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And this chip is very good in other aspects.ISP Supports 8K120 frame video shooting, and can run 400 million pixel photos at cbd oil gummy one time.NSP The computing speed of AI intelligence is 4.4 times that of the AI computing of the same level manufacturers.6 times the level.Of course, this chip has also risen to a new level in terms of price.Compared with last year s Xuanwu 820 processor chip, the price has risen to 900 Huaxia coins.However, the overall pricing of this processor chip is living tree cbd gummies reviews in line broad spectrum CBD gummies hemp bombs Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot with the expectations of most manufacturers at present.The latest offer for 8Gen2 is 140 US dollars.Comparing the two, the price of the Taixu 800 processor is more advantageous.At the same time, this time our Taixu chips also support new functions The whole system of Taixu supports GPU driver technology The chips above Taixu 700 support Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot CBD Gummies Help With Anxiety HT dynamic focusing technology and pixel calculation acceleration technology The Taixu 800 Support HT night scene algorithm technology At the same time, Taixu chip not only has excellent performance in performance, but also has new breakthroughs in other aspects.

But there are still some flaws.At this time, Big Goose didn t say anything, because Tian Yunxiao had already gotten used to it in just half a day, but Sister Bao was very surprised and said Old Tian, this is Are there any flaws in the plot I can t wait to watch the plots you discussed with Big Goose just now The plots don t have to be perfect.No plot can stand up to the scrutiny of reality Even now There are people who criticize all kinds of unreasonable articles about the very popular system, and I don t even think about it, there is a system, what else could be more outrageous than the system Tian Yunxiao hemp CBD gummies Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot said to Sister Bao and Big Goose at this time.Sister Bao, Big Goose, the flaws in this plot I m talking about are not inferred from rationality, but only from the character of the original character.

Obviously, they did not expect the current Berries to be so fierce.It has such a high status in the industry.The berry family is now the king with absolute status in the technology industry, and other manufacturers are younger brothers.In the eyes of many, Brother Gu is like a giant of technology, but now he can only obediently admit defeat in the hands of the Berries.It is enough to see that the current industry Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot CBD Gummies Help With Anxiety has undergone tremendous eagle hemp CBD gummies tinnitus Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot changes.It can be said that the entire technology industry depends on the face of the Berry family.In August, the entire mobile phone industry also began to feel ready to move.Guozi CBD gummies to quit smoking review Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot Mobile also released new news about their brand new products.Fruit folding screen mobile phone Yes, what is unexpected is that this time, the fruit company has also begun to prepare to launch a mobile phone with a folding screen. CBD gummies help with anxiety Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot

So he stood up, and cbd gummies for anxiety 2021 wanted to turn around and leave, thinking, It doesn t matter if this Writers Association is not in At this time, the middle aged man who was sitting at the desk Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot do cbd gummies show up on drug test seemed to be working with peace of mind all the time.At this time, he hurriedly stood up.He got up and said, You are Xiaotian, right Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot Mayor Wang told me that you are going to join the club today, and I am busy writing my poetry collection Shit , I don t care about you, don t mind Chapter 117 Rural Teacher please subscribe After Tian Yunxiao heard what the chairman of the Writers Association said at this time, he thought to himself I m not angry, or I ll fail Uncle Wang.Good intentions Chairman of Beizhen Writers Association, whose real name is Liu Aidang, in the 1980s, he wrote a few scars literature, and also wrote a few modern poems, and enjoy hemp euphoria gummies his representative works cannot be found on Qiandu Until one time when he went out to study, he heard a lecture given by the daughter of Jia Pingtu, the vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association.

Since this game is a paid game, there should be a part of the game.Enthusiasts will be on the sidelines.As a pioneer, he can naturally attract the attention of most game lovers.Perhaps this wave of trial games can bring him a certain amount of heat and traffic.Chapter 112 Classic Never Goes Out of Date I didn t expect the size of this game to be 369M, so it s considered a not so small stand alone game Soon Chu He bought it directly with money This game, and began to download the game in front of the current netizens.At the same time, Chu He is also paying attention veterans vitality CBD gummies Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot to the number of people in his current live broadcast room.When Chu He watched the number of people in his live broadcast room suddenly increase by tens of thousands, a smile slowly appeared on his face.Obviously this time, Chu He was completely right.

Well I m off the list after all Pei Pao looked at Tian Yunxiao s aggrieved look, and said Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot angrily If you had been enlightened earlier, you would have been off the list long ago Tian Yunxiao seemed to suddenly As if he had opened up the two veins of Ren and Governor, he said without a teacher If I had been enlightened earlier, wouldn t I have met you My dear After hearing Tian Yunxiao s love words, Pei Pao felt deep in his heart.Very sweet, but still said unforgivingly Death You will say it Tian Yunxiao was not annoyed, but said to Pei Pai happily, Xiao Pei, let s go to the movies Pei Pai happily agreed.As a result, the two went to the cinema and watched the movie for a long time after it came out.The movie just now was really good Tian Yunxiao said without words.Yeah, yeah It s pretty.At this time, Pei Pai also agreed.

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Among them, the blue factory released the brand new blue factory t1, and the sub series also launched the love cool z5 of the Matryoshka t1, which successfully best cbd thc gummies brought the paste fire dragon 778g to the price of 1,500 yuan.And the sub brand of Green Factory is even more ruthless, and the release of Zhenwo q3s has lowered the price of the 778g cream Tonghuolong to a level in the early 1000s.As a super player in the wild hemp cbd pen e commerce platform, Hongmi also launched the Hongmi note 11 series with reversely upgraded performance.Although cbd gummies vs hemp gummies it is said that Hongmi launched such a nondescript product on Double Eleven, anyone with a discerning eye can see that this wave of Hongmi is selling in reverse.On the surface, it is the Blowing Mi Note11 series, but in fact, I want to take this opportunity to clean up the inventory of the K40 series and Note10pro.

Axial linear motor.Also in terms of Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot speakers, the speakers of the two tablets are also different.In order to make the game better sound quality, the normal version specially uses six 1.4 large sound cavity speakers, and the speakers have also been specially tuned by a who owns lucent valley cbd gummies professional game audio team.The big cup version uses 8 different speakers, four 1.2 high how to make cbd gummies with isolate frequency sound cavity and four 0.8 sound cavity low frequency cbd hemp flowers speakers, and these 8 speakers are also handed over to Harman Kardon for professional tuning.This makes the experience of the regular version and the mug version of the speaker completely different.The regular version of the speaker has a higher volume and is more in line with most current game users.Although the volume of the big cup version is not as good as that of the ordinary version of the tablet, it will be better in terms of overall sound quality performance.

Determined to make the company s high end flagship product this year, the Berry x30, a real high end brand reputation in the market.As the face of Xiao Hei s evaluation, Wang Julong also showed a puzzled look when he received the invitation from the Berries public relations.If you want to really understand isolate cbd gummies the latest Berry x30 model, you need to go to the Berry company headquarters in person and sign the relevant non disclosure agreement.Could it be that this year s Berry tribe is going to come up with something big After receiving such news, Wang Julong also showed a look of doubt in his eyes.Obviously, the development of Berry tribe technology in recent years can be said to be By leaps and bounds.Even many products have reached the top standards in the industry, and now many digital people know that the overall strength of Berry Technology is basically higher than that of other mobile phone companies.

Such a result is a very gratifying achievement for CBD gummies hemp bombs Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot the current Berries.After all, the main sales market of this mobile phone is the online market, and a model with a price of more than 4,500 yuan can sell 300,000 units Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot in more than 50 mg CBD gummies for sleep Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot a month, which also shows the popularity of this mobile phone in the the same time, the Berry MX10 series has officially entered the top ten of the current high end mobile phone rankings, which is also regarded as the recognition of the Berry by many netizens.The time has gradually come to Double Eleven.As one of the four major manufacturers, Green Factory officially launched the ACE series.At the same time, the brother of Green Factory, OnePlus, also launched the OnePlus T series at this moment.Secondly, Green Factory focuses on related brands in overseas markets and cost effective markets, and I also launched the X2 series.

This phenomenon has also intensified, but major manufacturers are also very happy to watch so called fans support themselves.In addition to fan marketing, hunger marketing is also a way to be played bad by rice.After all, what you can t get is the best, and hunger marketing can just capture the psychology of most consumers.And Huang Da, who has come here, clearly understands that the more cost effective the product, the more prone to hunger marketing.This year, the two extreme commemorative editions of the Hongmi K30 are likely to have such a situation.Rice s press conference is still going on.After the launch of two mobile phones, the next launch is a TV worth 50,000 yuan.This is a stylish transparent TV, in which the design of the TV uses some technology related to the under screen camera, making the TV appear transparent from the front.

Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot CBD Gummies Help With Anxiety However, users are more concerned about the performance of the processor chip core Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot inside the mobile phone.Chapter 216 The cheapest Xuanwu 820 model Here we want to express our gratitude to the users who have always supported us, and today at this conference, we officially announce the return of Kirin Rongyao V50 The first launch is equipped with the world s top 6 nanometer high end chip, the Kirin 830 chip And when Zhao Riyue, the current keynote speaker at the press conference, announced the world s first Kirin 830 processor chip for the Rongyao V50, the whole scene exploded instantly There was an extremely intense applause at the scene, and countless audiences watching the product launch erupted in warm applause and cheers.There are also countless netizens who are excitedly posting barrages in the live broadcast room.

As Huang Da s voice fell, Huang Da also began to Controlling the mobile phone on the stage.Huang Da kept showing the function of mobile phone shooting.When using telephoto, the main camera lens of the mobile phone will slowly protrude forward 2 mm like a machine, so as to achieve telephoto shooting.Function.When you need to use the wide angle, the camera of the mobile phone will be retracted inward by 2 mm, and you can start the shooting of the ultra wide angle lens.The operation of Huang Da also excited the netizens on the scene.Obviously, the Berry family has opened another item.A new competitive track.The cameras of mobile phones have been continuously enhanced.After all, multiple cameras can take into account different stages and show different usages.However, some mobile phone manufacturers add more cameras to make up gimmicks.

It seems that this year s mobile phone manufacturers are completely crazy, and even the 100 yuan phone market with extremely low profits dares to rush in.You must know that with the current increase in the income of urban and rural people, users Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot will Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot choose a thousand person machine at a minimum when purchasing a machine, making the market for a hundred yuan machine gradually forgotten by manufacturers.Even Huawei, Blue Factory, and Green Factory have begun to gradually give up the 100 yuan market, aiming directly at the 1,000 yuan machine market.When the 5G era is coming, there are still manufacturers who insist on holding on to the 100 yuan machine market.Most netizens directly think of the current Hongmi and Berry Blue.Obviously, these two manufacturers are most likely to be exposed by the digital news station.

Of cbd gummies for inflammation and pain near me course, in addition to the screen and performance of the phone s configuration, the battery life and charging performance are also very good.The Raspberry Blue Note8 regular version is equipped with a 4700mAh battery, which supports up to 30W effective charging in terms of charging It can fully charge the phone in 57 minutes The regular version performs quite well in terms are CBD gummies the same as hemp gummies Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot relax cbd gummies 1000mg of charging the phone.Equipped with a 4700mAh battery, it can meet the daily needs of most users.It s just that this phone does not use dual charging software technology, and there is no so called smart charging and full blood charging mode.In order to distinguish the series distribution of products, Huang Da temporarily decided to apply the so called dual charging technology only to the Berry Blue S series and all models of the Berry family.

16 1T and 20 2T.Among them, this time the super sized cup version is priced medterra cbd gummies stay alert at 7,299 yuan, which is also considered to have officially entered the overall product positioning range of the high end flagship.And most users are still looking forward to the super heap version this time.After all, the configuration of the super cup version shark tank cbd gummies for smoking has indeed met the high requirements and high standards of many users.And it also has certain discounts in terms of product price, which is the most suitable generation of products in the eyes of users.And this time the conference has nature s highway cbd officially ended, and the evaluation of the total pure CBD gummies Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot current product by countless users is still very high.After all, the positioning of the product this time to the price and configuration of the product can meet the needs of most users for the product.

With the corresponding peripheral lens, it can support 30x optical zoom and 900x hybrid zoom.The upgrade of the telephoto lens also makes netizens have to exist this time the mobile phone is no longer a telescope, but an astronomical telescope.In addition to the mobile phone and the peripheral long plastic lens, the gift box is also equipped with a special Sany Heavy Industry manipulator, and there is also a special commemorative medal with a code name.And it is equipped with a power bank that can support the space.That s right, this time cbd gummies tinnitus the mobile phone is also equipped with a space type power bank that has never been released on the market.The overall volume of this new charging treasure is the same as that of most 10,000 mAh charging treasures, but this charging treasure uses a graphene battery internally, which makes the capacity of the charging treasure directly expand.

Contribute 20 million to charity.After all, the popularity of this free gift is not in vain.What is this teacher Tian doing all of a sudden Donating five million is not enough In this way, our group will make another With 10 million yuan, you can take this ride to promote publicity, and you can also grab Mr.Tian s limelight But after all, we are a listed company, and we have to make contributions to charity every year.Qian, sigh, the board of directors of the group doesn t cbd infused gummies plus sleep know if they can approve it At this time, after hearing Chen Wu s words, Loach thought Can our Yuewen Group be of the same nature as Laotian s donation Low, it is also a large group with a volume of 10 billion What is Laotian It is an individual Can Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot this be the same A writer can invest 20 million yuan, and a listed group company as big as us will only pay two Ten million, it seems like I have suffered a big loss here However, he said to Chen Wu, Mr.

cbd gummies stomach pain Reported together At this time, the young policeman on duty realized the problem with the material in his hand.Then he immediately said to what are cbd gummies used for Ji Dejun Leader wait a moment, we will study this document immediately.The materials, let s see if it meets the filing standards At this time, Tian Yunxiao heard the young policeman s words and immediately said Comrade police, her income from copying my book definitely meets the filing standards.This month s manuscript fee is at least 50,000 yuan.She has a golden alliance for this book A golden alliance can earn 50,000 yuan for half of the website, which is much higher than the amount that can be transferred to criminal cases.The standard is 30,000 yuan At this time, the police who answered the police wanted to reprimand Tian Yunxiao, Is it what you need to say Aren t we going to verify these things But looking at Ji Dejun, who was standing there chatting and laughing CBD hemp cigarettes Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot with Tian Yunxiao, he obviously shrank his neck and then lowered his head to look at the materials honestly.

I was very excited and thought I didn t expect that the master level Taijiquan I got from the system last time would be useful one day I thought that in a country like the Huajiajia, which has the world s first public security environment, I can only be one.What about the exercise to strengthen your body Then he said, It s good to come Then he stepped on how to make cbd gummies with jello the ground with his left foot, put his right hand on the wrist of this Nige, and pulled the area around, and this Nige was instantly captured by Tian Yunxiao.Tossed out.That is to say, Pei Pai and Tian Yunxiao came out late today, and there were not many people in the breakfast shop.This Nige just knocked down a few tables and chairs.At this time, the Nego named Jerry, who came to have breakfast with Nego named Tom, saw his companion being beaten.

Except for the main camera lens has In addition to such a big upgrade, the rear camera has also been upgraded cbd gummies on sale the most.Although this time the entire series best cbd gummies for psoriatic arthritis of mobile phones use three 40 megapixel rear cameras.But the regular version and the large version use IMX926 IMX600 OV40K.The sensor used in the super cup version is the more powerful X826 IMX600.The ultra wide angle lens that was not used this time turned cbd living gummies no thc out to be the main camera sensor IMX826 used by many flagship mobile phones.And this time The ultra wide angle lens also incorporates four axis optical image stabilization and the corresponding F 1.7 large aperture and 7P lens.Even some netizens have created this ultra wide angle lens, which is basically the same as the main camera lens of most current flagship phones.It doesn t why do people take cbd gummies fall behind, especially this time the ultra wide angle lens has added unit pixel enhancement technology.

This kind of achievement is considered to be very good among domestic users.You must know that the rice digital flagship 13 series released by the rice company, which has been preparing to hit the high end market, has only sold more than 3.5 million units in a year in China.The price of the high end flagship of the Berry family is far higher than that of the digital flagship series of rice phones, but in terms of sales, it helix cbd gummies is far beyond the digital series of rice phones.The profits brought by high end flagships to the company are naturally huge.Most of the components used by Berry Technology are basically the components of its own company.Naturally, it can be said that it has an innate advantage in terms of cost, and it can basically control the profit at about 35.After subtracting some transportation fees, some taxes and some other costs, the company can basically get a profit of about 25.

Just when Brother Nine wanted to cut leeks with this author number, Tian Yunxiao interrupted the process.So the angry ninth brother Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot had itchy teeth.If Tian Yunxiao appeared in front of his eyes, he would immediately rush to fight him.But helplessly, the two were thousands of miles apart, and Brother Jiu was beyond reach.I had no choice but to buy a navy army to smear Kuro Tian Yunxiao s works At this time, fun gummies CBD Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot the brush called the Owl Who Won t Get Tired on the opposite side of the computer, after seeing the two book titles issued by Jiu Ge.I was eating, but the food in my mouth immediately spewed out.The entire computer screen that was sprayed was covered with grains of rice, but he didn t bother to clean it.Quickly hit the keyboard to reply.The owl that won t get tired Are you kidding me That s the work of a new platinum writer by Qidian, and it is a large scale negative review.

The 50W charging of the battery can jolly green oil cbd gummies basically be used when the temperature is lower than 45 degrees during charging.Maybe the charging rate of the battery can be increased by 55W in terms of current value, which can also ensure the charging safety of the mobile phone The staff on the side took it.The data came, and at the same time, you also took out a new battery and explained the main parameters of the new battery to your boss.After hearing the explanation of the current experimenter, Huang Da frowned when he looked at Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot the small battery in his hand.According to Huang Da s plan for his own products, the new type of battery will basically meet with consumer users on his flagship in the second half of this year.This new type of battery with smaller size and larger electric capacity can control is full spectrum hemp oil the same as cbd oil the volume of the mobile phone within a certain range, and at the same time leave enough space for the interior of the mobile phone.

When Jess fired the cannon, he saw the hand raising movement of the cannon and knew where the cannon landed.angle.Easy dodge, deal with Luo first After the screen turned black and white, Pei Pai patted the table angrily and said, I m so angry.Ah, this Laotian is definitely a replacement Kassadin and Xia, on the other hand, killed Karma first, and then output Lulu.With Kassadin s rw, Lulu lost more than two thirds of his health.Tian Shen, I ll give you a big move, you must 30mg CBD gummies Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot do it.Show it off Bang Hurry up and get bigger Lulu adds e to her ultimate move and gives it to Wei En.At this time, Wei Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot En s sheep knife is stacked full of Lulu s ultimate move and provides hundreds of HP.First click on the nearest Kassadin, Kassadin directly avoids the real damage of the third ring.At the same time, wait for the skill cd, Tian Yunxiao turns his head to output Jess, one arrow, two arrows, and when the hammer comes up, the Q skill Stealth rolls, pulls away, so that he can t cbd 250mg gummies get out that hammer.

Tian Yunxiao saw this first order data, and then opened his KaiDian background smilz cbd gummies com and took a look.Found something wrong.Then hit the keyboard to type.Uncle Tian next door This data doesn t seem right It doesn t match the data in my backstage At this time, after seeing Tian Yunxiao s words, the people in the group typed and asked.The disabled Zhijian Xiaoyan said Tian Shen, is there less or more At this time, Pu Jie, a young man from northern Hebei, saw Tian Yunxiao s speech, looked at his background data, and typed on the keyboard.Binghuo Master, do you also have a lot of statistics It s okay, the first order of the official account of Qidian Collection is calculated according to rounding, and there will often be more statistics Then Pu Jie put his backstage A screenshot of the data was taken and sent out.

It s just that in the past few years, the rice company s system has slowly started to decline.System bugs are flying all over the sky, and a series of problems such as system freezes have made the good reputation of rice company in the system instantly also caused the current rice smart car to cause a lot of complaints from netizens after its launch.Rice car is the most important product of our rice company, so I spent a lot of energy on this car The price of our smart hemp vs cbd dog treats car this time is 199,999 yuan, which is the first product we designed for young people.A smart car After introducing the corresponding smart car, Rebs finally announced the price of this smart car under the watchful eyes Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot CBD Gummies Help With Anxiety of many netizens.And when Rebs announced the price, the cbd gummies dosage reddit whole scene instantly boiled, and countless users stood up from their positions and applauded wildly to Rebs on the stage.

The shipment volume of mobile phones is only 36 million units, which has best cbd online website savage cbd gummies decreased compared to last year.23 market share.As the most influential fruit company in the world, its domestic mobile phone shipments reached 27 million units last year, ranking fifth in the country.Of course, most of the shares of these manufacturers are basically from abroad.Including foreign shipments, basically the shipments of mobile phones have exceeded 100 million units.This also makes the current Huang Da look very envious.After all, the current market that the Berries rely on is only the domestic market.Although Dami s domestic mobile phone shipments are only 36 million units, it has a very large market share in South and Southeast Asia and European markets.Relying on these market shares, the global mobile phone shipments have exceeded It is far ahead Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot of its own blue factory and green factory in China.

After all, Mr.Zhang Rujin He is over seventy years old, and his age is not suitable for hosting a technology summit.After expressing his expectations for Huateng Semiconductor Technology Company, he temporarily left the stage and handed over the stage to the current general manager of the company, Liang Teng.Of course, after Huateng Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.announced a new process technology, the person in charge of Huawei on the field was very excited.The 5 nanometer process technology is considered to be the top process technology in the current semiconductor industry, and the Kirin chip has been discontinued for more than a year.Now that Huateng Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.has the strength of OEM chip production, it is a great thing for Huawei.Chapter 188 Xuanwu Guangfu Impossible, absolutely impossible, how could the mainland produce such a high end lithography machine all medigreen cbd gummies near me of a sudden Baodao, an office, an old man watched the live broadcast in front of the computer, his face Roared with a hint of anger.

Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot gold bee Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot CBD Gummies Help With Anxiety best CBD gummies, thc and CBD gummies (huuman CBD gummies) Is 100 cannaleafz CBD gummies Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot Mg CBD Gummy A Lot thc CBD gummies Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot.

Now, is this the system Love, love So he clicked on the lottery, and saw the turntable in front of him spinning rapidly.Tian Yunxiao widened his left eye with 350 degrees of myopia and 300 degrees of astigmatism, and his right eye with 300 degrees of myopia and 250 degrees of astigmatism, staring at the turntable.He cbd gummies instead of alcohol could swear that even when he was in school, he never took it so seriously.stop Tian Yunxiao called to stop when the pointer was about to turn to the character s full attribute viewer, because according to his physics A score in the high school exam, if the pointer wanted to decelerate at the current speed, it would be no accident.It will be transferred to the elimination pill he wants most now.But what he didn t expect was that after he called stop, the pointer stopped without even a single deceleration process, and just stopped right on the character Is 100 Mg CBD Gummy A Lot s full attribute viewer.

Next door, Uncle Tian Yes, I learned to draw inferences from one case, I am very pleased for the teacher Then he turned around and said to Pei Pai, Did you see it baby, The apprentice I teach, this will become a great weapon in the future At this time, Pei Pao glanced at Tian Yunxiao with his eyes, then stared at Tian Yunxiao s leg and said, Great weapon Are you can you swallow cbd gummies whole older At this time , Tian Yunxiao said, Baby, so you are the god of Qiu Mingshan Mountain Bike.You are willing to bow down, admire and admire Pei Pai glared at Tian Yunxiao with a wink and said Look at your virtue And Pei Pai didn t know when he changed into a floral dress with hips, and the dress was still wearing Tian Yunxiao s favorite black pantyhose.The woman who is a woman will look like a woman, but this dress looks pure and sexy on Pei Pai s body.