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Like the previous Lianhuake processor chip, although the performance score is good, best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress reddit the user experience is very poor due to severe heat in daily life, which eventually became the laughing stock of users.Therefore, ananda hemp cbd after the current Xuanwu 700 announced the running score, there are Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy still users who doubt this chip.Of course, it is Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy very normal to have these doubts, after all, the fate of the Berry Clan and Lianhuake s combination of swords martha s cbd gummies is still vivid in my mind.Current users are still skeptical about this chip.Of course I also know that current users have doubts about the performance of this chip in high voltage scenarios.For this reason, we deliberately chose to conduct a high voltage game test at a room temperature of 28 degrees for half an hour Choose to turn on In the game performance mode, in the case of connecting to WiFi is cbd gummies the same as edibles at medium brightness, conduct a 60 frame game test in Peace Hardcover in ultra high definition mode for half an hour In order to allow current users to rx cbd hemp for dogs understand in more detail the processing used on their own models The device chip, Huang Da deliberately chose to do a severe test for the mobile phone.

Among them, the telephoto optical zoom will break through the highest range in the current industry The first to release the news of the news is naturally the digital news station.According to the non disclosure agreement of best place to buy cbd gummies the product, the current cbd gummies 1000mg digital whistleblower station can only reveal some general parameters.For example, we can only introduce some breakthroughs in the image of the product.For example, this time the focus is on the telephoto technology possessed by the product.After the digital news station broke the news, it also attracted the attention of many digital technology enthusiasts.Although this revelation did not specify which hemp gummies vs CBD gummies Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy manufacturer it was.However, from the current name of the small factory and the performance of various manufacturers in recent years, most netizens have guessed that this so called small factory is the famous Zhushi small factory.

Just as he was about to type a reply, someone in the group chat said what he wanted to say.Friends, right Yi Er and Bo Bu Isn t the god of ice and fire out of nothing There were a lot of repeaters in an instant, Tian Yunxiao Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy silently clicked a 1 and then closed the group chat.It was not until Tian Yunxiao came back to his senses that he felt something was wrong, because he didn t know when it started, and his body The pain is gone.This dog system, I don t know if the treatment is over.So he stood up, his hands spread out.Look down at your hands, palms down.After Tian Yunxiao s actions continued for three minutes, he let out a joyful laugh Hahahaha, the symptoms are really relieved a lot, it s great.Before, Tian Yunxiao s hands were shaking so much that it could be clearly seen with the naked eye.

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A resurgent opponent, but the rice company felt an unusual headache.At the same time, from the perspective of the rice company, the current Berry family released the Pro10 series during this time period to compete with their own market.In order to be able to choose to suppress the current competitors, the rice company deliberately advanced the release time of the mobile phone by half a month, in order to gain a certain advantage in the next competition.Everything the rice company has done has also attracted the attention of many netizens at present.Obviously, in the eyes of most netizens, this is a good opportunity to watch a play.After all, in the eyes of current netizens, the reputation of the two mobile phone manufacturers is relatively good now, and the marketing and sales methods of mobile phones are fun gummies CBD Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy also very similar.

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Jiang Gongzi Abao I m working in this company now, you wait and I ll ask you After replying, he stood up and ran to the boss s office.When I arrived at the door of the boss s office, I pushed open the door and found that the boss secretary was inside.Then he asked, Secretary Xin, did President Pei come again At this time, Secretary Xin said It stands to reason that (2022 Update) Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy your time in the company is not too short, Abao, don t you know about President Pei s temperament President Pei and Mr.Like President Pei, he often habitually retreats and ignores world affairs, does not come to the company, and can t get through on the phone.After hearing Secretary Xin s words, Sister Bao scratched her head in embarrassment and said, But I asked President Pei to have It s a very important thing Secretary Xin said If there s something important, tell me I ll see if I can solve it, and if I can t solve it, I ll go find President Pei for you Sister Bao best vegan cbd gummies told Secretary Xin what Tian Yunxiao had just said to him.

The original hemp stress gummies expressiveness of Dimensity 9000 and Dimensity 9000 can be said to be very amazing, which directly makes our Lianhuake stand firm in the high end flagship chip market this year.Gaotong Fire Dragon 8gen2 will use Taiji Electric s 4n process technology this time, and the new X3 core architecture is stronger and more stable Gaotong also released relevant news.Obviously, for the year of 2022, which is the year of pulling the hips, Gaotong is very uncomfortable.The Huaguo market has always been one of the most important markets for Gaotong Fire Dragon, but the Huaguo market in recent years has caused heavy losses to the current Gaotong Fire Dragon for some reason.Before 2019, there were Kirin processor chips to compete with the market.Later, the Kirin processor chip eventually lost the market for some reason.

After all, the brand new virtual game made many netizens salivating.After a week of selection, 50 users finally got the right to experience the public beta of this virtual game device.At the same time, the Berry official also invited some of the most well known game anchors on the entire network to join this public beta test of training game devices.Chapter 333 Virtual Game Equipment The news of the virtual game public beta immediately caused a shock shark tank eagle hemp CBD gummies reviews Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy in the entire game industry.Although it was said that at the Huaguo Game Conference held in the first half of this year, although the Berry game company said that it would launch a new virtual game device within two years, most game companies still have a certain degree of luck.In their view, it is still very difficult for virtual game equipment to be fully popularized and mass produced on a large scale.

Chapter 345 New Year Changes 1.Compared with the shipment of 500 million units, which was less than 100 million units last year, this time, the share of Berry Technology in the cbd cbn melatonin gummies global market can be said to have increased rapidly.Even Huang Da felt that he could successfully complete the tasks given by the current system by virtue of this year s sales volume, and obtain updated technology to speed up the development of his company again.Of course, the current statistics are still company data, and the real global data will not be available to everyone until early next year.The time has reached the end of December, and various mobile phone manufacturers have also begun to lay out the mobile phone market next year.The arrival of the 6G network era can be said to have made various mobile phone manufacturers feel the arrival of opportunities.

To know Flyme NEW2.5 The last version was released a few days ago, and the overall stability of the system is very good, even more stable than 1 1 cbd thc gummies some enhanced versions.The girl in front of her has such a level.It is normal to have bugs in the mobile phone system.You can report these bugs to the community, and our engineers will work hard to revise them.Thank you for your support for the Flyme NEW system Huang Da was still smiling., replied to Zhou Muzhi in a very official tone.Zhou Muzhi was a little sullen when he heard Huang Da s words, and even his little face was a little red, but it looked a little cute.Mr.Huang Da, as a senior kerosene, I think the Flyme NEW system has been ahead of friends for a year, but I have always felt that the stability and fluency of the system are the most important If my guess is right, I also hope that the new system of botanical farm cbd gummies review the Berry family can be tested more and be released as soon as possible.

Okay, now it s done, it s ironic.But if the two people next to this surnamed Tian are really Mr.Pei s daughter and son.I still need to think about how to fight this case so that my client can try his best.It s a few years less.It s impossible to defend against innocence.Fortunately, this is a lawsuit in Quancheng.If this is a case in Handong, the person concerned will be charlotte s cbd gummies sentenced to a heavier sentence.At this time After Tian Yunxiao and Pei Pai Pei Le walked out of the cafe, they felt that they had nothing to do, so Tian Yunxiao suggested Ale, you should rarely come to Qilu Mansion before, right I ll take you for a walk When Pei Le heard this, he wanted to refuse and said, No But before Pei Le finished speaking, he was snatched by Pei Pao, Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy who said, What he means is that it won t be too much.

Uncle Tian next door Brother Loach, I have registered ancient nutrition cbd hemp sound sleep the scarf number, and should I authenticate my identity What procedure do I need At this time, Loach, who had been waiting in the operation department of Qidian, finally saw Tian Yunxiao giving it to him.Back to the message, overjoyed typing.Loach Tell me the name of your scarf, and I ll let the official account of Kaidian to follow you, and then you can apply for a V.After Tian Yunxiao saw Loach s words, he thought It s that simple.But he still honestly sent his scarf ID to Loach.After waiting for five minutes, he saw Loach replying to him.Loach Okay, you can apply for V certification now, and you can do it soon.Although Tian Yunxiao felt a little dubious, because in the past, one of his classmates was a game anchor and applied for a bib plus V.

This time, the Taixu 630 has achieved great results compared to the previous Taixu entry level processor chips.Even this entry level processor chip used in low end products uses 5 cores This is also the first time that Taixu s low end processor chip uses 5 cores.Two 5 cores, together with 6 syner sooth cbd gummies 3 small cores, the overall performance and power consumption are relatively outstanding.At the same time, the GPU graphics processor of this processor chip adopts the fourth generation graphics processor chip with a relatively good reputation.This makes the expressiveness of the chip of this phone a very big upgrade.The running score of this processor chip can reach 1.19 million points, and its average unit power consumption is only marginal.It is a processor chip that is very suitable for use in entry level machines.

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See the authors in the group It was even more unbearable to speak in such a tone of voice as this egg.So they typed on the keyboard and replied.Uncle Tian next door Nanone climbs for the father, I punch you to wash you.Fishing fish Nanone climbs for the father, I punch you to wash you.99 repetitions are omitted here This time Jin Dandan, a freshman in Yangfu s freshman year, has a face full of prank success.Typing on the keyboard replied.Harmless to Humans and Animals Eggy What s wrong with Eggy.jpg Harmless of Humans and Animals Eggy Uncles, don t be so heartless After Tian Yunxiao kicked Eggy, he opened the room Woke up.So a group of people started a multiplayer exercise in a house.But what Ling Tian Yunxiao didn t expect was that in today s room, although the time to break down is normal.

A good product to compete with the current berry family The release of the new product also can i take 2 cbd gummies made netizens feel extremely boiling, and in their opinion, this time the whole thing felt crazy, and even made them feel excited.After all, the product this time is too fragrant, and even in the hearts of most users, it is simply too fragrant.Although some products are cbdfx broad spectrum cbd gummies with apple cider vinegar too expensive, in the eyes of many users, they are already worth the money.After all, it is too appropriate to buy such a product with such money.This year, our mall will also have a lot of activities.I believe that these activities will make everyone feel the sincerity of our company.I believe that this conference will allow all users who like CBD gummies eagle hemp Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy our company to buy the most suitable products.Their products This summer conference is finally over, and netizens have an unusual approval for this conference.

Menghui Dige was silenced by you for an hour.At this time, the voice actress Menghui Dige stomped her feet angrily when she saw the news.This dog author, don t let me know where his family is Otherwise, this girl has to send him some souvenirs.And Tian Yunxiao stretched out after blacklisting and deleting a large number of eclipse hemp gummies people He lowered his waist and said, It s finally comfortable now Then he took out his mobile phone and buy cbd gummy bears went back to bed to read the book LOL This man is too strong t Chapter 72 One day the knife will kill all the dogs in the world seeking to read This book is really beautiful, but a piece of Su Ye is also a broken dog on a horse.Tian Yunxiao hadn t read it for half an hour.It s over.LOL This man is too strong This book is mainly about an e sports veteran, although this so called old man is only twenty three years old.

I guess the Berries may not have put too many goods this time And now netizens are starting to talk about it.At present, the situation that the Raspberry Blue S7 is out of stock makes most netizens unacceptable.After all, the hardware configuration of the Raspberry Blue S7 is too strong, and it is loved by many netizens, but the netizens are out of stock just about to cbd gummies and shark tank buy, which really annoys these netizens.Even these netizens went to the current Weibo of Huang Da, and complained about the current shortage of Raspberry Blue S7.And Huang Da, who was sitting in the office, learned that the 10,000 models his company had prepared for this first sale were sold out within a second.I can t help but sigh that the current netizens combat effectiveness is still quite strong, and they can even snatch 10,000 mobile phones in one second.

dale jr cbd gummies The Fly of pad system can learn from the current software systems of other friends in some aspects.Of course, the most important problem to solve is the problem of adaptation Huang Da organizes his own software, and is hemp or cbd oil better for dogs the team is developing this berry tablet system R D.At present, among the entire tablet industry, the most well known iPad is naturally Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy the fruit, magnolia hemp cbd flower and even in CBD gummies and breastfeeding Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy the industry, there are green mountain CBD gummies Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy only iPads skywellness cbd gummies and others.However, in the current Android market, there are two major manufacturers of tablets doing well.One is the well known Samsung, as the first technology company in the Android camp to compete with Apple.Samsung s electronic products and equipment are relatively comprehensive, whether it is a mobile phone or a tablet, or a computer on the PC side, basically it directly targets the existence of Apple.

Love is just a beauty Fairy tale, you have to wipe your own tears.Even if someone wants to pull you Tian Yunxiao frowned as he looked at Pei Pao who was drinking and singing, and the beer bottles piled up on the floor Xin said, Since you can t drink it, why don t you drink it I m drunk after only four cases of beer and called the waiter to check out.After finishing the bill, looking at Pei Pai who was Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy still ignoring him and just kept singing, he started to have a headache.Oh, there s no other way Fortunately, she didn t vomit, so she had to carry her back Tian Yunxiao had no choice but to carry Pei Pao and walked towards the sloth apartment.As a result, Pei Pai kept being dishonest on Tian Yunxiao s back, and was still singing on the street I love you, how clear and firm is my belief, how warm and brave I love you.

Now Lianhuake has released the Dimensity 1600.In fact, the relatively powerful performance has indeed attracted the attention of various manufacturers.Under the premise of the overturning of the paste 888, they also hope to find a chip that can replace the paste 888.As various mobile phone Health: Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy manufacturers contacted Lianhuake, the price of the Dimensity 1600 processor chip was almost revealed, and the price of a processor chip was as high as 110 US dollars.At 110 US dollars, the price is slightly higher than that of the paste fire dragon 870, but it is much cheaper than the paste fire dragon 888, not to mention that this processor chip still adopts the 5nm process technology of Taiwan base power.The most important is the various mobile phone manufacturers.After learning that the current Lianhuake GPU cbd pharm gummy bears dragon fruit graphics processor is the work of the Berry Huateng Semiconductor design team, I was instantly interested in this chip.

Commentary Narrator In the most solid Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy dr charles stanley cbd gummies Eurasian and North American continental plates, the area north of the 30th parallel The first brother saw Liu Qi with walnuts in a coil, and the first brother laughed lucent valley CBD gummies Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy outright at Liu Qi.Brother One getting closer Brother, thanks to me lending you clothes back then Liu Qi back view smiled and patted the first brother on the shoulder.Commentary voiceover Build 10,000 planetary engines that drive the earth eagle hemp cbd gummies for diabetes forward and 10,000 dungeons that shelter human beings Ti is holding cbd gummies featured on shark tank Zhou Qian out of the plaza pharmacy, but he doesn t see Liu Qi walking Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy behind.Liu Qi back view patted them, Ti and Zhou Qian turned their heads, and they best cbd for pain both smiled brightly.Commentary narration At the same time, seventy two giant steering engines are built around the equator to control the direction of the earth.

In terms of modules, there are four cores used Obviously, after listening to Huang Da s words, the current netizens cbd gummies in texas are also interested.Obviously, they are also very interested in understanding the performance of the smart glasses chips this time.Soon, AnTuTu s running interface appeared on the projected screen above the stage.Since AnTuTu does not have a complete adaptation system, it can only temporarily use voice control to allow the voice AI intelligent assistant to perform functional operations.Click start the test With Huang Da s command, the smart assistant in the glasses really started to operate.This also makes countless netizens have to sigh that the AI intelligent voice assistant used in this glasses is no longer the common cbd gummies for anxiety depression artificial mental retardation, but an artificial intelligence that can really assist users in operating glasses.

The international version starts at 1049 euros, 1149 euros and 1249 euros The overall price of the product can basically be compared with the price of the fruit s proMAX.Obviously, the Berry Pro30 series directly starts from the product aspect and completely matches the top products of the current fruit, and tries to truly defeat the fruit.Chapter 297 The central core of Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy smart home Of course, among the whole series, the best hardware design is the Raspberry Pro30ultra.Whether it is the Xuanwu 935 processor chip with explosive performance, or the one inch ix808 sensor that brings a new breakthrough in imaging, it is the ceiling level in the current industry.Coupled with other excellent hardware configuration, the Berry family pro30ultra is indeed the best product in hardware and design in the entire industry.

He exclaimed Come, come, don t press As he opened the door of the room, he said, So it s you It was none other than Tian Tian and him standing outside the door.Pei Pai who were together.At this time, Pei Pai saw that Tian Yunxiao was still wearing a nightgown and said, Look at what time it is Why haven t you woken up yet Tian Yunxiao looked at the time and said dissatisfiedly, It s only eight o clock, so it s still early Pei Pai said even more dissatisfiedly Don t you want to see what day is today Tian Yunxiao asked with a bewildered expression What day is it Pei Pai said angrily at this time Today It s February 14th, Valentine s Day You won t forget it, right Tian Yunxiao said around Dawu at this time Oh so this is it Then he said disdainfully It s okay, we Flower growing family, don t think of any foreign festivals After hearing Tian Yunxiao s answer, Pei Pao said with a convincing expression No wonder you are still mother and child SOLO after living for more Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy than 20 years.

Including baseband chip, RF chip, RF receiver chip, transmitter chip, WiFi chip, Bluetooth chip, audio chip, charging chip, screen chip and so on.Take the recently released MIX6 as an example, only the self developed chips used in charging and ISP, the other chips come from upstream supply chains such as Gaotong, Sanxin, and Hynix.And a high precision 100 component.It is a product provided by Huaguo, which is very rare.Of course, there are also digital bloggers who have gone to dismantle the models of various manufacturers, of which the highest proportion of domestic components is naturally Huawei.For some reason, Huawei cannot obtain some components from the upstream supply chain in terms of products, and can only temporarily use state owned components.The content of the state owned components of the Huawei P60 mobile phone cannot really achieve 100 domestic components, but the puffin hemp cbd oil number of domestic components has reached an astonishing 78.

hemp bomb cbd gummy bears Soon, under the efforts of many folk gods, the flashing package suitable for many models such as Hongmi, rice, OnePlus and so on appeared on the cool.This has made a lot of people who use rice phones and OnePlus phones excited.After all, some of the users of these two manufacturers are rumored digital houses.Coupled with the mobile phone settings of OnePlus and Rice phones, fans of the two can easily flash the phone.Server, there are more than 700,000 users at once.It seems that there are quite a lot of users who have flashed the computer Huang Da looked at the number of online devices displayed on the background of his home, and couldn t help feeling the madness of geek users.Of course, the number of online users increased by Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy 700,000 all of a sudden, which means that this year s app store revenue may increase.

Good Luoyang My idea, as long as you can write buy cbd hemp seeds it out and guarantee it will sell well, if nothing else happens, there is no problem in writing a ten thousand order.Luoyang If the writing is a little better, the result will be better than Laotian s Zhu Xian , there is no problem at all Tian Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy Yunxiao was stunned when he saw this big brother s speech, and thought to himself Fucao, it s already 2202, and there is still such a thing.Someone who is fooled by others No one should be fooled by this kind of thing, right What Tian Yunxiao didn t expect was that someone in the group actually responded to this person.Gucan Dream Xinyue Is what you said true What s the idea Gucan Dream Xinyue Can you talk about it Tian Yunxiao saw that someone actually answered , I thought to myself, Is this supposed to be teasing this person So he prepared to continue to observe.

I didn t spread it for profit as the prosecutor said, and I didn t spend a penny of all the illegal gains on it Li Mei became more and more excited and burst into tears.Already weeping.Then he went on to I m sorry for my husband, I m sorry for my son, I m sorry for my family, I know I m wrong now, I beg the presiding judge to give me a chance to make a change As she spoke, Li Mei became more and more excited, and she didn t know whether it was Whether you cloud n9ne cbd gummies really regret your actions, or regret being caught.At this time, the presiding judge saw that Li Mei had finished her statement, and he tapped the gavel At this time, Wang Xiaoming, the defense lawyer hired by Wang Hao, stood up and said, In view of the good attitude of our client in confessing his guilt, his remorse is very obvious.My client, Mr.

In July of this year, it also released an under screen camera model in the early is there any cbd in hemp oil 2000s equipped with Gaotong Fire Dragon 870.For the digital party, although the off screen camera of Rice has brought them some surprises, it is not so called amazing.What s more, in terms of overall screen quality and image photography, this phone still has Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy a huge gap compared to the top flagships of the rice digital series.This also made some netizens who were looking forward to ix4 calm down instantly.Under the circumstance that the ix4 parameter configuration has been fully exposed, the price has become the last straw for the ix4 to survive.Gradually, the time for the rice company s press conference has officially arrived.ix4 also appeared in front of many netizens as scheduled.From hardware to configuration and even to the order of product introduction, it is almost the same cbd energy gummies as the ppt that broke the news.

The construction of 6g network is a time consuming, labor intensive and expensive project, but this technology is also the main development method for whether Huaguo can truly master the core technology in the field of communication in the future.Just like the construction of the high speed rail at the beginning, it is indeed time consuming and labor intensive, and it is especially expensive, but when the high speed batch cbd gummies rail is completely constructed, it will be a sea shaking change for the entire country s transportation.The current 4g network and 2g network are like ordinary railways, and the new 6g network construction is like high speed rail.The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is now determined to complete the 6g network, and strive to fully realize the overall commercial use within a where can i buy keoni CBD gummies Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy year.

Pei Pao immediately said to Tian Yunxiao Old Tian, Why didn t you tell me first before doing this You knew you were going to give me such a surprise attack At this time, Tian Yunxiao said to Pei Pai, Then do you want to be the vice chairman At this time, Pei Pai glanced at Tian Yunxiao arrogantly and said, Forget it, Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy this girl will show mercy.Help you manage this foundation, don t worry, I will put your foundation on the right track as soon as possible, and then you can make blood by yourself Just after the award ceremony, various official media, as well as self media Because of Tian Yunxiao s behavior, they have reported on today s Galaxy Awards The turmoil after winning the 189th chapter 6K big chapter was on the day after Tian Yunxiao s award shark tank cbd gummies tinnitus ceremony.On the scarf, the official account of People s Literature published an article titled The power of words is great, and the power of literature can bring hope to people an interview with Tian Yunxiao, the winner of Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy this year s Science Fiction Galaxy Award.

Legend said Although you clearly know that this is the chicken soup that Tian Shen gave me, But still so impressed Anecdotal legend I promise to finish 4,000 words tonight Anecdotal legend I can t finish the code, I m a dog Anecdotal legend You can take screenshots as evidence Tian Yunxiao swore to see the rumors, and felt very relieved.Then Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy he typed on the keyboard and replied.The next door Uncle Tian Fuck, Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy four thousand words You even swore an oath, can t you say more Anecdotal legend Tian Shen, as we all know, four thousand words is the recognized Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy limit of the human body Anecdotal legend You can t expect random people to break the limits of the human body, right Tian Yunxiao saw what the rumors said and felt that it made sense, so he stopped replying to him.He clicked on the melon code and built a new room.

In order to create the most powerful high end flagship this time, the Berry family basically added all the hardware configurations and technologies that can be entered.In the future, when the brand strength is not as good as fruit, it can rely on hardware parameters best broad spectrum cbd gummies 2021 and black technology to catch up with the current fruit and compete with fruit mobile phones.Of course, in addition to the overall design of the mobile eagle hemp CBD gummies review Sleepy Z S CBD Nighttime Gummy phone and the design of the back shell, the front of the Berry mobile phone has also made great efforts.In order to achieve the strongest flagship this time, the Berry x20 series spent a lot of money on a top notch screen customized from LG.Before the screen production started, it cost 80 million yuan to open the mold, and after deducting the mold opening cost of the mobile phone screen, the cost of a screen would be close to 1,000 yuan You must know that the overall level of the current Tianma Microelectronics screen only belongs to the second echelon.