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Therefore, in Jiang Weiyu s mind, Xia Xiaoshu is an invaluable commercial treasure.Moreover, apart from Jiang Weiyu himself, looking at the entire Lishi business community, it seems that no one else has realized the value of Xia Xiaoshu.Not only that, but with Jiang Weiyu koi cbd gummy s keen intuition, he had long realized that the mathematical analysis strategy mastered by Xia Xiaoshu might be his own weapon against the Shizhong company and the Qian family.For this reason, Jiang Weiyu will naturally show 12 points of courtesy to Mr.Xia.At around nine o clock in the morning, Jiang Weiyu called Xia Xiaoshu to inform Xia Xiaoshu that at 12 30, the small restaurant on the seventh floor of Qingyue Building, where he would introduce a gold medal lawyer for Mr.Jiang.Hanging up the phone, Xia Xiaoshu felt that Mr.

As for other things, I don t have time to take care of it.It s not like you, a billionaire can gain both fame and fortune.I m envious By the way, you and Yuan Jiamin are about to get married, right Um When the new factory in Yugu Town is officially completed, then you and your sister in law will have to come over for a wedding drink That s a must The students around us are you who do well.Look at that Ye Shaobo, when he was in school, his performance was mediocre in all aspects.Once he was with the right person, he would not have a house or an annual salary, and he would do better than me.Shang Yujin is afraid that this is the only way to do this in this life, and these three sentences cannot be separated from the standards of the material world.Each one takes what he needs I asked Uncle Zhang to prepare some local products for you.

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It s easy to talk, easy to talk We have a good idea of what you do.If it s not difficult for businessmen, we don t have to be so careful.Let s take a step and see a step.Mo Saoyun turned around and went home.Sanxizi never made up his mind.He just listened to what the two said.He smiled and said hello to Xia Xiaoshu.Seeing that it was still early, Sanxizi went to Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg play cards at someone else s house During the lunch break, Yugu Village was very quiet inside and out, and there were hardly any unfamiliar faces in the streets.Colleagues from the Lishi Institute of Archaeology were very quick in their work.With the help of Xia Xiaoshu, all the antiquities temporarily stored in the medicinal material warehouse were all packed smoothly.Captain He bowed to Xia Xiaoshu and drove the car straight to the direction of Lishi City.

It was found that Xia Xiaoshu s vision for the future cbd gummies that help stop smoking of Lishi s business world is completely different from Zheng Xinyi, Shi Jincuo, Tong Yuyao If President Xia s Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg prediction direction is correct, then those business elites headed by Shi Jincuo All the efforts made by the company will come to nothing.It is not entirely technical competition.To a cbd gummies maine large extent, it depends on a strong sense of social responsibility, and the where can i buy CBD gummies Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg utilitarianism of the business world is in conflict with this broad sense of social responsibility., From this point of view, Shi Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg Jincuo and others will never be the opponents of President Xia.However, if something goes wrong in the middle, the Miaowei company that has just started will only be left behind by those super companies., to the point where there is no trace Guan Qicheng thought to himself.

Jiang from Erjuer cbd gummies overdose and Manager Yue from Jianhui have helped a lot, so If it is really feasible, out of politeness, do you have to tell the two of them in advance, hehe Xia Xiaoshu smiled and explained the reason why he refused.Haha It should be Mr.Xia s act of kindness and righteousness, but that doesn t prevent us from being compatible with each other Lin Qiyu responded disapprovingly.Your company s technology research and development strength is very strong.I have heard about this recently.If Mr.Jiang and Manager Yue have no objection, the future cooperation is still negotiable.Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile Mr.Xia, can you take a step to talk Lin best cbd gummies for psoriatic arthritis Qiyu gestured and asked Xia Xiaoshu to talk about something at the chess table.Mr.Lin, please In response, Xia Xiaoshu got up and walked towards the chess table.

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Then what are you going to do I plan to work hard on cbd gummies columbia sc the background settings of the game, modify the logic background of the game to be more complicated, and enrich the level, regardless of what kind of mature players, or rich , I don t care how much I recharge, or I m a little clever, I can quickly develop the so called game strategy , and in the end, I can t completely decipher the careful layout of our mobile game in terms of logic chain.In cbd organic hemp extract the camera, Xia Xiaoshu explained for a long time.It turns out It s really hard for you.It s not hard.In addition, there is still a technical problem in our mobile game that needs to be dealt with.Recharge is recharge, no matter what kind of role the player is in social life, in the game world.In the game, no matter how rich you are, you can t dominate the game world No matter what, although we are a small private company, we must always pay attention to maintaining the public order and good customs in society, and take responsibility for it.

Xiao Tan was embarrassed to take Xiao Xia s things in vain.This is too much When will this be eaten Don t be polite to me, take less, take less Xia Xiaoshu insisted on giving garden of life cbd inflammatory response gummies Xiao Tan some food.Thenthe banana can t be put away.You give me half of it.We have roast chicken in wyld strawberry cbd gummies town, so I don t want it.I ll keep one roast duck and send it to my parents later.The rest , if you insist on this, then I don t want anything.Xiao Tan responded with a smile.Hehe Then it s up to you How s business going recently Xiao Xia asked with a smile.It s so so, it s not too good.You look pretty good.People say that Yugu Village is special in water and soil.It seems that this is not true at all Xia Xiaoshu put away the food that Xia Xiaoshu insisted on giving away.That s true, the pond spring valley cbd gummies on the back side of the mountain is amazing It s rare to see beautiful mountains and rivers.

Gan Jiu took the three of them to send Xia Xiaoshu and the others out of the village entrance, and then turned around and went back to the warehouse to work Apprenticeship is not hemp bombs cbd gummies 750mg a big deal.Out of respect for Meng nature cbd capsules Qiting, Xia Xiaoshu intends to invite some friends to hold a Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg simple and solemn apprenticeship ceremony.Lu Xiaoyu s parents were all decent people.When they heard this, they immediately said that they were fully responsible.At nine o clock in the morning the next day, it was sunny and sunny, and on the ninth floor of Xingyuehui Building , the apprenticeship ceremony hosted by the Lu family was about to start.Fang Bokai, Qian Family, Jiang Weiyu, Lin Qiyu, Yuan Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg Zhenyi and others were all present.Xia Xiaoshu had not planned to invite them, but when the news came out, they took the initiative to call and offer to attend the apprenticeship ceremony.

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Lookhe is a temporary hire.What about the personnel Or Besides, I was originally a subordinate on Wenyu Road, so, which department should this Gan Jiumao belong to Xia Xiaoshu cbd gummies packaging got up and asked with a smile.Mr.Xia, don t be so polite, please take a seat, please take a seat In the future, everyone will be friends and colleagues, so it s better to be more natural with each other.This is the case.The medicinal material warehouse in Yugu Village is very gummy bear edible large and has a special organization.It is fully self reliant.Conditions, so I will list them out, and they are on the same level as the Wentong Branch and Wenyu Road Branch.You are currently the supervisor there, right He is naturally controlled by you.As hemp oil vs CBD oil Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg for the work status, then People are not too young, so they can only be counted as temporary employees temporarily.

It s a little bit of hemp fusion CBD gummies Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg my heart.Xia Xiaoshu responded politely.Mr.Xia is polite Then you should be knowledgeable, thank you for Mr.Xia s kindness Lin Qiyu said politely with grow hemp for cbd a smile.Afterwards, Xiao Xia politely asked the zodiac sign of the young man sitting next to him.Knowing that the man was a rabbit, he politely said a few words.Xia Xiaoshu carried the woven bag in the corner into the backyard.After choosing for a long time, Xia Xiaoshu found a very special stone sculpture.Obviously, this is a mascot made by hand.It looks like a leopard but not a leopard, like a tiger but not a tiger.It seems that there are wings on the back.Not stretched yet.Looking at it carefully, Xiao Xia found that this stone sculpture has both form cbd gummies full spectrum near me and spirit, and it is a good product.Other stone carvings are relatively smaller in size.

Master Tao smiled and waved at Xia Xiaoshu without saying much In the days that followed, Xia Xiaoshu was not in a hurry to inspect and inspect the Wentongtong branch.He also wanted to observe and observe the reactions of various aspects.On this day, the rain turned cloudy, and I wrote the game program for more than two hours.Seeing charlotte web cbd gummies that it was almost time for lunch, Xia Xiaoshu stretched, thinking about going to the south of the village to visit the old carpenter Uncle Zhang.If the time do CBD gummies help with anxiety Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg is convenient for the two of them , he wanted to invite the two of them to town can you bring CBD gummies on a flight Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg for a hot pot.When the warehouse was settled here, Xia Xiaoshu took a folding umbrella and walked quickly towards the south of the village.After knocking on the door a few times, the old carpenter Uncle Zhang came out and opened the courtyard door.

I have green apple cbd gummies to see the actual toy In addition, you have to send me your design plan.You don t need to send the entire content.The core algorithm, mathematical model logic framework, and transition equations are enough to send these three items.Okay, I ll pass it on to you now.The Mecha Insect will be can you buy cbd gummies in florida sent to you tomorrow by someone from the company.I guess you won t be able to Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg shark tank CBD gummies type 2 diabetes sell it there At present, it seems that there are no resellers on the Internet.At one end, Yuan Jiamin explained a few words.After a while, three computer files have been sent.Afterwards, the two chatted a few times, exchanged good nights, and then went offline One morning two days later, just after 8 00, the Qibaotang company headquarters, Vice President Chang Kuangyu, convened a meeting of staff including Xia Xiaoshu to discuss the official trial production of medicinal tea.

The current situation of President Bao and Vice President Chang and his wife is probably not easy.Obviously, the Wenyu Road branch is our company s only hope.In their opinion, we are the spark of hope.When I get to Wenyu Road, By the way, the light of hope should become brighter live green hemp gummies review and more fiery, don t you think so Xia Xiaoshu responded casually.But there are too many variables here, right Let s not talk about other things, what will happen to the warehouse and our store after you leave It s just me and Master Tao Okay This is not going back to the original state of immortality If we do this, it would be better for them Purekana CBD Gummies Reviews Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg to transfer me back to the headquarters.Although I earn less money, it can be considered a peace of mind, right It will save you worrying all day long., alas After speaking, Manager Mu sighed deeply.

Wow How big is the area here Think full spectrum cbd sleep gummies of how big the business volume of our company was back then I can t imagine it As soon as she entered the door, the little girl from the office said these words with an exaggerated expression I just heard people say that the company has a decent warehouse here.I didn t expect that the facilities are so complete and the overall scale is so large.It can be seen that there are many more people in the first generation of entrepreneurs.It s amazing The little Mr.Huang from the Operations Department echoed a few words from the side.With a smile on his face, Xia Xiaoshu didn t say much, just stood beside him quietly and let the two colleagues wander around for a while.Two Can I just tear off those seals Xia Xiaoshu asked with a smile, seeing that the two colleagues in front of them were almost walking around.

After three or five minutes, the Qian family asked with a gloomy face, How s that Xia Xiaoshu doing I ve been busy comparing data recently, and I have to observe the stars at night., so Wang Yudong quickly explained a few words.Um hand over the matter at hand to others, hurry up and find out what happened to that Xia Xiaoshu.Understood Seeing that Mr.Qian had nothing else to arrange, he said hello , Wang Yudong turned and left the office.Chapter 346 Brothers and sisters settle accounts It has been over ten years, and the Qian family has hardly asked about the technical details of the company s business.The scale of the Shizhong company has grown quite large.Necessary, and time and energy are not allowed.Qian s family is already very unfamiliar with cbd gummy strawberries the technical details of many businesses.

Wei has a tendency to be paranoid and become natural.The expression on the corners of his eyes and pure hemp cbd gummies brows is not what a child of his age should look like.Strictly speaking, this is also a kind of psychological disorder, and it is still difficult to correct it.Acupuncture is still There are some curative effects, you can discuss it with his parents afterwards, and let s draw up a treatment plan as soon as possible to help the child.So it s like cbd gummies complaints this OK, I ll contact Mr.and Mrs.Wei later, but it s really not good, and I have to trouble Assistant Wang.Bring his nephew back to talk with us.Alright, you can arrange it.Is there anything else to discuss I m a little sleepy.No, no You go back to the house and rest, I ll clean up here.Thank you for your hard work, let s go After that, Doctor Meng went upstairs to rest In the what does just cbd gummies do dead of night, Xia Xiaoshu carefully disassembled the Hengwei surveying and mapping instrument one by one, Purekana CBD Gummies Reviews Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg and after studying it carefully for a long time, Xiaoxia preliminarily determined that the R D and processing capabilities of the Shizhong company are really not ordinary.

Seeing this scene, 200 mg CBD gummies reviews Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg Xie Tingyu smiled and explained a few words It s still some time before the last negative side effects of CBD gummies Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg train, I m not in a cbd joy gummies hurry, if possible, we d better talk about things as clearly as possible, and later, we may not be convenient to meet.There are some things, the less people know, the better.From Xia Xiaoshu s hearing, Xie Tingyu s words had at least two meanings First, if this matter could not be discussed, she would choose to subside and never again.Don t disturb Xiao Xia secondly, if she can talk about everything in the same way today, she can only contact her through mobile phones and the Internet in the future.After all, she still wants to keep her job as a salesman in the Operation Department , and doesn t want to make trouble.I have a question, I don t know if Ms.Xie has considered it.

are hemp gummies the same as edibles You are more expert than me in this regard, so you should come up with an idea.Gan Jiu responded with a smile.I see, it s better to open a Bamboo Art Museum.Uncle Zhang s carefully crafted woodware and stone carvings from my side can be sold I ve seen it, and it is estimated that we are the only family within ten kilometers.The people living in Guanghua Road and Yuxin Street are all rich people, so they definitely don t worry about selling.Shi Jiudang laughed and interjected.Hearing this, Gan Jiumao just smiled, noncommittal.With a smile, Xia Xiaoshu responded Well The idea of being a big brother for a long time sounds really good But I suggest opening a boutique clothing store and opening a private customization business.You two should know, uncle bud s cbd anytime gummies Little Golden Girl s mother That tailor s craftsmanship is unparalleled, even if there is no business, once a business is done, it is equivalent to a week of busy work for other colleagues Hearing this, Gan Jiumao and Shi Jiudang couldn t help but look at each other, feeling that Xia Xia Xiaoshu s how long for cbd gummies to work reddit ideas are always so clear.

In this way, the interests of Manager Mu are likely to conflict with the gains and losses of Qibaotang.So, which side should you be on The owner of Qibaotang only cbd gummies peach rings knew that he was a man.Xia Xiaoshu knew almost nothing about what he looked like what is hemp gummies and what he was like.Even cbd living gummies no thc if he is willing to stand on the side of Qibaotang , it actually sounds ridiculous.In a sense, he has actually cbd gummies denver been working for Manager Mu.The head of Qibaotang is really far away from him.Xia Xiaoshu suddenly felt that it was really possible for him to cbd gummies liverpool lose this low paying job.Regardless of whether you resign or get fired, will you continue to stay in Yugu Village afterwards Or find another way out For a time, Xia Xiaoshu suddenly felt that he was living too passively Manager Mu turned off his office computer at will, and the surrounding of the desk was already neatly tidy up.

Live on this line of life, otherwise, the mother and son may slip to an unknowable social level at any time.At that time, it will be even more difficult for Manager Mu to save his current life.The driver, Xiao Liu, disliked the lack of money, and directly declined the small business.Before he could think about it, he explained a few words to Master Tao, and Manager Mu drove his car directly to the countryside.Xiao Xia went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.Manager Mu drank a hemp cbd oil 7 glass of boiled water, stood by the window sill, and carefully looked inside and out for a long time.Seeing Mr.Xia like this, he should still be single at the moment, a big guy who keeps the inside and outside of the office so tidy, Manager Mu was surprised sugar free CBD gummies Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg by this.In addition, there are so many desktop computers set up around the desk.

It s okay to help a newcomer.President Xia can rest assured that I am a free man and will not affect any specific work.Then what step did we take to Purekana CBD Gummies Reviews Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg build the factory that we suggested last time The related work you drafted.The report is quite excellent.I have passed it on to the person in charge of the relevant department.They greatly appreciate your plan to build a factory.You may not know that full spectrum CBD gummies Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg Yugu Town is actually quite complicated.It s just that the local people think of green mountains and green waters and don t want 20mg cbd gummy are CBD gummies the same as hemp gummies Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg to ruin the local feng shui, so they are more picky about people Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg who come here to set up companies.If they come and go, many opportunities will naturally be missed.I, I think I haven t done anything major for Yugu Town, so naturally I am very concerned about your business.

Alas In the world, who doesn t want to pursue a free and unrestrained life in life Quietly watched from afar For a while, Xia Xiaoshu didn t Wyld CBD Gummies 500mg do anything, he wanted the aggrieved golden rooster to relax his uninhibited feelings.After a while, the golden rooster seemed to be in a much calmer mood.Facing the wind and looking away, As if to pay tribute to something there.Seeing that the time was almost up, Xia Xiaoshu identified the position and threw the bait out of his hand.Seeing this scene, Miss Zhang also imitated it like a cat and a tiger, and threw the fish hook out of her hand.Xinyuan curled her lips and made a face at her best friend disapprovingly.Seeing that, she was mocking Miss Xiao Zhang for being tricked by Xiao Xia.At this moment, the radiant golden rooster suddenly vibrated its wings, okay Before the audience could turn their heads, they watched the golden rooster fluttering high, and after a few circling, it flew away from the bamboo vessel.

At three o clock in the afternoon, the sky became a little gray, and there were far fewer medicinal farmers than usual.When no one was there, Xia Xiao saw that Researcher Lu went back to the warehouse to drink water.Shu took out a manuscript from the drawer and handed it to Researcher Wang.How is it Can you make a statement This I m afraid it s a bit difficult, your deciphering result seems to be a little far from the meaning of the symbols themselves.You see here, your basic idea is to use it as a kind of It was deciphered by special ancient characters.However, starting from this paragraph, you began to cite the idea of deciphering the code, and finally it was difficult to connect the context of the characters and symbols you deciphered.IMHO, the overall idea is still a bit complicated.

Business, of course, the charging standard must be set high, without me, you lack industry experience and accounting experience If there is no money, no one will pay attention to our new business, I will go out to work for others How Zhao Rongjin only felt a flash of inspiration in his mind, and then such an idea came up.Xia Xiaoshu is so smart, she understands as soon as she hears it.It s a deal Just do what you want.It s cbd gummy dosage sleep a deal You have helped my family a lot, thank you Zhao Rongjin thanked him with a smile.Zhao Rongjin s wife also understood now, she believed in her husband s business ability, and naturally agreed.After more than half an hour, the food was ready, and the three of them sat around laughing and chatting about the customs and customs around Wentong Road Chapter 566 Golden Signboard In Lishi, There are not many senior accountants who are proficient in financial management, and Zhao Rongjin is still a top expert among them.