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On September 14, they arrived at Fuhuyi.In Jiang Wan s heart, there are also some feelings of right and wrong.Ni Yan was very familiar with this place, so he went in and shouted Old Yang, come CBD gummies effect on liver Organic Hemp CBD Softgels out quickly.After hearing the words, Yang Yi came out and shouted Brother Ni.Walk.The postmaster said to Jiang Wan, I am relieved to see that in good shape now.The postmaster was busy saying that he did not dare to be.After eating a rough meal, they went back to their houses.She was timid about being close to her hometown, but Jiang Wan couldn t sleep.Pushing the door open, he saw Mr.Xi sitting in cbd gummies with delta 8 thc the yard meditating, and Jiang Wan wrapped in human immunity cbd gummies a thick jacket and went over to talk.Mr.Xi, where is the sunbathing Mr.Xi stood up and patted the ashes on his body The madam is the one who came out to sunbathe the moon.

A proposal for her to meet Ning Yan.But she didn t expect that the county owner was so serious.Did she not see the empress reluctance, or was she eager to promote her marriage with Ning Yan in order to curry favor with the queen mother Jiang Wan lowered his eyes Yes.The Mingchang County Master said with satisfaction That s good.I am in a hurry to enter the palace, so I will take a step first.The County Master are CBD gummies the same as hemp gummies Organic Hemp CBD Softgels walk slowly., and then lowered the curtain.Chunyuan asked, What does the princess mean Please go on a blind date with someone.Jiang Wan didn t want to say more.Chunyuan turned to other things Madam scared me.After all, the third master is His Majesty s savior.Madam seems to be hitting His Majesty s face in such a hurry to reconcile.Jiang Wan lazily leaned on On the mat, a very faint smile appeared. long do CBD gummies take to start working Organic Hemp CBD Softgels

Fortunately, the cat and the dog came from the same pet store.They may have similar breaths and get along very well.They often sit together and lick their fur.Jiang Liuyi likes to take the dog and go out with Song Xian after dinner.When it was full of people, they walked to the side to prevent the dog from touching others.The dog was very smart.They would be right next to the two of them when they went out.They occasionally bring the dog back to Jiang s house.In the third year of their marriage, Jiang Liuyi sent gummy bear CBD recipe Organic Hemp CBD Softgels Jiang Liubing to study abroad, so there are only the old couple left in the Jiang family, and it will be edible cbd oil online more lively every time they go back.Jin Mao s favorite place to go is the place where Song Xian used to live.There is a park there.Every time Jin Mao goes there, he is very excited, shaking his head and waving his tail, Jiang Liuyi and Song Xian live on both sides.

natural cbd Seeing Song Xian getting married in such a hurry, she naturally disagrees.Song Xian said, We are quite suitable.What is suitable How much do you know about her Do you know what happened to her before Song Xian asked, Why do you want to know She was tongue tied That Then you must look at purekana CBD gummies review Organic Hemp CBD Softgels her character Song Xian nodded We get along After a while, her character will be pretty good.She despaired How can you tell her character after a while At least you have to get to know each other Song Xian looked at her inexplicably I have understood, in every aspect.Not bad.You She almost broke out, but she held back when she saw Song Xian s calm eyes, and then she brought herself to Jiang Liuyi, and they ate together.Afterwards, she saw that Song Xian was doing well, living a comfortable Organic Hemp CBD Softgels copd CBD gummies amazon Organic Hemp CBD Softgels life, her complexion was getting better day by day, she was botanical farms CBD gummies reviews Organic Hemp CBD Softgels no longer insomnia when she asked, and she got along well with Jiang Liuyi.

Xuntian, provoked everyone to walk around Ruan Bingcai s tent.Riding the wolf and Ruan Bing just spoke, recipe for cbd gummy bears this was the first time.Why are you Ruan full spectrum cbd gummies with thc near me Bingcai asked.Riding the wolf released his hand holding his nose and put the basket on the table What do you want to do Ruan Bingcai was already cbd melatonin gummy used to the smell, and calmly said, What do you want to do What do you want to do today Hiding the hostages, and hooking up with the Rakshasa King, is all yours, right Yeah.Ruan Bingcai coughed, But can you put me down first, you grab my collar, I gasp Don t get angry.Riding the wolf let go.Ruan Bingcai sat down on the couch.Of course I want to provoke the king and the prince, but you, haven t been idle these days.Riding the wolf s expression softened a little My purpose is the same as yours.Ruan Bingcai thought for a while Could it be that It s you who is the slave girl It s me.

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Shen Nanxi thought, if you come later, CBD Eagle Hemp Gummies Organic Hemp CBD Softgels (Part3) | Thelicham I m afraid It was later than King Zhao.In the front left is Mr.Tan, who went to the yamen to meditate and burn incense first.When others are not busy, he is meditating, and when others are fun cbd gummies busy, he is still meditating.Because his uncle s surname is Zhou, Zhou s prime minister is Zhou, so the evaluation is always good.In the front right is the famous death to ask for money Lord Nian cbd gummies without sugar of the Six Departments.This man was transferred to the Punishment Department last year.The biggest feature is that he wears a watch from the West on his body.No matter how big the case is, Mu Ri will not go to the yamen.Good guy, latecomers are all recognized girders.Shen Nanxi lowered his head and glanced at the official uniform, and thought regretfully, if it wasn t for looking for He Wangxiao, how could he have fallen into the company of these worms.

Sit down, sit down, Jiang Wan pushed the pastry plate towards him.What I still remembered in my heart was what Taizu said, What did the Taizu actually say Yu Heng said, What best time to take cbd gummies is the difference between people and Organic Hemp CBD Softgels animals.The price Jiang Wan looked surprised.Taizu is dissatisfied with the human trafficking.It seems to have been said before that half of the beams on women s shoulders.Who is this person Her question was too obvious, Yu Heng had to say, What do you want to say I didn t mean to say something, best cbd oil for inflammation Jiang Wan murmured, I was thinking, is your Taizu also Thinking patterns that transcend the limitations of the times, she can t help thinking too much.But if he has this heart, why has he never ordered it to be abolished Yu Heng The emperor ordered the people to sell their children and eat the Shu Han.

When he was Organic Hemp CBD Softgels first poisoned, he would drink ten bowls of medicine every day.Perhaps it was because of those quack doctors can i take my cbd gummies on an airplane who used drugs indiscriminately, that Emperor Chengping only rotted his face, but his whole Organic Hemp CBD Softgels body was almost rotten.Zhou Taiyi, CBD gummie Organic Hemp CBD Softgels who used to take care of him, is now in charge of the Taiyuan Hospital.The one who guards and feeds the medicine is just a small companion doctor, who seems to be a woman, which shows how unwelcoming he is here.All the imperial physicians have given up on him.Xi Zhengmo looked at the hourglass and found that it was almost time to drink the medicine.Sure enough, footsteps sounded outside the door.She got up and went to open the door, when she met the little eunuch who came to deliver the medicine.The little eunuch put the medicine on her and immediately turned around and ran away.

Qian Shen smiled and said, Liu Yi, you are not being kind.For art, you have to listen to different voices.Few of us can paint.It is rare that your wife is a major in this field.Let us listen to it from a professional point of view.Is this painting any good Yu Bai also stood beside Qian Shen, with an oath like expression waiting to be praised.Here are her best works.The others also held their breaths and became inexplicably nervous.Everyone looked at Song Xian, waiting for her to say a lot of professional terms or compliments.Song Xian just looked at Jiang Liuyi I said, you re not angry, are you Jiang Liuyi paused No.Song Xian turned his head, looked at Yu Bai, hemp seed vs CBD Organic Hemp CBD Softgels and said calmly, You This painting is very ordinary. Chapter 42 Preparation Yu Bai lost his voice when he cannaleafz CBD gummies Organic Hemp CBD Softgels heard this sentence, suspecting that there was something wrong with his ears, or Qian Shen s sharp voice What Normal Song Xian, you know.

Bian Jiu should indeed have something to do with Shen Wang.Futian will be held in the hands of the eldest princess of Anyang, and she has always acted as if she wanted to overthrow Emperor Chengping and support the Lord Ming.It looks like the future is bright, and it is common to be able to gather many capable people.However, the serenity CBD gummies reviews Organic Hemp CBD Softgels eldest princess of Anyang has no interest in changing the world, fearing that she is thinking about destroying the world.I don t know what kind of expressions these people will show when they find out that their future is just a waste of time.Where is the young master of the Ming family now I lied to him to go on a study tour.I sent him out long ago.He should have arrived in Pizhou by now.He is the last bloodline of the Ming family.I want to keep him no matter what.

After watching for a while, Jiang Wan regained his senses.Does Your Highness understand stargazing I don t know, but when I was a child, my grandfather taught me to identify a little.Taizu You seem surprised by your tone.I respect Taizu very much., Your Highness once watched the stars with dr hemp gummies Taizu, so I also saw the stars with Taizu, so I was surprised and delighted.Anyang turned to look at her What do you respect Taizu What Taizu said a lot It s all the fault of the deviant, who happened to betray with me.You also know that you are deviant.It s a pity that I wasn t born a hundred years earlier, otherwise the Taizu would what are the best cbd gummies to take for pain definitely appreciate me.Jiang Wan said complacently.That s true, Anyang seemed to be interested in chatting.There was a bad habit of binding feet in eagle hemp CBD gummies official website Organic Hemp CBD Softgels the past, but the Great Ancestor ordered it to be abolished, but it had little effect.

He wanted Sun Runyun to give himself an idea, so he still told the matter.After Jiang Wan finished speaking, Sun Runyun s expression became a little solemn.Sister, she said, can I ask you a few questions Jiang Wan sensed her disapproval, and coughed a little guiltyly, You ask.You and Miss Zhu Shisan are who What s the relationship I ve been a vegetarian.Is it the order of the parents, the matchmaker s word Yes.Then why do you care about other people s family affairs Because II think Jiang Wan laughed at himself, I want to save her.I want to save all women in the world.There s always a fire in my heart, no matter if others think I m deviant or disregarding Lunchang, I just want to take care of this matter, otherwise the fire in my heart will burn me to ashes.Jiang Wandao, No matter what.Whether it is successful or not, I will let the brave little girl who dares to let the maid go to the government knows that there are people in this world who are willing to help, and some people think that selling her daughter is wrong, and she is not wrong, sister Yun, do you understand I don t understand.

Do you think Teacher Bai will come Song Xian calmly replied, I don t know.Gu Yuanyuan looked up at her, knowing this.It was a topic she didn t want to mention, so she didn t ask, and after a few seconds she muttered, But this Yu Bai, why is this so familiar Where have I heard of it before She thought about it, scratching her ears, but she couldn t remember it , looked distressed.Song Xian got up, picked up her bag, and said to her, Yu Bai is Jiang Liuyi s ex girlfriend.Gu Yuanyuan She remembered Before Song Xian was going to marry Jiang Liuyi, she went to a gathering of friends from both sides, and someone mentioned Yu Bai and said that Yu Bai was the Bai Yueguang that Jiang Liuyi never forgot Gu Yuanyuan said, Yu Bai must have heard about your marriage when he came back at this time, and wanted to intervene She said and stood up Song Xian glanced at her What are you doing Gu Yuanyuan Declaring war The second grade was childish, Song Xian was amused, her cold facial features were relieved, more people looked at her, their eyes were hot and direct, Song Xian turned CBD thc gummies Organic Hemp CBD Softgels a blind eye, yes Gu Yuanyuan said, I ll go to work first.

If Jiang Liuyi really uses Song Xian as a stand in, why agree Interview Yeah, I remember the lead writer of Mixiu, isn t that Yu Bai s sister If Jiang cbd with melatonin gummies Liu Yizhen s old love for Yu Bai is over, shouldn t she agree to Meixiu s exclusive interview Speaking of the substitute, you know very well, you should be Yu Cai Others figured out that something was wrong and wanted to Organic Hemp CBD Softgels pick up side effects of hemp gummies the person who said this.Yu Cai s face turned pale, and she immediately found her own posts and deleted them all.Although she was anonymous, when you click on the homepage, you will see her previous posts.A lot of it is related to Meixiu, she deletes it in a hurry, like a prodigal dog, she is very embarrassed.On the other end of the computer, He Xiaoying and the opposite Wu Ying clapped hands.The two of them had a happy expression of victory.

Yu Bai was sketching outside, and she took the 18 hour train to rush there just to meet.On Yu Bai s birthday, she opened up half a month in advance and made cakes by herself.When Yu Bai left, she drank heavily every day and what do cbd gummies feel like was hospitalized with a stomach perforation.Lin Qiushui knew that she liked Yu Bai very much.In fact, Yu Bai was right.No one could fault her for fighting for the career she liked.They were a pair of little lovers who should never have been separated, so everyone was willing to match them.Even now Jiang Liuyi is married.Everyone can see that Jiang Liuyi is clearly having a CBD gummies at costco Organic Hemp CBD Softgels hard time with Yu Bai s old love, otherwise why would he find a wife who is three point similar to Yu Bai Even the profession is the same.Jiang Liuyi s expression was natural I know, we met last night.

Xiao Shen You don t It s cool.The simple three words were inserted into a group of voices, like a muffled thunder, and the others were caught off guard.Xiang cbd gummies for quitting smoking near me Song Xian blinked.Song Xian didn t know why, but explained It s cool, our sex life is very harmonious, Jiang Liuyi s skills are not bad Jiang Liuyi covered her mouth Organic Hemp CBD Softgels and put her in her ear It goes without saying Song Xian nodded and smiled at everyone.Yu Bai clenched the cup tightly, smoking hemp vs cbd oil his fingernails dipped into his palm, leaving hideous marks, his teeth and claws were ripped apart.Her face sank and she took a deep breath.Just as she was about to stand up and leave, Xiao Shen grabbed her and sat on a chair.He whispered, I can t see that we Yiyi are so powerful.We used to be with Yu Bai I didn t say much about the rest of the words, and the meaning was very clear.

If he wanted to deceive her, there were thousands of ways, but he didn t.Jiang Wan looked back and said, Thank you.She cbd muscle relaxer gummies looked at the last tea stain on the chessboard, which was the last stroke of the word Huai.Unexpectedly, Brother Yuan turned out to be the son of Prince Wenhuai.But this Prince Wenhuai cbd oil vs gummies for pain is clearly a prince who can t have children.Jiang Wan s heart was full of thoughts, but his face was still calm.The atmosphere in the room was very deep and quiet.Yu Heng swept all the white stones scattered on the chessboard together and put them into the chess jar.Jiang Wan suddenly chuckled I haven t congratulated Your Highness cbd gummies in my area yet.Yu Heng frowned.I have long heard that the Queen Mother s niece is an amazing and talented immortal character.Now that she is matched with His Royal Highness, she has become an immortal companion.

Song Xian asked Are you helping me make decisions Jiang Liuyi shook his head Of course not.Song Xian frowned Then why do you want to talk to you Say Jiang Liuyi Take a breath, hold back, deep rooted thoughts, Song Xian has been living like this for many years, it is impossible to accept and change immediately, she can take it slowly.Jiang Liuyi said, Song Xian, sharing something doesn t necessarily wellution hemp gummies review lead to any result.I encountered a very happy thing today.I ll go home and tell you, will you be happy too Jiang Liu After Yi finished speaking, she looked at Song Xian, for fear that she would say something, what does your happiness have to do with me Fortunately, Song Xian did not.After thinking about it, Song Xian said, Yeah.Yes.Jiang Liuyi said, This is sharing, so you can tell me whether you are happy or unhappy about your work, and I may not be able to help you.

After chewing a couple of bites, it felt wrong, and I wanted to spit it out, but I was afraid of being rude.Anyang said with a smile Okay, just eat it.If you like it, I will ask the kitchen to make it for you next time.Jiang Wan had something in his mouth, so he just nodded.Seeing that Jiang Wan was 80 full, Anyang put down is cbd oil or gummies better for anxiety his chopsticks, and the maids quickly collected the plates and lit incense.In front of Jiang Wan, there was another small cup.She thought it was mouthwash at first, but when she opened it, she found it was a cup of soup.The color is clear and oil free, and the medicinal taste is just right, which does not overwhelm the umami taste of the soup itself.His Royal Highness s medicinal meal It was exactly the same as what Mother Qin made for her.Originally, she had been taking the recipe given by Mother Qin, and her body became stronger every day.

Some people said that if they spoke ill of Yi Guogong in the teahouse, no one would care.In order to benefit the country s justice and injustice, they should be treated as a disorderly party and put in jail together.From Jiang Wan s point of view, Duke Yiguo was wronged nine times out of ten, so Emperor Hengfeng s actions made sense, although it was a bit more explicit.However, Emperor Hengfeng is such a person.He doesn t seem to know how to use sophisticated methods.What was Princess Anyang doing at that time What did you say Ruan Bingcai asked.Jiang Wan s mind was shaken just now, and he couldn t help but ask what was in his heart.Ruan Bingcai touched his chin If you mention the eldest princess of Anyang, in my opinion, those banned soldiers who were sent to the streets are probably her handwriting.

Following Chunyuan, she said carefully Madam, don t worry about it.Jiang Wan was indeed worried, but he was not worried about Brother Yuan.Brother Yuan was an important piece of Emperor Chengping.If she died, Brother Yuan probably wouldn t die.With the reassurance pill from Yu Heng, she didn t care much about Brother Yuan s safety.She worries about the future.At first, when she heard the news of Yuan Ge er s disappearance, what came to her mind was the sword, light and sword shadow outside Shouzhou City.Who the group is and what they want, these puzzles have almost become her inner demon.If she didn t know the reason, she would be in trouble again.Look in front of you again.Yu Heng sent someone to throw paper balls into her carriage, telling her not to worry, she had a plan in her mind, but now that she has come in person, things will not change.

Another hemp oil or cbd oil for anxiety whip.Wu Jiao staggered forward and took a step forward, it really hurts.The power of this whip is really extraordinary, but there is no way.If you want people like Magatal who are not trusted by the eldest prince to turn to him in a short period of time, they must be loyal.This is a bitter plan.Fate, he had to grit his teeth to act.Hu Helu said in shock Although these two princes are small, they are also Batars.He bumped the riding wolf with his elbow You said that he would pass out a few whips at most.Glancing at him, he muttered, I wish he was smarter, and he would pass out immediately.Wu Jiu s back had two bloodstains intertwined, and the blood dripped halfway down his back, which was shocking.But he still best cbd gummies for puppies stood firm and stood up straight.Opposite him, the Magatal, who is known as the toughest in the wolves, burst into tears.

Organic Hemp CBD Softgels buy cbd gummies online australia >> galaxy CBD gummies, lucent valley CBD gummies Organic Hemp CBD Softgels CBD gummies hemp bombs Organic Hemp CBD Softgels.

Ning Yan s face was frosty Do you know how easy it is to kill you But you still came to save me today. Chapter 101 Baby Girl Jiang Wan asked, Ning Yan, do you want to be emperor No.Jiang Wan smiled.Let s go, I won t kill you.Ning Yan turned his back.You don t have to believe it, but don t forget how General Ge of the Weinan Army died.Jiang Wan said.Ning Yan didn t say whether he believed Jiang Wan or not.But enough is enough.Jiang Wan did everything he could, but it was impossible for Ning Yan to go back and kill his father with just a few words.Ning Yan said that he would leave, and he didn t mean to care about Jiang Wan.Jiang Wan was afraid that Ning Tong s people would catch up, so he turned around and ran into the alley.The sky was too dark, and Jiang Wan was scared by a wild cat after two steps.

oprah winfrey hemp gummies Seeing that Jiang Wan really wanted to help, Fu Nong didn t persuade her, after all, this place There was nothing to pass the time, so Jiang Wan was probably bored.Fu Nong handed over a drying rod and taught Jiang Wan how to put the clothes on, and how to control the height so that the clothes would not be scorched.The house was full of fun, but Yu Heng tasty hemp oil cbd gummies outside the house became more and more confused.Where did he make Jiang how to make CBD gummies with jello Organic Hemp CBD Softgels Wan angry At this moment, the guard Yu Heng sent out to inquire about the news also returned.The guard said His Royal Highness, the information has been inquired.Yu Heng is optional Let s talk about it.The sound of cbd gummies cheap the gong was struck by a squire surnamed Meng here, and his daughter and others are here.The scandal was arrested last night.The squire had read a book and said that this would ruin the family, so he wanted to burn his daughter to death.

She said and asked, What happened to you today It s Organic Hemp CBD Softgels been almost half a year since you came to this department, and cbd 500mg gummies I ve never made such a mistake.This lucent valley cbd gummies price is the first time I posted the wrong picture.This happens to anyone.It is possible that it happened to Song Xian, which is incredible.Song Xian was recognized as a perfect worker, so when he didn t cbd hemp directcom make mistakes, something was wrong today, very wrong.Song Xian tilted his head when he heard the words, After thinking for a few seconds, he said calmly, You sent me the do cbd gummies constipate you wrong picture and I ll fix it again.Xiao Li nodded and asked her, Are you too tired recently Song Xian turned on the computer and said, No.Xiao hemp gummies vs CBD gummies Organic Hemp CBD Softgels Li re sent the picture to her, then turned to He Xiaoying and said, Do you think Song Xian is different Organic Hemp CBD Softgels soul CBD gummies from usual today Ying also participated in the discussion It seems to be the afternoon, I was a little nervous.

Just as Feiyan took the seal and came back.Let s wild hemp cbd vape how many hits use this seal for you first.Jiang Wan sent them out.Huo Chen didn t know what was in his mind, but before he left, he even provoked Jiang Organic Hemp CBD Softgels Wan Then I m your eighth uncle Jiang Wan It s funny.When Jiang Wan arrived at the north gate, the situation at the gate was really bad.The door was half closed.Outside the city gate, the people who were blocked were excited and clamoring to squeeze in.The Zhenbei Army formed a human wall with their swords half unsheathed and was trying to stop them.Another group of Zhenbei Army was trying to stop them.The city is pushing the other half of the door, and the city gate soldiers compete with them on the other side of the door irwin naturals CBD Organic Hemp CBD Softgels to prevent them from closing the door.In the corner, a city gate soldier fell to the ground covered in blood, not knowing whether he was alive or dead.

When she saw Madam Huo s red eyes, she still walked forward Organic Hemp CBD Softgels involuntarily.Aunt Wu.Jiang Wan opened his hand to her.Huo Rongqi took her into his arms and hugged her hard.Jiang Wan patted her on the back and said nothing of comfort.Her shoulders were hot.Jiang Wan knew what it was, it was tears, and it was Madam Huo s scar hidden deep in her heart.When Huo Rongqi said those hurtful words to Huo Nvxia, when she accused Huo Nvxia of not showing up in time when her sisters were in distress, she was not blaming herself who stayed in Bianjing alone because she didn t know who she was, and she regretted it.Huo Rongqi hated Huo Nvxia as much as he hated himself.The remorse piled up, and she couldn t hold it anymore.But she only how to make cbd gummies with jello briefly hugged Jiang Wan, raised her hand and wiped it, and she was the tough head of the family again.

Zhao Yuebai had already brought it over quickly and looked cbd stop smoking gummies shark tank up at Jiang Liuyi What is it A gift for you Jiang Liuyi didn t know either, she thought it was a small gift bought by Song Xian when she was shopping, but suddenly heard Zhao Yuebai say it was a gift for her Jiang Liuyi s mood had subtle ups and downs.The unhappiness just now benefits of cbd oil gummies was suppressed, and a little bit of joy came out.She took it from Zhao Yuebai s hand and said, Don t mess around.Look.Zhao Yuebai smiled It is estimated that your wife wanted to give you a surprise.Jiang Liuyi s heart pounded, her face was slightly dry What a surprise.Having said that, she pure kana cbd gummies still opened the bag, and there was a red one inside.The box green ape cbd gummies review was square, she opened it, and there was a couple bracelet, the kind with a transfer pearl, Zhao Yuebai teased Oh, Song Xian is quite attentive.

best CBD gummies for pain 2021 Organic Hemp CBD Softgels Entering the store, Jiang Wan arranged another table for the two children, while he sat with Li Xiangxiu.I want osmanthus honey, what do you want Jiang Wan CBD gummies stomach pain Organic Hemp CBD Softgels asked.Li Xiangxiu leaned the umbrella against the foot of the table crampedly, and sat on half of the chair.She knew in her heart that she should not come, but she came again, so when facing Jiang Wan, she always felt a little guilty, and she didn t even hear her question.Jiang Wan had cbd gummies for sale walmart no choice but to cbd anti inflammatory say, Then be the same as me.Sitting across from him with his eyes straight, Jiang Wan followed suit.What she thought was the destination of Sister Qing.In her guess, it is very likely that Brother Yuan is the orphan of Prince Wenhuai.The dead Song Yin is the mastermind, so the Song House is naturally an accomplice.Emperor Chengping has no reason to deal with it now, but it is not certain in the future Reliable people can always be found, Arou should have a place to go, but it is impossible, entrusting Arou to grandfather or Jiang Ci is also a way.