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The man s gaze stayed on Fu Jiu for a while, then turned away.At this moment, Huo Zhenzhen came in with a big bag of things, Fu Jiu s heart thumped, and before she could speak, she quickly shouted, Zhenzhen, come and sit down.At the same time, she kept winking cbd gummies joint pain her eyes.Huo Zhenzhen didn t know why, so he Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies sat opposite Fu Jiu with a blank face, pinched his voice and asked, What s wrong Fu Jiu pointed to the man and then to his right cuff, Huo Zhenzhen also Very clever, she understood Fu Jiu s meaning in seconds, and saw the four words on the man s cuff.Her little face suddenly collapsed, what kind of shit luck is this When you go out for a walk, you can also meet people from Kirin School.The boss brought over two bowls of shredded pork noodles.Fu Jiu motioned to Huo Zhenzhen not to say anything and eat the noodles with peace of mind.

Not only reached a comprehensive cbd edibles for chronic pain cooperation with Goodenough and the University of Texas on lithium iron phosphate technology, but also successfully won the patent authorization what do cbd gummies do for the body of Bell what happens if you eat expired cbd gummies Labs polymer lithium battery.The most surprising thing was that Zhao Jing contacted a classmate there.Although he did not study the same major Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies as him, he was also a fellow from Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies live well CBD gummies cost Anyang.This person is Ning Bowei, who now teaches at the University of Texas and is also a member of the Goodenough Laboratory.According to Zhao Jing, Ning Bowei intends to return to work and live in China, but he is a little hesitant because of the complicated domestic environment.In this regard, Chen Zhe only gave him one sentence Come to the Institute of Technology, all his worries will be borne by the college, whether he just wants to focus on scientific research, or he intends to take up teaching work, this can be satisfied.

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They are not harrison cbd gummies as ambitious as ib, at least for now.Therefore, the goal that Aikang Computer is now pursuing is just to survive, to survive first, before thinking about Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies other things.This is a very normal logic.Moreover, Aikang is only targeting the low end and middle end fields.On the one hand, it is to avoid confrontation with ib.On the other hand, they also have convenient conditions and channels in this regard.Therefore, they finally chose such a path.For these things, Chen Zhe only pays attention to it occasionally, and doesn t ask too much.It would be safer to leave this matter to Zhao Jing.He also has no intention of further fueling the flames in this kind of thing.After all, he has provided weapons and ammunition.If ib and Aikang computer are like this, and they can t stiffen their waist, then there is no better way.

Seeing this, Xie Feng said to Cheng Feng next to him Cheng Feng, there are really no other small hotels around here.If they don t stay here, they will probably be sleeping on the streets tonight, and the weather is very cold now.Cheng Feng has never stayed in a small hotel, so he doesn t know if there are other hotels nearby, but since Xie Feng said so, it must be true.In fact, it doesn t matter if he walks on the street until midnight, but Cheng Wen definitely can t bear that hardship.Thinking of this, he said, Boss, I ll pay half the extra money, and give me the room.Fu Jiu and the others frowned.Is this the way to grab a room with them When the boss heard the words, his eyes suddenly lit up, but the price of this room is stipulated, and you can t arbitrarily charge money to increase the price.

Auntie, do you think she looks like my uncle s sister Zhuo Fei asked.Zhou Xiaoqing was a little surprised, How do you know After speaking, she looked at Fu Jiu again, what do Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies it was too similar, butit seemed to have more delicate facial features lucent cbd gummies than the person in the photo.If this is a girl, I don t beautiful.Yuanyuan already said it just now.Even my aunt felt the same.It seemed that they were gummies cbd thc really similar.It was a coincidence that two people who purekana cbd gummies to quit smoking were not related by blood were so similar.Fortunately, Wen are cbd gummies the same as hemp gummies Yue is from the Ren family.If it was a child of a poor family, he would suspect that Wen Yue was adopted.Yuanyuan also thinks it s very similar It seemed that she was not alone in seeing it wrong.After all, she was a well informed person.Zhou Xiaoqing quickly recovered from her surprise and asked Fu Jiu with a smile, What s your name Eighty s wife is super sassy Chapter 319 Destiny 4 Wen Yue.

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You can t eat meat after killing you, but it s better to put colonization in another way and let you continue to create value, isn t it better This is disguised exploitation and plundering and manipulation.The reason is so CBD gummies to quit smoking Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies simple, but there are too many people who can t see through, or don t want to see through, or turn a blind eye, or can do nothing, or are helpless Because of this, Professor Qi will be more emotional and look more carefully Until I got into the luxurious Coaster, I couldn t calm down for a long time.He glanced at Chen Zhe, who was with him, These are all projects that you started one by one after you left Anda Chen Zhe didn t hide it, he admitted it frankly, Yes, it started with that pager and Dongsheng Electronics, and then it has grown to the current scale step by step.

But he still explained You actually understand it in your heart, but you just don t want to admit it.The imaginary President Liu is actually more like a businessman than the director of a computer lab.What is the how long does a 10 mg cbd gummy last biggest difference with public officials It s because of selfishness, especially someone like Mr.Liu, who has a selfish instinct in his bones.So, you can t expect this kind of person to abandon private affairs for the sake of public affairs.After all, for him, it is the right solution for him.And then again, the grievance between the two of us and him, you can not Take it to heart, but he can t do it.This kind of person is born to be the type that will pay for it.How can it be possible to have the Fuxi operating system pre installed on the fantasy computer Nan Lao looked depressed.

No matter when or what kind of thing you do, the pattern must be discussed.This is different from Notre Dame, because the two are not on the same level at all Chen Rui is still optimistic about the next development of this matter.Looking at Chen Zhe, Yang Ruo, Li Minhao, and Zhao Jing who were sitting together, Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies they also seemed confident, I don t think there Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies will be any major changes, so I won t get involved in the future., there s still a lot of things waiting to be dealt with over there.Hearing this, Chen Zhe turned a blind eye, holding his teacup, as if he could see a flower inside.Lee Min ho is quite sensitive to this kind of thing, If you don t have you, it shouldn t hinder the overall situation, but what do you mean by so called big stall Is there a case, or is it taken advantage of Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies again Chen Rui glanced at Chen Zhe with aggrieved expression on his face, which made it very clear, although his acting skills were still as exaggerated as always.

During this period, and 3dfx rose at the same time, and ati.In the next two years, the two companies staged a two person turn, best cbd gummies for pain 2021 canada and the graphics card field has also become the world of voodepro.It was also at this time that Nvidia began to work hard, using rivatnt, which fully supports agp technology, to become a new favorite in the graphics card market with the advantages of high performance and low price.Then it broke out directly in 1999 and launched the revolutionary geforce256, which replaced 3dfx and became the new overlord.Entering the 21st century, it is completely a battle between Nvidia and ati, and ati was eventually acquired by ad.The graphics card field has also been officially replaced by the confrontation between NVIDIA and ad And what Chen Zhe wants to who carries cbd gummies win is, of course, NVIDIA s luck.

Song Yuan laughed and patted him on the shoulder, Alright, just worship the God of Wealth, why don t my buddy sacrifice tonight to loosen your muscles This is a little unreasonable.Chen Zhe suddenly felt that eating too much at night was actually not a good thing, because it was easy to get sick.The one who disliked him moved away from him at the moment, You better not follow me.I have already booked the hotel, and you Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies don t need to send it off.You will disappear immediately, and you can go as far as you want.The two returned to the restaurant to pick up I got off the motorcycle, and then went back to the hotel that I had made a long time ago.The reason why Song Yuan was also brought over was that Chen Zhe felt that it was necessary to talk to him about some things.Since Song Yuan chose such a path, and now he has the ability to help him, why can t he make preparations in advance to pave the way and foundation for the other party s future After all, the entertainment industry is a fairly broad field, involving many aspects, and the radiation surface is extremely wide.

The Polish Snow Tree looked completely lifeless, with a faint smile blooming on his face, and he nodded with a smile.Yes.Vodka was relieved to see the answer from the Polish Snow Tree, and he almost thought that a fight was about to happen.Gin looked can i buy cbd gummies online at the Polish Snow Tree who nodded with a smile in front of him, and sneered inexplicably.Even though Gin s sneer wasn t very loud, the Polish Snow Tree must have heard it clearly at such a close distance.Vodka s breath of relief came how much are cbd gummies up again, and Ka s throat couldn t go up or down, he looked at the two tit for tat.Polish Snow Tree cbd gummies durham nc raised his eyebrows with a smile Thank you for your concern, g.The breath of vodka just lifted was relieved.Hearing this, Qin Jiu stopped looking at the person in front of him, turned and left with a blank expression.

Thinking that she was going to do something, Li Dongsheng and Liang Hao suddenly stood up.The four of Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies them had a good relationship, and because Cheng Feng was here, no one dared to bully them.And they are more united.If anyone dares to bully them outside, other people will not stand by.Both of them saw Fu Jiu s hand just now.They were afraid that Xie Feng would suffer, so they were ready to help.What are you doing What are you doing Marshal Zhu raised his voice and pointed at them and shouted, Let the two of them solve their affairs.Men should not interfere.For fear that these words would not stop Li Dongsheng and Liang Hao, He looked at Cheng Feng again, Cheng Feng, are best cbd gummies for muscle pain you planning to let your three brothers bully the new student together With so many people watching, they don t believe that Cheng Feng can pull down this old face.

Maybe it s really frustrating, just like when the pond fish said hello for the first time I m a fish trapped in a pond, are you too Brother Sheng Let s go back, don t mess with grandpa He didn t Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies tell me.Sheng Ling said silently, looking at the man who didn t know what he was wearing in his eyes.If someone under his command hadn t told him today, Sheng Ling didn t even know that Lu Qi an brought the old man to the bar and called Chi Yujin He stared coldly at the second floor.You re too anxious Cheng Siyao grabbed Sheng Ling s clothes and shook it vigorously, Brother Sheng, stay awake, you are too anxious Am I too anxious Chi Yujin He swayed his body rhythmically to the restless music on the stage, the microphone was held in his palm, those clear eyes passed through the brim of the peaked cap and through the layers of crowds to reach Lu Zhibai accurately.

The scars were bruised and bruised one by one, which could only be Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies seen when exposed, not to mention the fact that they were covered by clothes, making it impossible to imagine what happened to the victim during his lifetime.The rain was still falling, and the rain washed the scene, diluting the blood on the ground, slowly diluting it from bright red to subtle pink.The black haired youth raised his umbrella over the corpse.Name Watanabe True Work Health 0 dang dang, your airdrop freshly baked corpse has been delivered Energy 0 Eleven years old The turquoise cat eyes under the umbrella carry long, slanting raindrops flying in from the side, It was slightly cool when it touched the skin, and the coolness slowly penetrated from the pale skin to the blood vessels to the heart.Chunsumi Kushi narrowed his turquoise eyes, and visually measured the distance between the place where the corpse landed and the hospital building, which was about one meter five.

Aunt Huo Zhenzhen is closer to the Huo family, so she dares to ask.Brother in law, who is this little girl Are you here to pay New Year s greetings I haven t seen it before, who s daughter Seeing how handsome she is, she has lost a bit of weight.If she came to Huo Beiliang too For blind dates, the girls they brought are really Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies out of the question.After all, the difference between this grade and the ones they brought is not even a star.My friend s daughter.Huo Zhendong said bluntly.Hearing this, Auntie Huo felt a little more at ease, Is she also here to pay New Year s greetings This girl is so good looking, do you think she is from her husband s family Huo Zhenzhen heard the words and continued, Auntie, Fu Jiu is not here to pay New Year s greetings.Yes, she has been living in my house.Huh Aunt Huo was stunned for a moment, Living in your house My friend s daughter, why do you live in their house for a long time Huo Zhendong said This matter is a long story.

Lee Min Ho laughed and gummies raised his hand.Chen Zhe flickered.However, these words really came to his heart, and he also agreed with this approach.However, he suddenly remembered something, Then Toshiba has already obtained the DVD product, it may not be able to hold back, and this is very humiliating.Chen Zhe glanced at him, You can transfer this problem to Sony first.Whether they can figure out the truth or not, it can eagle hemp CBD gummies ingredients Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies actually show that we are not selfish, and we will have no other losses.Shameless idea, how did you come up with it Lee Min Ho looked at Chen Zhe and was a little stunned.This man with thick eyebrows and big eyes is really unbelievable Chen Zhe looked at him with all his strength, It s okay to get out of here, what are you playing with Not only did fundrop cbd gummies Li Minhao not get up, but his expression loosened, he changed to a more lazy posture, and slumped directly on the sofa.

Watching the cheap mocha coffee leave with the back of the waiter, the transparent ice cubes float up and down in the water, hitting the glass with a crisp sound.Chunsumi Kushi botanical gardens cbd gummies reviews nodded in satisfaction, and drank a sip of ice water contentedly, the cold temperature could keep Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies him calm.What follows is a simple novice tutorial, such as opening your own character page to view the corresponding attributes, and a transparent character panel will appear in front of you.Name Chunsumi Jiuji Identity The Police Department of the Metropolitan Police Department exploded, an unknown ordinary police officer in the explosives handling class Age 21 Level lv1 Health 67 weak buff , the current state is not very healthy, the pass line is hovering , It is recommended that you avoid the crematorium and enter the palace for the second time, and choose to seek medical treatment in time.

Come out.Is there someone outside your uncle Zhou Xiaoqing asked directly.Of course Ren Yuanyuan didn t dare to say this, so she said euphemistically I didn t mean that, I just said, the uncle is better, you should be careful, just in case.He is also considering having a child now, he will I don t have time to take care of her, so she will have a harder time, so I thought about waiting for things to get busy first, my eldest brother and father come back, and then prepare for having a baby.If Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies Ren Mubai really had something, Ren Yuanyuan wouldn t remind her at all, right Ren Yuanyuan didn t like her little aunt that much, but Zhou Xiaoqing still felt it.Thinking of this, she smiled and said, Your uncle and I have already discussed it.When your father and grandpa come back, we will put the matter of giving birth on the agenda.

I Chi Yujin waited for a few seconds, Lu Zhibai, the stretched me, had no more words after that, she chuckled and shook her head.Hehit s okay if you don t say anything, anyway, I know you re safe when I see you now.Lu Zhibai suddenly reached out and held Chi Yujin s hand Chi Yujin, I will soon be able to appear in front of you aboveboard.Oh We are really like this Chi Yujin rolled her eyes, and she looked at Lu Zhibai with a half smile, It s really sneaky.It will be solved soon.Don t believe me, what I said is true, my brother will help me solve it.Lu Zhibai, you Chi Yujin sighed, Maybe next Something unexpected happened, in short, don t worry, take your time.Do you know something Lu Zhibai grabbed Chi Yujin s wrist, he was a little excited, Chi botanical farms cbd gummies return policy Yujin gently took his hand push away.Who can predict what will happen in Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies the future Lu Zhibai frowned, rubbing his hand on his temple Shouldn t it be Chi Yujin licked her dry lips, and she heard a vague noise , she said quickly in a low voice You are carrying this necklace.

The target of propaganda is not the general public, but the group of students in colleges and universities.An university, a university of finance, a medical school, a teacher of safety, and even large and small secondary schools, such as health schools, finance schools, police schools, agricultural schools, etc.The fare is not expensive, and it is 2.5 yuan overnight, which is very suitable for the consumption level of students.Under normal circumstances, you don t need to run the publicity yourself, you only need to provide a few free tickets, you can pass the student union of each school, while the flyers and tickets are scattered, you can also get the funds back without discount.As for the night of the screening, the price at the theater ticket is 3000mg of cbd gummies a lot booth will remain at 10 what do cbd gummies do for the body yuan overnight, which will never disrupt the normal market conditions.

Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies Quality is something that is sometimes closely related to reputation.If you want to build a market winning and trustworthy brand, you need to build a good corporate image right from the start.In this regard, Chen Zhe is undoubtedly very clear.Of course, it is impossible for him to just stare at foreign countries and play Huashan Road.The backup plan that should be done is still to be done.Perhaps, it can t be described as a backup plan.To describe it more vividly, it should be called walking on two legs.Therefore, in the past few days, his eyes have begun to take aim at Zhongping Institute of Technology.The establishment of Zhongping Institute of Technology is actually not too long ago, but it cbd stress gummies has definitely come all the avid hemp gummies way.At first, it was born as a small secondary school established internally by the famous Red Star Factory at the time, in order to realize a virtuous circle of its own blood supply.

holistic health cbd gummies reviews Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies review, [can dogs smell CBD gummies] Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies does CBD gummy bears show up on a drug test Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies.

Therefore, he does not have the anxiety of Lee Minho, and he can cbd gummies review plunge into scientific research projects without any distractions.It can only be said that people are more mad than people.As Christmas CBD gummies 500mg Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies is approaching, this year has gradually come to an end, and Nan Lao s operating system, officially named Fuxi, has finally passed the preliminary internal test.The x86 architecture cpu chip that happened to be taped out was assembled into several cool looking personal computers according to the corresponding accessories that Chen Zhe had prepared a long time ago.This is what he designed before, as the computer that hits the market next year.Of course, the engineering machine, after all, is only a laboratory product, it is only used for testing, but it does not need to be so refined.It has to be said that products that are perfectly adapted from hardware to software are really not comparable to other products.

So, I don t know how many people are waiting to see the final result.The release of this judgment can be regarded as a warning of credibility.If nothing else, at least compared to the media field, it is a good opportunity for purging.This impact is still quite far reaching and will certainly be of great significance.Chen Zhe was quite satisfied with this, That s it, I ll communicate with President Li hemp cbd wellness later, this is the end of the matter.Zhang Ming patted his thigh lightly, That s right.Now, the young man is enlightened.Chen Zhe rolled his eyes, I don t care about what I said, forget it, I edible CBD gummy bears Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies don t care about you By the way, I have to ask you a favor for something, you I ll do it by hand.Zhang Ming was speechless.But he couldn t find a place to let out his anger, What s the matter Say it Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies first, don t embarrass me.

Chen Zhe continued to work on his own business, and his hands seemed to have afterimages at a high speed.But even so, he still has the energy to continue to explain Do you think that I have moved this system, and if something goes wrong, the other party will use this as an excuse to find fault with us Don t worry., they don t have this opportunity, that is, time does not allow it, otherwise, I will directly dismantle those devices, and then make some magic changes, so that they can be of great use.Zhang Ming s heart twitched when he heard it.See if you can do it, why don t you go to heaven But since the other party said so, and he couldn t find any other more sufficient reason, he could only disappear automatically.If you can t see it, you can t see it.Anyway, the factory belongs to him.If the bear wants to toss, let him toss it In fact, Chen Zhe has prepared a lot of work, so many system software and programs are ready made.

does cbd oil help with inflammation and pain Sure enough, he s a rich man Marshal Zhu s eyes glowed, Open it up and see how much it costs.Judging from the thickness, there must be a lot.One or two hundred After holding it in her hand for so long, Fu Jiu could probably guess how cbd pain freeze hemp bombs much money was in it.One or two hundred Marshal Zhu s eyes were straightened, and the food in his mouth suddenly lost cbd gummies wholesale usa its taste, Then what can we eat in the cafeteria Shall we go out to eat Before Fu Jiu could answer, Gu Chi asked.He replied lightly, This should be Wen Yue s living expenses from now until cbd gummies to quit smoking canada the New Year.If it runs out, Wen Yue will have no money to spend.Eighty s Wife is Super Sassy Chapter 221 eagle hemp full spectrum cbd gummies Shopping Marshal how much do CBD gummies cost Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies Zhu waved his hand indifferently, Eat first, then I ll take care of him when I don t have money.Anyway, he wouldn t let Wen Yue go hungry.

Who are the people I hate the most Shuang er was stunned for a moment before realizing who it jolly CBD gummies reviews Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies was.Because Cheng Feng didn Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies t like Marshal Zhu and the others, Xi er also didn t like it, especially after scalding Fu Jiu last time, Xi er s performance became more obvious.She was unwilling to do things like serving dishes and clearing the table.This was not aimed at Fu Jiu s table.After that day, as long as Shuang er was not overwhelmed with work, Xi er wouldn t help with the dishes and chopsticks, and cbd oil vs capsules vs gummies was only responsible for collecting money.Shuang er didn t understand why Xi er had suddenly changed, and she didn t think about it.Anyway, her sister was helping the family when she received the money.But Xi er knew clearly in her heart that all her changes came from Cheng.Cheng said that she was a waiter that day, and she took this cbd hemp flowers hash in her heart.

So happy that even the back teeth were exposed.Chapter 69 Mixed Doubles Everyone chatted for a while, and the dishes Yu Changming ordered were already packed.He didn t stay here and didn t leave, but said hello to the three of them naturally, and then left directly.Song Yuan s expression changed slightly.There was also a little less publicity in his tone, This kid is actually quite good in character, but he is pursuing cbd sleep gummies with melatonin amazon the wrong person, so it s pitiful to think about it.Yang Ruo gave him a look, It s not over yet, isn t it Song Yuan just smiled.He also glanced at Chen Zhe, Isn t this helping Yangyang take care of you, someone is digging at his walls with a small hoe, of course I don t like it.Chen Zhe s attitude was very positive.I didn t appreciate it at do cbd gummies show up on drug tests all, Don t talk about me, who are you looking down on If you didn t even have this confidence, you think I would hemp bombs cbd gummies reviews have let Yang Ruoruo come to Jingbei You don t like it.

If he guesses wrong, Cheng Feng must be thinking about how much money she needs to be.Fu Jiu thought it was a little funny, and deliberately asked, How much do you think I m getting so hot As expected, he wanted to ask for more money, but a trace of disgust flashed in Cheng Feng s eyes, and his tone became a little more serious, What do you think How much Before Fu Jiu could answer, he added, The instructor just said that I should pay for the medical bills.This meant obviously that if Fu Jiu opened his mouth, he would not agree.Fu Jiu shook her arm, You see, my arm isn t healed yet, and I m still undergoing treatment, so I don t know how much it will cost, anyway, it s already more than a dollar, and the cost of the car has to be counted.Yours, you can give it together when I book cbd hemp dryer the account It will save you trouble again and again.

Especially for domestic companies, it is quite difficult and cumbersome to complete an acquisition in Europe and the United States.this is the truth.Chen Zhe will choose to avoid the real and make the false.At the very least, eagle cbd gummies en espa ol he can t give others the opportunity to seize the foot pain.This is the strategy.And being able to understand this, especially at his age, is already very rare.It is precisely because of this that Chen Guoliang gave this nephew a high look.This is the seed of the Chen family At this moment, Chen Guoliang was very satisfied and relieved.Chapter 39 Yang Ruo is back When is hemp extract cbd Chen Zhe returned to Anyang, it was already mid February, five days before the Spring Festival.It was the first time to travel far away from home for such a long time, and it was still in Europe and the United States.

The entire residential free cbd gummies sample building bombing was over.Two bombers, one of which was hit by a car while crossing the road, were killed, and one bomber was arrested and brought to justice.One week after the end of the bombing in the residential building, at the same time as the beginning of autumn, Harumi Kuji welcomed a group of uninvited guests from the Metropolitan Police Department.You mean to make me the spokesperson of the Metropolitan 1lb cbd hemp flower Police Department The visitor nodded Yes, Officer Chuncheng, you are very famous on the Internet.After solving many serious cases in the Mihua Hall, you Willie Nelson Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies are the representative of the Metropolitan Police Department on the Internet.Many netizens praised you as the rising star of the Metropolitan Police Department.Trusted by netizens.We hope that you can become the image spokesperson of the Metropolitan Police Department and speak for the Metropolitan Police Department in many interviews with reporters The black haired youth stood there, his turquoise eyes narrowed slightly, listening to the voice in front of him.