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The whole scene is bloody, creepy, and the scalp is numb.Stop You beasts Insane, heaven and earth will perish In the hall, many alien races were Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep CBD Vegan Gummies completely furious, roaring cbd gummy dosage calculator and roaring one after another.However, this did not stop those monsters from gnawing at them.More than a cbd nature Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep dozen aliens died tragically, and the death was unbearable The Tiger King stood by and watched this scene with no pity on his face.Instead, he stared at the alien race in the hall with a sneer, shaking his head and said, If you don t kneel down and beg for mercy, this will be your end.The monster lord also Looking at the hall, he joked, I still say that, kneel down and kowtow, and I can survive and be my servant The entire hall was silent.Everyone was shocked by this bloody and tragic scene.Some people were angry, and some people were frightened.

The 20mg cbd gummies night gradually fell, and Xu Que finally arrived at Lishui Town.It is said to be a small town, but it is not small at all.Xu Que glanced at it from a distance, and felt that the town was at least the size of several football fields, and the city wall was built very high, and there were patrols passing by the city gate.And in the sky above Lishui Town, from time to time, immortal cultivators could be seen walking with swords.When Xu Que walked into Lishui Town, the town was still very lively, with a bustling night market and bright lights.There was a lot of noise in several inns, and there were many immortal cultivators drinking and chatting, but most of them were sect disciples during the Qi training period.Xu Que glanced at random and was about to leave when he suddenly saw a familiar figure passing by.

Nine character Secret Fragment From the magic formula in the plane of covering the sky , the sky is high.The nine secrets are one body, but because they are too anti sky, they are not tolerated by the Dao., group , before , row Among them, the Lin secret and the Number secret have been lost.When exchanging this fragment, one of the remaining seven secret techniques will be randomly selected, and multiple purchases may be exchanged for repeated secret techniques The price is two hundred points to force the value Seeing this, Xu Que knelt on the spot So many tricks, all from the famous stunts of the protagonists of various novel planes, almost made him drool.It s just that there are very few magic tricks in this column that use weapons and magic weapons.The only one that looks good, The True Magic of Sword and Thunder , but Xu Que doesn t like it a bit.

Then he seemed to remember something, looked at the Empress and said, By the way, if I m not in a hurry, I want to go back to the Huoyuan Kingdom first to deal with some things The second one will be delivered .Chapter 478 The little holistic health cbd gummies boy leaves home and the boss returns A few days later, Xu Que processed and produced a lot of food materials, stored them in the storage ring, and handed them over to the Xuecheng Army to run the shops.Say goodbye to the Empress and rush to Huoyuan Country.The Empress said that she would go to Nanzhou in a month, so during this time, Xu Que decided to return to the Yuan Kingdom to find some old acquaintances to get together.Of course, the most important purpose is to pretend.Now that he has successfully entered the Infant Transformation Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep Stage, and even reached the third level, it can be said that among the Five Kingdoms, Xu Que is already an invincible existence.

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Under the strange eyes of everyone, Xu Que raised his metal arm with a white light in his palm.Facing the group of ancient armored puppets in front of the passage, he shouted loudly, Come on, you scumbags In the real steel In front of Xia, you can only be regarded as a pile of scrap metal Om With a soft mechanical sound, the white light in Xu Que s palm suddenly cbd gummies with cbn blazed, followed by a Boom , and the white beam burst out.out Bang The light beam landed on an ancient armor puppet, and a loud noise Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep instantly sounded, and the entire ancient armor puppet Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep exploded on the spot, turning into countless pieces of broken iron, scattered on the ground Suddenly, everyone in the audience froze in place with cbd hemp marketing agency shock on their faces one move One move to smash the ancient armor puppet This how is this possible secret nature CBD vape Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep Those Tianjiao holding a six star level magic Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep CBD Vegan Gummies weapon, it would take dozens of rounds at the fastest to kill an ancient armor puppet.

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It s none of your business, could it be that he will fall out on his own Someone in the crowd said angrily.The big man burst into tears.He really fell out by himself.As soon as these words were said, everyone was completely angry.Damn, does this person treat us as three year old children Such absurd words can be said.It s so shameless, it s almost defiant.Senior brother of Tianxianggu, you must uphold justice for that young man.You must not let this kind of person join the door of your teacher, otherwise you will be humiliated.This kind of person should be taught a lesson and thrown down the mountain. It s just a shame to my immortal world Really it s not me, he s framing me The big man was panicking and anxious, facing so many people s accusations, he couldn t even tell.The man in the green shirt just cbd gummy rings said coldly No need to explain, since someone sees your shot, don t blame me for implementing Tianxianggu s rules The voice fell, and the green shirt man suddenly grasped out of thin air, gathered the majestic spiritual energy, turned into a thin willow branch, and locked it directly to the big man too much.

5 million spirit stones, whats the difference between cbd and hemp oil large cup 2 million spirit stones Oh my god, It s such a sky CBD gummies amazon Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep high price again What about the effect Why isn t the effect listed Yes, what does a small cup, a large cup cbd gummies for tinnitus as seen on shark tank and a large cup mean What s the difference Suddenly, everyone outside the door Full fryer.I thought that Xu Que would open a branch, but who would have thought that this guy would actually come up with something new, and the name was so strange that he couldn t even pronounce it What s even more terrifying is that the price is still very expensive, several times Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep more expensive than the grilled burger, but there is no corresponding effect written, which makes everyone s curiosity explode At this time, Xu Que suddenly stepped out, CBD gummies reddit Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep and hung a small blackboard from the exchange office in the system mall.

Continuing to swipe down, Xu Que couldn t find a satisfactory exercise, so he simply opened the column of the earth grade.Liger and Tiger Broken Golden Song , Flame Splitting the Wave Ruler , I rely on it Immediately, Xu Que almost jumped out of the pond.Nima, this system actually sells the exercises from a popular novel in the previous life, and each book only needs ten points of force.I made Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep CBD Vegan Gummies a lot of money, this time I made a lot of money Xu Que was extremely excited and continued to scan down, but the more he looked, the more shocked he became.Most of the options for this earth level rank come from the magic tricks practiced by the protagonist in the novel, and even some of the villain s awesome skills are also sold here.Flame Splitting Wave Ruler Fighting skills from a certain plane, low level land.

After Xu Que dragged the third prince away, he successfully found the secret room in the palace.There were hundreds of magic tricks in it, as well as countless spirit stones and spirit medicines.Xu Que naturally accepted all of them unceremoniously, but he only swallowed the magic formula alone.In addition, most of the spirit medicine and spirit stones were allocated to the three thousand Snow City Army to help them improve their strength After all, these things Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep are useless to him And when the third prince woke up, seeing the scene where everyone was dividing up his things, he was so angry that he fainted again on the spot.When he woke up again, the secret room had become empty, and he was tied to the wall with a black iron rope, with a young and handsome face smiling at him Presumptuous, what are you going to do The Third Prince still couldn t understand the situation, and when he saw Xu Que, he shouted sharply.

I don t dare to copy my palace for no reason It s Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep cbd gummies shark tank episode not that Shui Huang dare not, but she is kind hearted, understand But I m different I copied your house to save the world, so don t be afraid., raiding a home is just like life, as soon as you open your eyes, it s cbd gummies for prostate cancer over, very soon Xu Que laughed slyly.Everyone was a little confused by this.Does saving the world have anything to do with raiding homes The face of the Twelve Young Masters of the Imperial City was also slightly ugly, and he snorted coldly, You want Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep to wait for your people to come, but I don t have the patience Come on, take this villain down Yes Thousands of royal palaces The guards immediately surrounded them and occupied the entire street.Xu Que sighed, It s really annoying, I have enough experience, don eagle hemp gummies review t you always give me is hemp and CBD the same Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep experience After he finished speaking, he picked up the sharp sword in his hand, and the sword glow suddenly blazed But just as he was about to shoot, there were bursts of shouts from behind the crowd Come on Go The house is being raided The people in front of you, get out of the way, this deity is here I saw a dog rushing at the front, followed by a dense number of soldiers, the number far surpassing the guards of the palace, murderous and terrifying People around the audience don t even have to think about it, they immediately make way As soon as Lu got out of the way, Ergouzi saw Xu Que surrounded by a group of guards, and immediately stopped his pace, turning his head and wanting to run away.

Crack There was a soft sound from the crispy chicken wing skin, Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep CBD Vegan Gummies followed by a soft and creamy taste that hit the mouth.With a uncle bud s cbd gummies reviews bang, the woman s head went blank This is simply the best delicacy in the world She has never eaten Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep such delicious food since best cbd gummies 2021 she was a child, and even married as a wife Even more amazing is that this food turned out to be chicken wings Mother, Xiaobao wants to try it too The child was drooling too, and cried out greedily.The woman came back to her senses, smiled dotingly, blew the chicken wings a few times, and handed them to the child s mouth, saying, Xiaobao, don t bite too much, it s a little hot I understand, mother.Dear Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep Xiaobao said obediently, he really took a bite, and then he chewed with enjoyment on his face.The small vendors who came to watch the fun couldn t take it anymore, their index fingers moved, and they were extremely curious, Little girl, what kind of name do you have with chicken wings Uh, this is that son The woman said, To answer But before the words were finished, a large number of people suddenly appeared in the street, making a lot of noise, and the one running at the front was actually a dog who learned to walk Ow In front of the human race, Ergou didn t dare to talk nonsense easily, and could only learn how to bark The crowd behind was also full of voices, extremely horrified.

What have you done The old man calmed down, shocked and angry, and asked sharply.No one can break it Haha, full spectrum cbd gummies 3000mg you are really mentally retarded Xu Que shook his head royal blend cbd gummies side effects dismissively, flipped his wrist, and suddenly grabbed the sharp sword into his hand.Lifting his eyes lightly, he looked at the old man, and Xu Que sneered at the corner of his hawkeye hemp cbd gummies mouth, Isn t it Killing God s Sword , I will too, andmore powerful than you, do you believe it Chapter 250 Repaying him with his own way Killing God with a sword This is the famed stunt of the god of death It can be said that the sword of killing God, which is frightening in the Five Kingdoms, is completely a legend in the killer world.One sword captures the soul, one sword chases the life, it is said to be unstoppable Although it was blocked by Xu Que now, it is Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep CBD Vegan Gummies undeniable that Xu Que also thinks that this sword is really powerful, and it is simply terrible If it weren t for the fact that he possessed the Secret of Soldier Characters at a critical moment, Xu Que felt that he might really drink hatred in the eagle hemp cbd gummies ingredients hands of this old man However, since there is no hatred, it can be cool It s not that easy to make this king capsize in a ditch.

Huh Xu Que was suddenly surprised.Ding, the formation is detected, which can block the detection of spiritual power.Does it cost 5oo points to crack it The system prompt sounded in his mind immediately.Cut, I can only block the spirit power.If it s a big deal, I don t need the spirit power.I forced the king to go in and see for himself Xu Que directly Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep CBD Vegan Gummies rejected the system.To CBD gout Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep break a rubbish formation, you still have to pretend to be worth 500 points.Of course, he will not spend such an unjustifiable amount of money.After all, Xu Que had already spent more than 10,000 points in the attack on the ancient city in the past two days, but he only earned more than 8,000 points.In general, he still lost more than 4,000 points, but for the sake of cbd gummies and heart palpitations flirting.Empress, he reluctantly accepted this loss.However, Xu Que believes that he must resist the profiteer behavior of the system and stick to the traditional virtue of diligence and thrift Whoosh Taking advantage of the moment when several patrols were staggered, Xu Que immediately used his body technique, turning his whole body into willow leaves, disappeared from the spot, and penetrated into the bedroom.

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The three thousand avenues, the rhythm, is also a kind of Tao Xu Que was promoted to a four star musician, and the deeper his understanding of the Tao was The same song, played and sung by different people, will give people different feelings and bring different 750mg full spectrum cbd gummies emotions.This is the mysterious power of the way of rhythm.After Xu Que realized this, he became more confident 25mg cbd gummies in cleaning up the soul in the fusion period A four star musician must royal blend CBD gummies reviews Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep be beaten when dealing with the powerhouses of the infant transformation period.But to deal with the soul of the fusion stage, then there is more than enough to rub it Ding, the ban is about Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep to be broken, please prepare the host As the system prompt sounded again, the cracks on the stone gate were densely cbd gummy drops packed, like spider silk Xu Que immediately took out an electronic organ with powerful mixing functions from the system package, and placed cbd hemp flower para que sirve it in front of Shimen The dozen or so souls hiding in the distance were shocked what s the situation Senior, what are you trying to do What kind of powerful magic weapon is that special looking thing Boom At this moment, the stone gate that closed the tomb suddenly collapsed.

Damn it Xu Que was immediately displeased after hearing this, Why do you say I m young, have you seen it Liu Jingning shook her head, You re too young, although your talent is amazing, but your mood is still not enough, you can t get rid of your emotions and desires, and practice for another hundred years., maybe it can reach our level Miss, I don t see that you are very good at pretending Xu Que sneered.Xiuxian wants to get rid of CBD gummies reddit Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep seven emotions and six desires That s a shit.Anyway, I forced Wang to use his experience to level up and get rid of cbd oil hemp stick a woolen thread.Immortal I will repair it, and I CBD hemp gummies Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep will play with my emotions and desires difference between cbd oil and hemp seed oil Liu Jingning smiled, knowing that Xu Que felt disdain for her words, she simply stopped talking about this kind of thing, shook her head and said, Let s get down to business, I m waiting for you here, I want to see if you can find this, Second, I have something to ask you personally.

I knew that I should have killed him directly in the upstream sea Wait, CBD gummies wholesale Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep how did your ancestors know about these things They also participated Suddenly, Xu will cbd gummies show on drug test Que Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep CBD Vegan Gummies looked at Liu Jingning with a strange expression.Liu Jingning immediately gave Xu Que an angry look and said, Little Que, although our Elysium Sect is called the Demon Sect, we will never do such wicked things These things are actually told by the ancestors of the Jinghua Shuiyue Sect., Dong Genji invited them, but they were unwilling to participate, so they joined the ancestors of our Elysium Sect and other forces and rushed to the Endless Sea to prevent Dong Genji and some ancestors from breaking the shackles Xu Que suddenly raised his eyebrows, He asked, Since there are people to stop it, what are we going to do Aren t you afraid that they will fail to stop it This is related to the safety of countless monks on the four continents.

Pass buy hemp gummies online Because no matter what, the Fire Emperor s face today must be lost.Even if Xu Que was killed, it wouldn t change the fact that the Fire Emperor was embarrassed today First, dozens of guards joined forces, but they were shot to death Then four generals from the Infant Transformation Period led a hundred armies and went forward to surround and kill them.As a result, there were countless casualties.Even one of the generals was severely injured.So far, he is still lying on the spot for treatment And now, the Fire Emperor confidently pulled out a Shenwei rechargeable cannon.The name was extremely domineering, and the momentum when it was opened was also very powerful.At first glance, it really seems to be specially given to Xu Zhanqian to smoke The Fire Emperor was naturally furious on the spot, his body trembling with anger For more than a hundred years, he has never been so angry.

Why did His Highness run away after the great victory .Chapter 165 Time to show off your coercion skills Escape That s the act of a loser But their great and amusing Lich Emperor, even after winning the battle, why did he still run away Everyone was at a loss, but when they looked up, they saw the few lines Xu Que left on the wall.They were written in astral grass, and their brilliance was dazzling.Same thing.Looking carefully at the few lines of words left by Xu Que on the wall, someone couldn t help but read out in a low voice, The author of Farewell to the Heavenly Demon Tribe , the great sage Qitian and the alien demon emperor Sun Wukong, I left gently., just as I came gently I gently waved my hand to bid farewell to the clouds in the western sky.The golden willows on the river are the Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep brides in the setting sun the bright shadows in the waves are rippling in my heart The talent suddenly reacted, this turned out to be a parting poem But there seems to be something wrong An old man frowned and said doubtfully, The golden willows on the river, there doesn t seem to be a willow tree on the riverside of our tribe And the clouds in the west The old man has been in the tribe for seven hundred and eighty seven years, but But you have never seen the clouds in the western sky Another old man also thought about it can dogs smell CBD gummies Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep carefully and said.

You see how I said it is also a distinguished guest invited by your king, and the famous Monkey King, come like this.I haven t even had a cup of tea for a long time, isn t it justified Pfft Yun er laughed and said, You must have made the king angry, or cbd hemp oil near me she won t leave you here, come with me.Yun er, you re wrong about this, your king is obviously shy in front of me, really, eh, don t go so fast Wait for me.Xu Que miracle cbd gummy bears stepped up to catch up.Soon, he was taken by Yun er to a small and simple room.According to Yun er, all the rooms here are similar.It doesn t matter, Yun er, I cbd gummies for sleep m not someone who just wants to enjoy themselves.When I traveled around the world, I used the ground as my bed and the sky as my quilt.Satisfied.Xu Que said solemnly.Well, that s good, remember not to run jamie richardson cbd gummies shark tank around, our tribe has a lot of rules, you should rest early, and when Xiaoyu wakes up, I will come back to you and help her concoct alchemy.

Xu Que s sagely naturals cbd roll on big transformation and the appearance of the anti Hulk armor made many people calm 5 1 cbd gummies down.After all, the strength he showed before gave everyone a lot best cbd gummies for nausea of confidence.Ding, congratulations to the host Xu Que for successfully pretending to be a force, rewarded with 310 points of force Ding, congratulations to the host Xu Que for successfully pretending to be forceful, rewarded with 330 points of force Xu Que was very Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep satisfied with the current effect, and the system prompts echoed in his mind without interruption.Hehe, it seems that the transformation effect is good, and I made a lot of pretend value He immediately smiled in his heart.However, the giant golden puppet on the opposite side is also an existence that cannot be underestimated.The other party is not just as simple as getting bigger, the invisible pressure makes Xu Que dignified.

The six people from Tai Yi Pai were also terrified, and said anxiously, Senior, don t be impulsive Calm down, senior, you must not kill him If you kill him, Xuehaimen will do everything in their power to chase after him.I ll kill you.No, all the demon forces in Fengwu City will come to you.After hearing Xu Que, he was overjoyed, Really Really.Taiyi sent radiant supplements inc cbd gummies six people together.nod That s great.Xu Que shouted excitedly, a flash of lightning suddenly stepped out from under his feet, his figure suddenly blurred, and he rushed directly to Young Master Song.Before Young Master Song could react, he stood try cbd gummies on the spot and watched Xu Que suddenly disappear, followed by a black shadow that suddenly appeared in front of him, and veterans vitality CBD gummies Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep then a giant ink colored ruler gradually enlarged in front of him.Song Gongzi suddenly widened his eyes, his pupils contracted sharply, replaced by fear.

He rolled is cbd naturally in your body down the car window with a leisurely expression on his face, and shouted to Erha, Erha, what are you running Your tongue is so strong, you have to make good use of it Hurry up , brother, lick them .Chapter 313 Is there any salted fish to get in the car Ow Erha is about to be mad, and it s okay to be chased and killed, why Xu Que can be safe and sound Driving the magic horse and mocking at the side.Can this deity s tongue be freely taken out to lick people This deity only licks stones Damn, are you sick This kid is Fujiwara Takumi.If you chase after the deity again, believe it or not, I ll jump up and blow your knees Erha roared angrily.He seemed to remember something at the end, and added Said, This kid still has an eight star sword on his body, are you not interested As soon as these words came out, everyone in the audience snorted, and their eyes were completely fixed on Xu Que s car.

Even the old man who fought against the Empress was a little lost when he saw this scene, and was directly slapped by the cornbread cbd gummies Empress, and the whole thc gummys person flew out and vomited blood.But the old man laughed loudly, Haha, it succeeded, it succeeded after all That kid is dead.He looked at the Empress, and said coldly, Shuihuang, that person overseas has already promised to protect me, Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep CBD Vegan Gummies if you intervene again , that is to fight against them No one can protect you The Empress looked cold and chased away again.In fact, if she wanted to do hemp bomb gummies get you high kill the old man, it would be easy.After all, the buy CBD gummies Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep gap between the two was there, and the old man was no match at all.But here is too close to where Xu Que crossed the calamity.If he uses too powerful ultimate move, it will affect the calamity and even involve everyone present.

Would you be scared away by such danger And I was also gummy cbd extract afraid that you would be in danger, so I rushed back to save you.Ah You worry about our danger and come back to save us Wait, that s not right This Fujiwara san is not the honest, kind and innocent Fujiwara san in Jianling s mouth at all I believe you are an idiot, no wonder I always feel that this sounds a bit false If they hadn t seen Xu Que s cold and murderous side, everyone might believe Xu Que s cbd derived from hemp words at this moment, or even be moved by him.But after learning about Xu Que s shameless side, it was impossible for everyone to believe that he was here to save people.Boom At this time, there was another loud noise from the passage behind the lava cave, and the ground began to Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep vibrate again.Apparently, the sword spirit sensed Xu Que s remnant soul, and chased after him again.

The old eunuch took a step forward immediately, with a sharp voice, shouting, The emperor has an order, the trial of the emperor s mausoleum is officially started Please gather at the foot of the mountain and get ready Each team can only send three people to participate CBD gummies for inflammation and pain Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep The top 50 will be considered successful If one stick of incense has passed, those who do not make it to the top 50 will be eliminated Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh As soon as the old eunuch finished speaking, a dozen streams of light swept down from the top of Huangling Mountain, and they all headed towards the foot of the mountain.Undoubtedly, these streamers are all contestants.The momentum and strength emanating from each streamer are not weak, and the worst is the fifth layer cultivation of the Nascent Soul, and many of them are not weak in spirit power, obviously they are all good at the control of spirit talismans These people move fast and are very clever.

Some people didn t even stand firm and almost fell to the ground The crowd suddenly became uneasy.A can CBD gummies cause diarrhea Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep terrifying breath is approaching boom The loud bang sounded again, getting closer and closer Everyone in the tomb couldn t help holding their breath.The people outside the imperial mausoleum also stared at the Qiankun Mirror intently.They all found the source of the sound, still from the depths of the passage of the tomb, as if there was a huge black shadow flying, hitting the tomb wall of the tomb from time to time, smashing all the stone walls into pieces, killing them without hindrance Come Wearing an Iron Man suit, Xu Que used Iron Man s intelligent system function to scan the source of the loud noise directly through the tomb wall A huge golden puppet Is this a big boss Xu Que was slightly surprised.

After a cbd hemp direct flower while, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and he thought System, cancel the effect of the disguised puppet, restore my original body, and keep the face of the hawkeye hemp CBD gummies reviews Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep human skin mask Ding, the disguised puppet effect has been canceled Whoosh eagle hemp CBD gummies ingredients Sunmed CBD Gummies For Sleep A flash of brilliance flashed across Xu Que.The next moment, he turned into a handsome young man wearing a black robe, and appeared on the small road on the outskirts of the imperial city Before entering the imperial wholesale cbd gummies city, he wanted to walk around the neighborhood with the face of Hu Ge to see if he was betrayed.If Zi Xuan and Princess Yanyang confessed their identities, then the imperial city would be full of wanted portraits, and as soon as her face appeared, someone would definitely recognize her.If no one recognizes it, it will be more convenient.

Seeing the chaos and casualties of the Tianwu Sect in front of him, Xu Que has no regrets.He forced me to pretend, and I slapped the face hard.What about the Sect Master in the infant transformation stage Xu Que still killed the hateful old woman right under his nose.The great revenge will be avenged, and the most urgent thing for Xu Que to do now is to do everything possible to upgrade and get a way to revive Xiaorou from the system Boom Suddenly, there was a loud noise from a distant mountain.Countless boulders rolled down, and a figure with monstrous anger swept out from it.It was actually Zhang Danshan, the sect of Tianwu Sect I saw that his head was long and messy, and his white robe was ragged and tattered Zhang Danshan couldn t hold back the anger in his heart after seeing the Tianwu Sect he built up by himself turned into ruins.