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As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu refilled the teacup in Yang Ruqian s hand.How can the Qian family care about being vain and meandering with Uncle Liang Wo and others As soon as I heard that Principal Yang Ruqian was about to return, he smiled, and the Qian family said politely to Uncle Liang Wo Thank you Mr.Liang for your kindness It s just unfortunate that Principal Yang has been staying at the university I rented recently.I will accompany Mr.Yang out, so of course I have to send them back safely Come to Japan, let s meet again another day As they spoke, the Qian family and Xia Xiaoshu accompanied Principal Yang and prepared to leave.building.Uncle Liang Wo naturally didn t want to say more, and he quickly accompanied Ding Weishan and several other vice presidents to escort Yang Ruqian and his party to the car.

In addition, the entire Miaowei company and its subsidiaries have no one who knows a little bit of technology.In this regard, the Miaowei company can be described as sparsely populated and lacking in growth.What s more troublesome is cbd edibles for anxiety that there is also a serious shortage of people who do specific work.Tan Yuecheng and Xie Tingyu are quite capable.After all, their time How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed and energy are limited, and their roles are increasingly limited.Jiang Siyong s mind is not subtle.Taking into account his friendship with Xia Xiaoshu, he will not do too much.He goes home and tells his father Jiang Weiyu everything.However, at work in the company, he has never cbd pure hemp oil been able to use it.With all his strength, Xia Xiaoshu can also accept this, always turning one eye and closing one eye, never going into How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed CBD gummies with melatonin for sleep 1500mg depth.As the business friction between Miaowei and other companies intensifies, Xia Xiaoshu needs many trusted personnel.

Xie Tingyu s phone number.It s been a while since I came out of Deputy General Manager Meng s office, and I m hiding in the library to call you You said it s strange, just now, Meng Qiyun suddenly talked to me and asked me if I wanted to do something.Store inspector.On the other end of the phone, Xie Tingyu whispered a few words.Did the company have this position before Xia Xiaoshu asked casually on the other end of the phone.No, this is a new addition.It s strange that she seems to appreciate me in the way she speaks How did you answer I said I have to think about it.The content of the work and the There should be some adjustments to the relevant treatment, right Xiao Xia asked curiously on the other end of the phone.The content of work has changed quite a bit.During the transition period, I have nothing to do with the operation department.

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It s a pleasure meeting, a pleasure meeting As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu quickly stepped forward and said politely to the How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed three security guards.After greeting How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed each other, Xia Xiaoshu invited the three security officers into the do cbd gummies make u high EDJ006 workshop, and explained the workshop security requirements to the three officers in detail.Fang Wenqian boarded the bus and explained to the remaining 27 male security guards the precautions on duty, which was equivalent to pre job training.Most of the male security guards on the bus knew Fang Wenqian and knew that the young lady in front of her was the future head of the Fang Group.All of them behaved respectfully, and the bus seemed very quiet.Three team leaders, in addition to the salary your company gives you, I have a heart for you.The daily food cost per person is tentatively set at 300 yuan.

Meng Qiting smiled and said a few polite words to Gan Jiu.He didn t drink the tea, and was eager to go to the archaeological site to see.According to your suggestion, a colleague and I went to the excavation site of Gui Huangshi to see that there are some strange plants, but I don t know if it is the kind of Guihuang Miao that Dr.Meng is looking for.Walking how to extract cbd oil from hemp towards the gate of the courtyard, Researcher Lu explained a few words casually.Umbrella shaped, like spikes, and bright like a needle, can you feel your hands when you try it out with your hands Meng Qiting asked eagerly.It s almost like that, but the color is gray, it looks like it s about to wilt, and it s quite small.It what s the difference between hemp gummies and cbd gummies s estimated to be about 7 zebra hemp gummies review or 8 centimeters at most.Isn t the condition too bad Researcher Lu replied with a smile.asked.

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On the other end of the phone, Xia Xiao The number explained patiently.Yuan Zhenyi was so skilled, which really surprised Xia Xiaoshu.There is such a coincidence in the world The probability is almost zero Most people will never encounter such an opportunity in their lifetime, young man You are so lucky On the other end of the phone, Yuan Zhen couldn t help but marvel.several times.At that time, Professor Fei arranged for me a detection task, which happened to involve that old technology.Although it didn t come in handy in the end, I eagle hemp CBD gummies side effects How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed accidentally discovered that very interesting technology.Fortunately, it has a limited time limit for patents.It s over, I can use it directly.On the other end of the phone, Xia Xiaoshu replied with a smile.Really Let me ask you another question, which company processes the data cables used for gamepads Have you heard of Dingchengye company Business, it sounds very unfamiliar, please eagle hemp llc gummies send the specific words to my mobile cbd gummy buttons phone.

I chose a few suitable things at the Huyuetang side, and I hope the two elders will accept it with a natural native cbd balm smile Xia Xiaoshu was polite and polite.a few words.It s not an example, it s not an example This is going to come later, as long as Mr.Xia has a convenient time, you are welcome to come as a guest at any time.As he spoke, Jiang Weiyu greeted Xiao Xia to take a seat in the living room.Jiang cbd 7 hemp oil Siyong s mother put away the gifts and instructed the nanny to bring the pre brewed ginseng tea to Mr.Xia.Jiang Siyong took out his mobile phone and called an acquaintance to prepare a meal.Xiao Yong Stop calling, I ve already said hello to the Qingyue Building , we ll just go there later.Dad You re really in a hurry, hehe Mr.Xia You Chat with my father for a while, and I ll go upstairs to change clothes.

Typing was too tiring, and I felt that Xia Xiaoshu should be idle at the moment.With a click of the mouse, Yang Yuye opened the video chat window.Xia Xiaoshu was sitting in the guest room thinking about things.Seeing Yang Yuye clicked on the video chat cbd gummies for energy and pain window, Xia Xiaoshu clicked on the Agree button.Oh This is the cbd gummy feeling guest room of the Sun Family Courtyard It looks no different from the city At the other end of the video, Yang Yuye said with a smile.Wait a minute, I ll move the camera to the phone, look at the white snow outside the window.As he spoke, he tapped the keyboard a few times, and Xia Xiaoshu shifted the video chat to the phone s camera.Xia Xiaoshu got up and went near the window sill, stuck his phone broad spectrum CBD gummies hemp bombs How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed out of the window, and what is the difference in hemp oil and cbd oil let Yang Yuye enjoy the snow scene around the Sun s compound.

You can rest assured., in the future, no matter how far the lights will develop, it will be up to you.You don t have to worry about this.As for the so called artificial intelligence, the more advanced it is, the easier it will be to use.With a little training, you can I ve learned it.Really I won t delay your important affairs, right How is that possible Do you think Doctor Meng understands the technical matters And Uncle Gan, don t you Haven t how long does cbd gummy last in system everyone been doing well all the time Don t worry, many technologies are integrated into the equipment, and all our subsidiaries are connected to the Internet In the future, we will have our own general control room, the real The How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed core technology is all concentrated there, usually maintenance and so on, How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed you have Xiaoye and the others, you don t have to worry about it at all.

Okay What about you Do you martha stewart s cbd gummies want to go back to your hometown Let s wait a while My relatives send me videos from time to time, and the old home is doing well After a while , to see if there is anyone in the village who is hosting the wedding, I hemp cbd products might as well use an excuse to go back.That s fine, then I ll drive you back, just in time to recognize the door.Okay Ask your parents on your behalf.Good , Thank you On Sunday evening, Xia Xiaoshu invited Wang Yudong to have dinner at the Mochizuki Family Hotel.Holiday Then your company s game business will have to be delayed.Wang Yudong responded casually.I asked you to come over today to discuss this matter.I plan to stop the update for a week to see the market s reaction, and then readjust the update plan.During the holiday, the basic maintenance of the game will have to trouble your colleagues to take care of it.

Then I m ashamed to receive it.After speaking, Feng extra strength cbd gummies Wenmu carefully put away the brocade box.With a slight smile, Xu Shiyun hemp gummies 400 000 reviews asked casually, Manager Feng, you ve been selling communication equipment and related equipment in large quantities recently.You ve done a lot of things Hearing this, Feng Wenmu couldn t help but be slightly surprised.She quickly responded, I m worried about something I don t know if I should say it or not.Seeing Feng Wenmu s embarrassment, Xu Shiyun smiled and replied casually, Manager Feng, Lao Qian and I, and Xia Xiaoshu, President Xia.We ve been very close, and if you have something to say, you might CBD gummies review How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed as well say it directly.Understood, understand A few days ago, Mr.Xia reminded me to sell all the communication equipment and related equipment I had as much as possible.

Wei Yuecheng sighed deeply.Before I knew it, when I looked up, the tent where Mr.Wei lived was already in sight.Chapter 513 Genius Along How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed the way, Wei Yuecheng told a strange story, which cbd hemp nugs made Xia Xiaoshu feel quite sentimental.It s really unfortunate That classmate of yours died young, what a pity Alas Maybe that s his life Before he died, he handed me a mobile hard drive and suggested that I develop a new business of positioning and navigation.Now that cbd hemp extract balm I think about it, he has revived the company I founded at the cost of his life, it s really heartbreaking to think about it Wei best CBD gummies for anxiety How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed Yuecheng seemed to be in tears as he spoke.At this moment, a young woman came out of the tent in front of her.Dad You came back too late today It s really worrying to be in the wilderness Don t do this next time Who is this This is Mr.

How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed cbd pros delta 8 gummies >> montana valley CBD gummies, can CBD gummies cause diarrhea How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed well being CBD gummies How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed.

This Do you want to invite Manager Feng Wenmu to go back and help you cook Just a moment.Forget it All day long, the only thing in his mind is technology and money, so he doesn t bother to care about me Obviously, the relationship between the Feng family s father and son was not harmonious at all.That s fine I ll listen to you.Afterwards, the two chatted for a while, Xia Xiaoshu felt that Mr.Feng was a little sleepy, so Xia Xiaoshu got up and shook the CBD gummies reviews How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed hospital bed a little lower, and then helped Mr.Feng made the bed.Seeing that Feng Yushi seemed to be sleeping, Xia Xiaoshu turned off the headlights, turned on the wall lamp, and quietly left the ward.The nurse aunt was washing clothes in the water room.Eldest sister I have to go back.Uncle Feng has to trouble you to take care of me.It s easy to talk, easy to talk Mr.

The spaces between the buildings are relatively wide, and green bushes, bantam pines, chiba orchid There cbd or hemp oil is a 12 story old fashioned office building in the southeast corner of the business district, which is square and unremarkable.More than ten years ago, Xinyixiang toy company leased the 3rd to 7th floors of this building as an office.Ding Weishan s office is located on the 5th floor, which is neither high nor low, which is exactly what she wants.Ding Weishan has always been very satisfied with the office environment she is in.In her opinion, although the Chengfeng business district looks a little old on the surface, it seems to be a corner forgotten by fashion, but as far as she knows, most of the companies working in this area are the kind of How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed companies that make a fortune., Humanistic goodies cbd gummies environment, business atmosphere, property management all aspects are quite good.

Yuan Jiamin reminded again solemnly.I will act carefully.When the conditions are not ripe, I will never touch related technical attempts.Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.Yuan Jiamin nodded lightly and said nothing more.At this moment, Assistant Chen came in from outside.Mr.Yuan, Director Xiaolin said that the medium sized machine needs to be overhauled recently, it is inconvenient to use, you see Isn t the overhaul issue always reported by our technical department Could it be that Director Xiaolin himself recently Yuan 125mg cbd gummies Jiamin seemed to realize something , the words were taken back to the lips.Since it is overhauled, then forget it, you can do your own thing.Yuan Jiamin said casually.Director Chong Yuan and Mr.Xia nodded, Assistant Chen turned around and left.Chapter 520 Suspicion At the beginning, no matter how good or bad, Lin Huomian didn t feel much about Xia Xiaoshu.

Then Since I ve already entered the city, I ll go to the unabis cbd gummies Motor City to get a new car.You re right.Because if something happens to the car, what will happen to your sister in law and your two children in the future Are you going now Well You are too smart to listen to you, something will happen Shi Kudang replied solemnly.Then make a note of this phone number.That person is a friend of Mr.Shi Jincuo.I have dealt with him a few times, elite power CBD gummies How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed and it is more reliable.Don t try to price him.You can give as much as he wants.If the money How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed For Pain & Anxiety is not enough, my brother will lend it to you.Although old brother can t compare to you now, he is considered a rich man in our village.He still has the money to buy a normal car, okay I ll contact holistic health cbd gummies reviews him again when we get to the ground.Then slow down on the road.It s easy to talk, easy to talk about After that, Shi Jiudang got into the car and went to the Motor City.

Really You are so popular Hehe Open it up and see, I will not be polite to you if it suits my taste if it doesn t suit my taste, you should keep budpop CBD gummies review How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed CBD gummies for tinnitus reviews How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed it and eat it slowly.Hand opened the food bag and took a look.This roast goose is a little big.I usually eat alone, and I can t eat it all.There is no refrigerator over there, so it s a pity to put it away again Take it cbd hemp oil 300 mg peppermint out.This Then I ll cut it in half for you.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu took the roast goose to the kitchen and divided it in CBD gummies for energy How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed half and brought it over.The old shepherd was very skilled and never liked canned fish, so he took out a few boxes of canned fish and put them on the table.Thank you You should rest early, too.After that, the old shepherd walked out of the courtyard with a food bag.Xia Xiaoshu respectfully sent the old man s gift out the door, and was about to turn around and enter the hospital with a few polite words, when the old shepherd turned around and how to harvest hemp for cbd asked, Isn t someone at your company headquarters competing with you for profits How do you explain this The green dolphin cbd full spectrum gummies seal is lifted Kindness is open A girl surnamed Xie came to the head office.

As a result, the impact of the high end micro cutting and forming equipment developed by Xia Xiaoshu and the others on the market is not unusual.Business peers are well aware of the technical strength of Shi Jincuo and Zheng Xinyi.If they were really capable, they would have already developed them independently.As a result, Xia Xiaoshu may become the target of public criticism.Yuan Jiamin couldn t help but be a little worried.In recent months, wherever Xia Xiaoshu goes, he will always receive a very high level reception, which looks very beautiful on the surface.However, that s just a matter of face, not much practical significance.Once he touches the major interests of his business colleagues, people s attitudes towards him can be imagined.Perhaps, Xia Xiaoshu can come up with the most beautiful solution.

Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.What is this black thing It looks quite heavy.Another male archaeologist interjected.Thatit s the anti thief guy that the villagers usually use at home.Today we can rely on it Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.When he looked up, Xia Xiaoshu found three sturdy brown ropes running across the top of his head.Not far from the top of Xia Xiaoshu s head, Zhang hung a modified fairy gourd , and the bottom of the fairy gourd was tied with a canvas made of Triangle pocket, it is estimated that the night scout took this hemp fusion cbd gummies triangle canvas pocket to glide from the tall tree across the road.Sure enough, it s exactly nature s relief cbd gummies what I thought, this kid really has two strokes Xia Xiaoshu thought to himself.The three ropes that lie directly above hemp oil vs cbd oil espa ol the No.14 warehouse are still some distance from the roof.

does cbd gummies give you dry mouth Whoever you think is suitable, the company will send over there., the treatment is comparable to the current salary.Vice President Chang replied very simply.So it s like this Thank you for your trust and Mr.Bao, then let me have a few days, I ll think about it later and I ll answer you, okay No problem I also have things over there in the warehouse.As far as finishing work is concerned, no one else can replace you except you, so let s do it this way.The three of you, Mr.Bao, myself, and you know about this matter, so you have plenty of time to think about it.Mr.Bao and I fully understand what choice to make.Thank you two bosses for their trust.Xia How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed Xiaoshu responded quickly.Drink some catecha.Although it is ordinary green tea, it is also a new tea.Let s have a taste and talk.As he spoke, Vice President Chang casually said a few words.

A little carelessness can lead to life worries Xia Xiaoshu immediately fell in love with this advertisement story, as long as the female The company that the protagonist works for can be changed to the current largest advertiser of Wonderful.After thinking for a moment, Xia Xiaoshu began to prepare a special game programming program.Using this program and using a special layer nesting technology, Xia Xiaoshu can make the background in the advertisement story into a multi dimensional phantom structure.In addition, The characters in the advertising stories have also become fantastic and changeable, but they are very close to real life.Real, dreamy, subtle layer upon layer but distinct.This is a brand new visual technology.By the time everything was done, it was already more than two o clock in the morning.

The small square table was newly added by Xia Xiaoshu.It didn t cost much and the size was just right.With the increasing income of the two, now, the daily life of the two has been arranged very carefully by Xia Xiaoshu.Although he was a little tired, Meng Qiting was also very excited.What s going on over there recently Don t tell me, I still miss that child.It s not bad, I get along with my classmates much better, I took a make up exam and passed with a How To Tell The Difference Between CBD Hemp And Weed For Pain & Anxiety high score, the young man is in a much more relaxed mood.Well, he discussed it with me two days ago, and wants his parents to apply to the school, he wants to change departments and majors.Xia Xiaoshu replied with a smile.Science and engineering should be changed to liberal arts Can the school agree I don t think it is necessary.I suggest that he use his business time to study his favorite major.