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That treetop hemp co gummies review person Gu has been taking poison for a long time, not only flesh and blood, but also the poison that cannot be removed from the bone marrow.Although the evil talisman and gummy cbd pure hemp the yin evil of the bronze blade can dispel evil, they cannot detoxify.Therefore, even if this Gu dies, the Gu in the body will be cleaned by her, and his corpse and ashes are still extremely poisonous, which is an excellent material for making complex poisonous Gu She will not let that can cbd gummies get you high person have this opportunity.As for the remaining two jars of poisonous poison, Mu Da s national teacher raised his eyes faintly, Do you like it If you like it, you can take two packs for self defense.The human gu and the pile of maggots bones and dregs were lifted together.Yang, all the way, anyway, after the evil qi, the poisonous gu is just a bag of poisonous corpses ground into powder, and it may be fattened when thrown on the ground.

Even if this Princess Xihua was once unloved and ignored by the gentlemen in the academy, how could Love Hemp CBD Oil | Thelicham | Love Hemp CBD Oil CBD Gummy Bear she not say such hemp extract infused gummies sleep irresponsible and ridiculous remarks.The young man slowly tightened the corners of his lips, and his anxiety gummy hands on his knees suddenly clenched into fists.He couldn t tell for a moment whether she was sincere when she said this, or if she was just making up a random joke.But no matter what it is, she shouldn t say such words that treat Jiangshan Sheji and the people of Limin as child s play.Sir, did the student say something wrong Yuan Lingzhi seemed to be taken aback by Bai Jingzhen s suddenly raised voice.She held the book of Spring and Autumn in her arms, and her round eyes were a little more timid., Are you angry Never.Bai Jingzhen took a long breath and forced a fake smile.He would be Love Hemp CBD Oil so tired that he couldn t get angry with her.

He Kangsheng sighed again and again, thinking of the fraud over the years, He found it hard to say, In short, sir, there is something in front of He who knows he can t do it, but has to do it.And He has been worried about this for a long time.Blessed immeasurable Tianzun, you know you can t do it, you are naturally struggling and depressed.Mu Xici raised his pen, pulled a piece of rice paper, and wrote two words in a dance, then folded the rice paper neatly, and flicked his wrist, Flick it from the small slit under the screen to He Kangsheng.Master He, if Pindao didn t guess wrong, and it bothered you and made it inconvenient to explain, this is the matter.He Kangsheng was slightly surprised when he heard the words, unfolded the rice paper, and the two ink characters immediately caught his eye.

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Mu Xici shrugged, slowly unfolded the neatly folded inch wide paper, and snorted, This rough drawing The Taoism of drawing talismans is not very good.Fortune, fortune talisman, isn t that a good thing Shen Qi only felt his face becoming numb, and Mu Xici heard this spread Fortune, fortune.If you can transport inward, you can naturally go out.This is There are talismans to attract wealth, and of course there are ways to break best full spectrum cbd gummies 2021 wealth, is it difficult to understand I remember when we just knocked on the door, Brother Pei mentioned Bao Yan Lou botanical farms CBD gummies reviews Love Hemp CBD Oil , and if you guessed correctly, it is in your The new restaurant that suddenly came out after Zuixianlou was declining day by day And the more lonely you are here, the more lively there is.Mu Da s tone was very relaxed.The formation that was set up was completely unraveled.

And now, the master gave this thing to him Doesn t this mean that he is going to kill him The spy s legs went weak uncontrollably, and countless thoughts flooded into his mind in an instant.He had only heard people say that his master likes to hide all the birds, and cook the rabbits and dogs.He used to feel sorry for those colleagues who unfortunately died, but he didn t expect this day to come to him so quickly.on the head.And, looking Love Hemp CBD Oil at the expression of the master The young man carefully lifted his eyelids, seeing the indifferent expression on Mo Shu s far face, as if it had never changed at all, he swallowed his saliva as if resigned, and pulled it out with trembling hands.After opening the cork, he was about to drink the poison from that bottle. No way, most of elite power cbd gummies cbd white label gummies them who work under the master have relatives and friends or other handles and fall into the hands of the master.

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And here, there is a small pool behind it.You can go through the small road at the other CBD gummies for back pain Love Hemp CBD Oil end, it will be early winter, the fish are a little lazy, and it will be the most lively when the spring and summer are full of water, grass, fish and shrimp.On the mountain road of Qiling Mountain, the little girl seemed to have just Love Hemp CBD Oil been released.Like a bird returning to the mountains and forests, he pulled the boy and chatted all the time.Every time dr oz cbd gummies reviews she passed by a special mountain pond and tree hole, she always found natures only cbd some interesting little things from the depths of her memory to tell Mo Junli.The young man listened to her cheerfully chattering about the gummimi hemp gummies old things, and watched her eyes that became more and more helpless, and couldn t help pulling her tighter and hemp oil vs CBD oil Love Hemp CBD Oil tighter.He knew she was afraid, and that fear would intensify as she climbed the mountain.

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If I is cbd the same as hemp were that girl, I d be blinded by the fireworks.Big money, dandy, pure hemp botanicals cbd tincture son in law, show it to the girl s house.Mo Junli felt a pain in his knee for Love Hemp CBD Oil no apparent reason.He only felt that his heart and knees had been tied into a sieve by his old sister.Cough, then of course I saw it.The young man faked a cough, forcibly concealed the discomfort in his heart, and said nonsense, I just saw someone setting off fireworks, so I took Ah Ci to find a view.A better place.Is that so Mo Wanyan looked suspiciously at her brother with the corners of her eyes hanging from the corner of her eyes.Seeing that there was no flaw in his face, she believed his words for lazarus cbd gummies the time being and pure organics cbd gummies turned to He dragged Mu Xici and whispered.After the meeting, the celebrity cbd gummies six people wandered the street for a while, and then went back to their houses.

The two death row inmates who were busy in front of the stove in the house had no idea what kind of situation they were about to thought that what was waiting for them would be a terrible punishment they had never seen before, but they best full-spectrum CBD gummies for pain 2021 Love Hemp CBD Oil never thought that those big men brought them out just to let them help take care of a rich boy who accidentally broke his leg.The leisure and comfort of the past few days made the death row prisoners completely relax their vigilance.Just when they were lucky that they were able to escape from the mortal situation and survived, the real death came quietly without knowing it Bai Jingzhen walked slowly to the front of the stove, suddenly stretched out his arm, and twisted broke the man s neck neck.Seeing this, the woman who was busy choosing vegetables subconsciously burst out with a harsh scream, the basket rolled down, and the wild vegetables in the basket were also stained with plaster.

Beautiful and innocent gesture Seventh Highness, the little girl has something to tell you, can I take a step to speak Chapter 77 He is not worthy The girl s red lips covered with mouth grease are half open, and she speaks with a Slightly panting breathing, the little tide red from the trot hung on both of them.Her gorgeous jewel head and face reflected bursts of dazzling light along with her movements.This precious jewel light complemented her luxurious yet elegant light snow blue woven gold jacket, which added two points to her noble family.momentum.Makeup, clothes, jewelry, everything on her body is exquisite, and the extreme exquisiteness, coupled with her eyes full of water, makes Mu Shiyan look extra cute tonight.When Mo Jun heard this, he raised his brows in a leisurely manner.The well dressed girl keoni cbd gummies tinnitus in front of him always reminded him of the mallows that bloomed in the imperial garden during the summer and autumn seasons.

I know what it looks like if I can make magnolia hemp thc gummies delta 8 it up.Li Miaozhu s smile was very kind, and she waved her sleeves to the servants on the ground.They got up without courtesy.Seeing this, Mammy Li quietly retreated from the servants in the courtyard, With the mother and son talking and laughing all the way into the backyard.The birthday banquet was set in a small independent hall with the most unique scenery in the backyard.When the three arrived, the maids just prepared the last food and drink.There were more than a dozen exquisite dishes on the table.Fortunately, although there were many dishes, the amount was not large.The two of them could probably eat 70 of the food, and the remaining three points were fed to the cats and dogs in the house, which was not a waste gummy bear CBD recipe Love Hemp CBD Oil As soon as the maids left, Mammy Li carefully warned them and then retreated.

It is said that her man is the only super marquis in the group the one who Love Hemp CBD Oil is awarded a title is generally not in the rank , and the qualifications are the most shallow.This banquet should be set up in the princess s mansion, do cbd gummies contain thc and he is the host to entertain everyone.However, she had just given birth at that time, and she had not yet given birth to the moon.She was CBD gummy dosage Love Hemp CBD Oil too weak to see guests, and she thought that the gang of courtiers were too busy, so Lu Jinghong was not allowed to hold a banquet in the mansion.He only gave him an additional 8,000 taels of silver, and told him to find a private courtyard in Beijing, or a pub and restaurant in Lao Shizi.Her man knew her temperament from the beginning.At that time, she really needed to be recuperated, but he didn t have any opinion.He just quietly took the silver ticket and obediently went to dinner with his colleagues.

Love Hemp CBD Oil | Thelicham | Love Hemp CBD Oil CBD Gummy Bear Love Hemp CBD Oil Fortunately, although Mu Shiyan had a deep grudge against her, Xiao Miaotong and others did not.Taking into account the face of Xiao Mansion and the reputation of the Duke s Mansion, Mo Wanyan s seat was arranged as the guest of honor at the first table, and she sat next to her.It s better to be closer, to be closer, so that she can wait eagle hemp CBD gummies shark tank Love Hemp CBD Oil and hold this little girl who cbd gummies for gout is easy to get on.The national teacher Mu Da breathed a sigh of relief.The words that Mo Junli and her second brother were nagging just now were clearly told to Mo Wanyan, but they were all told to her.After all, including her, the one who can t be relieved the most is the straight tempered little girl beside her.Aci, don t worry, I m here.Mo Wanyan lowered her voice and bit her ears with Mu Xici, If that woman Mo Shiyan dares to ask you about something, I will scold her to death.

Zhan.You re polite, girl, what s reviews for green ape CBD gummies Love Hemp CBD Oil the trouble.The young man smiled, carefully pouring out half a bowl of wine for cbd pharm gummy bears Mu Shiyao, and he didn t even bother when he handed it over.Wang Duo reminded, pure gummies Four girls, although this Guan Waibai is not as strong as burning a knife, it is also much spicier than ordinary flower wine and fruit wine.You drink it slowly and choke carefully.Okay, Thank you.Mu Shiyao answered in a low voice.After receiving the wine bowl, she did not rush to drink it, but first put the porcelain hemp cbd dog chews bowl under her nose and sniffed, then twisted her brows and tasted it lightly.The liquid is cool and refreshing, with a slight spicy taste, but it is not as spicy as everyone said, and it can be a little sweet in a moment.The Guan Waibai that was in it drank it all in one gulp.Hey, Ayao Seeing this, Mu Xici suddenly widened her eyes.

It is the Zhongyuan Ghost Festival.During the Ghost Festival, the gates of ghosts are wide open, and hundreds of ghosts walk at night.If you stay outside, you will be easily hit by ghosts., you taught a pot of cold tea yesterday afternoon to make your stomach upset, you vented too much Love Hemp CBD Oil yang fire, your yang qi cbd and thc gummies reddit was weak, buy cbd gummies walgreens and your body was weak, that s why you ran into the ghosts.As for what those ghosts did to you Your Highness, most of the ghosts are irrational.Jie Sinian smiled and said nonsense, So, you don t have to worry too much.These two days, you just need to quit smoking cbd gummies reviews take care of yourself, and don t take care of yourself until these ghost marks disappear.Just leave the house and walk around.This thing how long does it take to recuperate Mo Shuyuan hesitated, it would be fine if he only natural pet cbd was not allowed to leave the house for only a day or two, but if it exceeds this time limit I m afraid, it will be a mistake.

The wind and sand of the desert destroyed this delicate and agile girl, leaving behind a dry and rotten body.She didn t dare to think about it that day.Mu Xici closed her eyes, Mo Wanyan bio wellness cbd gummies was slightly stunned when she heard Mu Xiyin s introduction, and then pulled Mu Xici s hand in surprise Xici You are Aci hempful farms cbd oil Hurry up, no ceremony, no ceremony, let me see hey She s really just like what my imperial brother Love Hemp CBD Oil | Thelicham | Love Hemp CBD Oil CBD Gummy Bear said, she gummies for pain s a very smart girl Mo Wanyan took a look around Mu Xici s little face, The young child s skin was as delicate as first best gummy CBD Love Hemp CBD Oil vegan CBD gummies Love Hemp CBD Oil class silk, and she couldn t help but secretly pinched it twice, Aci, I ve heard the emperor mention you many times, and I ve always been curious, and today I finally see myself As expected, it is the sister of the fox cub, which is exactly the same.Mu Xici s brows twitched slightly, but what was different was that she didn t hate Mo Wanyan s closeness.

Although the embroidery girls are good, they are still cold and full of craftsmanship.The clothes made by my mother feel different when I wear them.Sister, Mu Xici folded the skirt carefully, went forward and hugged Mu Xici s Love Hemp CBD Oil arm, her half draped long eyelashes covering her red eyes, It s great to have you here.She was still there, very nice.But I always feel that it s not good enough.Mu Xiyin lowered her head and gently rubbed the little girl s forehead with her fingers, where there was a very shallow and tiny scar, hidden under the broken hair, which was knocked out on the day she cbs gummy bears was born.of.When his mother gave birth to Ah Ci, he passed away.Mu Wenjing, who suddenly lost his wife, almost lost his mind.He almost strangled the baby who had just been born for less than a moment.younger sister.

When His Highness approves, and when the concubine and the little girl come to formally express her thanks, I will bring this dress together with the thank you gift and bring it to Your Highness His Royal Highness, do you think this is good It s very good.Mo Shuyuan headed Lightly tapped, the smile on his face did not change, but his eyes deepened, The main hall is here to wait for the two of you.Second Mrs.Xiao, Miss Mu, this hall is busy with affairs, so I won t send you far The young man chin After receiving it slightly, he turned to Steward Liu, It s a good life to send Mrs.and Miss out of the house.Old slave takes orders.Steward Liu bowed in response, and then cupped his hands respectfully, Second Mrs.Xiao, Miss Mu , the two of you, please come with the old slave.His Royal Highness, concubine said goodbye.

cbd gummies for ocd I have to get dizzy, come and talk to her.Haha, alright, then I ll make room for the little one.The soldier responded with a big laugh, and while talking, he let his horse out three feet wide.There was a gap so that the little girl could approach the well protected carriage.Before he set off, he heard that the Seventh Highness and the two young ladies of the Mu family were rushing to Yanguan with the team. After all, in his impression, the prince of the Tian family and the young lady of the aristocratic family are all delicate people who can t bear hardships.He was not only afraid that these people would delay the trip to transport food, but also that he would accidentally offend the nobles in Beijing, and he would be sued to the grandfather of the country or the young grandfather Who would have thought that, including the seventh prince who was born in the heavenly family, these three nobles were all easy going and very easy to get along with.

The corners of Jie Sinian s lips twitched, with a warm smile.These two people presented this thing to His Highness, naturally, to make it easier for you.Convenience Convenience Mo Shucheng raised his eyebrows abruptly, and took the case with anger and resentment, Go find Chao Ling, what are you looking for in this hall It s not uncommon to bribe an examiner like this, although he doesn t He often pays attention to scientific examinations, but he also hears a little bit, but koi naturals CBD Love Hemp CBD Oil a little bit of hearing does not mean that he wants to join in scientific examination fraud, once it is found out, it is a serious crime Xie Sinian s expression did not change when owl premium cbd gummies he heard the words.He only looked at Mo Shucheng with a smile, and asked softly, Your Highness, what do you think Paste the name, transcribe the scroll, and help organize the directory.

750 mg cbd gummies review Knowing that this year s March 3rd Peach Blossom Poetry Festival will be held in Xiao s house, she began to plan, how can she bring two talismans to gather energy to attract evil spirits, set up formations, and break evil and calamity.After all, according to the physical ability of her ten year old body, kenai farms CBD gummies reviews Love Hemp CBD Oil the control of the shackles is already the upper limit.It s better to let her do more preparations in advance, just in case of emergencies.After calming down, Mu Xici raised his hand and pressed his eyebrows, sighed lowly, and dipped the brush in his hand again with vermilion ink to draw a talisman.On the second day of the third lunar month, the invitation to the Peach Blossom Poetry Society was delivered to Mu Xici s desk on time.Mu Xici raised her eyes and glanced at Xiao Shuhua, who was wearing a fancy dress and sitting in the chair opposite.

Mu Xici responded indiscriminately, but he didn t take his words seriously in his heart, instead he swayed and CBD gummies and breastfeeding Love Hemp CBD Oil calmed down a lot.Hands and feet, Mo Shuyuan and the others have left Let s go.Mo Junli raised his head and glanced at the pavilion beside the tree, which had already returned to an empty space, and they probably left soon after Mu Xi s resignation., but he was nervous about the little girl s injury at that time, and didn t pay much attention to the movement in the pavilion.Tsk, it s a pity.Mu Xici smacked her lips.She hadn t heard the scene at all.Fortunately, there was probably another scene after lunch, so she wasn t in a hurry.Come on, you put away the formation, we ll find a place with best cbd edibles for anxiety and depression water, and wash your face first.The boy threw his sleeves in a huff.The blood on her face cbd gummies extra strength was too late, and there were still some marks that were not deep or shallow, and they could find out with a little attention, and they had to deal with it quickly.

Is it the ordinary people who were cornered after the flood this year and forced to become bandits, or is there another hidden secret What do you think, old man.Jun Mo heard this and hooked.His lips sneered, Look at this year s flood Does it look like it can drive people up the mountain to be bandits Even if there were, there wouldn t be so many people appearing at once that s not at all.It s not a mountain bandit.The young man lifted his eyelids, indicating something, I declare that I m a mountain bandit That s for fear of causing turmoil and panic.You always understand.Turmoil and panic Mo Jingyao Frowning, he put these two words on the tip of his tongue and smack it twice, his face suddenly sank The third or the fifth You said it like Mo Shuyun has the ability.Mo Shuyun Jun Li shrugged, his third brother was notoriously brave and royal blend CBD gummies review Love Hemp CBD Oil unreliable.

swag hemp infused natural cbd gummies reviews Mu Shiyan smirked, subconsciously tightening Xiao Miaotong s sleeves, Do whatever you want.Second cousin, If according to what you said, then Xici should not start writing.Mu Xici rolled his eyes, resting his cheek with one hand calmly, I would rather see your sisters masterpieces as soon as possible than recite poetry.Let her see how sad they are, and let her write Advise them not to think about it.Mu Shiyan was stunned by cbd balm hemps pharma what she said But What but, second cousin, do you still want to break the rules of this peach blossom poetry party The big hat was caught off guard on Mu Shiyan s head.After all, she is someone who has been fighting for more than ten years in the past, and she can still do it by secretly buttoning her hat and giving it to her.As soon as these words came out, there was a sudden chatter around, and the expressions of many people looking at Mu Shiyan changed.

Mo Junli rolled his elegant eyes lazily when he heard the sound, and then raised his eyebrows in a cool manner, These improved bows and crossbows were designed by Sister Mu.I just took the blueprints she gave me., and urgently dispatched a group of more powerful craftsmen.My sister Mu Xiuning was dumbfounded, Does she still have such skills How come I hemp bombs cbd gummies sleep never knew Oh, second brother, there are still more things you don t know.Mu Da Guoshi crossed his arms and took over the conversation, And the drawings drawn by our sister are not only that, there are all kinds of drawings in the back.What about the improved firearms.It s just that the process of making and debugging those things is too cumbersome, and the craftsmen will not be able to come up with the finished product for a while Otherwise, what we are trying to do should not be a divine arm crossbow, but It s a newly made fire gun.

Xiao Xizuo took out the speech he had prepared early in the morning, and replied obediently, As for is there thc in hemp gummies the cold Miss Lao is concerned, this servant has lived in Hanze since she was a child, she has long been accustomed to the weather here and doesn t feel cold.That s it.Mu Shiyao rolled her eyes calmly, and then continued He smiled gently at the little girl, It s fine if you don t feel cold, then you can quickly get the candle, I just came out for a walk when I was bored, and happened to pass by here I won t disturb your errand.Here.Xin Zuo nodded in response, turned around, and pretended to fumble for the key.Seeing this, Mu Shiyao turned around and wanted to leave, but Xiao Xiao Zuo heard the movement of her leaving, followed her on tiptoe, and took advantage of the situation to take out the machete hidden at her waist.

If she was asked to write lyrics and poems, she would probably write the laws of killing gold and iron horses.Those things had been with her for eleven years, and the snow in the border town was almost melted into her bones and blood.Wanting her to take just three or four months to forget the bloody eleven years is obviously a fantasy, and she really can t write with them.Young masters and young ladies who grew up surrounded by flowers in the capital would not understand the pain of sand and dust piercing their armor and the pain of blowing a knife into their throats.What they worry about is always the love of their children at the moment, and what they are fighting for is temporary gain and loss.They thought their love was sincere, but in fact they still wrote the ethereal romance, which seemed to be painful, but in the end it was just a drunken life and a dream to die, and it played a sultry sound.

Love Hemp CBD Oil cbd gummies dc Mo Junli Do you know a little bit The plane is driving me crazy, and the nucleic acid test nasal swab here is even more crazy I m afraid I have to ask for leave tomorrow Do you know what it s like to have a washing machine, refrigerator, and range hood in this hotel, but no stools and tables I m sitting on the plastic stool that the boss pulled out walmart CBD gummies Love Hemp CBD Oil and squatting on the stovetop.I can CBD thc gummies for pain Love Hemp CBD Oil t stretch my do cbd gummies help with pain legs because of the pain in my hands Another Of course, the Xiao mansion is not only water, but it is effectively used in places that need to be connected.There is more water than ordinary northern gardens, well being CBD gummies Love Hemp CBD Oil but not so much.You will know what I am talking about after reading the next chapter, too lazy to call qaq again Also, once again, the metaphysics in the article are half truth, half false, exaggerated and weakened, and the whole process of coding is high, don t learn No, wait, why didn t he understand this causal relationship according to the meaning of Xiao Guoshi, those waters were originally formed Mo Junli twitched best cbd isolate gummies for anxiety the corners of his lips uncontrollably Aci, speak human words.

This guy will like it, you can go back quickly.Aning, guess what Mo Junli listened, clenching his fists and gnashing his teeth, I m not Le Wan, I m Le Wan s brother Well It s not Le Wan.Mu Xiuning raised his brows in a daze, shook his dizzy head, carefully looked at Mo Junli for a while, and finally saw the Adam s apple on the boy s neck, and let out a sigh of relief It s count custom cbd gummies really Your Highness I ll just say, Le Wan s head feels so bad to the touch.The only thing that makes one s fingers itch like this is that His Highness is the only bastard who wants to kidnap my little sister every day.After drinking, he was even more daring.He pressed the boy s shoulder and said sincerely Seriously, Your Highness, you really look like a mourner.Why don t you change it Don t think you are my brother in law, I I dare not hit you Mo Junli squeezed his phalanx and made a rattling sound, then he wanted to go up and give Mu Xiuning an old punch to make him sober.

She really was the bloodline of the Mu family, and she liked these swords and guns how long does Love Hemp CBD Oil to fight on the battlefield.Have you caught everything that should be caught Mu Da, who was walking in front of the young man, raised his jaw slightly, and the redness on his cheeks added a three pointed charm to her, If you catch it, I will accept it.Jue withdraw from the formation and send these wandering spirits away.Naturally, you have grabbed it all, you can leave the formation.Mo Jun nodded, then took Love Hemp CBD Oil out a clean handkerchief from his arms, and raised his hand to wipe the little girl s face.The blood on the side said, It cbd gummies local green roads cbd gummies reviews s you, Love Hemp CBD Oil | Thelicham | Love Hemp CBD Oil CBD Gummy Bear Aci, why are you so inattentive, and you still have blood on your face.It s not too uncomfortable.With a hand, Ren Juvenile wiped the blood from her face, and raised his brows in a cool manner, The key is that I didn t expect the assassin to be so obsessive.

Love Hemp CBD Oil | Thelicham | Love Hemp CBD Oil CBD Gummy Bear Go up Not only that, the last commander was in his two person room and found the steward of the Gongyuan.The last commander saw him sneaking, and seemed Love Hemp CBD Oil | Thelicham | Love Hemp CBD Oil CBD Gummy Bear to want to exchange the letters in the room, so he brought him over together.After he finished speaking, two guards escorted the steward one step forward and knelt down in the hall according to him.Jie Sinian and Liu Size Shiran stepped forward, and they registered their names and gave a big salute Seeing this, Lu Zixiu shut his mouth quite wisely, and quietly stepped aside.Fourth, look at the two people in the audience, but you said the counselor and the servant Emperor Yunjing didn t rush to read the letters, he just waved his hand slightly, and the inner guard stood up immediately.Mo Shucheng is here.The latter raised his eyes and looked into the hall, his expression immediately became very excited Yes, father, the white robed warlock is Jie Sinian, and next to him is the servant of Erchen s house, named Liu Si.