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Xuuuu Xu Que held a stick and CBD Gummies Vs Oil K O CBD pulled out a stick figure, pretended to be a Wukong figure, adjusted his voice, and walked directly towards the barrier in front of him Stop, who are you As soon as he arrived in front of the formation, there was a CBD gummies for weight loss K O CBD light drink from inside.Xu Que scratched his head, turned the iron stick in his hand, and said with a smile, I am the Monkey King Monkey King, and I came here to visit the hemp bombs cbd pain freeze Dragon Tiger King Password What Password Xu Que was stunned.Now, this Nima still needs a password I ll K O CBD go, I knew I had asked those two guys just now.Yes, we will not let anyone without a password The voice in the formation came out, extremely indifferent.Xu Que became anxious all of a sudden, he never expected it Hundreds of secrets were sparse, and I asked so many questions, but I didn t ask if I had any requirements when I went in.

The old man continued, If you want to talk about this feng shui treasure land technique, or go to sunstate cbd gummies the tomb to find the coffin, under the whole world, only we can be the first.Of course, some tomb robbers are also good at this technique, but they learn They are only skins, and they can t stand on the table.It can even be said that they have no skills at all.They almost rely on their cultivation, and rely on the magic to force through the tomb. Master, if you don t medusa cbd gummies rely on your cultivation to go to the tomb, you should How a disciple asked.Hehe, don t rely on the cultivation base to go to the tomb, then only we can do it.However, some tombs, even if they have the technology and the cultivation base, are absolutely impossible to go down.For example, the Emperor Huoyuan in front of him.Mausoleum, I brought you here for the master, so that you can lucent valley cbd gummies see this mysterious royal tomb with your own eyes.

Xu Que s row of tires sank, causing the eyes of everyone present to widen.Something happened, something happened He definitely wanted to get close to the inner side of the mountain road, and then continue to turn the corner in the K O CBD same way to avoid being thrown out, but this is too close Now half of his horse is stuck in the corner.Outside the mountain road, there is no way to turn the corner in that way Everyone exclaimed.Even Zhang Lin laughed out of his hatred, Haha, this method is too stupid But the next moment, everyone s voices stopped abruptly Squeak A sharp braking sound cut through the silence, resounding all around, very harsh Xu Que s car stably drifted through the inward bend, the rear wheels slid into a perfect arc on the ground, and the front of the car followed the inward bend, smooth and fast, like a flash of lightning, swept across the bend in an instant Hi The audience was silent, only a neat inhalation sound remained Everyone was dumbfounded, it was unbelievable Howhow is this possible How can this speed go through the corner so smoothly And it s even smoother than the first corner just now, why Yes, his horse clearly has One side slipped out of the mountain road and got stuck in the grass, how could it still float over so smoothly Also, look at the water cup in his horse, not a single drop of water spilled out Damn, this is going to be reversed.

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Now that he calls himself Li Lianjie, no one will believe him After all, after being trapped for two consecutive days, the beast giant has learned his lesson.This guy is here to make trouble.As long as he ignores him, he can live longer Oh, forget it, it s boring, I m going home At this moment, Xu Que shouted with a dull expression, as if he lost his fun because no one wanted to pay attention to him, and turned to leave.But suddenly, a few things with faint flashes fell from him.This time, it immediately attracted the attention of some beast giants They looked fixedly, and then their eyes shone brightly, and they were instantly excited.Storage ring, that s a storage ring Quickly grab it, there are so many top quality spirit stones on that kid s human race.If you can carry it with you, it must be hidden in these storage rings Alarmed, they stepped on the ground and jumped up suddenly, looting the storage rings.

The appearance of me being for K O CBD the common people immediately moved countless villagers.Ding, congratulations to the host Xu Que for successfully pretending to be a force.The reward is five points.The system prompt sounded, and Xu Que smiled K O CBD proudly, Haha, I ll go back when I go, everyone, don t worry.Immediately, the movement technique was displayed, and the whole person turned into a lightning bolt and swept up to the top of the mountain again.At this time, the immortal cultivators on the opposite mountain were already alarmed by the movement of the Eight Desolate and Four Elephants, and they all looked up.What s the situation Someone should have set up the formation.The movement is quite big, but it looks ordinary and has no power.Yeah, it is only a layer of aura gathered.The light curtain is far worse than the mountain protection formation I sent.

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The Empress knew through his tricks, but she was not angry.Instead, watching this guy perform in front of him, she felt dumbfounded Okay, don t make trouble, get up I didn t expect that the third article I ve been looking for for so many years is actually on you, maybe this is good luck She shook her head and smiled bitterly, with some emotion, and looked at the jade slip in her hand again.Xu Que didn t reply, he continued to lie on the ground, and even closed his eyes and pretended to be dead.What is the most important thing about being an actor That s right, it K O CBD s dedicated, the director doesn t shout, how can he get up casually How embarrassing and embarrassing if this is up Hey, this jade slip doesn t seem like an old thing, little guy, where did you get this jade slip At this time, the Empress suddenly felt that the jade slip was too new, not like an old thing that had been passed down for many years.

The female general Haitang also sank slightly, shook her head and said, I m afraid we won t is hemp oil and cbd the same thing be able to save him Those two elite teams are too strong, and they have a huge supply of medicine pill resources.Our soldiers Speaking of this, the female general couldn t go on, the heroic figure suddenly appeared a little depressed and lonely in the wind.The latter words do not need her to say, the old man in white also knows it very well.The troops on Xuecheng s side have been defending the city for seven consecutive days, and they have been fighting, and the pills in the city have long been exhausted.In this situation of lack of supplies, the soldiers were killed and injured countless times, and they were even more exhausted.Even Xuecheng was almost unable to defend.How could there be any spare energy to save people What s more, it is impossible to rush to the enemy s rear camp to save people.

This must be a dangerous thing.It may be torn apart in minutes, or even fall into an unknown mysterious area.No matter how hard Xu Que tried, he couldn t shake the force of this void.He subconsciously wanted to call out the system, but the infinite force around him shrouded him, even the man and the dog, and threw it directly into this vague space Boom With a loud bang, Xu Que felt the constant whistling of hollyweed cbd the wind in his ears, mixed with the terrifying screams of Ergouzi.With a swipe, his eyes suddenly regained brightness, a barren mountain and ridge appeared under his eyes, and his body was still in free fall.Everything nature s script cbd gummies gradually returned to calm Xu Que took a deep breath, performed three thousand thunderbolts, and stepped out a flash of lightning under his feet, instantly controlling the descending speed, and suddenly swept to a high mountain not far away.

Do you think that if I lose my imperial sister, I can t make sacrifices to the sky You are wrong, you are very wrong, hahahaha The Fire Emperor suddenly laughed wildly.Oops The Empress also suddenly thought of something, and her face changed suddenly.Xu Que was also stunned, this dog emperor can still sacrifice to the sky Xu Que, this is what you forced me to do.Since you are holding on tight, I will pull you to death, and pull everyone to death The Fire Emperor roared frantically.The big hand was suddenly raised high, and a fiery flame burst out all over the body, and suddenly rushed towards the four directions.Boom The totem curts cbd gummies diabetes on the ground brightened again, turned into a light curtain, and slowly rose.Immediately after, the Fire Emperor stepped on the totem of light, and he rose directly into the air, turned into a streamer, and rushed towards the imperial city.

She completely deviated from Xu Que s meaning, thinking that Xu Que s purpose was to shake the earth and needed her help.When Xu Que heard this, he was also stunned.what After a long time, I still can t talk about a point It s really strange, with the handsome and heroic appearance of the king, why is it so difficult to flirt with a girl Ahem, the earth is a star, and I don t think I can see it here.Xu Que said helplessly.You want to pry a star K O CBD What do you use to pry it The Empress was also a little confused, secretly thinking that this little guy is really different, and actually thought of prying a star.And the stars seem to be small, but they are actually huge.Is there anything in the world that can move the stars Yeah, that s just a metaphor, don t take it seriously, as for what to pry, it must be my body Xu Que was so excited that he almost slapped his crotch with one hand.

Overnight, the fourth floor of the what is cbd hemp oil Nascent Soul Stage This degree is simply a monster In this regard, Xu Que s explanation was, This great sage is talented and intelligent, and he is so strong, so he is so good at it Everyone was speechless.After all, in their eyes, Xu Que is indeed strong, too strong to describe And although Su Linger has successfully survived the calamity, she still needs a few days to settle down if she wants to enter the Infant Transformation Stage, treetop hemp co rainbow gummy and she will naturally step into that realm only when it comes naturally The Infant Transformation stage is a huge turning point.No matter which race it is, the Infant Transformation stage is the pinnacle of existence.Monster beasts can transform into human forms in this realm, and aliens can also transform into three forms in this realm, or monsters or humans.

Pill, it s the first time I ve made something like Yangshen Pill, please show me the pill recipe cbd hemp oil wholesale first.Xu Que said nonsense without shame.Oh Xiaoyu was so fooled that she couldn t react a bit, but she didn t think much about it, she took out a tattered alchemy script from her arms There are far more than two kinds of pill recipes recorded in it, but countless pill recipes that have been passed down by the Jade Rabbit CBD gummies 3000 mg reviews K O CBD family to this day Xu Que s eyes suddenly lit up, and he called out the system, System, hurry, copy everything Chapter 126 The last step to strengthen the taste Ding, consume 1 power point, the copy has been completed In just a moment, the system copied all the pill recipes in the pill manual.Countless dense words appeared on the light curtain in hemp joy gummy bears front of Xu Que, and they rushed into his mind one after another, like a dick, and the digestion and attraction were completed in an instant Big sage brother, don t you look at it At this time, Xiaoyu couldn t help but ask curiously when she saw Xu Que holding the pill book still.

This guy finished the fire emperor s concubine, and then the princess, and after the princess, he also got the fire emperor s sister Damn, I just had the nerve to say that he scared off Vulcan Scare your sister You clearly knew that offering sacrifices to heaven would fail Thinking of this, many people almost want to spit blood, and have a deeper understanding of Xu Que s brazen kung fu The Empress also looked at Xu Que, her expression still calm, with a meaningful smile on the corner of her mouth, she said through voice transmission, Little guy Now, I finally know why you dared to chase after you so confidently Uh, It s none of my business, I, Xu Que, have always dared to act, so you may not believe it, Mrs.Ya was the one who did it Xu Que said sternly. The fourth can you buy cbd gummies at walmart one secret nature cbd review is delivered Remember to vote for rewards .

Apparently it was this black monkey who attacked Ergouzi just now, and after hitting Ergouzi, he fainted on the spot.After all, Ergouzi s cheap bones are really not something that ordinary people can beat.Moreover, Xu Que had also seen before, the Yuan Ying cultivator and Ergouzi sparring.As a result, after the Yuan Ying monk hit Ergouzi, he ended up with a broken bone.But the black monkey just hit so violently, and now he just fainted, and it can be seen that the monkey s body is not simple.Aw, boy, you are finally here, hurry up, let the sword spirits come out and destroy them These shemales are crazy At this time, Ergouzi saw Xu Que appear, and immediately ran away like a life saving straw.come over.The corner of Xu Que s mouth twitched fiercely and said, You are crazy, aren can you take cbd gummies with blood pressure medicine t you This is a monkey, where did you get a human monster How can monkeys be like this, these monkeys look like humans and monsters, and they even spit people.

Then he said indifferently, Since you have good intentions, the king doesn t care too much, but it s not an example A cbd anxiety gummies book boy should always look like a book boy, and some identity relationships are insurmountable I wipe Xu Que was suddenly unhappy.I accidentally called your father and gave you a face, so you are still pushing up What does it mean to be a book boy Look at the handsome appearance of the king, can he be an ordinary book boy At this moment, the middle aged man s expression suddenly became serious, stared at r and r cbd gummies Xu Que and asked, Did you hear clearly Hua An Qing you Ma eh Wait, what do you call me Xu Que was about to spray Man, but when he heard the middle aged man address him, he was pfizer cbd gummies to stop smoking suddenly frightened.Hua An Nima, isn t this the title of Tang Bohu s undercover married man Could it be that I have become Tang Bohu Xu Que CBD gummy K O CBD woke up.

Princess Yanyang immediately waved her hand and drew a cloud of turbid dragon energy from the ground, cbd gummies buy covering herself and Zi Xuan next to her.In the palace, although she is still not strong, she has the ability to summon dragon energy to protect herself and Zi Xuan.But at the moment when the air wave came, the two of them were still blown away, and slammed into a giant pillar behind them, their faces suddenly pale However, Concubine Huan has nowhere to escape.She is not from the Ji family, so she cannot absorb the dragon body, and her own cultivation is only at the third level of the Golden Core Stage, so she cannot escape this catastrophe.It was swallowed up by the fire that followed closely Outside the palace, countless monks who had escaped long ago, as well as people all over the city, all stared at this scene in stunned eyes, unable to return to their senses for a long time Xu Que really blew up the palace, and it was such a terrible bombing method But everyone thought it was the people in the palace who deserved it, and they were good at peeing.

After the mother is beautiful, it s none of my business Xu Que shook his head and came back to his senses.He felt that he was K O CBD a little bit can i bring cbd gummies through tsa into the drama by the reactions of Jin Huang and others.It made him almost think that he is the kind of person who can be hundreds of years old and can t let go until he can walk.Bah, I forced the king to be so arrogant and righteous, how could he do such a thing, what a serious taste Xu Que shook his head and cursed to himself.Ergouzi followed him, just when he heard this, he immediately smiled ambiguously and said, Pretend, you continue to pretend, this deity has already seen it, you are a bad embryo that has plagued thousands of years, K O CBD soul CBD gummies you Ow Before he could finish speaking, Ergouzi was collared by Xu Que again and screamed on the ground.When everyone in the group saw it, they were amazed again and again.

But now they have seen the light of day keoni CBD gummies reviews K O CBD again, they only need 500,000 spirit stones to solve this big problem in life, and Xu Que has completely become the savior.But Xu Que s attitude was very firm, and he directly refused, Let s go quickly, we are a conscientious company, we work from 9 to 5, we will close when we say it is closed, and we will never work overtime Don t be like this, General Zhuge, you have something to say, or else Let s increase the price, how about one million burgers Yes, it s okay to increase the price, we have no problem Everyone nodded.Xu Que was still very determined, Impossible Who do you think of me K O CBD Am I the kind of unscrupulous profiteer who can raise prices When doing business, you pay attention to a letter.One hundred thousand, don t say anything, it s useless to say anything, hurry why do people take cbd gummies up This Everyone was at a loss for words, and their faces were bitter.

Suddenly flock to Jiang Yushu Gong Laoer, I am the ancestor of Ru Ru Jiang Yushu was instantly furious and roared loudly.He could see clearly that the person who attacked him was an old man from the Gong family Hehe, old man Jiang, you can eat rice indiscriminately, but you can t talk nonsense.Everyone has a share of the storage ring.I just want to suck it up with a magic formula.Who would have thought that you would suddenly appear The old man of the Gong family sneered, The figure also jumped up, going to grab Jiang Yushu K O CBD s storage ring.boom Suddenly, several magic tricks rushed out from all cbd isolate gummies 25 mg directions, and instantly hit the old man of the Gong family Pfft The old man of the Gong family spat out a few mouthfuls of blood on the spot, his head was scattered, and angrily roared, Old man of the Bai family, are you fucking looking for death, my sons Haha, well done Jiang Yushu fell to the ground, laughing incomparably relieved, at the same time pinching out a magic trick and slamming at the old men of the Bai family, preventing them from taking the storage ring.

Several big families also burst into confidence, and directly opened the door to let everyone watch the strong man who used to be the royal chef making cbd gummies colorado company burgers on the spot.Bread, meat, vegetables, and even salad dressing, it s all there The strong man who used to be a royal chef is indeed a bit of a skill.In less best cbd hemp flower for sleep than half an hour, he made burgers step by step under the shock of everyone s eyes, and made several in a row Whether it is appearance or taste, it is exactly the same as the McDonald s hamburger in Xu Que s store Everyone, the hamburger has been made.Next, we will try it out by several young disciples in the clan to break through the current realm A clan boss walked out with a smile on his face.Then, in the eyes of everyone s expectations, several family disciples who had never eaten hamburgers stepped forward and picked up a hamburger each, and the strong man who had been a royal chef also picked up the last one Several people took a deep breath, immediately opened their mouths, stuffed the hamburger into their mouths, and took a hard bite.

With such a small force, how many of them can where to buy cbd without thc near me come back alive in the end Alas Thinking of this, Situ Haitang couldn t help but sigh, thinking that she was a little impulsive to agree to Xu Que s request Conquering a city in one day This is simply a big joke from the Arabian Nights But at this moment, a Snow City soldier hurried over from outside the city.He was in a hurry.It was obvious that he had just teleported and rushed into the city.His face was full of excitement, he ran all the way, and rushed straight into the city lord s mansion.Situ Haitang was standing by the attic window, and when she saw him, her heart sank, and she had an uneasy premonition.Any news coming back so soon Why is there only one person left What about the second uncle What about Zhuge Shaoxia What about the rest Why didn t you come back Could it be thatyou can t come back Pada In an instant, the book of war in Situ Haitang s hand fell to the ground unknowingly She was afraid that the soldier would bring bad news However, the Xuecheng soldier who rushed into the city lord s mansion just heard the sound, and suddenly looked up and saw Situ Haitang, and immediately shouted in K O CBD surprise, General Haitang, this subordinate has something important to report Situ Haitang took a deep breath.

This young man is more amazing than she imagined, completely unexpected Ding, congratulations to the host Xu Que for successfully pretending to be a force, rewarded with 100 points of force Ding, congratulations to the host Xu Que for successfully pretending to be forceful, rewarded with 120 points of force Ding, congratulations The host Xu Que succeeded in pretending to be a force, and the reward is 160 points for pretending to be forceful In Xu Que s mind, the system prompts kept echoing.The reward for pretending to be worth it this time is simply too generous.Xu Que smiled faintly, stagnated in mid air, holding three strands of soul in his hand, and shouted loudly, God Emperor, your great grandfather has come out, but you still diamond cbd gummies review don t recognize your ancestor Forging the ancestors of my Ji family, the crimes are monstrous, I will rectify you today Come on, take down this traitor and those fake souls Yes Immediately, all the guards shouted in unison, and they all came out.

Black people in black robes Yes Is it the perfect state of Jindan stage, and carrying a giant ink colored ruler They looked at a few K O CBD servants in horror and asked.Several servants were startled and nodded, Yeah, what, you know that kid He looks quite arrogant.Can t even tell After being silent for a while, one of the disciples faintly floated out a sentence, best cbd melatonin gummies amazon The one who destroys us without any factionis the man in black robe What laughed.Several, this is not a child s play, don t talk nonsense, that black robed boy has only reached the golden stage, how could he be alone and destroy the Wuxiang faction Yes, you can say such absurd things., didn t you get confused just now What s going on Think about it carefully Several servants shook their heads.But the few disciples of the Wuxiang faction had lingering fears on their faces, and the fear in their eyes was still there, and they said with great certainty, We remember correctly, it is the man in black robe, whose realm is definitely more than the Jindan period.

Yes Xu Que said seriously.The Gong family s mouth twitched can cbd gummies give you a stomach ache instantly, and they came to contact them Contact your irwin naturals cbd balm 1000mg sister Who the fuck wants to have a relationship with you And you re just visiting, why do you have to go to my treasure house Only such a brazen person can talk about robbery in such a refreshing and refined way these days Hey, open the treasure house Finally, the Gong family ancestor sighed and shook his head.He is very clear that even the foreign powerhouses in the half step tribulation period have been captured by Xu Que.What ability does their Gong family have to resist Maybe if you resist, the ending will be more tragic.It is better to cooperate, open the treasure house and sacrifice some foreign objects, so that the green mountains are not afraid of running out of firewood The rest of the Gong family were silent, and although their faces were ugly, no one dared to speak, and they dared not object at all After all, Xu Que s methods are ruthless.

Since the last time, the Four Nine Heavens Tribulation pretended to be a force, he knew that his life was very tough.And now that the pretending value CBD gummies with thc K O CBD has accumulated to a full 50,000, if there is any danger in transcending the calamity, it is a big deal to spend some pretending value, lazarus naturals classic high potency cbd tincture buy some awesome magic cbd gummies for dogs arthritis weapons and carry them hard, and you can always carry it The next day, Xu Que came to the McDonald s with a relaxed face.His mouth was itchy, and he wanted to eat McWhirlwind ice cream.But the outside of the store was already surrounded by people, and the supply of goods cbd hemp oil boxes was in short supply.When everyone saw him, they immediately swarmed up.General Zhuge, you are here Do you still have Mai Xuanfeng Just make a few more.I ve been in line for two days in a row, and I haven t bought anything.

Lu do hemp gummies show on drug tests Benwei close Bah, wrong, wrong, you ask My mother said that men will only be with beautiful women Sister Hongyan is so beautiful, are you with her because she is beautiful The little girl looked at Xu Que with innocent eyes.Xu Que was startled, suddenly raised his head, and looked at the sky at a forty five degree angle Afterwards, he shook his head slightly and said deeply, Actually, I m face blind That is to say, I can t tell who is beautiful and who is not.To be honest, I am not with her because she is beautiful, because I have no idea whether she is beautiful or not.Beautiful kangaroo cbd gummies The little girl The little boy Jiang Hongyan Damn Everyone present almost spat out a mouthful of old blood Are you face blind Don t you know if Jiang Hongyan is pretty Why don t you go to heaven Jiang Hongyan, you don t know whether she is beautiful or not, how do you explain Liu Jingning No matter which one they are, they are the most beautiful and talented saintess in the Eastern Wilderness and even in the Four Continents.

At this time, everyone in the audience health naturals cbd realized that the talking boy was slowly lowering his arms.Everyone reacted instantly, and their hearts were shocked.As powerful as the general of the Imperial Guard, the existence of the fourth floor of the K O CBD infant transformation stage, even without touching it, was directly hit by the opponent from the air, and fainted This how is this possible You must know that this 200mg cbd gummies talking boy is only at the fourth level of the infant transformation stage The same realm, how can the difference in strength be so big Cousin really deserves to be one of the candidates for the Holy Son of the Gong family.With such strength, the position of the Holy Son in the future must be yours Shang Wu immediately praised and flattered.Gong Feng, however, shook his head with a light smile, The arrogance of the Gong family is not weak.

So she only used some low impact ultimate moves, trying to slowly grind the old man to death Boom At this moment, there was another deafening loud noise in the sky.Some monks with low realm present were shocked and vomited blood on the spot, their faces were pale, and it was just the sound of thunder tribulation, which was so terrifying, showing how powerful it K O CBD was And that piece of thundercloud, cbd gummies contain thc finally unable to carry the majestic purple thunder, collapsed hemp edible gummy bears in the air.The huge K O CBD cbd collagen gummies purple thunder hidden in the thundercloud showed its true body, and everyone was stunned.Is this still a robbery This is completely a lake full of Zixiao Divine Thunder However, Xu Que s face was full of surprise, and he couldn t help laughing, Haha, God helped me, too much face, so many purple K O CBD lightnings, enough for me to feel comfortable Immediately, natures boost CBD gummies K O CBD everyone in the audience became petrified.

Really Speaking of which, I really need something.Xu Que raised the corner of his mouth and said, Give me the map of the imperial tombs of Huoyuan Kingdom and Shuiyuan Kingdom Zi Xuan was stunned.Xu Que continued, Since you are from the Shuiyuan Kingdom, and you are so close to the princess, your identity is not simple, right As long as you is CBD good for headaches K O CBD bring the maps of the tombs of the Huoyuan Kingdom and the Shuiyuan Kingdom, I will promise to save you.People.Youwhat do you want the map of the Emperor s Mausoleum Zi Xuan asked in astonishment.It s nothing, just go in and stroll around to see if there are cbd gummies safe for seniors are any treasures to take.Xu Que said with a smile.Zi Xuan shook her head, It s useless, even if you have a map will cbd gummies get you high in hand, there are countless restrictions CBD Gummies Vs Oil K O CBD in the imperial mausoleum, and even the powerhouses of the Infant Transformation stage dare not step into it easily.

Whoops As soon as these words came out, everyone was in an uproar, both inside and outside the imperial mausoleum.Domineering This is so arrogant In front of so many people, and saying such things in front of the emperor and the prince, it s really a daring art master However, Jin Huang unexpectedly did not get angry, instead he pondered and smiled, and did not speak.In his opinion, the dragon vein is obviously more important than the spirit grass.As for face or something, he wouldn t take it too seriously.And if there is no Xu Que, this dragon vein gummy store near me may not be able to be dug for decades Why are you still standing still, hurry up and line up and go to the grave with me At the same time, Xu Que in the imperial mausoleum had already activated the Iron Man suit, flew into the air, and headed towards the passage.

Zhang Danshan glanced at everyone 4000mg cbd gummies in the seat, and said lightly, The reason for this is that you stole the treasure pavilion of my sect first Wait Before Zhang Danshan could finish speaking, Xu Que CBD gummy dosage K O CBD interrupted him immediately, staring wide open.Eyes said, When did I steal your Treasure Pavilion What a joke, this is definitely not what I did.Zhang Danshan was immediately stunned.He said, We have proof of this matter, Zhang Suliang, tell me.Zhang CBD Gummies Vs Oil K O CBD Suliang stood at the door, and when he heard the suzerain s words, he immediately cbd candy gummies stepped forward.Before he could speak, Xu Que suddenly changed into a harmless smile, and said with a big laugh, Haha, so Brother Zhang is here It was just a joke just now, don t mind everyone, I, Xu Que, always do things.Dare to do it, yes, the Treasure Pavilion was indeed stolen by me.