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Of course, it s not entirely unknown what s going on here.It must be Brother Tien.Xue Congjun, Jiang Qingliang and Gu Puwang were in different places, but they exchanged a tacit glance.There must be only one reason for his fifth brother to be entangled.What happened to his tired brother.Xue Congyun was quite worried.Fortunately, after a long time, a sedan chair was carried, and Director Wang said with a sharp voice Your Majesty is here Congratulations to Your Majesty Prestige to go.The black jacket swept past, and the golden embroidery thread was shining brightly.Xue Fangli walked out of the sedan chair slowly, but did not step out immediately, but extended his hand toward the sedan again.In front of everyone s eyes, he took one person out.Jiang Yan buried his head in Xue Fangli s arms, feeling hopeless.

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In the past few days, Shangyi Supervisor has been hemp bombs cbd oil for dogs rushing to make dragon robes and phoenix robes.I don t know when they sent the phoenix robes.This newly embroidered phoenix robe is made of just the right vermilion.If it is thick, it will appear gloomy, if it is light, it will appear frivolous.The styles are intricate.It looks good, but Jiang Yan didn t want to move.He hugged Xue Fangli, leaned on top of him, and said lazily, I m so tired.Fingers lightly pinched the soft flesh on Jiang Yan s face, Xue Fang gave him a distant look, You really deserve your name.Jiang Lan.What s wrong with being lazy I m just lazy, I m not like some Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects people, bullying people all day long is a bad thing.He didn t name names, but this bad thing has been scolded, and it s really not worth it if you don t bully people again.

He didn t eat breakfast, but a lot of snacks were prepared in the carriage.Jiang Yan looked down and finally gave up, leaning on Xue Fangli saltily.Seeing this, Xue Fangli took a piece of cbd gummies mn peach cake to feed him, Jiang Yan shook his head, I don t eat.Later, the sleepiness was completely gone, and he was in a trance all day when he woke up early.Xue Fangli let out an um , put down the peach cake, and washed his hands slowly, Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects Jiang Juan asked curiously, My lord, why don t you eat it This is not the first time.The lord was only keen to feed him.If Jiang Wan didn t eat, he would have everyone evacuated, but he didn t touch him much.I don t want to eat.But The lord how long for CBD gummies to start working Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects was so ill that he had to eat well.Jiang Yan asked him euphemistically, My lord, are you a fairy Huh Fairies only drink dew, you He seems to like drinking dew, too.

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Jiang Juan didn t hear the dark tide between them, but only heard Xue Fangli say to let Bai Xuechao stay, and thought it was a good idea, Jiang Juan asked expectantly, Grandfather, do you CBD gummies with thc Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects want to stay in the capital Bai Xuechao looked at Jiang Juan and smiled very kindly, Do you want your grandfather to stay Jiang Yan nodded, Of course I do.Grandfather is here, I can accompany you more, if you go back , we can only meet a few times a year, I don t want to do this.Bai Xuechao stared at Jiang Juan, and after a while, he said kindly, Okay, if my grandson wants my grandfather to stay, my grandfather will stay.Well, he can accompany Feiyue a little more.He also has many old friends in Beijing.From CBD gummies hemp bombs Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects time to time, he can come out to get together, relax in the mountains, stay in Beijing, and accompany his grandson.

Anyone who sees it has to call the prince, and he is very majestic.Of course, seeing Jiang Wan, Xue Congyun still had to call him brother honestly.Brother Tien, hehe.Jiang Juan He glanced at Xue Congyun in surprise, and said slowly You are normal, you are so scary, you know You can t blame me, Xue Congyun said happily Said, Brother Tien, you are really reliable.If Jiang Juan had not been in a coma for many days, Xue Congyun would have come to him early in the morning to announce the good news.At the beginning, Xue Congyun asked Jiang Juan to help him blow the pillow and wanted to be a free and easy prince.Jiang Juan only asked, but the imperial decree came.The sour water came straight out.Hey, hey.Thinking of this, Xue Congyun was so happy that he couldn t close his mouth, and he started to smirk again, Brother Tien, why are you blowing the pillow eagle hemp CBD gummies review Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects for the fifth brother, the fifth brother really gave me a good place to go.

Gu Yunzhi and Jiang Sentao were the first to return to Beijing, and they led the civil and military officials to wait here for a long time.Long live my emperor, long live Seeing the young new emperor, hundreds of officials knelt down and bowed in unison, and the sound was like thunder.Jiang Juan, who swayed all the way in the carriage and slept all the way, was are hemp gummies the same as CBD gummies Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects awakened.He lifted the curtain and glanced outside.It was Xue Fangli who accepted the worship.The man rode on a horse and walked at the front, his robe fluttered in the wind, hunting and hunting, and the phoenix embroidered with gold thread was about to fly, shining brightly.He was born with red lips and white teeth, but his temperament was not It s cold, and it s inexplicably weird.Son of a bitch.Jiang Yan secretly cursed him in his heart.

He didn t even hug Jiang Yan s waist again, but just looked at Jiang Yan.Jiang Yan touched his face and comforted him seriously Don t be afraid, I will accompany you, always with you.Xue Fangli asked him, Aren t you going anywhere royal blend CBD gummies price Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects Jiang Yan nodded, Well , I m not going anywhere but by your side.After thinking green lobster CBD gummies Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects for a while, Jiang 500mg cbd gummy Yan said softly, Don t let me go, and I don t want to be let go by you.Xue Fangli didn t say anything, in his calm expression Below, the limbs and bones were shaking, and the emotions hidden in the dark eyes were surging, intense to the extreme, the smell of blood spread in the mouth, and fusion cbd gummies Xue Fangli coughed.You Jiang Yan wanted to comfort him, but was suddenly startled.There was blood on Xue Fangli s lips, which was bright red and dazzling.A lot of blood.Jiang Yan quickly wiped him with his hands, but he was grabbed and Xue Fangli squeezed his wrist tightly.

Wait a minute.It was so late, Jiang Juan had no appetite, the food was really served, and he couldn t eat it either.Jiang Yan had to bite the bullet and change his mouth My lord, I m not hungry anymore.Xue Fangli looked back at him, his eyelids drooping., but there was no displeasure on his face, and his tone seemed puzzled What the hell is going on with you tonight I haven t been very happy since the banquet.Jiang Fan recalled, I m not very unhappy either.Right Xue Fangli asked him, Why are you unhappy After a moment s pause, Xue Fangli said thoughtfully, If it weren t for the princess residence, you said that you were just asking casually, and this king may have misunderstood.Do you mind meeting the prince and the second son.Jiang Yan Well, he blocked his words again.Jiang Ruan lay back on the bed peacefully and stretched out his hand to pull the string of beads.

Jiang Yan glanced at him and said unhappily, I won t go back.Xue Fangli Why Jiang Yan I m angry when I see you.Xue Fangli said slowly It doesn t matter.You are lying in the arms of this king on weekdays, and you can t see this king when you sleep.Jiang Juan I don t want, Jiang Juan said slowly, I want to sleep here tonight.Alright, Xue Fangli s expression remained unchanged, This king sleeps here with you tonight.Jiang Juan He asked incredulously What are you doing No, you are not allowed to sleep with me.I didn t promise you.You sleep by yourself tonight, so I won t sleep with you.Xue Fangli frowned., and then asked calmly secret nature CBD vape Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects This king sleeps alone, what if the old disease recurs Jiang Yan was stunned, he really forgot about such a thing, and immediately hesitated, Xue Fangli saw this, the corner of his lips Set off a few points.

Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects Jiang Juan what s going on Jiang Yan opened his eyes wide, and suddenly he remembered the story that Wang Ye told him one night that ended in death. There was a daughter who had a smooth and stable first half of her hemp oil vs CBD oil Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects life.Her parents loved her and petted her, and her husband respected her and protected her.Stories like this would always encounter great changes, but the prince didn t talk about it anymore.Intuition, this is the first half of Yu Meiren s life.What about the rest of her life Jiang Juan also remembered that he had also inquired about Yu Meiren from the senior executives, and the senior executives also told him something at the time. Yu Meiren was originally an orphan.When she was offering incense at Miaoling Temple, she met the Holy One, and the Holy One fell in love at first sight.

Is this for Emperor Hongxing Jiang Yan thinks not.But this is not important, the important thing is that Emperor Hongxing did not see her, but the Empress Dowager blindly blamed the prince.Inexplicably, Jiang Juan was still in a panic because he had offended thc cbd gummies near me too many people on the way to the palace.Now he thinks about it.Anyway, she has already offended a lot of people, and the empress dowager has never been offended.The Empress Dowager Jiang Wan said slowly, You believe in Buddhism, and Buddhism has three karmas body, speech, and mind.If you insult the lord, this is just karma, or it s bad words, and it seems that you will fall into The Three Evil Realms.The Three Evil Realms are also hell.When the Empress Dowager heard this, she burst into anger and said, What did you say Jiang Wan just pretended that she didn t hear it clearly, and repeated it without saying a word, the Empress Dowager was cold.

The old accounts are so easy to turn over, of course, they have to be checked every now and then.Jiang Yan ignored him.He leaned on Xue Fangli, opened the curtain, and looked out aimlessly.The carriage drove all the way and was about to reach the city gate.Why are there so many people At the gate of the city, many people looked up, as if they were watching the excitement.Jiang Fan also looked over curiously, as if two people were arguing and were chasing one after another.The man in front yelled You lunatic, you know who I am, and you dare to do something to me I am Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects the Minister of Rites Behind him was an old man, wearing a bucket hat, covering most of his face.All are dust.He chased after a few steps, but he was exhausted.He simply stopped, took off his shoes, and smashed it so far away.His voice was sonorous and powerful, Bah You are the one who hit you Minister of Rites Isn t this his Shangshu father Jiang Juan was stunned when someone recognized the carriage coming, and said in a panic, The carriage from the palace is here Stop watching the fun The carriage from the palace is here Even the old man who hit the man changed his face and jumped away on one foot.

This letter is a little secret between you and your mother.Don t tell anyone, don t mention it, okay Don t, don t tell your father.That s your mother s husband.He s here.Now, he s going to take his mother away Xue Fangli closed his eyes and said calmly, She hates this king.Jiang Juan wanted to say more, the maid who was sent to fetch the cbd hemp flower online painting came back, she respectfully said My lord, the paintings are here.Xue Fangli nodded, and several maids stepped forward and spread out the scrolls together.There were seven paintings in total, six of which were of a woman.Should be the same person, right Jiang Yan tried hard to identify that the silk was damp, and there were many moths, and the damage was serious.He could only roughly see the outline, but it was so, and it did not hide the beauty of a woman s country.

If you condemn him, are you not afraid that he will be angry with you The condemnation is also serious.Talk to him about this matter, and then ask him what he thinks of Brother Nian.Xue Congyun No problem.Jiang Qingliang Yes.The three reached an agreement, Gu Gu said.Pu Wang said I count three, let s go in together.Xue Congyun interjected The three agreed to advance and retreat together, whoever escapes is the dog.Jiang Qingliang put away the laughter, No problem.Gu Pu Wang also nodded, Hmm.Three, CBD gummies reviews Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects two, one.After the voice fell, the curtain was lifted.Jiang Juan, who was drinking water, was startled and saw Xue Congyun who had barged in.coming.The protagonist came to trouble him.He knew it.Jiang Yan was nervous, staring at Xue Congyun without blinking.Xue Congyun Brother Nian last night He only spit out a few words when he realized something was wrong.

Tomorrow can start to foreshadowing owo so excited.Thanks at 2021 08 30 23 58 54 2021 08 31 23 58 During the 48 period, the little angel who cast the overlord vote or irrigated the nutrient solution for me Thank you for the little angel who cast the grenade Yin Meiyun 1 The little angel who irrigated the nutrient solution 132 bottles of Yinyujue 118 bottles of vegetation 100 bottles of Gu Nian 94 bottles of Guo 80 bottles of raccoon balls Wait 50 bottles Tsgxz 44 bottles Mustard Zi, Shanhai, Xue Mi, has it been updated today, only 40 bottles Milk Ting 39 bottles Rice balls 32 bottles 30 bottles of Sydney 25 bottles of Xingwen 22 bottles of Tweet and Acridine 22 bottles of Baicha Rou Qinglan, Fish Meatballs, Qiluo, Banzhuzhi, Aiya, Waguang, MostTi, Sansan, Rotten Eyes, Roe Deer, 47089287, Youko, Qian Tan Le, Fan Mo, please call me 20 bottles Ay 16 bottles Running Panda 15 bottles Devil s Prologue, zzzzzzz 14 bottles Chen Chen, Jiulu Lali Da Da Da, Porridge, Ya Xi, Potato Loves Scallion Pancakes, Bo Jun Yi Xiao, Gaxy.

Jiang Qingliang not only showed no sympathy, but also burst into laughter on the spot, Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.What kind of torture has become the king will hold him when he goes in and out, and the king feeds him when he eats.Brother Juan was tortured so badly that he can t even think about it Xue Congyun cried out, I m so stupid, how could I I would be so stupid, I Another day, when his fifth brother was not around, he would kill him at the Li Wangfu, and viciously throw a few treasures to his tired brother, forcing him Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects 100 mg cbd gummies to be the best with himself.Woohoo.He was really hurt.How to solve the worries, only with the tired brother wyld cbd thc gummies first.Otherwise, he must make a serious fight .When he returned to the tent, Jiang Wan was placed on the couch.He sat up and slowly rolled up his trousers, Your Highness, apply the medicine.

Jiang Yan was finally satisfied, he pulled Xue Fangli to bed, then hugged him and arched back and forth in his arms, his voice was vague, Alright, I m here.Xue Fangli looked down at him, raised his hand, was about to touch Jiang Juan, but he didn t know what to think, he stopped in mid air, Jiang Juan was unaware of it.He was coaxed to be happy, but the account still had to be settled with Xue Fang, so he would not be carried away by sweet words.Don t do this again in the future.Jiang Yan traced the embroidery on Xue Fangli s robe with his fingertips, You have punished people indiscriminately and tortured people to the point of losing half their lives.What do you need the government to do Okay.Xue Fangli agreed too quickly, Jiang Juan suspected that he was perfunctory, thought for a moment, then Jiang Juan said, You better really decide to change your mind.

Calling him back to the tower, the three disasters made him unstable, Lan Ting covered his mouth and couldn t utter a single word for a long time, so he could only repeat Fortunately, fortunately.Jiang Juan was quite frightened, Almost I m dead.Lan Ting was also frightened, but when she raised pure hemp cbd her head, her hands and feet became weak, and she let out a cry of exclamation.The man stood at hemp oil vs CBD oil Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects the door, his breath was extremely cold, his eyes were red and he looked like an evil spirit.Jiang Yan asked cbd infused gummies benefits her, Lanting, what s the matter Lan Ting shivered and said, No, nothing, I just thought that you were almost pushed down the tower, slave She was so frightened, let alone The prince was over, and Jiang Yan said, Lanting, don t tell the prince, he will definitely feel worse when he hears it..Master Ananda What a master, just pretending to be a ghost.

Stare at a stick of incense.If you blink your eyes, you will light another incense.Jiang Qingliang Without blinking for so long, Who can stand it Is this to make Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects him stare all night Jiang Qingliang moved her lips, My lord, don t you think a stick of incense is a bit too long Are you long Xue Fangli said lightly, If it s too long, that s all.He was so easy to talk, Jiang Qingliang was stunned, not only was he not relieved, but felt uneasy for can you take CBD gummies on an empty stomach Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects no reason, as expected, The next moment, Xue Fangli said to the maid Send this picture book to your generals, where did it come from, best thc free cbd oil 2021 and tell the truth.Jiang Qingliang Jiang Qingliang immediately changed his words My lord, soon, A stick of incense soon, it s totally fine, you don t need to alarm my father and his old man In fact, Jiang Qingliang also knew that Xue Fangli was just tossing him, just like always letting med joy cbd gummies him go into the water for a bracelet, but this time it was changed.

Kindly come to see him, Instead, give us a slap in the face.Jiang Nian also felt that Jiang Fan was going too far, he frowned, but he still comforted Jiang Shangshu Father, don t be angry, maybe he has something to delay.Jiang Shangshu snorted coldly., I think his wings are hard In cbd gummies cvs pharmacy fact, Jiang Fan is very innocent, he is really innocent, it is not his intention to hang Jiang Shangshu and Jiang Nian.He slept again when it was dawn.When the servant first notified him, Jiang Jian didn t hear what the other party said, and only said in a daze, I want to sleep.The servant looked at Xue Fangli hesitantly, Fang Li said lightly, Let them wait.After being woken up once, it was not so peaceful to sleep again.Jiang Juan woke up and slept again, slept and woke up again, repeated several times, and finally sat up from the beauty s couch Is there a problem Jiang Wan vaguely remembered CBD gummie Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects what someone had said to him, and he asked in a drowsy manner.

Soon, he fell into a dark and sweet dreamland Jiang Fan slept until the next morning.I had a headache when I slept less, and I felt uncomfortable after sleeping for too long.As soon as Jiang Wan sat up with his forehead covered, Lan Ting opened the curtain.Young Master, you re awake.En.Jiang Juan realized that he was the only one on the bed, and asked Lanting, Where s the prince The prince was no longer there when the servant came.After a while, Lan Ting buy cbd gummy bears was about to ask him if he wanted to eat, when the senior management heard the voice and knocked on the door, Princess, the sixth prince is here, I ve been waiting for you for a while.Jiang Fan was stunned, sixth prince He smiled and said He said he wanted to show you a baby.Jiang Juan He didn t want to see calm cbd the baby, and he didn t want to be unfortunate, but everyone came, Jiang Juan had to reluctantly say Okay.

cbd chew Jiang Fan almost forgot to breathe.It is impossible to say that he is not afraid at all.Jiang Juan was really frightened just now, but now he is exposed again, Jiang Fan only feels that his heart is about to jump out.He inhaled lightly, but his face was turned back.Xue Fangli looked down at him, his expression as usual, with a gentle smile, but Jiang Lian could see a bit of sinisterness from it.Your Highness.Jiang Lian asked him in a daze Am I still awake Xue Fangli replied indifferently, No.Then you, I Jiang Lian was a little incoherent, He had a lot to say, but when he opened his mouth, he didn t know what to say.In the end, he just lowered his head, looked at the hand that was holding him for a long time, and slowly pushed it away.Seeing that he was about to break free, Xue Fangli held it up again, grabbing his hand even harder.

The princess was extremely fond of him, and compared with his usual tyranny and tyranny, the contrast was so great that it made people envious, and CBD gummies effect on liver Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects the ladies were filled with emotion.I heard people say a few days ago that the princess Li Wang s mansion is very good, and she managed to obey Wang Li.I thought it was just a piece of nonsense, but Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects it turned outis it true I heard that too, Li Wang pampered him so much that he couldn t bear to let the princess go to the ground, and even the princess had to wear a hat when she went in and out, so she was reluctant to let people take a look.This The female relatives looked at each other, and edible cbd snacks finally said in unison, My lord.The princess who loves him so much.Sir, tell it again.I don t know who led the story, and they were quite unsatisfied with this story, and the rest of the people also said Yes, sir, tell it again, This time, I will talk more about the prince and the princess.

Hang Jiang Wan on his body, never leaving him.Seeing Gu Pu looking this way, Jiang Wan was also forced to listen.It has been verified that the eldest princess has secretly recruited soldiers and horses for many years, and has set up camps in many places in the south of the Yangtze River Gu Puwang finished talking about the number of Health: Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects soldiers and horses, local officials who had contacts with the eldest princess, and many accomplices.Said Your Majesty, the officers and soldiers sent to the camp to search also found gunpowder, and there are also gunpowder buried next to the river embankments in many places.When Jiang Yan heard this, his eyes widened in shock.He knew the plot, and of course he knew what it meant.So, the floods in the novel are both due to heavy rains and man made reasons It was the natures boost CBD gummies reviews Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects eldest princess who deliberately blew up the embankment So in the novel, the series of events involved Health: Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects in this flood refugees, plagues and famines, after all, are the eldest princess and the others paving the way for the Marquis of Anping Later, the Marquis of Anping made a lot of money and gained a lot of prestige among the people, and it was a matter of course for him to ascend the throne.

Xue Fang looked at him a few times, but reached out to catch Jiang Lian and put him in his arms.Xue Fangli s hand was loosely placed on Jiang Wan s waist, as if he was really worried that this waist was too thin and could not be broken, as he said earlier.Jiang Yan endured and endured, but he couldn t bear it anymore.He hid his face in his arms, his voice was vague, and he complained softly and softly, My lord, I won t be broken no matter how hard you try.You can use force, I can hold it.The author has something to say Soon after, the salted fish roll cried and cried What are you doing so hard It hurts.Wang Ye Isn t it impossible to break From Zengguang Xianwen What is destined to have, there will always be there what is not in fate, don t force it.Thanks at 2021 08 29 23 58 49 2021 08 30 23 58 During the 54 Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects period, the little angel who cast the overlord vote or irrigated the nutrient solution for me Thanks to the little angel who cast the rocket launcher I know that Junan is in 1 Thanks to the little angel who cast the grenade Xiyan, Yanxizao 1 Thanks The little angel who threw the mine Orchid blooming, Yan Xizao, Chu Wanning, 41916673, Crayon Xiaoxin 1 Thanks to the little angel who irrigated the nutrient solution 52670433 500 bottles a mother single 324 bottles Qi Zhi 176 Bottles Sleeping Cat Follow Me Lazy 160 bottles Kuwu 80 bottles Hour Cat Adult 68 bottles Mo Yi 60 bottles Yiren Promise, Gu Li 46 bottles Wen Huangbaa, Zijin, Jiu 40 bottles 50 mg full spectrum cbd gummies Meng Candie, Mu Xue , can dogs smell CBD gummies Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects oo, bravesong, Xie Ci Lao Po 30 bottles Meng Ruosheng 25 bottles day and night 24 bottles Chang an 22 bottles 20 bottles of Dumpling, Menggui Jia, an aoao monster, human hind legs, 39666320, Klein, Xiaowuhan 15 bottles of tiger skin pepper duck, Yingzi, licking paw and meow 13 bottles of Rabutan , only look at me 12 bottles 26753821, An Liu, XxY , buzzing buzzing, three way water ghost, Yunyang fluffy, white, white, Xiaojin running towards you, Ji Yu Nian, what, There is no competition in the world of fish, the rich Xiao, babble babble, Lian Jin, 10 bottles of Koujie 9 bottles of Shiqi 8 bottles of Yu Shi 7 bottles of Yumian Little Fox and natures script hemp extract gummies Nanako Huhua, I Love Musuri , Zhi Moqing, 28010785, Nanfeng Knows My Mind 6 bottles 47043897, 41938696, is , 26587103, Xi Yan Zao, Eat Melon Bear, Eat Fried Chicken without Beer, Pan Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects s Satan, Dan Geer.

Huh how to make CBD gummies with jello Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects My lord, I m angry with you, you go away first.Xue Fangli glanced at him, Jiang Lian said that he was angry, but he didn t look angry, he He smiled lightly, and then agreed, Okay, this king will wait for you to calm down.He raised his feet and walked away, Jiang Yan did not look back, just lowered pure organic hemp extract gummies his head and drank the sour plum soup that he had put for a while, and then put down the cup, just in time with Gu Pu looked at each other.You Gu Puwang frowned slightly.He didn t know when he woke up.He asked Jiang Juan with a strange expression The person who spoke to you just now is King Li Nodding, Well, it s the Hemp CBD Gummies Side Effects prince.Gu Puwang Jiang Yan asked him strangely, What s wrong Gu Puwang slowly shook his head, It s nothing, I was just thinking, maybe I haven t Wake up.The famous King Li would actually say something like This king is suffering from an incurable disease and I don t want to delay you , I can do whatever I want , and even sincerely apologized, with such a good temper that he seemed to have been taken away Does it sound like he hasn t woken up yet Gu Puwang said to Jiang Juan You pinch me.