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Vaguely, he felt that the power of ball lightning was extraordinary.If he could master What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like it proficiently, he would have another technique, and he created it himself At the same time, under the altar.Everyone stood there, staring blankly, staring at the altar covered by the thunder pool, speechless for a long time I thought that cbd gummies for prostate cancer the power of the nine thunder ponds would make the monkey suffer a big loss and suffer heavy losses.But as a result, the monkey screamed at first, then stopped talking, and even stood in the thunder and played lightning balls This Nima Big Brother, Brother Monkey, this is the Nine Thunder Ponds Can you respect the sacred place left by your ancestors In the face of this kind of power, at least you have to vomit blood, right Hey, no, look, the power of the Thunder Pond is weakening Suddenly, an alien exclaimed with wide eyed eyes.

This little guy is really different from many natures aid cbd eye serum people She shook her head, but she felt a little more appreciation in her heart, thinking that Xu Que was more interesting At the same time, the Fire Emperor in the Golden Palace was already furious.With a bang , he directly smashed his dragon chair.Originally, Xu Que What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like didn t mention Eight Cities , but when he mentioned it, he really got angrier the more he thought about it He ceded eight cities to Tiansha, and finally invited this old killing god, but he didn t touch Xu Que a single hair, and he was killed with killing god s sword instead What the hell is this Come on, Emperor Dog, after preparing for so long, is it time to fight At this time, Xu Que shouted outside again, and at some point in his What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like hand, he had already held up a cluster of dark and dark Eight Desolation Destruction Yan If you don t come out, I ll blow up your palace Damn it, don t sit there stupidly and don t talk Or it s the old rules, I don t use the fire lotus, and you cbd gummies for lowering blood sugar don t open the dragon.

Ya I heard about this too, but those young people have a lot of backgrounds Best What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like and wellbeing cbd gummies their organic hemp cbd oil identities are very What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like mysterious It is estimated that they are from overseas, otherwise they would not dare to ignore it like this.Exploding the Sky Gang It seems that the imperial city has been restless again recently At the same time, in the palace of Huoyuan Kingdom.Mrs.Ya was sitting in the does hemp gummies have thc wing, holding a portrait in her hand, and she was fascinated.In the portrait is a young man in white, handsome, leaning on the door frame, looking up at the sky at a forty five degree angle, with a cigarette in his hand, he is unspeakably handsome and handsome.There are also two poems inscribed next to the portrait Holding the sun and the rite aid cbd gummies moon to pick the stars, there is no person like me in the world Alas Madam Ya sighed, her brows filled with sorrow and sorrow The prince Li Bai in her mind has been away from the imperial city for more than a year.

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After all, they are all small sects.Ruthless words, in fact, in the final analysis, it is still a face to face.But if they were really asked to kill Duan Jiude s disciples, I m afraid they wouldn t dare What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like to take a hundred courage from them.Now that Zhang Danshan s words came out, it was like giving a few small sects a step down, and they had no reason not to.However, just when everyone thought this matter was going to be resolved, a discordant voice sounded.Sect Master, the old woman does not agree with this.An old woman stood up and said loudly.It was the elder of the Tianwu Sect who had shot Xu Que before, that is, Tang Xueru s master, Sun Jueli.Elder Sun, do you have any objections Zhang Danshan glanced at her, frowned slightly, and asked lightly.The old cbd oil gummies walmart woman said coldly, The little beast has so much blood on his hands, how can he let him go so easily Besides, this person is not What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like necessarily a disciple of Duan Jiude, after all, he has never revealed his identity, and the old woman When I saw him a few days ago, he pretended to be the concubine of the Huoyuan Kingdom, and this person may be a liar.

There is a sarcophagus inside, but it is surrounded by patterns.It looks like an altar Because Speaking of this, Liu Jingning s face was slightly pale, and his kanai farms cbd gummies eyes looked at Xu Que, Because the lines around the sarcophagus are full of fresh blood, all broad spectrum cbd gummies of which are gathered towards the sarcophagus That s not the altar At this moment, a faint sound came.Han Ying, the saintess of Tianji Pavilion, clutched her chest, walked over with a pale face, and said solemnly, That is a killing formation.The people who entered before all wanted to get close to the sarcophagus, but in the end, they were all strangled, leaving only blood, and those blood , to awaken the existence in the sarcophagus Liu Jingning s body trembled slightly when she heard this.Xu Que s face was confused.It was a sarcophagus and a killing formation.

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Just this real estate, After some evaluation, it best cbd gummies for high blood pressure is believed that it is worth at least hundreds of billions of spirit stones On the other side of the market center, the prices of shops continued to fall, and many chambers of commerce, including Tianliu Chamber of Commerce, were greatly affected and suffered heavy losses.But they had nothing to do, they couldn t come up with anything to compete with Xu Que, they could only watch the losses.In the end, Xu Que also sent someone to pay back the 2.6 billion spiritual stones he owed, but the people from the Tianliu Chamber of Commerce couldn t laugh at all.After returning Xu Que s auction items with a black face, they closed the door and refused Guest visit However, even though the business was booming, Xu Que began to feel bored.He turned on the system hosting function, and was only responsible for making a few batches of Best What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like hamburgers, ice cream, and coffee materials every day, and let the Syracuse soldiers prepare and manage them.

After everyone grabs the 666th floor, join the group and chat with me privately .Chapter 177 Come Out Three Hundred Tang Poems Yo Are there really people who are not afraid of death to challenge the king Xu Que also raised his eyebrows, listening to this tone, it seemed that the visitor was not good.Glancing away, a keoni CBD gummies reviews What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like blue shirted scholar showed a chill on his face, while a yellow shirted man next to him looked indifferent, as if he was outside and immersed in his cbd energy gummies own world.Obviously, the blue shirt scholar is Mr.Mo, and the other one should be Mr.Zhao, one of the four great talents.Xu Que s eyes stayed on Zhao Gongzi for a while, his brows slightly frowned, and he secretly thought, this Nima is another pretender This guy hemp cbd vs weed cbd reddit doesn 20 1 cbd thc gummies t speak now, it is estimated that 80 is brewing a deep slap.At this time, Tang Liufeng came over, worried and reminded, Brother Li, you have to be careful, Mr.

Said, with a you know expression.But the two girls really don t understand.The white fox woman shook her head, Why bring carrots Uh Xu Que paused and smiled, This is a very profound biological problem I will discuss it with you someday, but the most important thing right now is not to Did you just tell this dead rabbit to What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like go out It s too simple, come here, bring my old grandson s golden cudgel, bah No It s a guqin Guqin What do cbd genesis delta 8 gummies you want a guqin for We don t have it here Of course it s for my accompaniment.Xu Que responded, and with a thought, he directly called out the system and entered the mall interface.System, give me a good and cheap guqin Shuh Immediately, countless guqin appeared in front of the light curtain.Xu Que glanced at it casually, and bought the cheapest Lvqi Jiaowei Qin, which cost only 10 points to pretend to be worth, and took it out of thin air.

Therefore, even if Xu Que faced the greatest danger just now, the Empress did not dare to approach easily, for fear that the power of the calamity would be doubled, which would actually harm Xu Que.But now, Xu Que has Best What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like absorbed the golden lightning, and his body has been tempered and stronger, and he has also worn an extra magic resistance cloak.So in order to absorb more golden lightning, Xu Que decided to suffer this time.No matter what kind of injury he suffered, he should take this opportunity to act as a force, and by the way, refine the thunder essence in his body to be more pure.Presumptuous, you how dare you plot against the old man At this moment, the old man suddenly woke up and let out a roar.Xu Que let go of his big hand and threw the old man directly to the ground.He smiled and said, When did I plot it I m a sneak attack The old man s face was ashen, and he was about to fire, but the next moment, after feeling the terrifying pressure on the top of the cbd hemp oil for glaucoma mountain, he was suddenly stunned, and his eyes turned stiffly upwards.

What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like Su Ling er looked gloomily at a man with a tiger s tail not far away, with killing intent.I m going to cross the robbery first, you protect Sun Wukong The thunder tribulation sacrifice what's the difference between hemp and CBD gummies What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like has been opened, she can use the magic formula, and after giving a few orders to the strong, she immediately flies into the air and swept up the thunder and lightning altar Ah Your Majesty The Nascent Soul Stage experts were all startled, and they wanted to stop Su Linger, but it was too late.What s the matter Why did the What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like king go up first The altar is not stable yet.The first person to go up may also suffer from additional coercion of the heavenly tribulation, which is not worth the loss Damn, I understand, it must be the people from the Ten Thousand Demon Tribe who threatened our king with Xiaoqi.Damn it, it s all our negligence Several people were extremely annoyed.

They seemed very satisfied.The performance of the ancestors of the Jiang family The whole place fell silent again Including the old man, the cbd gummies cape town five Half step Tribulation Stage have arrived, standing side by side in a row, behind them are eight strong men at the peak of the integration stage, as if the entire Jiang Family Valley is surrounded Their existence, no matter which one they are, is the existence of the highest realm in the four continents And this time, they want to kill Xu Que, their faces are full of confidence and pride, obviously full of confidence See the Holy Venerable I m waiting for the rescue to arrive late, please forgive me At this time, all the foreigners turned to Jiang Hongyan and bowed deeply, full of awe.Jiang Hongyan ignored it, her lips moved slightly, and she said to Xu Que, Little guy, be careful, the magic tools in their hands have their own array eyes, as long as they stand in a good position, they can quietly kill the array under the cloth, and The defense is powerful I know, I have seen it Xu nodded his head and smiled indifferently Although he only has the lowest level of one star array mage ability, his vision is enough to see the clues of the positions of those foreign powerhouses Seeing that Xu Que was full of confidence, Jiang Hongyan didn t say any more.

With a swoosh, the figure disappeared directly in place Boom The black shadow dashed into the air, but its power actually turned this piece of ground into annihilation, dissipating into wisps of dust on the spot.Everyone in the audience was dumbfounded, their 1mg CBD gummies What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like mouths opened wide, and their faces were full of horror.What is this black shadow Nima Best What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like This power is so powerful This might, mango cbd gummies so mighty The power of this rush down, I am afraid that even the infancy stage can t stop it However, they clearly saw clearly that Best What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like Xu Que ran away at the last minute He is not dead But he ran away Run away cbd gummies shark tank tinnitus at once I m ready run away What about the most basic trust bio cbd gummies between people In the face of danger, what about being calm and rational What about having the courage to face hardships and overcome them with awe inspiring righteousness This Nima do you want to order Bilian Go to your sister s Haoran righteousness To hone your eagle hemp CBD gummies review What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like sister s will This Nima is courting death Go to your sister s strong road This is clearly the way of death You run away, what should we do At this moment, everyone suddenly understood why Ye Changfeng, the son of the Sword God who had always been graceful, was so angry with Xu Que .

At the same time, he is also warning the people in the inn that anyone who dares to do something to Xu Que will never let him go Xu Que was stunned for a moment, and then the corner of his mouth raised, Where s her The masked man continued his voice transmission, Two months ago, the trial in the secret realm of Nanzhou started, and the saintess and people from all major forces have already rushed there, but There are still a lot of strong people staying here, it s better for you to leave as soon as possible What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like jolly CBD gummies amazon Yeah Xu nodded, no matter whether what the masked man said was true or not, he would never be stopped if he wanted to leave anyway.Down After Yun Dan took a sip of tea, Xu Que stood up and said, Everyone, please go back and tell Xiaoyaolou and the other forces that I, Xu Que, committed murder, and What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like I feel ashamed.

The cbd gummies uses demon city has become a turtle in a urn, and there is no way to escape This What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like time, all the alien races were Best What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like completely desperate.It s not that they don t believe 50 mg cbd gummy bears Xu Que, it s really such a terrifying scene that makes them feel it for themselves, what is despair It s over, we all have to die today My clan is really going to be exterminated Demon Emperor, Demon Emperor What are you doing, why haven t you come down yet No, the Demon Emperor must be running away Otherwise, there is no way that there has been no movement for such a long time What, the demon emperor ran away It must be the case, he has already used us as bait and ran away by himself No, we can t sit still, we have to Run Immediately, the extreme how long do CBD gummies last What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like panic disturbed the minds of many people, and suddenly dozens of aliens could no longer sit still, turned and rushed out What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like of the hall.

Chapter cbd sleep gummies vs melatonin 130 best gummies for sleep and anxiety Your sister can t hold it anymore Thatthat s what I licked.Although Su Linger s exclamation was very subtle, Xu Que still heard it, and he was suddenly embarrassed.Uh No wonder the medicine pill feels a little wet, but it s still sweet Xu Que sneered.These words immediately made Su Linger s cheeks red, and she gave Xu Que a sullen look.Ding, the medicinal pill has been refined, please open the cauldron and collect the pill by yourself At this moment, Xu Que s mind heard the sound of the system.He was overjoyed immediately, looked at Su Linger and said with a smile, How about we make a bet again What Su Linger asked in a low voice.If I turn on the pill furnace right now and get the intact pills, you best cbd gummies for athletes owe me another condition, how Now Su Linger was suddenly surprised, pondered slightly, and a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth Then what if What about the waste pill Then I owe you a condition, or I owe it to you, you decide Okay Su Linger immediately agreed with a smile.

Is there any reason not to flirt with beautiful women now Hongyan Xiaohonghong Xiaoyanyan My little sister is so ecstatic, she is curvy and has no wrinkles Don t be like this, it s so boring to practice all day Come on up and chat Why don t you come and dance That s alright I m very good at dancing.Since I was a child, everyone Best What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like called me the king cbd gummies for dogs with anxiety of square dance, Nicholas Xu Que However, Hongyan is calm and unaffected at all.She has been sitting there quietly, motionless, and practising calmly This scene seems familiar, as if returning to the situation when the two met for the first time on the Gathering Pagoda At that time, Jiang Hongyan thought that Xu Que was a demon, and the harassment of him was a test of the demon It wasn t until Xu Que frantically squeezed a piece of shit and forced it into her mouth that she woke up Xu Que remembered the past, and his eyes lit up instantly If I get a piece of stinky tofu and put it in 2.5 CBD gummies What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like her mouth, will she kill me Xu Que said to himself with a smile But 300mg CBD gummies What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like he didn t.

After What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like a sigh of relief, his face was full of sadness, You have just smilz CBD gummies reviews What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like ascended the throne, and they won t give you even a day.Now what should I do now Xu Que smiled, put his finger on Su Linger s brow, rubbed it, and said, Don t always frown, kenia cbd gummies you will have wrinkles.As for those monsters Hey, I will best full-spectrum CBD gummies for pain 2021 What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like kill as many as you want How many Xu Que s voice was already full of killing intent, which made people feel terrified Su Linger was slightly startled, shook her head and said, The other party has a strong infant in the transformation period.Even if we notify the ancestors of the clan at this moment, I am afraid it will be too late I am not afraid of the infant transformation period Xu Que glanced in his eyes.After a bit of eagerness to try.Baby change period Ever since he fought against Zhang Danshan that year, Xu Que has always been afraid of the powerhouse in that realm.

Zi Xuan was fine, but Princess Yanyang s heart suddenly went up and down.Over the years, the people she has come into contact with are either handsome young men who are respectful to her, or some flattering villains.However, she had never seen a man as plain as water like the black robed man in front of her.The strength group raised their hands to suppress a blood python, but in the end, they turned around and left with compassion.Every move he made, vaguely seemed to have a unique temperament, and those dark eyes were so deep that they were suffocating, as if they could attract people in, as if they would be fascinated by one more look The ten thousand years of ice in Princess Yanyang s heart seemed to fluctuate a little at this moment.But soon, she suppressed this small cbd vs thc gummies reddit fluctuation, her eyes returned to indifference, and her lazarus naturals high potency cbd tincture expression was cbd gummy bears for tinnitus cold again At this time, Zi Xuan also said, To tell the truth, I my sister and I were originally from the imperial city.

It turned out to be a handwritten note.How could this be Then why did Xu Que suddenly change his temperament, as if CBD gummies for diabetes reviews What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like he had become a good man How can you verma farms cbd gummies review send the documents back so easily Could it be that he just realized his enlightenment in cbd wellness gummies martha the carriage can you overdose on hemp gummies His Royal Highness, according to this old slave, this kid must be approaching the palace, and he s starting to get scared At this moment, the old eunuch next to the second prince laughed in a low voice.When the second prince heard this, does CBD gummies help with pain What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like he immediately reacted, and suddenly laughed jokingly, I see.At first, I was surprised that he keoni CBD gummies cost What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like was so bold and dared to enter the palace with this prince.Now it seems that he was just trying to be brave for a while Your Highness is wise The old eunuch hurriedly flattered.The second prince smiled coldly, his eyes fixed on Xu Que s leaving back, and he said coldly, The palace master is like a cloud, he should be afraid.

Change period powerhouse The Empress continued to persuade.No, someone like me will not stay for long no matter where I am Tianxiang Valley is not suitable for me, I am a man of wind Xu Que shook his head and began to blow his cowhide.Of course he couldn t tell the Empress that he still had to dig the dragon veins.If I told her that I would dig into the Shuiyuan Kingdom in the future, wouldn t she be the first to be suspected by her Only a fool would like to say it.And it CBD gummies What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like is indeed as jolly CBD gummies review What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like Xu Que said, he will not stay in one place for too long, because this has a great impact on pretending.With Xu are cbd gummies good for nerve pain Que s current reputation, let alone the imperial city, most of the Huo Yuan Kingdom might know about him, and even after a while, his name will spread throughout the five kingdoms.Therefore, as a coercive king of the generation, Xu Que must have to act in a different place, but Tianxianggu is too small, he feels boring, and he doesn t want to go there.

The more Jin Huang thought about it, thc gummies for sale the more worried he became.Soon, everyone went down the mountain together, leaving only the mountain guards guarding the imperial mausoleum.But walking side by side with Xu Que, on the way back to the imperial city, the Golden Emperor turned his head to look at Xu Que best way to take cbd gummies from time to time, thoughtfully.After all, he didn t want to add a young father for no reason And the queen mother, of course, has already been sent back to the palace by the golden emperor, and it is the kind of crazy rush back.Xu Que saw it in his eyes, and he laughed and said nothing along the way.hide Is it useful to hide Escape is not the solution to the problem If you can escape the first day of the new year, you can t escape the fifteenth I forced Wang Xuque to want the woman, but there is no bah bah bah, no, I ll wipe it, I think what is this thing doing I m smilz cbd gummies reviews bbb going to rob the tomb of Shuiyuanguo.

After the combination of Longteng Jiuchang and Sanqianleidong, although it is very fierce and powerful, but fighting with a pair of fists, it has never been as tall as those elegant immortals who control flying swords.The force is not high enough, how can you pretend Therefore, Xu Que decided to exchange for a few more magic tricks, and by the way, a magic weapon that is in fun drops CBD gummies amazon What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like hand, and it is best to get a set of golden clothes to blind the eyes of the cultivators.Therefore, with 350 points of pretending, he directly chose to check the cultivation techniques of the Heavenly Rank.Divine Sword Royal Lightning True Jue comes from the magic formula in the reddit best cbd gummies plane of Zhu Xian , which is a low level heaven.Qingyunmen s Zhenshan thaumaturgy, Jiutian Xuansha, turned into divine thunder.Huanghuang Tianwei, lead him with the sword The price is fifty points.

The advantage is that the power of Shenwei Cannon can be adjusted, and this function eagle hemp CBD gummies What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like can only be used by Xu Que himself, as long as the divine sense moves.Just now, for fear that the power would be too strong, he smashed the gate of Taiyi Pai, so he deliberately reduced the power by half But as soon as the power is reduced, the shortcomings are exposed, and What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like it is not good to be accurate The Shenwei Cannon does not have an automatic aiming function, and the user needs to calibrate it himself.Once the enemy is in a moving state, the hit rate of the Best What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like Shenwei Cannon will be greatly reduced, and it is difficult to hit the opponent.Everything can only rely on the operator s prediction.But just now, everyone from the Chasing Wind Gang stood there and didn t move.The reason why Xu Que s shot missed was actually intentional This guy made it clear that he wanted to pit Peng Gang, and also wanted to take down all the people from the Wind Chaser Gang, so that they would never come back, so I chose to first take the three Nascent Soul powerhouses on the left, including a group of Pills in the back.

No, this time is cat cbd gummies not the time to be brave The strength of the Gong family is not as simple as you think.As far as I know, there are probably ancestors in their clan who are still in the fusion stage Situ Haitang shook her head firmly, her face extremely solemn Seeing this scene, Ergouzi couldn t take it anymore and shouted loudly, Ow General Haitang, how can you do this This kid killed your fianc You still want to help him escape, you are sick, Got the electricity it hurts, stop it, boy, stop it, you can t stab here, you can t stab it I ll have two chapters tonight, I feel a little dizzy, maybe I have heat stroke, and my eyes are dazzled when I look at the computer screen , If there are typos, please forgive me Chapter 2 is coming soon .Chapter 776 Revenge for my son You traitor, get out of the way, I ll take care of you later Xu Que said, raised his foot and kicked Ergouzi out dozens of times.

What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like delta 8 cbd gummies review >> CBD gummies with thc, koi naturals CBD What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like best CBD gummies for anxiety 2022 What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like.

Pen experience reward In mid air, the lord of the beast didn t move, didn t make a move, and was recovering from his injuries.It s not that he can endure the killing intent, but that he is now at a critical juncture in recovering his injuries.Apart from being able to speak, his body cannot move casually at all, otherwise it will disturb pure natural cbd products the true energy of the cannabis infused gummies meridians in the body and cause heavier damage And in his eyes, the greed color has become stronger and stronger.He knew that if he could capture these nine divine cannons, his status in the monster beast group would definitely rise, and he could even become an existence under one person and above ten thousand people in the monster beast group of the Five Kingdoms Wait, monkey head, although your mighty cannon is powerful, this seat has already suffered a loss.

Ding, What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like consume 20,000 power points, the system upgrade is successful, the current version is 4o.The mall has opened the sale of star level magic art The mall has opened the sale of six star to ten star magic weapons Ding, consumes four Ten thousand points, the system has been successfully upgraded, and the current version is 5o.The mall has opened to sell more mechanical instruments The CBD gummie What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like mall has opened to sell more professional skills The nano cbd gummies system has unlocked the Luck Aura function The system has unlocked the Didi beating people function Ding, it has been detected that the host s Xu Que loan with 8,000 points of force has been overdue for one year, and it has not been repaid.It cbd gummies order online is limited to the host within ten days.Li will return 20,000 points, otherwise the Didi Beating function will be activated Grass After listening to Xu Que, he suddenly scolded and almost vomited blood Damn, Ying Ming I was confused for a lord jones cbd gummies review while, and was actually overcast by the system No wonder the system has to be upgraded all the time.

Man, you know it s tears as soon as you hear it.Xu Que patted his chest and said righteously.I see.The female disciple also nodded.Xu Que looked at the others and said with a stern face, You all listen carefully, Sect Leader Su washes his face with What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like tears every day.If anyone misunderstands, his heart is not pure, and he needs to go to electrotherapy.Do you understand 30mg CBD gummies What Do CBD Gummies Feel Like Uh Oh I understand Everyone was stunned for a moment.Although they couldn t understand what Xu Que was saying, they still nodded in cooperation Then, the group continued on the road, and after a while, they finally returned to Taiyipai.Xu Que opened his eyes again.When he came to Taiyi School, the entire school was extremely simple, and there were even many courtyards that were in disrepair, with damaged walls and crawling with spider silk.