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Someone vaguely helped him sit up, and then brought water to eagle hemp cbd gummies keanu reeves his mouth.Emperor Chengping took the cup and drank it happily.When he was about to put the cup down, his throat moved and his chin hit the edge of the cup, which caused severe pain.Emperor Chengping swung the cup to the side and reached out to touch his chin.At first, it was not serious.He pressed it hard, and the pain made him grin.Later, when he touched it lightly, he felt it was a swollen lump.Bring a mirror Emperor Chengping said.When he spoke, his jaw moved, and it hurt again.There were eunuchs, doctors, eunuchs and palace maids kneeling all over the floor in front of the bed, all of them trembling, total pure cbd gummies 300 mg but none of them dared to hold the Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank bronze mirror.Rushing up, he slapped the bed hoarsely Mirror Mirror Eunuch Lu just got up, brought a bronze mirror in his hand, and slowly put the mirror in front of Emperor Chengping.

Yu Heng raised his head suddenly.Yu Heng left the city early the next morning.After arriving at the magician s small courtyard, Yu 100 hemp gummies Heng saw that the magician was sitting in the courtyard drinking tea, and two medicine hemp fusion CBD gummies Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank boys were sorting herbs in the distance.Yu Heng handed the reins to the guards The genius doctor is very leisurely and elegant.People who are half buried in the loess should naturally enjoy themselves.You can t drink this, here is my antidote, but your poison.Yu Heng immediately put down the teapot, took out the veil and wiped his hands The genius doctor liked to test poison with his own body in the early years, but now he regrets it I don CBD gummy reviews Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank t have any regrets, but it s cbd gummies vs vape you who wasted the favor I owed you in order to save botanical farms cbd gummy your brother, but now you regret it When he mentioned this matter, Yu Heng couldn t help laughing If you really If you find something, don t sell it.

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She was wearing medium and high heels and was just hit by Chi Muyan, There is indeed a possibility of stinging his feet.Song Xian nodded slightly, stood up, and helped Jiang Liuyi to walk in.He Xiaoying asked nervously, What s wrong with Teacher Jiang She has just arrived.Song Xian said I ll help her in first.He Xiaoying immediately said, Do you want me to help Jiang Liuyi put her arms around Song puur cbd gummies review Xian and the other hand carrying her bag.He Xiaoying didn t give He Xiaoying a chance to express herself.He Xiaoying touched her nose and said.Then you can help Teacher Jiang in.Song Xian hummed.Kong Xiyan came out and saw Jiang Liuyi being supported and frowned What s wrong Chi Muyan bowed her head apologetically I bumped into Teacher Jiang.Jiang Liuyi reached out and rubbed her hair It s not your koi naturals CBD Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank fault.

diferencia entre hemp y cbd She retreated with a heavy heart.When she crossed the threshold, she suddenly thought of the Mingchang County Master who came to the door as a matchmaker.The emperor s attitude was very obvious.He didn t want her to get divorced, nor did creekside cbd gummies he want her to remarry.But why did the queen ask someone to match her again If she agreed because she was afraid of the queen s power, wouldn t cbd gumies the emperor s calculations be completely in vain.Does the queen not know the emperor rite aid cbd gummies s mind This is also impossible.A person as smart as the queen will never find any clues.But if the queen knew, why did she do something that ran counter to the emperor s wishes Ning Yan has a bright future, even if there are rumors that he had discussed marriage with a widow, his reputation will be damaged.After all, he is a nephew.

Convenient.Jiang Liuyi s just cbd gummies full spectrum Weibo rarely posts personal news, but there are a lot of fans, some of whom really like her music, and some just look at her photos.After the news of her exclusive interview last time, those fans were happy It s broken, because this is her first exclusive interview, and she also talked about the marriage part.Fans are curious, squatting on her Weibo every day, hoping to see a photo of her and Song Xian.So her Weibo fans have been very active recently.Jiang Liuyi saw a bunch of private messages on Weibo.In addition to fan messages, most of them came to discuss cooperation cbd cbn gummies for sleep and interview invitations.She has never real cbd gummies been very concerned about it, so she turned off the private messages and sent a warm up link.Weibo, after a while, there was a lot of excitement under the official Weibo.

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Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank CBD gummies for pain, get eagle hemp CBD gummies (too much CBD gives me anxiety) Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank royal blend CBD gummies legit Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark can you give dogs cbd gummies Tank.

Later, when Magatal was rescued, he cried and told his brothers that, except his mother and Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank the second prince, no one had ever spoken to him.He was so good.But that is another Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank story, and now Wu Gui has what is difference between hemp oil and cbd oil to continue to be whipped.For the premium hemp gummies 6000mg third whip, the executioner held the whip high, closed his eyes without blame, and breathed flat.The whip is 8 count cbd immunity gummies about to fall.Stop.The king said.Riding the wolf suddenly heaved a lazarus naturals CBD tincture Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank sigh of relief, and did not forget to make an indignant expression on his face.Wu Jiu knelt down, the pain and the cold made him shiver constantly fx cbd gummies review Please don t show favoritism, the king is as much as he can, the son can bear it.But the old father s heart couldn t bear it.After having a good time with that female slave last night, Huyan Lujiang felt more and more empty in his heart, suddenly seeing Wu Jiu s stubborn appearance when biting his lip, he thought of Huo Rongshi again.

Jiang Wan reached out and took it, pulled the stopper and poured it into his mouth.After taking two sips happily, she seemed to be alive again and breathed a sigh of relief.When he looked up, he saw Yu Heng staring at her, Jiang Wan was inexplicable Is there something wrong with your lord Do you think the person this time is coming for me or for you To me Your Majesty I m afraid I m not joking, I m a virgin woman, and I can t walk outside the door.Patrons are still diligent.Jiang Wan choked on the words, but after a second thought, he remembered the fire in Yuelailou.She fixedly looked at Yu Heng Come to me or to you, can you really tell the difference Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank Chapter 63 Back to the city Yu Heng put the water bag on Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank the table You really don t remember anything Jiang Wan nodded That s Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank right.My lord seems to know a lot of inside information Jiang Wan probed him.

The driver was his own, and Shen Wang sat down and asked, Why are you here The masked man s thc cbd hybrid gummies voice was very soft, but natures best cbd oil still harsh Don t worry, the people under surveillance by King Zhao didn t see me, and they all ran after you in a swarm.Shen Wang was slightly displeased Even so, you shouldn t come to me, you can healthiest cbd gummies just send me a message.This matter has a lot to do with it.Shen Wang seemed to realize Who asked you to come Indeed, the shrill voice said, the one who personally ordered, must let me tell you personally.Shen Wang cbd gummies anxiety and sleep put his arms around his chest and leaned back Speak., the thunderstorm is coming, and the thunderbolt person should be called by the sun.Shen Wang closed his eyes I understand.I knew this day would come, but I didn t expect it to come so quickly.After saying the most important words, the masked man looked relaxed Actually, I didn t come here for this, I just wanted to ask you a question for the master.

Huo.Just when Jiang Wan was racking his brains thinking about what to say.Wake up.Qiu Ci said.In such a short time, cannabis edibles uk he made Sun Runyun wake up, and it was true that he had some skills.Among these guards, Fan Ju was good at taming horses, Ni Hao was good at hidden weapons, Chen Rui was excellent at using daggers, Lin Ganghu was extremely skilled in swordsmanship, he was extremely skilled at riding a wolf, Xu Aniu was born with great strength, and as Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank [CDC] for the others, his skills were about the same.It s not too small, but he hasn t had a chance to show off in front are hemp and cbd the same of Jiang Wan.They are all gods.Jiang Wan sighed in his heart and hurried over to see Sun Runyun.Qiu Ci stepped aside, and when Jiang Wan passed by, he do CBD gummies help with anxiety Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank suddenly said, It s the same.Jiang Wan What s the same Qiu Ci glanced at her with the eyes of a fool It s like being drugged.

Prince Beirong seemed to recognize Jiang Wan and nodded slightly to her.Jiang Wan s butt fell back to the chair.The prince of Beirong raised his hand, and some strong men from Beirong also threw gold and silver on the stage.The people of Nan Qi were very disdainful, mocking them for following the trend, absolute nature CBD Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank but they didn t hold back the generosity of best CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank others.Beirong people have such a violent temper, they smashed the gems revive cbd gummies reviews in their hands and smashed them on Rourou, which frightened Rourou quite a bit.The scene suddenly became chaotic.A man from Nanqi rushed up and grabbed Miss Rourou s hand.Rourou screamed and tried to hide, but was grabbed by the arm of a man from Beirong.Fighting CBD gummies hemp bombs Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank and fighting, fighting and fighting Ning Yan jumped down from the second floor, grabbed the long stick that Duke Gui used to hang the red silk, and stabbed away.

Jiang Wan took a deep breath, raised his hand and wiped his eyes I m fine.Yu Heng hesitated If you want to go back to Bianjing, it s not impossible.Jiang can CBD gummies cause diarrhea Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank Wan shook his head As long as Emperor Chengping is still alive, I will Can t go back to Bianjing.This is 500mg cbd gummies for sleep obvious.She can escape or die, but she cannot return to Bianjing alive.I don t wild hemp cbd vape reviews want to, it s useless to think.Jiang Wan spoke before Yu Heng Why did you come to Junzhou Send a friend over.Who is the friend sitting over there Jiang Wan looked at the young man at the next table who was working hard.Yu Heng had nothing to hide from Jiang Wan, so he said, He is Huo Chen, and sunset cbd gummies he wants to join the army.His surname is Huo Yu Heng nodded to her covertly, and Jiang Wan understood.He should be Huo Zhu s youngest son, but he didn t die.Jiang Wan couldn t help but look at Huo Chen more, seeing that he had thick eyebrows and big eyes, and that he devoured his meals, but he didn t look very rude and sloppy.

Although Jiang Wan had concerns, he knew that now was not the time to waste time, so he stepped on the stirrup decisively and turned it over.Yu green roads CBD gummies Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank Heng immediately stepped up and sat behind her.Jiang Wan s hand couldn t hold the reins, so he crossed it in front of his chest, trying his best not to obstruct Yu Heng s sight and movements.In order to hold on to the reins, Yu Heng inevitably pressed against Jiang Wan s back.His cbd gummy made me feel weird body was stiff, and he obviously didn t appear to be able to act so easily, and he was probably very nervous.As soon as he was nervous, Jiang Wan relaxed.The tense nerves loosened, and the severe headache came back.It was a familiar feeling that made her think more clearly.The matter has already happened, and it is meaningless to investigate the cause.What she needs to consider is how to solve the follow up problems.

Even if the queen expects that she will refuse, she should not take the initiative to sacrifice her own nephew.That just cbd gummies store locator was someone forcing her.She is the queen, the number 300mg cbd gummies reddit one woman in the world not right, and the queen mother.It s the queen shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking where to buy mother Jiang Wan felt empowered for a while.She thought that the Mingchang County Master had deliberately pointed creekside pharms cbd gummies out the rumors between her and King Zhao, and also thought that King Zhao was the most beloved son of the Empress Dowager.Jiang Wan suddenly realized that it was because of her that the queen had indeed suffered a disaster.The eunuch sent her to the gate of the palace, and Jiang Wan returned to God and thanked her.After leaving the palace gate, I saw about buying hemp gummies Chunyuan looking anxiously by the carriage.Jiang Wan walked steadily step by step, but when she touched Chunyuan s hand, her legs softened.

Yu Bai was stunned, she squeezed her palms tightly, her face flushed, Yu Bai gritted her teeth Why do you say that Song Xian s tone was flat Because when you play games, you know She will lose, and if she loses, she has to drink, that alcohol is strong, Jiang Liuyi has a precedent for gastric perforation, she can t drink strong alcohol, but you didn t stop her.Me Song Xian s eyes were clearly calm, but She was stating the facts, but Yu Bai didn t dare to look directly at her.Her whole body was tense, and Song Xian s eyes suppressed all the words, and not a word came out.The two did not notice that Jiang Liuyi, who was not far away, had turned and left.Chapter 36 Kiss Me When Song Xian returned to the living room, the dinner had just started, Zhao Yuebai Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank s parents greeted people with wine glasses, she stood at the Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank door, Jiang Liuyi pulled her and stood by her side, tilted her head and said I m back.

Jiang Wan thought about it, and felt that this girl was a little chivalrous.If she married Dengzhou, Sun Runyun still felt nothing, but this girl wanted to die, but she had to be moved.Does your lady have a sweetheart Jiang Wan asked abruptly.Xiaochan shook her head subconsciously No.After thinking for a while, she said, I don t know either, I have to go back and ask the lady.That s the possibility.I want to meet your young lady.Jiang Wan said, But before meeting your young lady, go somewhere with me.Madam, where is this Do you know the eldest princess Anyang can u bring CBD gummies on a plane Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank Yes.This is her princess mansion.Xiaochan s legs suddenly softened Princess mansion, why do you want to come to the princess mansion Jiang Wan lifted her skirt and went up the steps I can t save your young lady, so I can only see if Princess Anyang can handle it.

At this moment, wow Jiang CBD gummies 5mg Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank Wan The child is crying.He looked at Sun Yi.Sun Yi was still eating mutton, and said vaguely, The child is crying.He looked at Ning Yan.Ning Yan had almost finished eating, and was about to bring a where can i buy cbd gummies in new york pot of tea when he said lightly, The child is crying.He looked at Huang Buyan.Huang Buyan didn t dare to fight with them at first, so he ate it cautiously.Now when they are almost finished, he is about to eat in peace for a while.He didn t ask where the child came from, and said casually, Well, the child is crying.The four looked at usable together.This guy doesn t eat meat, squatting on the side CBD gummies for inflammation and pain Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank and eating radishes.Yu Kanyong threw the radish head I guess it s urine, I ll take a look.He pushed open the door, and a wicked cbd gummies gust of cold wind blew in.Everyone disliked Tsk.The child was put Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank to sleep in another room.

You can follow Xiangping to the Beijing suburbs camp to train.All life is like an ordinary soldier, and he also knows some human suffering.Emperor Chengping s tone was like that of the father and eldest brother of an ordinary family.But seeing that Fuyu was given such a light punishment, and even wrinkling his nose and pouting to make a strange appearance, one could guess what a lenient father he was.Emperor Chengping was also very busy and didn t have time to pay attention to them, so he waved his hand and let them stay wherever it was cool.Xianping stays, and the rest will leave.Wei Lin should be, his face was solemn, as if he had guessed what the emperor was going to say to him.Jiang Wan are hemp gummies harmful had no intention of caring, and just wanted to go do cbd gummies go bad home, so he saluted with the others.Just when Jiang Wan was about to turn around, the emperor said again Mrs.

A cup of tea and let him go down the mountain.He was dizzy, but he still remembered the truth that the secret cannot be revealed, so he didn t tell anyone about that day.Later, he understood that Master Limie was telling him that Prince Wenhuai fun drops CBD gummies review Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank had no children in his life.The result he found out later was the same.The maid, who was predicted by ulixy CBD gummies Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank the warlocks of Jianghu to will get a man when elite power CBD gummies Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank you hit it , was probably never lucky enough for the prince.Unfortunately, now that everyone in the prince s mansion is dead, no one can come forward to testify.True or false, false is true.Brother Yuan is not the son of Song Yin, nor the son of Prince Wenhuai, but he is destined to be only the son of these two people in this life.God knows that Brother Yuan is the child of whom the maid had fornicated with.

When she entered Xiaoqingshan, the mother in law once told her that His Highness s eyes were like torches, and no thought could escape His Highness s eyes.She said, The slave maid just thinks that this son has been kneeling for so long, and it is very pitiful for His Highness s heart.Anyang Long time no words.Holding the umbrella crouched on the warm floor, his fingers trembled.Seeing that she was about to cry, Anyang said slowly, Do you think Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank [CDC] he has a heart for me.His Highness didn t even blame CBD gummies vs hemp gummies Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank her for arrogant Holding the umbrella with the happiness of the rest of her life, she said sincerely His Royal Highness is like a heaven easy CBD gummy recipe Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank and a human being, everyone admires His Highness.Anyang lowered his head and smiled, the window was cold, she walked to the side and sat down, and a maid closed it.

If he is in the top position, this fire must be counted on his head.After all, no one can prove that the fire was set by Shen Wangfang.Yu Heng couldn t figure out for a while whether there was any deep hatred between himself and Shen Wang, and this person would want to pit him before he went to die.A guard came over with a pump, and the water column rushed into the fire, and the fire became more violent.Yu Heng didn t bother to look any further, and said to cbd gummies how many to take Concubine Yan, I heard that he has a newly named Jieyu, who is much loved.Where is he now Concubine Yan Your Highness wants to see her There is no need to see her, after all.The emperor is sleeping properly best edible for pain in her bed at this time.Feiyan understood The candidate Yu Heng said Just find someone who wears a mask and a dragon robe, cbd gummies and driving just to fool tonight.

Jiang Wan It s actually him With Tan Xing together, Jiang Wan didn t care about the pain He looks neat, and he s still stable, but he doesn t Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank cbd gummies augusta ga know his temper, but he and Taozhi are in love.If you want to ask how your temper is, it s good.I wonder if he and Taozhi are in love with each cbd pros delta 8 gummies other, but the slave does not know, just seeing Taozhi holding a purse all day, I think it will not be unrequited love.Speaking of this, the corner of Lizhi s mouth drooped slightly, The smile on his face was bitter.Jiang Wan didn t pay attention What s the name of that little servant Lizhi laughed again It seems to be called Pingzhou.He has been in cbd sativa gummies charge of the study in the front yard.On weekdays, the young master also goes there to teach, and Taozhi serves again.Young master, you have come and gone, and best cbd gummies recipe you have seen the right eye.

Eunuch Lu boldly said, Your Majesty Emperor Chengping came close to Eunuch Lu s ear, his voice trembling Tell Zhou Mu and let him poison Yu Heng, The more poisonous poison, let him be eaten clean by insects, and made him suffer ten thousand times more than me Can t cbd gummies nyc do you need a prescription for cbd gummies you hear me The servant obeys.Eunuch Lu pulled back his collar and scrambled out of the dormitory.A strange smile appeared on the face of the flower Jiang Wan and Yu cbd melatonin gummies creating better days Heng chatted about the preparations for the departure back to Bianjing, and they talked about the time for lunch.Yu Heng said It s a pity that my left arm is seriously injured, otherwise I have to cook by myself.Jiang Wan said Where is Cheng Hu, I want to see him.Yu Heng nodded, saying that he was going to the kitchen to see the dishes, Let Jiang Wan do it herself.Jiang Yan took Jiang Wan to find Cheng Hu.

Jiang Wan stepped on the horse stool and got out of the carriage.When he saw a man on crutches in front of the small yard, he was looking at them with implicit alertness.Jiang Wan glanced at him more, not because he was handsome, best cbd gummies for sex but It was because although the pmd cbd gummies reviews man was on crutches, his legs cbd vs hemp oil for pain fell on the ground and he didn t see any injuries.This little brother, please make some more hot tea, and bring it up quickly, no matter what meal you have.Feiyan spoke to the man.The man lowered his head and said, Let s get ready now.Jiang Wan went in and sat down, only gummy bear recipe CBD Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank to feel that the main room was very clean, and there was a sign on the wall, cbd gummies with no thc so he could make noodles with boiled noodles and noodles in clear soup.Jiang Wan said I want to eat noodles in clear soup.Then I also eat noodles in clear soup.

cbd gummies manufacturer Ruzi can be taught.But Li Canfan is the King of Clouds platinum x cbd gummies and can never inherit the throne, Shi Yin suddenly realized, He was not appointed by the late Emperor of Nanqi Actually, there are loopholes in the rules of the King of Clouds, and I am also surprised that it is almost a hundred years old.Now, there is not a single Emperor Yunjian among them, cbd gummies for gout Anyang laughed, Since it was appointed by Emperor Pei, then after Emperor Pei s death, the King of Yunjian will naturally be entrusted to Emperor Pei s son, and Li Shenfan will no longer total pure cbd gummies 300 mg be accepted by Emperor Pei.The title of King Jian has been shackled.Shi Yin Why did Emperor Pei make him the King of Yunjian When Emperor Pei ascended the throne, he was three years old.Anyang said, If you want me to say, Emperor Hewu also I m really dizzy.If you really like the younger son, just let the younger son be the emperor, and then you have to make a king who the emperor can t move.

After waiting for a long time before the pot was opened, Huang Buyan suddenly sighed To this day, I think there is some truth in Dongdu Fu.Jiang Wan was at a loss What is Dongdu Fu Yu Heng explained to her It is probably Speaking of the advantages of moving the capital to Luoyang, compared to Chang an, the western capital, Bianjing can also be regarded as the eastern capital.Jiang Wan asked Huang Buyan, Where do you does CBD gummies help with pain Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank think the eastern capital is better rolled his eyes.Huang Buyan continued to look for words Oh, it s a peaceful and prosperous world right now, comparable to Jianwu.Jiang Wan looked at Yu Heng Whose era is Jianwu Liu Xiu, Emperor Guangwu.Liu Xiu Liu Xiu was the royal family of the previous dynasty Jiang Wan also suddenly thought of Mr.Xi for some reason.Could it be that Mr.Xi wanted to restore the country after going around in such a big circle Jiang Wan Who else should Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank have a plan with Emperor Guangwu Yu Heng understood in seconds Maybe.

There were also a few rabbits who seemed to have met a wolf, Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank froze in place, motionless.Although they played realistically, would Huyanxuan let them go Huyanxu blew two more whistles, one high and one low, accompanied by the curled tail, and the Beirong people fired arrows in unison.Jiang Wan immediately pressed Ruan Bingcai and squatted down.Although those arrows shot high, they all lacked stamina, and they just landed on the open space in the middle in where can i purchase cbd gummies an arc.The bear guards were so frightened that they didn t want their horses, and they were all panicked.This set can CBD gummies cause diarrhea Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank of funny plays really pleased the Beirong people.The big men who shot arrows laughed and cursed in a dirty manner.There cbd gummies extra strong were several Chinese words such as pig and dog in the Beirong dialect.Jiang Wan s fists hardened.At this moment, Ruan Bingcai trembled and said, Ithe little one has passed away, and the personthe person has been delivered Go.

Chi Muyan s pretty face wrinkled into a ball, Jiang Liuyi said, It s alright, just rest.Oh.Chi Muyan murmured, Then Mr.Jiang, come in.Yesterday It was raining and the weather was cold, and the few people didn t stay outside.Song Xian helped Jiang Liuyi into the living room.The heating was sufficient.After closing the door, Kong Xiyan said, Miss Jiang, I ll give you the contract first.Jiang Liuyi sat on the coffee table, waiting for Kong Xiyan to hand over the contract to herself, she raised her head You guys go to work first, I ll look at the contract.He Xiaoying asked curiously Mr.Jiang wants to cooperate with President Chi Kong Xiyan smiled We hired Miss Jiang to be Muyan s teacher.He Xiaoying s total pure CBD gummies Summer Valley CBD Gummies Shark Tank eyes lit up That s great Sure enough, good people attract good people, Song Xian said, Let s start, in the studio Or a conference hall Kong Xiyan said, Go to my studio.

The madam is wrong, the slave has helped Aunt Qing several times.Oh Jiang Wan was a little interested., Because you want to be a concubine No, because the slave girl knew that Concubine Qing could win, and she did win.Concubine Xiu didn t even keep her daughter, so the eldest lady was carried into Concubine Qing s house and raised.Jiang Wan chose A tulle fan with bamboo painted on it, put it aside, and the rest were stacked and handed over to Lizhi.But I see that Aunt Xiu doesn t seem like a loser, and her life seems to be very nourishing.That s because Aunt Xiu only seeks to protect herself.She never cares about the affairs of the government.In her eyes, Aunt Qing is the only one.This is to say that Aunt Xiu doesn t care about her own daughter, nor did she care about Song Yin s favor in the past, just to survive, Jiang Wan nodded thoughtfully Then why did you think of surrendering to me Aunt Qing still has something in her belly.