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Xia Xiaoshu asked casually.Reading When reading, comic books As he spoke, Researcher Lu handed Xiao Xia a bunch of comic books he had just bought.Zhuangzi , Tales of Vegetable Roots , New Words of the World , Heavenly do cbd gummies lower blood sugar Creation Xia Xiaoshu checked a few times and found that the books read by the nephew of the Lu family were still very philosophical These comic books are all from the same author, that person Xia Xiaoxiao knows, is a comic master.Mm Mr.Lu, it seems that you have to have a good chat with Dr.Meng.He may be able to rejuvenate Please come here After speaking, Xia Xiaoshu got up and asked Researcher Lu to follow him to the clinic to have a good time with Dr.Meng Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies 350 Relieving Difficulties Researcher Lu complained that Xia Xiaoshu was at the side to make supplements without losing time.

No way The office on the left is Manager Xia s, and the one on the right is a small office.Mr.Zheng has specially arranged for three logisticians to help us with chores.There is a girl who is on duty there at the moment.Well, if there is anything you don t understand, you can ask her.Really Such a cbd gummies with pure hemp cbd extract high salary Speaking of which, Fang Yuelan has also been CBD gummies for pain 1000mg Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies in business for many years, and this is the first time she has seen such an office.I was surprised too.It seems that the business that Manager Xia has undertaken should be quite difficult.Well I agree By the way, what are we going to do today Manager Xia sent some electronic forms, I have already printed part of them, I will print them out later, I will go to the workshop and fill them out item by item, and then it will be done.I ll be in charge of the internal affairs, and you ll be in charge of the field work, how about that No problem After speaking, the two of them started busy printing out forms and sorting them out When it was almost time for lunch, Zheng Xinyi came to visit the employees of Ding Cheng Ye on purpose.

Let s digest it slowly.However, some basic concepts are best understood today.Xia Xiaoshu explained a few words with a smile.The second example given by Xia Xiaoshu was very vivid, and everyone understood at least half of it.Then, referring to the explanatory materials that Xie Tingyu had printed in advance, everyone discussed it one heady harvest cbd gummies by one.It was very interesting to hear.Jiang Siyong, who had no concept of money at first, also joined the discussion.He found that the small companies he started before were really too simple When the sun was about to go down, everyone finally figured out the most basic questions.The old carpenter is the oldest, and he is naturally the slowest to understand those things.In fact, as far as the old carpenter s original intention is concerned, he completely trusts Mr.

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Son Xiao Di suddenly suggested that he wanted to play mobile games for a while.Okay Which game do where can you get cbd hemp oil you want to play Shang Yixi asked casually.Subway Adventure, the students are all playing Hearing this, Shang Yixi was very surprised, and quickly asked, You are still young, this game doesn Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies | Best CBD Gummies With THC Naturally t seem to be suitable for you, right Dad, don t you know Then the game has to be authenticated by real name Otherwise, you will enter Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies | Best CBD Gummies With THC Naturally the circular storyline after playing for a long time, and you won t be able to get out no matter how you jump.Our teachers have said that after completing the homework, you can properly Let s play for a while Just let me play for a while Son Xiaodi explained with a smile.Okay, as soon as Mom comes in, you have to go upstairs to rest Okay Thank you Dad As he spoke, Xiao Di picked up his mobile phone and fiddled with it skillfully.

At the beginning, Su Yuqing always thought that Xia Xiaoshu s background should be quite deep, but he was low key and not easy to understand.Now, Su amazon purekana Yuqing is convinced that the energy shown by Xia Xiaoshu originated CBD bulk gummies Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies from himself.Xia Xiaoshu s mathematical ability, mathematical reasoning ability, and sincerity in dealing with others are the source of all Xia Xiaoshu s influence.Let s look at his precious grandson, Su Guandi, who is a few years older than Xia Xiaoshu.He martha stewart cbd gummies berry medley was born into a wealthy family, and has nothing to do.He has nothing to gain except to spend his days.Dashu Village is much quieter than the city.Xia Xiaoshu and the others went out to study data.Su Yuqing began to reflect on his past, the future of his children and grandchildren, and the future development trend of Lishi s business community from time to time For a time, Su Yuqing was full of thoughts From this, Su Yuqing valued Xia Xiaoshu even more and regarded it as some kind of hope After a busy morning, everyone felt a little tired, and Xia Xiaoshu drove back to the Sun s compound.

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Mr.Bao originally planned to close the branch at the end of this month.The property over there belongs to our company.We originally planned to rent it out to earn some rent first.Do you understand what I mean The company plans to assign me to Wentong Xia Xiaoshu asked casually.Yeah It s not an ordinary job.President Bao s intention is to let you serve as a manager there, and the treatment in all aspects is roughly equivalent to that of Manager Mu.However, the situation there is far worse than budpop CBD gummies Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies that of the Wenyu Road branch, so the headquarters is here.More or less the meaning of giving orders in danger, how about it Do you want to think about it This I m sorry, hemp cbd gummies side effects I m not at all prepared, can I go back and think about it Xiao Xia replied with a smile.Xia Xiaoshu is alone in Yugu Village, guarding the medicinal materials warehouse.

Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies best CBD gummies gold bee, eagle hemp CBD gummies amazon (renown CBD gummies) Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies kenai farms cbd gummies Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies.

I don t have to go out recently.The motorcycle is really useless, so I ll give it back to you.By the way, do you have any discarded electronic accessories or something I mean the kind of scrap that is useless at all There are a bunch of them over there, what Are you useful As he spoke, Xiao Tan walked out of the store and pointed to a corner not far away.I m going to assemble a gadget recently and see if I can pick up some accessories from you.Then you re too polite As long as it s something from our house, you can take it as you see fit.Generous.That s not necessary.I just designed a simple plan initially.I ll do a few experiments to see if it s not suitable.I have to revise it at any time.There s no need to make it too wasteful.Just pick it up, if you need my help, just say hello.Okay Then you are busy first.

It should be, how do you eat breakfast Just take your boiled water and eat a few mouthfuls of dry food.Our work seems slow on the surface, but in fact, we have to catch up with natures boost cbd gummies shark tank the schedule at any time, some Colleagues, I just skipped dinner in the morning and went straight to the excavation site.It s like a mountain.When I saw you today, I realized that it s not easy for you.I ll boil some boiling water revive hemp gummies for you, and let everyone wash your face with hot water.Thank you Everyone said thank you in unison.There were many people in the archaeological team, and they were busy until eight o clock in the morning.When all the people in the archaeological team went to the excavation site to work, Xiao Xia stopped and started cleaning inside and outside.On the Qibaotang side, Master Tao has not called, but just said that he should ponder CBD hemp direct Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies the information at home.

So, with a polite smile, Xia Xiaoshu greeted Wang Cai and went back to the warehouse.As soon as he entered the door, he happened to meet Captain He who was preparing to cook lunch.Go to Master Zhang s place Well Things went smoother than expected, and the design drawings Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies were handed over to Auntie.As for whether it was best cbd gummies recipe hemp cigarettes vs cbd cigarettes successful or not, I guess I will have a quasi confidence tomorrow.That s good, I We re cooking here, let s eat together No, let s eat first, there is something at hand that has to be calculated, I ll make some noodles by myself later.Like this Then Let s eat first.Okay, please do it yourself.Back in the office, just after turning on the computer, Xiaojie sent himself several messages.Chapter 83 is easy to come by Xia Xiaoshu responded with a few messages, and casually asked Xiaojie about his recent studies.

best cbd gummies royal cbd Xia Xiaoshu came to visit.The Qian family intentionally introduced Team Leader Zhou to Xia Xiaoshu, and the cbd cbn thc gummies three of them sat there and chatted for a while.Mr.Qian, since you re quite busy, I won t disturb you.I ll go to the backyard to pick up Principal Yang to the Xinyixiang company.After speaking, Xia Xiaoshu got up and prepared to leave.Not busy, our company is going to set up a research and development center hempoil vs cbd oil on Lishi s side.Team Leader Zhou and the others are here to fight.Before you came, we were discussing some daily affairs.I have been free at home for a while.Why don t you accompany Yang Mr.Xia doesn t mind when the principal goes out for a walk, right How could it be You are here, and Mr.Liang can t ask for it Then I ll call Mr.Liang, let s get Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies | Best CBD Gummies With THC Naturally ready to leave right now Xia Xiaoshu agreed without thinking about it.

The reason why Zhao Rongjin didn t get along well is that he didn t meet a suitable team.Now, with Xia Xiaoshu on the side, he quickly became popular.No matter how much money you make, as long as Zhao Rongjin s golden signboard is built loudly and resoundingly, even if accountant Zhao will set up his own business, it will be a rare reinforcement in the future business world.Guan Xianglan herself didn t want to wait for retirement in obscurity.In the future, he will either be a partner in the Miaowei company, or open his own company, or cooperate with Zhao Rongjin to open a small investment company Guan Xianglan thinks that she has a lot of choices in the second half of her life.To achieve all this, Xie Tingyu is an indispensable helper for anyone.Guan Xianglan was naturally willing to let Xie Tingyu come out of the company to exercise earlier.

It s not a big problem.Besides, declaration, decoration, purchase of medical equipment, recruitment Doesn t it have to be implemented one by one We can still afford hemplex naturals cbd revive the installment payment.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.That s good, I ll let you worry.Meng Qiting responded with a is cbd gummies legal in iowa 2021 smile.You two are really doing big things, and this matter has been settled so quickly Ding Weishan said with a smile.I ve wanted to open a traditional Chinese medicine hospital for a long time, and now the company s profits have accumulated a lot.It s time to break ground.Xia Xiaoshu said with a smile Xia Xiaoshu didn t want to make colleagues feel that he winged relaxation cbd gummies was too arbitrary.In order to build a new Chinese medicine hospital, Xia Xiaoshu specially convened the shareholders of Miaowei company to hold a consultation meeting.

benefits of using cbd gummies Then don t do cbd gummies go bad make yourself too tired., then I ll go back to the bedroom first.Well, cbd relax gummies good night Good night With her intuition, Xie Tingyu how long for CBD gummies to start working Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies realized that she had to assist Xia Xiaoshu to come up with the equity division plan as quickly as possible.In other words, with Guan Xianglan s help, once Xia Xiaoshu successfully obtained the patent, he should get an unexpected amount of money cbd gummie for sleep or even several unexpected sums of money.Second, as long as the equity is demarcated, everyone will just follow Xia Xiaoshu and work hard to do business step by step in the future.Is it still a thing to make more profits Orchid on a par.However, a wise person will always make mistakes, so long as he can play a role in filling in the gaps, it will be very good So, based on her own vision for the future of Miaowei company, Xie Tingyu stayed up all night to compile a vision report, When it was almost dawn, it was passed to Xia Xiaoshu in Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies time Early the next morning, under the call of Guan Xianglan, Xia Xiaoshu drove to pick delta 8 cbd gummies for pain up Xie Tingyu, and the three discussed it for a long time at Chang Kuangyu s villa Seeing that the class time was approaching, Xia Xiaoshu Then they said goodbye to Vice President Chang and his wife, and drove Xie Tingyu to the door of a branch.

At the same time, this young man was very far sighted, and he was by no means comparable to Xie Tingyu and others After studying it carefully, Wei Huanyu called Xia Xiaoshu back and agreed, and suggested that it would be better to open the business earlier.Anyway, the New Year s Eve and the New Year s Day are over, and all relatives who should move natural therapeutics cbd around have seen it.Xia Xiaoshu did not agree, and suggested Wei Huanyu to work from home, and the matter of opening the door should be discussed after the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.Seeing that no one objected, through the Internet, Xia Xiaoshu, together with Wei Huanyu and Wang Yudong, began to revise the operation mode of Subway Adventure Originally, the mobile game Subway Adventure focused Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies on the content design of novelty in the ordinary.

Then well, I ll think about it when I have time, I m really bothering you.As he spoke, without waiting for Xia Xiaoshu to respond, Researcher Wang hurriedly returned to the No.11 warehouse.Xia Xiaoshu could see that Researcher Wang seemed to be a little embarrassed, and he had said it politely enough.I hope Researcher Wang can realize after the fact that his research direction was actually wrong from the beginning.After a while, three or five households of medicinal farmers who came to hand in the medicinal materials came from outside the courtyard.Before thinking do CBD gummies cause constipation Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies about it, Xia Xiaoshu hurriedly and Luo Cheng Township instructed the medicinal farmers to start sorting Amomum.Obviously, the quality of the Amomum provided by these nature s own cbd gummies farmers is a little worse, and only the best quality is rated as a good product.

Let s talk about it.Listen to Mr.Wei, your nephew s condition is not very cbd gummies shark tank tinnitus good You can t let it develop like this.Xia Xiaoshu said casually.Hey There s no good best hemp gummies for joint pain way, that kid just cbd froggies review follows the devil s way, more and more subjects are failing, and looking at this style, it is estimated that he will not be able to graduate, and I will worry about my sister Wang Yudong replied helplessly That s Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies | Best CBD Gummies With THC Naturally up to you Go back and ask my senior brother to have a good talk with your nephew.At this highest cbd hemp strain time, Xia Xiaoshu thought of his senior brother Shang Yujin.Alright, thank you However, I don t have any illusions, that kid is probably out of the game, alas My sister is so pitiful She has such an unsatisfactory brain.Wang Yudong looked a little dejected.It s hard to say, maybe there s something else hidden behind it A friend of mine s cousin is in a similar situation to your nephew.

After all, the profits are bigger over there.No worries, right After all, the pharmacy lucent valley cbd gummies scam is owned by your company, and Xiao Xia is at best a wage earner with a slightly higher position.I think He may be the type of character who wins with stability, you know The gamepad market is already very saturated, if there is no obvious technical advantage, we will be brushed down in minutes.In order to change the status quo, Tan Yuecheng usually works hard.What is going on in the game market, he still compares understand.After hearing this, Xie Tingyu put down the chopsticks in her hand and thought for a while.Tan Yuecheng s remarks suddenly awakened Xie Tingyu.In the Qibaotang , Xia Xiaoshu has the highest income, except for the manager Mu of Wenyu Road.Xie Tingyu s own salary and income are closely related to Xia Xiaoshu s actual income.

PCs are connected together.The camera that Jiang Siyong botanical farms CBD gummies reviews Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies took from the car was quite high end.After trying to scan it, Xia Xiaoshu was surprised to find that the scanning effect was amazing.Chapter 100 Controversy The camera provided by Jiang Siyong has first class performance.With it, our mobile phone will be of no use.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu returned Mr.Jiang s mobile phone to him.Back at the desk, Xia Xiaoshu made significant adjustments to the parameters of the relevant five cbd gummies discount code computer programs.In this way, happy hemp 3000mg gummies the collected painting data will become more accurate, and when the data are converted to each other, the specific operation will be easier After collecting a set of data, another batch of paintings, although Xia Xiaoshu moved very quickly, it seemed that more than three hours had passed.Jiang Siyong has been helping out, Xia Xiaoshu hasn t been doing anything yet, he is so tired that his back is sore.

The three felt that they didn t do much in normal times, so they were embarrassed to get Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies boulder highlands CBD gummies the full bonus, and each received a nominal 3,000 yuan.In this way, because of a little kindness to help a friend out of trouble, he made a lot of money unexpectedly, which can be said to be very happy.At about ten o clock in the morning, Xia Xiaoshu drove 50 pieces of modified game controllers to President Chen of the Municipal Commerce and Trade Association.During the settlement, he specially gave him a 30 discount.President Chen was very happy and invited Xia Xiao Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies again and again.Count him as a guest.Back from the Business Association, Xia Xiaoshu was about to turn on the computer to do something when he saw Yuan Zhenyi walk in from outside.These are Kuang Bide s work notes back then.At that time, his condition was quite poor, and his handwriting was a bit sloppy.

said.That s not necessary.We have already obtained the patent certificate for this new material of broken gold , and many technical materials are not taboo.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.Really Your company s current qualifications are truly amazing Tong Yuyao responded with a smile, surprised.Shimihui company has a number of new material research and development companies, new material research and development, production and nuleaf naturals cbd oil processing, patent application That s not a joke, it is difficult to complete the process only 25mg of cbd by superb mathematical technology, Miao How long has the micro company been established It is possible to independently apply for a patent certificate for new materials.What kind of development speed is this Amazing You misunderstood, this patent actually involves the qualifications of the three parties.

It s rare that you ve caught your eye on a rough and clumsy thing, hurry up Please sit down I wonder if you two are here today, is there something wrong redeem therapeutics cbd gummies Huh Nothing goes without going to the Three Treasures Hall.Today, I want to trouble you to help make 2.5 CBD gummies Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies a few sets advanced hemp gummies of observation stands.Speaking of which, they are considered old objects.Have you heard of the Four to Wind Weather Meter What s that It s the first time I ve heard of it Master Zhang shook his head gently.Thenif I draw a drawing for you, can you help us make one Thiswhy do you want that thing After a little hesitation, Master Zhang asked casually.The construction site of the archaeological team has encountered some troubles.We will use this instrument to observe the building coordinate system of our village.Xiaoxia explained casually.

Through Xie Tingyu s supplement, Xia Xiaoshu basically grasped the most common demand for Chinese herbal medicine in the entire Lishi City.So, Xia Xiaoshu was going to try Ant Strategy.When I drove to the herbal medicine warehouse, it was already eight o clock in the morning.The door was left open.I pushed open the door and walked in.I saw that Uncle Gan Jiumao was drying Chinese herbal medicines in the yard.Yo It s so early Uncle Gan greeted with a smile.Recently, medicinal tea has become popular.We must hurry up and keep up with how to make your own CBD gummies Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies the rhythm of purchasing herbal medicines.As long as we take every step, once the chain benefits are unfolded, it is estimated that within three months, my ant strategy will be completed.It should work.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a pure cbd gummies for tinnitus smile.Ant Raiders thc and CBD gummies Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies What do you mean Let s hear it.

Compared with the characters, the way of thinking and technical concept of the team leader Zhou is still a bit outdated.Xu Shiyun judged that within ten years, the 11 team will also give it for nothing.Of course, if the Shi Zhong company is willing to retreat to a second rate company, and the Qian family can be content with the status quo, that s another matter.Furthermore, Xu Shiyun didn t want the Qian family to continue to worry about company affairs.As long as the Qian family took good kenai farms cbd gummies amazon care of their bodies, it was more important than anything else.In Xu Shiyun s view, the husband and wife are of the same mind.As long as she works hard to manage the three branches of the Shizhong company in Lishi City, she will still be able to advance and retreat freely in the future.If Lao Qian insists on running the company according to his old method, let alone Miaowei, I m afraid that in the future, even cutting edge companies like Di Cuo and Jian Hui will not be able to compete.

Xia Xiaoshu was busy introducing the magical effects of medicinal tea to customers.Out of courtesy, Xie Tingyu accompanied Mr.Lin Qiyu to chat for a while.Unexpectedly, the two of them chatted quite well, and Lin Qiyu felt that Miss Xie was the kind of talented person who was rare.Xiao Xia is smart enough.I didn t expect to meet such a smart person here.It seems that I overestimated the Zengmang company before.Lin Qiyu thought CBD gummies for pain walmart Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies to himself.The Wentong branch is the last store that Xie Tingyu will 500mg cbd per gummy inspect today.After joyce myers cbd gummies collecting the relevant data, she can go home after get off work, so she doesn t seem to be in a hurry, just looking around and looking at Mr.Xia s best CBD gummies for anxiety 2022 Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies daily work.surroundings.Seeing that the number of customers became a little rarer, Xia Xiaoshu walked to Xie Tingyu s side and asked with a smile, Do you ask me to answer your inspection data, or do you go to the cashier and download the relevant data yourself The office Xiao Zhao gave me an IPAD, just fill in the form according to the above.

Oh Hello, Mr.Jiang I haven t seen you for a long time, stay safe Oh Mr.Shi, are you here for a treat Jiang Weiyu replied with a smile.A friend came from out of town and asked him to come here to taste our Lishi s flavored dishes.Hello Auntie Hello Mr.Jiang As he spoke, Shi Jincuo politely spoke to Jiang Siyong and Mrs.Jiang call.Not knowing who Xia Xiaoshu was, Shi Jincuo just smiled at him and didn t say much.Xia Xiaoshu I don t have any problems here, I ll be waiting for Mr.Xia s orders at any time Jiang Siyong cbd gummies to relax laughed and made a joke.Just at this moment, Manager Mu s phone call came.Qingyue Building Good guy Your friend is high enough Forget it, you can have a slow meal there and talk later I heard that Mr.Xia is currently in the Qingyue Building After dinner, in addition to being surprised, he casually said a few words, and Manager best cbd edibles for pain Mu hung up the phone.

Afterwards, Xu Shiyun found various reasons for the Qian family to accompany her to visit famous doctors of traditional Chinese medicine.She knew in her heart that this kind of thing had nothing to do with Western medicine.Every time after reading Chinese medicine, Xu Shiyun will ask the doctor to give the Qian family a pulse number.The Qian family didn t think much about it, and the number of the pulse was the number of the pulse.It was a physical examination in disguise.In hippie hemp flower gummies fact, the Qian family did not believe in Chinese medicine at Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies | Best CBD Gummies With THC Naturally all.Xu Shiyun found that those famous doctors did not mention the physical and mental damage.As a result, Xu Shiyun was naturally dubious about the monk s kind reminder.Until one day, Xu Shiyun and his wife met a middle aged male doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

Guan Xianglan explained patiently for a long time.Oh It s so serious What s Dong Liang s attitude It s more ambiguous, it s a bit like sitting on the mountain and watching tigers fight.You must know that once Ding Weishan grows up, for Uncle Liang Wo, he is only afraid of cheating.If it is more than profit, he can just sit back and watch Really But we can t get involved too deeply That s the internal affairs can cbd gummies make you nauseous of other people s companies.As a Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies cooperative company, we can t best cbd gummies for pain made in usa stretch our hands too long, right Xia Xiaoshu cbd gummies and blood thinners natures best CBD Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies Somewhat embarrassed to respond.That s what I said, CBD gummies with melatonin Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies butpeople in the business world can t be benevolent sometimes, otherwise, they will suffer.ThenI ll talk to Uncle Liang Wo Talk to him at this time I m afraid the effect is average, but in fact, his mentality is quite where to buy cbd gummies for anxiety contradictory at the moment, I suggest that it is more appropriate full spectrum gummies with thc for us to deal with this matter from another angle.

serenity CBD gummies reviews Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies Xia Xiaoshu assigned the relevant work to Chu Yehong and Zhang Libing, while he and Yuan Jiamin were at ease to study and smelt the old and new technology, and make fine adjustments at any time.Time flies so fast, more than half a month has passed in a flash.This morning, after repeated inspections by Xia Xiaoshu, the trial of Broken Gold New Materials finally succeeded.Suppressing the ecstasy in his heart, Xia Xiaoshu began to arrange for Chu Yehong and Zhang Libing to load up and return to Lishi City.Mr.Luo took this matter very seriously, and specially cost of eagle hemp CBD gummies Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies arranged a van, and assigned a very experienced male driver to transport the new materials back to Lishi City.Zhang Libing has a driver s license and is still a B book, and he cbd and cbn gummies is responsible for escorting the car.Out of serious consideration, Xia Xiaoshu made a special call to ask Tan Yuecheng to best cbd gummies for flying make an appointment with Sanxizi to drive to Beiqi City one day ahead of schedule to take a break.

The general manager of the company once served as Lin Qiyu s assistant.Founded this small company, it can be regarded as the capital of his retirement.This company usually only accepts business with relatively high processing accuracy.Regardless of its size, the profit is quite considerable throughout the year, but it is not known to the outside world.This is also because of cbd gummies corpus christi Director Yuan s face, there is no profit at all, the company assigned a special person to process a batch of parts on behalf of Xia Xiaoshu.Xia Xiaoshu gathered Tan Yuecheng and others together, briefly trained for a few days, and in their spare time, everyone gathered at the new location of Miaowei company to assemble 30 sets of game controllers.It was the first time for Jiang Siyong to engage in manual assembly work.Wearing work clothes, he worked patiently and meticulously for a CBD hemp flower Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies few days, which was quite interesting This day, during the lunch break, Xia Xiaoshu picked out five sets of game controllers and drove straight to the Purple Lightning Internet Cafe.

Xia , please go to the finance department with me, there are still a few formalities to go through.Finance department You may have made a mistake I was just hired as a special consultant of your company, and the relevant procedures are only It s just for the convenience of natures purpose CBD Leaf Remedies CBD Gummies entering and leaving your company.Xia Xiaoshu explained a few words with a smile.Mr.Xia may not know something.All special consultants in this company are paid, hehe The female staff explained with a smile.ThisMr.Tong didn t mention this to meHow about we do it another day Xia Xiaoshu didn t want to get paid for nothing, there s no such thing as free money in this world, no I m sorry, the relevant procedures have already started.If you insist on not going through it, I will be somewhat embarrassed Embarrassedly smiled, the female staff reminded Xia Xiaoshu euphemistically that it is best to complete the relevant procedures on the same day.