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However, the description of the other party is very brief, and Claire is not sure whether the thing has transaction value.So he typed and replied, I m here, are you still there Just like what the other party said, he was always online.After a few seconds, he replied to Convenience.Yes, Mr.Antonio.I m very interested in your stuff.Can you tell me more You mean teleportation that can teleport living creatures, right Of course, this is an ancient school of witchcraft.The ones left behind, their research direction is space teleportation.Single or multiplayer Single, but if you are good at transformation, you may be able to transform it into multiplayer teleportation.How far is it I don t know this, but it shouldn t be a problem to travel tens of thousands of miles.Can it still be used It can be used When I took it out of the ruins, it had no damage and was directly inlaid on it.

Claire put a light technique on herself, but she could still keep up with their pace.After entering the mountain range, the next thing was to listen to Rona.She led the crowd to turn left and right and walked in the forest for an unknown amount of time.Claire thought she Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil had a good sense of direction, but when she got here, he It is expected that it will be difficult for him to even go back the same way, but Rona is still very comfortable.Rona suddenly stopped the crowd Stop I smell them here, and it should have been less than two hours since I left.Claire nodded at Hant, who immediately started with the more than thirty knights.Orderly began to lay traps, Claire did not idle, set up a few magic circles on the ground that could trap the wolves, and Rona began to find some herbs nearby to cover up the atmosphere of the crowd.

sugar free cbd gummies near me Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil Claire didn t even plan to say anything about the wizarding world, so she casually perfunctory, saying that she was just experimenting at will, and then wandering around in the void, she accidentally bumped into Merlin.Edith still believed Claire s statement.Merlin had been floating in the void for more than 50 years without encountering a plane that formed civilization.Claire was only an archmage, how could he have encountered such a mature plane Woolen cloth.Claire s interpersonal skills have long been full, and after the two chatted for a while, they felt that the distance had drawn a lot, and there was no sense of strangeness at the beginning.Oh, by revive cbd gummies the way, do you know what happened recently about the Raging Flame Plane Claire seemed to mention it casually, but in fact he wanted to ask for a long time, from the mouth of Edith s status He should be able to hear some gossip that few people know about.

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Yuna explained her mother s symptoms in detail.Fever, cold It sounds like sepsis.Claire murmured.Is there any cure Yuna asked quickly.If it s the same as what I thought, then there should be no problem.Claire stood up holding Yuna s hand, Take me to your mother.Okay.Yuna quickly stood up.With red eyes, he said, Mom is gold bee best cbd gummies still in the clinic in the city.Lord Viscount, come with me.Master, I m going to prepare the carriage.Regan said quickly.No, it s just a few steps away.Speaking of which, I haven t walked through Nafhu City yet.Yuna held Claire s hand and trotted in front of her, eager to take Claire s hand.Pulled in front of his mother.Claire did not slow down, but followed quickly, but as soon as she left the Viscount Mansion, she smelled an indescribable stench.The streets were full of rubbish and feces, which made Claire feel a little hemp bombs cbd gummies review uncomfortable.

I ll send someone to deliver things to you in a few days.Omar smiled on the spot Then I ll retire first.After Omar left, Claire looked at Rona beside him and connected the spiritual thread.The problem is solved, so you can see a doctor with peace of mind.Well.Rona glanced at the people outside the door, and their eyes no longer had the doubts and fears they had before, only a face full of guilt, because she had just cbd gummies with delta 8 thc misunderstood.Guilt CBD gummy recipe Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil over Lorna.Claire Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil took another look can i take cbd gummies on a cruise at the yard in the hospital.When the building was built before, there was nothing here.After a few days, the small yard was actually overgrown with flowers and plants.Pointing to the flowers climbing on the stone wall, Claire asked, Did you plant these I saw the seeds of these flowers when I went to collect herbs and brought them back.

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Claire smiled slightly, It s just some small business.You can t compare to you, Madam.Bought the doctors in the capital to make them publicize for you, and then created was cbd gummies on shark tank panic to sell iodized salt for hundreds of gold coins.This is your idea, right Sophia said.Gogo looked at Claire.Xia En couldn t help swallowing his saliva.What he did was very secretive, how could he have been discovered.Then he silently glanced at Claire next to him to see how he reacted.Claire s expression was still as calm leaf remedy as water, neither admitting nor denying it.Aren t 200 mg CBD gummies reviews Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil we here to discuss cooperation.Hearing Claire s words, Sophia showed a captivating smile, still looking straight at Claire Okay, let s talk business, what is the cost of making your iodized Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil salt Claire looked at each Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil other without fear at all, and opened her mouth Three gold coins, the more expensive you sell, the higher the cost.

Seeing Claire s performance, Hubert then continued How about I plan to use this bottle of potion to exchange the fruit with you Claire s eyelids jumped slightly, then stabilized his mind and replied softly.Yes Of course I won t let you suffer.The value of your fruit is definitely more than five million.I will give you another five million.What do you think Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil Hubert suggested.The true value of the life potion is only five million, and the value of Claire s fruit is more than five million, but it is not that high to say ten million, so this is Claire s profit.But for the other party s proposal, Claire refused without thinking, No, I just happened to be short of this life potion, you can exchange it with me is my luck, how can I have the nerve to ask you for these five million The gold coins.But Claire didn t say a word five million gold coins might as well have something to cbd gummies 5000mg do with you.

Maybe even get a good name.The founder of the magic swordsman line, it sounds pretty good, it sounds like a title that can be remembered in history.It is much more reliable than the name Duke Tulip Important Note If the book lovers can t open the old domain name of txt 8 0.C o M, they can visit txt 8 0 8 0.C o M Alternate domain name to visit this site.After researching the general system, Claire immediately returned to the Knights Academy Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil dog CBD gummies to find Cillian.With Hubert s badge, Claire can now come and go freely in the Knights Academy, and no one can stop her After meeting, Claire s first sentence was to ask, How is your practice with the book I gave you Cillian s face was a little embarrassed, It s all going well, I ve already introduced magic into my body, But it s one step away.Huh What step Claire wondered.

Make more MSG for the other party to sell.Those workers don cbd gummies vs delta 8 gummies t have to worry about losing their jobs when they come back from a day s vacation.Although many steps of the machine have been omitted from labor, it Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil is estimated that the increase in production will require more manpower, and Reagan has to find more workers from outside.It was Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil busy until dawn, and the renovation work was not completed.Then Claire took the two back to the Viscount Mansion.The two chose a guest room and fell asleep.Claire also returned to his room.He was not as tired as the two of them.Taiklin hammered iron all night, and Isaac drew the formation and inscriptions overnight.Chapter 97 Could it be that we are actually very good at being lords in the Viscounty.Have they not gotten up yet Claire asked while eating breakfast.

But it is such a person who amazes him.When looking at other life experiences, the most common thing he sees is the deceased.When looking at their strength level, most of them are archmage or magician.Claire can t help but let 25 mg cbd gummy effects Claire I felt a trace of sadness in my heart.The road of magic is not so easy to walk, so the seniors have died on the way to explore the truth But fortunately, I have a golden finger that others do not have.Thinking of this, Claire s Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil originally depressed heart was relieved, and then she opened her trading panel and briefly glanced at it.Hey, finally there is news.Claire s tone was a little surprised.Since the life potion Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil was in hand, he had inspired Hong with news, but the other party did not reply to the news for a few days, and he should still be asleep.Here I ve found something that replenishes vitality.

So he stood up immediately, pointed at Earl Pulan s nose and scolded What Let your son win the duel If you are not talented, don t duel with others.After the fight, you are blamed for beating your child to autism Earl Pulan s face flushed, and he shouted loudly, Who said that talent is not good That voice attracted the attention of the nobles who were talking outside.Sophia didn t show weakness at all, and said softly I can t beat us at the same level, isn t Claire the talent of your family What s there to say It best CBD gummies for anxiety 2022 Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil s bittersweet at the moment.If you have a father, you will have a son Your magical talent is not inherited from Duke Carl, and you will become an archmage after practicing for most of your life How can your son s talent be better You, you, you The Earl s outstretched cbd gummies help with smoking hand was trembling constantly, and his face flushed fiercely.

All mages in the department can restrain his spells.Merlin was showing off his masterpiece, and Claire was itching to hear it.He wanted these cbd oil hemp dryer supplier things too It is estimated that no four or five mages can t capture it.Claire shook his head with a sigh.Four or five magisters Merlin raised his eyebrows, feeling that Claire was looking down on him, If those mages can t escape if they get in, they might die here.Huh Claire was taken aback , If you just came in by accident, wouldn t you be dead Let me tell you, my tower of demons can t be captured by the lawless saint without me, even the lawful saint will take an hour or two to capture, and in an hour or two, no one in the tower will be able to capture it.I know that it can be teleported to several planes.Don t underestimate it.The Mage Tower is the safest place for a Mage.

After speaking, the mage became lonely.Another mage who was good at fighting answered And it s not just about cultivation talent.You see the improved meditation method, I don t even know how to describe it, it s just a monster.I think I still have talent this time.It doesn t matter.It was the mage who was good at enchanting, But I think that talent is only a support and can t decide anything.Victor let out a wry smile, I used to feel that I was It s just a genius After Victor finished speaking, everyone looked at each other cbd blueberry gummies Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil again, these students who graduated from the capital of the capital, why didn t they feel Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil that way before.Don t think about this, let s finish the mission that Lord Claire gave Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil us.Hearing this, the others also nodded, thinking too much about this kind of thing is not good for them.

After Claire made sure that the opponent really had nothing to back him up, he felt Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil relieved.He is afraid that as soon as you go up, people will rush out from behind and attack them and surround them.If this happens, they will be surrounded instead.Isaac, can you see the strength of the mage inside Claire asked.Isaac shook his head and said, Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil I can t tell, it s too far away, but the one flying in the air must be Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil a high level mage.Claire licked full spectrum cbd thc gummies her lips and sighed softly, It s almost there, I m sure There is more than one high level mage, but it s okay, this wave is just a test.Test Well, try to find out the specific strength of the opponent, and prepare for the next battle.Claire replied, he didn t feel that one.The opponent can be defeated in the round, and they are still the disadvantaged side.

CBD gummies review Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil Although it is only an insignificant progress, after this step is taken, it will be much easier to run later.With these animals, the small plane has taken another big step towards the complete life plane, and the laws that can be mastered in the small plane have become more and more complicated, and those laws have become more complicated This will be of Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil great help to Claire s understanding of the Law in the future.After taking back the mental power, Claire clenched the heart of the world in his hand, and wanted to penetrate the mental power into it, and use the heart of the world to understand the changes of the small plane more comprehensively.And at the moment when the spiritual power penetrated, the heart of the world in his hand changed again, and it shook quickly in Claire s hand, and a crisp resonance sounded from the inside out.

This is Earl Lamb, the helm of the Lysis Chamber of Commerce, which is one of the top chambers of commerce in our kingdom.Hahaha Earl Lamb let out a hearty laugh, The young master praised him.Now, our Lysis Chamber of Commerce has to rely on the help of your Ansair family.Shane smiled, Earl Lamb is polite, we are win win cooperation.Then he continued Earl Lamb , let me introduce this to you, he is the Viscount Griffin Earl Lamb reached out and stopped Shane s introduction No need to introduce, although Viscount Clare has not met me yet, but I am very familiar with him.Our Lysis Chamber of Commerce has also done business with him.Shane was surprised Looking at Claire, he still didn t know it was happening.Claire nodded, Yes, I would like to thank your Chamber of Commerce for cbd joy gummies being willing to sell me the facilities in the mine.

Claire garden of life extra strength cbd gummies folded her hands together and asked, Let s get straight to the point, you came to me for the four mines, right Moulton nodded, Yes, after your war with Earl Green is over, His four mines have been transferred to your command, so I came here today to discuss cooperation matters with you.After speaking, he took out a stack of papers from the space ring and Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil placed them neatly on the on the table, and then gently pushed it in front of Claire.This is the contract we negotiated with Earl Green.We will recycle the mined ore at a price slightly lower than the market price.Of course, all matters about mining and mines are our responsibility, and you do not need to pay For any cost, just collect the money.Of course, this is just a contract we cooperated with Earl Green.We have formulated a new contract for you, and we will pay you back at the same price as the hemp cbd tattoo cream market price.

The one that Claire got from the martial arts world.This movement technique is very useful.Even if they are promoted to the golden knight or grand knight level, they can also make them faster than many opponents of the same level.Whether it is close combat or kite flying, they can play a great role.For these trainings, the most exciting ones are the knights who are already old people.They were chased by Hunter the year before, and now they can finally experience the experience of Hunter difference between hemp and cbd for anxiety chasing them back then.Say, that feels good After a few days of re examination, Claire got up and went to the barracks after finishing her work.After entering the barracks, the first thing Claire saw was the head of the former knight captain hanging at the gate of the barracks.This has botanical farms CBD gummies reviews reddit Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil become an iconic scenery in the military camp.

After a while, green covered the original area again.And unlike Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil the previous ones, there are many more types of plants that have regrown, and the types of those plants are things that Claire has never seen before.After the plants grew back, they did not continue to expand, but went through several rounds of annihilation and rebirth.There were not only plants, but Claire also saw the appearance of lakes, rivers, rocks, and the flow of various plants.give them the water they need to grow.Claire s mental power went to the ground, and some ores had already appeared on the ground at this moment.Although the scale was not very large, it was constantly increasing.It may be because the structure of animals is more complex, any signs of animals, even small animals such as insects.Chapter 464 The Heart of the World After a period of adjustment, the green area seems to be ready to go, and once again expands to the barren area of the small plane.

This is Claire s little fanboy.He is the only doctor in Nafu City.Everyone has to seek him for treatment when they are sick Some people were still puzzled.Stop talking nonsense, just listen to the Viscount.Chapter 27 Are you willing When the people below stopped talking, Claire cleared her throat.Maybe many people don t know why I called you here, but you must know this chained man, he is the only doctor in Nafhu City, oh no, he can t be called a doctor at all.I came from the capital, and naturally I have seen many doctors.Although they don t have holy light healing magic like the church, their medical methods can also help people get rid of diseases, cure them and make people recover.Healthy.Claire pointed to Moses head and said, And he doesn t have any medical skills at all But such a person who doesn t have medical skills has become the only doctor in Nafu City gummies CBD recipe Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil Do you know what his treatment method is Bloodletting Treatment, although there is a certain scientific basis for this, but he thinks that all diseases can be cured by bloodletting, and every patient who goes to the clinic will first collect six silver coins, and then give you bloodletting Said this, below The people were talking again.

Three of them were seriously injured and may need to rest for a while, while the other knights recuperate for a few days.It s fine after that.Claire nodded, That s good.After reporting, Hunter s face was full of shame, and he thumped and knelt down, My lord Viscount, I m sorry Claire looked at Hunter He glanced at him and asked with a smile, What s wrong with me Hunter s face was full of embarrassment, As your knight captain, as the captain leading these knights, I just gave up hope and dropped my sword.I m sorry for you Shame on you Hunter recalled that Claire scolded him just now, feeling that he had lost all face in his life.Claire flew to Hunter s right side, reached out and patted him on the shoulder, and said, It s good to know I m sorry, don t drop the weapon next time, can you do it Hearing the encouragement from Claire, Hunter was shocked and shouted loudly I can do it Lord Viscount Claire glanced at Hunter s injury.

Those lords also sent their knights to station outside the Griffin Territory.Claire did not show weakness, and asked Hunter to lead the knights to prepare for the battle in Griffin Territory every day.The residents of almost all the cities in the southern part of the kingdom knew that a war was bound to break out between Claire and those lords.In the past few days, the people of Nafu City also have a feeling that the storm is coming, tourists have become rare, and the tourism industry in Nafu City has even stagnated.Everyone can feel that within a week at most, war will break out between the two sides In the military camp stationed outside Griffin Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil s territory, several lords gathered in a dome tent.Where s Earl Green He didn t come, and Claire didn t hand him a blackmail letter, so he doesn t intend to get involved in this matter.

Clap A slap slapped its dog s face, and now the wolf king became honest again, but still clenched his teeth and refused to open his mouth.Eat hard, don t eat soft.Claire opened the wolf king s just cbd hemp infused gummies 100mg mouth with both hands and poured the red and white medicine into its mouth.During this period, the wolf king kept sticking out his tongue, trying to push the potion out, but he was still beaten by Claire and poured into his stomach.After the potion was poured in, Claire also let go of his hand, and the wolf king slumped to the ground with a decadent expression that he was about to die.It s over, I m going to die, I still have so many beautiful little she wolves that I haven t ridden yet, and the wolf s life has not been completed yet, and I m going to die Um Suddenly, the wolf king felt that something was wrong with his body, and his heart thumped and jumped.

After speaking, she blinked at Claire and smiled Also, your expression just now was so funny, wouldn t it be I thought I was going to eat you.Claire s mouth twitched, this woman is really hard to deal with, No, I can t help my wife with my ability.I can sell iodized salt worth more than a dozen copper coins.Then the price of hundreds of gold coins, you call this incompetence Then those people under my hands should die.I already have my own shop.Claire declined politely.Just how much money can the two of you make from that shop Even if you open it all over the dbd gummies kingdom, it s only two or three million a year.Come and do things with me.I guarantee you can earn tens of millions of gold coins a year.It s still the most basic, if there is a chance, I can make you a little Viscount to be promoted to diferencia entre hemp y cbd Earl, what do you think about this condition Sophia really took a fancy to Claire s ability.

Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil , a story bridge that requires treasures to survive.As for why not the martial arts world Claire has been upgraded twice, and the world of martial arts before the upgrade is still something that Claire can t encounter.Moreover, Claire feels that the more she upgrades, the higher the level of the plane she encounters, like the kind of world in the world of martial arts.There is simply no way to support traders there to upgrade twice, even once with some difficulty.Don t worry, let s talk slowly.Claire didn t want the other party to take the initiative.What s your name The other party reluctantly propped up his body with his hands and apologized Sorry, I m a little abrupt.Now, my name is Hong Qi.Antonio.Claire said coldly.Hello Hong Qi s voice was still weak.Hello I won t say more nonsense, do you have anything to last Hong Qi asked eagerly.

Nicole, who stopped, was not physically hurt, but she felt that she was greatly insulted, and looked at Claire resentfully.Without caring about the other party s resentful eyes, Claire lifted her foot and walked towards Horner s spiritual body, stopped after about ten steps away, and the corners of her mouth were slightly upturned.With a chuckle, Is it hard to fish without letting go of the bait Horner s spirit body expression also showed a trace of doubt, and asked, What does this sentence mean Just want to confuse others to accept your takeover willingly I m afraid only an idiot would be deceived by your poor acting skills.Nicole, who was bound on the ground, raised her head Huh I feel like you mean something A trace of panic flashed on Horner s face, and he said quickly Don t talk nonsense, I don t understand what you cbd 500mg gummies are saying Claire picked up the diary papers and put them between the two, and said This kind of paper made of dr stanley cbd gummies cotton and linen has a shelf life of no more than two hundred years at most, even if there is little air Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil in the airtight environment, and it will start to rot after one hundred years Horner took it back with his open hand.

people, but the story on our side has also reached a climax Forget it, I buy cbd gummies for tinnitus don t care about winning or losing.Then what do you care about Wendy couldn t help asking.Claire didn t answer, and made a random excuse to Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil be vague.But he knew in his heart that what he cared about was that if the other party was doing it in Nafu City like this, then the influence of the Church Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil of Light would become bigger and bigger, and his original wish at the beginning was not to want that church to spread in Nafu City, But if the other party does this, the influence will be greater than the previous mission.The plot of Werner and Millie is about to end, let s start the rehearsal for the next show.Claire said, Randolph s side has just started, and they also have a new show and each other.Otherwise, if there is nothing new on my side, all the residents will be attracted to it.

Claire Yana shouted with a fierce little face.Claire also expected this situation, and pointed to the door behind her, The door is not closed yet.Yana was stunned, the momentum that had been brewing along the way dissipated in an instant, and turned her head to close it.When she opened the door, she also knew that the things she talked about next could not be heard by others.After she closed the door, Claire waved her eagle hemp CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil hand to cast a soundproofing spell, which was more reliable than physical soundproofing.After closing the door, Yana puffed out her face again, intending to return to the fierce look just now.But I didn t feel like I did at the beginning, I could only shout You sold things to those people When I first got the news, I thought I had a problem with my ears How can you put those Sell things to those people Claire made a gesture of hemp gummies chemist warehouse invitation calmly, Sit down and talk about it, and don t be so obscure, I Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil set up a soundproof spell.

Speaking of this, Claire sighed a little, People always hope to find a real thing to represent the illusory Love, the higher the price for that thing, the more it can prove the importance of their love, and we can just meet their needs.You are a bit more beastly in this regard.Xia En couldn t help sighing, actually able to Turning luxury goods into must haves, once this marketing is successful, then either you don t get Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil married in the future, and if you get married, you have to send money to Claire, otherwise it means that you don t love your wife enough.Claire suddenly turned around and looked over with a puzzled expression You are talking nonsense, and you have a share of the money you make.Okay, okay, I ll arrange it properly.Shane waved his hands.As soon as I finished speaking, I was a little scared.

Is CBD Oil The Same As where can i buy CBD gummies Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil Hemp Oil (will CBD get you high), [CBD hemp gummies] Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil full spectrum CBD gummies cbd gummies franklin tn Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil.

This matter was originally a very secret thing, how could it be spread out coral cbd gummies It is indeed very secret, but it happened that Shane s father, Earl Norton, wanted to get a business that day and happened to involve the Genn family, and then sent his subordinates to inquire about the news, and happened to meet the elder Dulu, who was having a tryst with the first lady.So they also reported it whats the difference between hemp oil and cbd oil together.Yana didn t show any evidence, and continued Is it true that you are aware of the rumor.Dulu s expression became grim, but in Is CBD Oil The Same As Hemp Oil the next second, with Yana s wave, his neck was pierced.A cold dagger reached it, which was a magician that Sophia gave her for self defense.Grandpa Dulu, be calm.And if I die, the news will definitely get out as soon as possible.Dulu discouraged What do you want Yana s eyes flashed a glint, I want to be the head of the family.

The other party is also very good at selecting guests.Generally, the local people will not start.They specially select those who come to the capital and want to be infatuated with money but have no foundation.Those people can only break their teeth and swallow when they are deceived.Obviously just now.That beast eared girl took Claire as her target.If it was a local, where would she ask someone for directions Chapter 71 I m Not Tired of It Ask for a ticket Everyone in the capital is very realistic, and Claire finally spent a silver coin to find a special guide who led him to the location of the iodized salt shop.Just like what I told Xia En before, this is a very prosperous street.The whole street is full of splendid shops.The pedestrians are just like the pedestrian streets in his previous life.

Claire and Shane looked at each other, and both saw doubts in each other s eyes.They didn t know this person at all.The mage saluted Claire and said respectfully Duke Tulip, Your eagle hemp cbd gummies stop smoking reviews Majesty Irene invites you to meet me.Claire suddenly came over.He didn t restrain his breath when he passed the city wall, so the news now should be It was passed on to Erin.Understood, I ll be there in a while.Hearing Claire s reply, the sorcerer nodded politely at Claire again, I ll tell your majesty.After the mage left, Claire and Xia En said a few more words and walked out the door.He hadn t seen Irene for a long time.After entering the palace, Claire was led all the way to a small palace in the palace, where he was asked to wait for Irene Claire just sat down and waited for a long time, the door of the palace was pushed open, and Irene walked in.