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No, to be precise, this giant rock is simply the Book of Taiyi, and it s a hundred times bigger Immediately looked surprised.She has also heard that the chosen person owns the Book of Taiyi, but she has never seen the real one, let alone the Book of Taiyi.Now she heard Xu Que say that the boulder is also the Book of Taiyi.Couldn t help but be surprised.However, Xu Que was even more stunned in his heart.He never thought that such a huge Taiyi Book of Heaven was hidden in this place Dang At this moment, CBD thc gummies Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD a deafening metal percussion sounded, and the buzzing sound resounded in all directions.The chatter of all the monks outside the dojo stopped instantly, and Xu Que and Fairy Zixia also looked royal blend CBD gummies Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD forward.On the top of the mountain opposite the dojo, there were several figures, men and women, old CBD hemp direct Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD and young, with a powerful aura shrouded in them, extremely majestic and shocking.

is hemp gummies good for you Xu Que, he really isn t dead He is back just cbd gummies ingredients All the classmates who were nature s script cbd reviews in college back then were moved.Especially Zeng Darong and Su Xiaoliang were shocked and unbelievable.Originally, I had guessed whether Lin Yuxi was lying to them, but now I have completely believed it, Xu Que is really not dead But the problem also came, this guy looks obviously normal, clean, more temperament than in the past, where does he look like a mental patient Ah At this can i buy cbd gummies at walmart moment, Li Xiaoxiao, who was relieved, suddenly screamed.She looked at Xu Que in horror, as if she had seen a ghost, hugged Xia Yunhai s arm tightly, and stepped back again and again.Li Xiaoxiao, what are you doing Xia Yunhai frowned and looked at Li Xiaoxiao.Li Xiaoxiao s reaction was too exaggerated.It was the second year after Xu Que s death cbd 250mg gummies that Xia Yunhai entered the school.

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During this period of time, he has always been afraid.After all, existences like Taiyixian and Daluoxian can crush him with any finger.Therefore, he wanted to be naughty and grow up in a low key manner, so he used the identity of Xu Que his father to be abducted and deceived in the Tianzhou Pit, fox fake tiger power Especially since he has two soul guards at the peak level of Immortal Venerable, he wants to be lazy even more But now, after trying to swallow two golden lightning bolts, Xu Que finally reflected on himself.It is impossible to continue as long as before eagle hemp CBD gummies price Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD This road has always been full of dangers, and even an existence that can make Xuanyuan Wanrong unable to protect herself has begun to appear, and she needs to speed Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD up and become stronger Why was he so powerful back then In addition to the system, isn t it also because of fearlessness So what is there to be afraid of now If you have a backer, you shouldn t rely on it to eat the mountain, but you should let go of your own restraints and fight recklessly.

This expression Could it be that the sea of blood has played a role My God, he seems to have an expression of pain and happiness on his face, it s too complicated.Look, he s starting cbd gummies stop smoking reviews to green monster cbd gummies shake.He must be Facing the corrosion of the sea of blood.Many people exclaimed in shock.Boss Li on the other side of the sea of blood also frowned slightly, and the soul integrated with the sea of blood felt a little weird.But before he could figure out what pure gummies this weirdness was, he suddenly saw Xu Que in the sea of blood, and shivered suddenly.Boss Li was instantly overjoyed and laughed loudly, Haha, what if you have Doubao to protect your body, you can withstand this old man s blood for a while, but you can t.Ah Suddenly, best thc free cbd gummies for anxiety Xu Que, who was in the sea of blood, showed a happy and contented expression on his face, and let out a comfortable groan, It s CBD gummies with melatonin Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD so comfortable The audience was stunned.

The monk is almost handsome, and there are no fellow Daoists who can be half as handsome as justcbd gummy bears the poor monk.Are you kidding us What method would require a good looking person Where did you get your confidence from Everyone couldn t help shaking their heads, it seems that people are not perfect after all.Even though this Tang Sanzang master was generous, benevolent, virtuous, and had the spirit of Buddhism, he still had the defect of being blind.When Dong Wuqi heard Xu Que s words, he immediately smiled proudly and walked out of the crowd Monk, what do you think of me As a disciple of cbd gummies for alcohol withdrawal the Immortal can a child take CBD gummies Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD Emperor, no matter in terms of cultivation and appearance, they are all excellent Tobuki has full confidence in himself Xu Que glanced at him, put his hands together and said, Amitabha, Donor, you are very Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD gentle.

At this moment, the two of them were like immortal couples, envious of a large group of people.Many classmates stared blankly at this scene, and were so shocked that they couldn t even speak.Lin Yuxi was standing at the door Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD of the building in a daze.The moment Xu Que took Jiang Hongyan into the sky, she already understood that she and Xu Que had completely become two worlds.When she first saw Xu Que, she didn t feel moved anymore, because she was already an executive of a big company, or even the CEO.Later, after she suspected that Xu Que was mentally ill, she felt that she and Xu Que cbd gummies wichita ks were already two worlds.She is in the upper world, and Xu Que is in the lower world But now, she realized that the person eagle hemp CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD who originally stayed in the lower world had always been herself Boom At this moment, Xu Que and Jiang Hongyan entered the imperial palace.

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It is impossible to borrow it and not pay it back, and if he borrows it, he can still owe him a favor.No matter how you think about it, it will not be a loss.Okay, then this old man will not be polite to charlotte s web stanley brothers hemp extract infused gummies you Xu Que do hemp hearts have cbd nodded with a smile, and took over the fairy weapons.Two half grade immortal artifacts, plus a middle grade immortal cbd gummies kansas artifact, were recycled to the system, which just happened to be exchanged for more than 1.6 million points of artifact refining essence.Among them, Ji Wuyun s half grade immortal artifact level jade badge was exchanged for it.The 400,000 point Item Refining Essence is obviously not low in level and quality.It is likely to be the best of the half grade Immortal Artifacts, and it is infinitely close to the low grade level.As for the golden wheel that Bai Cailing took out, the existence of a middle grade fairy weapon has undoubtedly exchanged one million points of refining essence.

She doesn t even need physical body and real energy.She can control the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and display powerful magic tricks.The key is that you can still Let the soul be immortal Xu Que couldn t help but feel heartbroken.In the past, when is hemp oil CBD Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD he used Lei Huansheng, he needed to consume his soul power to some extent.If Lei Huansheng died three or four times in a battle, whats the difference between cbd and hemp oil he could continue to summon it, but if he died ten times or twenty times, it would be a Not a small burden.Although there are some things in the system that can help restore the soul, as the realm increases, the recovery rate also becomes slow.But if he can also possess that woman s divine absolute natural cbd soul magic art, combined with three thousand thunder phantom bodies, then the thunder phantom body can really be immortal, even if he is killed hundreds of times in a battle, his body can be.

As for the other two Immortal Domains, they also went there with the mentality of watching the excitement.Of course, Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD natures boost CBD gummies Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD Tobu Qi, who was still in the Immortal Realm of Yongzhen at this time and was ready to take revenge at any time, naturally knew nothing about it.After a night s rest, Xu Que said that he had almost recovered, and he could continue to expel the evil spirits for the Holy Moon Temple.Dongwu Qi, who was willing to be beaten easily, almost beat Xu Que violently on the spot.Under the eaves, facing the pressure katie couric s cbd gummies of almost all the monks in the Holy Moon Hall, even if Dong Wuqi was reluctant, he could only accept it obediently.Monk, I warn you, be gentle when you hit Bang I told you to start lightly Bang Bang Nima, it s too deceiving Bang Bang Bang In the next few days, such exchanges would appear in the Holy Moon Temple almost every hour.

The 11.0 version of the system integrates and upgrades all the excavations, and there are currently two main sets of magic in the body.The first type is the combination of Three Thousand Thunder Movements and God s Will to You.The second is the attacking art that he used before, which was directly smelted into a set of custom immortal art, but until now he has not had time to name it.As for the rest, such as the hemp gummy bears for anxiety Xuanbing Ghost Mist Hand, which is extremely powerful, and the Force King Fist and the Force difference between hemp and cbd gummies King Leg that he has learned by himself.Overall, although there are fewer spells that can be used, the power is more powerful than before, I don t know how many times, here is 11.0 system to bring him the benefits.Hmm let s name it first, let s call it swift as the wind.Xu Que recalled the man who was as happy as the wind, and smiled knowingly.

However, this trip to Jinghe City has gained a lot of experience.Now it is not far from the Immortal King Realm.If you think about it carefully, it is almost one hundred million intermediate experience points What kind of power is the Zhuangtian Gang Where did this sudden force come from It s too terrifying, I feel that Qingzhou will be turned upside down by them soon Qingzhou No way, that Hua Wuque went to another city mr hemp flower delta 9 gummies hemp gummies 300mg to make trouble so soon A man from the Three Sects who had just escaped from Jinghe keoni cbd gummies review City couldn t help but panic when he heard the people in this city talking about it.Hua Wu Que What Hua Wu Que, I ve never heard of it, we are discussing that King medigreens CBD gummies reviews Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD Wuwei and Duan Jiude Didn t you guys just talk about the Zhuangtian Gang Why buy cbd gummies bulk It s the mighty King and Duan Jiude of the Zhuangtian Gang.

After all, when green ape cbd serenity gummies you are unable to change some things, many people will involuntarily choose to adapt and get used to it This is innate to human beings The ability to adapt and the law of survival, if it sounds ugly, is a bit resigned However, some people will not compromise.For example, Xu Que is often a more detached and publicized existence, and there is always CBD gummies for sleep amazon Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD a rebellious temperament in his bones.People will either live miserably, or they will become a great man and legend Fortunately, Xu Que has the Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD [CDC] system and the luck, he deserves to live a long time To be reasonable, Mo Hufa, you actually made a Very wise decision On the way, Duan Jiude and Mo Junchen hugged each other and said something heartfelt, In those four continents with low strength and inconspicuousness, I thought that the old man could only stay in the beyond cbd gummies spiritual stage for the rest of his life.

Only the day before yesterday, the plan proposed by Fu Shanchuan gave Li Tianxun hope.If Xu Que was introduced into 1000mg jar of cbd gummies the site of the Living Ant King, it would definitely attract a large amount of firepower, and Xu Que s strength was there, plus the power of the six color fire lotus, it would definitely be able to delay a lot of precious time.During that time, Li Tianxun and others could take the opportunity to sneak into the cave under the lair, seize the fragments of the rules of life and death, and even activate the formation and send out a voice transmission for help As the first hero, Fu Shanchuan was originally the most qualified to go to that place with Li Tianxun, but unfortunately he arranged for Wu Shifeng to seduce Lan Xinyue, but Wu Shifeng did not even see Lan Xinyue, so he was directly arrested by Xu.

Although he had heard of the name of Tang Sanzang before, but most of them were limited to the concept of the Buddhist son of Buddhism.Hmph, I don t care how you came out.Since you are here, then you will die Xu Dingcheng sneered, raised his hands, and formed a complex handprint.Eight Desolation Destruction Seal With a where to buy green ape cbd gummies low roar, a khaki light surged Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD around him, immortal essence surged, and the cultivation base of Immortal Venerable in the later stage completely erupted.Not only that, when the light on his body lit up, the surrounding mountains also burst out with yellow light, like meteors, converging around Xu Dingcheng.Fairy Nishang s face suddenly became extremely are there cbd gummies for depression ugly This guy has successfully cultivated This is the unique trick of Immortal Emperor Huanyun when he was young Qiu Zili also looked solemn If this move is used between mountains and forests, it can mobilize the difference between hemp extract and cbd power of the world, mountains and rivers for his own use.

As long as one of these rules of heaven and earth is missing, no matter how much the cultivator cultivates and comprehends the Dao, his own Dao aggregate will eventually be flawed and insufficient compared to others.The higher the realm, the more obvious these flaws and deficiencies will become, and in the end, it may become a huge chasm that prevents the cultivator from going further, and it will be difficult to cross it in his entire life.No, you lack the rules of life and death, how can you still is hempthe same as cbd cultivate to this level Xu Que asked involuntarily.Fu Shanchuan buy cbd gummy immediately laughed like a self deprecating laugh, That s why the so called real realm appears Oh, this is the real realm Xu Que raised wild things botanicals cbd gummies his eyebrows.Fu Shanchuan nodded and said, The real realm, as the name suggests, is the real realm Although Xuanhuangzhou is the same as Dizhou and Tianzhou, the realm is divided into half fairyland, human fairyland, earth fairyland, etc.

Everyone royal blend cbd gummies on amazon s expressions suddenly became strange, and then a burst of sighs.This old man who is suspected to be above CBD gummies for inflammation and pain Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD the Immortal King seems to be really old, and actually treats an ordinary stick as a treasure.Is it possible that this stick is his substitute Uh, it looks like he hit Yi Zhong on the head with this stick Someone couldn t help but whisper.When many people present heard it, they all understood it.Only the many female disciples in Yaochi and Bai Cailing were at a loss, what did you ask Yi Zhong to do at this time Is there anything to do with this stick Boom At the same time, Mo Junchen has already shot Since Xu Que said that he wanted to refine it on this stick, he didn t persuade him much.Anyway, all the Zi Xugeng gold belonged to Xu Que.No matter how much he felt it was a pity, he does hemp gummies show up in pee test couldn t handle these Zi Xugeng gold After all, from the very beginning, he promised Xu Que that he would be able to refine it successfully.

It is undeniable that his approach is the most suitable.In this world, if we get too close to him, we will not only be in danger, but also become a burden to him Lan Xinyue said what she was thinking very seriously.These words also completely awakened Lan Hetu and the others.They green cbd gummy bears really only saw Xu Que s strength, but ignored the danger behind keoni cbd gummies for ed it.Thinking about it carefully now, since Xu Que came, although they have are hemp and CBD the same Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD received blessings and benefits, they have not lived as peacefully as before, and their whole life has undergone tremendous changes with Xu Que unknowingly, just like now, they The confused has become the hostile target of the Tianmeng I didn t say this to tell you to stay away from him, but if we can really leave this place and return to Xuanhuang Continent, you can go back to Lihuo Academy to practice with peace of mind.

However, the reason why this kind of spiritual Dao stone is precious is that koi naturals cbd 2000mg it can store and purify the Dao rhyme Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD of monks and use it for others.It can help improve the background of Dao rhyme, become more abundant, and easily break through the bottleneck and enter a new realm.Young man, think carefully, the Spirit Dao Stone is very precious to the cultivator.If you can get the three pattern Spirit Dao Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD cbd gummies free trial Stone from the Moon Refinement Palace, we can get half points, and I will teach you how to use this Spirit Dao Stone.Dao Shi At this moment, the old woman opened her mouth, her eyes were slightly blazing, and she looked at Xu Que with anticipation.Xu Queci nodded and smiled, Okay, I like to work with someone as simple as you, tell me, what do I need to prepare, and when can I cbd gummies tsa come CBD gummies 3000 mg reviews Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD out Interested.

After all, according to the major deeds since the appearance of the Sky Bombing Gang, everyone thought that tonight would be an earth shattering show.Who would have thought that it would be such a start.If you can t beat it what's the difference between hemp and CBD gummies Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD and change it to swearing, everyone can accept it, but if you can t even swear at people, it s really boring At the same time, Qi Zong is divided into Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD [CDC] the rudder.More than a dozen experts in the fairyland were sitting in the council hall, sensing everything that was happening outside with their souls, and at this moment they laughed silently.I ve said it for a long time, don t pay Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD [CDC] attention to this bombing gang, it s just a bunch of clowns Haha, it s ridiculous The rumors about them from the outside world are too exaggerated.Why do these people occupy it Half of the list It s a pity that several deacons are in eagle hemp CBD gummies Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD the refining process, so don t disturb them, otherwise, if you ask them to come out to watch the play, they will definitely laugh out loud That s it, let the juniors handle this trivial matter themselves But having said that, since a few hours ago, I always felt a little uneasy.

The system popped up the mall interface instantly, showing a eagle hemp cbd gummies shark tank reviews golden jade slip, which recorded the materials and methods of refining the void breaking talisman.After Xu Que glanced at it, he almost vomited blood in anger.System, are you kidding me Refining Zhang Pokong Talisman requires so many precious materials, where can I find it What kind of dog blood for ten thousand years, flower dew for ten thousand years, tree of life for thousand years, immortal white Ashes, immortal black ashes, what are these things Xu Que california hemp cbd asked angrily.Among these materials, the first three are fairly normal, especially the Millennium Spirit Tree, which is actually the Sacred Spirit Tree.He had already obtained several trees in the secret realm of Nanzhou.But don copd gummies shark tank cbd t think so The sacred tree of living beings is only the lowest level existence among the many materials.

The speed of Xu Que and Ergouzi s house raids made him have no chance to react at all.His eyes only blinked, and when he opened them again, the luxurious cave mansion instantly became empty This amazing technique is not the first time Juebi has done such a broad spectrum sunmed cbd gummies thing Hey, Mr.Duan, you still need to keep working hard Ergouzi looked at Duan Jiude with a smug face, showing off happily.Duan Jiude sighed, Sure enough, old man, I m still a where to buy eagle hemp CBD gummies Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD little bit worse simply cbd gummies It s okay, keep going Ergouzi patted him on the shoulder to comfort him.Okay, Teacher Ergou, let s encourage each other together Duan Jiude also nodded.The harmony of this picture made Mo Junchen s mouth twitch hard.come on mutual encouragement Such inspirational words, you actually use this kind of thing Okay, don t waste your time, just blow up this cave, it s so annoying, oh my, I can t do it anymore, if I keep it, I ll be blind Xu Que covered his eyes, looking like called like that.

However, before they swept whats cbd candy away much distance, a few figures suddenly flashed in front of them, blocking them all.Those figures are all aged old men, dressed in gray robes, and they are all Taiyi Loose Immortals.Even if they did not deliberately show their deterrent power, the imposing aura they generated invisibly completely overwhelmed Mo Junchen Even if there is only a small step between the Golden Fairyland and the Taiyi Sanxian, the gap is still like a gulf that cannot be bridged Cultivation center, idlers are not allowed to trespass One of the old men said indifferently, looking at Xu Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD Que and his party with a blank expression.Ergouzi immediately stretched out his paws, pointed at Xu Que, and shouted to several people, The new vice president of Tiangong Institute is here, come to inspect the cultivation situation of the academy s disciples, so please move away Several old men glanced at Xu Que slightly.

Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD cbd gummies cvs pharmacy, (CBD gummies to quit smoking) Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD best cbd gummies and aspirin gummies Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD.

The two of them looked older, like middle aged people, and they were dressed differently, with one left and one right embroidered on their sleeves Yo, you may not believe it when you say it.Any rules in front of me is not a rule What kind of trial of heaven and man, I don t participate, what can you do Xu Que laughed coldly.If there is nothing to do, he is too lazy to go to the territory of the Celestial Race.But according to the route guided by Zhang Tiandao, there is a place at the end of the road where the void talisman can be used.He must go and see what kind of place it is I m afraid it s up to you The two Heavenly Human Races in the Mahayana period immediately turned cold and said coldly.The rest of the Celestial Clan did not speak, but their faces were already full of sarcasm, full of disdain.

It was telling Xu Que that a half immortal realm can be killed in seconds with a single sword, and a human fairyland is at most three or two swords, but it did not mention the earth immortal.It is estimated that it is because it has not fully recovered its former strength, and it is also the same as the currently attached spirit.The quality of the broken sword is related, there is no way to make the sword spirit wield more powerful power Killed You also killed Half Wonderland Haha At the same time, cbd gummies espa ol the young men and women who heard Xu Que s answer couldn t help but laugh, their eyes full of sarcasm.Killing the Half Wonderland during the Tribulation Period No matter how you look at it, it is impossible and outrageous Yes, believe it or not, I killed it Xu Que replied with a smile.The handsome man shook his head, No need to talk nonsense any more, you are very clear about the purpose of our coming here, but you are different from the people we have met in this world, you seem to be very confident, maybe before we take action, You can tell me where you are from, so that there will be no misunderstandings in the future The handsome man s words were already very direct, he could see Xu Que s self confidence, and this self confidence was not faked, so before he shot, he wanted Xu Que to report on himself Home, see if the forces behind Xu Que can afford it Me Don t you already know, I m Xu Que, the leader of the Zhuangtian Gang Xu Que smiled and continued to remain calm.

Naturally, it is impossible for them CBD sleep gummies with melatonin Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD to believe cbd gummies indiana that Xu Que bolt cbd gummies near me has a hegemonic body, thinking that this is the old man joking with them, or it may be a different way to humiliate Yi Zhong It s embarrassing after all.The first and most unprofessional thing is to write the word Holy Body on the chest, and then it is too ugly to write these two words, and what is the difference between hemp gummies and CBD gummies Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD it is not convincing at all.Anyone who believes it is really a fool.Pfft A female disciple of Yaochi couldn t help but covered her sagely naturals cbd roll on mouth and laughed.The person next to her hurriedly pushed her and said angrily, Don t make trouble, Mr.Xu is from our side, how can you laugh at him I think this grandpa Xu is too interesting, it can CBD gummies for pain walmart Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD be said that cute and her mother open the door for cute Eh Cute her mother opens the door for cute, what does that mean It s cute All of a sudden, Invisibly, Xu Que has another image among some of the female disciples of Yaochi the lovely Grandpa Xu However, when the atmosphere of the audience was a little relaxed by Xu Que, only one person was a little out of place, and he seemed more and more angry.

What Dong Wuqi didn t respond for a while.Xu Que explained Although you are ugly, but you are very gentle, so you are not qualified.Go The expression on Dong Wuqi s face suddenly froze, and he turned angrily, Smelly monk, are you targeting me Why doesn t this face of Laozi look bad Fairy Nishang sighed, in all fairness, Dong Wuqi s appearance is naturally good, but compared to Tang Sanzang, there is less peace and closeness.But now the situation is urgent, and there is not Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD so much time to screen.Master Tang, if it doesn t have too much influence, I don t know if I can let Dongwu Qi Daoist try it first Fairy Nishang asked.Xu Que looked at Dongwuqi up and down, and showed an embarrassed expression This ah, since that s the copd CBD gummies amazon Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD case, let s try it, but the effect is probably only 10 of the previous one.

in his hands.Fellow Daoist Tang, these medicinal pills are the best products I have refined, and they can replenish your body s consumption as quickly as possible.Qing Suyi handed these medicinal pills to Xu Que, and said calmly, As long as fellow Daoist If you need me, Qing Suyi can make medicine pills for you at any time With Qing Suyi taking the lead, others also acted in succession, handing over the treasures of heaven and earth, medicine medicine cbd gummies amazon ca and other things to Xu Que., as his backup repository.Xu Que watched these people take out the storage ring from various places on his body that he had not thought of at all, and he was in a trance for a while.Damn, these guys are the real old oilers learned learned.In the next robbery, they must not be allowed to take the initiative to hand over, and they have to search for it by themselves.

Hey The Sect Master of the Bliss Sect shook his head and sighed.If nothing else, it would be their turn to die today, not a few steps later than Xu Que Immortal Master, kill him Bai Lingrui couldn t help crying out excitedly call out Suddenly, Xu Que s wrist turned, and a broken sword suddenly appeared between his five fingers.Two streams of light flashed from his body, rushed to his feet, and lifted his whole body to the ground.Immediately Hemp Flower Extract Vs CBD after hearing the sound of Boom , under the sound of wind, fire and thunder, Xu Que s whole person turned into a phantom and disappeared En The man with the long sword who killed Xu Que suddenly changed his face, and when he realized something was wrong, he immediately retreated But just as he was about to retreat, a biting chill suddenly hit his back and reached the top of his head Hey In the blink of an eye, a broken sword appeared above his head out of thin air, and it fell from the sky The long sword man didn t have time to react, he was cut in half in an instant, and the blood and the two halves fell from the air In an instant, there was a dead silence in the audience, there was no sound, and needles could be heard.