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And the play she wanted to watch was in do cbd gummies stay in your system full swing.Wang Bo was CBD gummies for adhd and autism Secret Nature CBD Flower so angry that someone poured a bottle of wine over his head.In the Hualou, watching Secret Nature CBD Flower the excitement, scoffing, and roaring, everyone was so unhappy.The atmosphere in the alley was a little stagnant.Lin Huwei Your hemp oil vs CBD oil Secret Nature CBD Flower Highness is injured md choice cbd gummies Yu Heng shook his head, probably because he was worried about Jiang Wan.It s not that Jiang Wan didn t hear it, she coughed Then why don t guard Lin send His Highness back to the mansion first.The two of them looked at each other, it was really hard to watch, so they all left.It s impossible to go back to the mansion, Yu Heng looked up at her and said in a low voice, Will Madam take me in for one night He said this If Jiang Wan had not been upright, he would have been wrong.Jiang Wan shivered and got goosebumps.

As soon as my mother smelled it, she knew that she couldn t eat it, and she said, I will take this bowl out.Well, when she spoke, Mrs.Ming also spoke Secret Nature CBD Flower (FDA 2022) up, and said exactly the same thing, she didn t want this bowl of sweet soup.Since they are mother and daughter, there are always some similarities between the eyebrows, my father.He was an outsider, and when he heard it, he had a guess in his heart, and my grandmother became excited and held my mother s hand and refused to let go, so they recognized each other.Then something happened at home.My grandfather was romantic and gave birth to a lot of children.It was just a battle in the house, and many died.My grandmother was so clean that she didn t even forget to go to her ancestral house and lived in Bie walmart CBD gummies Secret Nature CBD Flower Zhuang.Later, my grandmother felt deserted and took a bad life The woman s son was raised in front of him, but can you buy cbd gummies at gnc unfortunately that man is also a white eyed wolf, while grandma was too worried about my parents at that time, he thought about seizing power, and even colluded with officials, but he was stupid, Huo Rongqi sneered.

After chewing a couple of bites, it felt wrong, and I wanted to spit it out, but I was afraid of being rude.Anyang said with a smile Okay, just eat it.If you like it, I will ask the kitchen to make it for you next time.Jiang Wan had something in his Secret Nature CBD Flower mouth, so he just nodded.Seeing that Jiang Wan was 80 full, Anyang put down his chopsticks, and the maids quickly collected the plates and lit incense.In front of Jiang Wan, there was another small cup.She thought it was mouthwash at first, but when she opened it, she found it was a cup of soup.The color is clear and oil free, and the medicinal taste is just right, which does not overwhelm the umami taste of the soup itself.His Royal Highness s medicinal Secret Nature CBD Flower meal It was exactly the same as what Mother Qin made for her.Originally, she had been taking the recipe given by Mother Qin, and her body became stronger every day.

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If I m not mistaken, going into the town and staying for two consecutive days is most likely because of the lady s intention, that group of people is not very strict with the lady., Riding the wolf stroked his stubble chin, Mrs.Yi s temper is definitely not willing to endure hardship.I m afraid they won t be able to walk very fast in the future, and they will take the road.Wu Gui clenched his fist Then we can go around in front of them, lie in ambush, and catch them all in one go.Ni Yan came over at some point, he smiled I m afraid it will be difficult to catch all in one net, they have cbd hemp bomb gummies at least ten people there, all of them are good players, but do it early.It s always good to be prepared.Riding a wolf patted Ni Yan s calf Heroes see the same thing. Chapter 7 Haikuo On the tenth day of the seventh month, the horizon was dim.

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Then he cbd gummies cause constipation can earn enough money easily.Jiang Wan said sourly Riding the wolf also shed two tears because he wanted to send the ugly stone out, but he didn t care at all right now, he really took his heart out for Wu Gui.When Jiang Wan returned to the house, he saw Chunyuan and Xia Zhu were talking excitedly together.Jiang Wan asked Xia Zhu, Where s Arou Where s the silent homework Xia Zhu hurriedly said, I ll go look at her now.Jiang Wan asked Chunyuan again, What are you talking about, you re so excited.Chunyuan said This morning, the light guard broke the door of the Duke Xinguo s mansion, and the copied things are now hanging in Secret Nature CBD Flower (FDA 2022) the courtyard of the Duke Xinguo mansion.They are all a big box of gold.Jiang Wan couldn t help but wow They are really unlucky, but what exactly is a light footed guard Chunyuan said, Wait for my wife and I to talk about it in detail.

hemp bombs gummies review The Secret Nature CBD Flower familiar avatar is Jiang Liuyi s Q version of the little character, familiar ID.Ye Yinge, as usual, sat firmly in the first position, hemp seed vs CBD Secret Nature CBD Flower sent three emojis with flowers, and sent a lot of messages on this Weibo after a short while.Sister Ye is still so fast. Sister Ye is my role model Sister Ye is the first again, winning the championship Song Xian saw this comment and turned to the previous Weibo, the first one was this avatar and ID, she had seen it before, but she was still a little unhappy when she saw it again.Unhappy Song Xian pursed his lips, pointed his finger on the screen, and thought about it, he would send one to every Weibo post of Jiang Liuyi.No., how many microblogs there are in front of her, she just clicks in, comments, and posts.No.Jiang Liuyi just finished posting Weibo and was about to turn off the phone, scrolling a message on the top of the Secret Nature CBD Flower (FDA 2022) screen.

The young and old of the Jiang family are naturally willing to take care of them, but Arou hugged Sister Qing and refused to leave.She said she would wait for Jiang Wan to come back.Mr.Jiang only hugged Brother Sha.After Arou knew that Jiang Wan was missing, she cried all night, burned all night, and was just sick.Shen Wang also agreed.Everyone acquiesced irwin naturals cbd oil to the inseparability of Sister Arou Qing.Everyone else in the capital was talking with interest about the reason for Jiang Wan s disappearance.Occasionally, A Rou will hear these conversations, and this little girl will hug Sister Qing with an expression that makes everyone feel distressed.Yu Heng had visited them several times.Arou doesn t chase him, and doesn t care much about him.She practiced and Secret Nature CBD Flower (FDA 2022) read by herself, and also taught Sister Qing to read.

Jingguo was unwilling to let it go, so she insisted on calling the parents of each family and fighting for the right and wrong.Speaking of this, Wu s mother sighed.My wife wanted to go to the young master s mansion to invite Mr.Jiang for a visit, but the mansion said that the old man didn t know where to go fishing, and he Secret Nature CBD Flower couldn t find anyone, so Mr.Jiang asked him to come to you, and the old servant looked Secret Nature CBD Flower shy Come.She said, still looking at Jiang Wan a little nervously.Jiang Wan sat upright in the Secret Nature CBD Flower main seat, caressing the teacup expressionlessly.Seeing her expression like this, Wu s mother secretly thought that she was going to suffer.Now that Mrs.Jingguo, who is sitting in Ruyang Hou s mansion and refuses to move, is from a poor family, and she doesn t care about making troubles, not even her face.

These principles were just learned from the book.Apply what you learn.Jiang Liuyi said, When I was a child, I liked my dad to take me to the playground.I would go there once a month, and every time I played, I didn t want to go home.Song Xian asked, What are you playing A lot of roller coasters, Ferris wheels, The underwater world Jiang Liuyi looked happy when she recalled it, Song Xian turned to look at her expression and thought.It seems to really like it.Jiang Liuyi asked, What about you, what did you like to do when you were a child Song Xian thought about it and said, Study.Jiang Liuyi It s such a tragic comparison.Jiang Liuyi asked, Apart from studying, cbd gummies for stress and depression do you have any other hobbies Song Xian said, Drawing.Jiang Liuyi Her wife is not an ordinary person.She should get used to it.Jiang Liuyi was speechless to ask, what to apply what she has learned, it won t work She got up and said, I m going to see if the chicken soup is ready.

It s him Jiang Wan saw her eyes were straight, and she didn t know what to think.When he was overwhelmed, he couldn t help but wonder, Is there anything special about the Wang family Wang Shangshu is a very famous infatuated lover.Sun Runyun said, Young people are poor, young people are selected, and in only 30 years, he has become a minister of officials.His old wife died in childbirth when he had a child, and he never remarried.Jiang Wan thought it was really rare, but she soon discovered something was wrong.But Wang Shangshu s wife passed away when he was the first child.Who gave birth to Wang Bo The third son of Wang is a concubine.I see.Jiang Wan raised his eyebrows and did not answer.Seeing Jiang Wanyin s disdain, Sun Runyun hurriedly said, But Wang Shangshu has only one concubine, and the elders in the family decided to accept it for him.

He really is a white eyed wolf The scolding became more and more severe.Once, she even heard the queen mother scolding King Zhao for being a bastard.If others knew, the queen mother scolded herself that the person crawling out of her stomach was a bastard, and she was afraid that she would say that the queen mother was confused and faint.But Hua Ge knew very well that the Queen Mother always did this to King Zhao.The Queen Mother was reminded by Mother Qin that she should stop scolding, but she still hummed angrily and continued Tomorrow Fei called him into the palace, I want cbd gummy high to ask him if he really wants to be a rebel., it s good to be mad at me Hua Ge listened in his ears and remembered in his heart.Everyone says that she is the mouthpiece of the queen mother.In fact, being a mouthpiece is the most difficult thing.

The wind and rain outside the window were shaking, and the blowing window was whining.Song Xian finished drinking the last bit of Secret Nature CBD Flower brown sugar water and turned it off.Phone, go back to your room and sleep.It was eleven o clock when she went to bed, she turned off all the lights, the room was dark, and the surroundings were silent.After she went to bed, she remembered that the heating temperature was not adjusted, so she got out of bed, shuttled through the dark room, quickly found the remote control, and turned up the temperature At 11 10, the man on the bed turned over and sighed softly.At 11 20, the person on the bed was holding the quilt, sideways, and buried his head in the pillow, as if the sound of rain outside the window disturbed her sleep.At 11 30, she lifted the best CBD edibles Secret Nature CBD Flower quilt and got up, yawned, went to the bathroom, and threw all the clothes she had washed last night into the washing machine.

It s okay, even if she has studied, Arou is still very young, but she is very powerful.Jiang Wan comforted.Brother Yuan had no interest, suddenly opened his red mouth, yawned, and rubbed his eyes again.Mr.Shao s classes are all in the morning.Brother wyld cbd gummies reviews Yuan is used to taking naps, and now he is sleepy.Jiang Wan hugged him in his arms and let him lean on him and squint for a while.A Rou sat opposite Jiang Secret Nature CBD Flower Wan with her hands clasped together.When she was about to get home, she said softly, I lied, I m sorry.Jiang Wan said gently Actually, I feel a little uncomfortable because you didn t Tell me the truth, but it doesn t matter, Arou, I forgive you, because you are trying to keep your promise to your father.Jiang Wan said it so generously, but Arou did cbd gummies groupon not feel so guilty I will in the future.Don t lie.

In the past, the two of them were more disciplined than their superiors and subordinates, and Song Xian s messages did not contain more than ten words each time.She took the initiative to send a message that last time, she and Gu Yuanyuan had dinner and told herself to come back later in the evening.Jiang Liuyi resisted the urge to send a message.reserved.If Song Xian doesn t send a message, she can t help it Just nodded affirmatively, the phone beeped, and looked down, Song Xian sent a new message, asking if she was happy to receive the piano Jiang Liuyi What are you holding back with your wife She immediately replied Very happy, when you come back from get off work, I will play a new song for real cbd gummies you Song Xian Good. Gone.Is this gone Jiang Liuyi stamped this good word.I suddenly wanted to be humble again.

Fuyu as Nanqi Liang The mascot of peace, as long as there is no war, will live for many years.Compared to Fuyu s original plan to assassinate the Emperor of Nan Qi, this seems to be a better ending for her.I hope she will be smarter.Anyang said.In a few words, Anyang has pruned the flower cbd gummies for libido branches properly.Shi Yindu retreated.There was one sentence that Shi Yin didn t dare to say.In fact, she understood what Anyang said just now, but she could only ask her since she could CBD gummies reviews Secret Nature CBD Flower see that His Highness wanted to talk to her.His Highness is willing to talk so much with her, it s a bit abnormal.And this anomaly is probably because of the relationship between King Yunjian and His Highness twenty years ago.If the King of Yunjian marries Princess Fuyu, if there is a trace of pity, could it be because Fuyu has the name Little Anyang The past is the most touching.

Ruan Bingcai sat down with his robe up and threw a salted peanut into his mouth.By the way, Mrs.Zheng Guo is about twenty years old, and her husband is to repay the emperor s kindness Speaking of the main point.Ruan Bingcai hit the point directly The reason why you are crazy is because Song Yin s outer room gave him three children.Child.Oh, Jiang Wan exclaimed and can you drink wine with cbd gummies ate a peanut, please continue.Speaking of how much are cbd gummies to quit smoking Song Yin, the favored outer room, she is actually your personal maid, because you were jealous of the maid s beauty and sold her.Ren Yazi sold her into a brothel, and on the first night, they met Song difference between hemp and CBD Secret Nature CBD Flower Yin, the two of them were dry wood and fire There are still children.Jiang Wan reminded him.Ruan Bingcai glanced at Brother Yuan, and said sternly, The two of you got under the covers.Jiang Wan Do you still say those words that you are jealous of and persecute virtuous people Jiang Wan shook his head Is there anything else, I ve heard of these.

Will go home, she held back.This difference is nearly three years.She always felt that Jiang Liuyi would wait for her to come back, give her a hug when she met, and say to her, Welcome home.Or she would pretend to be angry and let herself coax her.But she never thought that Jiang Liuyi would get married.How could someone who was so nice to her get married Yu Bai are cbd gummies legal in ny bowed his head, his heart was aching, and the assistant was still saying, Bai Bai, the clay figurine cbd hemp oil australia still has three point temper.If there is no news for two or three years after you leave, she must be angry.Okay, purevera cbd gummies don t you want to save it Save Why don t she want to, when she thinks that she will be so kind to others, she is going crazy with jealousy But Liu Yi ignored her.Yu Bai s eyes were red, and she twisted the edge of the suitcase with both hands.

Is there anything more CBD hemp Secret Nature CBD Flower intimate than this No more, she wanted to kiss Song Xian, hug Song Xian, and Song Xian was by her side.She doesn cbd gummies to quit smoking cost t need to be in a hurry, she can slowly chase after Song Xian and fall in love best full spectrum cbd gummies 2021 with her.After thinking about it, Jiang Liuyi was in a rare mood.She called out, Song Xian.Song Xian buried herself in her arms and gave a vague murmur, as if in response.Jiang Liuyi hugged her tightly, and her surging emotions gradually calmed down.She said softly Song Xian.The person in his arms holistic greens cbd gummies hummed again, the end of the call rose, Jiang Liuyi lowered his head, pressed Song Xian s thin lips in the dark, nibbled and breathed slowly, Song Xian was drowsy, feeling Jiang Liuyi s kiss was very different from before.Be gentler.It was like a dense net that bound her tightly.In this bondage, Song Xian did not want to resist, and let Jiang Liuyi act indiscriminately.

The opposite Wu Ying threw a folder, He Xiaoying caught it steadily, she didn t give a shit anymore, and said, I m calling Song Xian on the weekend, and Jiang Liuyi picked it up.Jiang Liuyi is on the phone Is her voice really nice He Xiaoying nodded It s really nice, you haven t heard it, as expected of an artist, that voice can be used to sing It s over Song Xian heard their gossip and didn t say anything, He Secret Nature CBD Flower strawberry cbd gummies Xiaoying turned around to look at Song Xian Speaking of which, Song Xian, do you usually like to stay in bed After being cued, Song Xian raised her head and said, Only occasionally.He Xiaoying gossips Is it because Jiang Liuyi is too tired to go home Song Xian thought about it for a while, but did not deny it.The rest of the colleagues started to boo, Director Ye stood behind everyone You don t have to work anymore Everyone dispersed in an instant, He Xiaoying sat down, and saw Director Ye walking in front of Song Xian, she and Song Xian were always at odds, but she knew Song Xian After getting married, his face softened, and now he is standing in front of Song Xian s desk, holding back, I heard that your wife is Jiang Liuyi Song Xian nodded lightly.

The other three concubines are Guo Xianfei from Ruyang Houfu, Tu Shunfei from Xinguo Gongfu, and one is the direct daughter of the minister of household.Concubine Qian Liang.Among the three concubines, Concubine Guo Xian had two princes, Concubine Qian Liang was awarded the title of Concubine Jin because she gave birth to the third prince, and only Concubine Tu Shun had not given birth.The biological mother of the fourth prince was a palace maid who died early, and the biological mother of the fifth prince was the daughter of the Hingbu Langzhong family.I heard that she was a low key person.But that s what Mr.Jiang knew.The reason why he talked for a Secret Nature CBD Flower (FDA 2022) long time was because he said that Concubine Guo Xian was from the Marquis of Ruyang, and then he wanted to comment on the relationship between Guo Cang and Jiang Ci from Marquis of Ruyang.

Jiang Wan couldn t see more.After Princess Anyang smiled at her She served tea to the guests.Jiang Wan went in dazedly, and then came out dizzy.Only Mrs.Yasukuni stood in front of the carriage with a pale face and scolded something.When she saw her, she asked, What is she looking for from you Jiang Wan was thinking about the intentions of the eldest princess of Anyang, and didn t want anyone beside her to chatter Mrs.If you still want to go back to the city with me, please be quiet.Mrs.Jingguo s nose was crooked with anger.I don t believe that someone would dare to throw my old woman in this wilderness.If there is an emergency, my family Qilang will kill her Jiang Wan didn t bother to pay any attention to her, so he got into the carriage and ordered Let s go.Mrs.Jingguo was in a hurry, and slapped the maid who followed Stop Jiang Wan opened the curtain to look at her If you want to come up, just shut up.

Although the fire of the heart is crazy, everyone can give it up the fire of love burns the world, and it is lingering.Jiang Zheng lowered his head and sniffed the tea.Anyang smiled Tell me how thoroughly.His Highness s words can deceive others, but not the minister, Jiang Zheng said while drinking tea, If His Highness really loves him, he should know what kind of person he is.He never did it for the sake of Huo Zhuo, but for the sake of justice.He is such a person, but I am not.Even if I love him, I will not force myself.Yes, His Highness is not for him, but for himself, His Highness wants to avenge him, even if he asks His Highness to stop, His Highness I won t listen either.Jiang Zheng said, It s just that I don t know something.His Royal Highness doesn t even care about the world, why did you let me go Secret Nature CBD Flower Anyang smiled slightly, but didn t answer.

Jiang Liuyi turned her head Don t you want to go to work Go.Song Xian nodded, without talking nonsense, and went straight to the point But there is something I want to tell you.Jiang Liuyi s heart beat a little faster, her palm was sweating, and the hand holding the remote control closed.Her fingertips touched the edge of the Secret Nature CBD Flower (FDA 2022) remote control and felt pain.Her voice was tense, and she asked, What s the matter Could it be that she remembered what happened after she was drunk Are you going to have a showdown with her now Jiang Liuyi frowned.Song Xian said, I want to tell you, I will sort out my feelings as soon as possible and try not to trouble you.She doesn t like Jiang Liuyi s current state, and she prefers to sleep with her at night., preferably sleep exhausted.Originally, she felt that it was normal for her to fall in love with her own wife.

By the way, there is also the Dragon Whip, did you also beat His Majesty It would be good if that was the case.Fu Yu held her cheeks, She is going to return the Wing Dragon Whip.He sighed deeply and said, Aunt Anyang, it has changed.How has it changed Jiang Wan asked gently.She should have swung the whip instead of handing it to the eunuch.Fuyu said glumly.Jiang Wan smiled Don t you think it clinical cbd gummies reviews s a big deal to watch the fun I think the eldest princess has done an extraordinary job, Jiang Wan rubbed the rim of the cup, No matter what she intended, she can take the place of that one who died in vain.Wouldn t it be great for the little girl to seek justice What s more, it s serving multiple purposes.No matter who sits on the throne, the whip given by Emperor Shoujia to Anyang is always stuck in his five full spectrum cbd gummies reviews throat.

Then why did he say that he was the Rakshasa Princess Did he want to lead the disaster to the east and lead the Zhenbei Army to attack the Rakshasa Ministry No, that doesn t make sense either.He said that he was the Rakshasa Princess, which is indeed a lie that is too easy to be debunked, unless He wants to protect the real Rakshasa princess.Just then, a scream came from outside the tent.not good Chapter 17 Turning the Eyes That scream sounded like a girl s voice.Jiang Wan rushed out with her skirt in hand.Yu Heng is still injured When he opened the curtain, Jiang Wan felt cold in his hands and feet, and his whole body was trembling.She looked intently and saw a man dressed as Liang Bing being pinned to the ground, Yu Heng was holding the injured arm with a painful expression on his face.

Where s Fan Ju Jiang Wan beckoned to cbd gummies featured on shark tank Qiu Ci Where did Fan Ju take the carriage Qiu Ci shook his head.Jiang Wan I m really curious, why are you always reluctant to speak.Madam seems to have a lot of questions today.Qiu Ci s face was cold with Zhang Xibai.Good guy, use her words to block King Zhao, is this the legendary blocker Ren Heng block Jiang Wan shut up.After thinking about it, he was still angry, and said, You d better talk less, after all, what you say is really not very pleasant.Qiu Ci couldn t help laughing, and when he laughed, he couldn t laugh anymore.Princess.What princess Jiang Wan raised his head.The forbidden army cleared the way, and Fuyu rode on the horse, full Secret Nature CBD Flower of ferocious hostility.Jiang Wan took a step back and suddenly understood how heavy Yu Heng was when he mentioned Fuyu.

In addition to the novels, there are actually several comics.It s not that Jiang Liuyi has never been exposed to these things in school before, but he was not very interested at that time, but now he is interested in opening and studying.While watching, she paid attention to the bathroom, listening to the sound of rushing water, and she felt an inexplicable sense of security, which was quickly drowned out by other feelings.It s hot and dry.Jiang Liuyi cleared her throat and felt that a fire was spreading from her heart and was Secret Nature CBD Flower spreading.When the fire was at its peak, the bathroom door slammed open.She turned off her phone and put it on the coffee table.His face was burning and hot.Song Xian walked out wrapped in a turban.Jiang Liuyi was afraid Secret Nature CBD Flower (FDA 2022) that she would see it unnatural and said, I ll make the bed first.

The room fell into silence.Jiang Wan smacked the bitter taste on the tip of her tongue I have a question to ask cbd gummies full spectrum for anxiety you.Tell me.Why are you so sure that there will be a battle Her long eyelashes fell, covering the eyes mood.Yu Heng was startled, the girl was about to directly say that she doubted me.I ll ask that, Yu Heng smiled, This is that Madam is finally starting to believe in Heng.Jiang Wan couldn t figure out if he was laughing in anger, so he could only laugh dryly.The laughter on Yu Heng treetop hemp co gummies s face couldn t be stopped at all, as if someone was pushing the corner of his mouth upwards.He himself felt stupid, so he had to say, I lost my way.Yu Heng coughed, serious.Said I naturally know that there is a battle to fight, because there are also light guards in the Beirong royal court.Oh, Jiang Wan turned his head, since you are so capable, why haven t you seen you When the emperor what Forget it, can Secret Nature CBD Flower (FDA 2022) t say that.

Jiang Liuyi couldn t help shouting when she saw this Song Xian.Song Xian raised her eyelids and Jiang Liuyi said, The day of her interview will be decided, right After the interview, we will have a meal together.The day of the interview Jiang Liuyi nodded, picked up a piece of fruit and said Let s go there on the day of the interview, she is not very convenient after all, we should take care of her.Song Xian fixedly looked at her, her heart was gradually covered with the tenderness given by Jiang Liuyi, warmed up, and then a sharpened pen engraved Jiang Liuyi s name little by little.Deep, to the bone.Seeing that she didn t move or respond, Jiang Liuyi s eyes became more and more hot.She shouted, Song Xian secret nature cbd flower What s wrong Song CBD gummies for stress Secret Nature CBD Flower Xian looked at her and said bluntly, I want to kiss you again.Jiang Liuyi swallowed the fruit on the tip of her tongue before she could chew it.

Secret Nature CBD Flower (FDA 2022) Huyanxu didn t have so many scruples here, and he went directly into Ruan Bingcai s tent.Although Ruan Bingcai let Cheng Husong go faster, he had already tied him up.At this time, Huyanchuu came in, only to see Ruan Bingcai and Cheng Hu sitting by the charcoal basin.Seeing Huyanxu coming, Ruan Bingcai immediately stood up and saluted, with flattery and sincerity on his face, it was a colorful one.Huyanxu sat down and went straight to the subject King Rakshasa is here, he loves his daughter very much, but her daughter was taken away by Liang people, he came to beg the king to save his daughter.Although can you take cbd oil and gummies together Huyanxu omitted, but Ruan Bingcai had already figured out three Four meanings.After deliberation, Ruan Bingcai said According to the ministers, it is better not to save this Rakshasa girl.The king and Rakshasa were separated from each other, so they approached His Highness.

Jiang Wan stepped back according to her words, and glanced at the little eunuch doubtfully.He just paused for a word, and said it vaguely, but it seemed to mean that the princess hanged herself That is Fuyu.Fuyu is not a person who seeks death, and this tossing probably wants to use his own life to blackmail Emperor Chengping.This stupid girl is doing stupid things As soon as Jiang Wan was angry, his steps quickened.The one who carried the lantern in front Secret Nature CBD Flower of her was an eleven or twelve year old eunuch who was sweating profusely from her chase.But after chasing after him, the footsteps of Mrs.Zheng Guo behind him slowed down again.Not only did the pace slow down, but he also said what to do in his mouth.The little eunuch slowed down, keeping half of his eyes on Mrs.Zheng Guo, and hearing more broken thoughts.