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At the beginning, I heard that President Qian was keen to collect Mr.Zong s oil paintings, so Shang Yijiao finally got an original that looked good, Real CBD Gummies Kenai Farms CBD Gummies but he didn t think that Jiang Siyong made a mistake in the painting, so he let himself be in vain.Missed a once in a lifetime opportunity to accept the money family.It didn t take long Real CBD Gummies for Shang Yijiao to hear people mention that an executive named Yuan Jiamin of the Zengmang cbd gummies stores company actually narrowly defeated the Qian family one game.Therefore, Mr.Qian seems to have a different opinion on the Zhengman company.Shang Yiqiu felt that his thinking had to be adjusted.His younger brother, Shang Yixi, has always been a good player at Go, so Shang Yijie told him his thoughts, hoping that he would find a way to squeeze into that special Go business circle.

That s good.You must be able what are cbd gummies good for to do this, huh Then what The inventory in the No.7 warehouse is quite large.The second step, let s try hemplex naturals cbd recover 300mg to make medicated tea first, and now this season is in full swing.It is the peak season for this kind of health care products, so let s speed up the progress as much as possible and strive to be one step ahead of our peers.At present, there are three kinds of medicine tea that are more certain, which are aimed at clearing heat and eliminating fire and There are three types of people Qi stagnation, blood stasis, and insomnia.Really It sounds pretty good.The medicine tea you cbd gummies or tincture prepared must have something unique, so let s talk about it.As the coefficient is as high as 5, and the toxic and negative effects have been reset to zero, it should not be a problem to pass the approval of the relevant parties.

I don t care, Sister Yun, how about you It never matters.Just steam some rice, don t make it too complicated.Mo Saoyun replied with a smile.Okay With a promise, Xia Xiao went back to the kitchen to wash rice and prepare to steam it.Xiao Xia was cutting cattle and deer there when Mo Saoyun came in from outside.Ouch You are quite good at shopping This is the best Niu Qianzi from the Fengzi family in town.Your swordsmanship is quite good No wonder eagle hemp CBD gummies official website Real CBD Gummies Captain He keeps complimenting you Say it , what can I do for you Listening to that tone, Mo Saoyun came here on purpose to help the cook.Then the fish nuggets over there were martha stewart CBD gummies review Real CBD Gummies packed in advance by me, and they should be thawed now.Look at the matching, how about adding a dish of stewed fish nuggets Okay After washing with the faucet, Mo Saoyun found a stone pot of the same size.

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Shi Xinhua, let s talk about it, it s really not good, I can help you to try it, but my skills are far worse than that of Master Zhang. Okay, I ll think about it when I go back.After that, Xiao Xia got up and said goodbye When he was about to return to the gate of the warehouse, Xia Xiaoshu found that Jiang Siyong s car was parked not far from the door.Oh Mr.Jiang has been running quite hard here recently Xia Xiaoshu thought to himself.Chapter 80 Difficulty distinguishing true from false In recent days, Jiang Siyong s lover found out that her husband really had to sit there and design the game sketches honestly.She was overjoyed, and she strongly urged her husband to cooperate with that Mr.Xia.In Mrs.Jiang s view, hemp bombs CBD gummies review Real CBD Gummies no matter whether she earns money or not, at the very least, her husband s mental state is gradually improving.

More than two hours later, Shi Jincuo still didn t dare to dismantle the delicate parts that were connected by steel wires.The reason is simple neither he nor Director Guan can understand the mechanics of this part.Is this kind of special steel wire processed here Feeling a little discouraged, Shi Jincuo took off his gloves, sat on the bench, and asked casually.Yes, in the entire Lishi City, it is estimated that only our company Real CBD Gummies s workshop can process such sensitive steel wires.If you mean it, our dismantling work will end here today Director Guan asked casually.At present, it can only be dismantled to this extent, and the remaining processes are no longer part of modern mechanical technology.I estimate that Xia Xiaoshu should have borrowed the principles of ancient transmission machinery.We know very little about this aspect Then how to dismantle it You have seen it, as long as one wrong machine is included, the whole set of surveying and mapping instruments will summer valley CBD gummies reviews Real CBD Gummies be destroyed. CBD gummies work Real CBD Gummies

As for the signal conversion equipment that we are mainly promoting in the near future and the communication system equipment that will be launched later, it seems that there is not much about Ding Cheng Ye.I m interested, but the director is quite good and provided me with a lot of valuable information.Shang Yixi felt that Zheng Xinyi s attitude was not very positive.Actually This is also very understandable.Previously, a number of companies cooperated to jointly develop a micro level cutting and forming equipment.Because it is a special business, the period of profit growth will naturally be extended.See you in a short time.If the profit is too large, the intelligent welding robot will be different.The high, middle and low grades can meet the needs of all levels in the market.In addition, if all goes well, this intelligent welding robot can basically replace overseas imports.

After the meal, the three ladies tidy cbd gummies lafayette la up the kitchen neatly and talkatively.Su Lifei chatted with Yuan Zhen and his wife for a while, and then went upstairs to chat with Yuan Jiamin.What Are you planning to promote you to the post of vice president Su Lifei asked in surprise with widened eyes.Yeah I was also deeply surprised when I heard it.Later, after Mr.Lin s explanation, I figured out that he has conditions.Yuan Jiamin responded.What conditions Let me coordinate with Xia Xiaoshu and help the company develop micro mechanical products.In fact, it is to take the opportunity to comprehensively improve the company s technical level.How can I say it It is equivalent to a technical transformation in disguise, umit s somewhat similar to Ding Cheng Ye.Really You were originally the technical director, isn t that your heart Why Are you bothered about this Yes It s as if you can t finish it without Xia Xiaoshu, don t you think I m playing an embarrassing role in it Embarrassed You mean because of people, you re about to become the role of the public relations department Su Li Fei replied with a smile.

It s as loose as yours, and the controls in all aspects are still relatively strict.Haha I basically understand what Mr.Xia means.I will pass on to Vice President Cui later.As for the manager Yan you mentioned, it is estimated that He will be dismissed in a few days, after all, there are very few employees like him in our company.I m really sorry for the inadequacy of my words, and I would like to ask Sister Fang Haihan one or two, since everyone speaks out.We have made it very clear, and we will get along well in the future.In addition, Real CBD Gummies you may wish to tell Vice President Cui that the main business our company is CBD gummies stomach pain Real CBD Gummies currently operating does not have much conflict with your company, and the difference in the future development direction will only be greater, as long as Your company concentrates on managing its own main business, and in the next bulk CBD gummies Real CBD Gummies 30 years, your company will still be the leader in the industry, and I am convinced of this.

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Shang Yixi followed behind with a large bag of food.What is Mr.Xia busy with recently Shang Yixi creekside farms cbd gummies asked casually.Isn t it just unsealed just now I m preparing to sort out the medicinal materials in warehouse No.7.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu briefly explained the process of sealing and unsealing to Shang Yixi, Of course, that part of Xie Tingyu was naturally omitted.Is there such do cbd gummies hurt your liver a thing No wonder your company s efficiency continues to decline year by year This is infighting Haha cbd hemp store portland Fortunately, you guys are always sensible people, and in the end there is no big mistake.Shang Yi smiled happily.Responded a few words.After drinking a few sips of tea, hemp oil with cbd Shang Yixi said his intentions directly Seeing that you are quite busy, I will not waste your time.Now, I mainly want to ask, how gummy cbd watermelon rings far is the research on that puzzle game You Real CBD Gummies ask this It s not a coincidence, just a few days ago, I had to start all over again.

When I came out, Shang Yiqi picked up my reasoning, and even took Shang Yixi to have a little opinion are cbd gummies safe to take with other medications on me, alas This is a mess.Really Listening to you, this is a mess.It s quite complicated.Xia Xiaoshu responded casually.The more troublesome thing is yet to come.It is said that after Mr.Qian saw the painting, he seemed to feel that there was something wrong with the painting.After a few scenes, he never mentioned it again.As a result, rumors began to circulate in the circle, saying that the painting is 80 fake.Really It s true and false, and it s quite complicated.As a result cbd gummies for epilepsy of the appraisal, some said it was genuine, and some said it looked like a fake, okay There was a lot of controversy, and it soon became a hot topic of discussion.So, Shang Yijian called me many times, is hemp and CBD the same Real CBD Gummies I kept asking whether the painting was real or not, and it made me confused.

Really It s a happy event, I don t know where the man is I heard that he was a teacher at Xida Middle School, but I don t know exactly what he taught.It s hard for you.You have worked hard recently.As long as you don t make a big mistake, I will rush back as soon as possible.In case of any emergency, you d better discuss it with Mrs.Guan and Yuan Zhenyi.At the critical moment, Yuan Zhenyi There s still some way to do it.Okay I see You have to take care of yourself in the country Well, well Is there anything else No, I ll have to go out and see you later Client, let s talk eagle hemp CBD gummies price Real CBD Gummies later Okay, bye After that, Xia Xiaoshu hung up the phone.Reaching out and patting Wang Cai on the head lightly, Xia Xiaoshu thought that he should call Zhang Shikui.Brother Zhang, are you busy in the store It s okay, what s wrong Zhang Shikui asked casually on the other end of the phone.

You re talking about Mr.Shang Yixi, right Yes, yes It s him, what You are quite familiar with him It s okay When I was Real CBD Gummies still in the warehouse in Yugu Village, as partners, we discussed game development together.Really Your company cbd hemp dispensary s Subway Adventure mobile game should now be It makes a lot of money, right This Mr.Shang really has a vision He has a vision.On the phone, Xia Xiaoshu wanted to say that Shang Yixi finally chose to quit, but after thinking about it, he was worried.Telling the truth caused President Tong not to have a good impression of Shang Yipei, and it might affect business negotiations in the future, so Xia Xiaoshu couldn t bear it anymore.Well, I won t bother you any more, see you later After that, Tong Yuyao hung up the phone At around three o clock in the afternoon, the Shi Mihui company sent two lawyers, CBD gummies anxiety Real CBD Gummies a man and a woman, to deliver the relevant agreement documents to Xia Xiaoshu.

Real CBD Gummies Out of the consideration of helping Yuan Jiamin, Xia Xiaoshu had to meet with Shi Mingyu about the hemp gummies to quit smoking mechanical craftsman to get a comprehensive understanding of Mr.Shi s overall vision The next day, around nine o clock, Xia Xiaoshu drove away from the Sang s Courtyard and went straight to the Yu Shenghe side.He hadn t played chess for a long time.I randomly picked a chess room next to the station to watch the excitement.The white chess player is an uncle who is in his seventies.He is dressed in fashion, with a youthful face and a tall body.The opponent is a middle aged man in his forties, dressed in Western style casual clothes After watching for a while, Xia Xiaoshu felt that the two of them were very poor at chess, and was not interested in continuing to watch.Xia Xiaoshu asked the waiter to open a chess room for him, and told him that two guests would come to him later Sitting there idle is also idle, Xia Xiaoshu took out his mobile phone and put it on the table to study the upgrading skills of digital circuits At five minutes to ten, the new chairman of Hu Yue Tang was in Fang Yuejuan s office.

It is always inevitable to disclose some important business information intentionally or unintentionally.Through acquaintances, the Qian family learned that the 017 workshop, which Shi Jincuo has always valued very much, has actually started trial production of the high end cutting equipment.At first, the Qian family didn t quite believe it.In his opinion, Xia Xiaoshu was a human being, not a god Being so young and without any practical experience, the Qian family even doubted whether Xia Xiaoshu had actually operated the imported version of the cutting and forming equipment.However, after thinking about it calmly, the Qian family suddenly realized that if Xia Xiaoshu partially abandoned the original old design mode and boldly adopted part of the extreme speed macro technology, let alone Xia Xiaoshu, Shizhong company It is also possible for the R D personnel to CBD anxiety gummies Real CBD Gummies quickly formulate the corresponding design scheme.

Actually, you don t have to work so hard.With the recent sales of your store, it s more than enough to hire three or five more employees.You just need to control the overall situation.It s easy and efficient, so why not do it Lin Qiyu suggested with a smile.Three or five people are a bit too many, you can just come to any one.I have already reported to the head office, and it is estimated that new colleagues will come in a few days.Xia Xiaoshu said the same Doctor Meng said hello and respectfully accompanies Mr.Lin to drive straight to Yu Shenghe.After drawing lots and signing, the female customer service staff told Xia Xiaoshu that the name of the person who was about to play against gummy rings cbd him was Meng Qiyun.Hearing this name, Xia Xiaoshu couldn t help but be slightly surprised It can t be so coincidental, right The same name This probability is too small Is it really her Xia Xiaoshu guessed , the chess player he is about to face may be Meng Qiyun, the current vice president of Qibaotang company.

Now there are not many people in the warehouse.Everyone s breakfast is eaten together.Of course, Xia Xiaoshu is vegan hemp gummies doing it in most cases.meal.Captain He, Real CBD Gummies Kenai Farms CBD Gummies let s make some ball soup today and eat it cbd gummies monroe la with steamed buns, do you think Okay, okay Thank you for your hard work.You re welcome After breakfast, Captain He accompanied Xia Xiaoshu On the field inspection at the construction site, Researcher Lu was thinking about his professional thesis.Hearing that the two were going to investigate the surrounding environment of the mortise and tenon stone lock, they hurriedly put on a coat and chased after them.Some boulders have been cleaned from different angles on the scene.Xia Xiaoshu took out a few tissues from his body and carefully wiped the surface of the stone for a long time.After thinking about it for a while, Xia Xiaoshu smiled and said to Captain He Captain Real CBD Gummies Kenai Farms CBD Gummies He, this kind of boulder was not excavated from the local area.

Sometimes, the competition is quite cruel, and it is martha stewart CBD gummies review Real CBD Gummies estimated that there are not a few people who are eventually eliminated from the game.A few days ago, if you hadn t helped in time, the days on Xinyixiang would have been difficult.Lin Qiyu is a veteran, and he still has some lingering fears about the harshness of the market competition.Back in the day, Lin Qiyu started his own business and was on the verge of bankruptcy several times.Although he finally saved everything, the unforgettable difficulties of that year are still fresh in his memory.People cherish their children, cbd rich hemp Lin Qiyu didn t want his family to suffer that crime again.Of course, these words are not easy to tell Xia Xiaoshu.Everyone will work together to find a better solution.You should let Mr.Lin and the others deal with it.

, Xia Xiaoshu invited Researcher Lu to the office.The two packed up for a long time, sorted out two sets of fishing gear, closed the door, and prepared to go out to fish.Wang Cai intentionally followed behind, but the can dogs smell CBD gummies Real CBD Gummies owner asked it to look after the house, so Wang Cai called out a few times in disappointment.It was the first time for Researcher Lu to see such beautiful waters, and he was full of admiration This is like a fairyland on earth It s so beautiful When I retire in the future, I must rent a small courtyard nearby and have a few Real CBD Gummies purekana cbd gummies shark tank sips of soju., fishing, walking, chatting ah It s intoxicating to think about it Hahaha Captain He also mentioned this to me.When the time comes, the three of us will be friends.Xiao Xia responded with a smile.That s cool There are so many people.Researcher Lu doesn t know the way of fishing at all, difference between cbd and thc gummies and has no interest in fishing.

Looking at the words and expressions, Xia Xiaoshu guessed a little bit about Doctor Meng s thoughts, not to mention, who can beat Xia Xiaoshu in terms of accounting.Hehe Doctor Meng, I know that you are worried about Xiao Jin s economic damage, but this is only temporary.With the medical skills of your master and apprentice, price of eagle hemp cbd gummies I believe it won t take long, and the economic how long do cbd gummies last in system aspect should not be a problem.A beloved apprentice has officially graduated.With my help, our clinic will be expanded soon, and we do not seek to gummy bear CBD recipe Real CBD Gummies make a fortune.In any case, it is a taboo to make a fortune in the medical profession.Even so, Brother Lu and Xiao Jin CBD gummies for back pain Real CBD Gummies Yuecheng Exceeding 10,000 is not a problem at all.Xia Xiaoshu smiled and comforted a few words.Really Then I ll listen to you But Shall we ask the little girl for advice in advance hemp and cbd the same Meng Qiting was still a little worried.

That s fine, but The fourth uncle is a family man, and Uncle Gan will stay in Dashu Village for a long time Otherwise, please take turns with him on duty, please Besides, we can t let people Bai Gan, 200 yuan for each night shift, is it less Xia Xiaoshu added a few words.It s a close relationship, so it s not good to give money, right Sanxizi felt that it was a little ugly to give money.If you occasionally help on duty for one or two nights, it s really nothing happy hemp CBD gummies Real CBD Gummies You will be fine if you invite the two of them to the pub for a good drink.Maybe this guy has to stay for ten days and a half months, which is inappropriate Xia Xiaoshu explained a few words with a smile.Then well, 200 yuan california cbd gummies is a bit too much.If there is no such thing in the countryside, it will be calculated as 100 yuan The villagers in the countryside will be paid 200 yuan.

At this time, it was almost an hour before the normal work in the afternoon.In this winter, it s 30 mg cbd gummies not good for the villagers to wait outside the gate for a long time.Xia Xiaoshu hurriedly got out of the car and opened the warehouse gate.I m so sorry I didn t know everyone came so early, please come in, come in quickly If these dry baked herbs are not released in time, they will be left in our hands for a long time, and the smell of the medicine will almost disappear.They say that you are doing things fairly, and we thought that it would be best to exchange them for cash.An old man who was a few years old smiled and chatted with Xiao Xia.Master, you don t have to worry, I usually stay at the warehouse side, you can come anytime.A middle aged man next to him interjected The buyers sent by your company are like that lantern all day long.

After about twenty hammers, Xia Xiaoshu shouted loudly to stop.After a moment of silence, Xia Xiaoshu slowly raised his right hand After more than an hour, Xia Xiaoshu raised his hands high and signaled the crane driver to pull the cable vertically toward the hoist Chapter 149 Trading with a Hammer Although lazarus natural cbd Xia Xiaoshu did some magic, the mortise and mortise lock still couldn t be unlocked.Captain He is naturally confident, and the other engineers are purekana CBD gummies reviews Real CBD Gummies a little impatient.How could they know that the complexity of this mortise and mortise lock structure has long exceeded everyone s imagination.How s it going Still can t open it full spectrum cbd edibles Little Xin, who was standing beside her, lost her temper.Everything is going well, but the specific internal structure is far more complicated than I imagined.Please stick to it.

Do you usually have any taboos when you eat Manager Mu hit the car and asked casually without looking back.No, no I don t pay much attention to eating, it s very simple Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile, Me kenai farms cbd gummies cost too, I like hot and sour sweets, and I can adapt to it, but I can t keep up my appetite and don t eat much.While speaking, Manager cannaleafz CBD gummies Real CBD Gummies Mu slowly drove the car to the main street, shifted gears, increased the speed, and stepped on the accelerator lightly The car drove steadily to the south.Xia lifestream labs cbd gummies Xiaoshu found that Manager Mu s driving level was much better than that of ordinary people.At the very least, Fang Yuelan, Jiang Siyong and others were not comparable to her.As soon as he graduated from university, Xia Xiaoshu got his driver s license.He didn t have a car at hand.He felt that his driving buy prime nature CBD Real CBD Gummies skills should be very average.

Since the second year of junior high school, Shi Jiudang has been helping the villagers with small jobs, how to mix cement, sand and clay, build walls, erect beams he is proficient in everything, and he can be considered as a decoration.The top is the expert.Although Mr.Jiang and the others are very novel to listen to and look at, all the specific operations will eventually be implemented on a brick by brick basis.After repeated communication and negotiation, Shi Jiudang gradually became familiar with Xia Xiaoshu.Waiting for the intentions of others, he deeply realized Mr.Xia is really yummy cbd gummies yummy cbd amazing The five people gathered in front of the stone table and the more they talked, the more they became attached, and before they knew it, noon had passed Sister Shi quietly came to Shi Jiudang s side, tugged at the corner of his clothes, and said in a low voice, I have passed.

Xia Xiaoshu asked casually.Reading When reading, comic books As he spoke, Researcher Lu handed Xiao Xia a bunch of comic books he had just bought.Zhuangzi , Tales of Vegetable Roots , New Words of the World , Heavenly Creation Xia Xiaoshu checked a few times and found that the books read by the nephew of the Lu family were still very philosophical These comic books are all from the same author, that person Xia Xiaoxiao knows, is a comic master.Mm Mr.Lu, it seems that you have to have a good chat with Dr.Meng.He may be able to rejuvenate Please come here After speaking, Xia Xiaoshu got up and asked Researcher Lu to follow Real CBD Gummies him to the clinic to have a good time with Real CBD Gummies Dr.Meng 350 Relieving Difficulties Researcher Lu complained that Xia Xiaoshu was at the side to make supplements without losing time.

Perhaps, when her mother is busy with the things at buy prime nature CBD Real CBD Gummies hand, she will play with her.Su Lifei s husband is very capable, with a fish, half a duck, beef stew with potatoes, and two wonderful Real CBD Gummies Kenai Farms CBD Gummies vegetarian dishes.Just as he was about to greet his wife for dinner, Su Lifei s cell phone rang.It turned out to be my best friend Yuan Jiamin calling.Is it convenient for you to sit at your house for a while Yuan Jiamin didn t seem to be in a high mood when she heard the words.Okay Have you eaten dinner yet Not yet.Then come to my house to eat.I ll be there in a while.Yuan Jiamin loved Su Lifei s daughter very much, and knocked on it with a few very expensive toys.Sophie s house.Hello Auntie Yuan Su Lifei s daughter likes Yuan Jiamin very much.Auntie Yuan never gives her toys or new clothes whenever she sees her.

Looking at the distance, Xiao Xia watched a few figures dangling near the foot of the back mountain, and listened to it, as if it was the sound of ice breaking.Oh The back mountain is high, and this Yugu Village is at the junction of north and south climates.The surrounding river should be half frozen.What are they doing by breaking the ice Could it be No matter what they want, first put They disperse.A lot of undissolved snow was piled up on the shady side of the courtyard, and the moonlight shone brightly.Xiao Xia has an idea.There are a lot of bamboo pieces of cbd fun drops gummies different sizes stored in the warehouse.Xiaoxia is not very clear about what they are used for.Leave it alone Borrow it first.After finding a few thin hemp ropes, bamboo knives, small wooden sticks, etc., Xiao Xia climbed up the tree again, slicing and slicing, and a sling had been tied to the tree branch by Xiao Xia.

In this regard, Shang Yixi was not at all mentally prepared, and came to the office building of the company s headquarters in an uneasy mood.He was not sure why Mr.Shi suddenly remembered to meet him does cbd gummies really help you quit smoking Chapter 856 Sun City Shang Yixi has always performed well in sales stores, but her income is a little low.Fortunately, Ding Weishan has been very busy recently, so it is natural for Shang Yixi to accompany her son to study With this as an excuse, Shang Yixi seemed more at ease.A few years ago, Shang Yixi firmly seized several fleeting business opportunities and made a few big sums of money steadily.Now, in terms of savings, Shang Yixi has nothing to worry about.However, since his wife Ding Weishan was promoted to the vice president of Xinyixiang , Shang Yixi was somewhat flustered.In addition, the frequency of his friend Jiang Siyong s contact with him has become lower and lower, Shang Yixi deeply understands, everyone is busy It s not that friendship has faded.