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That is to say, under the same conditions, unless Lee Minho voluntarily gives up, it is impossible keoni CBD gummies review Katy Couric CBD Gummies for the Asset Management Administration to bypass him and directly complete the share transfer.This made people from several parties feel numb all of a sudden.You must know that the communication conditions at this moment still have considerable limitations.Don t talk about unabis cbd gummies review Xiangjiang, or even go abroad.If you go out of the province, the city, or Katy Couric CBD Gummies the countryside, if you say that you can t get in touch, then you really can t get do CBD gummies curb appetite Katy Couric CBD Gummies in touch.Quite incomprehensible.As for the left behind personnel of Dongsheng Electronics, including the deputy general manager, they do not have the authority or qualification to speak.So, this thing can only wait, there is no other way.As for how long they will have to wait, no one can tell them.

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Chi Yujin was a monk with a second zhang and couldn t CBD eagle hemp gummies Katy Couric CBD Gummies figure Katy Couric CBD Gummies it out.She clapped her hands in walmart CBD gummies Katy Couric CBD Gummies disgust and patted off the fumes from her extract cbd from hemp body.She couldn t help but muttered that Lu Qi an s illness was getting worse and worse.A few days later, Chi Yujin went home alone to make money alone, and Lu Zhibai seemed to have disappeared as if he had never appeared, Chi Yujin smiled self deprecatingly Three days later, Lu Zhibai came back in the car Hey, just leave me at the door of my brother s company.What s wrong with you I still want to find Chiyu, but I can t find it, my hemp seed vs CBD Katy Couric CBD Gummies brother can definitely find it, After all, the sword and the rivers and lakes belong to my brother.Zhao Junan pursed the Katy Couric CBD Gummies corner of his mouth, Lu Zhibai was still so interested in Chiyu, but that s fine Brother Lu, I ll put you here.

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cbd gummies for sex drive For me, this is particularly important, Professor Qi, you have counted the Katy Couric CBD Gummies high end talents we sent out over the years but chose not to come back.How many are there Don t say ten, but two come back.Even if it is a clich of victory, it oregon cbd hemp is fooling people, because if you don t come back, it means that you are our opponent.You know, those are all high end talents that we have worked so hard to cultivate, but they were given away without any complaints.That s what we cultivated for others.Have Katy Couric CBD Gummies you ever thought about the possibility that our biggest opponents on the road of technological development in the future will not be Europeans and Americans, but these former compatriots Qi Xin was stunned, Nan Guangyi and Xu Zhongxin were also stunned.Chen Zhe smiled bitterly and continued Of course, it is a well established truth that all advanced technologies are in foreign countries, and no matter cbd gummies australia how much we pay, we must touch and learn it.

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This product provides users with a revolutionary pci audio solution, with realistic 3d sound effects, good sound quality and signal to noise ratio,Audio pushed to another peak.Of course, the reason why Chen Zhe surpassed soundbster64dold, an analog 3D sound effect, and sonicsvibes, which can be regarded as the first pci sound card s3.Also because they are not good enough.On the other hand, there is some trouble with patents.However, if it is directly advanced to Katy Couric CBD Gummies the pci bus structure, the corresponding trouble will be much less.Moreover, pci also gives the connection between the sound card and the system, and has a larger bandwidth.Compared with the previous isa sound card, whether it is in a more realistic playback effect, high quality 3d sound effects, or turning to b audio equipment superior.

Chi Yujin picked up a stick from the ground and hit it twice in his hand, Cheng Siyao shivered Where can I get you millions of cash at this time Large transactions have to go to the bank Chi Yujin looked impatient, and the expression seemed to say that you are going to default on your debts Oh no, how could my dignified young master cbd gummies for focus of the Cheng family default on his debts I don t have any cash, do you want gold bars Alright.Get in the car and I ll take you back.Cheng Siyao jolly CBD gummies reviews Katy Couric CBD Gummies limped.Picked up the helmet and put it on, then tried to lift the motorcycle that fell to the ground, but the person and the car fell to the ground.Touch Ci er, I didn t touch you.Chi Yujin took a step back in disgust.Cheng Siyao supported her waist Chi Yujin, you betty white cbd gummies are an indifferent woman, if nothing else, I can be regarded as your big customer, right In addition to this transaction tonight, it is not too much for you to call a gold master father.

God is such a fortune teller, why don t you come to me Now I don t want to joke with him anymore, Have you figured it out Really want to go Song Yuan was a lot more serious this time, That s necessary.Chen Zhe said directly That s fine, you can fly directly to Bao an Special District.I will arrange it here, and we will meet there.Xiangjiang, he still needs to go can a child overdose on cbd gummies there.Whether it s Chen Rui or Teng Huawen, some things still have to be explained in person.After all, it s always a little bit meaningless on the phone.Moreover, this time the past, back and forth will also be In just a few days, he still doesn t delay things here.He definitely didn t want to go to Haojiang, um, absolutely not Song Yuan can fly directly from Jingbei to Bao an, but Chen Zhe can t.Ping has no such conditions, so he can only choose to go to Yuezhou first, and then go to Katy Couric CBD Gummies Bao an Special Economic Zone to meet Song Yuan and the others.

The eldest brother s driving skills are very good, and Chi Yujin quickly arrived at Shuiquan Road with the evening wind.A total of fifty seven pieces of WeChat or Alipay Chi Yujin took out a hundred yuan bill from the bag Cash.Ah, this Does anyone still use cash these days Can you give me WeChat Alipay, little girl I No change.The driver brother has not touched the money for a long time.Chi Yujin s legs have been stretched out of the car Don t look for it.Hey, little girl Before the driver s eldest brother could finish speaking, Chi Yujin slammed the door shut.The driver was a little confused.Could it be that the girl just robbed the bank How can someone who lives on Shuiquan Road be so generous Looking at the back of the little girl carrying the man, he couldn t help shivering, and silently put the banknotes away.

There are still two minutes.It s definitely too late for me to run to this position now.The police chief listened to the total pure CBD gummies Katy Couric CBD Gummies process of best cbd gummy for sleep the conversation between the two in silence, and began to slowly calculate the map near the residential building.The bomber didn t call from the original phone address.There is a high probability that it should be a phone booth on the street The bomber used to run over, proving that his location should not be far from the residential building.The phone booths on the streets near the residential building and not far away quickly flashed in my mind.The chief of police gestured to the officer who answered the phone, telling him to hold on.Then he had a sullen face, waved his hand and called the other police officers over, instructing the address of several phone booths in his mind, and asking the police officers to search.

cbd gummies for cats However, Liang Hao felt that Cheng did the right thing and was very enjoyable.He wanted to teach Wen Yue a lesson for a long time.I didn t mean to.He said apologetic words, but Cheng s expression was not apologetic at all.She did it on purpose, if she dared to pour coffee on her mother, and if she dared to sit with Brother Gu, then she would have to bear the consequences of offending her.If Cheng Feng didn t help her, she would do it herself.Chapter 75 The protagonist is gone You did it on purpose, didn t you mean it Marshal Zhu glared at Cheng, accusing yin and yang strangely, Why don t you splash the instructor on yourself, and why don t you splash it on yourself , can t be splashed on the ground You just splashed on Wen Yue, didn t you mean it A woman is so vicious, be careful no one wants it in her life.

Marshal Zhu looked at Fu Jiu with a neurotic look on his face, I think you re crazy.After studying at the Kylin School and starting a business, Katy Couric CBD Gummies wouldn t that make people laugh Why don t you just go to the University of Finance and Economics Why do you suffer from this crime Do business without fighting.You don t understand above hemp gummies this, right Fu joy organics cbd gummies reviews Jiu s eyes were bright, looking at the insoles in her arms, as if seeing the future, All the expenses we spend now are given by our parents, and there is no meaning in what we earn. This is her do doctors prescribe cbd gummies beginning, and she will find a way to turn a small business into a big business.Looking at Fu Jiuliang s star like eyes, if he hits him, Marshal Zhu suddenly can t say it.Forget it, if he can t sell it, he can green ape CBD gummies review Katy Couric CBD Gummies buy it all, and he can t damage the child s self confidence.

Fu Katy Couric CBD Gummies Jiu opened her eyes tiredly, and was startled by everything in front of her.The one who shook her was a 16 or 17 year old girl.She was fair skinned and beautiful, with red lips and big eyes.She was very attractive, but there was disgust in her eyes.Who is this Wait, isn t she walking Later, it seemed that someone next to him exclaimed that someone jumped off the building.Before she could look up, she was hit by something heavy, and then her eyes darkened and she fainted.But it s not like a hospital Looking around, the window frames with red paint, the old red two door wardrobe, the bed frame carved with the phoenix pattern, and a landscape painting of green mountains and rivers hanging on the wall, as if returning to the 1980s Could it be that she hasn t woken up yet Suddenly, the avatar was like being hit hard by someone, and the pain was particularly severe.

Fortunately, Chen Rui did not intend to continue to entangle on this topic.Hearing that Chen Zhe didn t speak any Katy Couric CBD Gummies more, he turned to another topic, By the way, the patents you applied for at first include the underlying technology patent of the wireless local area network wi fi standard, as well as the covering The core technology of using Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing ofd to transmit wireless signals has come down.Finally came down, Chen Zhe was happy, like eating a popsicle in summer, and his heart was cold.Because of this, wn has a place to use it, and he can also push the standard formulation of wireless local area network.After all, the paper published last year in ieee is not covered, as long as you are not a fool, you can faintly see something.Therefore, no matter how unwilling some people are, it is impossible to turn a blind eye to themselves.

You re so diligent, you two should stand on each other, just in time for me to take a break.She hugged the insoles all the way just now.Marshal Zhu He glanced at Gu Chi with disgust, but did not refute.Seeing the two people carrying the goods, Fu Jiu was in a good mood.She wanted to start a business in her last life.Back then, she had savings, but she couldn t find hemp gummy bears ingredients a suitable investment project.Unexpectedly, in this life, best cbd delta 9 gummies my wish has come high CBD gummies Katy Couric CBD Gummies true.I m also a boss now.I ll go back and invite you to dinner.Come on Marshal Zhu said with a look of contempt, The money you earn from this little thing may not be enough for us to eat a meal, nor I know if you have enough to eat, and you like to toss when you have nothing to do.In Marshal Zhu s view, taking the goods back from here, everyone is half tired, and earning a few dollars is not enough to work hard.

Without further ado, he do cbd gummies cause drowsiness slapped the opponent s shoulder with a slap, causing Yu Changming to grin.Song Yuan seemed to be very happy to see him, Isn t this a little uncle, why is this a light bulb I didn t know it before, but cbd gummies joy organics you still have this hobby.Yu Changming The face is almost black, is this the legendary physical and psychological double blow so bad Not really fun.It is really unwise to meet the enemy head on, so you can only detour from the side, Don t call me uncle, my sister is not your teacher, she can t teach a student like you, and she can t afford to lose her share.Song Yuan laughed I don t even care.He greeted everyone to take their seats again, and then glanced at Yang Ruo, When will this grandson run over, elektra cbd hemp flower he won t say anything, why didn t you even say a word Yang Ruo spread his hands, I m sorry, I I only knew about ten minutes ahead of you.

Chi Yujin let out a hiss and pulled back the hand on the keyboard, leaving a few marks on her palm.She touched her forehead.The distance between the two was too close, and Chi Yujin could hear Lu Zhibai s heart in her chest.A thumping sound.I, I m not ready. Chi Yujin frowned and took a step forward, just in time to see Lu Zhibai s face, this guy didn t know what he was thinking, his face was shy.The gentle breath and the sweet strawberry like taste from Chi Yujin rushed to his are hemp gummies good for pain heart, and Lu Zhibai couldn t help rolling his Adam s apple.Maybe it s too dark, but the white, clean and refreshing Lu Zhibai is like Katy Couric CBD Gummies royal blend cbd gummy review a deep Katy Couric CBD Gummies jade, emitting a lustrous light that makes people look away.The ambiguous breath between the two people surged, Chi Yujin frowned, she seemed to notice the absurdity of her behavior, turned over and sat up, staring not botanical farms CBD gummies reviews Katy Couric CBD Gummies eagle cbd hemp gummies far away with suspicion of life.

After hesitating for a while, Huo Zhenzhen suddenly gritted irwin naturals CBD Katy Couric CBD Gummies his teeth and said, That s really not good.I allow you to have ideas about my brother.You can gummy CBD pure hemp Katy Couric CBD Gummies be my sister in law.Before Fu Jiu could speak, she said again, You must Treat me better You can t be vicious like a bitch just because you ve become my sister in law.Actually Even if Fu Jiu was a little fierce, she could accept it.Fu Jiu She was completely defeated by Huo Zhenzhen s thoughts.This girl kept saying that she would not be her sister in law, why did she suddenly change her mind She couldn t help but complain, Your will is not too firm Once the thought Katy Couric CBD Gummies collapses, it actually feels less unacceptable.On the contrary, Huo Zhenzhen felt that Fu Jiu and Huo Beiliang were really suitable together.Her brother is going to marry a daughter in law after all, rather than marrying someone else, it is better to marry someone she likes.

It s not an option to drag it on like this, and Katy Couric CBD Gummies in the past year of working with Chunsumi Jiuji, Mu Mu Shisan also understands that the young man is not reckless.On the contrary, when he makes a very impulsive action to the outside world, he is actually in his heart.People are very sure.In this more than one year mission, Officer Chuncheng has never failed.Just as Mu Mu Shisan was about to nod in agreement, the voice coming from his side interrupted their communication.It was Matsuda Jinpei, Hagihara Kenji, and Date Hang.The three slowly walked out of the corner and walked towards Harunsumi Kuji.When Hagihara Kenji passed by Harumi Kuji, he winked his gray purple eyes playfully, Matsuda Jinhei gave him a fierce look, and best CBD gummies for tinnitus Katy Couric CBD Gummies even Date Hang, who had no communication, silently took pictures.Tap him on the shoulder.

If Katy Couric CBD Gummies nothing else, the most basic anchor screws and spacers are used to fine tune the level of the machine bed.If it is not accurate, what impact will it have on the poles, slides, and consoles How to observe the level change of the machine tool in the whole travel arrangement of each coordinate through the alignment of the level How to adjust the geometric accuracy of the machine tool correspondingly to make it within the dimensional tolerance range When adjusting, is it dominated by adjusting the chocks, or can the inserts and torque rollers on the rails be slightly changed if necessary Do it yourself like this, and then match the corresponding knowledge points one by one, whether the impression is deep, it will be highlighted at once.Therefore, as the installation steps unfolded little by little, the scene directly became a stage for Chen irwin naturals cbd cream reviews Zhe alone.

She wanted to make her father have a better life, but her father had cancer.died.With her desperate efforts, Fu Jiu achieved the position of an executive in the company, earning an annual salary of one million yuan, but she had no relatives by her side.People who had not experienced this kind of loneliness would not understand.Therefore, even though she has passed through now, she accepts it calmly, but she didn t expect that there would be no relatives in this life.Feeling dizzy, Fu Jiu didn t think about it any more.The most important thing at the moment was to take care of herself first, so Fu Jiu Katy Couric CBD Gummies lay down again and fell asleep.Before going to bed, Fu Jiu thought to herself, maybe this is just a dream.When she woke up, she might be lying in a 21st century hospital.She didn t know how long she had slept.

Cheng Feng s boomer natural wellness cbd condition, to have a fool s fiancee, is really incredible, no wonder he has a fiancee, but he never mentions it.Before Cheng Feng could answer, Liang Hao guessed, Everyone said it was a baby kiss, it must have been decided shortly after the child was born.When the child was a few months old, how could he tell if he was a fool and said plainly You just got deceived.Then you can always tell if he is mute Isn t the mute unable to cry And he found out that he is a fool, why didn t he break off the marriage Li Dongqi asked a series of questions.Is it over Cheng Feng, who had been silent for a while, suddenly said coldly.Seeing him lose his temper, Li Dongqi was a little embarrassed, and said with an embarrassed expression Don t be angry We are all brothers, and we care about you too.

Even if all the suppliers in the world unite, they will at most hurt the enemy by one thousand and self destructed by eight hundred.Moreover, if Dongsheng Electronics is really in a hurry, and people are ruthless and directly disclose the technology, cbd edibles gummies then the market is also are hemp and CBD the same Katy Couric CBD Gummies not Sony s, but has CBD gummies for inflammation and pain Katy Couric CBD Gummies become a big pot of rice.It s also not in Sony s interest.In fact, Chen Zhe s current cooperation conditions are quite reasonable, and even let Sony take a big advantage.However, companies always want to squeeze the most profit.So how can you give up what you should strive for So, when the next day s negotiation started, the intermediary was ready to compromise, and considered a lower stance.Unexpectedly, Chen Zhexin s request also followed, Zhangkou is a fab.It was invested and introduced by Sony and settled in Anyang.

, means many, many Chen Zhe had a bitter face, full of resentment Can you pat yourself on the thigh next time Yang Yizhong finally left his seat.After walking back and forth in the living room for a few laps, he slowly calmed down.His thinking returned to normal, and I finally noticed some doubts, But as far as I know, the domestic research institute seems to have successfully copied a lithography machine in the first two years, right Why haven t I seen any CNC machine tools they make Chen Zhe rubbed his k o cbd face lightly, That s why I don t want to get involved with these institutions.Yang Yizhong glared again, Speak well.Chen Zhe pouted secretly, I know that lithography machine is the 2 micron rachael ray cbd diabetes gummies reviews step and repeat projection lithography machine of the imitation nec, but it is only a prototype, it can t make chips.

Although they both treat diseases and save people, Western medicine does not represent traditional Chinese medicine, and they are not qualified to evaluate traditional Chinese medicine.Just look at the Pharmacopoeia and you will know that there will never be good results when a layman guides a layman.Speaking of this, cbd gummies help with smoking I have to talk about the health care product market that is so popular now.I have always been wondering, in order to make some money, is it really possible to do anything I don t believe that the relevant departments can t detect this.What are the ingredients and what are the functions of the toys, so why is there no corresponding management mechanism What is Katy Couric CBD Gummies the difference between this and the common people Speaking of the common people, then let s talk about the third example.

Over the years, he has embezzled a lot of money in this position and has done a lot of things that make cbd gummies and thyroid medication people feel uneasy.There are hundreds of enemies not to mention 1000.It is impossible to find enemies in terms of interpersonal relationships.Matsuda Jinping casually blinked his eyes behind his sunglasses.Death is not only without a trace of regret, it even feels logical.To prevent loss of contact, please remember the alternate domain name of this site His eyes under the sunglasses are deep, and his thin lips are tightly pursed.After all, it is not a pity for a beast like Tanaka Taro Katy Couric CBD Gummies to die.As if he suddenly remembered something, he said, By the way, Officer Hagihara, based on the information you provided about the people on the ship, we searched for a young man with black hair and blue eyes who had recently come to Tokyo City and had a hand injury recently.

are cbd gummies dangerous All relevant Anyang participants were included in the interview.That do cbd gummies help quit smoking cigarettes afternoon, the Municipal Public Security Bureau took Lang Zhongyi, another associate professor and two graduate students from Andali.All of a sudden it caused panic in Anda.Qi Xin thought about it for a long time before finding Tan Guofeng again.There is no unnecessary nonsense, and it is quite straightforward, This is the result you want to see You really don t think that An Da is not the original can CBD gummies help adhd Katy Couric CBD Gummies An Da , is really biased by you, what kind of consequences will such a fraud bring I m not here to exhale, and I don t want to persuade you, but Katy Couric CBD Gummies I want to tell you that you should break the path you led astray.This is not for you to make up for any fault, but because Some responsibilities need to be shouldered by yourself Lao Tan, we have worked together for so many years, and we both understand each other s character.

After all, he is familiar with the development trend of various operating Katy Couric CBD Gummies eagle hemp CBD gummies amazon Katy Couric CBD Gummies systems in the future, and is also familiar with the various needs that will arise in this development.Therefore, he can make a product that is extremely streamlined, optimized to the extreme, and even allows you to change CBD sleep gummies with melatonin Katy Couric CBD Gummies it to the greatest extent possible.This advanced design concept and general scheduling algorithm, coupled with the leading thinking that understands the future, can fully guarantee him CBD hemp oil Katy Couric CBD Gummies to achieve this.Take the simplest example.If this core is viewed as a carbon element, it can naturally form diamonds, carbon, graphite, and countless compounds, such as nylon, gasoline, perfume, plastic, explosives, and more.You can apply it to a lot of scenarios, but it s hard to change the carbon itself.Don t be serious, just express that meaning.

, because New Line s President Shea has always held the most equity and enjoys the company s independent management rights.Therefore, there is Katy Couric CBD Gummies not much connection between the film operations of New Line and the film companies within the Warner Group.And Shay and I are friends.Chen Zhe really didn t know that his cousin even knew Robert Shea, the founder of New Line.This world is really small and wonderful But since we already have this relationship, many things can be done.We talked slowly.So, he quickly went through the information about the new line cbd froggies review in his impression, and he already had a few points in his heart.Then he said directly Then go to Hollywood to find a man named Sol.Zaenz s independent producer, who worked on One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Katy Couric CBD Gummies Nest and Prague Love, should now be difference between hemp and CBD Katy Couric CBD Gummies busy working on The English Patient.

gutfeld cbd gummies Even if it s not, it s not too much for me to let you dale earnhardt cbd gummies suppress this news Chi Yujin tapped the leather surface of the sofa, You don t want them to pick it up, that person is Cheng Siyao.You think How to do it Tell me Katy Couric CBD Gummies about your purpose.Sheng Ling s Adam s apple rolled, he stared dangerously at Chi Yujin, and Chi Yujin spread his hands without fear.I m here to collect the bill.She CBD gummies for anxiety reviews Katy Couric CBD Gummies stood up and walked to Sheng Ling s side, and said two words in his ear.Sheng Ling s expression changed from shock to anger, and then from anger to surprise.What are you saying Chi sour space candy cbd hemp flower Yujin nodded He still owes me one million and a Heater account, as well as my reputation damage fee after this incident.Sheng Ling nodded I ll pay , but you had better tell the truth.I never tell lies.Better.Lu Zhibai lay on the hospital bed and played games with Erlang s legs crossed Brother, when will I be discharged from the hospital Lu Qi an shook Caijing Daily and rolled his eyes Lu Zhibai Why are you in such a hurry I remember you had to go to the hospital for a little trouble.

Xier s family has no background.After breaking Katy Couric CBD Gummies up, her family can t make waves.Although he said it would be better to find someone in the right position, but kanna cbd gummies now that he has not broken off the marriage with Fu Jiu, anyone with a little face knows that they will not agree.It s a pity to waste time like this, now that Xi er likes Cheng Feng again, it s a good opportunity.Cheng Feng was about to speak, but he heard Liang Hao say, I heard that Fu Jiu looks good.Wouldn t it be better to just play with her Just be careful, it won t be the same as breaking off the marriage then .Anyway, they were all wearing the hat of fianc .Since Fu Jiu looks good, it s better to find Fu Jiu.In the future, you can just find any reason to break off the marriage.Xie Feng said You don t understand this Fu Jiu has a marriage contract with Cheng Feng.

Will you try to speak in this tone again Fu Jiu rolled her eyes and went up to lock Katy Couric CBD Gummies Marshal Zhu s throat, I ll give you a face, right Coax you for a second.You re done.Are you here to apologize Fu Jiu s strength was so great that Marshal Zhu couldn t break free.Aren t you still talking in a weird way Fu Jiu Katy Couric CBD Gummies added strength.Marshal Zhu s face turned red, and he had no choice but to admit it.Seeing that Fu Jiu directly subdued Marshal Zhu, Wang Baofu understood that he had to pure kana cbd gummies reviews be strong to be angry, otherwise he would not be worthy.Fu Jiu let go of Wang Fufu and sat on the bed in front of her.Seeing that the quilt was spread on it, she said, Who moved here It was so fast.Zhuo Fei.Wang Baofu replied.Fu Jiu s eyes lit up, Then the relationship is good, it will be convenient for us to go out together in the future.

This is the world that really lived out its own, an absolute rare animal, the kind that is rarely seen.Chen Zhe grinned, Are you still getting used to the crew over there Do you feel like being taught another class by Teacher Yu Song Yuan glanced Katy Couric CBD Gummies at him, I m ashamed of professional things.Talking does CBD gummies help with pain Katy Couric CBD Gummies to you, I m afraid that I will make a joke with the reputation of being a big bully, and besides, I don t seem to be able to chat with you.Chen Zhe was not annoyed, Why can t we chat with you The script seems to be written by me, and your assistant director still Katy Couric CBD Gummies wants to bar your teeth with me Song Yuan let out an uh and was choked.What s the matter, I forgot about this one, but I can t be so cowardly I can only pick gummy bear CBD recipe Katy Couric CBD Gummies my bones, To be honest, your script is just like that, if it wasn t for your brother s love, I would have overhauled it for you Forget it, let s not talk about this, I m afraid it will hit you, but let s talk about it.