum for a long time.Don t say it, Shi Mingyu s proposal is still very constructive, but the area of the relevant venue is definitely not small.In that case, after a year, you will have to pay a good rent Thinking of this, Xia Xiaoshu couldn t help Best Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage Full Spectrum but think about driving it.In the entire Lishi City, there are only two driving bars at the moment.Due to the limited number of them, apart Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage cbd no thc gummies from the fact that the business is booming without recover fx cbd hemp gummy bears worrying cbd gummies edibles can u bring CBD gummies on a plane Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage about making money, it has little impact on the local Internet cafes and other businesses.

When we return to the city next time, we will meet and talk in detail.Okay.There is still something Best Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage Full Spectrum to do here, we will talk later.After that, Manager Mu hung up the phone.Chapter 176 Subtle Calculus Looking around, I saw the sparkling waves on the surface of the pool, like broken gold, like rotten silver, and jumped happily like musical notes.Looking at this beautiful scenery, Xia Xiaoshu couldn t help but recall the years spent in Dongqi University Not far from the southwest of Dongqi University, there is also an artificial landscape lake, sometimes walking by the lake, sometimes swinging Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage in the lake Zhou, sometimes I can also invite a few friends who are proficient in mathematics to discuss the theoretical framework of subtle mathematics.At that time, Xia Xiaoshu was full of vigor and vitality, trying to form a relatively practical small system of applied mathematics, which is a new system with strong practicability that is more convenient and efficient to use.

She s not too young.She changes jobs every day, and she can t even make a family., she ll be in her thirties soon, so how could it be As he spoke, Shikuhu s eyes widened and he seemed a little anxious.It can be seen that Shikuhu still cares about his niece.Hehe I m in a hurry.Marriage is a matter cbd gummies and sex of fate.When fate arrives, after cbd melatonin sleep gummies getting the certificate this year, the children will run all over natural cbd vape liquid the street in the year after.Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.Mr.Xia really knows how to talk, see you soon Old Gan, long time brother, goodbye After that, Shikuhu walked towards the parking lot with a few bags.Xia Xiaoshu and the three of them then looked at two more houses, one of which was a commercial frontage house facing the street, either Shi Jiudang didn t like it, or Xia Xiaoshu felt it was inappropriate, anyway, he didn t like it in the end.

At this moment, Xia Xiaoshu brought all the new material samples directly, and Tong Yuyao was naturally hesitant.Gently opening the metal box, Tong Yuyao was stunned.What a pure quality Which smelting company did this thing come from The Miaowei company has a very high technical level in some aspects.It is not surprising that they have recently recruited a lot of smelting talents It shouldn t be The industry has not received any news at all Tong Yuyao thought to himself.Gently picking up the blue like new material sample, hemp infused gummies benefits Tong Yuyao looked at it carefully for a long time.The new material samples are so Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage pure, your company has spent a lot of money, right Tong Yuyao asked casually.It didn t cost much.The main research why take cbd gummies and development process was completed by our company in cooperation with an old gentleman surnamed Qu.

My friend is looking for me in a hurry, so I won t accompany you I have paid for the meal, and when everyone leaves later, there will be two bottles of wine and one cigarette per person, and the things have been put under the windowsill., remember to take it with you when you leave With Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage a few polite words, Xia Xiaoshu walked out of the private room slowly.When he came downstairs, Xia Xiaoshu said with a smile You haven t eaten yet, have you I didn t eat well just now, and there is no seat here.Let s go to the Xiyue Pavilion and eat something casually.As for the full capacity.Eating is a trivial matter, didn t we get into a fight Tan Yuecheng asked with concern.No, no They are also instigated by others.They are not bad people.They are all right if they talk politely.This place is not a place to talk.

Xie Tingyu decided to wait for the change and not contact Xia Xiaoshu for the time being.After changing into the uniform, Xie Tingyu left the company and went to the market to buy vegetables Early the next Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage morning, just after breakfast, Xia Xiaoshu was cleaning up in the kitchen when she heard the sound of the motor of a car coming from outside the courtyard.After a while, I watched two young men, a man and a woman, walk in outside the gate.Excuse me Which one is Mr.Xia Xiaoshu Please come out and pick up the work letter.The man greeted a few times loudly.Hello I m Xia Xiaoshu, may I ask you two My colleague from the head office, this is Xiao Zhao from the office, my surname is Huang, from the Operations Department, here is a work cbd gummy manufacturer colorado letter, please sign for it.Just a moment.As he spoke, the man handed Xia Xiaoshu a document bag made of kraft paper.

I have no problem here, Jiamin How are you and Mr.Lin over there Xia Xiaoshu asked with a smile.Old Lin has entrusted me with this matter, and tomorrow we can discuss this matter Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage with the company s legal counsel.Yuan Jiamin responded with a smile.Okay, let s meet tomorrow at ten cbd gummies springfield mo o clock in the morning, how about we meet in the Zengmang office building Xia Xiaoshu suggested with a smile.Shi Mingyu and Yuan Jiamin readily agreed The next day, because the business was relatively simple, Xia Xiaoshu asked Lawyer Zhong to appoint his personal assistant, Miss Li, to go to Director Yuan Jiamin s office with him.Shi Mingyu arrived half an CBD gummies with pure hemp extract Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage hour early.Two lawyers, a company legal officer, and three professionals sat together to negotiate all the terms of cooperation.The six people sat buy cbd hemp together and communicated repeatedly for a long time.

In any case, this old gentleman can be regarded as a very successful businessman.Shi Jincuo just came over to greet Xia Xiaoshu and others politely, and then went to greet other relatives and friends.In his heart, Shi Jincuo held a grudge against Xia Xiaoshu.Come on, the sudden death of the old father was due to overwork, but Xia Xiaoshu miraculously won the trust of the important shareholders of the Fang Group and completely established a firm foothold in the Fang Group.This must be a blow to the old father.heavy.Looking on from the sidelines, Shi Jincuo found that where Xia Xiaoshu was standing, many heavyweights in the business world of Lishi City would go over to be polite to him, alas The mall is the money market, it s snobbish.Xia Xiaoshu was chatting with the Qian family and the others, and suddenly saw Shi Yiyue walking over from a distance.

Chapter 240 Precise Management While still playing in Yugu Village, Xinyuan , Miss Xiaozhang, and Mr.Su always mentioned a boss named Qian from time to eagle hemp CBD gummies amazon Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage time.I don t know anything, and I don t care.Because of the authenticity of Mr.Zong s oil paintings, Jiang Siyong occasionally mentioned the Qian family, Xia Xiaoshu was not in that circle, so naturally he didn t pay much what is the difference between CBD and hemp Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage attention to that person.It wasn t until later that many tourists came to the village, and at least half of them went to the waters east of the Back Mountain.This time, their actions caught Xia Xiaoshu s attention.As a result, Mr.Qian of medigreen cbd gummies review the Qian family naturally entered Xia Xiaoshu s field of vision.After a search on the Internet, Xia Xiaoshu was surprised to find that the Qian family was always such a prominent business elite.

Lin Huomian played Go with his father since he was a child, and his chess skills are Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage acceptable.After a game, Lin Huomian found that in terms of Go skills, he and President Qian were not on the same level at all.Although several other business celebrities were sitting in the chess room chatting, for a while, the atmosphere at the scene was still a little cold.In order to ease the atmosphere, the Qian family smiled and asked Lin Huomian, making cbd gummies Who is this lady If it s convenient, please introduce Mr.Lin.Oh our company s technical director, Ms.Yuan.Oh You are so young I ve been promoted to technical director, it s amazing, amazing It s really awesome I wonder if Director Yuan has the habit of playing with Go When they were playing against Lin Huomian just now, the Qian family inadvertently discovered that Director Yuan should be a master at Go.

At the beginning, Uncle Liang Wo was a little skeptical about the core components being prepared by Jianhui company.In his opinion, Mr.Xia seemed to have little trust in Xinyixiang company.Dong Liang, don t get me wrong.You and Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage the company s Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage chief engineer have a good look at the design parameters.You have also seen the core components.You must know what the technical level is.Xia Xiaoshu explained casually.a few words.Well, maybe botanical CBD gummies Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage I m overconfident.I m willing to believe hempbombs gummies Mr.Xia s prediction, so let s draft the contract according to Mr.Xia s wishes.Although he still doesn t agree with him, Uncle Liang Wo still agrees with him.Agree to sign the relevant agreement.Ding Weishan sat beside her and pondered for a while.At this time, she felt that she should say a few words for Mr.Liang.Mr.Xia, I have some suggestions It s just for you and Mr.

Now, the company s cash Best Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage Full Spectrum flow is very sufficient, and it is not bad to pay the money to Mr.Xia and Mr.Gan.Before, Ding Weishan had always respected Uncle Liang Wo, thinking that he was very good at doing business.When Xinyixiang was at its peak, Mr.Liang did not have a feverish mind to choose a location to build a grand office building.The Xinyixiang company has always insisted on renting office buildings as office space.However, Ding Weishan knows that Mr.Liang has the strength to build his own office building.Recently, Ding Weishan s thoughts have become a little different from before.In her opinion, Mr.Liang s business landscape is not as grand as she imagined, and even Mr.Liang occasionally acts quite stingy.For example, this time, he has been delaying the payment of the money that should be paid to Mr.

Mr.Zhao, what do you think about this He said that the thieves may not be here for money, but the thief s nature is hard Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage to change.On the way, the finance room turned around, maybe I found that there can cbd oil reduce leg swelling was no chance to take advantage of it, so I stopped for a while and left.Fang Yuelan relayed Zhao Rongjin s guess.Really Let s keep an eye on it first, I hope those people are passing by, and they will never return once they are empty.Xia Xiaoshu said with a smile.Hope it Then I ll go back first Okay, it s not appropriate to talk about this matter, let s discuss it from a long term perspective After speaking, Xia Xiaoshu got up and politely sent Fang Yuelanli out the door.Turning around, Xia Xiaoshu couldn t help but fall into contemplation As the saying relief boost cbd gummies goes, big trees attract wind.As the Miaowei company continues to grow, there must be many people who are jealous.

Have you been trading stocks recently Xia Xiaoshu asked when he entered the door.What There is news Upon hearing this, Shang Yixi quickly put down the teacup in his hand, wiped his hand, and asked vegan CBD gummies Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage softly with wide eyes.No news, but I bought some.Which one Shang Yixi asked.Xinyue Stone, are you familiar with it That stock, isn t it immortal recently What Can it rise I m optimistic about this stock.How much can it rise to Preliminary analysis Can it rise to more than 90 yuan Ah A full profit of more than 70 yuan Sure That s not to mention, but I am optimistic about this stock.I believe you, tomorrow Is it too late Also.Can you buy it at the current price Yes.Thanks If you lose, you won t blame me cbd delta 8 gummies review for talking too much How can it be By eagle hemp CBD gummies amazon Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage the way, here it is There are several analysis reports, please take a look As he spoke, cbd gummies 200mg Shang Yixi took a report from the desk and handed it to Xia Xiaoshu The business of Seven Flavor Food City has been pretty good recently, but Mu Qi is not happy at all.

Since the two of you are so enthusiastic, then help me organize the packaging.Okay With a casual agreement, Researcher Lu walked to cbd hemp farming profit per acre the tricycle and helped Luo Chengxiang unload the goods.Ouch How can you get started When it comes to packaging later, you can dr. gupta CBD gummies Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage help support the bag.As he spoke, Luo Chengxiang carried a bag of Amomum and strode into the No.6 warehouse.Researcher Lu looks gentle, and doesn t look like someone who has done manual labor.You are polite.Luo Chengxiang actually knows that this person can t really help.Researcher Wang thought that he might not be able to get involved, so he might as well listen to Mr.Xia s instructions.After opening the bag and balance cbd gummies checking it inside and out, Xia Xiaoshu said with a smile, Uncle Luo, the condition is very good, let s set the superior grade Say a few words in response The size is a little uneven, just set a sub optimal.

Looking back, hemp gummy benefits Xia Xiaoshu explained a few words to Tan Yuecheng.You two are really amazing Seeing how delicious your food is, I m also a little hungry.Is there anything left in the pot Happy Hemp CBD Gummies Dosage CBD georgia Tan Yuecheng also wanted something to eat.There s no more noodles, you have to eat another bowl yourself, and there are some others.Get up and take a few bites.Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.Okay In response, Tan Yuecheng came to his senses.The three of them sat around and chatted in a low voice about that strange person.Our money always mentioned this person to me, that person s surname was Xu, and he was also a famous geek back then.It is said that he was admitted to the doctor s degree.It s pathetic.Wang Yudong lowered his voice and said a few words casually.Really People who can get into the eyes of General Qian are absolutely not easy.