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Without this confidence, they would not be brothers.In this kind of thing, Chen Zhe is more confident than the two of them.Therefore, in order to allow them to exert their strengths better, Chen Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews Zhe also directly fired up his firepower.With a crushing performance, he directly killed the two of them in the European Cup guessing results.It only took a few days for Lee Min Ho and Chen Rui to sing about conquest, and they never had the slightest idea of resistance.Since then, the two of them seem to have turned their heads all at once.Li Minhao began to use Chen Zhe s phrase to earn a wife s book to talk about things, and he also pulled Teng Huawen in, euphemistically called company welfare.On the other hand, there are countless rich people in Xiangjiang and Haojiang who like to gamble.And this time the European Cup has directly become a feast for excitement in their circles, and the chips in the open are also increasing with more and more exciting events.

After all, Chen Zhe doesn t necessarily need those who are too outstanding.What he lacks the most is the backbone.Therefore, he is still looking forward to the efforts of these old professors.It was almost bubbling with beauty in my heart.So, humming an unknown little song that was out of tune, he sat down on the boss s chair Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews and turned around very willfully.Then, get ready to go to work again.Unfortunately, this time, he still failed to do so.Just listen to the ding dong sound, which is the notification sound of a new email.He moved in his heart, opened it, and sure enough, are cbd gummies legal in nh it really was what he wanted.The email was sent by Chen Rui, telling him that the patent to be applied cbd gummies delivery for has been accepted and officially entered the review and publication stage, and then it will take a long time to wait.

I wish I never wanted to go back.Seeing this scene, Chen Zhe shivered in his heart.This is really not good.With the lead, these old men can really do such a thing.He didn t want to be blocked by the family members of these old men during the New Year s Eve, and staged a show of guilt.That would be a big sin, but I don t want to do this.At the moment, we can only nip this sign in the bud, Don t worry, Mr.Feng, it s good to be in a hurry, but scientific research is not a quick solution after all, we have to be prepared for a protracted war, so there is still a lot of relaxation.Necessary.So, don t be in a hurry, as the so called good meal is not afraid hometown hero cbd gummies review of being late, you must know more than me, right Old Feng rubbed his beard and touched his mouth twice.He felt that Chen Zhe s words were somewhat reasonable.

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Chen Zhe rolled his eyes again, I didn t care in my heart.Graduation certificate Mao use ah Lao Tzu dropped out of school, but do I need that piece of paper to prove anything A few years later, there must be some people running over, crying and shouting to push themselves to the seat of academicians, and asking those who have certificates who can do this for themselves There is no one who can fight Alas, Wudi is so lonely, and the heights are really cold In the middle of the month, for 5 months, three media including Minsheng Weekend finally officially pronounced the verdict against Jiutian Technology and Chen Zhe s reputation infringement case.Minsheng Weekend and other three media finally failed miserably.Not only did they need to compensate more than 6 million for various expenses, but they also had to publicly apologize again.

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Although Toshiba launched its first commercial lithium ion battery laptop in 1994, that lithium ion battery is not comparable to this one in any respect.If nothing else, a price performance ratio can directly open the grade.Not to mention, the lithium batteries of Sony and Panasonic Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews FAQ greatly limit the internal design space of notebook computers, because the shape of their batteries cannot be changed.The polymer lithium battery launched by Times New Energy Company can completely customize the shape of the battery according to the needs.Moreover, polymer batteries have unparalleled advantages in terms of safety, energy density, volume, and capacity.And Toshiba, in order to make this laptop worthy of this battery, can be considered hollow, and maximize its advantages.They believe that once this product is launched, it will Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews definitely cause a CBD gummies with thc Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews wave.

Li Zhiqiang will not participate in the entire inspection activity, but will coordinate related matters between the township and the village committee in the name of the Industrial College.Including accommodation, itinerary, three meals a day, etc., not only solves the group s worries, but also provides convenience for their inspection work, which can be regarded as killing two birds with one stone.In this way, the smoothness and efficiency of the entire practice process can also be ensured.Seeing that Chen Zhe s Bluebird had almost become a native bird, Li Zhiqiang felt a little funny.After he opened the car door and got into the car, he pointed out CBD gummies 3000 mg reviews Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews how to go, while still joking, You tossed Professor Xu s baby like this, so you are not afraid that he will settle the account cbd thc gummies 1000mg with you after you go back Chen Zhe happy hemp gummy bears smiled disapprovingly, If you don t tell me, I won t have any problems.

The doctor kept recording the data in the notebook with a black pen.Finally, another can CBD sleep gummies with melatonin Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews of bright Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews FAQ red blood was drawn for storage.After the doctor initially recorded the data, he opened the cabinet with the key, and order cbd gummies took out a white medicine jar from it and handed it to Harumi Kuji, who was a little dizzy just after the blood was drawn.Notes surfaced in an all white lab.BPTX 1021 first generation is exclusively produced by xx pharmaceutical technology company for individuals, and has miraculous effects on some individuals.Exclusive formula, one satisfaction.It is recommended to take one bottle at a time, white cans, white medicine, and lie down together after eating. Chapter 15 Chapter 15 Tokyo Metropolitan Police Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews Department.Mu Mu Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews Shisan frowned, and with a dignified expression, he stretched out his hand to pull the surveillance video back to where it started.

It s a bit professional ethics now, so be quiet.Hearing this, Gu Chi twitched the corners of his mouth, already doing such a thing, is there any morality Wang Baofu and Zhu Marshal were afraid that they would not be able to hear anything after being discovered, and they also kept silent.About ten minutes later, Ren Yuanyuan walked out of the school.She saw Cheng Feng at a glance, her footsteps paused slightly, and then she walked towards the car, ignoring Cheng Feng s intentions at all.Cheng Feng also saw her, hesitated for a moment, and then walked towards her, Please wait a moment, there are some things I want to ask.Ren Yuanyuan stopped, smiled lightly, and asked, What do you want to ask, ask Actually, she knew what Cheng Feng wanted to ask, so cbd gummies martha stewart reviews she deliberatelyI don t know how to pretend.

Chen Zhe doesn t have much feeling for cars, neither a favorite model nor a favorite brand.For him, it s just stop smoking cbd gummies near me a means of transportation, nothing to say about feelings.After coming down the mountain, the two of them circled the Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews car a few times, and they felt nothing unusual.Open the door and sit in.The first impression is the added physical button.Well, there is also a practical compass, which can be regarded as the standard quartz watch in luxury cars, which is similar in purpose.The second generation Prada has not yet begun to tilt its product positioning towards the high end market, so it has not paid attention to ride comfort for the time being.There is no automatic air conditioning, leather seats, car TV, seat heating, independent rear air conditioning, environmental monitoring functions.

Lu Zhibai, don t act like a child.Brother, why are you here Why am I not here Chi Yujin is my cbd hemp pain cream extra strength maximum fiancee, isn t it Xiaochi Face, she nodded perfunctorily Yes, yes, what you said is right.Before Lu Zhibai s angry shouting could be heard, Squeak A sudden brake woke Lu Zhibai, his heart was beating He opened his eyes quickly and looked out the window, and all he saw were lush trees.There is no Chi Yujin, nor Lu Qi an, but his mood is still very bad, the dream just now was very bad Lu Zhibai pressed his heart tightly, Zhao Junan got out of the car and walked around Brother Lu, CBD gummies eagle hemp Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews stay in the car and don t move, I ll open the hood to see what s wrong.You brought me into the mountains Are there any projects here Why did you bring me here Lu Zhibai looked around and said uncertainly, It feels like a small green hill, and Xiaoqing said that it has Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews not Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews been developed yet, and my brother said that there may be can you take cbd gummies on plane It s dangerous.

If these two technologies are patented, they are the two core basic patents of lithium iron phosphate batteries.What is a basic patent is a patent that you can t get around.Of course, in order to complete the cooperation with Professor Goodenough, he not only asked Zhao Jing Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews to bring the news that the Oriental people have applied for a patent in their country with his scientific research results.Also gave him a few small gifts.This small gift originated from Shigeto Okada, an Toyo man.After Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews cost of trubliss cbd gummies receiving the scientific research results of Professor Goodenough and returning to Toyo Telegraph and Telephone Public Company ntt , in the next few years, he developed one after another.Several techniques related to iron site doping and phosphorus Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews FAQ site doping.Using violence to control violence is very suitable for Chen Zhe s appetite, and to be able to do this without anyone noticing it is considered unprecedented.

Thinking about the group of grandchildren in his family, um, they still have to go back Xu Zhongxin pouted at the corners Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews of drops cbd gummies his mouth.With a smile, he glanced at Chen Zhe.Then came the final word, Then according to the previous arrangement, the ending that should be finished, the how long does cbd gummy high last sealing that should be sealed, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, we will send welfare, send New Year s goods, and then prepare to go home for the New Year.When Sun Mingde gummies CBD recipe Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews heard this, he seemed to think of something again, We can take the salary and other benefits, and we can get it with peace of mind.We can talk about the benefits of the New Year s goods, but this bonus is the only thing You can just give a red envelope.Now, why do you give it directly to tens of thousands I think it s a bit hot to take After Chen Zhe took over the Institute of Technology, he has never treated these experts and professors badly.

Who didn t know that the young master of the Cheng family was an embroidered pillow.Seeing that Chi Yujin bluebird botanicals hemp cbd oil was still unmoved, he almost bit it.Chi Yujin s ears.Oh, one million, one million You can ask for a price Chi Yujin turned her head, and she licked her cheeks One million, botanical farms cbd gummies prices plus a Heater account.You want that Cheng Siyao stopped , Although the Heater account is more difficult to obtain, of course, life is more important than life.Okay, okay, I ll listen to you.Hey, have the two of you discussed it The leader of the men has long been impatient.This kid has provoked his sister in law.No illuminati hemp delta 8 gummies review need for the boss to tell them, they won t either.Leave this kid alone.Are you going to be beaten alone, or are you going to have a deep relationship Chi Yujin rolled up his sleeves I don t need him, I ll play with you.

He knew it was hard, but he still wanted to try it.Not to prove something else, just to like it better.Therefore, he firmly believes in the saying Do not forget the original intention, and you will always be Chapter 82 Children can skip multiple choice questions The next day, Nan Lao couldn t wait to pull Chen Zhe and start discussing the R treetop hemp co watermelon gummies D project.Chen Zhe did not shirk, and readily agreed.There are not many people involved, including the team members brought by Nan Lao, as well as from the Industrial College.Because Nan Lao said last night that what he wants to do most is actually his own operating system, so the people who can appear here today are also people in related fields.Nan Lao spoke first, Everyone knows that the operating system is nothing more than the kernel, drivers, interface libraries and peripherals.

Yes, then we ll talk about it later in the year By the way, Brother Hao, didn t you tell me to show me something good, where is that The last sentence was addressed to Lee Min ho.There was absolutely no room for Zhao Jing to refuse.Of course, Lee Min ho could not fail to see this and cooperated quite tacitly.He took out a car medicine key and said, Hurry up.Hurry up, I finally made time for you before the Spring Festival, how about it, is it a small surprise Chen Zhe s eyes lit up, The Toyota off road I want Lee Min Ho laughed, Of course, but it has now been independent from the ndcruiser car series, the official name is prado. prado is Prada, in fact, it also belongs to an off road vehicle in the Land Cruiser series.This car was officially separated from the Land Cruiser product series in May, and has been redesigned and changed in style.

There are no playing cards.Gu Chi said.He also felt a little uncomfortable in such an atmosphere, because Fu Jiu was lying next to eagle hemp CBD gummies stop smoking reviews Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews him, even though the two were not in the same bed, he was still can CBD gummies cause constipation Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews buying cbd gummies a little uncomfortable.Wang Baofu said, There are some for sale downstairs.He looked at Fu Jiu and asked, Are you going to play If you do, I ll go down and buy it now.Play.Fu Jiu sat up wrapped in the quilt, You buy an extra set of playing cards of different colors, we will use them as chips, and whoever loses the most will have dinner tomorrow.That s good.Marshal Zhu He kicked Wang Fufu, Hurry up, I m going to kill you all today.Wang Fufu got out of bed and shoes, opened the door and walked out.Seeing this, Li Dongqi couldn t help Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews turning his head to look at Cheng Feng, I m going to buy two decks of poker too, let s fight the landlords too Compared with Marshal Zhu, they were more difficult to endure.

Officer Chuncheng, best cbd gummies for hot flashes in fact, I m going to come to see you recently.As he spoke, his heavy words paused The information on your file says that you lived in the Tokyo Tomorrow Sunshine Orphanage before the age of five.Do you still have an impression of that place Officer Megure s words were undoubtedly a thunderbolt on the ground, how to use cbd gummies for pain which instantly surprised Hagihara Kenji and Matsuda Jinhei.Senior Chun Cheng originally grew up in an orphanage.In the face of Mu Mu Shisan s question, Haru Sumi Kuji eagle hemp CBD gummies official website Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews shook his head silently.It s not that he doesn t want to best cbd edibles for pain management say anything, but that he really doesn t know anything.Mu Mu Shisan sighed That s right, you went to Kanagawa CBD gummies for smoking shark tank Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews cbd gummy edibles later.It s normal that you can t remember when you were only five years old.The police officer on the other side linked the previous nursery rhyme with the Tokyo Tomorrow Sunshine Orphanage to find relevant information , made a major discovery.

It is a major marriage matter, so Huo Zhendong can only let Fu Jiu make a decision.As long as the Cheng family does not go too far, he will not interfere.Since this matter is made clear, we won t bother.Cheng Tianhua got up and stood up.Cheng Feng and Zheng Rong also do hemp gummies cause constipation got up, which meant they were leaving.Huo Zhendong and Fu Jiu sent the three to the door and watched them get into the car and leave.Fu Jiu where can i buy royal blend cbd gummies and the Cheng family were surprised when things went smoothly.Fu Jiu thought it wasn t that fast, and the Cheng family was somewhat reluctant to bear the jade pendant.But the Cheng family thought that although what Fu Jiu had said before was very decisive, when they really broke off the marriage, they would definitely be reluctant to part with it.After all, their Cheng family was considered a figure in Licheng now.

Do you understand Before waiting for the three of them to answer, he said with disgust I don t know how to act, if you have an IQ like this in the society, you will definitely be given small shoes, and you will starve to death if you don t have food sooner or later.Fu Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews Jiu Gu Chi Wang Baofu Come on, he said all the good and bad things by himself.The four were speechless for a while, and they didn t know who brought the topic to Fu Jiu again.So Wang Baofu and Marshal Zhu discussed buying Fu Jiu a New Year s gift.When Fu Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews Jiu heard the words, she immediately stopped her, keoni CBD gummies cost Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews What is she lacking Huo s family is so good, and she treats her very well.She must be more nourishing than ours during the Chinese New Year.You should stop worrying about that, a few big men can give a little one.What did the girl buy Besides, Instructor Huo s sister is also there.

She bought a lot of food, and she felt distressed when she checked there is no source of income, one cent of the money is spent, then one cent is less.I don t know Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews if Huo Beiliang will reimburse the two dollars.She wondered how to suggest Huo Beiliang to reimburse the breakfast fee without hurting her, and before she knew it, she returned to the ward.The doctor who rounded the ward had just left the ward and told Huo Beiliang to have breakfast early, and to hang salt water later.The doctor walked on the front foot, and she walked in on the back foot, and while putting cbd gummies los angeles breakfast on the table, she said, I don t know what you like to eat, so I bought a little of each, what you like to eat, and what you don t like to eat.I eat.Anyway, she s not picky eaters, she eats everything.Then I m welcome.

God is such a fortune teller, why don t you come to me Now I don t want to joke with him anymore, Have you figured it out Really want to go Song Yuan was a lot more serious this time, That s necessary.Chen Zhe said directly That s fine, you can fly directly to Bao an Special District.I will cbd hemp flower online arrange it here, and we will meet there.Xiangjiang, he still needs to go there.Whether it s Chen Rui or Teng Huawen, some things still have to be explained in person.After all, it s always a little bit meaningless on the phone.Moreover, this time the past, back and forth will also be In just a few days, he still doesn t delay things here.He definitely didn t want to go to Haojiang, um, absolutely not Song Yuan can fly directly from Jingbei to Bao an, but Chen Zhe Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews can t.Ping has no such conditions, so he can only choose to go to Yuezhou first, and then go to Bao an Special Economic Zone to meet Song Yuan and the others.

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Of course, this machine is not without consideration for low frequency and high Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews FAQ frequency.The low frequency is guaranteed by sound effects, and the high frequency also has the bonus brought by headphones, which can still meet the needs of many customers.All in all, this machine is pretty good.And this is why Chen Zhe deliberately kept it and planned to leave it to Yang Ruo as a gift.Because it is really suitable for girls.It s just that he was almost caught by surprise today, but fortunately, it was a near miss.As soon as the expression on Chen Zhe s face was relaxed, the spirit and energy came up again in an instant.He leaned lazily on his chair, and finally regained the feeling of being the master of the CBD gummies eagle hemp Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews house.After a while, Yang Ruo pushed open the door and walked in again, It s done, then what You won botanical CBD gummies Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews t let me go home to get my mother, and then come back to get my cbd gummies increase appetite present Chen Zhe waved his hand very aggressively, Why Maybe, your gift cbd oil with hemp seed oil is in cbd gummy drops the bag, take it yourself, who are we with whom, right Yang Ruo smiled without saying a word, and opened her luggage to find her present.

, Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews otherwise, the sin would be too great.Chen Zhe pouted, I m all looking at Sunshine Avenue, where did the ditch come from In my heart, Liujiatun is a standard demonstration site.It can not only satisfy Brother Fugui s wish to r r medicinals cbd gummies lead the whole village to a well off society, but also show our exploration and planning of the new vegan cbd gummies countryside, which is a good thing in any way.So, what is brought into the ditch is exactly the same as A modern version of the worrisome.You have to ask your filming team to do the work in detail.If you miss such precious video data, you won t have the eagle hemp CBD gummies shark tank Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews chance to do it again.Yang Ruo giggled.He looked at Chen Zhe playfully, with some teasing in his words, Someone s great achievements, how could I dare to go against your old man s wishes, don t worry, cbd gummies not working reddit you are satisfied.Chen Zhe waved his hands without caring, Fame, fame, fortune and wealth are all floating clouds on me.

natural CBD Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews A man Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews named Liang Hao said with a smile, I think Xi er is prettier.The twins haven t grown yet, but they are cute at best.Xi er is the eldest daughter of the food stall owner.Another man named Li Dongqi thought Shuang er looked good, Shuang er is whiter, her skin is better, she has dimples when she smiles, and she will look better than Xi er when it grows.The hemp gummies vs CBD Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews two argued over this matter.After Fu Jiu sat down with Cheng Feng and the others, she became quiet and kept listening to them.Seeing that the meal was almost done, she was about to leave when a man named Xie Feng was sitting in benefits of cbd gummies 20mg front of Cheng Feng, but suddenly spoke up Cheng Feng, I heard that when you were young, your family ordered a baby kiss for you.How does the girl look like As soon as these words came out, the two who were arguing suddenly stopped and looked at Cheng Feng at the same time.

Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews Although it is not completely autonomous, it is quite good to have some autonomy after all.This is the situation at the moment, and there is no choice.Chapter 60 may be able to fill the gap in the country When the excitement of what is CBD gummies Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews Feng Lao and the others passed, Chen Zhecai quietly joined up.At this moment, several mobile phones have been assembled on the workbench, all of which are black and gray.Although Chen hemp high delta 8 gummies Zhe doesn t have much feeling in his eyes, in the eyes of everyone around, this phone is amazing in terms of industrial design and material craftsmanship.Not surprising.If you throw it in the pile of stupid, black and heavy mobile phones, what is the difference between it and standing out from the crowd Moreover, a series of tests that started yesterday afternoon have also verified the excellent performance of this phone.

They should all be preparing to enter the winery as undercover agents.It s a gummy worms cbd pity, not five people act together, damn it Matsuda Catmao has been in the ward for a day and a night, and only went to pick up Hagihara Kenji and Date Hang for a short time.He must be very Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews self blaming for Harunsumi Kuji s injury.At this moment, I should take out my ancestral 40 meter long sword and hack this damn old thief to death Song Tian also brought vegetable porridge to my wife, the young man has a bright future.pat on the shoulder.JPG Help, the latest official formula book released by the old thief contains Harunsumi Jiuji So touched, my wife really is the main character There is also a new character of the winery, the Polish Snow Tree in the official formula book.Unfortunately, it is only a name, and even the picture head is a little black face with a question mark.

What s the matter Lu Qi an looked at Zhao Jun an coldly.The moment he received the call Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews in the conference room, he CBD gummy bears Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews rushed to the cbd sleep gummies no melatonin hospital.Looking at the red words in the operation, Lu Qi an was extremely angry.Zhao Junan shook the corner of his mouth, he knew it was going to be bad, Zhao Junan stammered Just, suddenly fainted.What did you tell him I didn t say anything, I just thought they The progress is too slow, so Lu Qi an clenched his fists, his eyes were like looking at a lamb to be slaughtered Who let you make your own decisions Zhao Junan lowered his head can u bring CBD gummies on a plane Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews and said in a low voice, Mr.Lu I was wrong.Lu Qi an waved his hand high, and Whisky quickly caught the hand when he saw that it was not good Mr.Lu Lu Qi an clenched his fist and tried it twice, and finally took it back You go., I don t want to see you for the time being Mr.

What s wrong Zhou Xiaoqing was a little puzzled when he saw that he was suddenly so Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews excited.Ren Mubai said, Although Fu Guohua was arrested, the Fu family s house cbd gummies bear is still there.No one has lived in it for these years, so it should have been vacant.So everything inside should still be there.Photos of Ren Yuanyuan when she was a child, as well as photos of Ren Xiuzhi, should still be there.We shouldn t be able to get in Zhou Xiaoqing hesitated.Ren Xiuzhi is dead, what does the Fu family s house have to do with them They really have Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews FAQ nothing to do with Fu Guohua, but Fu Guozhu may have allowed their family to just move there.Thinking of this, Ren Mubai got up and Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews stood up, I m going out, you don t have to wait for me for dinner.End of this chapter Chapter 557 Provocation hemp bomb CBD gummy bears Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews 1 Chapter 557 Provocation 1 Zhou Xiaoqing wants to say something, but Ren Mubai He had already turned and walked out, and he was very anxious.

secret nature CBD vape Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews Chen Zhe was not worried at all about this.Because at the moment, he is accompanying his cousin and revive 365 CBD gummies Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews Peter Jackson to investigate the open hilly area in the southwest of Zhongping.This Jackson is the Xinlan director of the later The Lord cbd hemp oil for dogs reviews of the Rings trilogy.Although he is only in his thirties, his iconic beard still makes people doubt his real age.Of course, these are not the point, the point is that Chen Zhe is very optimistic about this person.Because the version of The Lord of the Rings that he had seen in his dream was really too classic, and the impression it left on 300mg CBD gummies Hemp Gummy Bear Reviews him was too profound.So much so that once again, he would not dare to risk using another person to direct.Moreover, this time, the film copyright and distribution rights of The Lord of the Rings were obtained, but it cost a full 23 million US dollars, which was 13 million is cbd gummies good for depression and anxiety more than Miramax spent in the original trajectory.

Fortunately, Chen Rui did not intend to continue to entangle on this topic.Hearing that Chen Zhe didn t speak any more, he turned to another topic, By the way, the patents you unabis cbd gummies tinnitus applied for at first include the underlying technology patent of the wireless local area network wi fi standard, as well as the covering The core technology of using Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing ofd to transmit wireless signals has come down.Finally came down, Chen Zhe was happy, like eating a popsicle in summer, and his heart was cold.Because of this, wn has a place to use it, and he can also push the standard formulation of wireless local area network.After all, the paper published last year in ieee is not covered, as long as you are not a fool, you can faintly see something.Therefore, no matter how unwilling some people are, it is impossible to turn a blind eye to themselves.