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This time, Dr.Meng also brought Master Tao s special medicinal fragrance.Principal Yang is a guest at the Qian Mansion right now Do you think it s convenient for you to botanical farms cbd gummies phone number get acupuncture there Or should I invite him back Xie Tingyu asked with a smile.Isn t Principal Yang ready for needle injections at this time What Forgot Meng Qiting asked with a smile.Don t you know that Principal Yang has been eagle hemp CBD gummies review What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like very close to the Qian family recently, just like a family.The yard over there is very spacious, and the old man must be very comfortable to stay there.President Qian knows astronomy and knows it down.Geographical, and so talkative, 80 of the time, What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like he had a good conversation and forgot about the needle stick.Haha This is a good thing, it proves that Principal Yang is getting more and more energetic, in fact, if it is convenient, It s better for him to live there.

What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel can hemp gummies get you high Like is joyce meyers selling cbd oil with or without hemp CBD gummies, hemp oil vs CBD oil (best way to store CBD gummies) What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like full spectrum cbd gummies 500mg What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like.

Otherwise, the profit earned by the box of Qiongwu will only be More.Follow Mr.Xia s way of thinking, you should be able to earn more profits, this guy is not easy Profits can only be distributed by others.He is kind by nature and will not treat me and Sanxizi badly.Thinking about this section, Mo Saoyun generously proposed that Xia Xiaoshu decide how to divide the 10,000 yuan.However, when she heard Xia Xiaoshu CBD gummies texas What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like proposed the three, three, three, one division method, Mo Saoyun couldn t help shaking her head.Mr.Xia, on the surface, it seems that you are quite kind, but if we continue to cooperate in this way for a long time, over time, can you take cbd gummies with antidepressants I am afraid that it is not suitable.Our Yugu Village has always been a reasonable place.No matter how much effort you put in and how much money you take, everyone actually has an account in their hearts.

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The people of Yugu Village pay more attention to wine style and morality, and have never had the bad habit of forcibly persuading people to drink alcohol.Then let s go to the kitchen to make a sober soup for us Disperse the alcohol and refresh the blood.Xia Xiaoshu got up and prepared to go to the kitchen to make the soup.I want it, I want it Do I need a hand The old shepherd said politely.No, no It s very simple.You two eat first, and I ll come when I go.The soft tofu was cut into narrow strips, and the dried orange peel was torn into small pieces.He threw a few strawberries into the pot, and then sprinkled some chrysanthemums.He stood by the stove and waited for a few minutes, smelling the unique aroma of strawberries, Xia Xiaoshu knew that it was time to make this soup.Sprinkle a little salt, add a little balsamic vinegar 3x hemp gummies along the edge of the pot, and finally order a few drops of sesame oil.

As a result, as soon as he entered the door, Gan Jiumao found several strange men sitting at the table.The friend caused some trouble.In addition to Gan Jiumao, he also invited several other friends to come over and collect money to help him.When you hear this, everyone is a What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like little unhappy, this is not a joke Someone turned around and wanted to go downstairs.When the strange men saw that they couldn t get compensation, they turned their faces and tugged.Gan Jiumao has martial arts, and he can t let his friends who grew up together suffer a loss.With the help of several other friends, Gan Jiumao quickly controlled the situation.The people on both sides sat at the dining table arguing for more than an hour.Seeing that the friend really couldn t escape this hurdle, in desperation, Gan Jiumao and a few other friends put together a sum of money, and finally got the strangers out of the way.

Seeing that everyone was almost done eating, Meng Qiting was about to call the waiter to check out when Xiao Xia got up and stopped him.Doctor Meng, it s better for me to come, next time you invite me.Don t we all agree that I ll treat you Haha Please wait until your monthly income exceeds 10,000 yuan, and I ll pay the bill this time.While speaking, Xia Xiaoshu followed the waiter to the cashier to pay the bill.At the beginning of the lanterns, the night was fading, and the three of them were in a good mood.They walked along the road to Jiexin Park and sat for a while.Playing shuttlecocks, exercising, dancing It s a leisurely and contented scene Xia Xiaoshu sat there and thought, Doctor Meng is just recovering from a wyld CBD gummies What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like serious illness, Xiao Xiao s heart is gradually opening, Uncle Gan has something to rely on Everything, either directly or indirectly, has something to do with the prototype theory of subtle mathematics , it seems that it will take some time to perfect it golden cbd gummies in the future.

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You can go back and say hello to your aunt, so hemp gummies 400 000 reviews that she can be on guard.If nothing else happens, you might be able to meet that guy this time.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.Let s set up to catch the thief It s very interesting to hear.Jin Yeyu replied with a smile, her beautiful eyes were crystal clear, and it was obvious that she thought this was quite strange.Then let s start the installation and debugging.After that, Xia Xiaoshu greeted Tan Yuecheng and Jin Yeyu to start installing new electronic anti theft facilities.After a while, the old carpenter learned about this, and joined the installation team with two tools.Yang Yuye tidy up the kitchen neatly, and seeing that everyone was so busy, she also ran over to help Xia Xiaoshu fight.At eleven o clock in the evening, all security facilities were properly debugged.

Lu s lover pouted and said a few words to her husband disapprovingly.Hey There are many ways to go out with multiple friends What kind of company is Shizhong Taking a step back, even if his Qian family doesn t compete with our family for orders, it s still a great progress Others Those who are traveling with you, you can meet Qian if you want to see him Why don t you know Be more considerate of my difficulties The two were talking there, Xinyuan accompanied by his senior brother Mr.The private room came over.Dad President Qian is gone Xinyuan asked casually.Yeah Uncle Qian has something to do temporarily, so let s go ahead.Mr.Lu replied casually.That s great We ve been waiting impatiently for a long time.No one likes to watch such old fashioned dramas.I m hungry Otherwise, let s go to the Qingyue Building Xinyuan early She was impatient to wait.

Fang Bokai was a little worried, feeling that What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like side effects of cbd gummies his time might be approaching.However, Fang Bokai s mind was still quite clear.What is the Qian family doing, what is Xu Shiyun s business intentions in the future, why is the Shi Zhong company breaking up, what Shi Jishu and his son are planning, what Jiang Weiyu and his young son are busy with every day Dare to slack off.What will the Fang family eat, drink, and lead a life in the future Can we do it without planning Fang Wenqian is currently the most talented junior in the Fang family.Fang Bokai has high expectations for her.However, compared with Shi Jincuo and others, Fang Wenqian is still far behind.Xia Xiaoshu can be regarded as a genius in the business world of just cbd full spectrum gummies Lishi.In him, Fang Bokai sees a new atmosphere, which may lead the future development of Lishi business.

Xia , please go to the finance department with me, there are still a few formalities to go through.Finance department You may have made a mistake I was just hired as a special consultant of your company, and the relevant procedures are only It s just for the convenience of entering and leaving your company.Xia Xiaoshu explained a few words with a smile.Mr.Xia may not know something.All special consultants in this company are paid, hehe The female staff explained with a smile.ThisMr.Tong didn t mention this to meHow about we do it another day Xia Xiaoshu didn t want to get paid for nothing, there s no such thing as free money in this world, no I m sorry, the relevant procedures have already started.If you insist on not going What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like through it, I will be somewhat embarrassed Embarrassedly smiled, the female staff reminded Xia Xiaoshu euphemistically that it is best to complete the relevant procedures on the same day.

Xia Xiaoshu said this very confidently.This President Xia may not know, our company s relationship with Shi Mihui is somewhat delicate.For many years, they have been working on the research and development project of intelligent welding robots.Stepping out of the lab.My grandfather has also devoted a lot of manpower and material resources to the research and development of this area.So far, there has been no breakthrough.To be honest, in terms of this project, our company is far behind Shi Mihui Zheng Xinyi looked Seriously explained for a long time.Oh Your company s R D project has been discontinued Xia Xiaoshu are CBD gummies the same as hemp gummies What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like asked casually.That s not true, but Grandpa has lowered the research and development target by two levels.Currently, he is CBD gummies joy What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like developing an automatic welding machine at the analog level.

According to Master Lei s asking price, Xia Xiaoshu scanned the QR code to pay the bill.Seeing that Master Lei had no business for a while, Xia Xiaoshu invited him to sit at a nearby tea house for a while.How do you get into someone s store wearing this outfit If you have anything to do, let s talk about it here.As he spoke, Master Lei politely handed over his small folding chair to Xia Xiaoshu.You are an elder, you should sit down I m young, I can just stand, don t you have no business at the moment It s time for me to leave after a few words.Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.You re welcome I just heard from Xiaozhang that you drive very well No, no, it s true that you are more careful than the average person.How much does it cost to clean a car Not to mention that taxis get some money, it s easy to make things difficult for charlotte s web cbd gummies for anxiety people who are not good at talking.

Maybe Mr.Xia has any special considerations I ll inquire later, and then reply to you That s not necessary, the gamepad is just a pretext for us and Mr.Xia to get acquainted, anyway.How much profit, as long as we don t delay working hours or lose money.However, you must have seen that this Mr.Xia is very careful, and he is not an ordinary person.According to you, he is still very young He s so old fashioned, and I m afraid he ll be a master of great things in the future.I haven t thought about it, but I feel like What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like I met him right away, and he s a very chill plus tropical mix gummies by diamond cbd cbd infused relax gummies trustworthy person.Mr.Xia will contact and arrange our interview as soon as possible.Okay, if you have nothing else to do, I will not bother you.I have nothing to do here, you can do your job.After that, Zheng Xinyi very politely sent Nie Zhaoxu out the door.

What This person has passed away Tianlu Yingcai, definitely Tianlu Yingcai.Tan Yuecheng also sighed with emotion.To be able to attract President Qian s attention, Mr.Xu is not a generalist.It is estimated that what he has learned in his life should be very creative.Xia Xiaoshu responded casually.It should be, I m done eating, the two of you should rest early After saying that, Wang Yudong got up and went to wash the bowl.Don t worry about it, you can t find anything, it s getting late, rest early, good night Raising his head, Xia Xiaoshu greeted with a smile.Then you are tired Good dream After saying that, Wang Yudong went to rest.Chapter 514 Get there first The next day, Xia Xiaoshu got up early in the morning to help everyone What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like nuleaf naturals pet cbd prepare breakfast.After returning from the morning exercise, Guan Xianglan helped and started.

Mr.Xia, I m not an outsider to you.If I have something to say, I know that in terms of What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like technology, you have reached a fairly avant garde level.It s okay, no matter what the outcome is, I can bear it.At this time, Liu hemp oil without cbd benefits Luping had already Guess the general result.Just now, the model that Xia Xiaoshu thought was not bad was Liu Luping s most brain burning design work.Liu Luping spent seventeen years for it, and so far, it is still a semi finished product.When sorting out the model samples last night, Liu Luping was still hesitant, thinking about whether he should bring this one.From this, Liu Luping has basically determined that Xia Xiaoshu is definitely a top expert in the field of technology.The actual situation is not as bad as you think.In the final analysis, you hemp vs thc cbd still have little contact with colleges, research institutes, and pure technical personnel, especially in the past ten years, so some of the things you have mastered have actually been eliminated for a long time.

According to my estimation, it should be fine tonight, You have also been tired for a day, I will be more careful.Didn t some of your colleagues come back early to rest Later, you will call up those young male colleagues and arrange for them to arrive on the 8th Just take turns on duty at the warehouse.I have me here in warehouse No.7, and there is a simple folding bed in warehouse No.8.Just carry the bed and quilt over there, remember to tell them, and check the exhaust fan and thermostat., that will make you toddler ate cbd gummies rest more comfortable.Hey You are on duty over there, and you are not enjoying the good fortune.You are just too kind, and you always want to make others feel more comfortable, alas I am in this job.I have never What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like seen a second person like you in most of my life.Look at what you said, it s getting late, you make arrangements, hurry up and take a break, the construction site will have to work hard tomorrow.

Which type does it belong to Chun Amomum chinensis.Can it be cbd hemp extract balm subdivided Xiaoye Chun Amomum chinensis.Oh The young man has a good memory Please tell me, these Xiaoye Amomum chinensis in my hand.If I ask you to evaluate, what level is it Master What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like Tao stared at Xiao Xia, feeling that this young man might be a little unusual.This I can t tell you.It s okay, I m wrong, no one picks your reasoning, talk about it.Good grade.There is no moth and mildew, no impurities, and there is no trace of special processing technology, so it is tentatively rated as a good grade.Hearing Xia Xiaoshu replying to himself, a very strange expression appeared on Master Tao s face.After a little hesitation, Master Tao asked casually, Have you been in a pharmacy before No.Do your relatives and friends work in this business No.

Meng Qiyun was in a bad mood, and patiently greeted Xia Xiaoshu and Lin Qiyu, went to the service desk to complete the relevant registration, and went downstairs.After chatting with the business seniors for a while, the middle aged female referee walked over with a smile and asked Xia Xiaoshu to come to the service desk to accept the award.The award ceremony is relatively simple, and the person awarding the 1 1 thc cbd gummies award is the Boss Shi.The outer packaging of the laptop is also specially tied with a few big red ribbons, which looks quite festive.Except for Meng Qiyun, who left early, the other winners happily received their prizes from sera cbd gummies senior discount Boss Shi, and heard from the young female customer service that tomorrow Yu Shenghe will send someone to collect Ms.Meng s prizes.delivered to her designated location.

It is said that when this kind of kung fu is practiced to a certain extent, one can stretch out and kick something, especially the heavy and heavy items, and the weight can be reported immediately, and the error will not exceed one or two.There is a cook in the student cafeteria of Tochi University in his fifties.His surname is Fang.He is from Northwest China.Because he stutters more or less, he usually speaks very little One winter, Master Fang had a fever inexplicably.Professor Fei seemed to have a good relationship with Master Fang, and entrusted Xia Xiaoshu to visit him What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like from time to time.That year, Xia Xiaoshu had just graduated and stayed at the school to teach.Xiao Xia is a sincere person.Seeing that Master Fang is over fifty years old, he has never been able to have a family.When he suddenly fell ill, there was no one to take care of him, so he moved with compassion and went to the school hospital to visit every morning and evening.

Researcher Lu was very familiar with the Wentong Road area.The three of them chatted and laughed and came to a very decent hotel.They looked up at the signboard.Xia Xiaoshu realized that this was not the place where Mr.Jiang Siyong treated guests last time.It seems to be a star hotel.As soon as the menu started, Meng Qiting ordered a bowl of red dates and millet porridge.For the first time, the young waitress standing next to him smiled kindly.As a result, Xia Xiaoshu also wanted to drink some millet porridge, so simply, three people per person, ask the chef to cook this meal first.Researcher Lu seldom came to this star rated hotel, and he seemed very cautious when ordering food.However, he was a sincere treat, and after carefully reading for a long time, he ordered five signature dishes first.

During the recent period, Chang Kuangyu couldn t help but feel a little suspicious when he noticed that Shi Xinqin and Meng Qiyun were getting best CBD gummies for tinnitus What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like closer and 20 1 cbd thc gummies closer.According to Chang Kuangyu s understanding, Shi Xinqin was Xia Xiaoshu s eyeliner specially arranged at the head office to keep an eye on Meng Qiyun to prevent her from doing anything wrong.Just dragging.Ding Weishan s mentality became a little complicated after the situation of ups and downs continued for a while.Today, I heard Xia Xiaoshu suddenly mention the matter of inviting Dong Qiyu, and after thinking about it, Ding Weishan felt that the clouds in the sky were about to dissipate.Looking at the current situation, should I talk to Liang Dong directly Ding Weishan asked.For the sake of prudence, it is best to implement some things first.

Hearing this, Shang Yi couldn t help being overjoyed.For him, this was a godsend Ding Weishan has long been dissatisfied with herself after being idle at home for so long.No, in a fit of rage, she recently moved back to her parents home.Don t look at what she says, divorce is not going to happen.However, the family crisis has come, and if I don t go out and find something to do, I can t What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like Best Way To Store CBD Gummies get through the trouble of my father in law and mother in law Thinking of this, Shang Yixi planned to Help my sister to facilitate this, and at the same time, give myself a chance.What level of character is the Qian family, as long as they do a little business for themselves, the custody makes Ding Weishan change her mind and move back cbd gummies with delta 8 happily.What s more, Shang Yixi, who is trustworthy, also intends to take this opportunity to solidly start a decent company, to do business for a few years, and to save some money for his wife are fun drops cbd gummies legit and children.

The words have already been exported, and naturally What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like Best Way To Store CBD Gummies I can t go back.However, I have to make good use of this new chip sunmed CBD gummies What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like and try to coordinate the super companies that we can get in touch with.Once the time is right, I still want to participate in the smart city project.Go ahead, then, without their cooperation, we won t be able to do anything Compared with this, a small chip patent is not worth mentioning.Well When people live in this world, they should stay in this world.Some things, I have lived in a confused state for most of my life, and in the end, I have mixed up with nothing, you are different, then what kind of smart city big project can really be accomplished, I am also happy to see it Finally, the rest of my life will look good Live for a while.Uncle Don t say that, you have fun, and besides, I can t do a lot of things without your help Stop talking about this, eat some fruit, You do your job, get ready, and you have to prepare lunch again.

After going back and forth, Xia Xiaoshu forgot that it was time for lunch.Mo Saoyun wasn t wrong at all.Although the lady in front of her didn t seem to be dressed like Xinyuan , Miss Xiaozhang and the others, but anyone with a discerning eye could see that this lady was very talented.People who pay attention to the quality of life should belong to the style of hiding wealth and hiding wealth as far as the material and style she wears.In cbd hemp cream 1000mg addition, this Ms.Xie also had an air of nobility unique to the children of a noble family, and she was the last girl from a scholarly What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like family.Mo Saoyun s natal family was not an ordinary Zhuang family, and the husband s family she married was a descendant of a prestigious family of Jinshiji.Naturally, Mo Saoyun was more sensitive to the lady Xie in front of her.

At the Le Yucheng company, Liu Luping has completed all the formalities, and it can be regarded as a complete decoupling from the original company.This person, when he is in a good mood, he begins What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like Best Way To Store CBD Gummies to think about living at home.Recently, someone has arranged a match.Liu Luping met a lady a few times, and it can be regarded What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like as an official blind date Qi Haiyun has been in a very good mood recently.The old house on the other side of the factory is about to be demolished, and the relevant agreement has already been signed.Qi Haiyun made the decision and chose monetary compensation.For her, the factory area is enough to live in.The new house under Jin Yeyu s name has already been renovated, and it has been two weeks since Qi Haiyun s family moved in.At noon this day, seeing that it was almost time to get off work, Qi Haiyun specially invited Gan What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like Best Way To Store CBD Gummies Jiu to her house for a light meal.

Stepping on the fallen leaves in the courtyard, the two wandered around for a while.Xia Xiaoshu greeted eagle hemp CBD gummies What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like Xiao Lu to open all the doors that could be opened in the store, and he got in the car and parked the pickup under the row of plane trees in the east.Look at gummies cbd sleep dr hemp cbd oil review this, you have to work here in the future After opening all the doors that could be opened, Xiao Lu asked casually with a smile.Almost, the company headquarters fun drops CBD gummies cost What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like asked me to come over to take over the branch here.Looking at the situation in front of me, this branch used to be a very profitable place, young man, as soon as you entered the door, did you feel a sense of wealth on your face Pounce Xia Xiaoshu laughed and joked.Wealth Hahaha That s not true.I feel a bit of a twilight atmosphere.This place almost doesn t feel any contemporary atmosphere.

Assistant Wang didn t turn around until he saw the luxury car of the last VIP leaving.Assistant Wang, how do you feel about the personal relationship between Director Yuan and Lin Huomian The Qian family suddenly asked.As far as I know, the relationship between the two is an ordinary working relationship of a subordinate and subordinate nature.Outside of work, their private life does not overlap.Really It seems that I really underestimate this Lin Lin.In conclusion, what you said in your report is very reasonable.Lin Huomian is the only one in the entire business world of Lishi who dares to use a young man of his age.That director Yuan can be are cbd gummies safe to take said to have an alluring appearance, but Lin Huomian s personal relationship with her is also clear.In vain, from this point of view, Lin Huomian still has some ambitions, and Zengmang is really intriguing Mr.

fun drops CBD gummies cost What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like Frying, frying, cooking, deep frying Each has a representative side dish, which looks very unique.This is the first time Liu Luping has seen this way of serving food.He said a few polite words to each other.Liu Luping took a few bites as if he stretched out his chopsticks.He was very frank.An experienced waitress wrote down the opinions of several distinguished guests one by one in a small notebook, which will be passed on to the chef Fu later.Xia Xiaoshu is a master of cooking, and if he insists on picking faults, he can t finish it in a while.Out of politeness, he just casually said a few words, and eagle hemp cbd gummies near me he will not say more.Guan Xianglan is well informed, so she will not mention a few casual comments.On the contrary, Yang Yuanfeng seemed very hospitable, chatting at both ends, and earnestly ordered a table of good dishes.

The birthday banquet of Xie s family is set in the southeast corner of the first floor.Two tables sat relatives from Mother Xie s side, and the other table was for the old sisters with whom Mother Xie usually came and went.With a cake in hand, Xia Xiaoshu accompanied Xie Tingyu there to see that the recipient of the gift money had already closed the stall.It was too ugly to give cash directly, so Xia Xiaoshu said hello to Mother Xie, turned to the bar and asked for a red paper red envelope with a lot of small shou characters printed on it.There is an ATM on the side of the main entrance of the restaurant.Xia Xiaoshu took 3,000 yuan there and put it into a big red envelope.Mother Xie was chatting with relatives koi cbd gummies review and friends there, and she watched Xia Xiaoshu walk to her side, held hemp bomb CBD gummies What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like a big red envelope in both where to buy dr oz cbd gummies hands, and said respectfully, Auntie I wish you a blessing like the East China Sea, and a long life like Nanshan There is today, and there is today Manager Xia is so polite I am very happy when you are here, and this red envelope It s free.

This is the core work of 800 serious Haha Hahaha It sounds a bit exaggerated.You I don t know Before he could finish speaking, Yuan Jiamin s cell phone rang.The call was from Yuan Jiamin s mother, who said that if she didn t work overtime during the lunch break, she wanted her daughter to go home for dinner.Yuan s mother made Yuan Jiamin s favorite crispy shrimp dumplings.Chapter 301 Crispy Shrimp Dumplings It s almost time for dinner, come to my house for dinner My mother made Crispy Shrimp Dumplings , which are delicious.Yuan Jiamin warmly invited.Will this be a bit presumptuous Besides, is it too rude for me to come empty handed Xia Xiaoshu felt a little too abrupt when he went directly to Director Yuan s parents house to visit for the first time.Judging from Yuan Jiamin s temperament, her parents family must be a very particular kind of family, and it was a little awkward to go here on her own.

The old shepherd explained patiently What do you mean, let s get some big leaves, thin grass mats and the like to cover the Bong Frog.As long as someone is not careful, they will urinate anywhere, and if they splash on the Bong Frog head, the hair will be released.Bang , the Frog Frog will flip somersaults and bounce away, really startling them, maybe even splashing their urine Hahaha I m dying of laughter Speaking of this, Xia Xiaoshu made himself laugh out loud, and in the middle of the night, the laughter spread far and wide.Hahahasmart That s what it means.Back then when I was helping people feed the cows at Xiqi, I saw that naughty little boy frightening his companions in this way cbd gummies quit smoking shark tank scam It s cbd gummi bears quite funny.Then Shall we put some rolling dragon trips a little further away Adjust the size and strength to be smaller, so as not to scare them When there is a What Do CBD Gummies Make U Feel Like little guy who thinks it is troublesome to go back to the village to go to the toilet, When I drilled into the woods to untie the big hand, I didn t pay attention Wow My mother What a jerk Hahaha gummy cbd for sleep Before he finished speaking, Xiao Xia was already laughing back and forth.

Shi Jincuo didn t know the father and cbd gummies high potency 125 daughter of the Liang family, but the daughter of the Liang family knew him.It s still early Let s talk for a while My surname is Shi, Shi Jincuo, what do you call this gentleman Shi Jincuo asked very politely.Qingyuelou , Jiang Weiyu, and a beautiful young girl standing beside him These elements combined, Xia Xiaoshu made Shi Jincuo a little dizzy.From Shi Jincuo s point of view, Xia Xiaoshu s temperament, the occasions where he appeared, the people around himhe was definitely a talented child of someone who was either rich or noble.As a business elite, Shi Jincuo knew the top figures in Lishi City very well, but the young man in front of him seemed so unfamiliar.Mr.Shi is very polite, Xia Xiaoshu is on my way.Xia Xiaoshu responded politely.I don t know who this lady is Shi Jincuo asked casually with a smile.

Reading was the hardest thing in the world for him to love.Since getting to know Xia Xiaoshu, He Erhuo s three views have been completely formatted, as if he has completely changed his personality.At first, He Erhuo and others were not very optimistic about the small business of Smart Express Station.However, seeing that the employees of Miaowei Company were earning high wages, He Erhuo and others were still very interested, so , they patiently followed Xia Xiaoshu s arrangement, and ran various businesses step by step seriously.A few months passed, and the income of He Erhuo and others gradually increased.He Erhuo believed that only by following Xia Xiaoshu could he make a personal appearance.For the sake of commercial confidentiality, Xia Xiaoshu, the smart city project plan, has never disclosed any specific information to Tan Yuecheng, Xie Tingyu and others.

It seemed that she was preparing to make dumplings or steamed buns.Hello I m busy, is Brother Lu here Xia Xiaoshu asked with a smile.Hello, Mr.Xia, he s playing with the computer in the house right now, I ll call you right now.As she spoke, the female nanny put down the vegetables in her hand and prepared to invite Lu Xiaoyu out to see the guest.You re busy with your work, I ll just call him, Xiaoyu Come out, Mr.Xia is here to see you.Researcher Lu greeted with a smile.After a while, Xia Xiaoshu watched Lu Xiaoyu hit the main hall and walked out quickly.Not bad, compared to the boulder highlands cbd gummies price last time, Xia Xiaoshu found that Lu Xiaoyu s eyes were much clearer.It looks like he has recovered quite well Xia Xiaoshu thought to himself.Hello, Mr.Xia, please have a seat Lu Xiaoyu greeted politely.The three of them sat around the square table in the courtyard, drinking tea and chatting.

Xiaoxia lost range cbd drove around the big flower bed almost 360 degrees and parked the minivan at the gate of the branch.Fortunately, there are metered meters on the side of the road, and parking here is not a violation.As soon as the two got off the car, they saw a female staff member riding an electric touring bike from not far away, and smiled at Xia Xiaoshu.The female staff member motioned Xia Xiaoshu to brush her watch.I m sorry, we are the internal staff of this store, so we won t check the meter every day if we park in the future, right Xia Xiaoshu asked very politely.The insiders don t know that there is a big yard in this store What Are you new here the female staff asked casually.Yes, I m new here, please give me some pointers.I have the key, but I don t know where the car can get in.Xia Xiaoshu asked with a smile.