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Gu Yuanyuan hurriedly asked How about overtime Song Xian sat in the car and returned to her No.Gu Yuanyuan Then why haven t you gone back yet Dinner with colleagues Song Xian thought about it and told the truth Jiang Liuyi s mother asked me for dinner. Gu Yuanyuan sent several question marks over and asked, What s the situation Song Xian felt that it was troublesome to type, so he called her directly, briefly told her what happened, and finally said what he said at dinner today, Gu Yuanyuan Good guy, Hongmen Banquet No, what do her parents mean Song Xian said, Her parents think that Jiang Liuyi and I are not suitable.Another common topic, Gu Yuanyuan said, Whether it s suitable or not, you two will know, others don t, but when it comes to this, I In fact, I have always wanted to ask you a question.

We are one.I plan to have the wedding with Song Xian after a while.Jiang Shan didn t even think about it, he immediately He said, No.He looked at Jiang Liuyi, his eyes were as sharp as thorns, and his attitude was unbearable.He said, Since there is no wedding yet, don t do it.Jiang Liuyi frowned Why Jiang Shan said, You guys are not suitable Are you worthy of someone else Jiang Liuyi blocked her mouth and opened her mouth, Jiang Shan said firmly Unsuitable marriages will break down sooner or later Let me handle the divorce Chapter 39 Wronged Jiang Liuyi turned to look at Jiangshan in hemp bomb cbd disbelief, and said doubtfully, Not worthy Not suitable Was it her fault In the eyes of parents, marriage is always linked to money and status.As long as the two sides Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies lucent valley cbd gummies reviews are slightly unequal, it will always be inappropriate Isn t that the risk of getting divorced every day when you get married It s just ridiculous, isn t it She couldn t understand this kind of values, Jiang Liuyi shook her head I won t divorce Song Xian.

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I have never apologized with death, CBD gummies vs hemp gummies Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies but the eldest young master of the Sun family stopped his sedan chair in the street, ordered a truckload of dung to be thrown on the sedan chair, and called him a dung eating Shang Shu.Jiang best cbd gummies for dogs Wan laughed.Get up It s really something that kid Sun Yi can do.Chunyuan Young Master Sun has entered the forbidden army, and it is the time when the spring breeze is so proud, how can you allow people to deceive his sister.Jiang Wan smiled Then Since then, the matter of the day will not be mentioned.The eldest son of the Sun family is afraid that he is only a teenager, and he doesn t see how people do evil, so he did 2.5 CBD gummies Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies such a thing.Chunyuan nodded solemnly This servant understands.Blind date is coming soon.Because he was going to have a blind date with General Ning, Jiang Wan thought about it, and dressed up to show his solemnity.

It was Jiang Liuyi who said that he wanted to send Jiangshan back before giving up.There might be some ideas for the two of them to go back.Song Xian glanced at the direction of cornbread hemp cbd gummies the villa and said to Jiang Liuyi, I ll take you to a place.Jiang Liuyi tilted her head, Where Song Xian took Jiang Liuyi s hand and led her to the center of the lake.There were two wedding staff next to them, and they smiled when they came over Mr.Jiang hasn t rested yet Jiang Liuyi smiled Not yet.Song Xian walked over, and Jiang Liuyi asked, Why are you here at night The lake was sparkling, Song Xian sat on the edge of the table and patted the seat next to him You too.Jiang Liuyi sat down.Song Xian asked, My uncle is here, are you unhappy Jiang Liuyi was a little emotional, but she didn t expect Song Xian to see it, so she wasn t unhappy, but when gold harvest cbd gummies she saw Song Lan, she was suddenly a boomer natural wellness cbd little tired, she shook her head , put her arms around Song Xian and said, No, we get married, I know he will come.

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Jiang Liuyi nodded.The third issue is Chai Yin, we have already interviewed, so the next issue is Wen Renyu Does Song cbd hemp massage oil 750mg Xian know about this Jiang Liuyi s mood was extremely ups and downs, and her face was a little dark on the way back.Before getting in the car, she asked, Do you know about Miss Wenren s interview with the magazine Song Xian pulled away from her memory, tilted her head, and said, I know Jiang Liuyi paused When did you know Song Xian said, A week ago.A week ago So she knew everything, but she didn t tell herself, Jiang Liuyi raised her eyebrows, didn t say anything, drove the car all the way downstairs, and Song Xian beside her was silent.You Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies go up first.Jiang Liuyi said, I ll be up in a minute.She was tense, always depressed, her eyes turned red, for fear that she would quarrel with Song Xian in the next second, Song Xian was silent behind her moment.

He Xiaoying looked at Song Xian But why are you acting so fast You got married when you said you were married.How long have you known each other Song Xian thought about it for a while Two months.He Xiaoying Are all beauties so fashionable Do you want a fashionable flash wedding He Xiaoying asked in a low voice, Then did you fall in love at first sight Song Xian lowered his head No, each takes what he needs.He Xiaoying After experiencing two heartbreaks, He Xiaoying struggled unwillingly There are always advantages, no You can marry anyone you want.Song Xian thought about it for a while, and then said lightly, Well, she has a nice voice.He Xiaoying Are you a voice control Song Xian calmly retorted No.He Xiaoying After three consecutive defeats, He Xiaoying was wilted.After receiving the message from Director Ye, she contacted Zhang Susu.

They pressed their hands together for half a quarter of an hour before Jiang Liuyi said, Let s go, let s go grocery shopping.Song Xian frowned, Buying vegetables Soon she and Jiang Liuyi went into the supermarket, and both She was a kitchen novice, so she didn t know what to buy.Jiang Liuyi carefully selected the recipe, weighed the joy organics cbd gummies for pain pork belly, and bought half a bag of chicken wings.When she walked to the vegetable area, she turned her head and asked Song Xian what he would eat.Xian said, Green peppers.Jiang Liuyi turned to look at her with deep eyes, and she said, I see.Finally, I bought some green vegetables, potatoes and other vegetables, and then went to the seasoning area to buy a lot, and finally When paying the bill, Song Xian took out his wallet, but Jiang Liuyi didn t move.The two returned to the car with the supermarket bags.

He pressed the plum core to his cheeks with his tongue For example, what is the difference between him and the late emperor This the iron and bloody wrist of the late emperor, future generations may comment on it, he may have a reputation for being cruel and murderous, but your majesty is different, your majesty does not like it.Murder.Jiang Wan thought that Qin mama also seemed to have such a conclusion, so she nodded slightly I once heard from the mama you arranged for me that your majesty is sympathetic to the palace servants and is extremely kind.It s quite meaningful I don t like killing people, is it kindness What does this mean Jiang Wan unconsciously clenched the candied fruit in his hand Grandfather, actually I No way.can not say.It is about the emperor, it must be a secret, and it has nothing to do with the Jiang family, so don t let grandfather get into trouble.

Fortunately, her son Sha Geer is very well behaved and takes care of him with ease.Although he is not yet one year old, he rarely cries in normal days.But at dusk, I always cry.Brother Yuan came cbd gummies shreveport today following the sound of crying.He was thinking about the little sister in the house, so he wanted to come and see it, but he was always accompanied by Arou in class and after school.Come on, little sister.In the afternoon, A Rou stayed with Sister Qing wholeheartedly and asked him to be alone, so he came to play in the West Crossing Courtyard.The courtyard door was hidden, and he got in as soon as he drilled, so he didn t encounter a big lock that was lying on the door.The lock is big and thick, and if it falls on the ground, the sound must be loud.After Brother Yuan slipped into the yard, he how to make your own CBD gummies Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies was attracted by a small purple flower.

Jiang Wan then She kissed her on the cheek, and Sister Qing refused and wanted to kiss her.Jiang Wan hugged one at the same time, and the mother and daughter became a group.After Jiang Wan changed her clothes and was able to meet the guests, it had been a long delay.It s been a long wait.Jiang Wan stepped into the small hall of the outer courtyard.As soon as he looked up, he saw Sun Yi, who was wearing the uniform of the imperial army, sitting on the left, but Cheng Hu on the right.Chapter 10 Boys Jiang Wu Jiu followed behind Jiang Wan and entered the door.Sir Xiao Sun.Jiang Wan greeted with a smile.Sun Yi blushed slightly and saluted her I don t dare to do it.Jiang Wan looked at Cheng Hu again I didn t know that you also entered Jinwuwei.Cheng Hu stretched his chest and stretched Enter that place.

The queen touched the wedding dress, feeling both pain and shame in her heart, but she had to swallow it all.She told herself that she was the queen of Daliang.Fang just now, your cbd dog gummies near me Nine Emperor Uncle was also called into the palace by the Queen Mother.The Queen cleared her throat, her voice sounded a little hoarse, Let him escort you.Give me the token.Fu Yu said again Say.The queen stood up and walked out of the suffocating bedroom, shouting Su Yin, Su Yin, bring my token, and then go to Ciyao Palace, if you see His Royal Highness King Zhao, ask him to escort him.The princess is out of the palace The queen cbd gummies instead of alcohol also explained something, but Fuyu didn t hear it clearly.After Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies Review Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies the queen and Su Yin finished talking, she stood at the door for a long time and did not come in.Don t you dare Is it embarrassing to face her abandoned daughter The more Fuyu thought about it, the more happy he felt.

The are cbd gummies legal in tennessee hemp rope used to hang people has been checked many times, and it can t be our side.Are you sure Probably, the battle situation was chaotic at that time, everyone huddled behind their shields, and no Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies one looked at them., but then the King Rakshasa was clearly gone, and the King of Beirong also left first, I think they Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies were in strife.Huyan Lujiang acted extensively, if he really shot Princess Rakshasa from the tower and fell CBD edibles for pain management Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies to her death, then the matter would be interesting The Rakshasa clan is not a small tribe.If the Rakshasa clan rebels, I am afraid that Huyan Lujiang will have a headache.Ning Yan breathed a sigh of relief What about the exchanged hostage now I was hit does cbd gummies cause diarrhea by four or five arrows.It was bloody when I carried it away.I don t know.Besides, Cheng Hu, who was stabbed like a hedgehog, is now Lying on the bed, the doctor drew arrows for him.

And Wei Lin, who stayed where she was, looked cbd gummies for inflammation and pain a little lonely.He has a handsome face, the corners of his lips are curved, but his eyebrows are sullen, which makes people want to explore where his loneliness comes from and who it is because of, but loneliness is just loneliness, and he himself does not know the reason.When Yu Heng arrived, Jiang Wan had already set up a table for breakfast, and there were three or four Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies kinds of pickles alone.Yu Heng I kana cbd gummies for dementia lost.Jiang Wan was wiping Brother Yuan s mouth, and only saw him after a while.You re here Jiang Wan s eyes shifted to the basket he brought, What s in the basket Yu Heng s expression was as usual It s my breakfast.Jiang Wan You brought me here on can i take 2 cbd gummies purpose.What to eat Yeah.Yu Heng sat down.Brother Yuan ran up to him and tilted his head to look at him, as if he recognized who he was, but couldn t call it out.

Yu Heng said.The man gasped for a while before continuing Miss found me and wanted me to go outside to inquire about news, but she stayed in the house and stared at the second wife.A few days ago, she went to tell the maid next to the second wife.I asked casually, but it still aroused the suspicion of the second wife.Speaking of which, the man coughed violently Chapter Sixty Eighth Framing The man coughed so much that blue veins appeared on his forehead, as if he wanted to vomit out his lungs.Yu Heng looked at him and said indifferently Second Madam learned from the maid s mouth that Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies Review Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies Third Miss s old story was brought up again, worried that the poisoning incident would be exposed, so she decided to cut the grass and root, and made a game, wanting to get rid of Second Miss and your helper.Drop it.

how is hemp different than cbd Anyang s past in the court may dr oz CBD gummies for diabetes Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies not be celebrated, but everyone who has grudges against her is already in danger.And right Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies now, it s not their turn to play.Mrs.Jingguo witnessed her family s home being searched, her relatives taken away, and several grand nephews who could not even walk steadily were pushed into the prison cart.How could she just sit back and watch Besides, Duke Yasukuni threw the divorce letter on her face, and she couldn t go back.On the morning of the tenth day of June in the fourth year of Chengping, Mrs.Jingguo could not kneel at the entrance of Princess Chongxian s mansion. Chapter 79 Exchange Mrs.Yasukuni knelt from Dongfang Chubai to Sunrise Sanpole at the entrance of the Princess Mansion.The crowd of onlookers grew more and more, but there was no movement in the princess mansion.

She didn t move, she still did this.Song Xian in the room took a change of clothes.She walked out of the room and reached the bathroom door.She opened the door.Jiang Liuyi took two steps back and leaned against the kitchen door frame.Out of the corner of his eye, he aimed in the direction of the bathroom.He saw Song Xian taking off the leather rope and her hair scattered behind her.She had a slender back, narrow shoulders and rounded shoulders.She watched Song Xian walk in.In the bathroom, close the door.Closing it gently, it Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies shook her heart.The kitchen sink was still open, and the water temperature was already hot.She walked over and continued to wash the thermos.At the end, she turned off the faucet and boiled a pot of water.Before Song Xian came out, she made the brown sugar water for Song Xian and set it do cbd gummies constipate you aside.

Mrs.Riding the wolf became anxious.Jiang Wan knew what he meant.The child refused to reveal his life experience, and suffered so much that he even fainted on the street.If she could keep him, it would be the best for the child.But the meaning of blamelessness is also very important.If he didn t want to, wouldn t he want Jiang Wanqiang to stay But what kind of relationship did this guy ride a wolf have with this kid, and he planned for him like this Riding the wolf grabbed Wu Jiao You have nowhere to go, it s best to stay here.Wu Jiao said nothing.Riding the wolf is even more anxious, this world is as stupid as Jiang Wan There are not many good people, Wu Jiu looks like a pitiful child, similar to what happened to him back then, with no relatives to invest in, nowhere to go, As long as he can stay, Jiang Wan will never treat him badly.

It was handed to Jiang Liuyi again.Jiang Liuyi didn t know their taste, so let them order it first.The two colleagues sent the menu to the group, ordered seven or eight dishes according to everyone s preferences, and handed them to Jiang Liuyi.After seeing how many dishes she had chosen, they tilted their heads and asked Song Xian, Can you Song Xian glanced at it and said, Yes The other two held their phones It s so nice to Song Xian, caring.Other people are itching, Yuan Hong too, she has a meeting in the company today, which has just ended, or go to the small attic ahead of time, when she arrives Other colleagues just got out of the car and greeted her.Wu Ying said, He Xiaoying said that Jiang Liuyi has a good temper, so I ll get an autograph later.I don t dare, I m still afraid.You coward.

Most of the words in Jiang Wan s sentence, Chinga did not understand or understand, he just held a torch , as if he had maintained this posture from the day he was born.Jiang Wan returned to the tent angrily, sat tucked his knees, and listened to the wind blowing outside.The man and the wolf confronted each other, and when it was the most difficult time, the voices of people and horses were suddenly heard neighing.Jiang Wan quickly opened the curtain.The green light around him has disappeared, only the torches that Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies twinkle like stars are constantly coming.Chinga threw the torch and slapped his chest The eldest flavored cbd gummies prince is here Chapter 54 The wolf is coming After the wolves were frightened away, Huyanjue interrupted Huhe s arm.Jiang Wan hid in the tent and didn t go out, but heard Hu He s painful roar.

Song Xian said, Because of Yu Cai.Yu Cai He Xiaoying frowned, what does it have Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies to do with Yu Cai But she knew that Yu Cai had always wanted to interview Jiang Liuyi before.Did Yu Cai and Jiang Liuyi do walgreens sell cbd gummies have what CBD gummies are safe Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies a holiday That s why they chose to be Mantong When He Xiaoying clapped her hands, just about to say the conclusion, her colleague asked Song Xian, Are you in the attic at night Song Xian returned to his senses Yes, at half past seven in the attic.Okay, then I will let my girlfriend deliver it directly.I ll go over.The colleague on the opposite side smiled brightly, with a look of joy on his face, He Xiaoying tutted, The dog food is over the standard.You can talk to someone.The colleague on the opposite side laughed, turned to Song Xian and said, By the way, there are more I want to trouble you with something.

Jiang Wan breathed a sigh of relief and put down the teacup when he heard Guard Bear greet him to get into the carriage.Chapter 25 The Past Yu Heng was playing with a small key in his hand.Where did you find this from Niu Mansion Lu Zhu said, It s the water soluble broad spectrum cbd hemp oil residence of the cbd gummies ann arbor mi third young lady of his family.It used to be the boudoir of the madam s wife in front of the palace.It was found behind a loose brick behind the bed.Yu He frowned This was deliberately hidden.Since it s Mrs.Sun s former boudoir, let s go check it out.Lu Zhu said, It s just that our people have to enter the inner room, and I m afraid it will take a lot of effort.It will take a while.Yu Heng rubbed his eyebrows.Then go and make an appointment with Miss Sun s family.Lu Zhu was quick to do things, and Yu Heng saw Sun Runyun two hours later.

Just Huaxuelou.Cheng Hu said, Wait, Wang Bo s grandson also often goes to Huaxuelou., I m afraid something bad will happen, so I ll set up the immortal building.Jiang Wan remembered the time when Cheng Hu poured wine, because shark tank cbd gummies for tinnitus he met Wang Bo and Yu Heng, and his face turned worse for a while Farewell, it s Huaxuelou.Well, it s best if Wang Bo is here, you can ask Butler Song to pour him another drink.But if he s not there That s easy.Butler Song has no other advantage, just resisting beatings and not dying.Auntie, how are you Cheng Hu couldn t help but sigh.Jiang Wan shook his hair This is called wisdom.Cheng Hu cbd gummies for sleep amazon looked at her silently for a while, and seeing that she was not at all ashamed, he raised his eyebrows and sighed that the world was getting worse.The rain gradually stopped outside, and Cheng Hu also said goodbye and left.

Jiang Wan stepped on the Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies horse stool and got out of the carriage.When he saw a man on crutches in front of the small yard, he was looking at them with implicit alertness.Jiang Wan glanced at him more, not because he was handsome, but It was because although the man was on crutches, his legs fell on the ground and he didn t see any injuries.This little royal blend cbd gummies 25 mg brother, please make some more hot tea, and bring it up quickly, no matter what meal you have.Feiyan spoke to the man.The man lowered his head and said, Let s get ready now.Jiang Wan went in and sat down, only to feel that the main room was very clean, and there was a sign on the wall, so he could make noodles with boiled noodles and noodles in clear soup.Jiang Wan said I want to eat noodles in clear soup.Then I also eat noodles in clear soup.

When she went to Qin, she knew that Qin had lied to her, and she accidentally learned Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies a big secret that pierced the sky.This day made her live the best of others for half a year.Arou is quite sensible, even the little ones from Brother cbd hemp bomb Yuan were crying, but Lizhi had a way to tell them to sleep together today, and the little ones were so strange, so they stopped arguing for Mrs.Chunyuan judo.I ll take a look.Jiang Wan walked to the front room.Chapter Ninety Eighth Back Road The children are all sleeping soundly, Arou hugs Sister Qing on the left and Brother Yuan on the right, the three red and round faces come together, take Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies a look , it melts people s hearts.Jiang Wan protected the candlestick with his hands, for fear that a Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies drop of lamp oil would fall, and that he would wake up the child if he was too close.

After examining it, he didn t know what to think about, and he nodded.Jiang Wan slept for the first time in a few days.After taking a shower, his body was ten pounds lighter, and Jiang Wan even thought that if he ran, he might be able to fly.Jiang Wan tied her hair, changed her clothes, and asked the guard to buy some clean clothes for her.The most important thing is the menstrual belt, she also told the bear guard about this.Xiong Da s expression after hearing that she needs a menstrual belt is really colorful and wonderful.Because she was hit by the deadly deadly poison, her menstrual irregularities have been irregular for a long time, sometimes lingering for half a month, and not once every two months.It was because of the lack of rules that Jiang Wan thought about preparing.Jiang Wan said And once I meet this, I will be in pain, and I have to get medicine to eat.

What is Madam doing Chunyuan asked when she martha stewart cbd gummies vitamin shoppe saw Jiang Wan spread out a large piece of paper, as if she wanted to draw or practice calligraphy.Give me some ink.I can t figure out some things, so I want to write them down on paper.Yes.Chunyuan insisted on the ink stick.Jiang Wan said that he was thinking about something, but he really was thinking about something.She was thinking about what happened today.It was too complicated, but everything was important.Whether the Beirong people s assassination is good canabis gumies or not depends on whether Huyanxu s injury is serious or not, so I won t talk about it for now.The matter of Fuyu hanging is a little strange.At that time, Emperor Chengping was seeing her, and the little eunuch hurriedly came in to report the letter.Always feel something is wrong.The place where Emperor Chengping was should be cbd softgel gummies the most heavily guarded, how could such a panicked little eunuch enter the door Is she too sensitive Jiang Wan rubbed his temples, still feeling weird.

Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies (best CBD gummies on the market), [easy CBD gummy Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies recipe] Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies lucent valley CBD gummies Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies.

It was a round faced little girl who said this.This is not a big deal.Sister Wang s temper is like this, and everyone understands it.It was the youngest daughter of Zhu Kai, the Minister of Rites, who said this.Sister Sun is afraid that she will loosen the veil, so she will compare all of us in the room.You fools, you have to persuade cbd hair gummies them.It was Tong Meijun who said this.Sun Runyun immediately put down the veil and pulled Tong Meijun s hand What kind of stalker do you tell me to be quiet, they ll just make fun of me.She was happy, and Miss Wang Ba s face sank a little, and she In her heart, her popularity is also good.After all, her father is the minister of the Ministry of Personnel, and many officials are promoted by her father.From childhood to adulthood, megyn kelly and doctor oz cbd gummies many people came to please her.

The half eldest group also came back to their senses.Although they wanted to come up, they couldn t get past the carriage, so they could only curse at the carriage.In the carriage, however, it was very quiet.Four pairs of eyes stared at the boy with eggshells hanging from the ends of his hair without blinking.The boy moved uncomfortably and sat cross legged on the ground.After a while, he finally couldn t stand the gazes of these people on the carriage, and asked gruffly, Who are you This young man has fallen to this point, and he still doesn t Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies know how to restrain his temper.Jiang Wan choked back directly The one who saved you The youth s momentum suddenly fell.Jiang Wan asked again, What s your surname, from which one My surname is Sun I I won t tell you Jiang Wan slowed down Who are you, Sun Runyun The young man was surprised Do you know my sister Is Sun Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies Runyun your sister Jiang Wan said, Then you are the son of the Sun family, the commander in front of the palace.

There are many rumors in the market today that I am suffering.I was bullied chalene johnson cbd gummies because both my parents died, my parents didn t have a capable person, and because I was too weak to stand up, I made the Song family clean up.Chunyuan agreed.She pursed her lips and said, This servant has a plan.Jiang Wan Let s hear it.Chunyuan smiled slightly Butler Song wants to use force on the slaves, and the slaves escaped from the house in order to keep their innocence and went to the street to find someone for help.It s a good idea, Jiang Wan said, but Steward Song may not be able to cooperate.If you were the only one who ran out of the door, you might eagle hemp CBD gummies cost Hippie Hemp Flower Gummies not be able to win the trust of others.Chunyuan lowered her head and thought for a while Then ask Huwei Chen and the others to help perform the scene, put on the clothes of the servants, and force me to go back, and then ask Huwei Xu to play the role of a chivalrous warrior and come to rescue me.

The screams outside the window rang out for a while before slowly disappearing.Now, heavy footsteps can be heard, probably because the eunuch carrying the corpse is leaving.This is the second one today.It s too pitiful.I heard that I accidentally touched His Majesty s lips when I was feeding fruit to His Majesty., One of them suddenly felt a chill on his back. Chapter 21 Chaos The little eunuch turned back tremblingly, and saw a face wearing a mask, the golden mask pattern was mysterious, and the exposed eyes were red with bloodshot eyes.Bloody cobwebs.These eyes are like cold eagle hemp cbd gummies phil mickelson blooded spider pupils.Ah the little eunuch cried out.A stench permeated the small duty room.Emperor Chengping stroked the mask on Xin s face, and said lightly, Lick the pee clean.The little eunuch shivered, unable to move at all.

Give me a letter Jiang Wan asked in surprise.That s right, she has nothing to do with that Bian Jiuye.Jiang Wan took the envelope with suspicion, took out a piece of paper, and put it in front of the oil lamp.Your grandfather s handwriting is very beautiful.The thin gold body of the iron painted silver hook inexplicably revealed a heartless taste.Ah Bian Zi scratched his head.His grandfather seems to be very ugly to write.But with such a big piece of paper, why did you cbd hemp oil peppermint drops benefits write a sentence Jiang Wan asked again.Bian Zi also leaned over to look at it Everything has action, like a dream bubble, like dew and like electricity, so look at it like this.Jiang Wan frowned This is the Diamond Sutra.What did your grandfather give me this for It can t be.Please show me his calligraphy works.No, this is not my grandfather s calligraphy.