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Absolute Heaven Seal In the cloud, a huge golden seal stuck its head out.The golden seal is as big as half the size of Xitianmen City, and its appearance is full of mysterious golden patterns.This scene.Oh my godit s actually the Seal of Heaven Immortal Emperor Cheng Yuan s famous skills back then It is said that before Immortal Emperor Cheng Yuan became an Immortal Emperor, he used this Sunset CBD Hemp trick to obliterate dozens of people in the same realm in one fell swoop, all of them are evil geniuses This guy is dead today, no one can stop the Immortal Emperor s full strength shot.Facing the astonishingly powerful golden seal, Xu Que looked up at the sky and suddenly smiled.This smile was full of disdain.That s it He took a deep breath and threw a punch.The fusion of the righteous seal magic scripture and the forced king fist made his fist burst out with unparalleled power.

You d better hand over the jade seal obediently Hey, this woman can t get enough of it Xu Que suppressed the anxiety in his heart, was silent for a while, and said solemnly I understand, you are afraid to see my outstanding achievements and fall in best cbd gummies for sleep love with me, after all, I am handsome and talented, and who sells royal cbd gummies it is Sunset CBD Hemp also human to fall in love with me.It s normal.Xuanyuan Wanrong This bastard s brain is short circuited Xu Que pretended to be narcissistic, approached him, and said affectionately, I know you ve been talking all the time, all to get my attention, I admit, your little tricks have already It succeeded, but woman, you are playing with fire.Okay, shut up, I ll go with you.Xuanyuan Wanrong s eyes twitched fiercely, and finally she couldn t listen anymore and chose to compromise.This stuff is so disgusting, so rude, and shameless to the extreme.

So at this moment, Xu Que also gave up the idea of continuing to steal materials, and stood in front of the forging table with a serious face, preparing to refine the weapon.However, Xu Que s appearance still surprised some of the big people around him.Because he was too young, Xu Que stood out among the group of middle aged and elderly crafting masters.Although the registration restrictions are lifted at the Craft Refining Conference, there will definitely be many young people coming in to play, but there is no reason to be so quick.Because the people who first started refining tools belong to the major forces, and they have already registered their names in advance.As for those young people who are not at royal CBD gummies review Sunset CBD Hemp the level cbd gummies for dogs joints of scattered cultivation or refining, even if they register today, they will have to wait 400mg cbd gummies until a few days CBD thc gummies for pain Sunset CBD Hemp later.

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CBD thc gummies for pain Sunset CBD Hemp Under the moonlight, the sword light lucent valley CBD gummies Sunset CBD Hemp flashed brightly and icy coldly, passing across the sky.As the heads of the three Sunset CBD Hemp people fell to the ground, the brilliance also flashed away The three Wonderland killers from gummy cbd recipe Assassination Star were killed on the spot, and none of them could escape.Xu Sunset CBD Hemp Que was not Sunset CBD Hemp idle either, his figure flickered, and he suddenly rushed out on the hot wheel and appeared in the inn on the opposite street.But at this time, the inn was already empty, leaving Sunset CBD Hemp only a faint breath, indicating that the person was still here not long ago.Hey, Fu Shanchuan, if you can Sunset CBD Hemp run, the monk can t run away from the temple.I ll take care of you later Xu Que sneered, stepped on the hot wheel, cbd oil by health naturals and returned to his inn.He didn t know who Fu Shanchuan was, but since he had a name, it was easy to find out where he was in this little lost city.

I advise you to leave, because the end of Dengxian Road is not here at all After speaking, he looked at Jiang Hongyan.Jiang Hongyan smiled slightly, nodded, and stepped forward.Several imperial palace powerhouses were immediately startled, Holy Venerable, you do you want to go in too Several imperial palace powerhouses couldn t help but feel embarrassed.It stands to reason that no matter what the danger is, they must accompany the Holy Venerable, life hemp seeds cbd content and death.But now hearing that there is likely to be the Sunset CBD Hemp existence of peak powerhouses in the Mahayana period, these people are a little hesitant.Let s go, Ergouzi, don t think about escaping, you ve settled for this pool At this time, Xu Que said with a smile, grabbed Ergouzi who was about to sneak away, and took Jiang Hongyan s hand , take a step and walk forward.

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In addition to the sect master, there were two elders under it.The disciples were divided into core disciples, inner disciples and outer disciples Xu Que grinned It s not too much trouble for a sect with less than 30 people to be so fancy.They have the highest cultivation base, and they should be the pinnacle of Immortal Kings at the moment.Duan Sunset CBD Hemp Jiude said.Xu Que couldn t help shaking his head, listen, is there a more miserable sect than this The head is only at the peak of the Immortal King, and if any disciple is pulled out of the Holy Moon Palace, he can press the head to the ground and beat him.Rather than saying that he was going to help him continue his sect, it would how to make CBD gummies with jello Sunset CBD Hemp be better to say that he was helping the poor.The three came to the foot of the mountain, and someone on the mountain had already come down to greet them.

Even if it was completely condensed from water, it could be seen that it was Sunset CBD Hemp a woman, and it looked familiar Hi Everyone in the audience immediately gasped, their backs were cbd gummie for sleep cold, and their heads were stiff as they Sunset CBD Hemp looked at the ice coffin under the altar lake Fuck Fuck Fuck multiplied by 3 In an instant, Xu Que and Ergouzi, together with gummy bear recipe CBD Sunset CBD Hemp Duan Jiude, shouted, then turned around in unison, and played the trick, Roll up Liu Jingning broad spectrum CBD gummies Sunset CBD Hemp and everyone from the Elysium Sect, and drive the Hot Wheels to run wildly Xu Que was horrified.He was sure that the woman could not come out, but now he actually appeared in this situation, and before it was condensed and formed, it had already brought them a sense of suffocating crisis In this case, not running is a dead end Boom Suddenly, with a loud noise, a huge water curtain appeared out of thin air in front of Xu Que, and the water flowed down from the sky, it was actually a waterfall The key is that this waterfall not only came down from the sky, but even blocked their back and forth, instantly putting them in trouble Sun, it s over It s cold Ergouzi and Duan Jiude cried in despair at the same time.

Almost in an instant, several people were sucked down by the abyss After difference between hemp and CBD Sunset CBD Hemp I don t know how long, Xu Que finally landed at the bottom.Landing steadily on the ground, before he had time to speak, Sword Spirit said in a heavy tone, Boy, hurry up, the abyss just now devoured you for at least five hours.Xu Que was abruptly startled, the entrance to the Forest of Chaos had a time limit.If they don t get out before it finally closes, they can t get out at all Chapter 1828 The dead bald donkey turned its face faster than a woman Not far away, Ergouzi ran over yelling.Seeing it approaching, he threw the dark corpse in his hand forward, and said with pride, This goddess killed this guy, and any strong enemy is Sunset CBD Hemp not a one punch enemy of this goddess The corpse of Xu Dingcheng can be vaguely seen.A dignified disciple of the Immortal Emperor ended up in this situation, and it makes people feel a little embarrassed to think about it.

Quality You have urinated in other people s water, but you are too embarrassed to tell others about your quality Everyone present twitched their mouths and felt very tired.They thought they were the most vicious people in Taijin University, and they had thicker skin than anyone else.But I never imagined that I would encounter such a shameless person today, are cbd gummies expensive and no one dared to match the shameless realm.Really I m wrong Behind the crowd, an old man smiled wryly.The woman next to her in a black suit was even more sluggish.Looking at Xu Que, she seemed to feel that she had recognized the wrong person, and she was completely unable to associate the current Xu Que with the gentle and elegant boy Sunset CBD Hemp she met outside earlier.However, this time, Boss Li took the shot personally, and also united the power of the Sunset CBD Hemp sea of blood.

Sunset CBD Hemp cost of purekana cbd gummies Fellow Daoist, are you letting him what are you Sunset CBD Hemp wearing on your eyes Elder Chen just turned his head to persuade Xu Que when he suddenly saw a pair of black glasses on his eyes.When cbd gummies for anxiety 2021 Xu Que heard the words, he pointed to his eyes and said, Oh, these are the premium special sunglasses produced by the Zhaitian Gang, do you need them Can you Elder Chen saw that Xu Que hardly reacted in the face of the heat wave.Next, I thought that this thing was Sunset CBD Hemp (FDA 2022) a magic weapon, and I couldn t help but rejoice.200,000 spirit stones of sincerity.After repeated struggles, Elder Chen reluctantly bought the sunglasses.After all, under the erosion of this heat, if you look directly at the sea of fire, your eyes may be irreversibly damaged.When he put on the sunglasses, he found that the whole world was darkened, and the seemingly fierce sea of fire in the sky seemed a little dim, no longer as dazzling as before.

The final result is based on the ranking on the list.There is no limit to the way of gambling, the tactics are not limited, there is only one rule the use of immortal essence is not allowed.You can fight, but you are also not allowed to use cultivator methods.On the one hand, this rule is to avoid the destruction of the city, and on the other hand, it is also a means of testing the participating monks.If Xian Yuan is used, then the gambling will become meaningless.After all, with the means of a cultivator, it is really simple to change the outcome of a gambling fight.As soon as the competition started, the whole city was completely boiling.In the streets and alleys, monks playing gambling can be seen everywhere.Everyone is in full swing and wants to be the ultimate victor.Come on, come on, Sieve Pai Gow can do anything, who wants to come over and gamble.

Although he was telling the truth, under normal circumstances, even if he saw a conspiracy, he would not say it outright For a while, Elder Li didn t cbd gummies know how to respond.Okay, the old man also understands your difficulties.After all, you are also following orders, so the old man doesn t want to embarrass you Xu Que waved his hand, looking like a strong man.This made the old man surnamed Li suddenly relieved, and hurriedly said, Thank you Elder Xu, thank you Elder Xu for understanding However, as soon as these words came out, the expressions of some people present changed.Xu Que also suddenly opened his mouth and scolded, Grass I m just testing you.I didn t expect you to make a conspiracy to deal with this old man In an instant, the old man surnamed Li was dumbfounded.stupid.How can I answer thanks for understanding Isn t this a disguised admission that they are really engaging in a conspiracy Elder Xu, you misunderstood, misunderstood, I didn t mean that just now Elder Li hurriedly explained.

Not to mention Xu Que, she could kill hundreds of Heavenly Humans powerhouses alone, including the two Mahayana third layer powerhouses.It s just that Xu Que didn t act in a hurry just now.Instead, he brought them here, which surprised Jiang Hongyan.Actually, I have two plans At this time, Xu Que said, The first is to inquire about the use of the void breaking talisman while playing with them.The second is to take advantage of this month s time., you can retreat here with peace of mind, and fuse the soul in the enlightenment tree.When the seal of this place is released, there may be a fierce battle Just know that it is absolutely not to be underestimated Now that we have a month, and there is still no danger, it is indeed a good opportunity to be fully prepared.Once the soul fusion is perfect, Jiang Hongyan s strength will be even more refined.

Sunset CBD Hemp It is useless, and now I take it out and recycle it to the system, and I don t feel bad at all.Ding, the recovery is successful, the host has obtained 350,000 points of refining essence At this time, the system health benefits of cbd gummies prompt sounded, obviously the quality of this half grade fairy is slightly better, and directly gave 350,000 points of refining.Essence.Seeing this, Xu Que also began to prepare for refining.Whoosh With a small sound, Xu Que waved his hand, and lifted a piece of wind and thunder magic gold into the air, followed by a black flame in his palm, which directly burned the wind and thunder magic gold.As soon as the flame appeared, it immediately attracted the attention of the surrounding crowd, who were all stunned.Hey That young man has started refining weapons, and he actually has such a powerful flame This fire is not simple, and I can t recognize the calendar.

Qin Susu was also stunned, What the hell is this guy doing Hey, dear granddaughter, you are so nervous about him Could it be that cbd pharm gummy bears there is a turning point in that matter The cbd hemp buds uk white robed CBD for inflammation Sunset CBD Hemp old man s eyes lit up immediately.Qin Susu glared at her, Old man, do you want your beard Yes The old man in the white robe was so frightened that he immediately covered his beard, and the Cang Empress retreated And at this moment, Xu Que was already on the stage of life and death, and in front of everyone, he just started drinking on his own.Since he began to cultivate immortals, coupled with the physical tempering of Hades Town s prison body, even if he doesn t know how to drink, who owns smilz cbd gummies his drinking capacity is astonishingly powerful.I ate two bottles of Wannian Monkey Wine in a row, but I didn t think about it at all.

Instead, like the first time, he continued to knock out the living ants and grabbed the beast spirit bag.For more than a month, Xu Que said that he had to catch hundreds of living ants, and the harvest was not small.However, since Lan Hetu and others are cbd gummies halal stopped calling Xu Que eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews quit smoking brother in law , in just over a month, the relationship between them seems to have gradually changed a little bit, and they are no longer as close as they used to be, as if There is a barrier.Xu Que is not very easy to communicate with people.He has gone through countless times, and he is suspicious and vigilant about everything.Lan Hetu and the others listened to everything Lan Xinyue told them before, and understood that they and Xu Que were never the same.After that, after all, I still have to return to the academy and live a stable life.

Empty character, tear the void, and return to Earth But now, on this re engraved map, the text actually mentioned the Void Breaking Talisman , Xu Que had to be moved Little guy, what s wrong At this moment, Jiang Hongyan spoke softly and asked with concern.Void do delta 8 cbd gummies get you high cbd gummies bear breaking talisman is mentioned in this animal skin, which is the only magical object that can let me go back to my hometown I ll see what it says first Xu Que replied, taking the animal skin at the same time, his face condensed, and he looked the text above.Recorded in the animal 10 mg cbd gummies for sleep skin is a road map, as well as the last words written by an ancient monk named Zhang Tiandao It can be understood from the text that this Zhang Tiandao is also a monk of Xuanzhen University, but the age is so long, more than 10,000 years ago, he is almost a person from ancient times.

Instead of just cbd gummies coupon fighting for the trumped up luck, he decided to spend his pretense on the edge.If it doesn t work to ask for directions, then use an older method But I just said that I should keep a low profile when I first arrived, and I am already a mature and serious person.It doesn t seem right to do things again But in order to find the little girl and the others as soon as possible, it seems Sunset CBD Hemp that they can only do this cbd gummy manufacturer california now.Three elections My dear, what Sunset CBD Hemp s the origin of this kid In broad daylight, he dared to hijack the daughter of the Sect Master of Burning City Clan.This is too bold, right The selection of the three sects has not officially started yet, but someone dares to offend the three at the same time.Zong Qi Er Admire Chapter 1583 Don t care about such details Xu Que was a little helpless.

After a few breaths, he slowly put down the teacup in his hand, and said solemnly, Brother Lin, are you sure you can believe that kid can leave this world There is a way for him to funky farms cbd gummies leave This kid has been very strange since he appeared, and in just two days, he made such a big noise, he is definitely not an ordinary person pure organic hemp extract CBD oil Sunset CBD Hemp Brother Lin, you should know that if we join forces with him, Sunset CBD Hemp (FDA 2022) What will the wager price that needs to be paid mean Yao Gongming said in a deep voice.If they join forces with Xu Que, they will definitely not be able to solve Li Tianxun, but at least they have the strength to contend, but they can t last for a long time.At cbd hemp oil para que sirve most one year, they will be exhausted by Li Tianxun.If Xu Que really had a way to leave within a year, then it would Sunset CBD Hemp be worth it no matter how much they paid, but if Xu Que was fooling them, then they would have lost a lot of money, and they would have to lose everything and even risk their lives.

They clearly sold the trapping and killing array to the other party, but they secretly kept a hand and opened the array directly Hmph, what s shameless You know a basket, it s called a soldier who never tires of deceit He was full of hatred for this group of immortals, and Xu Que was their son in law of the Bliss Sect, so naturally he had to find a good excuse for Xu Que s shamelessness boom Boom At the same time, the three strong academies in the trapping formation have launched a counterattack They were kneeling on the ground just now, and as soon as the trapping formation opened, the group of holy golden bees rushed in frantically, which caught them off guard and suffered heavy losses.The team of 70 or 80 people was instantly killed by more than 30 people, and the remaining 50 people could only struggle and resist All kinds of magic tricks roared in the trapped and killed array, and the blazing brilliance filled it However, the flesh of Sunset CBD Hemp these holy golden armored bees is too powerful to be called holy golden armor, so naturally they cannot be blasted through casually In addition, this group of people were also hit by Duan Jiude s Drunk Sunset CBD Hemp Immortal Fragrance, and their qi, blood and true essence were blocked, and they couldn t use their full strength at all.

But suddenly, the sound transmission of the sword spirit sounded in fun drops cbd gummies review his mind, and he stopped abruptly, and then smiled awkwardly, Master, why don t you forget it, my sword spirit has never seen the world, and I m rather shy, wait for it to get used to it for a while.It s not too late to see you again The woman s eyes narrowed slightly, and after being silent for a while, she nodded lightly, It s okay, anyway, it s not too long for you to stay here Master, since that s the case, then we don t.I ve disturbed your practice, I ll go get acquainted with this place first, you don t have to worry about me, I ll treat it like my own home Xu Que smiled and said politely.It s good if you can think of it how to use CBD gummies for pain Sunset CBD Hemp this way.Once you come here, cbd gummies with stevia you will be at peace.If you stay here to cultivate well, you will have great achievements in the future Also, didn t you say before that you want to worship edible CBD gummy bears Sunset CBD Hemp your teacher for you There are countless immortal artifacts here, you can Pick The woman smiled lightly, pointing to the pile of fairy artifacts scattered around the palace When I looked down on the mountain before, the pile of fairy artifacts was shining brightly, but now Xu Que saw it clearly.

No matter how tough its body is, it can t compare to those huge monsters or that broken arm.Once Sunset CBD Hemp it falls directly into the void tunnel, it CBD gummies recipe Sunset CBD Hemp may be crushed to pieces on the spot.Xu Que s face was dignified, and he questioned the system, but the system couldn t give any good methods.The only thing that could make him protect himself was the immortal artifact of the wheel of life and death.A fairy can protect a person, he carries one, Jiang Hongyan also has one.In gluten free CBD gummies Sunset CBD Hemp other words, when the power of the rune is Sunset CBD Hemp exhausted, he and Jiang Hongyan are the only ones who can survive.This was definitely not what Xu Que wanted.Boom At this moment, a huge explosion sounded in front of him.Xu Que came back Sunset CBD Hemp to his senses and looked up, suddenly startled.Fuck Ergouzi also exclaimed in an instant, What is that How could it appear in such a place .

King Kong is invincible, five seconds invincible, five seconds is a real man, who can stand me Chi In an instant, the Diamond Invincible Talisman in his hand ignited, and a circle of golden light gushed out of his body.Don t go Jiang Hongyan was moved on the spot.Brother, come back Xu Feifei was also shouting.Master Tang, you Bai Cailing was also horrified.Everyone in the audience was shocked.This guy Xu Que actually rushed up, this is really worthless However, with the protection of the King Kong Invincible Talisman, Xu Sunset CBD Hemp Que buy prime nature CBD Sunset CBD Hemp had nothing to fear.What he was cdc gummy bears worried about was that the King Kong Unbeaten Talisman only had five Sunset CBD Hemp seconds, and there was hemp and cbd simply not enough time to get all the boxes out.So now Sunset CBD Hemp I can only try one wave, see luck, take as much as you can, and seek wealth and wealth Bang Under the shocked gazes of everyone in the audience, Xu Que broke through the restriction without damage, penetrating the sparkling water surface full of chills.

Sunset CBD Hemp can a child overdose on cbd gummies >> are CBD gummies, what is the difference between CBD and hemp Sunset CBD Hemp CBD gummies review Sunset CBD Hemp.

It s fighting He turned around suddenly and saw that Xu dr gupta cbd gummies Que had already fought with Ergouzi.Today, the poor monk is Sunset CBD Hemp going to act for the heavens Xu Que shouted, golden light splashed from his palms, and he slapped Ergouzi with his palm.Er Gouzi s face was full of disdain, and he stepped forward with a punch, smashing the palm print It s like a banquet Immediately afterwards, Er Gouzi directly took out a long knife, put it on Xu Que s neck, and aimed at the surrounding people.People shouted Listen to this deity, whoever dares to take a step forward, this deity will drop the head of this great monk Ye Shuo laughed Do you think we will care about this guy s life But Sunset CBD Hemp dr oz cbd gummies for sale Except for him, everyone else hesitated.After all, Xu Que s broad mindedness and profound knowledge along the way made many people have a good impression of him, and Sunset CBD Hemp it was inevitable that he would be hesitant to start.

Of course, the old man used this thing to put a dung pot on an immortal s head, and then slipped away, it s cool Duan Jiude said this, his face was excited again.Xu Que was stunned.He had heard from those gang members before that Duan Jiude put a bucket of shit on top of an immortal s head, and as a result, he was hunted down for several years.Very good, this purekana CBD gummies for tinnitus reviews Sunset CBD Hemp thing is really useful Xu nodded and patted Duan Jiude on the shoulder.With this Drunk Immortal Fragrance, the strength cbd gummies with thc for anxiety of the group of immortals will definitely be reduced by half.By then, millions of Heaven Sunset CBD Hemp (FDA 2022) devouring Mosquitoes will not only be able to compete with a dozen immortals, but maybe even against forty or fifty immortals, they will be able to fight Hehe, old man Duan, it s not that this deity is targeting you.You drunken fragrances are nothing but spicy chickens in front of this deity At this moment, Ergouzi suddenly sneered and swept Duan Jiu with a look of disdain.

The kid was not dead, but was seriously injured.Now he is recovering from the medicine in the south building At this time, Bao Jian hurriedly said.Ergouzi immediately exclaimed, What did you say Song Dabao is not dead No, although he helped you escape at the time, we also knew that fellow disciples shouldn t kill absolute nature CBD Sunset CBD Hemp each other, so we just beat him to vent his anger and told him Didn t kill him, Bao Jian said in a panic.Grass, I didn t kill him, it s been a few years, he s still recovering from his wounds, how badly must he be beaten by you Ergouzi shouted angrily.Hey, Teacher Ergou, that s all, since Song Dabao isn t dead, let s just beat them and let them go Duan Jiude suggested.But these words fell in the ears of Bao Jian and Zhang Liyun, but they breathed a sigh of relief.What does it mean to be cbd gummies effect on body out of breath after a meal, as long as you can survive, sample cbd gummies even if you are seriously injured, you can definitely recover quickly with a lot of elixir in your family, so why not be afraid The background of their family is not comparable to that of Song Dabao, who has no power, no power and no background Everyone present was relieved slightly, and they all looked at Xu Que again, and there was a sense of fear in their hearts, secretly thinking that the old man s methods were really not easy.

Ow The meat of this deity Ergouzi just climbed out of the roof and wanted to pick up the piece of meat, but as soon as the imperial palace flew away, it immediately screamed and watched the piece of meat get further and further away.Fellow Daoist, wait for us Several imperial palace powerhouses were also anxious, shouting loudly, diamond cbd delta 8 gummies review and they couldn t select cbd gummies help speeding up.Many female disciples of are CBD gummies Sunset CBD Hemp Lingxiu Pavilion also joined in.However, the imperial palace did cbd d8 gummies not intend to stop at all, and was still moving forward quickly and peacefully.The only thing that made everyone relieved was that they barely caught up to the back of the imperial palace, and the cold wind was blocked by the huge size of the entire imperial palace, and no longer eroded their true essence.So all the way down, they were much more relaxed.

vegan CBD gummies Sunset CBD Hemp Yun Yangzi s Sunset CBD Hemp expressions softened a lot, then turned and left.Xu Que narrowed his eyes slightly.After seeing the three of them completely gone, he looked at Master Zeng Dafa and asked with a smile, Master Buddha, do you have the addresses of the three of them Hey, Master Buddha, cannabis infused gummies don t use this kind of thing.Look at me, I see that the three of them are lonely old people, and I plan to go back and find an opportunity to send them warmth Haha, little friend, you have to forgive others and forgive them, as a way what is difference between cbd and hemp oil to give me a face, not to be with them.Care hemp oil vs cbd oil for cats about it Master Zeng smiled and said, naturally it is impossible to inform Xu Que of the old man s cave and his cave.Xu Que didn t force it, and nodded secretly in his heart.Obviously, this Buddha Zeng is still a negative side effects of CBD gummies Sunset CBD Hemp good person.He is at the peak, but he does not have the self esteem and arrogance of the strong.

trace of help.All of a sudden, the bombing gang became the target of public criticism.However, just the day after Dean Lin of Dingtian Academy issued the declaration, several half wonderland disciples of Dingtian Academy were attacked while they were training outside., also stole their storage rings, stripped their clothes, and hung them at the gate of Baihui City.Immediately after that, several other half immortal disciples from Dingtian Academy were treated the same way.At the same time, there was a sign hanging on the body of several people, which said, Those who have received the teachings of Dingtian Academy, but that s all That day, the incident caused a sensation in the two ancient cities, and the news was spread overnight, alarming countless people.My God, the Zhatian Gang is too daring.