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After all, when they entered the city, countless pairs of eyes saw What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit them walking together.Let s be together Xu Que smiled, greeted Jiang Hongyan and her group, and walked out of the inn.Seeing this, the black robed old man couldn t help boulder highlands cbd gummies ceo but look at the old man, Junior brother, this guy looks gentle, but why do you look worried Don t worry, in the Village of Good and Evil, although there are many people rushing to do good deeds, they will not There is any danger Hehe, Senior Brother, I m not worried about his safety, I m worried about the safety of others and ourselves The old man smiled bitterly.Oh How do you say this The black robed old man was startled.Senior brother, you don t know, this guy looks harmless to humans and animals, but in fact he is cruel, even I am jealous of hemp oil gummies for pain him, in short, we should follow the past, lest he really do something out of the ordinary and implicate us.

Ergouzi immediately objected What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit 200 mg CBD gummies reviews and said, No, no, speed up, the real energy will be consumed faster, this God Venerable strongly recommends to stop, dig a hole in the ground to hide in and take a rest, and it is better to come out after recovering Xu Que Nodding slightly, he has the system s automatic recovery function, which can continuously restore the lost true essence, but Jiang Hongyan can t do anything about it.Huh Suddenly, Xu Que seemed to think of something, and his eyes lit up.Hey, how s it going, do you think the suggestion of this deity is very wise Seeing Xu Que s expression, Ergouzi immediately froze.Not so good, your suggestion is stupid You can hide, but why dig a hole in the ground Look at the ground, it s so hard, you ll probably be exhausted by the time you finish digging Xu Que shook his head and smiled.

Haha, I finally What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit found it, this kid is here At this moment, a loud laugh came again not far away.Immediately following, dozens of figures rushed over from all directions, shouting loudly.Get out of the way of the idle people and the others, my Great Alliance has taken over this place Fart, I am generous with this site Presumptuous, are you trying to oppose my Heavenly Alliance Leader of the Chuantian Alliance Word of mouth, this place is temporarily under the care of the Tianmeng, and the site resources will be divided up after a few days We don t want to divide up the site, we don t want the site, that kid is ours People from various forces rushed over one after another.There is no doubt that they did not come to the site of Jianlou Pavilion, but coveted the treasures on Xu Que s body, and wanted to cbd apple cider vinegar gummies take advantage of the fire to loot and kill people for treasures.

That red light Boom In an instant, a giant golden fist condensed and smashed the red light into the mountain wall from the angle of interception.The entire mountain wall burst on the spot, the gravel splashed, the red light disappeared, and the thing wrapped in animal skin also fell directly to the ground.What This how is this possible The faces of the many women in Lingxiu Pavilion who came with Xu Que, as well as the group of loose cultivators and the monster beast group, instantly changed, unbelievable.A cultivator in the fusion stage actually possesses such a degree and such power Finning formation Almost at the same time, the white clothed man s eyes froze, and he suddenly shouted loudly.Without any hesitation, the few monks outside the entrance of the cave slammed their palms down, instantly opening the previously arranged formation. CBD gummies for quitting smoking What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit

It s just that they were unlucky and wanted to find Xu Que to join them.I didn t expect Xu Que to be found.I was caught by a few immortals who came from purekana CBD gummies reviews What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit Beihai Haha, who made Saint Lady Liu so amazing, it s hard not to remember, the beauty is a disaster Well Speaking of beauty, I don t know Jiang How is Hongyan now, since she left Xu Que, she hasn t seen each other for more than ten years, with her aptitude, I am afraid that her cultivation base has far surpassed us Everyone chatted without a word, alleviating their worries They have been here for several years, watching the group of immortals kill the tomb cbd chill gummies marks, but after the blood What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit sacrifices began in recent days, they finally became uneasy Whoosh At this moment, a sound of breaking through the air sounded from behind.When the people from the major forces heard the news, they immediately looked back, and then their expressions suddenly changed, extremely horrified Xu Que Duan Jiude And that dog Several people suddenly exclaimed.

He suddenly felt that he was really lucky to be thrown out.You Boss Wang s face changed drastically, he looked at Xu Que in shock, and then shouted, Da Niu, where are you dead Bring someone here He looked extremely panic and called for the bodyguard.In this chaotic situation, everyone fled in all directions, a mess.Quiet all for me Xu Que frowned suddenly, drank in a deep voice, and waved his wrist forward.boom A majestic is hemp oil the same as CBD oil What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit cyan flame suddenly swept out and rushed directly to the ceiling of the hotel, turning into a sea of fire, covering the heads of everyone.When Qinglian Earth Heart Fire came out, the violent aura shocked the audience, and the scorching high temperature seemed to burn the void.The entire roof of the hotel was burned to ashes on the spot and turned into an open air platform Whoever makes a little more noise, kill without mercy Xu Que said lightly, his voice was extremely indifferent, but it was like a thunderous explosion, roaring directly in everyone s mind.

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Chapter 931 Let me go alone As night fell, Xu Feifei was full of curiosity and worry, and finally entered the room to rest.Xu Que Sitting in front of the computer with her fingers looking at the keyboard, the corners of her mouth raised slightly.Jiang Hongyan sat beside him and asked with a smile, What are you going to do Xu Que smiled and continued to type on the keyboard.That night, two letters signed by Xu Que spread all over the Huaxia network.The first one.Hello, everyone in China, I m Xu Que I know about this disaster.It came very suddenly, but please don t worry, I will definitely carry this pot.I grew up under the influence of Chinese civilization since I was a child, and I know to be a Chinese with a backbone., or lighter than a feather , Life has never died since ancient times, and the spirit of the great ancients has always reminded me, don t be shy, just do it Therefore, I will definitely come forward tomorrow and fight in Jianglong City on the border.

Only a few art masters who were bold still stood up, or used guzheng, guqin, or jade flute to play different styles and high quality tunes.There were bursts of praise cbd gummies for ear ringing from the pavilion, including Miss Dong s, who had been behind the gauze curtain, praising them.But Xu Ergouzi said in a low voice, Fuck, smilz broad spectrum cbd gummies I just scared the deity to death, this pavilion is not easy, the deity just smelled a terrible breath, maybe it s a goddamn fairyland What Immortal Realm Xu Que was suddenly shocked, It s true or false, where did you find it It must be true, this God Venerable just went to the kitchen, and that aura flashed by outside., I can t track where I went, but I m sure it s in the building.Ergouzi said with a face full of fear.Xu Que immediately twitched CBD gummies effects What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit the corners of his mouth, squinted at Er Gouzi, and said with a sneer, Er Gouzi, you re really cool, I haven t seen you for a while, have you sneaked into someone s kitchen Ow , this deity is passing by Forget it, this deity continues to inquire about the situation Ergouzi suddenly felt guilty, and turned his head and ran away.

All kinds of eyes fell on Xu Que, wanting to see how he would make a choice.Xu Que looked at Dong Wuxu up and down, and an uninhibited smile formed on the corner shark tank and cbd gummies of his mouth Okay, then I ll show cbd gummies rings it this time, you can guess.Humph, still not convinced Today, I will teach you what the real Sanxianguidong is With the Great Gambling Master in hand, any ability OTC What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit Charlottes Web CBD Gummies Sleep related to gambling, Xu Que has top level abilities within an hour.At this moment, he is the real cbd gummies nc God of Gamblers Hearing Xu Que s words, many cultivators present tactically leaned shark tank cbd gummies reviews back, their faces full of shock and shock.This kid is so daring Too arrogant, he actually dared to gamble with Dong 500mg CBD gummy review What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit Wuxu with a ball guessing trick, this is a slap in the face Where did this guy come from It s too self confident Everyone They all looked at Xu Que in horror.

Don t say that, we are also for his own good, otherwise, like his character, he would really be mixed in Tianzhou.However I may have really thought wrong just now.Some people are dirty and hard to live for a long time, but as dirty as they are, I am afraid they will live longer than anyone else That s all, since With this, I don t even have how to use CBD gummies for pain What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit a way out, so what else do I care about In the end, a relieved smile appeared on Mo Junchen s face.Vaguely, some of his old fashioned ideas have also subtly changed.After taking out the jade slip given by Duan Jiude, What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit Mo Junchen quickly cracked the phantom killing formation and rushed towards Xu Que and his party.At the same time, Xu Que s group, who witnessed everything from a distance, had smiles all over their faces.Tsk tsk tsk, little rascals, I really underestimated you, such a good and respected OTC What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit Charlottes Web CBD Gummies Sleep old man has begun to be led astray by you Liu Jingning looked at Xu Que with emotion, and shook his head cbd oil gummies near me again and again.

In the blink of an eye, he suddenly penetrated the void and appeared straight ahead In front of the galloping Ling Feng.Dang With a crisp metallic vibrato, Ling Feng s Zi Xuan Liuguang can kids take cbd gummies Sword Art was abruptly interrupted.The audience was instantly silent, and even Ling Feng was stunned.No one saw what happened.Xu Que, who was not far away a second ago, actually appeared in front of Ling Feng at this moment, and even held Ling Feng s blade with his bare hands, without injury Where s Zixia Damn it, where s Zixia Damn it, where did you get my Zixia After Xu Que held the blade, the sword tactic was What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit interrupted, and Ziguang disappeared instantly.Huo, glared at Ling Feng and scolded.II Ling Feng was still shocked at this moment, extremely horrified.He still couldn t figure out how Xu Que caught his sword.

What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit When he saw Xu Que who was trapped in the secret door, he narrowed his eyes slightly, flashing a strong killing intent, and then looked at Mo Junchen again.Who did you just say is presumptuous Yi Dan asked coldly.Mo Junchen s bearing was undiminished, he held his chest high, and Sale What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit shouted in a deep voice, I m here to retreat, but you are making such a big noise on purpose.Are you provoking me Yi Dan frowned when he heard the words, a little confused, never heard of this gang at all.He turned to look at the CBD gummies for diabetes reviews What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit people in his clan, but everyone looked confused, saying that they had never heard of this gang, until a disciple suddenly remembered something and said, I remember, that dog and Duan Jiude , seems to have cbd isolate gummies 25 mg claimed to be from the Zhatian Gang, by the way, Xu Que has also heard Ergouzi mentioned that he is their leader That Xu Que is the leader of the Zhatian Gang Hmph, his father dared to kill me.

Even so, his current cultivation base has reached the peak of Immortal King, and once the balance is completely minimum, he can reach the middle stage of Immortal Venerable.The average cultivation level of these disciples is not even in the Immortal King Realm, so they naturally do not threaten Xu Que.When he raised his hand and waved, a strong wind swept through the eyes of the disciples of Taiyi School, but they couldn t What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit see what happened, and the long sword was already in Xu Que s hands.Hey, I really can t will hemp gummies get you high tell you, let me do it myself.Xu Que shook his head, took a deep breath, and shouted, Yun Lan, Ya er, Ling er, I m back Xianyuan s voice lingered for a long time, running through the entire Taiyi faction, and the disciples who were close to him were shocked and their heads were buzzing and their heads hurt.

The Buddha was powerless to refute, opened his mouth, and finally nodded with a wry smile, Little friend is right, even if it is not, I will definitely keep my promise, Buddhist people will not lie So you can rest assured Buddha, this thing will come when it s time.It will definitely be given to you, and human cbd gummies review there is no What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit need for you to fight with the sage, you just need to be responsible for cbd gummies for pain and sleep what are cbd gummies for containing him, so that we have time to go in and take the tree of enlightenment.At that time, you can also take hamburgers to improve your realm, and you don t need to worry about the sage koi cbd gummies side effects looking for you Revenge Xu Que patted Lord Afraid on the shoulder in an old fashioned manner.Master Zeng also seemed to have made a choice, and without hesitating, nodded directly and said, As the little friend said, since I have the promise first, then I will definitely realize it.

At the same time, his cultivation has also advanced by leaps and bounds, and he soon mastered the city of eternal darkness.Everyone thought that he got some secret from the Immortal Emperor.But in fact, only Qiu Wumo knew in his heart that he didn CBD gummies with thc What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit t get any secret biography, but because he saw the way to become an Immortal Emperor from the body.Control the avenue, replace the avenue, and become the Immortal Emperor Therefore, he chose the way of gambling, the way to cultivate for himself.The purpose of holding this competition every year is to make oneself more refined.Bang A dazzling fireworks exploded in the sky, and a majestic and low voice echoed over Eternal Dark City.The betting competition begins Shua I saw a majestic list appearing in the sky of Eternal Dark City, and the names of all the monks who signed up for the gambling competition were displayed on it.

This place is known as the trial ground of the gods, and the Immortal Emperor can actually transmit his voice directly in.You must know that since you came in cbd gummies and zoloft here, you have not been able to perceive the outside world at all.That huge black vortex seems to be isolating everything.The trial place of the Vulcan, is there anything special about this place Xu Que patted the divine stone and asked in a low voice.Hmph, humble ants, do you only know what you re afraid of now Shenshi was very proud.As long as you kneel down, kowtow to this godstone, and sincerely repent of your sins, this godstone can tell you the secrets of this place.Seeing this, Xu Que looked at Fairy Nishang Fairy, do you know where there is a place where beasts gather Well According to our current environment, there should be beasts not far away.

Chapter 1025 is coming to the deity s nest Shhh In an instant, many prison guards suddenly straightened their bodies, standing incomparably straight in the same place, their faces dignified and serious, and their standing posture was compared with their imposing manner.Soldiers are more arrogant.Immediately following, dozens of prison guards were full of awe, and shouted in unison, Welcome to the warden The voice was deafening, like a cry from the depths of the soul, full of energy, resounding in all directions, verma farms cbd gummies causing echoes in the cell.This sudden scene made Xu Que and his group a little stunned.How could this warden still have so much prestige No, a loli voice, where does such a powerful majesty come from Shouldn t it be a big d loli Xu Que s expression suddenly became strange, and his eyes suddenly swept to the end of the aisle.

That s right, the so called wise man must make a mistake.Teacher Xu, you are just being careless, green dolphin cbd gummies shark tank you don t need to blame yourself like this Duan Jiude patted Xu Que on the shoulder and comforted him earnestly.Hey, no, this is my responsibility, I have to take full responsibility Xu Que shook his head and sighed, acting like a charm Everyone present was stunned, and their eyes were about to pop out.If I hadn t known this fellow s style, I m afraid I would have believed it and thought that this guy really felt guilty.Mr.Xu, it s all right, this god is taking care of you At this moment, Ergouzi suddenly straightened his chest, stepped out majestically, took out a large bag of black unknown objects, and said loudly, Everyone.Immortal, until now, this deity must recommend this fried stinky tofu to you, only it can save you Shua Sure enough, as soon as the stinky tofu came out, the group of holy golden armored bees in the air had a tendency to cbd sugar free edibles retreat, cbd anti inflammation directly away from Xu Que and Ergouzi s position, and spared to the other side This scene fell into the eyes of the monks of the major forces in the Eastern Wilderness, and they were all shocked.

What made her speechless the most was Xu Que.This guy actually stood beside him with a smile all the time, as if he was very satisfied, and he kept giving these people a thumbs up look.Young people get together, it really is unreliable At this moment, she looked at her brother who was turning his arms out, she wanted to beat him hard, and then asked if you pushed your sister plus cbd gummies mango to a man who wouldn t let go of ants, is your conscience okay Okay, don t make trouble, it s time to get down to business Xu Que also waved his hand at this time and decided to get down to business.This time, the Void Junction Talisman has been drawn, which is completely relieved and can find an opportunity to leave.Fellow Daoist Xu, where do is cbd same as hemp oil you plan to arrange this talisman Lan Xinyue said solemnly when she saw this.Now their situation is not optimistic, soul cbd gummies they will be hunted down by the strong forces such as Jianlou Pavilion and Tianmeng at any time, and the layout of the void junction is extremely difficult.

To be honest, he didn t expect to steal any good things.He did such a thing purely because of his bad temper.As for Qin Susu and the others, they just stole it as a prank.However, when Xu Que erased the middle aged man s storage ring and penetrated into it, he was a little dumbfounded.This storage ring is simply a big treasure.There are tens of thousands of crystal and bright spirit stones piled up inside.Xu Que recognized that this thing should be called spirit spar in the immortal world, which is much more precious hemp fusion CBD gummies What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit than spirit stones.Judging from the fineness do hemp gummies show on a drug test and the concentration of spiritual energy, these tens of thousands of spirit spar must be at least top grade making cbd gummies spirit spar Of course, what really moved Xu Que so much was the ten half grade immortal artifacts that were quietly sitting in the storage ring It seems that this thief is really wealthy.

Still stubborn You bastard, you clearly recognized other people s parents in front of others just now Uh Gang Master Xu, why don t you give it a try, otherwise we won t be able to go on like this At this time, Mo Junchen also persuaded him.Go away, absolutely impossible Xu Que was very tough.Liu Jingning couldn t stand it any longer, and said speechlessly, Little bastard, is it possible that you plan to appear in front cbd gummies blue raspberry of Jiang Hongyan in this image in the future Let her see you being held in her arms like a baby Ah Father, mother, I I miss you all In an instant, a heart piercing, emotional cry shouted from Xu Gap.Ergouzi, Duan Jiude, and Liu Jingning all had the expected expressions, Oh, man Xu Que was already bursting into tears at this moment, and he came as soon as he said it, looking at Guan Chuchu with wide eyed eyes.

Even the little Buddha girl suddenly raised her head and glanced at it.But soon, the little Buddha girl lowered her head again and continued to appreciate the delicious food in her hands.It s amazing, it s the first time I ve seen alchemy to make people feel appetizing Dizzy, but this guy isn t alchemy at all Furnace, if I didn t know, I thought he was cooking Huh No, you think this guy is really cooking, right Someone suddenly exclaimed in surprise.All of a sudden, many people present immediately widened their eyes, and the more they thought about it, the more likely it was.Because Xu Que from start to finish, all operations are more like cooking However, before everyone could come to a conclusion, hemp oil or cbd oil for dog anxiety Xu Que continued to start the next step.Bang With a clear and crisp sound, Xu Que suddenly slapped his palm on the burning hot pill stove, and the stove lid was instantly shaken up.

There is a huge gap between the high level immortal king and the beginner immortal king Isn t that just the Immortal King Xu Que said with a smile But I am more interested in the Heavenly Gate you mentioned.I remember that you mentioned the Four Heavenly Gates to me before, but you didn t know it at the time.Tell me more, goodies cbd gummies why don t you tell me more about it now Brother Hua, I really don t know much about the Four Heavenly Sects.I only heard my father occasionally mention the matter of the Lord of Heavenly Sect.A few words.Guan Zheng shook his head and said, then hesitated slightly before continuing I heard that Tianmen is huge, and veterans vitality CBD gummies What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit even the entire Wudu Region is under their control.And in the Tianmen, all are strong., Immortal kings are not characters, and Immortal Venerables are powerful, I don t know how many Even so, my father still respects Tianmen very much.

What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit cbd night gummies >> organic CBD gummies, where to buy eagle hemp CBD gummies What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit melatonin CBD gummies What CBD gummies review What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit.

It is linked to the dragon.Once it is displayed, won t it shock the people of the earth Exchange, it must be exchanged, this time for sure Hey, wait a minute, why is there a small line in this introduction Xu Que was excited to exchange, but after a glance at price of eagle hemp cbd gummies the end of his eyes, he suddenly found that there was another line in the system introduction.small print.Looking at it, I almost cried.1oo points of pretend value, randomly select one of the tricks I rely on, do you dare to write a little smaller I ll just say, how could it be possible to sell only 1oo points of pretend value, What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit dare to be full It s a routine Xu Que complained on the spot, this system is too thief, to actually play this set, and it feels very familiar, it seems to be the original formula.Back then, when he was in the Immortal Cultivation World, when he exchanged the nine character secret, he also did it in this is it illegal to mail cbd gummies way.

His soul power was widened to the extreme, with a solemn expression on his face.Followed by a press to start Just listening to the sound of chi la , a white mist with a pungent smell suddenly poured out, Xu Que immediately condensed the Dao Yun and the soul, merged into it, pulled cbd thc gummies delivery the spray, and forcibly how long do cbd gummies take to kick in poured it into the hole However, not long after his divine soul invaded the ground, he was suddenly blocked by a more powerful divine soul.Bang With a muffled sound, cbd candy for sale Xu Que s soul that penetrated into the ground collapsed instantly, and his real body was also blasted away by a huge force.Xu Que was shocked for a moment.He had already used the maximum to estimate the strength of the living ant queen, but he never imagined that the ant queen was so ferocious that only a force of divine soul swept over him and directly crushed his body.

Immediately, he was a keoni CBD gummies reviews What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit little stunned.These storage rings are actually filled with countless rare treasures, all kinds of spiritual medicines, countless high level magical tools and spiritual pills, and even many other heaven level magic tricks.The value of these things combined is far beyond the foundation of Xu Que s hard work in the past few years.But to Xu Que, who has a system, these things are like dung in his eyes, and they are not worth mentioning.What really caught his attention was a black tungsten iron token inside.It looked rusty, very old, and even the handwriting was a little blurry, but the word Entry was what is difference between hemp oil and cbd oil vaguely discernible on it Xu Que was a little suspicious.Logically speaking, if something like this medici quest cbd gummies bears appeared in a pile of rare treasures, it was equivalent to an ugly duckling appearing in a group of swans.

Earlier in Yaochi, she tried to invite Xu Que to come with her, because Tiangongyuan secretly ordered to hunt down Xu Que, but Xu Que refused, so she did not stay, she planned to turn a blind eye, and ordered the interior of Yaochi Xu Que s trace must not be revealed.But now, this guy has come over by himself, and he has revealed his identity.What is the OTC What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit Charlottes Web CBD Gummies Sleep difference between this and courting death Beasts Xuanyuanhong s face also sank on the spot, murderous.The fact that Xu Que woke them up in advance made them angry.The key is that this guy is still in the cave, and he took off her bellyband without doing anything else.It s this person who made us wake up nearly a hundred years earlier The old man in Tiangongyuan stared at Xu Que with cold eyes and asked in a deep voice.It s him Xuanyuan Hong nodded coldly.

who owns botanical farms CBD gummies What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit The next moment, a clear voice came.XuanyuanXuanyuan The woman singing was crying, calling out a name Xu Que s expression suddenly became strange, Xuanyuan This surname is so familiar Wait a minute, Xuanyuan The owner of Tiangongyuan Xuanyuan Wanrong Hi In an instant, Xu Que gasped in breath can hemp gummies make you high Could it be that the owner of the story is Xuanyuan Wanrong Is she a womenswear boss The second supplementary chapter has been delivered Let s start today s two chapters .Chapter 1317 Wouldn t it be so coincidental Xu Que was stunned, feeling that things were a little scary The voice that sang opera was actually shouting Xuanyuan When you think of the whole thing, there are various substitutions, and you have to make people misunderstand For example, Xuanyuan Wanrong was the owner of cbd gummies for sale at walgreens the South Building of the Tiangongyuan back then.

Damn it, I know that this kid is not Ergouzi was about to scold, but after meeting Xu Que s gaze, he immediately turned his head away and stopped cursing.A man can bend and stretch without shame.Boy, whoever sees it has a share, do keoni cbd gummies work you can take it alone Duan Jiude didn t give up, and looked at Xu Que and was about to persuade.boom Suddenly, the entire abyss shook suddenly, making a loud noise.The sound was vaguely accompanied by a roar of a beast.The sound was strange, but it contained a hint of sacred and majestic aura.I m going, there really is the voice of a monster, isn t it really What Do CBD Gummies Do Reddit Long medterra cbd gummies review Yin This time, Xu Que and Duan Jiude also heard it, with a look of astonishment.Damn it, it s Long Yin, this deity is very sure and certain.Ergouzi jumped up excitedly, and he could actually see the same clan.

Hey, yes, why did Ergouzi disappear Xu Feifei was also surprised.At this time, the teddy dog, who was rubbing hard on the ground, raised his head and panted, Itit said that it hit the sword and wanted to run away from home.It didn t want to fight with the sword spirit, for fear of hurting the sword spirit Hit a sword Xu Feifei had a black line on her face.Jiang Hongyan smiled and shook her head, This guy is probably too afraid of the sword spirit and sneaked away Dizzy, how can there be such a timid dog Xu Feifei said speechlessly.Feifei, come to my back first, many people are charlotte s web sleep cbd approaching, I don t know if they are enemies or friends At this time, Jiang Hongyan said softly, protecting Xu Feifei behind her, and her beautiful eyes staring at a distant mountain forest.In the sense of the soul, she could sense that there were more than a dozen figures approaching, but the auras of those dozens of figures were not strong, only the infant transformation stage and the refining stage, which did not worry her.