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, But the prince hugged too tightly, he couldn t turn over freely, he could only maintain the same position for CBD gummies recipe True Natural CBD Oil a long time, which was a little uncomfortable.Xue Fang looked away from him, the young man s eyes were clean and clear, without a trace of impurities, let True Natural CBD Oil alone a trace of desire.He True Natural CBD Oil doesn t know anything, not even love.He is willing to let himself care about him, and let himself care about him a little more, out of love and sympathy, not love.This realization made Xue Fangli s footsteps stop suddenly.Pity and sympathy are enough, but now, he wants more.Everything related to Do CBD Gummies Help With Anxiety True Natural CBD Oil | SECRET FACTS BEHIND Jiang Yan, he wants everything.Xue Fangli lowered his eyes, his expression was heavy, but the words he said were very gentle, as if he had endless patience, Didn t I agree to this king, so that eagle hemp CBD gummies for diabetes True Natural CBD Oil this king will only care about you in the future What should I do if I have a seizure Jiang Yan subconsciously replied Isn t there a Lanting Xue Fangli smiled, not showing any displeasure in his heart, but said gently You have a maid sleeping in the side room, this king But you don t like being served by someone, you don t sleep with this king, what should I do if this king coughs up blood again Jiang Ruan was stopped.

Hearing the sound of squeak , Xue Fangli did not look back, his robes rattled in the wind, and his red lips were lifted, as if mocking and sighing, I ignore you, but also want to Join in the fun.You are really a little Bodhisattva, you can t see anyone suffering. 11 The 11th day of wanting to be a salted fish Jiang Juan He is not, if he knew there were wolves, he ran Get the fastest.It turns out that nature s ultra cbd beauty boost curiosity can kill not only cats, but salted fish.Jiang Juan had never experienced such a big scene before, and a few pairs of green eyes made him panic, and he just wanted to grab the door and run away.Of course, not being able to put it eagle cbd gummies for tinnitus into practice is purely True Natural CBD Oil frightening.Just when he was at a loss, the footsteps approached, and the guards chased after him, Princess, you can t Before the words were finished, the guards were shocked True Natural CBD Oil when they green ape CBD gummies True Natural CBD Oil saw the wolves Where did the wolf come from Even if the lord does not come to Zhuangzi often, the entire mountain will be routinely patrolled every day, and they have not found best quality cbd gummies for anxiety any abnormality today, and there is no sign of wild beasts.

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, I forgive you.If he was really sensible, what Jiang Juan should say now is that Concubine Mei s words are serious, but Jiang Juan just accepted Concubine Mei s apology, and Concubine Mei held her hands tightly.She was really right.This princess Li really doesn t know what to do After losing the pendant and losing face, cbd gummies dog Concubine Mei naturally didn t want to stay for a hemp oil vs cbd vs thc long time.She was afraid that she would not be able to control herself, so she clenched her teeth.Concubine Mei smiled and said, Bengong went for a walk.Xue Fangli didn t even look at him.To her, Concubine Mei turned her head and immediately changed her face, full of resentment.A good one from the king.A good one from the princess.And that bitch.She wrote down what happened today, and she will pay it back the next day .As soon as Concubine Mei left, Xue Congyun was stunned and said, It s cool, isn t it too cool Concubine Mei.

His face turned pale, Master Marquis, it really wasn t stolen from eagle hemp CBD gummies ingredients True Natural CBD Oil the slave family.If it was stolen, how would the slave family dare to wear it on his body so splendidly best cbd gummies for arthritis pain Instead of questioning the woman, she looked at Jiang Wan with a complicated expression.If the jade pendant is not stolen, Then there is only one possibility.This possibility will make Anping Marquis lose the last straw, and what he has done recently will only be completely reduced to a joke.took a deep breath, The Marquis of Anping asked Jiang Juan, Why is this jade pendant in her hands Jiang Juan was also stunned, I don t know.He recognized the jade pendant.The last time in the bookstore, the Marquis of Anping mentioned the token of the two, and when he returned to Jiang Yan, he wanted to take it as it.After all, the water head was so good, it could be exchanged for a lot of silver taels, but the prince said it was not necessary, and it could be stored in the best broad spectrum cbd gummies for pain treasury of the palace.

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Jiang Juan did not understand Bai Xuechao s suggestion, Xue Fang smiled Li Li knew what he meant, but because he was afraid that Jiang Ruan would offend him, he quietly warned Jiang Ruan not to stop cbd hemp marketing agency him and salute him.Xue Fangli said something, and Bai Xuechao didn t have to get out of bed anymore.He cupped his hands and True Natural CBD Oil said, Thank you, Your Majesty.Mr.Bai knows why Gu is the emperor.Somehow, Xue Fangli suddenly asked Bai Xuechao this question.This Bai Xuechao was stunned for a moment, not knowing how to answer.To ascend to a high position is nothing more than for power and status, but this new emperor, Bai Xuechao never saw the slightest ambition in him.He even showed a lack of interest in this position, as if he could be the emperor, no There CBD gummies for smoking shark tank True Natural CBD Oil is no shame in being the emperor.There was a time when Gu was best rated cbd gummies 2021 always confused about one thing, Xue Fangli said lightly, I don t know what Queen Gu is always afraid of.

She made room for Jiang Yan, and the wolf cub whimpered and cbd hemp oil dogs secret nature cbd reddit barked at him in a hurry.This wolf cub is quite clever.It will ask for help when it is in danger, and will act like a spoiled brat when it hurts.Jiang Fan hesitated, opened the cage for it, and asked, What are you going to do Out of the cage, he quickly got out of the half closed door.Jiang Yan didn t dare to let it run around, and hurriedly caught up.Lan Ting was about to say something, but suddenly she saw Jiang Lian s bare feet and the water vapor all over her body.She bit her True Natural CBD Oil tongue in shock, and didn t utter a word for a long time.When she recovered, the wolf cub was gone, and Jiang Lianren was also gone.Lan Ting was in a hurry, and hurriedly chased CBD gummies without hemp True Natural CBD Oil out.Young master, beezbee cbd gummies where are you going Jiang Fan didn t know where he was going either.

True Natural CBD Oil In the past, when Jiang Juan ate dinner, Xue Fangli would be fed by Xue Fangli, if he was not there , Jiang Juan rarely used Lan Ting, but now he can t, he couldn t see anything, so he had to trouble Lan Ting to help him.When Xue Congyun and the others were brought over, they happened to see Jiang Wan being fed.The young man sat there quietly, clutching the armrests on the soft couch with his white fingers.Lanting fed him a spoonful, and he took a bite.The whole person was really obedient.Brother Juan.Xue Congyun shouted, Jiang Qingliang was more direct than him, ran to Jiang Yan, stretched out his hand and dangled it, but Jiang Yan did not respond at all, Jiang Qingliang said in surprise when he saw this.You really can t see it anymore.Well, I can t see it anymore.Jiang Yan said calmly, But it should be fine in a few days, it s only temporary.

cbd candies wholesale Gu True Natural CBD Oil Puwang was silent for a few seconds before commenting, Your fun gummies CBD True Natural CBD Oil idea is quite special.The concubine didn t say anything, Jiang True Natural CBD Oil Juan asked him, Is it weird Jiang Yan knew the answer after asking, Forget it, ignore me, I know.There should be a few concubines, after all, the education system was different, and the era he lived in was all about everyone.Equality, in this era, there are three, six, nine and so on, and the hierarchy is strict.Jiang Yan said slowly, I m just angry anyway.He frowned, pursed his lower lip, and asked Gu Pu Wang blankly, What should I do Gu Pu Wang glanced at him and said with certainty Be coquettish.Jiang Juan was stunned for a moment, his brows furrowed even more, Ah I can t.Gu Puwang nodded slowly, Yes, that s it.Jiang Juan What is this Jiang Yan wanted to ask more, but suddenly heard a scream, followed by a woman s annoyed voice.

This Princess Li is really a living Bodhisattva The more Ruby thought about it, the more grateful she became.No wonder Li Wang favored him.Don t you have to pamper such a good person Just as I was thinking about it, a chanting suddenly sounded outside the yamen.The commander in law is here Before he finished speaking, Su Feiyue walked in quickly, he saw the Marquis of Anping, and without saying a word, True Natural CBD Oil slapped him up, Bullying a weak woman, I usually teach best cbd gummies for menopause this way.Yours After seeing Su Feiyue, Marquis Anping s cold face couldn t be maintained any longer, Uncle, I Su Feiyue snorted coldly, Don t call me top rated CBD gummies True Natural CBD Oil uncle, I can t afford to lose this person Marquis Anping moved When he moved his lips, he knew Su Feiyue s temper, so he didn t say anything, but when Su Feiyue came, he slapped the Marquis of Anping, Hongyu was startled, looked at him timidly, and noticed Hongyu s slap in the face.

cbd gummies how many to take Jiang melatonin CBD gummies True Natural CBD Oil Qingliang He was completely speechless.After a while, Jiang Qingliang said dejectedly, I know why my brother says I deserve to be beaten up, and it s really hot to be beaten.Jiang Fan thought for a few seconds, and continued to hurt him CBD hemp direct True Natural CBD Oil Really, I don t believe it.Jiang Qingliang He hates it so much.Taking a few deep breaths, Jiang Qingliang was really embarrassed by Jiang Wan, he couldn t hold it any longer, and said to Jiang Wan, Okay, let me tell you something secretly, I can confirm the authenticity of this matter.When the words fell, Jiang Qingliang hesitated where to start, but when he saw Jiang Ruan s expression of something to say, he immediately said angrily I don t care whether you believe it or not, you shut up and listen CBD gummies for pain 1000mg True Natural CBD Oil to me first Jiang Ruan blinked Blinking his eyes, he said oh , in fact, he didn t want to hurt Jiang Qingliang this time, he just realized a problem with hindsight.

True Natural CBD Oil best CBD edibles, well being CBD secret nature CBD vape True Natural CBD Oil gummies (is CBD good for your skin) True Natural CBD Oil eagle hemp cbd gummies shark tank episode True Natural CBD Oil.

Xue Fangli glanced at him annoyed, didn t say anything, just walked in.Or else, let me ask.Xue Congyun was serious.He couldn t imagine his fifth brother bowing to him, and he also felt that his fifth brother shouldn t kneel to anyone, there was nothing worth kneeling for him.No need.He s Do CBD Gummies Help With Anxiety True Natural CBD Oil | SECRET FACTS BEHIND my wife, so naturally I should beg.Xue Fangli shouldn t kneel anyone, there s nothing worth kneeling, but really, he doesn t even believe in ghosts and gods, he just thinks he s pretending to be a ghost.I went to many temples as usual, and finally came to this pagoda.Because Jiang was tired.Because a monk said that Jiang Wan s spirit was unstable.He was afraid that Jiang Fan would lose his soul and would not wake up.He was afraid that Jiang Yan would leave him.Anyone in this world can leave him, anyone can leave, but Jiang Wan can t.

Retracted, cbd gummies for pain relief but accidentally stepped into the water basin on the 25 mg gummies ground.With a crashing sound, water splashed everywhere, splashing on Jiang Wan s legs, splashing on Xue Fangli s sleeves, at this moment , It was quiet everywhere, only the sound of water remained.I didn t mean to.After a while, Jiang Juan opened his mouth with a guilty conscience.Xue Fangli glanced True Natural CBD Oil at him and said nothing.He just took care of his knee.Jiang Juan didn t want to drink medicine, he just wanted to get away, and he turned to Xue again.Fang Li mentioned it again, My lord, go watch the fireworks.What he was thinking is really hard to guess.Xue Fang looked over and left it for a while.The medicine was already cold.If you boil it again, it will only make it more bitter and bitter.If you force him to drink it, maybe he will bite again.

He chose to continue his efforts, Also, if I want to sleep, you have to let me sleep and don t shake me anymore.Xue Fangli lowered his head, he didn t want to.Hell is not easy at all, and I m afraid of suffering.If there is hell, you will really go to hell, and I have to go to hell with you.Jiang Wan s eyelashes moved, My lord, you always let me go to hell.I love you, and you love me too Jiang Ruan held his face, and then said, You can t hide anything from me, you can t do anything.Having said that, Jiang Ruan remembered something, and reminded Xue Fangli That maid with me.As for the cbd gummies near me to quit smoking maid who said that the tuanzi was lost, you are not allowed to punish her in private.Okay.He seemed like a ruthless machine, Jiang Juan agreed to whatever he said, and Jiang Juan had an idea, Also.You will see the memorial later.

That look again.He seemed to have seen through everything about him, dismissed him, and sneered at him.Unwilling to rise again in his heart, Jiang Nian tightened his grip on his sleeve, and at this moment, he heard cbd gummies tinnitus scam Xue Fuying speak again.What a good boy, come, come with Ben Gong.Xue Fuying looked at Jiang Juan carefully.The young man was born beautiful, and when he saw her elder, his soft lips curved upwards slightly, and the best rated cbd gummies for pain relief whole person seemed to be very obedient, not to mention his clean eyes and pure temperament, Xue Fuying was very happy to see it.She always loves dealing with people who don t care, she took Jiang Wan s hand, Xue Fuying patted the back of his hand twice, and was about to bring Jiang Wan to the banquet, but she didn t care that he didn t salute her, I don t think True Natural CBD Oil there s anything wrong with it either.

Xue Fangli stared at him for a few seconds, stretched out his hand, and walked out of bed with Jiang Yan in his arms.Suddenly hanging in the air, hemp bombs CBD gummies True Natural CBD Oil Jiang Fan hurriedly hugged him, almost hanging on Xue Fangli.Xue Fangli s voice was flat, What to hold A bad thing, what is there to hold Jiang Fan He had to explain I just gave a hug.Xue Fangli smiled half smile He said, Then let go.I m not like you, I m just a little lazy.If you hold on, someone hemp extract vs CBD True Natural CBD Oil will be bullied again.Jiang Yan let go.But in the next second, the hand that was holding him seemed to be pulled away from Jiang Juan s waist.Jiang Juan was startled, for fear of being dropped by him, he immediately hugged him back again.Xue Fangli lowered his eyes and asked in puzzlement, I m holding it back again.Just like holding me so much Jiang Lian What kind of bad thing is this You re so annoying.

After a long time, Xue Fangli said again, You don t True Natural CBD Oil ask me what this prince is going to do Why do you ask Jiang Jian looked at him in a puzzled tone, and said in a serious tone, I will give it to the prince anyway.Fang Li raised his eyes, and after a long time, he asked gently again Whatever the king wants, you will give it Jiang Yan is just a salted fish, the king asks him to give anything of course, he wants to be a fish honestly, Well Xue Fangli didn t say anything, just picked up the jade peacock on the table, rubbed his pale enjoy hemp delta 8 gummies review fingers a few times, he touched the residual warmth left True Natural CBD Oil by Jiang Wan.The boy s unreservedness undoubtedly pleased him.Xue Fangli lifted his lips lazily, and said quite happily Whatever you want, this king will also give it, you don t cbd gummies medford oregon have to accept these non trivial things.

Xue Fangli took him into his arms, but Jiang Lian refused, It s so dirty, don t hold me, you should wash your hands first.Xue Fangli chuckled, You even dislike yourself Jiang Lian was sullen.Said Thereit just won t work.He really regretted it, and he shouldn t have been carried away just for kissing.He was talking about teaching him new things, but Jiang Yan was forced to revisit the previous lesson, and the whole soft couch could not wait True Natural CBD Oil to get wet.He cried.Jiang Yan refused to let him hold him, but Xue Fangli still cleaned his hands, and then he was able to pull the person into his arms.Xue Fangli s jaw pressed against Jiang Yan s shoulder, he said leisurely Recover soon, this king CBD vs hemp oil True Natural CBD Oil is still here.Waiting for you to fulfill your duty as a crown princess.Jiang Juan hid in his arms, knowing what he meant, before the last step, he had already made Jiang Yan cry for a long time, Jiang Yan said with lingering fear No way Even if you recover, your heart disease will still recur.

Xue Fang looked at him, Jiang Yan pursed his lips and put one hand behind his back.The uncomfortable CBD gummies for smoking shark tank True Natural CBD Oil bed made him a little annoyed.When he was happy, his eyebrows True Natural CBD Oil became more vivid.Squeamish.After a long time, Xue Fang left his royal CBD gummies review True Natural CBD Oil mouth.He stretched out his hand and wrapped his arms around Jiang Wan s waist, then with a little force, he pulled the man into his arms, and Jiang Wan almost lay on top of him.Jiang Juan opened his eyes wide, Your Highness Xue Fangli said in a low voice, Sleep.The bed was hard, but it wasn t too soft, but jolly cbd gummies for diabetes type 2 it was still a lot more comfortable, but Jiang Juan was too embarrassed, he Said Otherwise I won t sleep Destiny s neck was held down again, Jiang Yan s face was buried in Xue Fangli s arms, Xue Fangli still calmly cbd cure gummies said Sleep.Jiang Yan After moving a few times, he couldn t lift his head, so he had to give in.

Do CBD Gummies Help With Anxiety True Natural CBD Oil | SECRET FACTS BEHIND Transcribe the Buddhist scriptures for her, and this caught my eye.Your writing is getting brighter and brighter, the empress full spectrum cbd gummies benefits dowager looked down at natures purpose CBD True Natural CBD Oil the Buddhist scriptures Jiang Nian had transcribed, and praised, It s like green roads froggies moving clouds and flowing water, like a phoenix.There is a younger brother in the younger generation s family who can write botanical farms cbd gummies keanu reeves better.Jiang Nian s eyes flickered slightly, and he said softly, He writes with a thin golden body, and his brush strokes are hemp bombs CBD gummies True Natural CBD Oil clear and thin.Oh The queen mother became interested, but I never heard you mention my brother.Who is it Maybe Aijia would know.Jiang Lian, Jiang Nian smiled, Have you ever heard of the Empress Dowager Never, the Empress Dowager thought for a while, but had no impression, If it s so well written, change it.Riai s family should be called to the palace to have a look.

On the other side, Xue Fangli peeled off the grape skin, and the red purple juice dripped down his pale fingers and sent it to Jiang Wan s lips.Jiang Ruan was hugged by him, so Jiang Ruan had to turn his head to see it, but Xue Fangli was facing Li Shilang, but he looked as usual from beginning to end.Didn t the prince interrogate Li Shilang What is this doing Why didn t the lord stop it Eat.Xue Fangli uttered a word, Jiang Wan s eyelashes fluttered in fright, he opened his mouth to bite into the grapes, but his teeth were trembling cbd gummies peach slightly.Actually, it s not just the teeth.What are you shaking Jiang Yan said blankly Ah Did I shake The grapes are too sour.Xue Fangli lowered his eyes, Really.Give this king a taste.head, and kissed Jiang Yan.Jiang Yan was still in shock.He suddenly remembered a detail.

Huh Xue Fangli s lips were bright red, he smiled softly, the tip of his tongue brushed over the red lips, and got a little wet, Don t speak, this king, you will acquiesce.Bang Bang, Bang Bang.Jiang Yan heard his own heartbeat again.He should say something.Bang bang, bang bang.His heart was beating wildly, as if he was expecting something.In a trance, Jiang Fan suddenly remembered what the lord said to him just now. Little Bodhisattva, do you know that you have moved your heart The author has cbd dog gummies near me something to say If you can t make changes in the last chapter, you can look back at QAQ and then there is a red envelope woo woo woo today.Thank you cbd thc combo gummies to the little angel who voted or irrigated the nutrient solution for me during 2021 08 19 23 58 34 2021 08 20 23 43 19 Thanks to the little angel who cast difference between cbd oil and hemp seed oil the grenade Xiyan 1 1 Thanks to the little angel who threw the mine Yu Xing, 54149420, Yan Chen, jiangcheng contestant, have a little heart , Chubby, Li Pengci, Zhan Yunhun, Yuekai, yun.

I m afraid you ll be scared.Jiang Yan was startled, and said slowly, I m not that timid either.Xue Fangli Really.He looked at Jiang Yan, will hemp gummies get you high his eyes were deep and deep.Xue Fangli smiled slightly and seemed to say casually, But I m afraid.For many years in the past, he had been fearless and fearless, and he had no worries.Even if he was fed poison every day, even if he was locked with Jiang Qingmei s body for 14 days, Xue Fangli never had the slightest fear.But later, he began to be afraid.He became more and more afraid, and his concerns became more and more.He was afraid that Jiang Juan s heart disease would dr. gupta CBD gummies True Natural CBD Oil recur, that his life would not be long, that Jiang Juan was afraid of him, and that he was most afraid of not wanting him.Everything he was afraid of was related to Jiang Wan, and everything was Jiang Wan.

The lord is a good man.But whenever he acts less like a good guy and more like a bad guy, then there must be something wrong with the other person.Jiang Juan added I believe in the best cbd gummies on amazon reddit lord, and I only believe in the lord.After speaking, Jiang Yan looked lucent valley CBD gummies True Natural CBD Oil down at his hands with tears in his eyes, feeling that he was unlucky, really unlucky.His foot injury was not yet complete, and his hand was injured again.At the same time, he also had to pierce his back to clear the meridians.With his fingers connected to his heart, Jiang Fan gasped in pain.Xue Fangli looked at him for a long time, and reached out his hand with clear knuckles to wipe away the tears for Jiang Fan.He hemp cbd testing equipment took the man into his arms again.Jiang Wan was afraid of acupuncture, but the wound on his hand completely covered up the pain when the acupuncture was pierced.

Letting go of the irony in his words, Jiang Yan paused for a while, then comforted him and said, It s alright, You just haven True Natural CBD Oil t been in good True Natural CBD Oil health for a while now, and you re a little weaker.When my grandfather s friend, the genius doctor, came, let him take a look at it, and maybe it will be healed.However, Jiang Juan didn t say this, because he was afraid that the genius doctor would not be able to do anything, so he didn t plan to tell it for the time being.Xue Fangli s matter about this genius doctor cbd gummies for arthritis and pain and his plans, otherwise he is overjoyed and sad, maybe his condition will get worse.Xue Fangli glanced at Jiang Fan and said with a half smile, Sooner or later you will know if I can do it or not Jiang Yan sighed, still feeling that Xue Fangli was trying to be assertive, he nodded, reluctantly gave Xue cbd gummies to stop smoking shark tank Fangli some face, and said perfunctorily Well, you are right, you can do it, you are really good.

15 mg hemp gummy bears Fairy children are nostalgic for the human world, sneaking down to earth, but they are not connected with the world, so most of them are weak and sickly, and they are easy to die.The younger generation had frequent heart attacks, and he almost didn t get over it several times.Later Jiang Yan said, My grandfather met a cbd gummies or drops master, and he said that the younger generation was a boy and was destined to die early.When you step into a temple, you are not allowed to bow to the Buddha.After speaking, Jiang Wan thought for a while, and said unsurely, That masterwhat is his name, Ananda Master Ananda He stood up, Have you seen him Where and when Jiang Wan mentioned Master Ananda purely to increase his credibility.He didn t expect the Empress Dowager s reaction to be so big, he said vaguely Junior I don t know.

Jiang Yan blinked and said sincerely, My lord is such a nice person.He just died too early.Senior executive He forced how fast do cbd gummies work for anxiety an embarrassed but polite smile, cbd gummies for nausea which he couldn t answer.Lan Ting was originally self blame, thinking that the young master could no longer take a medicinal bath.Hearing this, he felt relieved and reported the prescription to the senior management One tael of Xueling tablets, three taels of Fusang leaves, one tael of Guizhi For a moment, it seemed that they were all quite precious medicinal materials.As far as he knows, the third son and his grandfather have lived in the countryside for many years.Did he also use these precious medicinal materials in the past No, isn t the third son still going to Beijing to seek medical treatment It s probably a new prescription prescribed by the doctor.

Bang The next 2 to 1 cbd thc gummies moment, Xue Fangli kicked the door blankly.Where s this king s concubine He smiled, his face gloomy, blood surging in his eyes, and his whole body was so hostile that he looked like an evil spirit that had just crawled out of hell.The author has something to say Your princess is pretending to be dead on the ground.In fact, to a certain extent, the empress dowager was tragically touched by salted fish rolls I tried my best woo woo woo I Do CBD Gummies Help With Anxiety True Natural CBD Oil | SECRET FACTS BEHIND wrote from the afternoon to five in the morning, does cbd gummies break a fast why pure organic hemp extract cbd oil can t Jinjiang code by himself.Send 200 red envelopes today QAQ Thank you for the little angel who voted for me or irrigated nutrient solution during 2021 07 06 02 55 04 2021 07 07 05 07 57 Thank you for casting mine my soul cbd sleep gummies The little angel Li., Araiti 1 Thanks to the little angel who irrigated the nutrient solution I don t have money, 27010164, 10 bottles of Yuehua 8 bottles of Xueshenghuan YL, Chubby, Muguang, a big melon 5 bottle 3 bottles of Santu Water Ghost 2 bottles of Gugua Little Frog 1 bottle of Dabaoda Thank you very much for your support to me, I will continue to work hard 22.

.Shaking all the way, when he was about to reach Lingguang Hall, Jiang Fan suddenly heard someone calling him.Young Master It was Lan Ting.She was standing outside the palace looking up.A few days ago, Jiang Juan left the palace, Lan Ting said that she was worried about Bai Xuechao, and Jiang Juan didn t bring her back with her.Suddenly seeing someone, Jiang Juan was a little strange, he opened the curtain to ask, True Natural CBD Oil CBD gummies for anxiety near me Lan Ting said with a smile Young Master, Hua Shenyi is here Hua Shenyi Jiang Juan was stunned for True Natural CBD Oil a moment, and Lan Ting reminded him, It s Mr.s friend.Don t you want him to show His Majesty It came so quickly that Jiang Juan reacted and quickly asked her, Where is he It s right in the palace.This time, Jiang Wan, a salted fish, really gave up lying down voluntarily.He said to the palace servant who carried the sedan chair Go to the palace, now I m going to the palace.